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Do More With Your Dog!® is the official sanctioning body for the sport of Dog Tricks.

Each trick is assigned a difficulty rating, and a dog earns his title by performing tricks of your choosing which add up to a minimum point value. With 101 tricks to choose from, there are plenty of tricks to suit every dog!


Novice title short form

Get started right away on your Novice title, with this simple one-page form. It contains the most commonly performed tricks.

Intermediate, Advanced, & Expert short form

Use this two-page form for your ITD, ATD, and ETD titles.

Full Application Form (complete rules for all titles, including Champion)

This 7-page comprehensive application form has full details on title requirements, as well as a complete list of tricks (some tricks have been omitted from the short forms in order to fit the form onto one page). This form is also used for the Champion title.

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