Professional Stunt Dog (SDPro) title holders

American Cocker Spaniel

Shara Barlow CTDI and Zoey (Life Through Onyx Eyes SDPro), 5/19

American Shepherd (Miniature)

Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Queenie (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Wigglebutt Wand Chooses the Wizard SDPro), 10/19

American Staffordshire Terrier

Shelley McQuillin CTDI and Mabel (SDCH TDCH Miss Mabeline SDPro), 5/18
Dalana Bewley Huss CTDI and Chip (SDCH TDCH Alpine’s Sweet Chocolate Chip SDPro), 3/18

Australian Cattle Dog

Theresa Dambik and Ghost ( SDPro), 10/19

Australian Shepherd

Kristie Kingsland CTDI and Nebbie (Nebbie SDPro), 2/20
Wendy Zabicki CTDI and Makeeda (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Zabzoos Makeeda Moonshine SDPro), 2/20
Morgan Cain and SuperNova (TDCH SDCH Chevy 2 Much SuperNova SDPro), 2/20
Susan Brogan CTDI and Carmine (SDCH TDCH Equinox Will U B Mine SDPro), 9/19
Wendy Savrese and Jazzy (Jasmine Mika Savrese SDPro), 6/19
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Enchanted (TDCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Welcome to New York SDPro), 3/19
Nita Gandara CTDI and Aella (SDCH TDCH Einhorn’s I Am the Storm SDPro), 11/18
Maggie Weston and Skye (SDGCH TDCH Einhorn’s Starry Night SDPro), 11/18
Nita Gandara CTDI and Scott (SDCH TDCH Cirrus Going Regimental SDPro), 3/18
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Truly (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH TeBrat Truly Scrumptious SDPro), 3/18
Nita Gandara CTDI and Cinch (SDCH TDCH Shalako’s Sheep Up and Ride SDPro), 3/18
Nita Gandara CTDI and Ryker (TDCH Superfly’s Deep in the Weeds SDPro), 4/20
Brenda Aelick CTDI and Kevin (TDCH SDGCH CH Highrails Big Time Cash SDPro), 4/20
Fran Solomon and Penny (TDCH Rip Roarin’ Down Penny Lane SDPro), 5/20
Erica Coulson and Murphy (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Blacknblue N Red Oh Liver CCF4 SDPro), 5/20
Danit Kargman and Callie (Callie Kargman SDPro), 5/20

Australian Shepherd (Miniature)

Michelle Gamage CTDI and Basil (TDCH SDGCH Basil B. Brave SDPro), 3/19
Seren Maxwell CTDI and Brembo (SDCH TDCH Pleiades’ Four-Pot Wonder SDPro), 3/18

Basset Hound

Karen Prichard CTDI and Poppy (TDCH SDCH Baywind-Barkley’s Wrapped In Red SDPro), 8/19
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI and Xena (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Soundtrack Warrior Princess SDPro), 8/18
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI and Josie (The Outlaw Josie Wales SDPro), 5/20

Belgian Malinois

Alicia Nicholas and Derp (Sublime’s Sofa King Amazeballs PerpADerp SDPro), 11/18

Belgian Tervuren

Sindije Saljii and Jamash (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Int.Ch Multi-Ch Grand-Ch Club-Ch Multi-Vet-Ch Jamash v’t Guitpad Service Dog CSAU TAN Exc. BH BGH-1 RO-3 RO-S OB-1 CGC Racing Master CCF4 SDPro), 6/20
Sindije Saljii and Sayemi (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Sayemi of Hakinka’s Home CCF4 SDPro), 6/20
Pamela Regan CTDI and Phoebe (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH IntCH CH Patana’s Flash Point SDPro), 5/18

Black Russian Terrier

Irena Polonsky and Viva (TDCH SDCH Multi CH Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres SDPro), 6/18


Ann Cress and Tsavo (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH GCH CH BOSS Magnificent Tsavo SDPro), 5/20

Border Collie

Lisa Lanser Rose CTDI and Mick (TDCH SDPro), 10/19
Karen Wisler CTDI and Brenna (TDCH MSF Brenna SDPro), 4/19
Karen Wisler CTDI and Tweed (TDCH SDCH KNJ Tweed SDPro), 3/19
Karen Wisler CTDI and Kasey (TDCH Shebaa’s Siren SDPro), 3/19
Sonja Davis and Hurricane (MACH 2 Hurricane SDPro), 8/18
Sarah Horvath CTDI and Sketch (TDCH AZ “Trick or Treat” Sketch CGCA SDPro), 4/18
Vicki Brown CTDI and Zam (SDGCH TDCH Shazam SDPro), 4/18
Debbie Smith CTDI and Shamrock (SDCH TDCH Cyclone’s Faithful Shamrock SDPro), 3/18
Tess Starr CTDI and Ziggy (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH RATCHX 5H Ziggy Starrdog SDPro), 8/20
Bella Rowe and Stardust (TDCH Solarflare’s Shooting Star CCF1 SDPro), 8/20

Border Terrier

Eva Briggs CTDI and Reilly (TDCH SDCH Happy Hobbits Streetcar Named Desire SDPro), 3/19


Colleen Fawcett and Emmi (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Ir Ch/Hr/Int Ch Fostebrie Divine Gold at Beannchor SDPro), 7/20

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Anja Ballwieser and Sam (TDCH Port West I Am Legend SDPro), 8/20
Anja Ballwieser and Bo (TDCH Blucollars Bibbidi Bobbidi Bo SDPro), 8/20

Collie (Rough)

Patty Stafford CTDI and Logan (TDCH SDCH Scarborough’s Keeper of the Dream SDPro), 4/19
Patty Stafford CTDI and Chance (TDCH Scarborough’s Chance of a Lifetime SDPro), 4/19
Patty Stafford CTDI and Logan (TDCH SDCH Scarborough’s Keeper of the Dream SDPro), 4/19
Stephanie Barber CTDI and Teagan (Kelstrin You, Me & Tea SDPro), 11/18
Patty Stafford CTDI and Dylan (TDCH SDGCH Scarborough’s A Tribute To A Dream SDPro), 5/18


Deanna Langan CTDI and Mazikeen (TDCH SDGCH Mazikeen SDPro), 4/20

Doberman Pinscher

Monica Anthony and Brio (TDCH SDCH Brio Rose vom Krieghund SDPro), 4/20
Sandy Woodruff and Reno (TDCH CCF-CH UWPCH MCH EN EHD UACH UNJ URO1 Sandjo’s Rumor Has It SDPro), 6/20
Sandy Woodruff and Eva (TDCH CCF-CH UWPCH MCH EN USJ UAGII EHD URO2 UCH Int/Nat CH Old Drum’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eva SDPro), 6/20

German Longhaired Pointer

Rosey Kelley and Krypto (TDCH Kiefer Vom Coraschatten SDPro), 8/19

German Shepherd Dog

Tracie Karsjens and Bliss (TDCH Atlas’ Blissful Feeling CCF1 SDPro), 7/20

German Shorthaired Pointer

Kathleen Reynolds CTDI CCFC SDJ CTDI and Abbey (TDCH CCF-CH Steel Fork Abbey SDPro), 9/20

German Wirehaired Pointer

Ariel Wolf and Jubilee (Wesann’s N Blueline’s Cherries Jubilee SDPro), 7/20

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Winston (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Finnabair Winston O’Reilley SDPro), 3/19
Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Griffin (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH CH Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone SDPro), 4/20

Golden Retriever

Melissa Weldishofer and Godric (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Copperfield’s Golden Snitch SDPro), 10/19
Cynthia Cunningham and Tucker (Sir Tucker Cunningham SDPro), 8/18
Joanne Sato and Koa (SDCH TDCH Margold Koa No Ka ‘Oi SDPro), 5/18
Donna Lee and Brady (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Woodland True Patriot SDPro), 5/18
Samantha Snyder and Finn (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH OPK’s Gimmie Some Finn SDPro), 7/20
Kailyn Richardson CTDI and Odin (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH GldnMeadows God of Wisdom and Gold SDPro), 9/20

Great Pyrenees

Anne Poirier CTDI and Isabella (TDCH SDGCH CCF CH Ch Du Val Perché Kira Anne CCF4 SDPro), 5/20
Diane Sammarco CTDI and Xander (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Rivergroves Xander of Portmeirion SDPro), 4/20


Christine Beisert and Dolce (TDCH SDGCH RATCHX6 Dolce Gambino SDPro), 6/20

Icelandic Sheepdog

Nikole Henthorn and Reyka (TDCH Caradoc’s True Joule Reyka Orestus SDPro), 3/19


Donna Schmitt CTDI and Sherlock (TDCH Wund-R Y The Game Is Afoot SDPro), 3/18

Labrador Retriever

JoDale L. Benz CTDI and Kapri (TDCH Kapri SDPro), 9/19
Ellen Davis and Scout (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Scout of Clay Farm SDPro), 8/19
Ellen Davis and Lilly (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Lilly of Clay Farm SDPro), 8/19
Joella Givens CTDI and Lily (The Captain’s Lady Calla Lily SDPro), 3/19
Joella Givens CTDI and Lily (The Captain’s Lady Calla Lily SDPro), 3/19
Kimberly Lewis CTDI and Gibson (TDCH SDCH Gibson XXXVI SDPro), 4/20


Deborah Gardiner CTDI and Eli (TDCH SDCH Eli Jackson Gardiner SDPro), 11/19

*Mixed Breed

Morgan Cain and Plymouth (TDCH The Pride is Back SDPro), 2/20
Deanna Langan CTDI and Flint (TDCH SDGCH Flint SDPro), 10/19
Peggy Stevens and Rags (TDCH Raggedy Ann Stevens SDPro), 9/19
Judy Rojas and Pogo ( SDPro), 9/19
Shannon Langel CTDI and Rune (TDCH SDGCH Rune SDPro), 7/19
Michelle Gamage CTDI and Willa (TDCH SDGCH Willa Do It Right SDPro), 10/18
Ariel N. Baber CTDI and Halligan (TDCH Zero to Hero SDPro), 9/18
Stefanie Theis CTDI and Maeby (Maeby Just A Little Nuts SDPro), 8/18
Thyra Powers CTDI and Ozzie (TDCH Ozzie Powers SDPro), 7/18
Thyra Powers CTDI and Dixie (TDCH SDPro), 7/18
Doug Howell and Torch (SDCH TDCH Howell’s Torch SDPro), 3/18
Vicki Brown CTDI and Kate (SDGCH TDCH Kowabunga Kate SDPro), 3/18
Chrissy Joy CTDI and Beasley (TDCH SDCH Good Beasley SDPro), 3/18
Joyce Pedicini and Pauly (SDCH TDCH Sir Flat Pants Pauly SDPro), 3/18
Maggie Weston and Jessie (SDCH TDCH Vista’s Jessie Girl RE FDC AX AXJ NF DN CGCA RL-1 SDPro), 3/18
Debbie Bickford CTDI and Ludo (SDCH TDCH Ludo Bickford SDPro), 3/18
Karen Kathka CTDI and Trevor (SDCH TDCH Trevor’s Nightime Miracle SDPro), 3/18
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Pixie (SDCH TDCH Flying Pixie Dust SDPro), 3/18
Florenza Pizanis CTDI and Busta (TDCH Busta Rooby-Doo SDPro), 3/18
Brandie Sims CTDI and Charlie ( SDPro), 3/18
Nicki Klevering CTDI and Trix (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Trix SDPro), 5/20
Sophie Penson CTDI and Ducky (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH TCCH Penson’s Agile Archduck CCF3 SDPro), 6/20
Shannon Langel CTDI and Phoenix (TDCH SDCH Phoenix SDPro), 6/20
Christina Jones and Chloe (TDCH SDGCH Flopdoodle Chloe Bean SDPro), 6/20
Carol Graham CTDI and Kody (TDCH Kody SDPro), 7/20
Jennifer Bramble and Captain Morgan (TDCH CCF-CH Captain Morgan Spiced Gold SDPro), 9/20


Erin Zimmer and Meredith (TDCH SDCH VN CH Oceano’s Myth and Legend for Horizon SDPro), 5/18


Diana Squicciarini CTDI and Glinda (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Medlee’s Ruby Slippers SDPro), 9/18
Ethel Mercer CTDI and Zip (SDCH TDCH MACH Oakhills Zippin’ Around CDX RE MXB MJB CGCA SDPro), 5/18
Mary Hostetter and Swag (SDCH TDCH GCH CH Marrics Pirates Treasure AX AXJ OF TKP SDPro), 3/18
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Arden (TDCH SDCH Braylor’s Arcadian Forest of Eve SDPro), 3/18

Parson Russell Terrier

Gail L. Friedman and Mr. Friedman (SDCH TDCH Windswept Mr. Friedman SDPro), 3/18

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Megumi Maudhoo CTDI and Panko (TDCH Panko Tenma Maudhoo SDPro), 4/20

Poodle (Standard)

Kim Kane CTDI and Monet (SDCH TDCH Sisco’s Stuck On You SDPro), 9/19

Poodle (Toy)

Maureen Urso and Buster (SDCH TDCH Buster Urso SDPro), 3/18
Sandy Woodruff and Cyrus (TDCH CCF-CH UWPCH MCH EN END UNJ UAGII UCH Int/Nat. CH AKC GCH De La Passion Dynamo SDPro), 6/20
Sandy Woodruff and Lila Jane (TDCH CCF-CH Sandjo’s Custom’s Here For The Party SDPro), 6/20

Portuguese Water Dog

Tammy Hibberson and Quinta (MACH Eauchien’s Quinta CCF2 SDPro), 8/20


Maria Guthrie and Eddie (TDCH Casa Blanca’s Edward Scissorhands SDPro), 3/18
Christina R. McCauley CTDI and Felix (SDCH TDCH Felix Brooklyn Stallings SDPro), 3/18

Russell Terrier

Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Cooper (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Finnabair Anu Maximum Force SDPro), 8/19

Saint Bernard

Laurie Keith and Bill (TDCH Kudos Fits the Bill Regalbear SDPro), 8/20

Scottish Terrier

Cynthia Hemenway CTDI and Angus (Hemenway’s Angus SDPro), 8/18

Shetland Sheepdog

Linda Unger and Sailor (SDCH TDCH Summerloves Moonlight Voyager SDPro), 3/19
Susan Blais and Emma (TDCH CCF-CH Blue Heavens Secret Love SDPro), 6/18
Jacob Hollingsworth CTDI and Chara (SDCH TDCH Shadow Hill Chara Tes Zoes RA CGC CCT SDPro), 3/18
Susan McAdam and Luka (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Miqelon Luka SDPro), 9/20
Janise Nelson and Maxx (Blessings Maxwell Joseph MKxz “Maxx” SDPro), 9/20

Siberian Husky

Shelly Korobanik and Suka (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Nanook’s Enchanted Dream SDPro), 5/20
Shelly Korobanik and Sila (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Nanook’s Northern Sila SDPro), 5/20

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Eva Bernhardsson CTDI and Ester (TDCH SDCH Bardot´s Queen of the Kings SDPro), 9/20


Anna Craig CTDI and Strider (SDCH TDCH Firelight’s Cariad Elgin Geronimo SDPro), 3/19


Jo Anne Lefebvre CTDI and Comanche (SDCH TDCH Instar Piper Flyn; Comanche SDPro), 6/18
Rachel McBride and Ally (TDCH SDGCH Ally’s Silver Emmy SDPro), 7/20
Rachel McBride and Renita (TDCH NaturesCloak is Renita’s Secret SDPro), 9/20

Trick Dog to Stunt Dog

  • Novice Stunt Dog (NSD) >

    Shall have earned their Novice Trick Dog Title
  • Open Stunt Dog (OSD) >

    Shall have earned their Novice Stunt Dog and their Intermediate Trick Dog Title
  • Proven Stunt Dog (PSD) >

    Shall have earned their Open Stunt Dog and their Advanced Trick Dog Title
  • Stunt Dog Professional (SDPro) >

    Shall have earned their Proven Stunt Dog and their Expert Trick Dog Title
  • Stunt Dog Champion (SDCH) >

    Shall have earned their Stunt Dog Professional and their Trick Dog Champion Title
  • Stunt Dog Grand Champion (SDGRCH) >

    Shall have earned their Stunt Dog Champion Title a total of six times under three different judges
  • 1