What is a CTDI?


Do More With Your Dog!®, as the official sanctioning and organizing body for the sport of Dog Tricks, has established guidelines for instructor certification in order to ensure that standards of excellence are met when teaching the sport.

Certified Trick Dog Instructors may use the acronym CTDI after their name to indicate they have demonstrated the knowledge and hands-on training techniques applicable to this sport.


How do I get certified?

Application is open to anyone interested in promoting, teaching or training dog tricks. There are two ways to become certified: through an at-home study course and exam, or by attending a weekend certification workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are additional Klimbs permitted for larger dogs? >

    No, only one Klimb pedestal is permitted in the ring.
  • Are other props allowed to be used during the performance? >

    Yes, you may use props in addition to the ones required.
  • Are there any restrictions on music? >

    Yes. You may not use any music with explicit or inappropriate language.
  • Do we have to perform a different Champion routine if we are selected as finalists? >

    No, you will perform the same Champion routine twice.
  • Are bitches in season permitted to enter the ring? >

    Yes, bitches in season may compete, but must wear pants.
  • Is there a limit to how many attempts we get to pass? >

    No, you may enter the ring as many times as needed, but you must purchase a ticket for each try.
  • Where do we sign up for time slots? >

    You will need to sign up for your time slots at the event. Please be courteous to other competitors when doing so.
  • Will tickets be sold during the event? >

    Yes, however they will be $50 at the event. Purchase them for $39 by clicking the "read more" button Read More
  • Do we have to have the corresponding Trick Dog Title to compete? >

    Yes, you must have the corresponding Trick Dog Title to enter the ring.
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    Stunt Dog Pack

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