Advanced Trick Dog (ATD) title holders

Airedale Terrier

Linda Brendlinger and Spirit (Coldstream Intrepid Spirit CGC RN CD THD RATI RATN NTD ITD), ATD 6/16
Lori Taylor and Claire (Trevorwood Hope for Clear Skies, CGC, TDI, ITD), ATD 11/15
Kay Nellis and Capella Rose (Eclipse When Stars Align), ATD 8/15
Debra Grimm and Kaleigh (Kaleigh Rose Grimm), ATD 6/14


Nancy Almann and Toka (Kumite Diamond’s Willow Creek Codotoka ITD), ATD 2/17
Nancy Almann and Kiyo (Big Benz Willow Creek’s Kiyomi), ATD 5/15
Shannon Miller and Noel (Zephyrs Noel Baissier CD, BN, RN, THD, CGCA), ATD 11/14
John Hadfield ATDI and Reggie (Eiserntor’s Revolutionary Regematic), ATD 9/13
Judith Kelly and Apple (URO1 Nakodo’s DejaVu, BN, RN, THD, VAX, TDIG, TWT, CGC, TT), ATD 12/10

Alaskan Klee Kai

Jennifer Hsia and Lyra (AliAK’s Her DArKK Materials ITD), ATD 12/16
Stef Roulet and Nuka (Tanit Tribe Shall We Dance ITD), ATD 10/16
Catherine J. Lingle CTDI and Shila (UKC P’R’ BB Cook’s Autumn Flame), ATD 2/16
Robin Carlstrom CTDI and Tuvok (BBCook’s Tuvok), ATD 2/16
Jennifer Hsia and Maya (Kodiakk’s Fiscal Reckoning Day), ATD 5/15

Alaskan Malamute

Nathalie Villaroman and Nikita (Deka Wolf’s BellaRocca Love ITD), ATD 7/16
Linda Boggs ATDI and Galena (), ATD 5/16
Jackie Wyandt and Blitzen (Shadow Crests Dash Away All BN, RE, RL1, ITD, GCGA ), ATD 5/15
Michelle Dart ATDI and Logan (Cristakell Confringo of Kasatochi), ATD 10/14
Lynsay Walker and Maida (CAN Ch, CFC Jr Ch, Moonsnoe’s Automatic Flowers CGN), ATD 9/14
Eva Kifri CTDI and Magaidh (Kwest’s Reddy For Action), ATD 5/14
Eva Kifri CTDI and Bjorn (Kwest’s Bjorn To Run), ATD 5/14
Lynsay Walker and Maverick (Moonsnoe’s Top Gun BA), ATD 9/12
Joanna Cronquist and Louie (Louie), ATD 7/12
Nichole Royer and Kwest (Wencinja’s Kodiak Kwest CGC CD RN WPD WTD WLD WWPD WWPDX), ATD 3/11
Nichole Royer and Kwin (Am/Nat/Int/UKC Ch Wencinja’s Out Of The Kwestion CGC CD RN WPD WTD WWPD), ATD 3/11

American Bulldog

Michelle Hoile ATDI and Nina (), ATD 2/17
Anne-Marie Smith CTDI and Mai Tai (Tropic Dreams Mai Tai and Sunny Beaches), ATD 2/16
Roxann Wilkinson CTDI and Wally (), ATD 4/15
Nancy Schwarzer and Kiwi (Shetan Bulls The Promis of Kiwi), ATD 3/15
Paige Marcotte and Kane (), ATD 3/15

American Cocker Spaniel

Carrie Kaysen CTDI and Bitsy (), ATD 5/16
Gloria Hrabina and Carbon (Seascapes Carbon Copy), ATD 11/15
Carol Happel and Lilly (Anxmassong’s Tropical Lilly), ATD 10/15
Tara Halligan ATDI and Whimsy (Nonnies Sweet ‘n’ Whimsical), ATD 7/15
Carrie Kaysen CTDI and Dexter (), ATD 5/14

American Eskimo Dog

Christina Young CTDI and Riker (), ATD 12/16
Sherrie M. Bartell and Zurie (Zurie Bartell), ATD 3/16
Jenifer Brimmer and Gabby (Wright Pikatti Warrior Woman 2), ATD 9/14
Jenifer Brimmer and Clara (Pikatti’s Stitch In Time), ATD 6/14
Jenifer Brimmer and Serena (Pikatti’s Undying Spirit), ATD 9/13
Jenifer Brimmer and Abby (Pikatti’s Fleeting Storm), ATD 12/12
Robin Murray CTDI and Henry (Henry Jones Murray), ATD 11/11

American Hairless Terrier (coated)

Charlotte Hederen and Zappa (Sundial Ahtfans American Zappa), ATD 2/16

American Pit Bull Terrier

Lynne Zinnel and Bell (), ATD 2/17
Lynne Zinnel and Klink (), ATD 2/17
Conor Orsillo-Null and Brom (Old Glory’s Red White and Blue ITD), ATD 1/17
Deborah Root and Ayla (), ATD 3/16
Therese Weiner and Notorious QT Pi (T.W.’s Patch O Notorious QT Pi, ATD), ATD 2/16
Noelle Saladin CTDI and Nova (), ATD 12/15
Becky Gregory and Mason (), ATD 12/15
Becky Gregory and Bosley (), ATD 12/15
Janet Byrum and Scooter (Scooter Byrum), ATD 10/15
Melquan King ATDI and Coco (Coco King), ATD 4/15
Therese Weiner and DRACARYS (‘PR’ T’s Patch O Smalltown Dracarys, S.T.A.R. Puppy, NTD, ITD, ATD), ATD 3/15
Deborah Root and Zip (), ATD 3/15
Megan Baker and Hero (Walker Bait’s Pathogen), ATD 1/15
Tiffany Lambert ATDI and Armani (), ATD 11/14
Alicia Harantschuk CTDI and Vegas (Viva Miss Vegas), ATD 8/14
Marilyn Lorenzo and Romeo (), ATD 3/14
Therese Weiner and Bodacious (CH T’s Patch O Built-M2B Invincibl, NTD, ITD, ATD, CGC, Therapy Dog, ADBA Safe Dog 1, OFAca, OFApa), ATD 3/14
Richard Frejomil II and Rocky (), ATD 3/14
Therese Weiner and Touché (T’s Patch O I’ll B PutN-M2Shame, CGC, Therapy Dog, OFAca, OFApa), ATD 1/14
Therese Weiner and Samurai (CH Patch O’ T Starz WhtRck Samurai, DNA-VIP, OFAca, OFApa), ATD 1/14
Therese Weiner and Patchronus Charm (CH T’s Patch O Steel Patronus Charm NW1, S.T.A.R. Puppy, CGC, Therapy Dog, OFAca, OFApa), ATD 12/13
Hanna Fushihara and Derek (Derek Jeter), ATD 12/12
Lisa Heathco and Domino (Domino), ATD 12/12
Cassie-Leigh Stock CTDI and Spark Plug (Spark Plug At A Medium Pace), ATD 12/12
Lydia DesRoche CTDI and Red (Red Jefferson Walker DesRoche), ATD 4/12

American Shepherd (Miniature)

Michelle Vallance and Dash (Finny’s Blame It All On My Roots CGC ITD), ATD 2/17
Tami Dettinger and Holly (Finny’s High Flying Holly ITD), ATD 7/16
Aleandra Ryan-Plasil CTDI and Rowan (Leddy’s Little Red One ITD), ATD 7/16
Erica Beattie and Iris (4 Clovers Rainbow Connection ITD), ATD 5/16
Diane LaPoma and Cooper (Triple R’s Shot Through the Heart Cupid), ATD 4/16
Jan Sund and Coury (FHF Braveheart), ATD 7/15
Lex Blanton and Faith (Cantrells Have Faith in Miracles), ATD 2/15
Erica Beattie and MaCree (Battlefield’s No.1 Cree-ation at 4Clovers), ATD 11/14
Liz Maslow and Koda (Wigglebutt’s Kodak Moment), ATD 7/14
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Magic (Alta Vista Do You Believe in Magic RN, ETD, TDI), ATD 4/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Faith (Birchview’s Goddess of Hearth and Flame ONYX, MBDX, TF-I, OAC, OJC, TN-O, V2, RN, ATD, 3 BOB, Int Ch, Jr Ch, TDI, CGC), ATD 4/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Desi (Birchview’s Destiny OJC, TN-N, TG-N, JHD, CGC), ATD 3/13

American Staffordshire Terrier

Dianna Matteson CTDI and Juji (Juji J. Funkenpuss ITD), ATD 2/17
Amanda Brandenburg and Voodoo (), ATD 9/15
Kerry McAuliffe and Sasha (Sasha Bat Kassman), ATD 6/15
Luz Mira and Charlie (Charlie Brown), ATD 3/15
Megan Gall and Vero (Vero Betty Gall), ATD 2/15
Anneliese DeAragon and Prim (Prim Rose DeAragon ITD), ATD 1/15
Jennifer Frankavitz CTDI and Riley (), ATD 8/14

American Tundra Shepherd

Debbie Moore and Tess (Catania’s Poetic Justice), ATD 11/12

Anatolian Shepherd

Nicole Bastian and Roxy (Hotnote Thyme Flies - Roxy), ATD 7/14

Australian Cattle Dog

Alicia Erskine CTDI and Caltron (Cali ITD), ATD 12/16
Alicia Erskine CTDI and Kone Dog (Kona ITD), ATD 12/16
Lynda Kitzinger and Flip (), ATD 9/16
Stephanie Roberts CTDI and Penny Rose (Penny Rose Triumphant), ATD 2/16
Karen Anderson and Sky (), ATD 9/15
Angela Dove and Sadie (), ATD 8/15
Jennifer Baiocco and Henna (Blue Yonder’s Inspired Design RATM), ATD 6/15
Jennifer Baiocco and Emmy (Emmy Lue RA MXPB MJP CAA RATM CGCA), ATD 5/15
Erika Jackson CTDI and Earl (Hurricane Earl), ATD 3/15
Christi Ticer and Dexter (), ATD 2/15
Andrea Myers CTDI and Sammy (Samuel Ray Myers), ATD 2/15
Laura Angelo CTDI and Mel (), ATD 1/15
Robert Stratton and Bandit (), ATD 12/14
Dawn Pribyl and Trax (Kuawarri Stone Cold), ATD 4/14
Justine Sahli and Ruthie (Justine’s Jillaroo Born Again CGC THD), ATD 3/14
Dirk Van Voris and Maverick (Maverick Van Voris), ATD 2/14
Carey Haas ATDI and Wyatt (ARCHEX Wyatt Fast is Fine, RL1X, RL2X, RL3X, BH, NAH, CGC), ATD 9/13
Monika Zanker and Jagger (Duwest Jagger), ATD 7/13
Kate Hinner CTDI and Cisco (Cisco), ATD 12/12
Laura DeMaio Roy CTDI and Jake (Jake), ATD 10/12
Heather Turley and Matilda (Matilda), ATD 10/12
Ann Withun and Rowdy (Rowdy Withun), ATD 6/12
Shannon Bednowicz and Apex (Apex), ATD 6/12
Tess Starr CTDI and Layla (So-lo’s Layla Blues Dancer, OA, OAJ), ATD 2/12
Tiffany Hughes and Bella (), ATD 4/11

Australian Cattle Dog (Miniature)

Nancy Giltrud and Zoe (), ATD 4/15

Australian Kelpie

Helen Parkinson CTDI and Rue (), ATD 2/17

Australian Shepherd

Molly Boaden and Shawna (), ATD 2/17
Jennieann Mitchell and MacKenzie (Oakhurst Arborview SomeKinda Wonderful ITD), ATD 2/17
Gayle Silberhorn ATDI and Saga (Big Run’s Saga Continues), ATD 2/17
Sarah Blodgett and Rio (), ATD 1/17
Gina Stetsko and Bizi (), ATD 1/17
Gina Stetsko and Tex (), ATD 1/17
John Lucido and Mia (), ATD 12/16
Amanda Tipping and Brand (), ATD 12/16
Emily D'Agati and Pond (Hightide’s Humble Pond ITD), ATD 12/16
Megan Tellalian and Murphy (Showdown Graham Cracker ITD), ATD 12/16
Nancy Trus and Merlin (), ATD 11/16
Lillian A. Lawless and Mason (Hearthside Serendipitous CGC ITD), ATD 11/16
Nancy Liebhauser CTDI and Gambit (), ATD 11/16
Lisa Kite and Ivy (), ATD 10/16
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Enchanted (Sazbrat Welcome to New York ITD), ATD 9/16
Carmen Oosthuizen and Mysti (Mystic Mystique), ATD 9/16
Courtney Hoftyzer and Saidai (Keluna’s Scarlett Fire ITD), ATD 9/16
Katie Manning ATDI and Havoc (Kirrabilli’s Flying Archer ITD), ATD 8/16
Lara Livergood and Loki (Livergood’s Jedi Night ITD), ATD 8/16
Fran Solomon and Penny (Rip Roarin’ Down Penny Lane CGCA, ITD), ATD 7/16
Sandy Vandemark and Jax (Milwin Jax), ATD 7/16
Patrick Slayter and Hawke (2G Rose Not Too Blue), ATD 7/16
Lisa Pattison CTDI and Scheme (Propwash Master Mind), ATD 6/16
Jamie Heberlein CTDI and Meeka (Cedarwood’s Meeka Wish On Me), ATD 5/16
Zoe McClellan and Kari (Ngalla Do You Hear What I Hear ITD), ATD 5/16
Ellen Bloomfield and Shiloh (Emsket’s Diamond In The Ruff ITD), ATD 5/16
Ellen Bloomfield and Masi (Big Runs Llanka Masi), ATD 5/16
Cassidy Kay Austin and Rea (Anadee’s Guilty Mind ITD), ATD 4/16
Bonnie Edwards and Reese (MountainAsh Fire It Up), ATD 4/16
Colleen Kalanuk and Fierce (Casselcreek Fire ‘n Fury), ATD 4/16
Nita Gandara CTDI and Cinch (Shalako’s Sheep Up and Ride), ATD 3/16
Erin McCune and Kairi (Showdown’s Dare To Dream), ATD 2/16
Cassie Bowles CTDI and Liam (), ATD 2/16
Nicola Ashton and Harley (Triforce Nautilus), ATD 2/16
Donna Jankovic and Dallas (Tuckercreek’s Dallas Cowboy), ATD 1/16
Frances Cabeen ATDI and Cimra (Cimarron Rose), ATD 1/16
Becky Tellalian ATDI and Riley (Showdown With Outta Doubt ITD), ATD 1/16
Barbara Moore and Cheers (Tucker Creek’s Raise a Glass), ATD 12/15
Sarah Blodgett and Roulette (Revelaire’s Rushin’ Roulette), ATD 12/15
Janna Clarke and Ru (Super Smart Subaru), ATD 12/15
Debra Wood CTDI and Allie (), ATD 12/15
Nadine Engelbrecht and Lexie (Zakur’s Galaxy), ATD 11/15
Patricia Olson and Luna (), ATD 11/15
Kelly Schumann ATDI and Lil Red (New Spirit’s Lil Red Rocket), ATD 9/15
Julie Fait and Whimsy (RBIS UCH JnD’s Little Red GTO @ Parfait HIC), ATD 9/15
Andrea Klaus and Hoss (), ATD 9/15
Fran Solomon and Gracie (UCD Somercrest Grace Under Fire CDX,RAE, OA, OAJ, JS-O, RS-O, CGCA), ATD 9/15
Brianne Statz and Payton (Liam Sweetness Forever), ATD 7/15
Jeff Rapey and Zoey (Little Princess Zoey), ATD 7/15
Sheri Wetekam and Hazel (MPossible Magic Touch of Hazel), ATD 6/15
Joanne W. Schaus and Skid (Skid ARPH #11052), ATD 6/15
Sandra Schumann and Nellie (Woobiewoods Nell), ATD 6/15
Monica Kalistar and Digit (Lien’s Point to Sizzle), ATD 5/15
Steve Reiss Jr. and Pretzel (Crofton’s Puzzle of a Pretzel CD, RA, CGC), ATD 5/15
Brianne Nelson and Melody (Soundtrack’s Rekindled Melody), ATD 5/15
Judy Beagle and Willow (Bright Eyes Diamond Willow), ATD 5/15
Doris Waschinski and Mocha (), ATD 4/15
Jennifer Bailey and Sage (Jen’s Sage Shadow), ATD 4/15
Darcie Mesher and Indy (Indigo), ATD 4/15
Mitzi Pilgrim and Belle (Zakur’s Silver Belle), ATD 3/15
Mitzi Pilgrim and Rumba (Zakur’s My Red Rumba), ATD 3/15
Gayle Silberhorn ATDI and Molly (Big Run Heart of the Prairie), ATD 3/15
Jet Lakey ATDI and Maggie (Riverwind Bayshore Itching to Go), ATD 2/15
Doris Waschinski and Merlin (), ATD 2/15
Chuck Bossler and Gracie (Bossler’s Grace O’Malley), ATD 2/15
Gayle Silberhorn ATDI and Bryn (Big Run Bryn Jette Varg), ATD 2/15
Coralee Aaronson and Teka (SR Hemlocks Ready or Not Foxfire), ATD 2/15
Becky Tellalian ATDI and Diva (Showdown Puttin’ On The Glitz, ATD), ATD 2/15
Theresa Menz and Indy (Indy Anna Scarlett Menz Cooper), ATD 2/15
Philippa Sloan and Stryker (Justus Strike While the Iron is Hot), ATD 1/15
Cindi Chasse and Jackson (), ATD 12/14
Kristie Tankard and Blue (Blue Bay by Fiddlers Green NAJ, OA, CGC), ATD 11/14
Carolyn Jane Halhead and Diva (Stavros Next Top Model), ATD 9/14
Desiree Thompson and Dakota (WBA Flock-N-Farm Dakota Breeze), ATD 9/14
Nancy Adams and Obie (Ross-Mar Obie Juan), ATD 9/14
Erin Doherty and Penny (), ATD 9/14
Kathleen Kassebaum CTDI and Eli (Catch Lakehills Three Dog Night GS-O-SP, JS-O-SP, RS-E-OP), ATD 8/14
Monique Engemann and Lia (Stargate’s Lady Liadrin), ATD 8/14
Roz Granitz CTDI and Napoli (After All Over the Wall), ATD 6/14
Maeve Urbany and Joey (Urbany’s Cup of Joe), ATD 5/14
Maeve Urbany and Rocket (Urbany’s Rocket Sausage McGee), ATD 5/14
Amy Hinkle and Edraith (SteelDust Golden Gift), ATD 4/14
Monique & Paul Engemann and Sylvie (CopperRidge’s Lady Sylvanas Windrunner), ATD 3/14
Susan Reindl and Fergus (Fergus Kane Reindl Hayes), ATD 3/14
Alexis Davison and Mia (Shartooz Quatro Harmony), ATD 2/14
Lisa Pattison CTDI and Lucy (Elsmere Propwash Heart’s Desire), ATD 1/14
Susan Baldwin and Riley (Riley), ATD 12/13
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Truly (TeBrat Truly Scrumptious), ATD 12/13
Susan Brogan CTDI and Ruby (Nightwatch N’ Sonryz I Hope U Dance), ATD 12/13
Lauren Watson CTDI and Amelia (), ATD 12/13
Jo Downing CTDI and Houdi (Harley Houdini), ATD 12/13
Jo Downing CTDI and Chewie (), ATD 12/13
Jean Burton and Fancy (Mija Roja Fancy Little Pistol CDX, RE, RM (ASCA)), ATD 10/13
Colleen Kalanuk and Ruckus (Casselcreek One Wild Knight), ATD 9/13
Roxanne Tapaninen and Belle (Belle-Ayre), ATD 9/13
Willie Viarnes CTDI and Sam (), ATD 9/13
Rebecca Park CTDI and Java (Winohka’s Sweet 'n Hot Java), ATD 8/13
Philippa Sloan and Tag (BluAbby’s Catch Me if You Can), ATD 8/13
Audrey Carter CTDI and Britt (Thornapple Unforgivable), ATD 7/13
Roz Granitz CTDI and Eureka! (Old Oaks Gold Rush), ATD 7/13
Renea Dahms CTDI and Paris (Defiance It’s All About Me), ATD 6/13
Devon Ward CTDI and Siren (Pink Ribbon’s Sweet and Sassy), ATD 6/13
Nita Gandara CTDI and Ander (Airbornes Band of Brothers), ATD 4/13
Lisa Walters CTDI and Cori (Coriander), ATD 4/13
Nita Gandara CTDI and Zane (Cirrus Riddle Me This), ATD 3/13
Anette Olsson and Svea (MiVinna’s Applecreek), ATD 2/13
Rachel J. Stintzcum and Frazier (Frazier’s Frolic), ATD 2/13
Devon Ward CTDI and Thor (Thunderin’ Thor), ATD 1/13
Donna Dietrich and Billie (Show Me How Missouri Bill, CRNMCL, CRNT), ATD 12/12
Rebecca Stowe and Merlin (Merlin), ATD 12/12
Lindsey Logan CTDI and Autumn (Robin's Magic Of The Sun), ATD 12/12
Rom Devilliers and Moxie (Robin's Promise The Magic), ATD 12/12
Connie Wood and Ruby (Defiance’s Oh What A Gem), ATD 11/12
Anne Bachewich CTDI and Finn (Sheep’s Kin Feature Presentation), ATD 11/12
Anne Bachewich CTDI and Miranda (Kinring’s Gunsmoke & Lace), ATD 11/12
Anne Bachewich CTDI and Tommy (Cattle Master of High Hope), ATD 11/12
Katrina Martin and Alli (Out West Valley Girl), ATD 11/12
Roz Granitz CTDI and Speed-Oh! (Old Oaks Mr Earl), ATD 10/12
Nancy Adams and Idgie (Sunnyrain Idgie), ATD 10/12
Kelsey Kiefer ATDI and Remi (Cedarcreeks Wild Rumpus), ATD 9/12
Connie Wood and Sheila (Fourwinds Diamond in the Ruff), ATD 9/12
Haeleigh Hyatt and Clove (Talisman’s Rebellion!), ATD 9/12
Katherine L. McGill CTDI and Kenai (Thumbs Up Big Buck's Kenai CGC HCT), ATD 8/12
Katherine L. McGill CTDI and Dixie (WBA Flock-N-Farm Dixie Delight), ATD 8/12
Katherine L. McGill CTDI and Tia (UKC CH Flock-N-Farms Homegrown Elegance CGC), ATD 8/12
Stacey Manzo CTDI and Diesel (Diesel), ATD 7/12
Helen Verte Schwarzmann CTDI and Dudley (HMS Dudley Some Kinda Wondaful), ATD 6/12
Anne Bachewich CTDI and Eli (Kinring’s Watch Him Fly), ATD 6/12
Nina Jacobs and Sawyer (TNT’s Angel in Disguise), ATD 5/12
Lindsey Logan CTDI and Ranger (QT Aussies Magic Echoes), ATD 5/12
Ansi van der Walt and Ozy (Mystic Light I Have A Dream), ATD 5/12
Mindy Jo Hoy and Wrangler (Rebel Springs Round ‘Em Up), ATD 4/12
Kelly Legarreta and Ky (Kt’s Kylie Berry), ATD 2/12
Anne Bachewich CTDI and McCoy (Sheep’s Kin Born To Fly), ATD 1/12
Talia Byers and Ike (Sazbrat Coolmor All In), ATD 1/12
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Parlor (Sazbrat Barn Dancin in the Dark), ATD 1/12
Renea Dahms CTDI and Sirius (Defiance Are You Sirius CGC), ATD 11/11
Chelsea Wood CTDI and Zima (Defiance's Zomething Different), ATD 11/11
Marci Thomas and Jamba (Jumpin’ Jambalaya), ATD 11/11
Anne Bachewich CTDI and Emmett (Allum’s Energy Boy), ATD 10/11
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Pixie (Sazbrat Lemon Pixie Dust), ATD 10/11
Lina Lyckelin and Loke (Kalote’s Spark), ATD 10/11
Keagen J. Grace CTDI and Karma (Keagen's Karma of Grace), ATD 9/11
Anne Springer CTDI and Sequoyah (), ATD 9/10
Jim Helems CTDI and Ember (ASCA CH Pinnacle’s Glowing Embers), ATD 8/10
Nita Gandara CTDI and Bella (Alias’ Breaking Dawn), ATD 3/10

Australian Shepherd (Miniature)

Rebekah McCune and Coco (Coco the Bean ITD), ATD 10/16
Dana Bjornerud and Fia (Zero G’s Offer I Can’t Refuse ITD), ATD 8/16
Dana Bjornerud and Spark (Zero G’s This Gun’s For Hire ITD), ATD 8/16
CJ Fithian CTDI and Vegemite (Zero G’s Jam-Min’ Spread it on Toast ITD), ATD 7/16
Zoey Serapin and Ace (FHF Ace of Spades), ATD 6/16
Randi Schroeder and Kaci (Goldrush Kaci ITD), ATD 6/16
Walt Feezer and Dixie (Dixie Feezer), ATD 2/16
Marsha Zepnick and Pepper (), ATD 2/16
Kat Carlton and VEGAS (), ATD 1/16
Robin Hamm and Brodie (Irresistible Angel), ATD 1/16
Kaytlyn Riou and Timber (SADDLEUP TIMBER), ATD 8/15
Misty Yohannan CTDI and Izzee (), ATD 5/15
Diane Gibbons and Bryn (Dunnellon’s Ilor Brynmor), ATD 4/15
Diane Gibbons and Dash (Dunnellon’s Dorje Temba Dash), ATD 4/15
Lois Walters and Misty (McClanahan’s Diamond Mist), ATD 2/15
Terri Latronica CTDI and Cooper (Hanging With Mini Cooper), ATD 2/15
Kristen McKenna and Sizzle (Zero G’s Powder Monkey), ATD 11/14
Nan Martin and Porkchop (Porkchop Nelson), ATD 4/14
Marissa de Waal-Malefyt and Kindle (Ravine Acres Burn Baby Burn), ATD 3/14
Kristen McKenna and Cinder (Zero G’s Pyroclastic Surge), ATD 10/13
CJ Fithian CTDI and Adelaide (Zero G’s Jam-Min’ Spitfire Adelaide), ATD 9/13
April Dawkins CTDI and Jetta (), ATD 9/13
Sherry Reinz and Lily (Lily), ATD 4/13
Nicky Hemingson and Tulsa (Jazzys Blue Tulsa), ATD 2/12
CJ Fithian CTDI and Tazman (Boot Top Tasmania), ATD 10/11
CJ Fithian CTDI and Brisbane (Boot Top Brisbane FDCh-G, TFE (Flyball)), ATD 10/11
CJ Fithian CTDI and Sydney (Lil’ Nubbins Sydney SQ-MDE, SQ-OA (Disc Dog)), ATD 8/10
CJ Fithian CTDI and Melbourne (Lil’ Nubbins Melbourne CGC, SQ-MDA (Disc Dog)), ATD 8/10
CJ Fithian CTDI and Sydney (Lil’ Nubbins Sydney), ATD 8/10

Australian Shepherd (Toy)

Judy Williams and Meeka (Meeka Ann Williams), ATD 2/17

Australian Terrier

Muriel McMullen and Maddie (Dunham Lake Maid In Wisconsin NTD), ATD 7/16
Ruthann McCaulley and Webe (Intl. CH Dunham Lake Sticky Beak RN CGC ITD), ATD 5/16
Ruthann McCaulley and Wally (Benayr R Walkabout Wally CD, RE, CGC), ATD 3/10

Australian Working Kelpie

Lora Del Page and Tate (HNR Little Man Tate), ATD 3/15


Jenny Ruth Yasi CTDI and Tiger (Tigerlily), ATD 7/11


Andrea Stone and Regan (GCHB DC FoPaw’s Touch of Evil at Saorsa RN SC ITD), ATD 12/16
Linda Daves Siekert and Ford (Sinbaje’s Africans Continue2Inspire), ATD 1/16
Liza Lundell and Professor (Wakan Patriot Dream), ATD 1/13

Basset Artesién Normand

Nina Kujawska CTDI and Cooper (), ATD 4/15

Basset Hound

Karen Prichard CTDI and Poppy (Baywind-Barkley’s Wrapped In Red), ATD 5/16
Karen Prichard CTDI and Ruby (Barkley’s Rockin’ Red Ruby), ATD 4/15
Cheryl Cieslinski ATDI and Xena (Soundtrack Warrior Princess), ATD 4/14


Vicki L. Behrend and Layla (Singular Sensation Layla Manhattan ITD), ATD 9/16
Clare Hulse and Jampa (Cherive You’re So Good), ATD 12/15
Catherine Botha and Odin (Cherive Lord Odin), ATD 12/15
Sandi Antalick and Lou (PAL 261423), ATD 8/15
Patty J. Bollenbeck and Sami (), ATD 6/15
Terry McGauley and Cork (Pebblemist Message In A Bottle), ATD 6/15
Manako Sugiyama CTDI and Mint (Kenalis Candyman), ATD 5/15
Gill Land CTDI and Daks (Rogadam Dakota), ATD 4/15
Wendy Danzig and Madison (), ATD 3/15
Stephanie McGuire CTDI and Belle (), ATD 2/15
Catherine Botha and Atalanta (Cherive The Onyx), ATD 12/13
Katherine LaBella and Trina (Katrina), ATD 4/13
Izzie Easton and Zoe (Annavah Endless), ATD 4/13
Jodi Kellar CTDI and Maggie (C-ATCH2 Miss Maggie Moo, ChFH, ChWC, ChJU, ChST, ChCL, ChSN, AKC-NA, NAJ, APDT-RL1 (AOE), RL2 (AOE), Delta PetPartner+HUMC Animal Assistant Volunteer), ATD 2/12

Bearded Collie

Wendy McBrayer Kregor and Mac (Scotdale’s Bluelight Special ITD), ATD 1/17


Lauren Trathen CTDI and Jamais (Jamais Sans Toi Du Chateau Rocher ITD), ATD 1/16
Angelika Wicker and Clive (Chiceron Captail Dunwel), ATD 10/14
Wendy Bemis CTDI and Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mes Yeux Vigilant CGC), ATD 9/12

Belgian Laekenois

Kate Lloyd CTDI and Jinx (Belgenbeau Fuzzy Logic), ATD 2/15

Belgian Malinois

Jannice Duskin CTDI and Riddick (), ATD 11/16
Chloe Wells and Deli (IInfidel Di Noraa ITD), ATD 10/16
Caroline M. Shedd and Pulga (Pulga de la Careta Negra ITD), ATD 8/16
Bailey Singer and Moxie (), ATD 8/16
Lisa Singer and Piper (), ATD 8/16
Dana Thelander CTDI and Cash (), ATD 8/16
Brianne Durham CTDI and Vamp (Mademoiselle Vamp de Loucyn ITD), ATD 7/16
Karen Watson and Korra (), ATD 6/16
Lianne Shinton CTDI and Flirt (M’Flirt de Loucyn), ATD 3/16
Greg Laslo CTDI and Eddy (), ATD 1/16
Douglas Colton and Leda (Top Gun’s Leda CGC), ATD 12/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Xander (Silverthorn’s Legendary Jewel ITD), ATD 10/15
Kimberly Sayre and Shay (K-Sayre’s Crazy Angel Shay Ann), ATD 10/15
Michaela Newey and Nova (), ATD 10/15
Joanne Campman and Rosie (CH Souvenir Rambling Rose CD RN AX AXJ NF CGC BN), ATD 8/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Cairo (Silverthorn’s Jewel of the Nile ITD), ATD 8/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Streak (Ch Carousel’s Silver Streak RAE BN PCD NA NAJ NF TD HSAS SCHH1 ITD), ATD 7/15
Lisa Paul and Copper (Caryaovata Orion’s Star), ATD 7/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Vivid (GCh. Carousel’s Dream of Fire N Ice RA HT NA NAJ NF), ATD 5/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Flare (Silverthorn’s Dragon Fire RN HT), ATD 5/15
Chris Puls and Dazzle (Loup Noir Jasper), ATD 3/15
Kiley Spade and Malachai (KSS Malachai Sable), ATD 11/14
Ashley Rietfors and J.A.T.O. (J.A.T.O. de la Grande Ille CAA CGCA), ATD 2/14
Kristie Gillies and Argo (Belgium’s AM Argo Expedition), ATD 1/14
Willie Viarnes CTDI and Allie (), ATD 9/13
Dale Christianson and Rumor (C-ATCH Claddagh’s Rumor Has It At TawnyHill, RA,NA,NAJ), ATD 5/13
Ike Iacovino CTDI and Rizer (C’ Rizer Des Barriques), ATD 2/13
Jana Rossorelli and Vegas (Mpacts At Full Tilt), ATD 12/12
Summer Milroy CTDI and Modi (Mason’s Modi), ATD 12/11

Belgian Shepherd

Sarah Fulcher CTDI and Dexter (AttraDea N’ Spiritus Dark Side), ATD 1/12

Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren)

Karen Wilson and Tango (Teseko T’Ewe Hot to Tango Now), ATD 8/15

Belgian Tervuren

Karla Carlson and Allies (Allies Side by Side of Wildrose ITD), ATD 12/16
Jane Wittstock and Tess (Journeyman Dance of the Rain, RE HT BN ITD BB-HTM BB-MF W-FDM/HTM W-FDM/MF), ATD 8/16
Gale Smith and Tessa (Contessa ITD), ATD 7/16
Betty Anderson and Jika (Sprite - Fanfare’s Limited Edition CGC, ITD), ATD 3/16
Doni Zahn and Wily (Tica Tricky Business), ATD 12/15
Lucy McCloskey and Dallas (Aftershock Summer Winds of Dallas), ATD 4/15
Pamela Regan CTDI and Phoebe (CH Patana’s Flash Point, PT, RN, BN, NA, NAJ, CA), ATD 2/15
Joan Olawski Stiener and Rio (CH. ARCHX Zane Grey De Mon Plaisir CGCA, RAE, RUX2, RL2X, URO1, ITD, DSA, RAT1), ATD 10/14
Penny Stober and Gofer (M.A.J.I.C.’s Legacy of Service, ITD), ATD 8/13
Colleen Gordon and Quest (CH Ravenmasque MNM Begin the Quest), ATD 3/13
Kathy Weaver CTDI and Troy (Sanroyale's Desperado), ATD 12/12
Edrie Greer and Ripley (Lakenight Alien Exterminator RN, CGC), ATD 11/12
Jane Nadelson and Rory (Eclatdetoile's Aurora Co Br), ATD 12/11

Bergamasco Shepherd Dog

Heather Robey and Qui (Au Ch Mungadel Beagino ITD), ATD 5/16

Bernese Mountain Dog

Jasen Duncan ATDI and Shasta (Wagontale’s Winter Moon CD BN RE PT), ATD 11/15
Jon Turlock and Winston (Bear Mountain’s Great Northern Star), ATD 7/15
Katie Clark ATDI and Whizzer (Whizzer Clark), ATD 7/14
Eileen Blass and Teddy (O’Daly Apollo Theodore V. Oleka), ATD 12/13
Andrea Marx CTDI and Honey (), ATD 12/13
Christel Klima and Lenie (Amy vom Sandmaennchenhof), ATD 12/13
Christel Klima and Tony (Brian Tony vom Sandmaennchenhof), ATD 12/13
Bernadette van Klaveren CTDI and Badda (Doubledutch’s Badda Boom), ATD 1/13
Bernadette van Klaveren CTDI and Darling (Doubledutch’s Downunder Darling), ATD 1/13
Bernadette van Klaveren CTDI and Ellie (Doubledutch’s Castanea), ATD 1/13
Bernadette van Klaveren CTDI and Anea (Doubledutch’s Castanea), ATD 1/13
Lisa Petterson CTDI and Nellie (Doubledutch's Nellie B), ATD 12/12
Linda Collmar and Chloe (Desertberners Sweet Edelweiss), ATD 5/12
Linda Collmar and Annie (Eur-Am’s Broadway Star), ATD 4/12

Bichon Frise

Jane Kihlstrom and Pelle (Prelude’s Behind The White Mask ITD), ATD 11/16
Gail Lorady CTDI and Buffy (Buffy by Moon lake), ATD 1/15

Black Russian Terrier

Alexandria Horner and Jack (Midnight Solo Zachariah), ATD 1/16


Connie Moss CTDI and Daisy (Daisy Moss), ATD 3/15

Blue Lacy

Elizabeth Sandoval CTDI and Marbles (), ATD 2/17

Bluetick Coonhound

Cheryl Karpiak and Rusty the Brave (), ATD 1/17


Ann Cress and Tsavo (Magnificent Tsavo), ATD 11/15

Border Collie

Vicki Brown CTDI and Zam (Shazam ITD), ATD 3/17
Aaliyah Martinez and Live (SH Live Loud ITD), ATD 2/17
Emily Helin and Rush (), ATD 2/17
Erica Pytlovany CTDI and Caleb (), ATD 2/17
Katelyn Green ATDI and Rosemary (), ATD 2/17
Sarai Michalek and Jax (Sampson’s Like the Stars We Burn Forever ITD), ATD 2/17
Suzy McCracken and Piper (Contact Point’s Masked Beauty NTD), ATD 1/17
Suzy McCracken and Sophie (), ATD 1/17
Eve Laforest and Helé (Kynic Everything ITD), ATD 1/17
Mary Hager CTDI and Harley (), ATD 1/17
Becky Fitzgerald and Kirby (Lock-Eye Kirby ITD), ATD 1/17
Nichole Curry and Reef (Deep in the Sea ITD), ATD 1/17
Tammy Hanstead and Zip (BCRO’s Zip A Dee Doo Dah ITD), ATD 11/16
Lindsay Polk and Willie (Willie Dunder ITD), ATD 11/16
Barbara Rake and Lyra (Keepemgoing’s Lyra Silvertongue PT HSAD, HIAS, RN, ONYX, ITD), ATD 11/16
Sonelle van Wyk and Ranger (Wylwind Red All Bout It ITD), ATD 11/16
Anelize van Wyk and Cara (Mackland PocketOSunshine ITD), ATD 11/16
Tammy Stillwater and Tweedy (Bayshore Avatar Tweedy McBright UD, RAE2, BN, GN, GO, ITD), ATD 10/16
Lisa Yates and Tula (), ATD 9/16
Philip Dunsdon ATDI and Jessica (), ATD 9/16
Jennifer Anthony and Nickleby (), ATD 8/16
Bobbi Leeds and Meg (Little Missey Megsey), ATD 8/16
Amanda Brandenburg and Axel (), ATD 8/16
Lisa Lanser Rose CTDI and Maisie (), ATD 7/16
Leanne Neufeld and Caper (Hob Nob Off Topic), ATD 7/16
Chelsea Singer CTDI and Crush (Wescot’s Smooth Criminal ITD), ATD 7/16
Glenda Banta CTDI and Trooper (Trooper Banta ITD), ATD 7/16
Charlotte Blackburn and Alleluia (EC’s Alleluia ITD), ATD 7/16
Jane Saunders ATDI and Katniss (Contact Point’s Girl on Fire ITD), ATD 6/16
Sandra Caines CTDI and Jezabel (), ATD 5/16
Julie Humiston and Emma (Rising Sun Emma), ATD 5/16
Sally Gordon and Fli (Some Dogs Do), ATD 4/16
Cynthia Bradley and Keegan (Fennecus Keegan), ATD 3/16
Diana Rapa and Jester (TPD’s This Jester Ain’t No Fool), ATD 3/16
Virginia Williams and Kali Faye (), ATD 3/16
Yolande Johnson and Bobby (), ATD 3/16
Molly Plover and Moxie (1 Distinctively Different Roll-Back), ATD 2/16
Bonnie Conley and Bailey (), ATD 2/16
Jennifer Strobel and Jax (), ATD 2/16
Janee Kamara Moore and Juno (Wescot’s I Do), ATD 2/16
Karin Haderly CTDI and Chi (Hob Nob Power by Nightflight MX MXJ CD RA NWI), ATD 2/16
Simmon Hellebrand and Daisy (Milangimbi Diamonds N Daisies), ATD 2/16
Susan Joachim and Gypsy Rose (), ATD 2/16
Mikaela Gustafson CTDI and Flash (), ATD 2/16
Kassidy Lemmen and Chloe (Chloe May or May Not), ATD 1/16
Lynzie Bacchus ATDI and Re-Run (), ATD 1/16
Lisa Lanser Rose CTDI and Mick (), ATD 1/16
Eva Loukas and Landry (), ATD 1/16
Shuko Okawara and Kuma (), ATD 1/16
Bridget Thomas CTDI and Desmo (SR Desmodronic), ATD 1/16
Julie Schrecengost and Blayze (Riverrun’s Summer Dreams Ablayze), ATD 1/16
Bobbie Lyons ATDI and Drama (Hidden Valley Tough Act to Follow), ATD 12/15
Emily Rose CTDI and Ace (), ATD 12/15
Vonnie Dunlap and Boone (American Pioneer ITD), ATD 12/15
Rita Orduna and Jake (), ATD 12/15
Devon Ward CTDI and Freyja (), ATD 11/15
Mariah Hinds and Clever Livy (On Target’s High IQ BN CGC CD), ATD 11/15
Linda Hinsman CTDI and Glory (Norwood’s Bound for Glory), ATD 11/15
Cira Ring and Taj (), ATD 10/15
Patricia Weinkauf and Fallon (), ATD 10/15
Jessi Pierce and Ollie (Oliver), ATD 10/15
May Fischer CTDI and Porter (), ATD 10/15
Charlotte Blackburn and Bravo (EC’s Bravo), ATD 10/15
Charlotte Blackburn and Shine (Hurit Shine for God), ATD 10/15
Bronwyn van Dyk and Epic (), ATD 10/15
Ian Martin and Birk (Birk K Martin), ATD 9/15
Ashley Castro and Solo (Hob Nob Never Tell Me the Odds), ATD 9/15
Sarah Crane and Ajax (Crane Leg’s Tough on Greece CGC), ATD 9/15
Donna Sullivan and Shelby (Donivan’s Red Hot Dreamn O EWE), ATD 9/15
Deborah Seymour CTDI and Chase (), ATD 8/15
Pauline Williams and Mason (Hob Nob Cast From Stone RN HSAs OA OAJ CGC ITD), ATD 8/15
Melissa Krüger and Elsie (), ATD 8/15
Rebecca Jewsbury CTDI and Zeva (), ATD 8/15
Loreen Grove and Katie (), ATD 8/15
Loreen Grove and Toby (), ATD 8/15
Brenna Fender and Tessa (Contact Point’s Brenrich Tesseract), ATD 8/15
Holly McArthur CTDI and Diesel (Jento’s Turbo Diesel), ATD 8/15
Teena Hopper and Charlee (), ATD 7/15
Kathleen Mocharnuk and Cricket (Hillcrest Quick As A Cricket), ATD 7/15
Kathleen Mocharnuk and Katydid (Kickstart’s Katydid It!), ATD 7/15
Teressa Erickson and Baylee (Have a Little Faith In Me), ATD 7/15
Mary Baker CTDI and Winston (Winston BN RN NJP ITD), ATD 7/15
Isabelle Charette and Gamble (FHF Loaded Dice), ATD 6/15
Ashley Gertonson and Clarity (LilFoxxClarity ITD), ATD 6/15
Anna Aranda CTDI and Sienna (Outrun Sienna Sunset), ATD 6/15
Cynthia Egyed and Whiz (Topshelf’s a Whiz of a Wiz), ATD 5/15
Suzanne LeRoy CTDI and Jax (Premiere Jax), ATD 5/15
Patricia Olson and Max (), ATD 5/15
Barbara Reinhold CTDI and Rue (), ATD 5/15
Sophie Smith and Kallisto (Princess of Bears), ATD 5/15
Doreen Barren and Tess (), ATD 5/15
Doreen Sciulli and Zoie (Holly Sue), ATD 5/15
Greta Kaplan and Mellie (HiQ Mind Meld), ATD 4/15
Jennifer Bailey and Jett (TBC Jett Propelled), ATD 4/15
Finuala Craske and Luna (Hardyljess Hopes and Dreams), ATD 4/15
Denise Coyne and Jack (TBC Jack B Nimble), ATD 4/15
Jan Blue and Lucy (Jan Blue’s Lucy), ATD 4/15
Tracey Pilsbury and Jynx (Capnmegs High Jynx), ATD 4/15
Sophie Arter and Sky (Ourdaffers The Snowman), ATD 4/15
Ericka Barber ATDI and Trip (Lock-Eye What a Trip he is), ATD 3/15
Tiffany Benevento and Piper (), ATD 3/15
Tina L. Westwood ATDI and Mac (Flyboy MacGyver), ATD 3/15
Tina L. Westwood ATDI and Zephyr (Lady In Reds Zephyr), ATD 3/15
Tina L. Westwood ATDI and Whisper (Deeann Whisper On The Wind), ATD 3/15
Tina L. Westwood ATDI and Ember (), ATD 3/15
Lindsey Adams ATDI and Ben (), ATD 3/15
Sandra Burroughs and KOBY (Koby Flynn Burroughs), ATD 3/15
Nancy Marston and Zoe (ARCHX ZoReMi Half n Half She Matters, CGC, CD, RAE, ASCA CD, RL1X, RL2X, RL3, W-FDX-HTM, InS-X, ATD), ATD 2/15
Judy Mather and Lucie (Khayoz Rockin Robin), ATD 2/15
Stacey Gamble ATDI and Twitch (Powerhouses’s Black Cat Dust), ATD 2/15
Sarah Thoreen CTDI and Reese (), ATD 1/15
Haeleigh Hyatt and Wren (Talisman’s Light as a Ffeather), ATD 1/15
Alyssa Crannis and Envy (Hillcrest Gettin’ Jealous? SGDC AGDC MGDC ADC ITD), ATD 1/15
Tess and Richard Starr and Chance (Sageway Second Chance), ATD 1/15
Patricia O’Bleness CTDI and Sasha (MACH2 Sasha), ATD 1/15
Daisy Peel ATDI and Solar (SuperSun), ATD 12/14
Jan Martin CTDI and Amber (), ATD 11/14
Lisa Morrissey CTDI and Dali (), ATD 10/14
Beth Yim ATDI and Willie (Keen Eye Will), ATD 10/14
Mary Vahaviolos and Mickey (), ATD 10/14
Debbie Hanley CTDI and Moon (NewMoon), ATD 10/14
Vicki Thacker CTDI and Mariah (), ATD 9/14
Carolyn Jane Halhead and Zing (Canyonland Beloved Go Back to Glory), ATD 9/14
Kathy Clayton CTDI and Teagan (Bergundtal Teagan), ATD 9/14
Christina Young CTDI and Enzo (Rival’s Catch Me If You Can), ATD 8/14
Nicole Marlin and Sammy (Samantha), ATD 8/14
Angelica Steinker and Zoomie (Bo Tyne’s Watch Me Zoom), ATD 7/14
Mary Jo Bradley CTDI and Candy (Candy), ATD 7/14
Julia Hamilton CTDI and Ember (MFR Ember Rose), ATD 6/14
Jazz Ng ATDI and Smashie (Superlatifz Le Star Smasher of Aristomilago), ATD 6/14
Kim Kaplan and Winnie (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner), ATD 6/14
Mary Schelling CTDI and Shiloh (Must U Know Shiloh CD BN RA CGC), ATD 5/14
Laurie Hawke and Chewy (), ATD 4/14
Alice Gay Wildes and Rush (Companion’s A Peck of Gold), ATD 4/14
JuliAnna Munden and Threat (Hob Nob Heed The Howling Storm), ATD 4/14
Patricia O’Bleness CTDI and Jazzie (Hidden Valley All That Jazz), ATD 4/14
Sarah Horvath CTDI and Sketch (AZ Trick or Treat “Sketch” CGC, CGCA), ATD 4/14
Kerstin Horvath CTDI and Arrow (AZ Arrow CGC), ATD 4/14
Kim Schiro and Jack (Brush Creeks Jack Be Nimble), ATD 3/14
Debra Cole and Flynn (Jordyalan Watership Down), ATD 3/14
Debra Cole and Skye (Tullacrest Aurora Skye), ATD 3/14
A. L Blazer and Lacey (Goodnight Lacey Blue), ATD 2/14
Janette West and Bella (Bella West), ATD 1/14
Dorene Bourque and Ryder (Shadewoods Ryder), ATD 1/14
Maddisen-Leigh Phelan CTDI and Rev (TNC Rev ’em Up), ATD 1/14
Taylor Duguay-Ladouceur ATDI and Lottie (), ATD 1/14
Jen Bartkewich and Giggs (JBD Giggs), ATD 1/14
Nichole Curry and Joey (Joey), ATD 12/13
Eva Briggs CTDI and Rikki (Lockeye Rikki Tikki Tavi), ATD 12/13
Debra Pearse ATDI and Sage (Cedar No Regrets), ATD 11/13
Sarah Clanton and Bella (Bella), ATD 10/13
Maureen Mickens and Kannon (Cyclone's Spiraling Cannonball CGC NF NA AGI AGII), ATD 10/13
Megan Heins and Motley (Take Me to the Top), ATD 10/13
Rachel Fein CTDI and Flash (Lytnstryke Photo Finish), ATD 10/13
Carole Husein CTDI and Ace (), ATD 10/13
Bonnie Gutzwiler and Phoenix (Bonnie’s Phoenix NTD ITD), ATD 9/13
Jamie Ziennker ATDI and Flyy (), ATD 8/13
Nicky Griffiths and Ted (Mr. Ted Wing), ATD 8/13
Diane Stamp ATDI and Ruger (Stamp’s Ruger), ATD 7/13
Chanti Hazeleger and Flame (Nice of you to Come Bye Wish Come True), ATD 7/13
Paula Garratt and Wellington (Liffeulf Never Forget), ATD 7/13
Melody Scott CTDI and Surfer (Surf’s Up), ATD 7/13
Babette Kis and Lanes (Laney), ATD 6/13
Chelsea Singer CTDI and Nikko (Orion A Splash of Black Flurry), ATD 6/13
Chelsea Singer CTDI and Tango (Orion Red Hot! Tango), ATD 6/13
Christina Young CTDI and Maxi (Maxi), ATD 6/13
Audrey Carter CTDI and Punk (Hidden Valley’s Dream B!G), ATD 5/13
Donna Sullivan and Riley (Donivan C Ewe in My Dreams ), ATD 5/13
Lucy McCloskey and Sonny (Hamilton’s Mystic Lord of the Dance), ATD 4/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Fusion (Hob Nob Fusion NAC, OJC, TN-N, RN, ETD, TDI), ATD 4/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Shiver (FHF Shiver FDX, OAC, OJC, ECC, WV-N, TN-O, RA, ETD, TDI, CGC), ATD 4/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Breeze (Hillcrest Breeze FDGCh, MBDX, TF-III, PT, ETD, TDI, CGC), ATD 4/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Strider (Lockeye’s Strider FDCh-s, NJC, TN-N, RA, ETD, TDI), ATD 4/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Digit (Botyne Digit - Hobbes, NATCH, TFE-II, WV-O, TG-O, TN-E, AX, OAJ, CDX, RAE, HTDI-g, VX, TT, CGC), ATD 3/13
Kate Lloyd CTDI and Maddy (Maddy), ATD 3/13
Kama Rueschenberg ATDI and Penelope (Eye Spy’s Psycho), ATD 1/13
Charlene Hare and Dandy (Dandelion), ATD 1/13
Chet Wise CTDI and Alvin (Alvin), ATD 1/13
Julie Lizotte CTDI and Pixie (Pixie), ATD 1/13
Robin Barrows and Ivy (Ivy Ohana), ATD 1/13
Mary Ann Sanford and Bling (Bordaux Almost Perfect Bling CDX RN VER TT ITD CGC S.T.A.R), ATD 12/12
Kim Bond and Angus (Angus), ATD 12/12
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Zee Zee (Blitzen’s Florida Breeze), ATD 12/12
Hedwig Sebulke ATDI and Dusty (Dusty), ATD 11/12
Susan M. Parrish and Maia (Mera Maia Blu), ATD 11/12
Susan M. Parrish and Zip (Zipping Zephyr), ATD 11/12
Diana Smith and Chief (Chief), ATD 9/12
Kristine Hammar and Tessa (Tessa), ATD 8/12
Debbie Smith CTDI and Shamrock (Cyclone’s Faithful Shamrock), ATD 8/12
Colleen DeWitt CTDI and Carson (Int’l/Am GrCh Fallons Royal Carson CGC, TT, ITD, BN, RA, CD), ATD 7/12
Colleen DeWitt CTDI and Casino (Int’l/Amer Ch Carson’s Royal Flush BN, RN, CGC, TT, ITD), ATD 7/12
Tasha Miner Salsido CTDI and Dolce (Wishing Star), ATD 7/12
Sherlee Bailey and Sedona (Sedona Sage), ATD 7/12
Ann Withun and Seelie (Seelie Court Withun), ATD 6/12
Kristine Hammar and Speedy (Speedy), ATD 6/12
Kristine Hammar and Dean Dog (Dean Dog), ATD 6/12
Donna Sullivan and Stella (Donivans Chasn Ewer Dream), ATD 4/12
Audrey Carter CTDI and Ty-Dye (Riot’s Ty Dyed Tag Along), ATD 4/12
Taryn Hodge and Freeman (Amos Fortune Freman AX, AXJ, NF, RS-N, JS-N), ATD 4/12
Dana Meiter and Kimble (Kimble), ATD 4/12
Sharon Yildiz and Savvy (VX CHX, U-CD, U-AgII, Ch. RiverRun’s Satellite VCD-2 (CDX, TD, OA, OAJ), HSAs, HIAs, HXAs, HTDIs, HTDIId, HRDI/II/IIIs, AX, RN, CGC), ATD 3/12
Rebecca Hansen and Rio (Livin’ LaVita Loca), ATD 3/12
Katrina Aliff ATDI and Chase (Chase Aliff), ATD 3/12
Marla Friedler-Cooper CTDI and Synergy (Hillcrest Synergy In Motion Granting Pleasure), ATD 3/12
Jodi Kellar CTDI and Sundae (BananaSplit Sundae, STAR Puppy, RLP (AOE), RLPX, RL1), ATD 2/12
Rebecca Hayes-Copeland and Xan (XE Xanthius), ATD 2/12
Julia Lane CTDI and Magnum (Lytnstryke’s Private Eye), ATD 2/12
Heather Dwyer and Mae (Mae), ATD 1/12
Heather Dwyer and Blur (Blitzen's Blew By Ewe), ATD 1/12
Sara Carson CTDI and Hero (Worth The Wait), ATD 1/12
Lisa Morrissey CTDI and Brody (Brody), ATD 12/11
Doris Anderson and Yukon (Lock-Eye Yukon Anderson), ATD 12/11
Astrid Smith CTDI and Ryker (Red Baron AAD, REA, OF, OAJ, CGC, TF-II), ATD 11/11
Steve Bobbitt and Pepper (), ATD 11/11
Francine Roche and Jetta (Donivan’s Chasin Ewe’r Dream), ATD 10/11
Debbie Hanley CTDI and Bleu (Bleu Moon), ATD 10/11
Astrid Buhmann CTDI and Star (GR CH (FLY) CH Highborne Buzzing Star FDX HD), ATD 9/11
Astrid Buhmann CTDI and Puka (NAT FLY TEAM ‘06, TH’ ONE & ONLY, GR CH (CART), CH (OB) Zarbo CDEX, FDX), ATD 8/11
Victoria Warfel and Zoe (Warfel’s Flying Zola), ATD 7/11
Rebecca Cann CTDI and Kasey Keller (DFS Fly Boots), ATD 7/11
Cynthia Bradley and Khaki (Trumagik Red Flash), ATD 7/11
Koralee Samaroden CTDI and Karma (Karma Delphi), ATD 4/11
Koralee Samaroden CTDI and Ember (Ember Capri), ATD 4/11
Allie Freitas and Tess (Caelin Tess), ATD 3/11
Allie Freitas and Kipp (Garron Kipp), ATD 3/11
Pamela Johnson CTDI and Bandit (), ATD 12/10
Pamela Johnson CTDI and Twix (Twix), ATD 12/10

Border Terrier

Laura Ryder CTDI and Milani (Cherishem Miss Milani ITD), ATD 1/17
Laura Ryder CTDI and Wicket (Buguya Secret Mission ITD), ATD 1/17
Irene B. Krebs and Cricket (Meadow Lake As Young As You Feel), ATD 8/16
Heather Somers and Dansa (ELWHA DANSALONG AT COANS, RE, CGN, CDN-3, CD, FDNX, AGI, JE, RATN, SD-S, HT, AKC-JE, VX), ATD 4/16
Kali Wilson and P.J. (), ATD 10/15
Kali Wilson and Frannie (Loch Cu’s Blue Mooned in Texas), ATD 10/15
Victoria Neale and Indi (Fiesty Doris), ATD 4/15
Natalie Folker and Coco (), ATD 4/15
Vanessa Rush and Pongo (), ATD 11/14
Megan Bassett and Rufus (Rufus Bassett), ATD 8/14
Yvonne Downey and Tweed (Foxleigh Tumbling Tweed), ATD 7/14
Sharon Stubbs and Makana (Keepsake’s Cheviot Dreaming), ATD 3/12


Kathleen Poniatowski and Muse (Mielikki Kalabria RiverRun Dark Muse), ATD 10/15

Boston Terrier

Christine Gray and Ginny (), ATD 12/16
Terri Adkins and Arnie (Adkins’ Arnie), ATD 2/16
Christina Dale and Seamus (), ATD 12/15
Mel Witkowski CTDI and Jo E. (Mel’s Jump’in Jo E. of Bunker Hill), ATD 3/15
Heather Neldner and Penny (Little Bit of Luck), ATD 10/13
Paula J. Shupe and Oliver (Oliver Little Storybook Masterpiece), ATD 1/12
Sue Petry and Cujo (), ATD 9/09

Bouvier des Flandres

Candace Crouch and Breeze (Sleeping Lady’s Windsong of Denali), ATD 5/15
Ellen Saegaert and Bailey (), ATD 9/14
Liz Chamberlain CTDI and Mouse (Reina Nyra van Caya’s Home at Ragamuffin), ATD 10/12


Roxann Wilkinson CTDI and Farkle (Wilkinson’s It’s Farkle Time! ITD), ATD 1/17
Carolyn Bassett and Razz (Gremlix Razzle Dazzle CGCG RA ITD), ATD 7/16
Quincey Ross ATDI and Brody (), ATD 11/15
Joyce Hargrove and Madison (Hilltop’s Ticket To NYC RA RAT1 CGC), ATD 8/15
Amy Rosinsky and Driver (), ATD 7/15
Amelia Kellum CTDI and Doug (Douglas Fellenz), ATD 3/14
Piper Lee and Caesar (Imperator Gaius Julius Caesar), ATD 3/14
Jane Barron and Rosa (Mummanui Frosty Rose), ATD 4/13
Kelli-ann Reilly CTDI and Tag (Tag Reilly), ATD 9/11
Clementina Bassi and Maggie (Tina’s Little Houdiri Maggie May), ATD 7/11
Kelli-ann Reilly CTDI and Pompeii (Pompeii Reilly), ATD 4/11


Gerdien Demkes and Noemie (Auberge des Pattes Noires Jioya), ATD 2/15


Danielle Todd and Vixey (RiverMist Broxden I Scent It CGN SD-A-SP NTD), ATD 2/17
Pam Orms and Akshun (Razin-a-Ruckus Bring On The Akshun), ATD 3/16
Sandra Toal and Webster (), ATD 2/16
Janet Morris and Daisee (Daisee Mae Garth Thereyago Morris), ATD 5/15
Terri Latronica CTDI and Bree (Chilcote Kaze’s Summer Breeze), ATD 2/15
Terri Latronica CTDI and Tucker (Credits Chilcote Raise A Rucus), ATD 2/15
Ruth Robinson and Risa (Tikalis Risa CDX OA OAJ WETT ITD), ATD 10/14
Janet Morris and Taffee (Taffee Garth Morris), ATD 4/14
Sharon Miller and Victor (Casabergen’s Victor Gentry), ATD 5/13
Carol Toms and Hunter (Ch. Islandview Holds All the Aces, RA. CGN. CDN1, CDN2. FND), ATD 4/13
Katherine L. McGill CTDI and Sarabell (Flock N Farm Sarabell CGC), ATD 8/12

Brussels Griffon

Chris Baumann CTDI and Luckiedog (Luckiedog CGC, RA, NTD, ITD), ATD 5/14
Mari Hiltz CTDI and Mayzie (What A Mug A’Mayzing Cinnamon Honey RN, MX, MXJ, CL4-R, CL4-H, CL4-F, CL3-S, TDCH), ATD 4/11

Bull Mastiff

Angela Frazier and Zeus (Zeus Fast and Furious Frazier), ATD 5/15

Bulldog (English )

Kim Mayes CTDI and Riddick (), ATD 7/11


Kathleen Kiernan and Sydney (Sydney Louise), ATD 7/14
Leigh Reynolds CTDI and Roxy (), ATD 1/11

Cairn Terrier

Pam Davis and Daisy (GCHB Dogwood Flower Power RN, CAX4, RATS, CGCA, NTD, ITD), ATD 2/17
Karen McClean CTDI and Doyle (Tarahill’s Wish Upon a Star CGN, RATN SD-S, RN, ITD), ATD 10/16
Shelley Cherkowski and Indigo (Toonees Indigo Tesla Roadster ITD), ATD 8/16
Shelley Cherkowski and Joey (Goldenears Joseph), ATD 7/16
Betsy Peets and Happy (Cairnyorm Shot in the Dark), ATD 10/15
Rachael Lincoln CTDI and Rambo (Brandybuck’s Bad To The Bone), ATD 4/15
Marcy Zweerink and Cody (), ATD 8/14
Karen McClean CTDI and Aoibheann (AmCan GCh Quarrydene’s Queen of Diamonds CGN RN), ATD 5/14
Mandy Rogers and Moxie (Moxie Rogers), ATD 6/13

Canaan Dog

Risa Baumrind and Shani (AKC/UKC CH RO1 Mazel Tov Erev Shel Shoshanim CD BN GN RE CGCA CGCU CDCA-HCX CDCA-VX ASCA-CD ITD), ATD 4/16
Nancy Marston and LuLu (Luella P Wellenmellen, BN, RN, RL1X2, RL2, ITD, CGC), ATD 5/15

Cane Corso

Samantha Davenport and Rhaegar (Gator Country Rhaegar Targaryen), ATD 1/16
Alexandra Lowry and Marius (Italica’s Mr. Firehorse Moonlight), ATD 12/15

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Karen Perusek and Porter (Blacksheep Masterpiece Mystery ITD), ATD 6/16
Delania McNatt and Chloe (UKC ALCH INT’N CH Walnut Creek Taka Chance On Me CGC RN HIC RATN NTD ITD), ATD 4/16
Dawn Fisher and Magic (Qwaynt’s Magic Spark), ATD 1/16
Mindy Morley and Radke (CH Rochars Edge of Reality RATI ITD), ATD 12/15
Kathleen Kane and Hula (Coedwig’s Mad About Ewe), ATD 4/15

Carolina Dog

Nancy Schilling and Hannah (), ATD 5/16
Carrie Riley and Astro (Int CH Swamp Fox Astro ITD), ATD 2/16


Jacob Hollingsworth CTDI and Kitty (Kitty), ATD 5/12
Cindy Otto CTDI and Zucca (), ATD 10/11


Jo-Ann Shuma CTDI and Wyatt (Wyatt Leroy Shuma ITD), ATD 9/16

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Annie Strobel and Zoe (Miss Flying Highs Res Q Me Zoe CA CGCA ATD), ATD 1/15
Martha Bailey CTDI and Journey (Journey of Smartydog), ATD 4/13

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Nicola James and Kick (Glenbrows Hand of Fate), ATD 2/17
Katie Robertson ATDI and Magnus (Jester of Magnificence), ATD 11/15
Nicola James and Lupin (Glenbrows It Had To Be Me), ATD 4/15
Magda Negele and Snoopy (Snoopy Cleverboy vom Feenstaub), ATD 4/15
Sara & John Nemec and Spencer (Barrington Spencer Winston), ATD 3/15
Roberta Earle CTDI and Petey (), ATD 3/15
Janet Klingler and Queenie (Maryne N Sumdei Dancing Queen), ATD 2/15
Nichole Griva and Winston (Winston CGC), ATD 7/14
Debra Aheimer and Jackson (Buddington’s Gen. Stonewall Jackson), ATD 12/13
Debra Aheimer and Blaze (Frederick’s Trail Blazer of Buddington), ATD 12/13
Beth Pederson ATDI and Kyra Bella (Kyra Bella), ATD 11/12
Christine Childress and Humphrey (Humphrey Bogart Here’s Lookin’ at You Kid), ATD 8/12

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Kelley Harshman and Brogan (), ATD 4/15
Lauren Faggard CTDI and Geronimo (CH Chesabar Faggards Geronimo), ATD 4/14
Lauren Faggard CTDI and Zuni (CH Chesabar Faggards Zuni JH), ATD 4/14
Lauren Faggard CTDI and Hopi (CH Chesabar Faggards Hopi JH), ATD 4/14
Lauren Faggard CTDI and Red (CH Chesabar Faggards Red Cloud MH), ATD 4/14
Lauren Faggard CTDI and Bull (CH Chesabar Faggards Sitting Bull SH), ATD 4/14

Chessapeake Bay Retreiver

Donna Cooley and Bocce (Longshore’s Bocce Bear RN DM CGC), ATD 7/16


Marie Donahue CTDI and Phoebe (Phoebe’s Brightest Star ITD), ATD 2/17
Isa Randle and Lucky (Jed Jess Lucky Born To Dance ITD), ATD 7/16
Heidi Priester and Pablo (El Dorados Pablo), ATD 5/16
Robin Murray CTDI and Stuart (Stuart ‘Squirt’ Murray), ATD 12/15
Tim Page and Lalo (Lalo El Bailarin), ATD 10/15
Alethea Stewart and Thumberlina Munchkin (Thumberlina Munchkin Stewart), ATD 7/15
Judy Manson and Mr Chi (Mr Chi’s a Diamond Geezer), ATD 6/15
Wendi Mitzel and Meeko (Touch of Mischief), ATD 5/15
Linda DesMarais and Chip (Tribute’s Return Engagement), ATD 3/15
Tizzie Jarvis and Teddy (), ATD 2/15
Laurie Wright CTDI and Belle (Bluebelle), ATD 6/14
Julianne Grove CTDI and Pirate (), ATD 4/14
Carolyn Collins CTDI and Penny (Collins’ Penny V CGC), ATD 2/14
Kathryn Pate and Pippa (Pippa), ATD 6/13
Mikayla Kincaid and Harley (Harley Kincaid), ATD 1/13
Donna Brittain and Moose (Temple’s The Moose Is Loose UD, RAE3, NTD), ATD 6/12
Jia Wei Lim ATDI and Xiao Xiao (), ATD 3/11

Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Tammy Stillwater and Carlos (CH Winhaven Aeolian To Thunder CD, RAE, ITD), ATD 10/16
Marion Teichman and Charlie (Charlie Lex Luther My Love CGC DSA TT), ATD 3/15
Rebecca Jewsbury CTDI and Dexter (Chocolate Chip), ATD 7/14
Julie Brozek and Tazzy (Tazzy), ATD 12/13

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Donna Brittain and Angel (Temple + Phipps’ Angel Gets Her Wings ITD), ATD 9/15
Donna Brittain and Simba (Temple’s The Lion King CDX, BN, GN, PCD, RAE4, CGG, ITD), ATD 1/15
Melissa Wallace CTDI and Uintah (), ATD 12/14

Chinese Crested

Alissa Latridis and Annie (Annie Latridis ITD), ATD 10/16
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Magick (Sassytails Magical Treasure ITD), ATD 10/16
Clydette Lobach and Brody (Bonsai’s Clybach’s Brighton My Day), ATD 11/14
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Firefly (Firefly), ATD 4/13
Kim Mayes CTDI and Loki (Nalibey’s Love Me Do Loki), ATD 2/13
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Rogue (It's Hairy Houdini By the Way), ATD 1/13

Chinese Crested (Powder Puff)

Joan Clarke and Ellery (Maralou Invitation by Night), ATD 11/14
Joan Clarke and Evie (Cutecoots Veritysue), ATD 11/14


Susan Fletcher CTDI and Kasute (Frontier Halona Joy Kasute), ATD 2/16

Cocker Spaniel

Laurie Menyo and Kali (Kali of Eland), ATD 7/16
Lynn Stacey CTDI and Bella (Brock Ballastar), ATD 4/14
Monica Medrano CTDI and Stuart (), ATD 3/14
Shelly Goebel CTDI and Sophie (Dunmorr KG She’s A Social Butterfly RN, ITD), ATD 3/14
Leona Hellesvig and Missy (ALCH Enchanted Little Miss Carefree, CGC, NA, CL2-R, CL2-H), ATD 9/13

Cocker Spaniel - American

Meow Heong Tan and Happi (), ATD 5/14
Tara Halligan ATDI and Rowan (Nonnies Simply Wonderful), ATD 9/11
Linda Allen CTDI and Spice (Aj’s Royal Enchantress), ATD 5/11
Linda Allen CTDI and Royal (Int./Am. Ch. Aj’s Royal Wizard, CGC), ATD 5/11

Cocker Spaniel - English

Ewa Edreira and Molly (Worshamview Caramel Swirl), ATD 5/15
Dianne McCullough and Eliza (Eliza Reg’d My Fair Lady), ATD 3/13
Cindy Sanford CTDI and Lance (Lady’s Lance of the Fancy Pants), ATD 3/13
Mary-Catherine Ervin and Miss Molly (), ATD 5/11
Sara Carson CTDI and Maple (Maple’s Leap to Life), ATD 4/11
Cheryl Viera CTDI and Molly (Pineridge MJ’s MIss Molly), ATD 11/10

Collie (Rough)

Antoinette J. Bailey and Prosper (Ch. Lochlaren the Plans I Have For You, CD, ITD), ATD 1/17
Antoinette J. Bailey and Curtis (Tartanside a Spirit of Courage, CGC-A, ITD), ATD 1/17
Shawn Evans and Lucas (SD Windkist’s Lean On Me, CGC, RATI, RATN, ITD), ATD 1/17
Candace Crouch and Trooper (Trooper), ATD 9/16
Michelle Gamage CTDI and Loyal (He Is Loyal To Me), ATD 2/16
Gail Gee and Lily (Kelstrin Tartanside One Singular Sensation), ATD 9/15
Sheila Petticord and Ziggy (Kelstrin Tartanside Ziggy Stardust), ATD 9/15
Stephanie Barber CTDI and Brooks (Kelstrin Tartanside Grand Marnier, RN, TT, CGC, TDI, RL1, RL2, HIG, ITD), ATD 8/15
Gloria Laube and Ripley (CH Belfair Believe It Or Not! BN, RN, CGC, ITD), ATD 5/15
Stephanie Barber CTDI and Lily (Tartanside Cadence CD, BN, RN, RA, TT, CGC, AIC, RL1, RL2), ATD 4/15
Diana Fors and Iris (Silver Clouds’ Fluer De Lis), ATD 1/15
Julie Fait and Willow (CH/BIMBS UGCH Green Grove Wind In The Willows CD,RE,PT,AXP,OJP,NA,NAJ), ATD 9/14
Nannette Evans and Rocket (Rimba’s Radiant Son at Ravenwood), ATD 3/13
Bobby Chastain CTDI and Rocco (Celiehd’s Rested and Ready), ATD 5/12
Bobby Chastain CTDI and Sal (Sweet Softhearted Salvatore), ATD 3/12
Michelle Hope CTDI and Ice (Ch Emeraldbrea’s Sliverlining), ATD 12/11
Melissa Lundblad CTDI and Fianna (), ATD 7/11
Patty Stafford CTDI and Chase (UCDX Chase Manhattan11 CGC TDI DPP CDX ASCA CDX), ATD 6/10

Collie (Smooth)

Veronica Sanchez and Sulu (Cadenza’s Lieutenant Sulu Eau My CGC, RN, ITD), ATD 8/16
Shirley Conley ATDI and Nim (Ceilidh’s Katana Marked By DeepRiver BN, RE, CGC, DSA, ITD), ATD 4/15
Julie Fait and Tyra (CH/RBIMBS UCH URO1 Taliesin Fashion Statement BN, RA, CAX, RATN, HIC), ATD 9/14
Lillian Puchalski and Dyna (Larlill Tirnanog Wild One CD,TD,BN,RN,RARE,VC,VCX,TDI,HIC,CLI-S,CLI-F,BPD,CIL-IR,BPDX,CGC), ATD 11/11


Brooke Burg and Zoey (Zoey Burg), ATD 8/12

Coton De Tulear

Carmen Wheeldon ATDI and Bentley (Ch. Jomarans Prince O living Sky), ATD 12/14

Curly Coated Retriever

Megan Ritchie and Tess (Softmaples Liver Alone Shez Mine ITD), ATD 1/17
Carolyn Curtis and Ziva (Riverwatch Smokey Mountain Rain), ATD 11/15

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Babsi Oesterle and Kenai (Flirt od Starkej Spod Dumbiera), ATD 4/15


Pat Holladay and Terra (CH PACH I Spy Just A Rabble Rouser W VCD2 UD PCDX BN GN RAE MXP8 MXPG MJP7 MJPS PAX2 OFP CA RATN CGCA CGCU), ATD 2/17
Tracy A. Perrine and Bones (Six Bones ITD), ATD 7/16
Laura Barket and Shanti (), ATD 5/16
Rebecca Menapace and Jake (Jacob Levi), ATD 5/16
Jane Spowart and Chad (CH Vom Dennenbaum Chad), ATD 10/15
Lauren Goldsworthy and Tipper (Fiji of K.H. Palacio Patio), ATD 6/15
Erica Etchason CTDI and Reagan (Reagan Kennedy), ATD 7/14
Lindie van Jaarsveld and Murdoch (Elveden Mighty Man), ATD 10/13
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Max (Max), ATD 12/12
Gary Randall and Monty (Monty Albrecht), ATD 9/12
Bobbie Roeske CTDI and Dodger (Dodger), ATD 2/12

Dachshund (Miniature)

Russ & Linda Cobler and Pippa (Miss Pippa Piper Extraordinaire ITD), ATD 10/16
Kerstin Horvath CTDI and Dash! (), ATD 4/16
Chesna Vitanovec CTDI and Reesa (Reesa May Vitanovec), ATD 1/16
Liz Chamberlain CTDI and Pandora (Jameelkelp Pandora of Ragamuffin), ATD 10/15
Jullian Nazzaro and Klee (), ATD 1/15
Stacy Grzywacz and Maverick (Maverick Top Gun Mitchell), ATD 4/13
Liz Chamberlain CTDI and Oliver (Zabush Oliver at Ragamuffin), ATD 5/12
Elizabeth Kost and Gauis (Gauis Baltar CGC), ATD 9/10


Lisa Wageman and Gracie (CH Lotzadots Grandslam “It’s Grace on First” ITD), ATD 2/17
Linda J. Davis and Taco (GCH Snapshots Don’t Spill the Beans CAX6, RATN), ATD 3/16
Kathleen McCoubrey and Wesley (CH UCH URO1 Blackthorn Ravenwood Come Fly With Me RN THDA RL1-AOE RL1X TT CGCA ITD TDInc), ATD 1/16
Nance Murphy and Lorenzo (OBX Lookout for Lorenzo), ATD 10/15
Sharon Strange and Karma (Karma Brooklyn), ATD 5/15
Linda J. Davis and Wyatt (AKC CH, UWP, URO1, UAG1, UCD MBIS GRCH Firehouse LT on the Road Again, RN, RL1. TT, CGC), ATD 3/15
Amy Linder CTDI and Casey (Merry Go Round Arson Case Investigator), ATD 2/15
Alison Burgess and Tally (), ATD 10/14
Dayna Hilton ATDI and Molly (Molly the Fire Safety Dog), ATD 6/14
Don Anderson and Copilot (Yarrowfell In Vogue), ATD 7/13
Tryssa de Ruyter and Flash (Flash OAP OJP), ATD 5/13
Veronica Dahlberg ATDI and Taro (SE VCH NTD ITD Krontoftas Taro), ATD 1/13
Veronica Dahlberg ATDI and Tindra (SE VCH NTD ITD Trud), ATD 1/13
Leslie Morris and Yahtzee (TR Gem of a Roll For Yahtzee), ATD 8/12
Leslie Morris and Pixel (Echoview’s 2 Bits Per Pixel), ATD 8/12
Gill Anderson CTDI and Specs (Dumbledeer Tally Ho), ATD 6/12
Laurie Williams CTDI and William (ARCHMX Am/Int Ch Glendale's To Be or Not To Be CD RE), ATD 1/12
Julia Lane CTDI and Darby (Lakam’s Spotted Nibblefish), ATD 11/11

Danish-Swedish Farmdog

Samantha Marion and Jack (Topo Valley Joaquin Murietta), ATD 9/15

Doberman Pinscher

Sarah Blair and Diego (Diego Sans Dora CD BN RAE CA CGCA CGCU NTD), ATD 2/17
Miriam Pike and Phoenix (Bell’lavoro Chore In Fiamme ITD), ATD 1/17
Karin Magnuson and Roscoe (CH Windsong’s Luck of the Draw RATCHX BN RN THDN CAX BCAT CGCA CGCU ITD), ATD 12/16
Susan Corning and Hannah (), ATD 9/16
Erin K. McCourt and Atlas (Cabochon’s Clark Kent ITD), ATD 8/16
Paula Ratoza ATDI and DashDash (Azotar’s Incredible Too), ATD 7/16
Carol Creamer CTDI and Bea (), ATD 7/16
Carol Creamer CTDI and Porter (Regal Doberman’s Porter), ATD 7/16
Elizabeth Ellington ATDI and Luca (Sassor’s Legacy Luca il Sempre Fedele CGC), ATD 5/16
Annick Limoyo and Khan (), ATD 4/16
Dianna Santos ATDI and Valor (Lothlorien’s Imperishable Flame), ATD 3/16
Kathy Koren and Tucker (), ATD 2/16
Rene Warren and Juda (Kinetic Magic Bubble Eclipse ITD), ATD 2/16
Alicia Collver and Rumor (Kevlar’s Let the Rumors Begin), ATD 1/16
Miriam Pike and Kyra (Fayek Pitch Black V Firefly), ATD 10/15
Miriam Pike and Arcee (Firefly’s More Than Meets The Eye), ATD 10/15
Johanna Lazaro and Achilles (Deer Run Glory Never Dies), ATD 6/15
Sarah Owen and Silas (The Mighty Silasaurus, CGC, THDN), ATD 5/15
Victoria Bourgeois CTDI and Dobie (Dobie The Doberman), ATD 4/15
Dena Moore and Derick (Notori’s Rock Solid v Blumont, CGC, ITD), ATD 2/15
Teri May and Phoebe (Zanes Howl at the Moon Phoebe of Platte River, CGC, BN, RN, RA, NTD, ITD), ATD 1/15
Bonnie Wolf and Charlie (), ATD 12/14
Bonnie Wolf and Brandy (Botrina’s Bahama Mama), ATD 12/14
Pamela Waltho Young and Mojo (Motown Dealer Kaiser), ATD 11/14
Tasha Jones and Coco (Coco Guy), ATD 11/14
Kelly Schiavone and Damien (Kalora’s Can You Believe It, CGC, CGCA), ATD 10/14
Valerie Koogle and Hazel (Alisaton Hazel First Dance V. Raklyn), ATD 9/14
Judi Esola and Ruby (Kimbertal’s Ruby Tuesday), ATD 6/14
Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Tara (Gone With The Wind Von Der Bross), ATD 1/14
Beth Walker and Kaden (Allure Wildest Dream Alisaton, CGC, RN), ATD 10/13
Darice Evers and Maiya (Casarhy’s Maiya Chili Bean), ATD 6/13
Stacia Gunderson and Bo (Siro Saffir Del Littorio), ATD 5/13
Julie Westphal and Guinness (Guinness von Dynasty), ATD 2/13
Dianna Dietrich and Rebel (Rebel A Rescuer’s Reward), ATD 2/13
Janice Mitchell and Moxie (Soqaul’s Chocolate Kisses, CGC, TDI, NA, NAJ RN), ATD 11/12
Merry Lee Hritsuk and Meadow (Smack-Dab’s Meadow Sunshine), ATD 10/12
Merry Lee Hritsuk and Cal (Smack-Dab’s Americal), ATD 10/12
Callie Hancock and Baron (Charismatic’s Baron von Lindy), ATD 8/12
Travis Labonte and Glory (Sasanoa Glorious), ATD 8/11
Judith Stoodley CTDI and Fiesta (Canadian Ch. Sasanoa Celebration, CGC, TDI, RA, WAC, W-FD/MF), ATD 3/09

Dogue de Bordeaux

Shanna King and Moose (GCH CH Primal’s Gideon of Creed, CGC, TT, TDIA, THD, RN, RA, BN, RE, CW-OB1, CW-SR, ITD), ATD 4/15

Dutch Shepherd

Barbara Ring and Max (), ATD 10/16
Ann Dijkstra CTDI and Axis (), ATD 8/16
Ella-Kate Mickelson and Deja Vu (Blackfrost’s Eighth Star True North), ATD 1/16

Dutch Shepherd Dog

Ashley Rietfors and Pyro (Battleridge Pyro CGC), ATD 2/14
Catherine Heffner CTDI and Momo (Mo’ Striped Dog, CGC, TDI), ATD 9/13

English Bulldog

April Paulman and Boomer (Iroc Like a Boomerang ITD), ATD 10/16
Cynthia Franke and Rigel (Rigel Orion), ATD 10/15
Neely Waring and Champ (), ATD 4/15

English Cocker Spaniel

Lucy Watts MBE and Molly (Steyr Scout ITD), ATD 8/16

English Mastiff

Rebecca Deaver and Winston (Sherwood’s Winston NNNGU Churchill), ATD 5/16

English Setter

Mary Ellis-Stigler and Bonnie (), ATD 6/14
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Kia (Harmony’s Kia Onyx, MBDCh, TF-III, RE, ATD, TDI, CGC), ATD 4/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Jetta (Cash on Jetta HOBBES, MBM, TFE, NAC, NJC, TG-N, TN-N, CD, RA, ETD, TDI, CGC, 1-3-14), ATD 4/13
Amy Lawson and Jazzy (Good Reason Jasmine NAJ), ATD 5/12
Barb Mattes ATDI and Breeze (AKC/INT’L/UKC/CKC UAG1 C-ATCH2 Ch.Rockmors Mountain Breeze, SH, OF, AX,AXJ, ChST, ChCL, ChWC, ChSN, CHFH, CDX, RL1, RE, CGC, TDIA), ATD 4/11

English Shepherd

Breanna Famoso CTDI and Finn (Rio de Abril’s Finn Again ITD), ATD 12/16
April Decker and Trinity (), ATD 2/16
Cindy Carlson and Cosi (Carlson’s Good Shepherd Cosi Fan Tutte), ATD 2/16
Cheryl Johnson and Red (Johnson’s Redmond Squier), ATD 11/15
Annie Lang and Ashley (Peaslee’s Squiggle), ATD 3/15
Dana Gallagher ATDI and Zephyr (Kinetic’s Wild West Wind), ATD 1/15

English Springer Spaniel

Leslie Keys and Echo (Woodland Keysown Rowen’s Echo), ATD 2/17
Gayle Caves and Buddy (Chesney’s Budding Star BN, CDX, CGCA, NTD, ITD), ATD 7/16
Jeni Aston and Ickle Pickle (Lickle Ickle Pickle), ATD 3/16
Becky Mullally and Cindy (), ATD 2/16
Angela Monaghan and Ice (Hellfire’s Coldplay SH RAE UD VER WDX ITD), ATD 11/15
Denise Niesman and Sweet Pea (Denise’s Sweet Treasure), ATD 4/15
Chloe Barker-Benfield and Lila (Hudson’s Blithe and Bonny Lila), ATD 1/15
Leah Thye and TJ (Tucker Jack “TJ”), ATD 10/14
Sean Kent and Barbra-Jean (Nanjay’s Absolutely Fabulous), ATD 5/14
Beth Walker and Bonnie (Walker’s Bonnie Girl, RN), ATD 10/13

English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Debbie Blumenthal and Roxi (Roxi Blumenthal), ATD 12/15


Andrea Lage and Rosie (Moratel Roseli Chemisse), ATD 8/15

Entlebucher Sennenhund

Guro Fossen Schlytter and Pinto (Millimeter av Bjerkhaug), ATD 5/14

Eskimo Spaniel

Eileen Gerber and Khia (Khia Kay Nanuq), ATD 1/15

Finnish Lapphund

Susanne Crowhurst and Lina (Lappvikens Lina), ATD 10/14

Finnish Spitz

Katie Brennan and Kimma (Kimma RA AX AXJ RATO ITD), ATD 1/17
Katie Brennan and Jari (Loistava’s Jari CGC ITD), ATD 1/17

Flat-Coated Retriever

Christine Porter and Derby (), ATD 7/14
Jen Pavillard and Sterling (TLC’s Peaces of Sterling), ATD 11/13
Mary Jane Koren and Tommy (Quillquest Pneuyork Pioneer), ATD 9/13
Janet Mines Krings and Hero (Marquis Arthurian King UD, RAE, JH, CDX-C, WCX, CGC, TT, Therapy Dog), ATD 4/12
Leonard “Buzz” Cecil CTDI and Vela (Jolly Jigging Jill), ATD 9/10

*Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Noeline Cassettari CTDI and Luna (), ATD 9/15

Fox Terrier (Smooth)

Kasey Harkins ATDI and Stan (Stan-the-Man), ATD 2/15

French Bulldog

Stephanie Meek and Thor (Thorminator ), ATD 5/15


Lia Mulder ATDI and Pablo (), ATD 12/14

Georgian Bay Sporting Dog

Jo Anne Lefebvre and Piper (Piper Cub), ATD 12/12

German Coolie

Katherine Ferger ATDI and Zindzi (Zindzi), ATD 8/12

German Shepherd Dog

Amy Russell and Brynhildr (ARCh Brynhildr Vom Sachsenwolf CDX BN RE AXP AJP CA CGCA RATN BH CTL3 RL3 ITD), ATD 2/17
Cynthia Boles and Sebastian (Sebastian Barrington Boles ITD), ATD 2/17
Erika Kurtz CTDI and Minyan (Minyan’s Mischief Managed ITD), ATD 2/17
Karen Lamb and Larkin (Appleridge Dream Catcher, CGN, CD, RE, CRE, ITD), ATD 1/17
Maureen Mickel and Celia (Celia Belle Mickel ITD), ATD 1/17
Rosemary Elwell and Leo (Speed Queen Leontine Von Washateria ITD), ATD 1/17
Victoria Kander ATDI and Miska (Miska vom Mountain West ITD), ATD 1/17
Te Young CTDI and Shiloh (Shiloh Rain ITD), ATD 12/16
Hedy Starr and Thelion (Thelion Elin von Fuenf Bergspitzen ITD), ATD 11/16
Lin Edmonds and Inddy (Incubus Chikki ITD), ATD 10/16
Christopher Lee and Rogue (Rogue Vom Wildhaus HIC, ITD), ATD 10/16
Steven J. Siwecki and XERXES (Fil-Am Xerxes Vom Haus Morrisson ITD), ATD 10/16
Jeremy Kurck CTDI and Radar (Kurck’s Jammin Maximus Blitz ITD), ATD 9/16
Heather Rhodes CTDI and Castiel (Fidelis Castiel Vom Haus Berg Rhodes ITD), ATD 9/16
Liz Kovick and Gatlin (Trinity’s Hot Shot ITD), ATD 9/16
Mark Luther and Bentley (Bentley Vom Mittelwest ITD), ATD 9/16
Alicia Collver and Mercy (Hysteria Vom Eisenraben), ATD 8/16
Jill Upton CTDI and Huslu (Jostella Simply Gold ITD), ATD 7/16
Journey Together Service Dog and Bria (Hashtag Von Granville ITD), ATD 5/16
Alicia Collver and Lyra (Galaxy Vom Eisenraben), ATD 4/16
Kathi Glenwinkel and Jett (Jett XXVI), ATD 3/16
Ashley Brown and Levi (Levi Grainger), ATD 3/16
Celeste Diamantini CTDI and Kodi (Kodi Bibeau Diamantini Vom DeLeeuw), ATD 3/16
Leslie Greenson and Isaak (Wolvesden Isaak), ATD 3/16
Ashleigh Fisher and Legacy (Legacy Wolf Fisher), ATD 2/16
Chrissie Humphrey and Elsa (), ATD 1/16
Chandler Montgomery and Bishop (Xurg vom Germelhaus SD CGCA), ATD 12/15
Jolene Smith and Phantom (Chimanes Phantom Spirit of Dreams), ATD 11/15
Marie Donahue CTDI and Osah (Osah of Sapphire Mountain), ATD 11/15
Pamela Padgett CTDI and Landry (Landry von Irving), ATD 11/15
Elizabeth Robison and Eos (Eos von Orumhaus), ATD 10/15
Cindy Gifford and Emma (), ATD 9/15
Karen E. Larson CTDI and Kaya (Brown Hill’s Kayasara CAA IT ITD), ATD 8/15
Katherine Druffel and Berlin (Valco vom Hokschhaus), ATD 7/15
Katherine Druffel and Tesla (Rogue von Huerta Hof), ATD 7/15
Alicia Collver and Draco (Drako vom Eisenraben), ATD 7/15
Maizie R. Stanley and Steel (Darius Vom Eisenraben), ATD 7/15
Cheryl Kooiman and Axel (CK’s Axel Keeping The Peace), ATD 6/15
Krystal Zoppa and Dax (Thor z vom Weberhaus CAA, RATI), ATD 5/15
Lindsay Chlopek and Katniss (Katniss vom Appel), ATD 4/15
Lindsay Chlopek and Caldonia (Caldonia von Granville), ATD 4/15
Bridgette M. Ashmore CTDI and Nakoda (Nakoda von Watcher Engel), ATD 4/15
Caitlin Leandres and Hunter (SG S-Hunter vom Geistwasser CA CGN TT), ATD 4/15
Babsi Oesterle and Hope (), ATD 4/15
Laurel Stone and Jake (Jake von der Alte Baum CGC RATCHX2), ATD 4/15
Shyann Hilla and Cooper (Damien von Granville), ATD 2/15
Karen Young and JaGoda (VHD JaGoda), ATD 2/15
Shyann Hilla and Ziva (Ziva Nano Vom Hilla), ATD 2/15
Nina Feltmann and Dart (Schilling’s Skill-builder Dart), ATD 2/15
Chris Bowers and Rainin (Rainin Mischief BN CGCA NAP NJP RATN), ATD 1/15
Nancy DiMenza CTDI and Boo (Peka-Boo vom Konigsforst), ATD 1/15
Tina Drake and Anna Belle (Anna Belle Drake), ATD 12/14
Janine Hamlin and Jake (New Skete’s Jethro), ATD 12/14
Priscilla Donahue CTDI and Medjai (Medjai Von Zerq), ATD 12/14
Roseanna Brown and Keeva (Keeva vom Ganaraska), ATD 11/14
Cathryn Melbert and Inca (), ATD 10/14
Joan Olawski Stiener and Romeo (Romeo Save Earth’s Ecology, NTD), ATD 10/14
Melissa Lundblad CTDI and Saga (Epic Adventure vom Kraftwerk), ATD 9/14
Yvonne Ferguson CPDT-KA, CTDI CTDI and Wrangler (Carissima’s U Wrangler), ATD 9/14
Joan Dandy and RE (), ATD 8/14
Sherry Galka and Kira (Twin Cedars Ginny Weasley Kira CGCA, ITD, TDI), ATD 6/14
Pat Speas and Clover (Speas’s Clover of Tally Ho CD, RE, AX, AXJ, THD, MXP, AJP), ATD 5/14
Toni Tiller and Nike (Quovadis Kindred Spirit), ATD 12/13
Jennifer Andress and Pongu (Pongu), ATD 3/13
Liane Nicola Fourie and Cache (Cache of Barcmaelo), ATD 1/13
Lisa Hardy ATDI and Lewis (Jostella Going For Gold), ATD 1/13
Lisa Hardy ATDI and Marlowe (Jostella Make Me Smile), ATD 1/13
Jill Upton CTDI and Uschi (Vonthurlow’s Uschi), ATD 11/12
Jill Doherty and Ikon (Ikon von der Tetiaroa), ATD 11/12
Joan Dandy and Dakota (), ATD 11/12
Heather Richardson and Lupa (Hexe vom Wildhaus), ATD 9/12
Ashley Foersch and Mason (Mason Von Holley), ATD 9/12
Diana Simonsen CTDI and Tyra (UR02 UCD Three Rivers Tyra Simonsen CD BN RAE2), ATD 7/12
Kiley Spade and Titan (Titan), ATD 5/12
Horst Bungarz and Kaiser (UCD, URO1, Kaiser von Bungarz, THD, RN, CGC, HIC, TDI, ASCA RA, ITD), ATD 5/12
Pat Behles and Fritzi (Fritzi vom Sturm und Drang), ATD 4/12
Pat Behles and Britta (Britta vom Sturm und Drang), ATD 4/12
Lori Waters CTDI and Loretta (UGetBack Loretta CD HSAs), ATD 1/12
Melissa Lundblad CTDI and Arcadia (), ATD 11/11
Kimberly Houska CTDI and Henry (Henry Ruger Houska), ATD 10/11
Iseult Murphy ATDI and Hans (), ATD 5/11
Janine Hamlin and Vereyna (), ATD 5/11
Victoria Warfel and Jedi (Warfel’s Jedi Knight), ATD 7/10

German Shorthaired Pointer

Lyn Topinka and Jessie (Snowcreek’s Winter Moon ITD), ATD 1/17
Erin LoPorto CTDI and Jaya (Ultra’s Becky Jaya), ATD 5/16
Janelle Mondi ATDI and Belle (Sander Mt’s Boppin Birdie Belle ITD), ATD 3/16
Denise Cooper and Ruby (Crystal’s Two Minute Warning), ATD 7/15
Terry Messner and Draco (Draco’s Feuer), ATD 3/15
Lynne Fedorick CTDI and Earl (Mr. Earl Fabulous), ATD 2/15
Elizabeth C. Tauser and Albert (Albert Gerhardt von Aachen), ATD 2/15
Sue O’Rourke and Pepper (), ATD 9/14
Martha Johnson and Demo (Martha’s Demo Dog), ATD 9/14
Jennifer King and Ranger (Rock Candy Ranger), ATD 6/12

German Wirehaired Pointer

Sharon Morozumi and Claire (Claire de Lune), ATD 7/15

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Monique Anthony and Ginny (Elric’s Gin & Tonic RATI ITD), ATD 2/17
Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Griffin (Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone), ATD 4/14
Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Winston (Finnabair Winston O’Reilley), ATD 4/13

Golden Retriever

Jennika Stamm CTDI and Orion (Orion Stamm, CGC, ITD), ATD 10/16
Trixia Lassiter and Charlie (Charlie Lassiter ITD), ATD 9/16
Donna Lee and Brady (Woodland True Patriot), ATD 9/16
Holly McArthur CTDI and Tilly (Topbrass Full Tilt Boogie ITD), ATD 9/16
Nathalie Vanseveren and Col (Glengowan Magic May’ker), ATD 8/16
Valeri Wright and Simon (Red Eagle’s Simon Sez), ATD 8/16
Barbara Henry CTDI and Lady (), ATD 8/16
Branda M. Weidner and Kate (Rush Hill’s Castle Run’n Amuck ITD), ATD 8/16
Barbara Chandler and Bobby (Rosinante Regal Romeo ITD), ATD 7/16
Ray Chandler and Barley (Rosinante Regal Reflection ITD), ATD 7/16
Trish Whitehouse and Hudson (Tangleloft A Boy’s Best Friend ITD), ATD 6/16
Pamela Murn and Nickie (Merry Gold Just in the Nick of Time), ATD 4/16
Pamela Murn and Rocky (Skyefire’s Rocket Dog), ATD 4/16
Linda C. Longstaff CTDI and Topi (Topanga Alice Longstaff), ATD 4/16
Victoria Chaney and Hayley (Gaylan’s Moon-Spinners, RE, TD, JH, NAJ, WC), ATD 2/16
Victoria Chaney and Ivy (OTCH MACHZ Gaylan’s Thaleia, UDX 6, OGM, RAE, TDX, JH, WCX, OBHF, VCX, ADHF, CCA), ATD 2/16
Victoria Chaney and Darcy (OTCH MACHZ Coppertop Let’s Dance, VCDZ, UDXZ, OM1, MXC, MJC, NF, OBHF, ADHF, CCA), ATD 2/16
Pam Jones ATDI and Sandy (Northwoods Chamber of Secrets), ATD 1/16
Timeea Giloan and Bengee (Bengee Giloan), ATD 1/16
Joan Pauly and Gabe (Recherche’s Heaven Sent Gabriel), ATD 12/15
Lynn Campbell and Jasper (), ATD 12/15
Carol Lewis and Lucy (Lucy Lewis), ATD 10/15
Joanne Sato and Koa (Margold Koa No Ka ‘Oi), ATD 9/15
Carolyn P. Moseley and Misty (Adirondac Play Misty For Me), ATD 9/15
Hope Burdette ATDI and Dixie (Burdette’s Southern Daughter), ATD 8/15
Belinda Fryer and Ozzi (Lurasia Captain Kirk), ATD 7/15
Nancy Liebhauser CTDI and Clover (), ATD 7/15
Karen Beroza ATDI and Dexter (Dexter Chinni Ambrosini CGC), ATD 7/15
Belinda Fryer and Monty (), ATD 7/15
Lesley K. Harris and Dillon (Brass Tacks Harris’ Dillon CD, UCD, BN, RA, NA, NAJ, CGC, ARCH, ITD), ATD 7/15
Marianne Hymanson CTDI and Danea (Magoon’s Sweet Sugar Danea), ATD 6/15
Jennifer Cerrada CTDI and Hunter (CORNWOOD CHIVES REGAL), ATD 5/15
Heather Danielle Woodson and Macleod (Clan Macleod’s Highland Games), ATD 4/15
Karen Ferguson CTDI and Chase (), ATD 4/15
Katherine Marlow and Duke (Tucker’s Golden Duke of Kaweah Oaks), ATD 3/15
Daniel Code and Indy (Goldbrook Indiana, Dr. of Archaeology, CGC, ACGC), ATD 3/15
Nancy Schaff and Charlie (Kamaglo’s Sweet Charlie), ATD 3/15
Debbie Wilson and Reese (), ATD 3/15
Debbie Browning and Chablis (Butterblac’s Water Music), ATD 3/15
Bernetta Dougert and Midas (Midas Touch of Claussville), ATD 2/15
Veronica D. Zimmerman CTDI and Tye (Tiberius), ATD 2/15
Eric R. Schenk and Romeo (Royal River Abel Romeo ITD CGC), ATD 1/15
Barbara Hite-Irons and Sadie (Weber’s Sadie of Mount Hope CD, BN, RA, NA, NAJ, CGC, TT), ATD 12/14
Barbara Hite-Irons and Ivy (Lycinan Blue Ivystone CGC), ATD 12/14
Robin Reynolds-Haertle and Casper (Rush Hill’s Pecan Casper of Caerphilly), ATD 11/14
Sharon Grant CTDI and River (Davinci’s Golden River of Dreams), ATD 11/14
Helen Akines and Barlie (), ATD 11/14
Nora Wilcox and Molly (Kitty X), ATD 10/14
Courtney Cecil and Daisy (), ATD 10/14
Carole Husein CTDI and Sally (), ATD 7/14
Linda M. Timm and Bernie (Down the Yellow Slide), ATD 4/14
Penny Hyde and Abigail (Hyde’s Abigail), ATD 2/14
Christina Young CTDI and Toby (Kitsana’s Armed and Dangerous), ATD 2/14
Cindy Briggs CTDI and Journey (Fast-Trak Infinite Possibilities), ATD 1/14
Elaine B. Johnson and Willson (Second Hand Man), ATD 12/13
Elaine B. Johnson and Parker (), ATD 12/13
Maire Guggenheim and Paddington (Paddington), ATD 7/13
Rose Mary Laubach and Hope (Goldenways Thanks for the Memories), ATD 4/13
Kimberly Gilbert and Kira (EagleRidge’s Age of Innocence), ATD 12/12
Kathleen Boyd and Bristol (Bristol), ATD 11/12
Anita Kelly and Humphrey (Humphrey of Clan OKelly), ATD 11/12
Patricia Stein and Brady (Rosewood A Time To Celebrate), ATD 10/12
Maggie Lamb CTDI and Stella (Golden Shores Stellar Storm), ATD 10/12
Nissa Blocher and Jimmy (Jimmy), ATD 8/12
Eileen Hoyson and Hatch (U-GRCH Int. CH Grinning’s Dry Fly on the Rise, CGC, CCA, ITD), ATD 5/12
Erica Ginalski-Herr and Sky (Farm Fresh Blue Sky Wyoming), ATD 2/12
Ansi van der Walt and Kiki (Kincora Kitkat), ATD 8/11
Valeri Wright and Chase (Red Eagle’s Dream Chaser), ATD 5/11

Gordon Setter

Michelle Hope CTDI and Faith (Bracadale Dark Angel), ATD 10/10

Great Dane

Eric Russell and Percy (), ATD 11/16
Haley Hegedus and Pepper (Pepper Hegedus), ATD 6/16
Olga Maderych and Spark (Chroma Let’s Get This Show on the Road), ATD 2/16
Marta Brock and Banker (Canit Int. CH. Rolling Thunder I Broke the Bank), ATD 3/15
Marta Brock and Trooper (Paquestone Abraham Rolln Thdr), ATD 7/12
Marta Brock and Five (Brinlann’s Jump’n Five at Rolling Thunder), ATD 7/12

Great Pyrenees

Klaire Howerton and Venus (), ATD 8/16
Diane Sammarco CTDI and Quinn (Quinn of Portmeirion), ATD 2/15

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Teresa Hierholzer CTDI and Penny (Palisades Pennies From Heaven), ATD 12/13


Christine Beisert and Dolce (Dolce Gambino ITD), ATD 7/16
Jennifer C. Lee and Maia (PG Snip), ATD 4/16
Kerry Caslow and Thunder (WW Thundervalley), ATD 2/16
Laurie Soutar and Blueberry (Lakilanni Blue Jean Blues), ATD 7/15
Deborah Lipartito and Missile (Kelsos Speedball), ATD 7/13
Lori Willick and Abby (Abby), ATD 11/12
Diana Cognigni and Belle (Oneco Isabella), ATD 5/12

*Guinea Pig

Jenna Symons and Ace (), ATD 3/16


Lyn Ridley and Arnie (), ATD 2/17

Harzer Fuchs

Tanja Moeller and Soraya (), ATD 11/11


Jerry Tate and Jordy (Kharln’s Take it to the End Zone), ATD 8/16
Margaret Lynn Kloske and Joy (GCH CH Cara Dulce’s Alegria de Mi Vida), ATD 5/16
Penny Noriega CTDI and Gibbs (Sunshine Handsome Is As Handsome Does), ATD 4/16
Gail Czarnecki CTDI and Sushi (CH Wincroft’s Catch of the Day RN THD), ATD 11/15
Karen Smith and Lottie (Castlemar Lottie By Design CGCB RA ITD), ATD 11/15
Claire Paulson and Petey (OTCh/Ch Pocotesoro El Cometa Del Rey CGN AgN RAE SJATD), ATD 12/14
Julie Brozek and Seiji (Primah’s Seiji Starfire CD RE CGC THD), ATD 12/13
Elaine Buri and Shiva (Carohay's Little Diva Shiva), ATD 11/13
Margaret Lynn Kloske and Nia (Wincroft’s Hermione Cara Dulce, CGC, THD, TDIA), ATD 8/12


Lucy Warren and Storm (), ATD 6/15

Icelandic Sheepdog

Beverly G. McCarter and Kirby (Vittetoes Kjarkur Keilirsson ITD), ATD 8/16
Sheila Gibbons and Spencer (Lord Spencer), ATD 2/16
Judy Roback and J-Ski (Pikatti’s Tryna), ATD 6/15
Gabi Vannini CTDI and Link (Stubborn Elm’s Oskasteina Skiptingur RN CGC), ATD 5/15
Gabi Vannini CTDI and Jeni (Tuckahoe Didi Belle), ATD 1/14
Philippa Sloan and Lukka (EagleIsle Eydis Lukka), ATD 8/13

Irish Setter

Shuko Okawara and Kiwi (), ATD 1/16
Vicki Horton and Cassie (Fleetwood Farms Sassy Cassidy), ATD 5/12
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Brandy (Brandy), ATD 1/12

Irish Terrier

Lisa Hendler and Murphy (MACH PACH RATCHX Murphy’s Pint of Red MXS MJS MXP4 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX OF T2B CA RATI ITD), ATD 10/16
Susan O’Driscoll CTDI and JennBug (Jenny O’Driscoll ITD), ATD 7/16

Irish Water Spaniel

Marion Kong and Liberty (Cuardach Freedom of Flight), ATD 4/15

Italian Greyhound

Sue Hamm and Mim (Noblewind’s Memorial In May ITD), ATD 9/16
Sid McBride and Amon (), ATD 8/16
Susan Amicucci and Kimber (GCH CH Terra Pavan Lorenc’s Phoenix Rising CGC ITD), ATD 8/16
Trixy Endemano and Bellaluna (Bellaluna), ATD 1/15
Julie Brozek and Indy (Indy), ATD 12/13

Jack Russell Terrier

Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Spike (), ATD 2/17
Lyn Ridley and George (), ATD 10/16
Clare Cox and Jessie (), ATD 8/16
Emily Roxas and Tasha (Thasha of Chyn & Cait), ATD 8/16
Debbie Mahon and Splash (JR Ranch Splash ITD), ATD 4/16
Kayleigh Snell and Snoopy (), ATD 3/16
Laura Breckheimer and Zak (Zachary Scott ITD), ATD 1/16
Laura Breckheimer and REO (REO Speed Waggin’ ITD), ATD 1/16
Meike Flintzak and Spidey (), ATD 11/15
Candy Cornell and Rico (Ricochet), ATD 8/15
Wendy Cook and Talie (Talie Wally Woo), ATD 8/15
Sophie Smith and Lola (Lola Kills It With Kisses), ATD 5/15
Lena Eklund and Harley (Piddlelinjens Harley Trassel), ATD 4/15
Verna Saxer-Gibson and Aaren (Aaren CGC, ITD), ATD 4/15
Abbi Lawrence and Jack (Jack Lawrence), ATD 4/15
Andrea Boswell and Bandit (), ATD 4/15
Mary Repko and Daisy (Daisy Mae), ATD 7/14
Yvonne Downey and Parker (Forgetmenot Parker), ATD 7/14
Lydia DesRoche CTDI and Grace (Grace Wiggins DesRoche), ATD 1/14
Jeanna Gwilliam and Jinty (Madam Fourpaws), ATD 11/13
Kristina Schnichels and Chumba (Jays Bandits Chumbawamba), ATD 5/13
Heather Brook and Jesse (Just Jesse the Jack), ATD 4/13
Nedra Jansen ATDI and Charlie (Pheasant Hill Charlie), ATD 7/12
Tracey Luggiero and Mouse (Mighty Mouse), ATD 10/10


Theresa Bricker and Sunshine (KJ’s Daydreamer), ATD 9/16
Stacy Dickinson CTDI and Lupin (Wyndjamr’s Reflections of a Blue Moon ), ATD 2/16
Karen Kelley and Blue (Ch Seawind’s Ruffin Up Da Crew ITD), ATD 12/15
Jen Rother and Mayhem (Covenants Wolf Kees Firestorm), ATD 5/15
Jean Christensen CTDI and BeeGee (Cliffouse Kristenborn Saturday Night Fever), ATD 2/15
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Reggie (Suncoast’s Lt Reggie Barclay of LI), ATD 1/15
Robert & Mary Lynch and Kallie (Clingmey’s Keeshond Garden’s Kallie), ATD 1/15
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Kallie (Clingmey’s Keeshond Garden’s Kallie), ATD 1/15
Stacie Beasley CTDI and Clancy (Beasley’s Fancy Chief Clancy), ATD 11/12


Debra Wood CTDI and Surge (Surge), ATD 12/12


Richard Lyes and Merlin (Amber’s Vagabond V.D. Toetesteijn), ATD 9/15


Anne Bachewich CTDI and AJ (Brantwood’s Anne Joya), ATD 11/12

Labrador Retriever

Pat Nordenberg and Sparkle (Yellow Diamond in the Ruff NTD), ATD 12/16
Jeff Cook and Chase (Ridgeview’s Hotter Than a Two Dollar Pistol ITD), ATD 10/16
Karen Bereti CTDI and Gunner (), ATD 10/16
Debbi Snyder CTDI and Indy (Summit Farm’s Independence Day), ATD 8/16
Maria Branco and Scherzo (Chezenko Wishing Well), ATD 7/16
Yasko Kobayashi and Indi (), ATD 5/16
Hannah Slaney and Inca (), ATD 4/16
Lenna S. Knox and Swyn (Swyn y Llyn), ATD 3/16
Barbara Wert and Lori (Guide Dog’s Luau Lori ITD), ATD 2/16
Samantha Perkins and Homer (Go Big or Go Home), ATD 1/16
Lynn Peffley and Charlie Brown (Kingsland’s Charlie Brown), ATD 12/15
Karen Coppola and Duckee (KC’s Sparkling Cold Duck), ATD 11/15
Kathryn Pate and Luna (Eromit’s Dark Side of the Moon ITD), ATD 11/15
Jodie Justice and Phury (), ATD 9/15
Karen Worthington, DVM and Piper (Mar-Jo’s Pied Piper), ATD 8/15
Andrew Telford and Ben (Trialwise Elliot Buttons), ATD 6/15
Tamara L. Tucker CTDI and Abe (Hero Dogs Abraham Lincoln), ATD 6/15
Natalya Chacon and Maddie (), ATD 5/15
Laura Bicknell and Jayde (The Littlest Jayde), ATD 5/15
Marlene Taylor and Vessa (CH Caorunn’s Dubheasa), ATD 5/15
Marion C. O'Neil CTDI and Ziva (Mizz Ziva), ATD 4/15
Kathy Sugitani and True (), ATD 4/15
Brenda Jonck and Jack (), ATD 4/15
Jeff Dentler CTDI and Chase (), ATD 4/15
Nina Kujawska CTDI and Lenny (), ATD 4/15
Karen Cummings and Leia (Blackfoot’s Byte of Pi in the Sky), ATD 3/15
Brandi Coyner and Riley (Gonna Getcha All Riled Up), ATD 3/15
Brandi Coyner and Jet (Jet Black Stealth Bomber), ATD 3/15
Chesna Vitanovec CTDI and Faith (Faith Odessa Vitanovec), ATD 3/15
Andrea J. Fitch and Cash (Bella Constellation), ATD 3/15
Bit Jordan and Ru (Liberty’s Ruger Sheza Pistol), ATD 3/15
Crystal Meadows and Charlie (Sir Charles on Henrico), ATD 2/15
Kathy Backer and Casey (), ATD 2/15
Corinne Dziuba and Timber (Eromit’s Shiver Me Timber), ATD 2/15
Jennifer Willms and Harry (Harry Willms), ATD 2/15
Elizabeth Tidey ATDI and Edward (), ATD 2/15
Katina Stamp and Sashi (Shadowmyst Harmony At Dusk), ATD 1/15
Linda Scannell and Biscuit (Scannell’s Biscuit), ATD 1/15
Erin Lynes and Kimber (Eromit’s Kimber Surprise), ATD 12/14
Marie Moy and Bubba (Bubba), ATD 11/14
Marie Moy and Georgia Belle (Miss Georgia Belle), ATD 11/14
Linda Scannell and Annie (Lil Orphan Annie Comes Home), ATD 10/14
Cassandra Newell and Sig (K7s’ Sig’s Ridin’ Shotgun), ATD 9/14
Mary Duncan ATDI and Finn (Finlay Basil Shackleton), ATD 8/14
Heather Schneider and Emma (Eromit’s Jane Austen), ATD 8/14
Elaine B. Johnson and Molly (Little Miss Molly of Silverado), ATD 6/14
Kimberly Lewis CTDI and Gibson (Gibson XXXVI), ATD 6/14
Sherry Galka and Kallie (Kolyma’s Kallie CGCA, TWT, TDIG, THDD), ATD 5/14
Beth Renee Menini and Skyy (Wetland’s Tanguary Twist), ATD 4/14
William Cripps and Axel (Ganderwood Axel), ATD 3/14
Lynn Spagnesi and Jambi - Joe (Your Wish is Granted Long Live Jambi), ATD 2/14
Lauren Watson CTDI and Aria (), ATD 12/13
Ann Hogg CTDI and Barley (Amber Bock Barley), ATD 12/13
Lisa Gunn CTDI and Lily (Gunn’s Lily of Watson Bridge CD RN CGC), ATD 11/13
Ricky Perrin and Harry (), ATD 10/13
Tawnya Lichtenwalter ATDI and Bella (Ciao Bella), ATD 6/13
Lynda Russo and Casey (Tulgeywood Miss Tum Tum Casey), ATD 5/13
Amy Schupska ATDI and Ellie (Ellie), ATD 3/13
Pam Yano and Cinder (Cinderella’s Prince Charming), ATD 3/13
Diane Oskerka and Lily (Gregoire’s Wrigley’s Ivy), ATD 11/12
Kendra Stearns and Zoe (Jericho’s Midnight Storm), ATD 10/12
Brad & Tara Rogers and Honey (Honey Ginger Muffin CGC), ATD 10/12
Cheryl Viera CTDI and Willow (Little Willow), ATD 4/12
Emily Cassell and Maddie (Madeleine Belle), ATD 3/12
Rebecca Hayes-Copeland and Bali (Balius), ATD 2/12
Nicole Schimpf and Addie (Addie), ATD 1/12
Dee Hoult CTDI and Oxford (Oxford), ATD 1/12
Alex Albin and Axel (Gimme Grace's Holding It Together), ATD 12/11
Rebecca Randolph and Garth (Canvasback Thunder Rolls at Brookhaven), ATD 10/11
April Dawkins CTDI and Lyndie (), ATD 9/11
Karina Lannard and Nala (Nala Sunshine Lannard), ATD 12/10
Sandra Guzzetti and Creeker (Gallo’s Phoenix of Fallcreek, CGC, TD), ATD 2/09
Jennifer Bailey and Townshend (Ravenwood A Little is Enough CD RA), ATD 5/08

Lagotto Romagnolo

Melita Rogers CTDI and Aria (IL NASO SA AROMA ARIA), ATD 4/16
Melita Rogers CTDI and Lilly (Suzaluca Lilly Larkin), ATD 5/13

Lakeland Terrier

Lori Napoli and Phoebe (Glacieridge Fifty Hot Cross Buns), ATD 11/15


Dennis Garland and Chloe (Starlake Clou ITD), ATD 1/17
Paula Garland and Ziggy (Lionscourt Felicity ITD), ATD 1/17

Lhasa Apso

Sue Ridgley and Coco (Karlyn Ridgley’s Luigi Coco Chinetti), ATD 11/15


Sandra LaCroix CTDI and Piccolo (Stars and Stripes Piccolo), ATD 9/16
Linsey Moeskops and Kai (Kai de la Maison Dominique), ATD 7/15


Jo Page and Rufus (), ATD 11/15
Ruth Sheller and Layla (), ATD 8/15
Rosie Reid CTDI and Pixel (), ATD 6/15
Rosie Reid CTDI and Boo (), ATD 7/14

Madagascar Coton de Tulear

Jan Zevkovich and Tesla (MCTCA Tesla Clinton of Great Lakes Cotons), ATD 9/15

Magyar Vizsla

Julia Pickel and Phine (Seraphina), ATD 4/15


Joanie Carqueville and Bryn (Divine’s Sound of Music CGC ITD), ATD 1/17
Celia Roberts CTDI and Max (Maximus et Minimus), ATD 5/16
Kristen Olivier and Casey (), ATD 11/15
Martha Tiller and Jordy (Crisandra Petite Crossing Jordan, BN, PCD, NTD), ATD 5/15
Kristine Shimmin CTDI and Lillen (), ATD 3/14
Marisa Oh Chen and Obi Wan Chenobi (Bellarata’s You Better Believe It), ATD 7/13
Aastha Gaur and Gustave (Crime Master Guga), ATD 6/13
Joanie Carqueville and Chadwick (Shanlyn’s Keep’N The Chadwick CD BN RE), ATD 5/13
Laurie Williams CTDI and Andrew (ARCHMX U-CD Embraceable Andrew CD RE OA OAJ), ATD 1/12

Manchester Terrier

Judy Thurlow and Kita (Erkenwyne Lady Guinevere JW ShCM), ATD 3/16
Nicole Sales and Kenji (Kenji CGC), ATD 2/14

Manchester Terrier (Toy)

Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Speed Racer (Ch. Layclyf Mint Chip CDX RAE AX AXJ NFP CGC TT HOF), ATD 12/14
Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Quest (Fwaggle V Regal Arcade Fire), ATD 7/14
Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Sprint (Regal’s Sheez The Fastest V Trinity), ATD 2/14


Christopher Schumacher ATDI and Max (Maximus), ATD 1/13

McNab Shepherd

Michelle Butler CTDI and Tootsie (My Tootsie Girl), ATD 3/14

Miniature Dachshund

Andrea Mykrantz and Gwen (), ATD 9/15

*Miniature Horse

Noeline Cassettari CTDI and Rose (Flying Dust Ombre Rose), ATD 8/15

Miniature Pinscher

Sandra Carbonell CTDI and Emily Hope (Carbonell’s Emily Hope ITD), ATD 2/17
Sandra Carbonell CTDI and Foster (Carbonell’s Foster Reid ITD), ATD 2/17
Elisabeth Tarttier-Hotter CTDI and Diesel (Diesel El Regalo Magnífico), ATD 2/17
Joe Claret and Max (Maximus Blackus ITD), ATD 8/16
Jodie Havens and Zim (DJS Invader Zim, CGC), ATD 8/14
Cheryl Partridge and Kona (Kona), ATD 10/12
Cheryl Partridge and Java (Java), ATD 9/12
Kaori Miyamoto and Noble (Noble), ATD 2/12

Miniature Rat Terrier

Scott Banghart and Teddy (), ATD 10/15

Miniature Schnauzer

Charlotte Harmer and Greta (), ATD 12/15
Charlotte Harmer and Elsa (), ATD 12/15
Lynn Hoffman and Rockie (Rockie Hoffman), ATD 11/15
Julianne Bishop and Minnie (Happy Memories), ATD 7/15
Mikaela Gustafson CTDI and Angel (Mikaela’s Little Angel), ATD 4/15
Mikaela Gustafson CTDI and Chloe (), ATD 4/15

*Mixed Breed

Sara Reusche and Pan (PSF’s Pantalaimon ITD), ATD 3/17
Sophie Penson and Ducky (Ducky ITD), ATD 2/17
Dianna Matteson CTDI and Scuddlebutt (), ATD 2/17
Jeanette Rowsell and Ace (), ATD 2/17
Janet Waters and Serra (Serra PAT AX AXJ NF T2B CL1-R CL1-F CL1-H CA NW2 L1I L1C SD-S ITD), ATD 2/17
Jen Esplen and Jesse (), ATD 2/17
Brianne Durham CTDI and Scrabble (Mutt-A-Gen Triple Letter Score ITD), ATD 2/17
Janilee Benell CTDI and Fuzz (The Fuzz, CGN RL1 ITD), ATD 2/17
Michelle Launch and Chester (), ATD 2/17
Joan Forry and Miles (Miles On Hydrants Forry NTD), ATD 2/17
Quadoria Aika Phipps ATDI and Natsuko (Princess Natsuko ITD), ATD 2/17
Kristy Teunissen and Ralph (), ATD 2/17
Tosha Grotenhuis and Coda (Coda Grotenhuis), ATD 1/17
Janilee Benell CTDI and Charlotte (Charlotte, RL1 ITD), ATD 1/17
Kari Trotsky and Yogi (), ATD 1/17
Timothy R. Hartsock and Jewels (), ATD 1/17
Alyssa Borek and Lia (Sugar Magnolia Candy Girl ITD), ATD 1/17
Peggy Stevens and Rags (Raggedy Ann Stevens ITD), ATD 1/17
Becky Fitzgerald and Brady (Luck of the Irish Brady ITD), ATD 1/17
Katelyn Littlefield CTDI and Belle (), ATD 1/17
Alicia Attfield and Valentina (), ATD 1/17
Sally Sippitt and Dexter (), ATD 1/17
Sarah & Emily Bennett and Piper (), ATD 1/17
Elizabeth Schwab and Zazu (Tempest’s Flying Advisor ITD), ATD 12/16
Jan Sund and Kelsey (FHF Wildest Dreams ITD), ATD 12/16
Tegan Moore and Vesper (), ATD 12/16
Mary Crawford and Teddy (Teddy Crawford ITD), ATD 12/16
Brandie Sims CTDI and Charlie (), ATD 12/16
Kate Wesolowski and Ruby (Ruby In The Rough ITD), ATD 12/16
Nancy Trus and Solace (), ATD 11/16
Cathi Napp CTDI and Griffin (), ATD 11/16
Steve Nassar and Kush (Kush of Cascadia ITD), ATD 11/16
Linda Damiani and Bubba (), ATD 11/16
Don Wrhel and Nora (), ATD 11/16
Natalie Perryman and Grinner (), ATD 11/16
Darlena Hardy and Kimber (Kimber Dawn Hardy ITD), ATD 10/16
Sue McNulty and Flynn (Flynn McNulty ITD), ATD 10/16
Marilyn Wrhel and Dasher (), ATD 10/16
Mercedes Osolin and Raven (), ATD 10/16
Sandra Caro and Daisy (), ATD 10/16
Tina Sawicki and Piper (), ATD 10/16
Gina Burger and Brody (Mr. Brody Longfellow Wiggle-Tail Burger ITD), ATD 10/16
Aimee Nichol and Lili (), ATD 9/16
Jennifer Anthony and Kaya (), ATD 9/16
Susan Bell and Jesse (Jesse Bear Bell ITD), ATD 9/16
Sandra Carbonell CTDI and Franklin Lewis (Carbonell’s Franklin Lewis), ATD 9/16
Florenza Pizanis CTDI and Busta (Busta Rooby-Doo ITD), ATD 9/16
Laura D'Allen and Brock (Brocket Rocket), ATD 9/16
Soja Crockford CTDI and Abbey (Abbey Rose ITD), ATD 9/16
Le Cambell CTDI and JJ (JJ IVX ITD), ATD 9/16
Margaret Whitehead and Buzz (), ATD 8/16
Jasmine Mackay and Sparkie (), ATD 8/16
Tania Butler and Sky (), ATD 8/16
Sara Quackenbush and Perrin (), ATD 8/16
Lisa Strouse ATDI and Mariah (), ATD 8/16
Shirley Leaman and Gideon (), ATD 8/16
Karla Krieg ATDI and Wilbur (), ATD 8/16
Maureen Stevens CTDI and Chester (Chester The Wonder Pup, CGCA, ITD), ATD 8/16
Joyce Eckerman and Tipper (), ATD 7/16
Rosemary Elwell and Ilka (Ilka Of Pear Orchard Cemetery), ATD 7/16
Crystal Blaker CTDI and Wrigley (Wrigley Blaker ITD), ATD 7/16
Faith Brandstetter CTDI and Clifford (), ATD 7/16
Linnell Randall and Maddie (), ATD 7/16
Gerry Stephens and Evan (Evan Hoff), ATD 7/16
Robbi Flynn and Musa (), ATD 7/16
Carol Creamer CTDI and Bruce (Bruce Creamer), ATD 7/16
Jennifer Koagel and Murphy (Murphy Koagel), ATD 6/16
Karen Smith and Alfie (), ATD 6/16
Jennifer DeGarmo CTDI and Tucker (), ATD 6/16
Mary Comaskey and Ollie (Oliver), ATD 6/16
Eileen Kern and Rylee (), ATD 6/16
Veronica Mommers and Frankie (), ATD 6/16
Megan Heffernan and Ziva (Ziva Heffernan), ATD 5/16
Katie Manning ATDI and Bear (Archer’s Grin and Bear It PCD RI RN ITD CGN), ATD 5/16
Kelly M. Neeson and Koda (Koda Bear), ATD 5/16
Skye Irving and Nova (), ATD 5/16
Lisa Yates and Nelson (), ATD 5/16
Wendy Lewis and Jeremiah (), ATD 5/16
Wendy Lewis and Buddy (), ATD 5/16
Katie Manning ATDI and Mozart (Archer’s Don’t Stop the Music RN ITD), ATD 5/16
Sonia Stewart and Luna (Luna Stewart), ATD 5/16
Michelle Gamblin and Ruger (N-Vee’s The Sky Is The Limit CGC ITD RA RATI SP), ATD 5/16
Darlene Wheat and Brandy (), ATD 5/16
Erica Beckwith and Myles (), ATD 5/16
Kelsie Krein ATDI and Bella (Bella Noche CGCA ITD), ATD 5/16
Shanna Perron and Shanna’s Super Nova Zoey (Zoey Ella Nina Perron ITD), ATD 4/16
Illyana Golden and Finnick (), ATD 4/16
Amanda Abs and Molly (Molly Abs), ATD 4/16
Diane Cranston and Sky (), ATD 4/16
Donna Kiessling and Hershey (), ATD 4/16
Shelby Hayes and Lennon (Lennon Chicken Nugget Hayes), ATD 4/16
Adrien Meckley and Scruffy (), ATD 4/16
Paula King and Rose (), ATD 4/16
Chrissy Joy and Beasley (), ATD 4/16
Isabel Wylie and Adele (), ATD 4/16
Agnieszka Banbula and Sophie (), ATD 4/16
Kris Thomas and Kevin (Kevin James Thomas Jr.), ATD 4/16
Katherine Mather and Chipper (), ATD 3/16
Katherine Mather and Chloe (), ATD 3/16
Susan Cleveland and Wixer (OutRun’s Guardian of the Pattern), ATD 3/16
Diana Rapa and Roger (TPD’s Roger’s Born To Be Wild), ATD 3/16
Donna Jackson CTDI and Kate (Kate the Wonder Dog), ATD 3/16
Sindja Thiel and Pepe (), ATD 3/16
Shawn Coughlin and Bon (), ATD 2/16
Rachel Stever and Precious (), ATD 2/16
Sonia Stewart and Wicket (Wicket Stewart), ATD 2/16
Janee Kamara Moore and Jack (Jack B Nimble, Jack B Quick), ATD 2/16
Shona Hanna and Rustle (Rustle Buddha Belly), ATD 2/16
Jennifer Gomlicker and Taser (Taser Iron Clad Claw ITD), ATD 2/16
Sheila Gibbons and Renegade (DeVareHarri’s Underground Renegade), ATD 2/16
Dana Hart CTDI and Ice (), ATD 1/16
Barbara L. Zeiger and Rex (Lehew’s Nobel Hunter of Timber Ridge), ATD 1/16
Ingrid Putschi and Bonnie (FoHA’s BonnieLass von Fluvanna), ATD 1/16
Eveline Kjelstrup and Abigail (), ATD 1/16
Carol Meyer and Lulu (Lulu Belle of the Ball), ATD 1/16
Laura Breckheimer and Tommie (Lily Tomlin ITD), ATD 1/16
Gwen Carr and Payton (Nataki’s Life in the Fast Lane), ATD 1/16
Frances Cabeen ATDI and Candi (), ATD 1/16
Martina Schmidt and Don Juan (), ATD 1/16
Amy Paddock and Roo (), ATD 1/16
Ana Hourahine and Houston (), ATD 1/16
Mary Green and Augie (Augie VIII), ATD 1/16
Samantha Perkins and Josie (Just Josie BN RN CGC CD-C RL1 RATI RATS), ATD 1/16
Dana Karp and Lucas (Lucas Karp), ATD 12/15
Kelly Ernewein-Stilson ATDI and Dexter (Ernewein-Stilson’s Hit Pay Dirt), ATD 12/15
Kimberly Ann Adsit ATDI and Nova (Nova Adsit), ATD 12/15
Debbie Blythe CTDI and Fetch! (Fetch! CGC RATN ITD), ATD 12/15
Skylar Landis and Auggie (MABCR Auggie), ATD 12/15
Helen Byrne and Nellie (), ATD 12/15
Rebecca Jillian Trippi and Gus (Gustov Cobre Bobsled the Gray), ATD 12/15
Greg Laslo CTDI and Stella (Chupacabra in Cute Boots), ATD 12/15
Kelly Castle and Zuri (Shameless Poc-Ket of Petunia’s CGC, RN, RATN, CA, OAJ, OA), ATD 12/15
Carrie Gauthier and Kobi (), ATD 12/15
Graham and Jenn Steel and Noel (), ATD 12/15
Daren Mandrusiak and Breeze (), ATD 12/15
Tiff Shao and Soro (), ATD 12/15
Heather Trudell and Reba (), ATD 12/15
Dani Miller and Murphy (), ATD 11/15
Clair Labutta and Tucker (), ATD 11/15
Michele Ryan CTDI and Remi (Remington Ryan), ATD 11/15
Rhonda Noetzelman and Rolo (Loving the Chocolate and Carmel), ATD 11/15
Lori Napoli and Kramer (Kramer the Golden Boy), ATD 11/15
Megan Rose Taylor and Ruby (Ruby the Superdog), ATD 11/15
Joanne Wudrich and Luna (), ATD 11/15
Susan Campbell and Lucca (Lucca Grace), ATD 11/15
Andrea Lengi and Audie (), ATD 11/15
Amy Viljoen and Dragon (Dragon Viljoen), ATD 11/15
Jennifer Perry and Sedona (), ATD 11/15
Margaret Stokes and Bailey (), ATD 11/15
Heidi Priester and Lina (), ATD 10/15
Lisa Petterson CTDI and Junie (Juniper), ATD 10/15
Michelle Ross and Ziggy (Ziggy Stardust), ATD 10/15
Amy Porto and Lizzie (), ATD 10/15
Sandy Cammell and Zeus (), ATD 10/15
Bee Betts and Patch (), ATD 10/15
Allison Powell and Charlie (Charlie Vandever), ATD 10/15
Antoni Ramirez and Rory (Roar Like You Mean It), ATD 10/15
Janet Currie and Kodi (), ATD 10/15
Vanessa Healey and Teddy (Fate’s Bear of Inspiration), ATD 10/15
Nicole Vaughn CTDI and Tater (AgiTater), ATD 10/15
Lea Griffin and Ladybug (), ATD 9/15
Fay Benjamin and Keira (), ATD 9/15
Sarah McManaman ATDI and Zephyr (), ATD 9/15
Janice Ramsey and Mac (Mac Ramsey), ATD 9/15
Dianne Schoenberg and Cooper (The Fabulous Mini Cooper), ATD 9/15
Virginia Brophy ATDI and Ferris (SAM’s Ferris Wheel Ohhh Yeahhhh), ATD 9/15
Sharon Bugelli and Coco (), ATD 9/15
Jennifer Baiocco and Berks (Berks Jackson), ATD 9/15
Janice Ramsey and Riley (Riley Ramsey), ATD 9/15
Debbie Markwick and Vinnie (), ATD 9/15
Brianne Statz and Pepper (), ATD 8/15
Michelle Johnson and Lola (Miss Lola F. Dora), ATD 8/15
Michelle Johnson and Maggie (Miss Maggie Mutt Mutt), ATD 8/15
Martha Milli and Bailey (Milli’s Bailey), ATD 8/15
Vanessa Schikowski and Mambo (Mambo The Jumbo), ATD 8/15
Diana Vazquez and Trina (), ATD 8/15
Stephanie Anderson and Jayme (), ATD 8/15
Dr. Astrid Porges and Fibi (), ATD 7/15
Judy Girard and Tango (Kentucky Tango), ATD 7/15
Hannah Hutt and Sophie (), ATD 7/15
Jeremy D. Diehl and Roxy (), ATD 7/15
Mary Baker CTDI and Brisco (J.D. Brisco), ATD 7/15
Stacey Spanovich Damm CTDI and Ruby (), ATD 7/15
Sarah Tappe and Darryl (), ATD 7/15
Stephanie Gibeault and Chi Chi (Chi Chi Rodriguez), ATD 6/15
Julia Coxhead and Flora (), ATD 6/15
Shannon Wallace CTDI and Niso (), ATD 6/15
Amanda Anderson and Bella (Bella Prestia), ATD 6/15
Amelia Pizzi and Tony Stark (), ATD 6/15
Dia Bates and William (Mr Blue Sky), ATD 6/15
Verna Saxer-Gibson and Joy (Joyful ITD), ATD 6/15
Sara Beth Pinson CTDI and Nimbus (Pie in the Sky NTD), ATD 6/15
Nicole Behnke and Loka (), ATD 6/15
Hannah Marwick and Caesar (), ATD 5/15
Manuela Peters and Shiloh (), ATD 5/15
Chris Jansen and Lexi (), ATD 5/15
Diane Becker and Audrey (Audrey Becker), ATD 5/15
Tessa Savelkoel and Puck (), ATD 5/15
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Ecco (American Super Ecco Maree), ATD 5/15
Shari Santos and Leeloo (), ATD 5/15
Tena Parker and Rio (Rioting Rio), ATD 5/15
Tena Parker and Shayne (), ATD 5/15
Katrina Mauldin and Dexter (), ATD 5/15
Cassandra Dufresne and Zoey (), ATD 5/15
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Margo (American Super Margo Scarlette), ATD 4/15
Kathi Hall CTDI and Maggie (Maggie Mae), ATD 4/15
Kristin Honey and Casey (Casey Davidson Honey), ATD 4/15
Shelly Hanwell and Samara (), ATD 4/15
Melquan King ATDI and Mocha (Mocha King), ATD 4/15
Doug Howell and Torch (Torch), ATD 4/15
Megan Molloy and Robbie (Sir Jollie Blobby Robstar), ATD 4/15
Lisa King and Megan (), ATD 4/15
Roberta Earle CTDI and Cassie (), ATD 4/15
Louise Taylor and Sparky (), ATD 4/15
Lauren Callahan and Alix (), ATD 4/15
Lora Del Page and Nimble (Never Miss A Step), ATD 3/15
Lauren Callahan and Austin (), ATD 3/15
Brianna Crocker and Boss (), ATD 3/15
Katy Hall and Lucy (), ATD 3/15
Sheri McCullough and Delilah (Delilah DSA ITD), ATD 3/15
Jane Stride CTDI and Wookie (Curly Chocolate Sauce), ATD 3/15
Tina L. Westwood ATDI and Mitch (Corbomite Thru And Thru), ATD 3/15
Emily E. Fundaugh and Napoleon (), ATD 3/15
Janice DeMadona CTDI and Sally (Sally Demadona), ATD 3/15
Cheryl Lynn Pinnock and Tru (), ATD 3/15
Theresa Travis and Dasher (Travis’ Home For The Holidays), ATD 3/15
Sydney Cosgrove and Lola (Lola Cosgrove), ATD 3/15
Michael Smyth and Mattie (), ATD 3/15
Elaine Armstrong CTDI and Bronnie (Bronsters Not a Monster), ATD 3/15
Louise Twinberrow ATDI and Bobby (Jims Pal Bob), ATD 3/15
Charlotte Dzuba and Brina (Sabrina), ATD 3/15
Dana Gallagher ATDI and Sirin (), ATD 3/15
Dana Gallagher ATDI and Bonsai (), ATD 3/15
Hailey Goulais and Buddy (), ATD 2/15
Dr. Donna K Buechler-Furey and Raven (Buechler Furey’s Raven), ATD 2/15
Adria Errico and Freya (Freya of Mount Evans), ATD 2/15
Cody Hall ATDI and Ava (), ATD 2/15
Naomi Marsh and Bailey (), ATD 2/15
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Blaise (), ATD 2/15
Dianne Gabel and Dallas (Giddy-Up-N-Go Dallas), ATD 2/15
Joni Grant and Tinker (), ATD 2/15
Trixy Endemano and Ziggy (Ziggy), ATD 1/15
Jesse Wade Reichart and Sadie (Sweet Sadie Brown), ATD 1/15
Glenda Cusker and Maybelline (), ATD 1/15
Dana Gallagher ATDI and Sophie (), ATD 1/15
Rob Montague and Layla (Layla Montague), ATD 1/15
Rosemary Wilson and Sophie (Wilson’s Sophie), ATD 1/15
Jan Perfect and Riley (), ATD 1/15
Olga Browning CTDI and Beckett (), ATD 1/15
Poppy Foxheart and Sparrow (Sparrow Chicken BODYMASSAGE Foxheart), ATD 12/14
Rachel Fliger CTDI and Bella (), ATD 12/14
Janine Hamlin and Kodiak (ReyDunc’s Wiley Little Bear), ATD 12/14
Heather Aultman and Max (), ATD 12/14
Priscilla Donahue CTDI and Kenya (Kenya Donahue), ATD 12/14
Kate Gasson CTDI and Boo (Boonville Tickety Boo), ATD 12/14
Michelle Euteneier ATDI and Phoenix (), ATD 12/14
Nancy C. Lech CTDI and Emerald (Emerald May), ATD 12/14
Megan Kaczmarczyk and Ryder (), ATD 11/14
Sara Scott ATDI and Ranger (), ATD 10/14
Barb King and Toblerone (), ATD 10/14
Kate Renner and Baker (Ingomar Di Mancini Torsione Pane CAX2, RN, CGC, TT), ATD 10/14
Joyce Pedicini and Pauly (Sir Flat Pants Pauly), ATD 10/14
Natalie Reusch and Boxie (Boxie Reusch), ATD 9/14
Debbie Bickford CTDI and Ludo (Ludo Bickford), ATD 9/14
Kathi Jo Zornes and Beck (Colonel Charles Beckwith 2xCGC THDN THD TWT TDIA THDA CGCA THDX RN NTD THDD TDIAOV ITD), ATD 9/14
Renee Dunaway and Ty (Super Ty The Rock Star RN, CGC), ATD 9/14
Debbie Sherman CTDI and Yahtzee (Yahtzee Fun & Games), ATD 8/14
Marcy Zweerink and Dalton (), ATD 8/14
Marcy Zweerink and Waldo (), ATD 8/14
Britni Ratliff ATDI and Lucy (), ATD 8/14
Dani Hudson and Mack (McKinley ‘Mack’ Hudson), ATD 8/14
Dana Harris and Jade (Jady Lady Harris), ATD 7/14
Monica Gobeli and Rocky (Rocky Gobeli, CGC, Therapy Dog, ITD), ATD 7/14
Stace Houghton CTDI and Elmo (), ATD 7/14
Kate Lloyd CTDI and Badger (), ATD 7/14
Lisa Waterman CTDI and Willow (), ATD 6/14
Julia Mueller CTDI and Khazi (), ATD 6/14
Samantha Hulin and Tobi (Tobi The Zombie Hulin), ATD 6/14
Sara Beth Pinson CTDI and Icey (Icing on the Cake AX MXJ OF CA CGCA), ATD 6/14
Sara Beth Pinson CTDI and Bailey (Boot Scootin’ Boogie Bailey AXP OJP CA), ATD 6/14
Wendi Mitzel and Bristol (Thunder Valley Short Stack), ATD 6/14
Kathleen Jenkins and Alleye (), ATD 5/14
Cameo Perry CTDI and Cash (Cassus James), ATD 5/14
Kelly Schumann ATDI and Balto (Balto), ATD 5/14
Anna Pettersson and Linnea (Linnaea Borealis Pettersson, CGC), ATD 5/14
Cheryl Teale and Checkers (), ATD 5/14
Lisa Sipe and Sundance (), ATD 4/14
Sarah Adams and Caiya (Caiya), ATD 4/14
Diane Valley and Missy (Missy), ATD 4/14
Chloe Nunn and Archie (), ATD 4/14
Cari Kaska and Keener (Keener), ATD 4/14
Traci Meier and Bella (), ATD 4/14
Lisa Caper CTDI and Loki (), ATD 3/14
Brittany Robinson CTDI and Penelope (Penelope), ATD 3/14
Kimberly Hough CTDI and Denver (Red Cedar Drive’s Mile High Multi), ATD 3/14
Amber Oliver CTDI and Tucker (), ATD 3/14
Heidi Dulac and Mollie (), ATD 2/14
Sarah Adams and Callie (Callie), ATD 2/14
Lori Leonard CTDI and Dex (), ATD 2/14
Christina Young CTDI and Kodiak (Kodiak), ATD 2/14
Breanna Norris CTDI and Helo (), ATD 1/14
Lori Leonard CTDI and McKay (McKay), ATD 1/14
Beth Mann CTDI and Bob (), ATD 1/14
Andrea Lengi and Pye (Pye-Dog), ATD 12/13
Jenny Brawley and Duncan (), ATD 12/13
Jane Allen and Arthur (), ATD 12/13
Lori Leonard CTDI and Mercedes (), ATD 12/13
Nancy Boylan CTDI and Sundae (Butterscotch Sundae (AKC Canine partner)), ATD 12/13
Charlynn Turner CTDI and Haley (Miss Princess Haley), ATD 12/13
Charlynn Turner CTDI and Abby (Little Miss Dynamite Abby), ATD 12/13
Jean Goodale and Ben (Benjamin Moore Goodale), ATD 11/13
Izzie Keyes and Jackson (), ATD 10/13
Rachel Fein CTDI and Kali (), ATD 10/13
Alexis Swain and Kody (Kody), ATD 10/13
Robin Bullock and Wrigley (Log Cabin’s Wrigley), ATD 9/13
Vicki Brown CTDI and Kate (Kowabunga Kate), ATD 9/13
Jordan York and Moses (Moses Raphael York), ATD 9/13
Cassie Zydek and Kane (Kane A Roo CL2 CL3 CGC), ATD 9/13
Nancy C. Lech CTDI and Griffin (Griffin), ATD 8/13
Kenneth Johnson and Charlie (Charlie Johnson), ATD 8/13
Amy S. Reese and Hoosier Magoo (Hoosier Magoo), ATD 7/13
Julie Houk CTDI and Stella (Stella), ATD 7/13
Judy Daley-Wright and Bunny (Bunny Wright), ATD 7/13
Erin Young ATDI and Wylie (Wylie), ATD 7/13
Lisa Sockriter and Ariella (Ariella), ATD 6/13
Rachel Lane CTDI and Dustin (Dustin Alexander Lane), ATD 5/13
Lia Raitt and Campbell (Brisco County Campbell), ATD 4/13
Catherine Allred and Lucy (Lucy of Hill Crest), ATD 4/13
Kim Antonio and Sawyer (Sawyer), ATD 4/13
Lisa Hayes CTDI and Lia (Malia), ATD 4/13
Nicole Levien and Puppa Monkey (Puppa Monkey), ATD 3/13
Kathy Mayer CTDI and Kaydee (Kaydee), ATD 2/13
Anette Olsson and Rocco (Rocco), ATD 2/13
Michelle Nerren and Piper (Princess Piperella Louise), ATD 2/13
Robin Murray CTDI and Simon (Simon “Spike” Murray), ATD 2/13
Leah Thye and Tanker (Tanker Thye), ATD 2/13
Hedwig Sebulke ATDI and Struppi (Struppi), ATD 2/13
Brian La Van and Callie (Callie, ATD, (TG-N, NCC, WV-O, O-OAC, O-TN-O,O-OJC (NADAC Agility))), ATD 2/13
Sylvia van Doorn and Charli (O. GR. CH. Charli Girl Rae 30108AR), ATD 1/13
Katie Wernham and Jenny (Jenny), ATD 1/13
Katie Wernham and Ellie (Ellie), ATD 1/13
Lindsay Oakley CTDI and Marlee (Marlee), ATD 12/12
Kate Hinner CTDI and Pancho (Pancho), ATD 12/12
Christine Harrison and Fleury (Fleury Marie Harrison), ATD 12/12
Annalisa Thompson and Roxy (Diamond In The Ruff, NTD, ITD), ATD 11/12
Nicole Vaughn CTDI and Duzi (CBC Duzi Ratel), ATD 11/12
Shannon Thier CTDI and Pongo (Pongo), ATD 11/12
Judith Guthrie ATDI and Buddha (Dark Moon Buddha), ATD 10/12
Karen Kathka CTDI and Trevor (Trevor’s Nightime Miracle), ATD 10/12
Sheila M. Bollinger and Scooter (Scooter), ATD 9/12
Kasandra Fleury and Maggie (Maggie-Mae), ATD 9/12
Diana Smith and McGee (McGee), ATD 9/12
Beren Garrity and Ransom (), ATD 8/12
Silka Werness and Arabella (), ATD 7/12
Paul Withun and Brutus (Brutus Withun), ATD 6/12
Talia Byers and Bayonet (Byers All In Fix Bayonets), ATD 6/12
Christine Scott CTDI and Rusty (Rusty Scott), ATD 6/12
Christine Scott CTDI and Mutley (Mutley Scott), ATD 6/12
Maya Ziolkowska and Shivon (Shivon), ATD 4/12
Courtney Iannello and Troy (ARCHEX Troy Alexander RN, RL1X8, RL2X4, RL3X3, HIC, CGC), ATD 4/12
Karen Reeves ATDI and Bailey (Miss Bailey of Lincoln Ave), ATD 3/12
Holly Shema and Paris (Paris), ATD 3/12
Cari Coston ATDI and Jace (), ATD 2/12
Rebecca Hayes-Copeland and Rhea (Rhea), ATD 2/12
Alexis Dvorak CTDI and Catastrophy (BrokenButt’s Law of Murphy), ATD 2/12
Donna Orlowski and Josie (Josi Orlowski), ATD 2/12
Rosalie van Oijen and Roefus (Roefus), ATD 1/12
Katherine Ferger ATDI and Zelda (Zelda), ATD 1/12
Celest Elmer and Sid (Gladstone’s River Side Sid), ATD 12/11
Carrie Rzewnicki ATDI and Lola (Rezo's Dancing Bee), ATD 12/11
Katherine Lewis ATDI and Moxie (), ATD 12/11
Melita Rogers CTDI and Abbey (), ATD 11/11
Melita Rogers CTDI and Jessie (), ATD 11/11
E Karen Williamson and Aiko (), ATD 11/11
Nicole Vaughn CTDI and Razz (Mad Razz), ATD 11/11
Diana Atfield and Bosley (Bosley), ATD 10/11
Carol Saunders CTDI and Ein (), ATD 9/11
Heather Hardesty and Cooper (), ATD 9/11
Kimberly Chappell and Zoë (KC’s High Flying Zoë), ATD 8/11
Rayna Stout CTDI and Lyric (Rayn’s Lyric Armani), ATD 8/11
Karen Profenna CTDI and Hailey (), ATD 8/11
Koralee Samaroden CTDI and Teddy (Teddy Bear), ATD 4/11
Patrick LaValley and Fausto (), ATD 3/11
Mary Dzialo ATDI and Ranger (Ranger Walker), ATD 2/11
Kathrine Bowman and Clue (), ATD 9/10
Diana Atfield and Olivia (), ATD 9/10
Tricia Waples CTDI and Tria (), ATD 7/10
Elizabeth Carlton and Ben (Bennigan’s Carolina Boy, CGC), ATD 1/10
Cindy Michael and Cypress (Cypress Michael), ATD 3/09

Neapolitan Mastiff

Pam Wiles CTDI and Ottis (), ATD 3/16


Tiffany Moran and Angus (IntCH Coal Harbor’s Mighty Angus CD BN RE CGC WD), ATD 1/15
Kathleen Holshey and Lulu (Council Cup’s Miss Behavin’), ATD 12/13
David Watt and Sammy (Zambuca Samuel Elijah), ATD 2/13
Roseann Benson and Cleo (Dingle Cleopatra Janetka), ATD 11/11

Norfolk Terrier

Mary Ellen Sheedy and Renny (Trinity’s Great Carolina Ren ITD), ATD 7/16


Josephine Nolting ATDI and Flair (MOTCh CH. RNB's Foxy Flair CGN, TDI, R.E., AG.N, AG.N.J, SHD), ATD 1/12

Norwegian Bugund

Jamie Van Natta CTDI and Modig (Trollheimen’s Modig Reisende), ATD 1/13

Norwegian Buhund

Jasmine Tata and Finna (Trollheimen Cara Finna), ATD 8/16

Norwich Terrier

Ali Hayes and Cyril (Ragus Fabulous Clown), ATD 11/15
Joe Nutkins CTDI and Cassie (Tebrun Chocolate Muffin), ATD 11/14
Joe Nutkins CTDI and Merlin (Tebrun Favour), ATD 10/14
Joe Nutkins CTDI and Taylor (Tebrun Timothy), ATD 6/14
Ali Hayes and Toby (Ragus Double O Seven), ATD 6/14

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Joan Armstrong and Aanya (CH Javahill’s Shocking Blue VCD2 BN UD RE AX AXJ WC), ATD 1/17
Pam Jones ATDI and Cody (Aqueus Prairie Scout), ATD 2/16
Lisa Porter ATDI and Fennec (Tollwest Sugar Fox), ATD 8/15
Cassie Young and Rune (Dalry’s Livin’ Loud), ATD 5/15
Lisa Porter ATDI and Zeppelin (Tollwest’s Whole Lotta Love), ATD 5/15
Lisa Porter ATDI and Cinder (Tollwest’s Taken By Surprise), ATD 3/15
Lisa Porter ATDI and Sriracha (Tollwest’s Sinfully Spicy), ATD 3/15
Lisa Porter ATDI and Jelly (Javahill Tollwest’s Taste Of Freedom), ATD 3/15
Lisa Porter ATDI and Skittles (Tollwest Taste The Rainbow), ATD 3/15
Lisa Porter ATDI and Spirit (Tollwest’s Wild Spirit), ATD 3/15
Lisa Porter ATDI and Ducky (Tollwest’s Puddle Of Joy), ATD 3/15
Linda Oman and Berni (CRTollersBerni), ATD 2/15
Caryl Darling and Morgan (Pikkinokka’s Captain Morgan RN, CGN), ATD 10/14
Michaela Frassine CTDI and Happy (Happygirl Golden Blackberrys), ATD 2/12
Christie Canfield ATDI and Kai (Kasomor’s Stoeger by the Sea), ATD 2/10

Old English Sheepdog

Jaclin Dunne and Kobuck (Bugaboo’s Gotta Flirt ITD), ATD 4/16
Jaclin Dunne and Polly Wolly (), ATD 1/16
Dana Stafford and Piper (Jelabobs My Dream Come True), ATD 4/15

Olde English Bulldogge

Terri Hayes and Cosmo (Rogue’s Cosmic Puck ITD), ATD 9/16


Marie Harbacek and Gandolf (Frivole Gandolf), ATD 11/12


Dee Pigman and Jasmine (Jasmine IVX ITD), ATD 1/17
Dee Pigman and Brody (Pizaz Persevere and Prevail with MICDC ITD), ATD 1/17
Heidi Croft and Harry (Wingssong Get Smart ITD), ATD 12/16
Chris Primmer and Jordi (Topflite One For the Money), ATD 9/16
Mary Hager CTDI and Ricco (Monarch’s It’s Amore ITD), ATD 8/16
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Arden (Braylor’s Arcadian Forest of Eve, ITD), ATD 5/16
Ellen Kurland ATDI and Magic (Utopian Lil Bit of Majic), ATD 1/16
Linda D. Keast and Lili (My Friend Lilith of the Shire), ATD 8/15
Linda D. Keast and Eli (Mycroft Pinpaps Ricochet), ATD 8/15
Angela Casey Remedios and Eevee (Akai’s Eevee Evolution), ATD 7/15
Joanna Szydlowska and Charming (Prince Charming), ATD 6/15
Daniel P. Couch and Arbeitsheim Joy (Arbeitsheim Joy To The World CDX, RE, AX, AXJ, XF, CA, CGCA), ATD 6/15
Lezlie Couch and Freckles (Arbeitsheim Designer Freckles), ATD 6/15
Diana Drewes and JayJay (Lamineros Nintendo), ATD 4/15
Diana Drewes and Toffee (Lamineros Toffee Fee), ATD 4/15
Britta Kalff and Bjelle (Beloved Bjelle Binti vom Zauberwald), ATD 4/15
Valerie Fergusson and Harlequin (Amicae Quantum Leap to Contecrest), ATD 4/15
Lonnie Amundsen and Bree (Life’s a Breeze), ATD 4/15
Vicki Rasmussen and Yoshi (Clairus Akai Let’s A Go CGC NTD ITD), ATD 12/14
Joan Dandy and Bentley (), ATD 8/14
Mary Lantis and Jayde (Wildcard Better Than Diamonds ITD), ATD 3/14
Ethel Mercer CTDI and Zip (MACH Oakhills Zippin’ Around CDX RE MX B MJB CGC), ATD 12/13
Elizabeth Robison and Gracie (Admires Ready Willing And Graceful), ATD 9/13
Anne Money ATDI and Brandie (Brandie Money), ATD 9/13
Deborah Scotto and Holly (Little Ally’s Holly), ATD 8/13
Wanda Jesonis and Angel (U-CD, U-RO2, L'Ete Unlikely Angel CD, RE, CanTD), ATD 8/13
Dave Sellers and Jerry (Jerry Kizmets Last Hurrah), ATD 5/13
Diana Squicciarini ATDI and Glinda (Medlee’s Ruby Slippers CGC), ATD 4/13
Gail Beerman CTDI and Chloe (Bountiful Fields of Clover), ATD 4/13
Hillary Graff CTDI and Lilly (Dance Me To The Moon), ATD 1/13
Ellen Kurland ATDI and Lil Bit (Wildcard Courteous Canine Lil Bit), ATD 6/12
Gail Hundley and Charlie (Peanuts’ Charlie Brown CGC, CL1-R, NAJ, NAC, CL1-H, CL1-F, CL2-H, CL1-S, CL2-H, CL3-F, ITD), ATD 6/12
Linda White CTDI and Darby (Buster’s Dar She Blows), ATD 5/12
Mary Hostetter and Riley (Hostetter’s Pretty Boy Riley), ATD 5/12
Sharon Yildiz and Dash (Topflite Dash 4 Cash), ATD 2/12
Linda White CTDI and Buster (Gamblers Busterbrown White), ATD 9/11

Parson Russell Terrier

Mark Timmins and Rosie (), ATD 2/16
Wendy Cook and Bandit (Auldtoby’s Bounding Boy), ATD 8/15
Kathy Weaver CTDI and Cody (Silver Creek Kodachrome), ATD 3/15
Liz Carter ATDI and EV (Jacks Wild Have You Met Ted?), ATD 12/14
Liz Carter ATDI and Isabella (Jacks Wild Wicked Game), ATD 12/14
Angelika Wicker and Luna (Rymshott Mattie Ross at Whitegang), ATD 10/14
Liz Carter ATDI and Drew (Jacks Wild Wicked Brew), ATD 7/14
Hannah Starr and Pepper (Pacolito Playmaker), ATD 5/14
Hannah Starr and Chilli (Pacolito Phormula Two), ATD 5/14
Dawn Pribyl and Lex (Alexander Lu Third Star), ATD 1/14
Edie Williams CTDI and Magic (Magic Johnson), ATD 2/12

Patterdale Terrier

Pat Goodey and Freddie (Fred Flintstone), ATD 8/16
Shelly Hanwell and Shea (), ATD 5/15
Shelly Hanwell and Lily (), ATD 4/15
Emma Dowson and Daisy (), ATD 2/15


Rhonda Noetzelman and Sparrow (A Lovely Little Sparrow), ATD 5/14
Tiffany Jorgensen and Noodles (Noodles), ATD 10/12

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Tammy Garamella and Keno (SGF High Roller ITD, PKD-T), ATD 1/17
Melanie Chapman and Ace (Croswynd Ace Up My Sleeve ITD), ATD 1/17
Brianne Wyatt and Hercules (“Hercules” Croswynd’s Iron Gentleman ITD), ATD 1/17
Virginia Moore and Harry (), ATD 11/16
Susan Jackson and Jaxx (Heartsong Prince Paws of Thunder Apple Jaxx ITD), ATD 10/16
Elena Miskowiec CTDI and Stella (Sheza Lil Wannabe Star ITD), ATD 8/16
Jessica Radcliff and Bigeera (Radcliff’s Bigeera ITD), ATD 7/16
Jessica Radcliff and Eevee (Radcliff’s Eevee ITD), ATD 7/16
Karen Perusek and Grace (Llandians Storm In A Teacup ITD), ATD 6/16
Delania McNatt and Annie (UKC CH INT’L CH Haystacks Make Way For Annie CGC RN HIC NTD ITD), ATD 4/16
Kylee Karre and Toski (Petoskey’s Charm ITD), ATD 2/16
Lauren Trathen CTDI and Basil (Basil of Baker Street ITD), ATD 1/16
Alan Holtz and Cody (Buffalo Bill Cody 2nd Chance), ATD 11/15
Tina Clifton and Henry (), ATD 10/15
Delania McNatt and Bayle (UKC INT’L CH Crackerjacks Blazin Okie Charm HIC RN CGCA NTD ITD), ATD 10/15
Delania McNatt and Tasha (UKC/INT’L CH Haystack Acres Sage Treasure CGCA RN NTD ITD), ATD 10/15
Debra Lynch and Coup’r (Coup’r P-CRO-III), ATD 3/15
Natalie Jo Bachman CTDI and Luna (Luna VIII), ATD 3/15
Rosalyn Franta Kulik and Canny (Tim Tam Wabash Cannonball), ATD 3/15
Lori Nichol CTDI and Teller (Amsburg’s Odeon Now Showing), ATD 3/15
Lori Nichol CTDI and Emmy (Academy’s Choice), ATD 3/15
Sue Maltais and Taz (), ATD 2/15
Naomi Marsh and Bashi (), ATD 2/15
Angela Marie Hicks and Stretch (Stretch II), ATD 9/14
Laura Hamer and Snitch (Northrun HP’s Golden Snitch), ATD 2/14
Susan Brogan CTDI and Finn (Elf Saddle Finrod Edennil), ATD 12/13
Clarissa Bergeman CTDI and Simon (Elf Saddle Simon Fitzrowdy), ATD 12/13
Susan Jackson and Jeli (Absolute Princess Paws On Fire Jeli Beli), ATD 11/13
Sarah Crane and Hector (Let Alone Creek Hector the Protector), ATD 9/12
Mary Hoelzl and Ember (Peri Lane Angelfire AX, OAJ, UD), ATD 8/11
Debra Lynch and Tinkerbelle (TACh2 Tinkerbelle W-FD/MF), ATD 7/11

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Megan Esherick CTDI and Maya (GCh. Gebeba Clancy Poetic Justice VCD1 RAE OA AXJ MXP MJP T2BP RHX NW1 CGCA ITD), ATD 1/17

Pharaoh Hound

Tabitha Perry and Zelda (DC Nefer-Temu For Your Eyes Only FCh MC RAE NW2 ITD), ATD 2/16
Tabitha Perry and Sabia (DC Nefer-Temu Samba Sabia Elite FCh CA MC RA OA NAJ ITD), ATD 2/16

Plott Hound

Kasandra Fleury and Oliver (Oliver Twist), ATD 11/14


Lyn Topinka and Ginny (Marjetta Moonshine ITD), ATD 1/17


Cynthia Bradley and Smitten (Char’s Up And Coming Parti), ATD 3/16
Michele Franklin and Zeeva (), ATD 4/15
Rebecca St.Clair and Molly (Princess Molly Mari St.Clair), ATD 5/13
Sheilah Gibson and Joker (Joker Lewis Gibson), ATD 6/11

Poodle (Miniature)

Marie Black and Luke (Clarion Camelot Skywalker ITD), ATD 1/17
Jo Humphrey CTDI and Rio (Lone Star Blue Rio), ATD 6/16
Kathleen M. Jensen and Willie (Jensen’s Willie Fido Lincoln ITD), ATD 1/16
Kathleen M. Jensen and Tad (Jensen’s Tad Fido Lincoln ITD), ATD 1/16
Yuching Desch CTDI and Bailey (Bailey Desch), ATD 4/15
Marion Kong and Fizz (Arbaybee Give Em Hell at Whipcord), ATD 3/15
Amanda Beaubier and Jasper (Tyramara’s Jasper Rules), ATD 12/14
Catherine Pecoraro and Charis (), ATD 11/14
Betsy Newsome CTDI and Toby (CH Rockhill’s How Do Ya Like Me Now), ATD 5/14
Penny Noriega CTDI and Springer (), ATD 3/14
Kim Kane CTDI and Jiffy Jay (Karbit’s Diablo Grande Chili Pepper), ATD 3/14
Cheryl Becker and Magic (Adelheid’s Vanda Blue Magic), ATD 2/14
Elizabethanne C. Stevens and Chase (Clarion to Catch a Thief, TD, RN, WV-N, TN-N, JS-N, NFD, CRO-II, ITD), ATD 10/13
Cheryl Becker and Little (Little Wim), ATD 11/12
Julia Seaborn and Pippin (Elire Machiato), ATD 10/12
Jan Conradt and Lucy (Lucy Rose), ATD 4/12
Jan Conradt and Dickens (Dealer's Little Dickens of Bonheur), ATD 4/12
Maya Fleming and Kiki (Kiki), ATD 1/12
Sharon Pflaumer and Jester (CH Maestoso’s Worth Waiting For, CGC, TDI, TDIA, TDIAOV, TDIRVA, VIP VC), ATD 11/10
Sharon Pflaumer and Tazzie (CH Maestoso’s The Whirl-Wind, CGC), ATD 11/10
Kim Kane CTDI and Caesar (Kimberk’s Fresh Prince W-FD/HTM, RN), ATD 3/09

Poodle (Standard)

Kimberly Tyndall and Si (Louter Creeks Simply Irresistible ITD), ATD 1/17
Katie Marshall and Watson (Dr. Watson, I Owe You So Much ITD), ATD 1/17
Rose LaBerdia and Star (Galore’s She’s So Sassy ITD), ATD 8/16
Rose LaBerdia and Beemer (Baby Dog Beemer ITD), ATD 8/16
Connie Large CTDI and Aspen (Natalie’s Lovin’ Large 4 The Rockies CGC), ATD 7/16
Patti Stogner and Kenna (Diamond Sky Ray of Sunshine), ATD 7/16
Rachel McKay and Dudley (Tropical Red Dudley), ATD 7/16
Nancy Beeman and Stormy (Bear Cove’s Eye of the Storm ITD), ATD 6/16
Patti Stogner and Kejdi (Kedji Kee Stogner), ATD 6/16
Shawney A. Weisler and Jetty (Wildrose Madcap Jetty ITD), ATD 5/16
Eileen Hershberger and Shelagh (Shelagh CD, RN, ITD), ATD 4/16
Milena Barreto CTDI and Phoebe (Legacy Phoebe), ATD 3/16
Kim Kane CTDI and Monet (Sisco’s Stuck on You), ATD 2/16
Chrissi Schranz and Phoebe (Jasenak Double Trouble), ATD 1/16
Dondi Black CTDI and Toby (Ravenswood Toby Black), ATD 12/15
Lynne Callaghan and Teddy (Threearewild He’s So Fine), ATD 11/15
Connie Large CTDI and Bevviin (Patriot’s Lucky Charm), ATD 10/15
Shauna Dupree and Tessa (Dupree’s Shining Star CGC), ATD 10/15
Karen Holden and Joy (Int’l Am CH Intrigue Spirit of Laetitia CGN, RE, HIC, AGNS, AGNJS,O-NAC, WV-O, TGN, NAP, NJP, PCC Versatile Poodle, ITD), ATD 9/15
Jennifer Harmon and Whisper (Whisper in the Wind BN CD RN RA CGCU), ATD 8/15
Karen Holden and Charm (Laetitia Charmed By A Renegade), ATD 7/15
Cynthia Olcott Blair and Fitzhugh (Sannbar’s Toasted Coconut), ATD 7/15
Catherine Magill and Piper (OTCH. Kushnivas Brielle CGN RE RL3 CRXMCL SHDM IAC), ATD 5/15
Jo Humphrey CTDI and Bella (Bella Star), ATD 5/15
Judith Stoodley CTDI and Luna (Moonshine Magic Moonbeam), ATD 4/15
Cathleen McAllister and Pink (AKC Katie’s Redline Pink Cadillac), ATD 3/15
Wendy Wahman and Jody (Desert Reef’s A Boy Named Jody), ATD 3/15
Katerina Jansen CTDI and Lizzy (), ATD 2/15
Laurie Abrams and Lalique (Chrystal’s Chromed out Classic Silver Cloud), ATD 1/15
Rosemary Wilson and Willow (Laetitia Willow In A Nightwind), ATD 12/14
Jo Humphrey CTDI and Journey (Sterling Lone Star Journey), ATD 8/14
Sheri Throop and Lucy (Lucinda Fae), ATD 3/14
Louann Currey and Cody (Blu Majic’s Little Boy Blu), ATD 7/13
Ann Sheltz CTDI and Polo (Spirit’s Polo Blue), ATD 7/13
Gail Beerman CTDI and Kalia (Windcrest’s Kalia Carolaine), ATD 4/13
Tara Lamper and Tripp (URO3, UKC CH Tintlet Destin Parfait RA, W-FD, CGC, TT, VC), ATD 9/12
Kalin Turri and Oakley (Oakley), ATD 6/12
Debbie Wachel and Maggie (Carlyn Calamity Jane’s Marguerite), ATD 7/11
Debbie Wachel and Penny (Shangri-La Penelope), ATD 7/11
Joyce Stargardt CTDI and Annie (Annabelle Lee), ATD 11/10

Poodle (Toy)

Mary Lantis and Eve (Amity’s Starry Summer Night ITD), ATD 12/16
Karen Anderson and Secret (Hilfiger’s Golden Secret ITD), ATD 12/16
Debbie Bishop and Munchkin (), ATD 4/16
Nicole Vaughn CTDI and Pood (NV My Phillipe), ATD 12/15
Sandra Grimes and Twinkle (Kate’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), ATD 10/15
Alexis Farris and Peanut (Kaalmms Crazy Legs), ATD 9/15
Josephine Henry and Quincy (Quincyfiver), ATD 8/15
Cheryl Slabozeski and Peewee (Peewee Slabozeski), ATD 4/15
Maureen Urso and Buster (Buster Urso), ATD 3/15
Lorna Craig and Quincy (Cyndmisty’s Make My Day), ATD 4/14
Ester Hilmarsdóttir CTDI and Mia (Conan Catchas Mia Millionaire), ATD 1/14
Samantha DeDivitis CTDI and Angelina (Soignes Lil Bit of Heaven, CGCA), ATD 9/13
Patti Smith and Toby (Toby), ATD 1/13
Nova Edgcombe and Poppy (Poppy), ATD 8/12
Penny Noriega CTDI and Roxy (Roxanne Rose II), ATD 7/12

Portuguese Podengo

Diane Lowe CTDI and Buddy (), ATD 11/14

Portuguese Water Dog

Barb Novak and Annie (D’Lite Dockside Masterpiece ITD), ATD 11/16
Brad Bloomquist and Sox (), ATD 7/16
Mary Smallwood CTDI and Tango (Glenwoods Getting To Know You), ATD 11/15
Theresa Wallace and Coco (Eclipse Rosa Claro ITD), ATD 9/15
Elizabeth Dolezal Teller and Zita (Caladesi Be in the Zone, CGC, AWD), ATD 8/15
Jane Kaplan and Gwen (Gwen Kaplan), ATD 10/13
Katarina Coates and Chaplin (Chaplin), ATD 3/13


Christina McCauley CTDI and Felix (), ATD 3/15
Kimberly Lewis CTDI and Briscoe (Briscoe), ATD 6/13

Pyrenean Sheepdog

Jeanna Gwilliam and Kheva (Norlyght Sebelas), ATD 11/13

Pyrenean Shepherd

Lee Ann Simonson and Henri (Chaparral’s High Honour ITD), ATD 12/16
Tricia Waples CTDI and Hayloh (Chaparral’s Hello Heaven), ATD 4/16
Pam Vojtas and Genevieve (Goldenbear’s Genevieve de La Brise), ATD 2/16
Sue Snyder and Pree (GCH CH MACH Burgerhaus Grand Prix RE MXB MJS OF T2B CA RATN), ATD 7/15
Deb Bauer and Brinks (Burgerhaus Highway Robbery), ATD 2/15
Mary Newman and Ace (CH Premier L’s De La Foret RAE, CD, CGC), ATD 1/14
Tricia Waples CTDI and Hivernal (Hivernal du Val du Vent Doré), ATD 12/11
Tricia Waples CTDI and L’eQuippe (Wynsume’s Tessa), ATD 9/11

Queensland Heeler

Travis R. Jorda and Dexter (Dexter Jorda ITD), ATD 1/17
Marla Carrie Dymesich CTDI and Shayna (Shayna Lee Dymesich), ATD 11/14

Rat Terrier

Verna Saxer-Gibson and Halo (Call Me A Blessing ITD), ATD 7/16
Ashley Kutzli and Smallpox (River Ridge’s Itchin’ to Party), ATD 10/15
Hattie Nosko and Copper (), ATD 5/15
Kate Hinner CTDI and Zorro (), ATD 11/13
Paula Nowak CTDI and Curly (Curly), ATD 10/12
Debbie Smith CTDI and Brigit (Ratitatt Faithful Brigit), ATD 8/12

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Ellen Tice and Cruiser (CH Whirlaway’s Double Trouble), ATD 12/15
Ellen Tice and Singer (), ATD 8/15
Avril Young and Loki (Jengachenga Atsama for Imanje ShCM), ATD 7/15
Avril Young and Inca (Veldtkammer Hot News at Jengachenga), ATD 6/15
Avril Young and Sifa (Jengachenga Bold As Brass for Imanje JW ShCM), ATD 6/15
Avril Young and Mika (Imanje Msitu Mashamba), ATD 6/15
Mary Kirby and Brady (Asa Brady Kirby), ATD 3/15
Linda Fishkind CTDI and Nairobi (Msaada Nairobi-Ray), ATD 1/13
Linda Fishkind CTDI and Mia (Msaada Mia Moo), ATD 1/13
Linda Fishkind CTDI and Wink (Msaada Wink), ATD 1/13
Linda Fishkind CTDI and Tucker (Msaada Tucker Too), ATD 1/13
Linda Fishkind CTDI and Amie (Msaada Amie Blamie), ATD 1/13
Linda Fishkind CTDI and Alie (Msaada Alie Gator), ATD 1/13


Mary Villerot and Sampson (), ATD 7/16
Joel Mbungu and Nala (Nala Baby), ATD 2/16
Barb Burgess and Wicca (Akamai Wicked This Way Comes), ATD 1/16
Barb Burgess and Brenna (MoKoBreeze Legacy of Akamai), ATD 1/16
Ana Cilursu and Zoey (Twice the Speed of Life PT RA CD BN ITD HIC), ATD 7/15
Kathy Bach and Kellen (Esmond’s Goddess Arianrhod), ATD 6/15
Christine Vertucci and Omar (Omar Comin’), ATD 3/15
Dawn Clark and Obi (Desert Hills Obi Wan Kenobi), ATD 1/15
Lisa Robinson and Jax (Jax Von Sparg), ATD 1/15
Rich Tamborski CTDI and Ski (Noble Vom Kolin Strasse), ATD 12/14
Shawna Swanson and Legend (CH Ciel Legend Vom Stefanhaus CDX AJP AXP RAE PT CA THD CGC JHD CX BH TDIAV TT), ATD 8/13
Janet Fabian and Roxy (Roxy), ATD 1/13
Christle Alexander ATDI and Alex (Alex Cash), ATD 9/12
Ayoka Bubar and Bear (B.A. Bearacus PCD,CGN,RN,C-RXCL,C-RNT,FOCH), ATD 5/11

Russell Terrier

Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Cooper (Finnabair Anu Maximum Force), ATD 5/16


Brandie Hudecek ATDI and Scarlett Rose (Impala Scarlett Rose of Sea Wind CGCA ATD), ATD 5/15
Brandie Hudecek ATDI and Scorch (FC Sea Wind’s Dragon Fire RN SC FCh CGC), ATD 10/11
Brandie Hudecek ATDI and Draco (FC Sea Wind’s Dragonheart CD RE SC FCh CGC), ATD 9/11


Mary Winchowky and Andor (Ivory Storm’s White Eagle of Asgard), ATD 3/16
Lisa Marino CTDI and Gelato (), ATD 11/15
Casey Dalton and Nico (Nico de Mayo of Kabeara, CGC), ATD 10/15
Lisa Marino CTDI and Zamboni (Windsong’s Ice Princess Zamboni), ATD 7/15
Lisa Marino CTDI and Biscotti (Mystical’s Dolci Biscotti Bacio di Cioccolati), ATD 2/15
Pamela Lewis and Laika (Poltergeist’s Lake Effect), ATD 2/15
Lisa Marino CTDI and Spumoni (Mystical’s Favorite Flavor Spumoni), ATD 9/14
Leslie Loughman and Chewie (Chewbacca), ATD 3/14


Kathy Swan and Gracie (Olympic Crest Amazing Grace), ATD 1/17
Kathy Swan and Missy (Olympic Crest Ain’t Misbehavin’), ATD 1/17
Troy Post ATDI and Kaia (), ATD 12/16
Laura Wilson and Sonic (Sonic Scream), ATD 7/15
Laura Wilson and Pi (Life of Pi), ATD 7/15
Martha Bailey CTDI and Furby (Mt. Mist’s Perfect Storm), ATD 7/14
Lorraine Moule CTDI and Spud (Ch. Sunrise On Sailors Watch), ATD 7/14
Lorraine Moule CTDI and Chaos (Ch. Mt. Mist’s Spirit of Sunrise), ATD 7/14
Virginia Donovan and Wolfie (Wolfie), ATD 5/12
Denise Lacey ATDI and Tillie (Kurakuma’s Shelter From The Storm), ATD 11/11

Schnauzer (Giant)

Marti B. Friedman KPA-CTP and Karma (Karma Pink Friedman), ATD 2/17
Jessica Frost and Atlas (U-CD Tanglewood’s Atlas Forgiven, CD RE), ATD 4/12

Schnauzer (Miniature)

Natalie Duberow CTDI and Sophie (Darla the Rescued Rascal), ATD 2/16
Emily Wong and JoJo (Sir Dancing Joseph of Motherlode), ATD 4/15
Kym Jarvis and Ben (), ATD 3/15
Susan Kay Gibboney and Midnight (Forever Ready Blessed Midnight), ATD 2/15
Kym Jarvis and Harry (), ATD 2/15
Kym Jarvis and Hank (), ATD 1/15
Norma Loepp and Caitie (Caitlyn von Loepp), ATD 9/14
Robby Klair and Nemo (Nemo XV CA CGCA), ATD 5/14
Janice Tronick CTDI and Miles (Bonirose’s Miles Davis), ATD 3/14
Eleanor Bradley and Ari (Scandals Ari Bradley), ATD 2/13
Sharon Hobbs ATDI and Ava (Ava CGC), ATD 10/12

Schnauzer (Standard)

Andrea Ferguson Jones and Ryder (Dinsdale’s Weight of a Nation ITD), ATD 1/17
Jill Mitchell and Kristal (Bianca Mia Z Romorv CGC), ATD 5/16


Mary Brick and Pepper (Pepper), ATD 6/13
Malcolm & Keryn White and Harley (Harley), ATD 3/13

Scottish Terrier

Joyce Knowles CTDI and McKenzie (McKenzie Aberdeen), ATD 8/12
Joyce Knowles CTDI and Kandi Ann (Kandi Ann), ATD 8/12

Shetland Sheepdog

Ashley Castro and Gossip (Redemption’s Mouth of the South NA NAJ ITD), ATD 2/17
Kim Boyes and Syrah (HyperHounds Foreign Affair ITD), ATD 1/17
Dayna Dreger and Bennett (Canyonview The Lady Is A Tramp ITD), ATD 11/16
Dayna Dreger and Romeo (Canyonview Forever Romantic ITD), ATD 11/16
Kevin Alexander and Rogue (Herdabout Rogue Runner ITD), ATD 10/16
Cindy Pratt and Jaya (Weiss Jaya Laksmaya ITD), ATD 10/16
Sandy Clark and Chili (Jade Mist Chili ITD), ATD 9/16
Kary Starling and Danica (Casmor Fast N Furious ITD), ATD 8/16
Diane Whitehill and Corey (Prelude’s Hill Correspondent ITD), ATD 8/16
Joan Christensen and Simmie (Ciel Brae Simeon ITD), ATD 6/16
Ellen Bloomfield and Ribbon (Lynnlea’s Buttons And Bows ITD), ATD 5/16
Michelle Fronheiser and Izzie (Lochlyn’s Blue Angel), ATD 4/16
Marilyn V. Johnson CTDI and Ron (Novella’s Magical Me CGC, RA, RO1, ITD), ATD 4/16
Kelly Conn and Abby (Kimark It’s About Time), ATD 3/16
Kelly Conn and Ripley (Kimark Believe It Or Not), ATD 3/16
Heather Pohlman CTDI and Phantom (Ciel Brae Phantom of the Moors), ATD 2/16
Michelle Yackovich and Gio (Glendower’s Wallie Giovanni), ATD 2/16
Morgan Vance and Shadow (Blue Shadow on the Lake OA AXJ TDI CGC), ATD 12/15
Natalie Bridger Watson and Indi (Ink Throw Down the Gauntlet CGC), ATD 11/15
Ashley Stanley ATDI and Mickie (), ATD 10/15
Kevin Alexander and Cinder (Princess Cinderella), ATD 9/15
Dawn M. Fleischhacker and Reba (Weis The Heart Won’t Lie), ATD 9/15
Audrey Carter CTDI and Fun (Qsim’s It’s All Fun and Games), ATD 8/15
Deb Bauer and Treasure (Missouri Snowy Treasure), ATD 7/15
Valerie Smith CTDI and CJ (Shadow Hills Colby Jack “CJ”), ATD 7/15
Linda Unger and Travis (OTCH Jandale Going First Class UDX, OM2, BN, PUTD, PCDX, RN ), ATD 6/15
Renee Shriver ATDI and Melody (Pineland’s Unchained Melody), ATD 5/15
Alexandra Merkel and Sadie (Beautiful Mercedes z Hermanova dvora), ATD 5/15
Kary Starling and Sasha (Casmor Twist of Fate), ATD 5/15
Deb Bauer and Vegas (), ATD 5/15
Lori Leslie and Izzy (Herdabout the Need for Speed), ATD 4/15
Leah Glynn CTDI and Xander (My T Hi’s X Factor), ATD 4/15
Carol Millman CTDI and Odin (Shelhaven’s Nordic Sky), ATD 4/15
Diane Smith and Holly (Holly Hopscotch), ATD 4/15
Nancy Brooks CTDI and Franklin (The Fantastic Franklin), ATD 3/15
Patricia J. Nash and Chase (Chase’s Farm), ATD 3/15
Valorie Lennox and Crumpit (Agile Girls Got Rhythm), ATD 2/15
Kelly Conn and Aslan (Toven FairIsle A Higher Belief), ATD 2/15
Caroline Hunt and Magnus (Bodacious Moon over Magnus CDX GN GO RAE3 OA OAJ OF THDA CGCA), ATD 1/15
Diana Fors and Sallee (Sallee Snickers Delight), ATD 1/15
Penny Hanson and Piper (Conestoga Piperjet Blu Star), ATD 1/15
Carol Guth and Twist (Dreamseed Oliver Twist), ATD 12/14
Deb Bauer and Owen (Kellene’s Owen McBean), ATD 12/14
Dorothy Wiland and Alexander (), ATD 11/14
Kary Starling and Harper (Casmor Harpers Bazaar), ATD 9/14
Judy Fegan and Sima (Ridgeway’s Jump for Joy), ATD 9/14
Lorraine von Trott and Alex (Kaskia Sunshine and Smiles), ATD 7/14
Kary Starling and Baiden (Casmor Battle Royale), ATD 7/14
Shanice Tan ATDI and Nova (Novacrista Our Forever Star), ATD 7/14
Dorothy Wiland and Oliver (Lairds Little Oliver), ATD 6/14
Kary Starling and Jazz (Jade Mist All That Jazz), ATD 3/14
Diane Martin ATDI and Diesel (), ATD 3/14
Gail Robbins and Shellie (Donlyn’s Oh, Gail, Shellied), ATD 3/14
Amy Dalena and Pj (BluLae The Beach Boy), ATD 2/14
Kathy Chervenka and Tag (Karefree Kynan Mactaggart), ATD 10/13
Kary Starling and Foxy (Snow Isle Follow the Wynd), ATD 8/13
Karen Darney and Robbie (Plails Rob Roy), ATD 8/13
Judy Fegan and Keir (Laird Keir of Casmor), ATD 8/13
Sarah Ellis CTDI and Charlie (Charlie), ATD 8/13
Darlene Sugiyama and MacDuff (Coastalviews’ Mr MacDuff), ATD 4/13
Connie Fleming and Morgan (Enchantress Morgan Le Fay, RE, AX, AXJ, MXP6, MJP6, PAX, NF MFP, NTD, ITD, ATD), ATD 4/13
Melaney Mathews and Brody (MBPIG Ch Greendor’s Ain’t Misbehavin ITD), ATD 3/13
Renee Shriver ATDI and Oscar (Boo Boo’s Second Chance), ATD 2/13
Josie Doolette and Hamish (Beauideal Once You Go Black CCD TD PT), ATD 10/12
Lorraine von Trott and Stewart (Kaskia Rocky Mountain High), ATD 8/12
Lorraine von Trott and Reggie (Kaskia Heaven Help Us), ATD 6/12
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Brody (Sweet Brody of Eddleman Hill CGC, RN, AXJ, OA, OF, CL4), ATD 4/12
Felicia The CTDI and Bella (Bella Miralonze The), ATD 3/12
Felicia The CTDI and Bailey (Bailey Miralonze The), ATD 3/12
Michelle Chan CTDI and Romeo (Romeo Sangiovese), ATD 3/12
Michelle Chan CTDI and Juliet (Sharndah Star Crossed Luva), ATD 3/12
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Misty (C-Mar Lilac Mist CGC ATD), ATD 2/12
Amber Caldwell and Maverick (Southern Boy Maverick), ATD 11/11
Kelly Roche CTDI and Bailey (Valley View Irish Cream), ATD 10/11
Michelle Hope CTDI and Rhythm (Kendale’s Swept Away), ATD 9/11
Nancy Jane Haupt ATDI and Daisy (), ATD 3/11
Gail Robbins and Skye (Clantyre Blu Skye Gail’s Limit CGC, TDI,RL1,RL2,UCH), ATD 12/10
Jacob Hollingsworth CTDI and Chara (Shadow Hill Chara Tes Zoes RN, CGC, CCT, NTD, ITD), ATD 7/10

Shiba Inu

Mary Hager CTDI and Trixie (CH Kishi’s Tricky Trixie), ATD 8/16
Nakiva Cleveland CTDI and Mushu (Little Red Dragon), ATD 5/16
Lindsay Oakley CTDI and Lexie (Koyote Kennels Lexie), ATD 2/13

Shih Tzu

Linda Damiani and Bullet (), ATD 11/16
Caroline Loughman and Murphy (), ATD 9/16
Lorraine Wodiska and Stella (Stella of Laurelwood), ATD 2/16
Kelly Jean Zen and Jett (Marquis’ Kohl Parker Jett Blue, CGCA, RE), ATD 8/15
Stephen Miller and Jazz (ARCHMX Olive's Grove Sweet Jasmine RE, CD-C, BN, TDI), ATD 1/12

Shiloh Shepherd

Leigh Sylvester and Kingston (Phenoms Castle Of My Heart ITD), ATD 5/16
Elisabeth Shea and Penny (Miracle’s Most Faithful), ATD 8/14
Aleksandra Hayden and Shakti (Dayspring’s Spirit of Shakti), ATD 7/09


Paula Martyn and Pippin (Pippin), ATD 11/13

Siberian Husky

Kathy Rasmussen CTDI and Bubbles (Liyaza Whispering Pines Spring Breeze ITD), ATD 9/16
AshLee Pezzuto and Simba (King Of Pride Rock CGC), ATD 12/15
Erin Hildahl and Boomer (Hildahl’s Quietly Making Noise), ATD 10/15
Erin Hildahl and Timber (Hildahl’s SNO Summit Defying Gravity), ATD 10/15
Margaret Duclos and Royal (Windswept’s Diamond Royale), ATD 4/15
Helen Hargett CTDI and Trapper (Kobars Yukon Trapper), ATD 1/15
Marsha Montgomery and Loki (), ATD 8/14
Ashley Stanley ATDI and Maya (Sherakan’s Arctic Savior), ATD 5/14
Monique Engemann and Sierra (Sierra Myst), ATD 3/14
Kim Mayes CTDI and Seppala (Seppala’s Silver Sun King), ATD 6/11
Pamela Johnson CTDI and Isabelle (Isabelle), ATD 12/10

Silken Windhound

Lisa Finlay and Willow (UCh Springlane’s Selene CGN), ATD 4/16
Ruth Ann Miller and Kohl (UCI Junior Champion Starfyre Chrysocolla), ATD 4/14

Silky Terrier

Joyanne Wood and Callie (Wyncliff’s Cameo Calla Lily ITD), ATD 11/16

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Angelina Jung and Cody (), ATD 12/16
Karen Smith and Teddy (Teddy CGCB FD RA ITD), ATD 3/16
Michelle O’Neill and Cianan (Lil’ Town Cianan Irish Flirt of Ardnacassa), ATD 1/16
Mary Kugel and Seamus (MM Irish Doodle Dandy RN RA BTD ITD), ATD 10/15
Dorice Stancher CTDI and Krista (Can CH Holweit’s Red Grenadine CGC, CGCA, RN, ThD, HI, RN (CKC)), ATD 4/15
Linda Keehn CTDI and Peachy (Peachy Keehn), ATD 3/15

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Odette Pidcock CTDI and Hippo (), ATD 11/16
Amanda Chudobiak and Gambit (Wimaru’s Berlin Wall ITD), ATD 9/16
Tim Corun and Penny (Massie’s Here to Stay CGC ITD), ATD 9/16
Tim Corun and Justus (Ch Massie’s That’s a Promise RN CGC ITD), ATD 9/16
Barbara McDonald and Legend (), ATD 8/16
Estelle Low and Dante (Dante’s Infurno), ATD 8/16
Jeannine Nienaber and Shamone (Stofano Shamony), ATD 5/15
Louise Twinberrow ATDI and Moomin (), ATD 5/15
Kath Howie and River (), ATD 4/15
Patricia Kilmore and Rocky (), ATD 4/15
Karen Brown and Gemma (), ATD 3/15
Louise Twinberrow ATDI and Jimmy (Master James), ATD 2/15
Stef Roulet and Kai (), ATD 9/14
Stace Houghton CTDI and Jess (), ATD 7/14
Stace Houghton CTDI and Buster (), ATD 7/14
Louise Stapleton-Frappell CTDI and Jambo (Warrior for Life), ATD 5/13
Fernando Brown ATDI and Minky (Minky Moo Bear), ATD 10/11

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Fay Benjamin and Stevie (), ATD 5/15
Hazel Flanigan and Duke (Amazing Jumping Duke), ATD 4/15

Standard Poodle

Lezlie Couch and Magic (Saneval’s Summertime Magic), ATD 2/17
Anita Quinn CTDI and Buster (), ATD 8/15

Sussex Spaniel

Angela Monaghan and Maverick (CH Sundowners Repeat Fire RAE CD CGC), ATD 11/15
Ann McGloon and Tollie (Quarr Tollard Royal, ITD), ATD 5/15

Swedish Vallhund

Rochelle Helminski CTDI and Gambler (AZ-MT Sol Gambler), ATD 5/15
Karen Stasky CTDI and Nissa (Dangas Pomperipossa-Z), ATD 3/14
Michelle Fromm and Zar (Caliente Once In A Blue Moon), ATD 8/13

Thai Ridgeback Dog

Alina Geishofer ATDI and Anantachai (Anantachai Aekh-Thai von Amon Sul), ATD 1/15

Tibetan Mastiff

Caroline Hughes and Bugsby (Carramia Black Bugsby at Jamalaca), ATD 6/15

Tibetan Spaniel

Toni Rohlke and Nike (Delmar’s Just Do It for Tara), ATD 4/13

Tibetan Terrier

Julie Flanery and Kashi (), ATD 12/15
Sarah Ellis CTDI and Lola (Playtime Looby Lou @ Calypsong), ATD 1/14
Gay Stahley and Devon (CH (AKC/UKC/INTL) Euphoria’s The Emerald Diamond CGC, ITD), ATD 6/12

Toy Fox Terrier

Cynthia Margenau CTDI and Wanda (Wonderful Wanda O’BJ, PCD, BN, RA, ITD), ATD 5/15

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Mary Frelinger and Moxie (Massachusetts Moxie CGC ITD), ATD 9/16


Jennie Croft and Winter (Hilldale’s Winter Warrior CMF ITD), ATD 12/16
Susan Palocsay and Sarika (Dynata’s Bound to Love), ATD 7/16
Linda Kush and Roxie (RoxieAnna), ATD 5/16
Julie Holmes and Seven (Mehagian’s Lucky Number RN CGC), ATD 9/15
Heather Smith and Wally (Aurelia’s Waltz of Life FDJ), ATD 5/15
Michelle Grünzweig and Cecco (), ATD 5/15
Anna Craig and Strider (Firelight’s Cariad Elgin Geronimo), ATD 5/15
Karen Berk and Yoshi (Yoshi!), ATD 3/15
Connie Priesz CTDI and Molly (Little Girl Molly THDA, THD, CGC), ATD 1/15
Heidi Cavagnaro CTDI and Opie (Opie Cavagnaro), ATD 12/14
Donna Nisleit and Kash (CH Nyircsaszari Tars Zold Kashmere BN RA NA OAJ NAP OJP ITD), ATD 11/14
Renee Russell and Luey (Shramko’s Storm Surge), ATD 9/14
Renee Russell and Bailey (HighRidge’s Firecracker), ATD 9/14
Corrine Sellars and Bodi (UKC BIS, UKC/CKC CH Varazs Mokany Kiralyi Orban FDJ, CGN, URO1, NAVHDA NA Pz 1, JH, ITD), ATD 11/12
Sue Brown and Romeo (Derby's Pilgrim to Rome), ATD 8/12
Josh Allen CTDI and Austin (Eveningstars Int'l Dog of Mystery), ATD 4/11

Vizsla (Smooth-Haired)

Igor Moshynskyy and Marcus Aurelius (Vizslavilla’s Dragon Copper,FDJ, RA,PCD,NTD,NAVHDA NA (Prz 1), VHDF HAE), ATD 9/15


Lauren Crooks and Willma (), ATD 9/16
Ashley McLure and Margaux (Maxed Out Margaux FDCh-S ITD), ATD 9/16
Linda Kush and Riley (), ATD 7/16
Cristi Theriot and Covey (Int. CH, National CH, UCH, RO1 Bluerivers First on Point JH, RN, RATS), ATD 12/15
Simone Johnston and Kairos (Hollowhills Prince Cole), ATD 5/15
Teri Rice and Vivi (CH Regen’s Ready for The Party, JH, CDX,OA, OAJ, CGC, NW2), ATD 4/15
Teri Rice and Maile (CH Regen’s It’s My Party, CGC, NW1), ATD 4/15
Barb Herringshaw and Jazper (Greyghost Fuzzy Zone), ATD 3/15
Jo Anne Lefebvre and Comanche (Instar’s Flyin Piper Comanche), ATD 11/14
Dorothy Kellerhall and Rocky (Sporting Acres Rocky Mountain High BN, RE), ATD 10/14
George J.M. Vos CTDI and Prince (Meander Goldstrike Griffin ITD), ATD 10/14
Mary May CTDI and Cocoa (Cocoa Puffs), ATD 6/14
Gretchen Stephenson CTDI and Avi (FIREMARK’S SILVER SHOT OCTAVIA, VCD1, MH, SDX, RDX, VX2), ATD 12/13
Andrea Dugger and Lexi (Lexi Dugger), ATD 4/13
Maritza Rivera Santana and Hiccup (Hiccup), ATD 5/12
Tristan Barnum CTDI and Kira (Fraulein Kira Der Schmetterling), ATD 3/12

Weimaraner (Longhaired)

Nina Fotara CTDI and Faith (Astraios Earth Angel), ATD 6/15
Gabriella Fotara and Rhea (Waldwiese Carpe Diem at Astraios (IMP AUS)), ATD 3/14
Debbie Allery and Tyler (Thrihyrne Trickster to Whitecross), ATD 12/11
Nina Fotara CTDI and Kodiak (Morpheus Ruler of Dreams at Astraios), ATD 9/11

Welsh Sheepdog

Rebecca Jewsbury CTDI and Alexis (), ATD 3/15

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Barbara Zike and Gracie (Crosswind’s Amazing Grace, CGC), ATD 9/15
Nicola James and Seren (Tywysoges Yfigin), ATD 5/15

West Highland White Terrier

Nancy Brodesser and Lizza (Royale Lady Lizza), ATD 8/16
Louise Pyper and Angus (), ATD 8/15
Angelika Nagel and Emmely (Emmely Erdbeer vom Hadler Land), ATD 4/15
Stephanie Capkovic and Joyce (Bella Vista’s Erin Go Braghlass), ATD 2/15
Gina Cornett and Jasmine (), ATD 10/14
Sue Ahern and Cosmo (Ballyhoo’s Blue Cosmic Blizzard), ATD 6/14
Carole Thornton and Stella (Windacre On Track With Stella), ATD 4/14
Debbie Moore and Sport (Just For Sport), ATD 11/12


Olive Carder and Poppy (Rambling Rose), ATD 8/16
Olive Carder and Petal (Climbing Rose), ATD 8/16
Melody McMichael ATDI and Tally (Finghin’s Charming Pirate), ATD 5/15
Lauri Austin and Moe (Surreyhill Diablesse The Morel Of The Story), ATD 3/15
Heather Purdy and Breeze (Breeze), ATD 5/12
Diana Cognigni and Jake (Timbreblue’s Mysterious Dream Warrior), ATD 11/11

White Shepherd

Arleen Ravanelli and Shira (Royal Shylo’s Nashira), ATD 9/15

White Shepherd Dog

Carolyn Murray CTDI and Scout (SureFire Jean Louise), ATD 7/15
Sandra Stranninger and Finjas (Finjas von Tirol), ATD 4/15
Lorraine Moule CTDI and Hope (CH. Braehead’s Hy-Hope for Mt. Mist), ATD 2/14
Carolyn Murray CTDI and Cooper (Patchwork’s Special Agent Cooper), ATD 4/13

Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless)

Jennie Fiendish and Stitch (Experiment 626 Stitch), ATD 2/15

Yorkshire Terrier

Shelley Ventura and Indy (Indiana Bones), ATD 1/16
Beverly Miller and Mocha (Marvelous Mocha), ATD 9/15
Beverly Miller and Morgan (Magical Morgan), ATD 9/15
Dee Farrell and Pebbles (Princess Pebbles O’Farrell), ATD 2/15
Thomas Bandi and Amber Star (Bandi’s Amber Star), ATD 8/13
Phyllis Bandi and Tiffany (Bandi’s Tiffany), ATD 8/13
Esther Horn and Danté (Danté), ATD 10/12
MaryAnn Campbell ATDI and Chance (Yorkie Park’s Chances Are), ATD 6/12



Testimonials ATD

"I had a lot of fun doing these applications and teaching new tricks. I surprised myself with how much my dog knew!" Watch video of Townshend
— Jennifer Bailey and Townshend ATD, and Gibson ITD


"What a great program this is! Ruby and I are working toward our advanced title."
— Gina Lyn Hayes, "Just Dogs Training" and Ruby NTD


"I am getting Leia ready for her obedience CD and RA and loved taking a break to teach her some new, fun tricks!" Watch video
— Susan Cribbs and Leia