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Stunt Dog Ring Trial Overview

AKC Stunt Dog National Championships

The highlight of TriDEx will be the AKC Stunt Dog National Championships, culminating in the crowning of the first National Trick Dog Champion. TriDEx will present the first venue for earning a "Stunt Dog" title which are earned through live trick show performance in front of an audience.


Stunt Dog Ring Trials are live trick dog performances

  • Why Stunt Dog? >

    Tricks are meant to inspire and entertain audiences, and we want to give you the skills and the forum to do so successfully.
  • Stunt Dog is live trick dog performance >

    Stunt Dog titles are awarded through live ring trials. (AKC-recognition pending). It is a structured rule-set where every competitor follows the same 9 exercises (except for the Champion level, which allows creativity).
  • When can you start? >

    The first AKC Stunt Dog competition will be at the TriDEx Trick Dog Expo at Purina Farms, March 2018.
  • Ring Trials at TriDEx >

    At TriDEx, you may compete in several levels. You buy tickets. For example, you can buy 5 tickets ahead of time. You use 1 or 2 or 3 in the Novice ring, until you pass, and then use another ticket in the Open ring. You can compete in the Novice ring several times in the same day (time permitting). Read More
  • Prerequisites to Stunt Dog >

    If you wish to compete in Stunt Dog, you must first have your Trick Dog titles (as we want people vetted before they enter the ring) Read More
  • Stunt Dog after TriDEx >

    After TriDEx, there will be local and regional ring trials across the country/world.
  • Who are the Judges? >

    To become a Stunt Dog judge, you must first be a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI)
  • How to become a Judge >

    To become a judge, you must attend an "Intro to Stunt Dog Competition" workshop. Read More
  • What can judges do? >

    Judges will be able to host their own "intro to stunt dog competition" classes, and will be eligible to hold trials (after March 2018).
  • Rule Book >

    Click "Read More" to view a PDF of the current Competition Rules Read More
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Novice Stunt Dog Demonstration:

In this video Kyra demonstrates what you can expect a Stunt Dog Trial to look like. All levels of Stunt Dog can reference this video as they build upon the Novice level.

Requirements to Compete:

Do More With Your Dog! is the official governing and sanctioning body for the sport of dog tricks. Over 14,000 Trick Dog titles have been awarded to dogs who successfully demonstrated a required number of qualifying tricks to a judge. Trick Dog Titles are required to be eligible to compete in The AKC Stunt Dog Nationals and subsequently be able to earn the corresponding stunt dog title.

Competition rules are posted here or you can attend a Introduction to Stunt Dog Competition workshop which focuses on teaching trainers the basics of competition and allows Certified Trick Dog Instructors (CTDIs) to become certified as a Stunt Dog Judge!

 Competition Schedule:

The AKC Stunt Dog Nationals begin in arenas 1 and 2. Each competitor will have 10 minutes to enter the stage and complete their set. The 6 highest scoring Champion finalists will compete in the Demo Area on March 18th and will have 15 minutes to enter the stage and complete their set. Competitors are welcome to use the prep areas as needed.



The AKC Stunt Dog Nationals will be televised. 

*Stay tuned for a sign-up schedule


Trick Dog to Stunt Dog

  • Novice Stunt Dog (NSD) >

    Shall have earned their Novice Trick Dog Title
  • Open Stunt Dog (OSD) >

    Shall have earned their Novice Stunt Dog and their Intermediate Trick Dog Title
  • Proven Stunt Dog (PSD) >

    Shall have earned their Open Stunt Dog and their Advanced Trick Dog Title
  • Stunt Dog Professional (SDPro) >

    Shall have earned their Proven Stunt Dog and their Expert Trick Dog Title
  • Stunt Dog Champion (SDCH) >

    Shall have earned their Stunt Dog Professional and their Trick Dog Champion Title
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