Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD) title holders


Dani Rosenberry & James Underwood and Eve (Watermark Back To The Beginning At Edan Hill, C.G.C., C.G.C.A., C.G.C.U., R.N., T.H.D.N.), ITD 1/17
Dani Rosenberry & James Underwood and Chimp (Ch. Nim Chimpsky v Tani Kazari, C.G.G., C.G.C.A., C.G.C.U., R.N., T.H.D.N., N.T.D.), ITD 1/17

Airedale Terrier

Terry Younkins and Zeke (Ezekiel’s Bold Vision CD, RA, CGC, SHFur, JHV, BHO, BHI, NTD), ITD 7/16
Terry Younkins and Cali (IcePond Shenandoah Scalawag CGC, RLP, NTD), ITD 7/16
Terry Younkins and Eli (Strongbow Eli’s Coming CD, BN, RE, RATO, RATI,RL1, JHFur, NTD, CGC), ITD 6/16
Linda Brendlinger and Spirit (Coldstream Intrepid Spirit CGC RN BN CD THD RATI RATN NTD), ITD 6/16
Kay Nellis and Capella Rose (Eclipse When Stars Align), ITD 8/15
Lori Taylor and Claire (Trevorwood Hope for Clear Skies, CGC, TDI), ITD 8/15
Deborah Manheim and The Wendy Darling (Coldstream Unforgettable You), ITD 6/14
Debra Grimm and Kaleigh (Kaleigh Rose Grimm), ITD 6/14
Kay Pitkin and Tia (Seneca Autumn Summe Rose), ITD 5/14
Marsha Tabor and Lily (Aberdeen Sweet Tarte), ITD 12/13


Judith Kelly and Monroe (Ch. Nakodo’s Pin Up Girl TT NTD), ITD 3/17
Nancy Almann and Toka (Kumite Diamond’s Willow Creek Codotoka NTD), ITD 11/16
Amy McArdle and Koji (Big Benz In The Hot Seat), ITD 5/16
Nancy Almann and Kiyo (Big Benz Willow Creek’s Kiyomi), ITD 5/15
Shannon Miller and Noel (Zephyrs Noel Baissier CD, BN, RN, THD, CGCA), ITD 11/14
John Hadfield ATDI and Reggie (Eiserntor’s Revolutionary Regematic), ITD 9/13
Judith Kelly and Apple (URO1 Nakodo’s DejaVu, BN, RN, THD, VAX, TDIG, TWT, CGC, TT), ITD 12/10

Alaskan Husky

Lynzie Bacchus CTDI and Kei (), ITD 4/17

Alaskan Klee Kai

Jennifer Hsia and Adara (‘PR’ AliAK’s Hearts on Fire), ITD 1/17
Stef Roulet and Nuka (Tanit Tribe Shall We Dance NTD), ITD 10/16
Catherine J. Lingle CTDI and Shila (UKC P’R’ BB Cook’s Autumn Flame), ITD 2/16
Robin Carlstrom CTDI and Tuvok (BBCook’s Tuvok), ITD 2/16
Jennifer Hsia and Tolkien (‘PR’ Allerian’s Legendarium v AliAK), ITD 1/16
Jennifer Hsia and Lyra (AliAK’s Her DArKK Materials NTD), ITD 1/16
Jennifer Hsia and Maya (Kodiakk’s Fiscal Reckoning Day), ITD 5/15
Jennifer Hsia and Kodah (‘PR’ Boston’s Tumultuous Rebellion), ITD 5/15

Alaskan Malamute

Chelsea Murray and Lennon (Vykon’s Ixa I’m a Dreamer at Ilannak NTD), ITD 4/17
Nathalie Villaroman and Nikita (Deka Wolf’s BellaRocca Love NTD), ITD 7/16
Linda Boggs ATDI and Galena (), ITD 5/16
Nichole Royer and Raven (Int/Nat (puppy) Ch Kwest’s Trickster Spirit), ITD 7/15
Jackie Wyandt and Blitzen (Shadow Crests Dash Away All BN, RE, RL1, NTD, GCGA ), ITD 5/15
Betty Ryan and Gypsy (Iron Pride’s Gypsy), ITD 5/15
Michelle Dart ATDI and Logan (Cristakell Confringo of Kasatochi), ITD 10/14
Ruth Martyn and Wynona (Weyekin’s Dances with Wolves), ITD 9/14
Ruth Martyn and Summer (Weyekin’s Here Comes Summer), ITD 9/14
Lynsay Walker and Maida (CAN Ch, CFC Jr Ch, Moonsnoe’s Automatic Flowers CGN), ITD 9/14
Hollie Lohff and Lola (Kwest for a Working Girl), ITD 7/14
Eva Kifri CTDI and Magaidh (Kwest’s Reddy For Action), ITD 5/14
Eva Kifri CTDI and Bjorn (Kwest’s Bjorn To Run), ITD 5/14
Nichole Royer and Never (UKC GrCh/Int Ch Kwest’s Kwoth The Raven CGC), ITD 4/14
Sarah Todd and Oonah (UCD, URO1, UWP Kloud Burst’s Brown Eyed Girl, CGC, BN, TT, CD, RAE, NTD), ITD 8/13
Nicole Peterson and Akira (Warsong’s Akira of Chinook), ITD 4/13
Lynsay Walker and Maverick (Moonsnoe’s Top Gun BA), ITD 9/12
Joanna Cronquist and Louie (Louie), ITD 7/12
Nichole Royer and Kwest (Wencinja’s Kodiak Kwest CGC CD RN WPD WTD WLD WWPD WWPDX), ITD 3/11
Nichole Royer and Kwin (Am/Nat/Int/UKC Ch Wencinja’s Out Of The Kwestion CGC CD RN WPD WTD WWPD), ITD 3/11

American Bulldog

Michelle Hoile ATDI and Nina (), ITD 2/17
Anne-Marie Smith CTDI and Mai Tai (Tropic Dreams Mai Tai and Sunny Beaches), ITD 2/16
Cathleen Burnett and Jaycee (Jaycee Burnett), ITD 11/15
Nancy Schwarzer and Kiwi (Shetan Bulls The Promis of Kiwi), ITD 3/15
Paige Marcotte and Kane (), ITD 3/15
Roxann Wilkinson CTDI and Wally (), ITD 1/15
Becky Wolfe and Ferran (Fast Track to OK of Norcal), ITD 4/14

American Bully

Marivi Laurel and Elmo (), ITD 10/16
Charyce Solven ATDI and Kali (), ITD 4/16

American Cocker Spaniel

Carrie Kaysen CTDI and Bitsy (), ITD 5/16
Gloria Hrabina and Carbon (Seascapes Carbon Copy), ITD 11/15
Carol Happel and Lilly (Anxmassong’s Tropical Lilly), ITD 10/15
Tara Halligan ATDI and Whimsy (Nonnies Sweet ‘n’ Whimsical), ITD 7/15
Carrie Kaysen CTDI and Dexter (), ITD 5/14
Soraya Fuchs and Zoey (Zoey Fuchs), ITD 4/14

American Eskimo Dog

Mary Louise Hodgson and Nikki (Nikki Rose), ITD 2/17
Christina Young CTDI and Riker (), ITD 11/16
Karen Conrad and Zeno (Emperor Zeno of Peyton NTD), ITD 8/16
Francis Micham CTDI and Snowball (Micham’s Silverflake Snowball), ITD 3/16
Sherrie M. Bartell and Zurie (Zurie Bartell), ITD 2/16
Jenifer Brimmer and Gabby (Wright Pikatti Warrior Woman 2), ITD 9/14
Jenifer Brimmer and Lily (Pikatti’s Ima Star), ITD 7/14
Jenifer Brimmer and Clara (Pikatti’s Stitch In Time), ITD 3/14
Jenifer Brimmer and Serena (Pikatti’s Undying Spirit), ITD 9/13
Jenifer Brimmer and Abby (Pikatti’s Fleeting Storm), ITD 12/12
Robin Murray CTDI and Henry (Henry Jones Murray), ITD 11/11
Stephanie Mitchell and Hugo (Happy Hugo Voyager), ITD 10/11

American Hairless Terrier

Renee Sainato and Siren (Floridays Song of the Sea), ITD 3/17
Susan Brasel and Mischief (R01 Inter/Nat CH Hi Life Gaffer’s Ain’t Misbehavin DJ RN NTD), ITD 2/15

American Hairless Terrier (coated)

Charlotte Hederen and Zappa (Sundial ahtfans American Zappa), ITD 11/15

American Pit Bull Terrier

Aslyn Estill and Kiva (), ITD 4/17
Tenille Gross and RJ (RJ NTD), ITD 4/17
Rosemary Elwell and Lily (Lily Dale- A Melody Unchained NTD), ITD 1/17
Conor Orsillo-Null and Brom (Old Glory’s Red White and Blue NTD), ITD 1/17
Brittney Souza ATDI and Spot (), ITD 10/16
Maureen Stevens CTDI and Daisy (Daisy Mae Pup Pup NTD), ITD 8/16
Lynne Zinnel and Bell (), ITD 6/16
Lynne Zinnel and Klink (), ITD 6/16
Valerie Vail and Max (Maximum Avenger NTD), ITD 3/16
Deborah Root and Ayla (), ITD 2/16
Therese Weiner and Notorious QT Pi (T.W.’s Patch O Notorious QT Pi, ITD), ITD 1/16
Noelle Saladin CTDI and Nova (), ITD 12/15
Becky Gregory and Mason (), ITD 12/15
Janet Byrum and Scooter (Scooter Byrum), ITD 10/15
Becky Gregory and Bosley (), ITD 3/15
Deborah Root and Zip (), ITD 3/15
Therese Weiner and DRACARYS (T’s Patch O Smalltown Dracarys), ITD 2/15
Megan Baker and Hero (Walker Bait’s Pathogen), ITD 1/15
Alicia Harantschuk CTDI and Vegas (Viva Miss Vegas), ITD 7/14
Tiffany Lambert ATDI and Armani (), ITD 6/14
Michelle Jackson and Bubba (Syrus), ITD 3/14
Marilyn Lorenzo and Romeo (), ITD 3/14
Richard Frejomil II and Rocky (), ITD 2/14
Therese Weiner and Samurai (CH Patch O’ T Starz WhtRck Samurai, DNA-VIP, OFAca, OFApa), ITD 1/14
Therese Weiner and Touché (T’s Patch O I’ll B PutN-M2Shame, CGC, Therapy Dog, OFAca, OFApa), ITD 1/14
Therese Weiner and BODACIOUS (CH T’s Patch O Built-M2B Invincibl, CGC, Therapy Dog, ADBA Safe Dog 1, OFAca, OFApa), ITD 12/13
Therese Weiner and Patchronus Charm (CH T’s Patch O Steel Patronus Charm NW1, S.T.A.R. Puppy, CGC, Therapy Dog, OFAca, OFApa), ITD 12/13
Melquan King ATDI and Coco (Coco King), ITD 5/13
Lisa Heathco and Domino (Domino), ITD 12/12
Patricia Knol and Dela (Delamaine), ITD 5/12
Michelle Dunlap and Amber (Harmony’s Amber Lee Outlaw, CGC), ITD 2/12
Hanna Fushihara and Derek (Derek Jeter), ITD 12/11
Lydia DesRoche CTDI and Red (Mr. Red Jefferson Walker DesRoche), ITD 11/11
Cassie-Leigh Stock CTDI and Spark (Stock’s Stewart’s Spark Plugge, CGC), ITD 6/11

American Shepherd (Miniature)

Erica Beattie and Jitterbug (4 Clovers Shake Rattle N Roll NTD), ITD 3/17
Erica Beattie and Ditto (4 Clovers Carbon Copy NTD), ITD 2/17
Tara Paulsen and Honor (FHF On Faith’s Honor NTD), ITD 2/17
Michelle Vallance and Dash (Finny’s Blame It All On My Roots CGC NTD), ITD 1/17
Erica Beattie and Java (Away To Me Caffe Americano NTD), ITD 10/16
Hunter Stillwell and Duke (Battlefield’s Duke of Selma, CGC, NTD), ITD 9/16
Tami Dettinger and Holly (Finny’s High Flying Holly NTD), ITD 7/16
Aleandra Ryan-Plasil CTDI and Rowan (Leddy’s Little Red One NTD), ITD 7/16
Yvonne Ferrell and Zoey (Blue Run’s Princess Zoey Rose), ITD 5/16
Erica Beattie and Iris (4 Clovers Rainbow Connection NTD), ITD 4/16
Diane LaPoma and Cooper (Triple R’s Shot Through the Heart Cupid), ITD 4/16
Mary Ann Sanford and LeeRoy (LeeRoy Brown Frederick CGC BN NTD DSA), ITD 7/15
Jan Sund and Coury (FHF Braveheart), ITD 7/15
Jett Wyatt and Tazer (Makanalong’s Shock Value), ITD 5/15
Jamie Bicknell CTDI and Hallie (Desert Sun’s Chasing Dragonflies at Makanalong), ITD 5/15
Kacy Reighter and Trigger (Desert Sun’s Pull That Trigger), ITD 5/15
Kacy Reighter and Le Rêve (Desert Sun’s Painted Piccasso), ITD 5/15
Blanche Bast and Mocha (Mocha Bean), ITD 3/15
Jennifer McLean and Faust (Outlaw’s Total Knock Out), ITD 3/15
J. Melinda Cribb and Fizz (Wee Witty’s Toast To The New Year), ITD 2/15
Lex Blanton and Faith (Cantrells Have Faith in Miracles), ITD 2/15
Heather Jones and Oakley (Legacy’s Sureshot), ITD 9/14
Erica Beattie and MaCree (Battlefield’s No.1 Cree-ation at 4Clovers), ITD 9/14
Christine Porter and Bindi (), ITD 7/14
Liz Maslow and Koda (Wigglebutt’s Kodak Moment), ITD 7/14
Wendy Bemis CTDI and Adrian (Deaf-Defying Adrian CGC), ITD 4/14
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Desi (Birchview’s Destiny OJC, TN-N, TG-N, JHD, CGC), ITD 3/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Magic (Alta Vista Do You Believe in Magic - RN), ITD 3/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Faith (Birchview’s Goddess of Hearth and Flame - FMCH, TF-I, OAC, OJC, TN-O, V2, RN, Int CH, CGC), ITD 3/13
Sally Saxton CTDI and Crowe (Flyindogz Cinderella Man, ITD), ITD 4/12

American Staffordshire Terrier

Sandy Schneider and Tiki (Witzn TicTocq NTD), ITD 3/17
Silvia Simmons and Delilah (A and S’s Darling Delilah), ITD 2/17
Winnie E. Paul and Moose (Moose the Hawaiian Wonder Dog NTD), ITD 11/16
Dianna Matteson CTDI and Juji (Juji J. Funkenpuss NTD), ITD 5/16
Amanda Brandenburg and Voodoo (), ITD 9/15
Charlotte Wagner and Soleil (Aiyana’s Red Sun Rising Over Duskland), ITD 4/15
Danielle Yorke and Zeus (), ITD 4/15
Kerry McAuliffe and Sasha (Sasha Bat Kassman), ITD 3/15
Luz Mira and Charlie (Charlie Brown), ITD 3/15
Agata Brantingham and Flower (), ITD 3/15
Agata Brantingham and Blossom (), ITD 2/15
Anneliese DeAragon and Prim (Prim Rose DeAragon), ITD 1/15
Emma McAdams and Amelia (), ITD 12/14
Natalie A. Pender and Moxie (Pender’s Got a Lotta Moxie), ITD 11/14
Jennifer Frankavitz CTDI and Riley (), ITD 7/14
Megan Gall and Vero (Vero Betty Gall), ITD 2/14
Anna Pettersson and Linnea (), ITD 12/13
Jill Hillock ATDI and Harmony (Cayenne’s What About Me), ITD 2/13
Lisa Valentine and Ray (Ray), ITD 5/12
Fernando Brown ATDI and Rodders (Rodney you Plonder), ITD 9/11
Silke Wittig CTDI and Ronya (), ITD 2/11
Judi Steele CTDI and Peaches (Lit’l Peach of Mistfit Isle), ITD 8/10

American Tundra Shepherd

Debbie Moore and Tess (Catania’s Poetic Justice), ITD 2/12


Elsie Pfleider and Sheba (Sheba Braveheart Aspin of Owls Perch NTD), ITD 8/16

Australian Cattle Dog

Desiree Thomas and JJ (GCH CH Taylryders Dyn-O-Mite At Turnabout NTD), ITD 3/17
Melissa Bishop and T-Rex (T-Rex), ITD 3/17
Penny Bushell and Tank (Taylords Armed Forces NTD), ITD 3/17
Wendy Johnson and Turbo (LJ’s Blue Boy Turbo Charge NTD), ITD 3/17
Alicia Erskine CTDI and Caltron (Cali NTD), ITD 12/16
Alicia Erskine CTDI and Kone Dog (Kona NTD), ITD 12/16
Angela Smith CTDI and Dixie (Dixie Doolittle Smith NTD), ITD 12/16
Lynda Kitzinger and Flip (), ITD 9/16
Eric & Teri Shorter and Tucker (Outrun Copper Tucker Bag NTD), ITD 8/16
Rachel Maness and Sisci Godzilla (There Goes Tokyo NTD), ITD 6/16
Jade Fountain and Baloo (), ITD 4/16
Kristi Wass and Luna (Luna Wass), ITD 3/16
Andy Wass and Tic (Tic Wass), ITD 3/16
Stephanie Roberts CTDI and Penny Rose (Penny Rose Triumphant), ITD 1/16
Lisa C. Byrd and Noah (Noah Blue NTD), ITD 12/15
Ashley Bowman and Cider (Cider Bowman), ITD 12/15
Kristyn Kay ATDI and Misty (Misty Blue), ITD 10/15
Karen Anderson and Sky (), ITD 9/15
Lori A. Grubbs and Tibsy (Tibsy D!), ITD 5/15
Jennifer Baiocco and Emmy (Emmy Lue), ITD 5/15
Jennifer Baiocco and Henna (Blue Yonder’s Inspired Design), ITD 5/15
Crystal Collins and Brisco (), ITD 3/15
Erika Jackson CTDI and Earl (Hurricane Earl), ITD 3/15
Elizabeth Smith and Dexter (), ITD 2/15
Christine Lantzer and Winny (), ITD 2/15
Christi Ticer and Dexter (), ITD 2/15
Andrea Myers CTDI and Sammy (Samuel Ray Myers), ITD 2/15
Angela Dove and Sadie (), ITD 12/14
Robert Stratton and Bandit (), ITD 12/14
Michelle R. Parlett and Gracie (Grace Parlett), ITD 12/14
Joanna Moritz and Felix (Felix LaRue “Little Spoon” Butters Moritz), ITD 10/14
Laura Angelo CTDI and Mel (), ITD 4/14
Dawn Pribyl and Trax (Kuawarri Stone Cold), ITD 1/14
Brandy Steele Oates CTDI and Star (Ringo’s “Star”), ITD 12/13
Carrie Rzewnicki ATDI and Indy (Rezo’s Doctor Jones), ITD 11/13
Bonnie Gutzwiler and Jipsee (Bonnie’s Jipsee), ITD 11/13
Justine Sahli and Ruthie (Justine’s Jillaroo Born Again CGC), ITD 11/13
Heather Turley and Matilda (Matilda), ITD 10/12
Ann Withun and Rowdy (Rowdy Withun), ITD 6/12
Shannon Bednowicz and Apex (Apex), ITD 6/12
Melanie Friedman ATDI and Boomer (Bommerang), ITD 5/12
Carey Haas ATDI and Wyatt (ARCHEX Wyatt Fast is Fine, RL1X, RL2X, RL3X, BH, NAH, CGC), ITD 5/12
Kate Hinner CTDI and Cisco (Cisco), ITD 5/12
Judy Volper and Tiva (Way Out’s Flash in the Pan), ITD 2/12
Tess Starr CTDI and Layla (So-lo’s Layla Blues Dancer, OA, OAJ), ITD 2/12
Monika Zanker and Jagger (Duwest Jagger), ITD 2/12
Carrie Rzewnicki ATDI and Cargo (Sandhill's Where No Cars Go), ITD 12/11
Tiffany Hughes and Bella (), ITD 4/11

Australian Cattle Dog (Miniature)

Nancy Giltrud and Zoe (), ITD 3/15

Australian Kelpie

Mary Vahaviolos and Chispa (), ITD 1/17
Patricia Swinney ATDI and Dulce (Dulce De Leche NTD), ITD 9/16
Helen Parkinson CTDI and Rue (), ITD 9/16
Pat Miller and Kai (Kaizen Miller), ITD 5/16
Lauren Parks CTDI and Beretta (), ITD 1/16
Carmen Rocher and Luna (Lunatik Rocher), ITD 3/13
Ingrid Irwin and Rastus (), ITD 7/11

Australian Shepherd

Ben Blake and Levi (Wenlisa’s Levi Has an Edge NTD), ITD 4/17
April Gray and Wyatt (WCK’s It Wasn’t Me CGCA NTD), ITD 4/17
Wendy Merritt and Bindi (Bright Eyes Bindi Bee NTD), ITD 4/17
Thomas Francis and Gracie (Gracie NTD), ITD 4/17
Mike Stanisich and Eloise (Eloise Stanisich NTD), ITD 4/17
Courtney Moshier and Krypto (Krypto from Krypton NTD), ITD 3/17
Kristine Drost and Lily (Wildhearts Iron Jawed Spitfire NTD), ITD 3/17
Christine Sapa and Andi (WTCH Appian Ways Andiamo! NTD), ITD 3/17
Kelly Corl and Hannah (Mending Hearts Hannah Banana NTD), ITD 3/17
Sarah Scott and Sparrow (Starswept Hijinks At Heartnsol NTD), ITD 3/17
Pamela Fabian and Zeke (Hearthside’s Fresh Squeezed NTD), ITD 3/17
Audrey Carter CTDI and Bane (Stargate’s Speak of the Devil), ITD 3/17
Marny J. Thertell-Barrie and Levi (CedarPaws Labour Day Levi NTD), ITD 3/17
Nita Gandara CTDI and Scott (Cirrus Going Regimental NTD), ITD 3/17
Nita Gandara CTDI and Copper (Fastlane Itsa Dry Heat NTD), ITD 3/17
Pamela Fabian and Tripp (Nitani’s Triple Play CD, CDX, AX, AXT, AF NTD), ITD 3/17
Jennieann Mitchell and Kringles (Silbermond’s Kris Kringle NTD), ITD 2/17
Susan Brogan CTDI and Carmine (Equinox Will U B Mine NTD), ITD 2/17
Jennieann Mitchell and MacKenzie (Oakhurst Arborview SomeKinda Wonderful NTD), ITD 2/17
Molly Boaden and Shawna (), ITD 2/17
Gayle Silberhorn ATDI and Saga (Big Run’s Saga Continues), ITD 2/17
Lori Callahan and Neo (Callahan’s New Beginning), ITD 2/17
Amanda Fuller and Keller (), ITD 2/17
Sarah Blodgett and Rio (), ITD 1/17
Christine Sapa and Fresca (Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries at Angels Crossings CGC, CA, HC, NTD), ITD 1/17
Gina Stetsko and Tex (), ITD 1/17
Gina Stetsko and Bizi (), ITD 1/17
Debra Porter and Isis (Coolibah’s Egyptian Dove NTD), ITD 1/17
Nancy Cobb and Mason (Coolibahs Right To Counsel NTD), ITD 1/17
Joanne Thompson CTDI and Gracie (Black Diamond’s Saving Grace NTD), ITD 1/17
Kirrie Ginter and Benjamin (Ch Casselcreek Fifth Element NTD), ITD 1/17
John Lucido and Mia (), ITD 12/16
Emily D'Agati and Pond (Hightide’s Humble Pond NTD), ITD 12/16
Cassandra Mangold and Roxie (Kiss My Rockin Diva Cowgirl NTD), ITD 12/16
Rose Adler and Pixel (), ITD 11/16
Robin Bronner CTDI and Shiloh (Shiloh Bronner NTD), ITD 11/16
Karen Nenow and Q (Slipstream Happy Tails To Q, NTD), ITD 11/16
Lisa Kite and Ivy (), ITD 10/16
Crystal Richardson and Shadow (Shadow Little Man Richardson NTD), ITD 10/16
Nancy Adams and Blueberry (Sazbrat Blueberry Rainbow NTD), ITD 10/16
Mechelle La Rocca and Violet (Cedar Hill Lady Violet Valentine From Me To You NTD), ITD 9/16
Courtney Hoftyzer and Saidai (Keluna’s Scarlett Fire NTD), ITD 9/16
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Enchanted (Sazbrat Welcome to New York NTD), ITD 8/16
Katie Manning ATDI and Havoc (Kirrabilli’s Flying Archer NTD), ITD 8/16
Valerie Sloan and Castle (Samilyn’s Castle Law NTD), ITD 8/16
Samantha Begley and Doc (Wyatt’s Dep Doc I’m ur Huckleberry NTD), ITD 7/16
Lori Dunn and Grace (Moving Forward with Grace NTD), ITD 7/16
Tiffany Hughes and Terra (TNT’s Dynamite Terra NTD), ITD 7/16
Amanda Tipping and Brand (), ITD 7/16
Cindy Morgan CTDI and Raven (), ITD 7/16
Nancy Liebhauser CTDI and Gambit (), ITD 7/16
Lillian A. Lawless and Mason (Hearthside Serendipitous CGC NTD), ITD 7/16
Karen Rabb and Keeper (Pinnacle’s Finders Keepers NTD), ITD 7/16
Patrick Slayter and Hawke (2G Rose Not Too Blue), ITD 7/16
Merit Day and Chief (Chief of Broken Arrow NTD), ITD 7/16
Kim Papke and Gus (Foxwood’s Release the Kraken NTD), ITD 6/16
Yin Choo and Breeze (Rozate Mistaken Identity RA HTM.S NTD), ITD 6/16
Sandy Thompson and Grit (Carmel’s He’s Got True Grit NTD), ITD 6/16
Claire Stadt CTDI and Brandy (Rocky Top’s Brandy Stadt), ITD 6/16
Lisa Lyle Waggoner and Willow (Coolmoor Joy of Spring Willow NTD), ITD 6/16
Jamie Heberlein CTDI and Meeka (Cedarwood’s Meeka Wish On Me), ITD 5/16
Zoe McClellan and Kari (Ngalla Do You Hear What I Hear NTD), ITD 5/16
Sandy Vandemark and Jax (Milwin Jax), ITD 5/16
Ellen Bloomfield and Masi (Big Runs Llanka Masi), ITD 5/16
Eileen Wood and Nitro (Crawford’s Nitrous Oxide Combustion NTD), ITD 4/16
Ellen Bloomfield and Shiloh (Emsket’s Diamond In The Ruff NTD), ITD 4/16
Bonnie Edwards and Reese (MountainAsh Fire It Up), ITD 4/16
Carmen Oosthuizen and Mysti (Mystic Mystique), ITD 3/16
Susan Schultz and Mickey (Holly’s Reckless Endangerment), ITD 3/16
Yvonne Zwiegelaar and Jordan (Shamanda By the Book), ITD 3/16
Andrea Bedson and Rowan (Starrbreaks Strike the Box), ITD 3/16
Colleen Kalanuk and Fierce (Casselcreek Fire ‘n Fury), ITD 3/16
Fran Solomon and Penny (Rip Roarin’ Down Penny Lane, CGCA, NTD), ITD 2/16
Cassie Bowles CTDI and Liam (), ITD 2/16
Agnesa Redere CTDI and Laima (Tesa N Stonemeadow I Cannot Tell A Lie), ITD 2/16
Cassidy Kay Austin and Rea (Mens Rea NTD), ITD 2/16
Donna Jankovic and Dallas (Tuckercreek’s Dallas Cowboy), ITD 1/16
Erin McCune and Kairi (Showdown’s Dare To Dream), ITD 1/16
Jane Harris and Skylar (Skylar Blue), ITD 1/16
Frances Cabeen ATDI and Cimra (Cimarron Rose), ITD 1/16
Lisa Pattison CTDI and Scheme (Propwash Master Mind), ITD 12/15
Ruth Enlow and Turtle (Caspian See Turtle Go), ITD 12/15
Nita Gandara CTDI and Cinch (Shalako’s Sheep Up and Ride), ITD 12/15
Janna Clarke and Ru (Super Smart Subaru), ITD 12/15
Debra Wood CTDI and Allie (), ITD 12/15
Nicole Pasto and Bella (Bellatrix), ITD 12/15
Lenora Hagan and Minx (Northern Mojo Minx TD, NA, RA, CGC), ITD 11/15
Lenora Hagan and SmoKum (Northern SmoKum’s Playboy Versatility 1, STD Sheep, CGC, RI, NAJ, ASCA + TD, NA, AKC, CD), ITD 11/15
Mary Hinchman and Cappy (Saltfleet Cappucino Swirl), ITD 11/15
Nicola Ashton and Harley (Triforce Nautilus), ITD 11/15
Megan Tellalian and Murphy (Showdown Graham Cracker NTD), ITD 11/15
Nadine Engelbrecht and Lexie (Zakur’s Galaxy), ITD 11/15
Sarah Blodgett and Roulette (Revelaire’s Rushin’ Roulette), ITD 11/15
Lara Livergood and Loki (Livergood’s Jedi Night NTD), ITD 11/15
Fran Solomon and Gracie (Somercrest Grace Under Fire), ITD 8/15
Ruth Enlow and Kenna (Kenna Gitta Nutha Letta), ITD 8/15
Andrea Klaus and Hoss (), ITD 8/15
Kim Branch and Lola (Tricorn Acres Cheers), ITD 8/15
Caitlin Chisling CTDI and Matrix (), ITD 7/15
Brianne Statz and Payton (Liam Sweetness Forever), ITD 7/15
Jeff Rapey and Zoey (Little Princess Zoey), ITD 7/15
Nicole Marlin and Ryder (Killian’s Red Ryder), ITD 7/15
Jill Hallam-Miller ATDI and Odin (Oakhurst Arborview Gee Wiz), ITD 7/15
Joanne W. Schaus and Tango (), ITD 6/15
Sheri Wetekam and Hazel (MPossible Magic Touch of Hazel), ITD 6/15
Joanne W. Schaus and Skid (Skid ARPH #11052), ITD 6/15
Sandra Schumann and Nellie (Woobiewoods Nell), ITD 5/15
Steve Reiss Jr. and Pretzel (Crofton’s Puzzle of a Pretzel CD, RA, CGC), ITD 5/15
Stephanie Mounts and Cody (Cody Mounts NTD), ITD 5/15
Barbara Moore and Cheers (Tucker Creek’s Raise a Glass), ITD 4/15
Monica Kalistar and Digit (Lien’s Point to Sizzle), ITD 4/15
Patricia Olson and Luna (), ITD 4/15
Darcie Mesher and Indy (Indigo), ITD 4/15
Doris Waschinski and Mocha (), ITD 4/15
Judy Beagle and Willow (Bright Eyes Diamond Willow), ITD 4/15
Julie Fait and Whimsy (JnD’s Little Red GTO @ Parfait), ITD 3/15
Brianne Nelson and Melody (Soundtrack’s Rekindled Melody), ITD 3/15
Brianne Nelson and Trapper (Soundtrack’s Speed Trap), ITD 3/15
Jennifer Bailey and Sage (Jen’s Sage Shadow), ITD 3/15
Nancy Trus and Merlin (), ITD 3/15
Becky Tellalian ATDI and Riley (Showdown With Outta Doubt NTD), ITD 2/15
Jet Lakey ATDI and Maggie (Riverwind Bayshore Itching to Go), ITD 2/15
Gayle Silberhorn ATDI and Molly (Big Run Heart of the Prairie), ITD 2/15
Mitzi Pilgrim and Belle (Zakur’s Silver Belle), ITD 2/15
Mitzi Pilgrim and Rumba (Zakur’s My Red Rumba), ITD 2/15
Chuck Bossler and Gracie (Bossler’s Grace O’Malley), ITD 2/15
Coralee Aaronson and Teka (SR Hemlocks Ready or Not Foxfire), ITD 2/15
Christine Sapa and Vespa (Samwise A Roman Holiday RATN, NTD), ITD 2/15
Theresa Menz and Indy (Indy Anna Scarlett Menz Cooper), ITD 1/15
Lacey Bebout and Sammi (), ITD 1/15
Gayle Silberhorn ATDI and Bryn (Big Run Bryn Jette Varg), ITD 1/15
Becky Tellalian ATDI and Diva (Showdown Puttin’ On The Glitz), ITD 1/15
Doris Waschinski and Merlin (), ITD 1/15
Elizabeth Clinesmith and Dolce (Watermark Cinnamon Latte), ITD 1/15
Jason Scott and Rooney (New Spirit 8 Times the Charm), ITD 1/15
Cindi Chasse and Jackson (), ITD 12/14
Philippa Sloan and Stryker (Justus Strike While the Iron is Hot), ITD 11/14
Kristie Tankard and Blue (Blue Bay by Fiddlers Green NAJ, OA, CGC), ITD 11/14
Carolyn Jane Halhead and Diva (Stavros Next Top Model), ITD 9/14
Desiree Thompson and Dakota (WBA Flock-N-Farm Dakota Breeze), ITD 9/14
Erin Doherty and Penny (), ITD 9/14
Kathleen Kassebaum CTDI and Eli (Catch Lakehills Three Dog Night GS-O-SP, JS-O-SP, RS-E-OP), ITD 8/14
Monique Engemann and Lia (Stargate’s Lady Liadrin), ITD 8/14
Joni Kaiser and Timbre (Sunfire Saltfleet Timbre Ruth), ITD 7/14
Nicole Bastian and Roxy (Hotnote Thyme Flies - Roxy), ITD 7/14
Kelly Schumann ATDI and Lil Red (New Spirit’s Lil Red Rocket), ITD 6/14
Robert Schumann and Breeze (Show Me’s Play N For Keeps), ITD 6/14
Roz Granitz CTDI and Napoli (After All Over the Wall), ITD 6/14
Maeve Urbany and Joey (Urbany’s Cup of Joe), ITD 5/14
Maeve Urbany and Rocket (Urbany’s Rocket Sausage McGee), ITD 5/14
Vanessa Moraes de Oliveira and Caos (Wind Spirit PF The Final Cut), ITD 4/14
Amy Hinkle and Edraith (SteelDust Golden Gift), ITD 3/14
Monique & Paul Engemann and Sylvie (CopperRidge’s Lady Sylvanas Windrunner), ITD 3/14
Susan Reindl and Fergus (Fergus Kane Reindl Hayes), ITD 3/14
Alexis Davison and Mia (Shartooz Quatro Harmony), ITD 1/14
Lisa Pattison CTDI and Lucy (Elsmere Propwash Heart’s Desire), ITD 1/14
Susan Baldwin and Riley (Riley), ITD 12/13
Carolyn Hidalgo CTDI and Ozzy (Hearthside’s Bark at the Moon), ITD 12/13
Susan Brogan CTDI and Ruby (Nightwatch N’ Sonryz I Hope U Dance), ITD 12/13
Lauren Watson CTDI and Amelia (), ITD 12/13
Jo Downing CTDI and Houdi (Harley Houdini), ITD 12/13
Jo Downing CTDI and Chewie (), ITD 12/13
Eva Noble ATDI and Haley (PPB Hellcat Haley), ITD 11/13
Jean Burton and Fancy (Mija Roja Fancy Little Pistol CDX, RE, RM (ASCA)), ITD 10/13
Roxanne Tapaninen and Belle (Belle-Ayre), ITD 9/13
Willie Viarnes CTDI and Sam (), ITD 9/13
Tiffany Wakeman and Aspen (Forever Aspen), ITD 9/13
Karen Dahle and Darby (Send in the Clown BN RN), ITD 8/13
Rebecca Park CTDI and Java (Winohka’s Sweet 'n Hot Java), ITD 8/13
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Truly (TeBrat Truly Scrumptious), ITD 7/13
Colleen Kalanuk and Ruckus (Casselcreek One Wild Knight), ITD 7/13
Audrey Carter CTDI and Britt (Thornapple Unforgivable), ITD 5/13
Donna Sullivan and Sissy (Cybur’s Total Jubilance), ITD 5/13
Nita Gandara CTDI and Ander (Airbornes Band of Brothers), ITD 4/13
Lisa Walters CTDI and Cori (Coriander), ITD 4/13
Nita Gandara CTDI and Zane (Cirrus Riddle Me This), ITD 3/13
Megan Carlstrom and Bailey (Bailey Carlstrom), ITD 3/13
Colleen DeWitt CTDI and Etta (LDA Etta Place NTD), ITD 3/13
Chris Fairen and Reign (Pink Ribbon of Fire), ITD 3/13
Devon Ward CTDI and Siren (Pink Ribbon’s Sweet and Sassy), ITD 3/13
Anette Olsson and Svea (MiVinna’s Applecreek), ITD 2/13
Rachel J. Stintzcum and Frazier (Frazier’s Frolic), ITD 2/13
Devon Ward CTDI and Thor (Thunderin’ Thor), ITD 1/13
Roz Granitz CTDI and Eureka! (Old Oaks Gold Rush), ITD 12/12
Connie Wood and Ruby (Defiance’s Oh What A Gem), ITD 11/12
Roz Granitz CTDI and Speed-Oh! (Old Oaks Mr Earl), ITD 10/12
Rom Devilliers and Moxie (Robin's Promise The Magic), ITD 10/12
Lindsey Logan CTDI and Autumn (Robin's Magic Of The Sun), ITD 10/12
Katrina Martin and Alli (Out West Valley Girl), ITD 9/12
Haeleigh Hyatt and Clove (Talisman’s Rebellion!), ITD 8/12
Nancy Adams and Obie (Ross-Mar Obie Juan), ITD 8/12
Katherine L. McGill CTDI and Kenai (Thumbs Up Big Buck's Kenai CGC HCT), ITD 8/12
Katherine L. McGill CTDI and Dixie (WBA Flock-N-Farm Dixie Delight), ITD 8/12
Katherine L. McGill CTDI and Tia (UKC CH Flock-N-Farms Homegrown Elegance CGC), ITD 8/12
Stacey Manzo CTDI and Diesel (Diesel), ITD 7/12
Linda Perry and DD (Hevensent Delightful Darling), ITD 7/12
Rebecca Stowe and Merlin (Merlin), ITD 7/12
Renea Dahms CTDI and Paris (Defiance It's All About Me), ITD 7/12
Grace Backstrom and Copper (XS Speed in the Fast Lein), ITD 6/12
Lindsay Kelly CTDI and Freyja (Freyja Constantine-Kelly), ITD 6/12
Philippa Sloan and Tag (BluAbby’s Catch Me if You Can), ITD 6/12
Helen Verte Schwarzmann CTDI and Dudley (HMS Dudley Some Kinda Wondaful), ITD 5/12
Nina Jacobs and Sawyer (TNT’s Angel in Disguise), ITD 5/12
Lindsey Logan CTDI and Ranger (QT Aussies Magic Echoes), ITD 5/12
Nancy Adams and Idgie (Sunnyrain Idgie), ITD 5/12
Diane Everson and Aussie (Aussie Jane), ITD 4/12
Mindy Jo Hoy and Wrangler (Rebel Springs Round ‘Em Up), ITD 4/12
Kelly Legarreta and Ky (Kt’s Kylie Berry), ITD 2/12
Tina LeClair and Vinny (Irish Storm), ITD 2/12
Anne Bachewich CTDI and Eli (Kinring’s Watch Him Fly), ITD 1/12
Anne Bachewich CTDI and Finn (Sheep’s Kin Feature Presentation), ITD 1/12
Anne Bachewich CTDI and Miranda (Kinring’s Gunsmoke and Lace), ITD 1/12
Talia Byers and Ike (Sazbrat Coolmor All In), ITD 1/12
Anne Bachewich CTDI and Tommy (Cattle Master of High Hope), ITD 12/11
Kelsey Kiefer ATDI and Remi (Cedarcreeks Wild Rumpus), ITD 12/11
Chelsea Wood CTDI and Zima (Defiance's Zomething Different), ITD 11/11
Marci Thomas and Jamba (Jumpin’ Jambalaya), ITD 11/11
Connie Wood and Sheila (Fourwinds Diamond in the Ruff), ITD 11/11
Renea Dahms CTDI and Sirius (Defiance Are You Sirius CGC), ITD 11/11
Anne Bachewich CTDI and Emmett (Allum’s Energy Boy), ITD 10/11
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Pixie (Sazbrat Lemon Pixie Dust), ITD 10/11
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Parlor (Sazbrat Barn Dancin in the Dark), ITD 10/11
Tammy Crooks and Henry (Jack and Tammy’s Henry), ITD 10/11
Dee Childers and Echo (Sunny J’s Echo Creek), ITD 10/11
Monika Hole and Cowboy (ROSAs Coybow CGC), ITD 10/11
Lina Lyckelin and Loke (Kalote’s Spark), ITD 10/11
Sara Boyle CTDI and Luca (Sara’s Wigglebutt of Munchkinland), ITD 9/11
Ansi van der Walt and Ozy (Mystic Light I Have A Dream), ITD 8/11
Marsha Zepnick and Allie (), ITD 7/11
Jane Murphy and Cache (Opal’s Justa Man In Black), ITD 4/11
Astrid Smith CTDI and Rylie (Rylie Floribel FDCH, RA, OAP, NJP), ITD 3/11
Anne Bachewich CTDI and McCoy (Sheep's Kin Born To Fly), ITD 2/11
Donna Dietrich and Billie (), ITD 1/11
Keagen J. Grace CTDI and Karma (Keagen's Karma of Grace), ITD 12/10
Jessica Miller and Cassie (RossMan Fiery Cassandra), ITD 10/10
Anne Springer CTDI and Sioux (), ITD 9/10
Anne Springer CTDI and Sequoyah (), ITD 9/10
Courtney Huther and Torch (Equinox Let the Games Begin), ITD 8/10
Nita Gandara CTDI and Bella (Alias’ Breaking Dawn), ITD 3/10

Australian Shepherd (Miniature)

Misty Yohannan CTDI and Navee (), ITD 2/17
Sharron Agnew and Caitlin (Stoverly’s Pure Energy NTD), ITD 2/17
Sharron Agnew and Cadence (Stoverly’s Flame Of My Heart NTD), ITD 2/17
Seren Maxwell and Brembo (Brembo The Wonderpup NTD), ITD 1/17
Mercedes Osolin and Presto (Latigos Kiss of the Snitch NTD), ITD 1/17
Rachel Tye and KW (Latigo’s Wild Rumpus NTD), ITD 1/17
Dana Bjornerud and Fia (Zero G’s Offer I Can’t Refuse NTD), ITD 8/16
Dana Bjornerud and Spark (Zero G’s This Gun’s For Hire NTD), ITD 8/16
Rebekah McCune and Coco (), ITD 7/16
CJ Fithian CTDI and Vegemite (Zero G’s Jam-Min’ Spread it on Toast NTD), ITD 6/16
Randi Schroeder and Kaci (Goldrush Kaci NTD), ITD 6/16
Walt Feezer and Dixie (Dixie Feezer), ITD 2/16
Kat Carlton and VEGAS (), ITD 1/16
Robin Hamm and Brodie (Irresistible Angel), ITD 12/15
Fred H. Hamburg and Shiloh (), ITD 12/15
Karen Morton and Remmi (), ITD 11/15
Zoey Serapin and Ace (FHF Ace of Spades), ITD 11/15
Kaytlyn Riou and Timber (SADDLEUP TIMBER), ITD 8/15
Jamie Bicknell CTDI and Kenzie (Makana’s Grace Under Fire), ITD 5/15
Misty Yohannan CTDI and Izzee (), ITD 5/15
Mary Hinchman and Feather (Sandy Oakes Plume Blanc), ITD 4/15
Diane Gibbons and Dash (Dunnellon’s Dorje Temba Dash), ITD 4/15
Diane Gibbons and Bryn (Dunnellon’s Ilor Brynmor), ITD 4/15
Marsha Zepnick and Pepper (), ITD 2/15
Terri Latronica CTDI and Cooper (Hanging With Mini Cooper), ITD 2/15
Kristen McKenna and Sizzle (Zero G’s Powder Monkey), ITD 11/14
Lois Walters and Misty (McClanahan’s Diamond Mist), ITD 10/14
Debi Zimmerman and Gus (), ITD 7/14
Nan Martin and Porkchop (Porkchop Nelson), ITD 4/14
Kristen McKenna and Jack Frost (DJ’s Sub Zero), ITD 1/14
Brandy Steele Oates CTDI and Speed (Dreamscape “Speed” Racer), ITD 12/13
Kristen McKenna and Cinder (Zero G’s Pyroclastic Surge), ITD 10/13
Marissa de Waal-Malefyt and Kindle (Ravine Acres Burn Baby Burn), ITD 10/13
CJ Fithian CTDI and Adelaide (Zero G’s Jam-Min’ Spitfire Adelaide), ITD 8/13
April Dawkins CTDI and Jetta (Jetta), ITD 6/13
Sherry Reinz and Lily (Lily), ITD 4/13
Janine Vander Yacht CTDI and Striker (Ridgestar Gold’N Goal HIC, NW1, NAC, NW2), ITD 1/13
David Hardie and L’il Mate (L’il Mate), ITD 2/12
David Hardie and Cedar (Cedar), ITD 2/12
Nicky Hemingson and Tulsa (Jazzys Blue Tulsa), ITD 2/12
Tinky Keen ATDI and Tyler (Toby Tyler Turner), ITD 9/11
Stephanie Baxter and Chance (Gottabe’s Take a Chance On Me), ITD 9/11
CJ Fithian CTDI and Brisbane (Boot Top Brisbane), ITD 2/11
CJ Fithian CTDI and Tazman (Tamania), ITD 2/11
CJ Fithian CTDI and Sydney (Lil’ Nubbins Sydney), ITD 11/09
CJ Fithian CTDI and Melbourne (Lil’ Nubbins Melbourne CGC), ITD 10/09

Australian Shepherd (Toy)

Judy Williams and Palo (Suedes Palo Bear NTD), ITD 3/17
Judy Williams and Meeka (Meeka Ann Williams), ITD 1/16

Australian Terrier

Muriel McMullen and Maddie (Dunham Lake Maid In Wisconsin NTD), ITD 7/16
Ruthann McCaulley and Webe (Intl. CH Dunham Lake Sticky Beak RN CGC NTD), ITD 5/16
Cynthia Muir and Arjee (Cynamin Pinch o’ Spice), ITD 7/15
Ruthann McCaulley and Wally (Benayr R Walkabout Wally CD, RE, CGC), ITD 3/10

Australian Working Kelpie

Lora Del Page and Tate (HNR Little Man Tate), ITD 3/15


Sue Hamm and Tatrit (Noblewind’s A Star Is Born RN CRO-1 NTD), ITD 7/16


Jenny Ruth Yasi CTDI and Tiger (Tigerlily), ITD 7/11


Lisa Stewart and Bolt (Meisterhaus Days of Thunder NTD), ITD 1/17
Andrea Stone and Turkish (Saorsa FoPaw’s Notorious CA ITD), ITD 12/16
Linda Daves Siekert and Ford (Sinbaje’s Africans Continue2Inspire), ITD 1/16
Andrea Stone and Regan (GCH DC FoPaw’s Touch of Evil at Saorsa RN SC), ITD 12/15
Victoria Miller and Zephyr (Antefaa Lukuru Zephyr), ITD 9/15
Lisa Stewart and Trog (FC Apu Tri Roo of Ganesa MC RN), ITD 3/15
Lisa Stewart and Gambit (GCH DC Meisterhaus Neverwinter Nights MC), ITD 3/15
Lisa Stewart and Tempest (GCH DC Meisterhaus Neon Nights MC), ITD 3/15
Liza Lundell and Amelia (FC Solar Kasai Celestial Dancer, BN, NA, SC, RAE), ITD 5/12
Liza Lundell and Professor (Wakan Patriot Dream), ITD 5/12

Basset Artesién Normand

Nina Kujawska CTDI and Cooper (), ITD 4/15

Basset Hound

Dixie Burkhart and Star (Talltrees Starchild RN CGC NTD), ITD 4/17
Penelope Woodwark and Sugar (Bluefence No Bears Allowed NTD), ITD 3/17
Nicole Yeanoplos and Percy (Baywind Ghost of Christmas Past NTD), ITD 12/16
Karen Prichard CTDI and Poppy (), ITD 4/16
Karen Prichard CTDI and Ruby (Barkley’s Rockin’ Red Ruby), ITD 2/15
Cheryl Cieslinski ATDI and Xena (Soundtrack Warrior Princess), ITD 4/14


Cathie Bell and Mya (Shillington Mya PCD, CGN, RA, NTD), ITD 4/17
Katherine Corea ATDI and Buddy (Buddy Corea NTD), ITD 3/17
Olivia Pasolli and Banjo (), ITD 3/17
Laura Hart and Boog (), ITD 3/17
Trishanna Ramsey and Mitzi (Laponderosa’s Dream Come True NTD), ITD 11/16
Vicki L. Behrend and Layla (Singular Sensation Layla Manhattan NTD), ITD 9/16
Pamela Amland and Stella (Stella of Artois), ITD 7/16
Clare Hulse and Jampa (Cherive You’re So Good), ITD 11/15
Catherine Botha and Odin (Cherive Lord Odin), ITD 11/15
Sandi Antalick and Lou (PAL 261423), ITD 8/15
Patty J. Bollenbeck and Sami (), ITD 6/15
Amy Louise Millward and Bea (Bellvalley Deedee), ITD 6/15
Terry McGauley and Cork (Pebblemist Message In A Bottle), ITD 5/15
Manako Sugiyama CTDI and Mint (Kenalis Candyman), ITD 5/15
Gill Land CTDI and Daks (Rogadam Dakota), ITD 4/15
Wendy Danzig and Madison (), ITD 2/15
Stephanie McGuire CTDI and Belle (), ITD 12/14
Sue Birks and Archie (), ITD 3/14
Catherine Botha and Atalanta (Cherive The Onyx), ITD 10/13
Kelly M. Neeson and Buster (Buster), ITD 4/13
Katherine LaBella and Trina (Katrina), ITD 3/13
Izzie Easton and Zoe (Annavah Endless), ITD 12/12
Kendra Buchele and Daisy (Daisy May Buchele), ITD 5/12
Jodi Kellar CTDI and Maggie (C-ATCH2 Miss Maggie Moo, ChFH, ChWC, ChJU, ChST, ChCL, ChSN, AKC-NA, NAJ, APDT-RL1 (AOE), RL2 (AOE), Delta PetPartner+HUMC Animal Assistant Volunteer), ITD 2/12
Kindra Thompson and Muggs (Thmpson’s Bordle of Muggles), ITD 10/10

Bearded Collie

Wendy McBrayer Kregor and Mac (Scotdale’s Bluelight Special NTD), ITD 1/17
Trudy Wisner and Rugby (Lil’ Clove Ruff N’ Tumble), ITD 6/15


Susan Griffin and Uwe (J’Adore Ustaritz de L’Ame du Loup NTD), ITD 4/17
Crystal Moore and Kiba (Leader of The Pack du Chateau Rocher NTD), ITD 3/17
Robin Gowen and Mystic (L’Mystere Noir du Chateau Rocher, HI, CGC, NTD), ITD 3/17
Lauren Trathen CTDI and Jamais (Jamais Sans Toi Du Chateau Rocher NTD), ITD 1/16
Angelika Wicker and Clive (Chiceron Captail Dunwel), ITD 9/14
Wendy Bemis CTDI and Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mes Yeux Vigilant CGC), ITD 9/12

Bedlington Terrier

Charlotte Hubbard CTDI and Finlay (), ITD 5/15

Belgian Laekenois

Kate Lloyd CTDI and Jinx (Belgenbeau Fuzzy Logic), ITD 2/15

Belgian Malinois

Diane Wray and Reegan (Red Bone vom Haus Crawford NTD), ITD 4/17
Michele Gray and Glock (), ITD 4/17
Ashley Boyd and Zora (), ITD 12/16
Monica Wall and Fox (Foxing Insanity NTD), ITD 12/16
Jannice Duskin CTDI and Riddick (), ITD 11/16
Toni Drugmand CTDI and Elektra (Elektra! Elektra!), ITD 9/16
Chloe Wells and Deli (IInfidel Di Noraa NTD), ITD 9/16
Caroline M. Shedd and Pulga (Pulga de la Careta Negra NTD), ITD 8/16
Bailey Singer and Moxie (), ITD 8/16
Lisa Singer and Piper (), ITD 8/16
Dana Thelander CTDI and Cash (), ITD 8/16
Brianne Durham CTDI and Vamp (Mademoiselle Vamp de Loucyn NTD), ITD 7/16
Aleandra Ryan-Plasil CTDI and Bees (Doctor Bees Du Dantero NTD), ITD 7/16
Emily Arnett and Shelby (), ITD 7/16
Karen Watson and Korra (), ITD 6/16
Lianne Shinton CTDI and Flirt (M’Flirt de Loucyn), ITD 2/16
Lisa Paul and Penny (GCH Merson’s Flash Frozen Assets RN NTD), ITD 2/16
Douglas Colton and Leda (Top Gun’s Leda CGC), ITD 12/15
Kimberly Sayre and Shay (K-Sayre’s Crazy Angel Shay Ann), ITD 10/15
Joanne Campman and Rosie (CH Souvenir Rambling Rose CD RN AX AXJ NF CGC BN), ITD 8/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Cairo (Silverthorn’s Jewel of the Nile NTD), ITD 8/15
Katheleen Childers and Kimber (Ravenshadow’s Infinite Justice), ITD 8/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Xander (Silverthorn’s Legendary Jewel NTD), ITD 7/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Streak (CH. Carousel’s Silver Streak RAE BN PCD NA NAJ NF TD HSAS SCHH1), ITD 5/15
Michaela Newey and Nova (), ITD 5/15
Kimbra Wood and Shelby (GCH Desert Mtn’s Hope Springs Eternal RE OA OAJ OF CGC), ITD 5/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Vivid (GCh. Carousel’s Dream of Fire N Ice RA HT NA NAJ NF), ITD 5/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Flare (Silverthorn’s Dragon Fire), ITD 4/15
Lynsey Fuegner CTDI and Inigo (Inigo vom Logan Haus), ITD 3/15
Chris Puls and Dazzle (Loup Noir Jasper), ITD 3/15
Greg Laslo CTDI and Eddy (), ITD 1/15
Kiley Spade and Malachai (KSS Malachai Sable), ITD 10/14
Ashley Rietfors and J.A.T.O. (J.A.T.O. de la Grande Ille CAA CGCA), ITD 2/14
Kristie Gillies and Argo (Belgium’s AM Argo Expedition), ITD 1/14
Lisa Paul and Copper (Caryaovata Orion’s Star NTD), ITD 10/13
Willie Viarnes CTDI and Allie (), ITD 9/13
Richard Warfel CTDI and Arrow (Warfel’s Soaring Arrow, CGC), ITD 8/13
Dale Christianson and Rumor (C-ATCH Claddagh’s Rumor Has It At TawnyHill, RA,NA,NAJ), ITD 4/13
Ike Iacovino CTDI and Rizer (C’ Rizer Des Barriques), ITD 2/13
Jana Rossorelli and Vegas (Mpacts At Full Tilt), ITD 11/12
Maxine Wood and Clifford (Clifford Wood), ITD 8/12
Summer Milroy CTDI and Modi (Mason’s Modi), ITD 12/11
Lynne Bell and Maverick (), ITD 8/10

Belgian Shepherd

Sarah Fulcher CTDI and Dexter (AttraDea N’ Spiritus Dark Side), ITD 10/11
Colleen Gordon and Quest (CH Ravenmaasque MNM Begin the Quest GCN), ITD 3/11
Colleen Gordon and Chase (CH Ravenmasque Chase the Wind CD GCN RE), ITD 3/11

Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren)

Karen Wilson and Tango (Teseko T’Ewe Hot to Tango Now), ITD 8/15

Belgian Tervuren

Samantha Adams and Modoc (I’Modoc Des Loups Roccia Nera NTD), ITD 3/17
Emily Goodman and Willow (Addir’s Misty Knight NTD), ITD 3/17
Janet Morlan and Jory (Classic N’ Coda’s Let’s Boogie!), ITD 2/17
Karla Carlson and Allies (Allies Side by Side of Wildrose NTD), ITD 12/16
Gale Smith and Tessa (Contessa NTD), ITD 7/16
Jane Wittstock and Tess (Journeyman Dance of the Rain, BN HT RE NTD), ITD 7/16
Colleen Gordon and Trust (Fuzion’s Exploding Son), ITD 4/16
Betty Anderson and Jika (Sprite - Fanfare’s Limited Edition CGC, NTD), ITD 3/16
Doni Zahn and Wily (Tica Tricky Business), ITD 12/15
Laurie Graichen and Extra (Addir’s First Edition, TT), ITD 9/15
Pamela Regan CTDI and Phoebe (CH Patana’s Flash Point, PT, RN, BN, NA, NAJ, CA), ITD 2/15
Joan Olawski Stiener and Rio (Zane Grey De Mon Plaisir), ITD 7/14
Pennie Jackson and Halo (Icon’s Adrenalin Rush de L’Aurore), ITD 5/14
Penny Stober and Gofer (M.A.J.I.C.’s Legacy of Service), ITD 7/13
Ashley Boyd and Sirius (Sirius), ITD 3/13
Edrie Greer and Ripley (Lakenight Alien Exterminator RN, CGC), ITD 11/12
Kathy Weaver CTDI and Troy (Sanroyale's Desperado), ITD 8/12
Kelsey Cox and Liam (Bilgay’s My Irish Eyes Are Smiling), ITD 2/12
Jane Nadelson and Rory (Eclatdetoile's Aurora Co Br), ITD 12/11

Bergamasco Shepherd Dog

Heather Robey and Qui (Au Ch Mungadel Beagino NTD), ITD 4/16

Berger Blanc Suisse

Kathy Wingert and Maddie (Jetset Nomad of Trebons Berger Blanc Suisse), ITD 2/16

Berger Picard

Cynthia Bradley and Fontanne (Ch Fontanne De La Vie En Rose CGCA), ITD 3/16

Bernese Mountain Dog

Allison Major and Ajax (Hayfields Grand Ajax NTD), ITD 3/17
Dave Lambert and Alma (), ITD 8/16
Cindy Still CTDI and Jammer (De-Li’s Jukebox Jam v Triads NTD), ITD 7/16
Jasen Duncan CTDI and Kaylee (Wagontale’s Favarger), ITD 6/16
Deb Webster and Allie (CH Bosanova’s All For One Belnois, CGN), ITD 4/16
Jasen Duncan CTDI and Shasta (Wagontale’s Winter Moon CD BN RE PT), ITD 11/15
Jon Turlock and Winston (Bear Mountain’s Great Northern Star), ITD 7/15
Linda Collmar and Penny (Eur-Am’s Penny for your thoughts), ITD 3/15
Michelle Lake and Phantom (Lewa’s Soaring to New Heights), ITD 3/14
Andrea Marx CTDI and Honey (), ITD 12/13
Christel Klima and Tony (Brian Tony vom Sandmaennchenhof), ITD 9/13
Christel Klima and Lenie (Amy vom Sandmaennchenhof), ITD 9/13
Eileen Blass and Teddy (O’Daly Apollo Theodore V. Oleka), ITD 8/13
Katie Clark ATDI and Whizzer (Whizzer Clark), ITD 4/13
Bernadette van Klaveren CTDI and Badda (Doubledutch’s Badda Boom), ITD 1/13
Bernadette van Klaveren CTDI and Delta (Doubledutch’s Delta), ITD 1/13
Bernadette van Klaveren CTDI and Darling (Doubledutch’s Downunder Darling), ITD 1/13
Bernadette van Klaveren CTDI and Ellie (Doubledutch’s Ellie), ITD 1/13
Bernadette van Klaveren CTDI and Anea (Doubledutch’s Castanea), ITD 1/13
Lisa Petterson CTDI and Nellie (Doubledutch's Nellie B), ITD 12/12
Linda Collmar and Chloe (Desertberners Sweet Edelweiss), ITD 5/12
Linda Collmar and Annie (Eur-Am’s Broadway Star), ITD 4/12

Bichon Frise

Jane Kihlstrom and Pelle (Prelude’s Behind The White Mask NTD), ITD 7/16
Carolyn Myers and Jilli (Gemstone Never Say Never), ITD 2/15
Gail Lorady CTDI and Buffy (Buffy by Moon lake), ITD 12/14
Christine Snelgrove CTDI and Miracle (), ITD 10/14
Andrea Moss and Murphy (), ITD 7/14

Biewer Terrier

Lisa Schmeling and Neo (Anakin, The Chosen One of Kibet’s NTD), ITD 2/17

Black Russian Terrier

Irena Polonsky and Viva (Multi Ch. Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres, CGN,TT, CKC PCD, CKC RN, RA, RE, UCD, URO1, PTN, PTA,PTS,PTM, NN (NC, NI, NV, NE), AI, HDN, NTD), ITD 3/17
Alexandria Horner and Jack (Midnight Solo Zachariah), ITD 11/15


Connie Moss CTDI and Daisy (Daisy Moss), ITD 1/15
Laura Mork ATDI and Hemi (Hemi Braveheart Mork), ITD 3/14

Blue Lacy

Elizabeth Sandoval CTDI and Marbles (), ITD 9/16

Bluetick Coonhound

Cheryl Karpiak and Rusty the Brave (), ITD 1/17


Ann Cress and Tsavo (Magnificent Tsavo), ITD 9/15

Border Collie

Ben Blake and Heidi (Asset’s Queen of Mean NTD), ITD 4/17
Tammy Carr and Hunter (), ITD 4/17
Maggie Devenpeck and Ruckus (Causing A Ruckus NTD), ITD 3/17
Wayne Christensen and Brodie (Brodie NTD), ITD 3/17
Debbi Snyder CTDI and Amos (Holther’s Shepherd With A Message NTD), ITD 3/17
Barbara Vega and Kate (Kate Vega NTD), ITD 3/17
Patricia A. Douglass and Tess (Cedar Where Your Treasure Is), ITD 3/17
Kirsten Ingoe and Ash (Haulton’s Hot Ash), ITD 3/17
Vicki Brown CTDI and Zam (Shazam NTD), ITD 3/17
Lisa J. McWilliams and Lexi (CH Outrun Elektrical Storm CDX PT RA CGC NTD), ITD 3/17
Jennifer Bowen and Rosie (Rosie Bowen NTD), ITD 2/17
Karen Didridckson ATDI and Wes (Brush Creek Wesley NTD), ITD 2/17
Ashley Crocker and Kai (Kai IV), ITD 2/17
Diann Andress ATDI and Blue (Bordaux Midnight Blue Sky NTD), ITD 2/17
Aaliyah Martinez and Live (SH Live Loud NTD), ITD 2/17
Misty Yohannan CTDI and Byndee (), ITD 2/17
Kelly Jackson and Fin (Merlynn Finley NTD), ITD 2/17
Katelyn Green ATDI and Rosemary (), ITD 2/17
Sarai Michalek and Jax (Sampson’s Like the Stars We Burn Forever NTD), ITD 2/17
Megan Schiffelbein and Cooter (), ITD 1/17
Sherrie Edick and Bella (Bella Edick), ITD 1/17
Becky Fitzgerald and Keegan (Hawk’s Landing Keegan NTD), ITD 1/17
Nichole Curry and Reef (Deep in the Sea NTD), ITD 1/17
Lenore Dubaldo and Rudy (Rudy DuBaldo), ITD 1/17
Suzy McCracken and Piper (Contact Point’s Masked Beauty NTD), ITD 12/16
Suzy McCracken and Sophie (), ITD 12/16
Linda Lyon and Brodie (), ITD 12/16
Dana Kingsbury and Lochan (Hob Nob Lock’n Load NTD), ITD 12/16
Tammy Stillwater and Twister (Avatar Bayshore Twist O’Fame NTD), ITD 12/16
Lindsay Polk and Willie (Willie Dunder NTD), ITD 11/16
Tammy Hanstead and Zip (BCRO’s Zip A Dee Doo Dah NTD), ITD 11/16
Sonelle van Wyk and Ranger (Wylwind Red All Bout It NTD), ITD 11/16
Anelize van Wyk and Cara (Mackland PocketOSunshine NTD), ITD 11/16
Eve Laforest and Helé (Kynic Everything NTD), ITD 11/16
Tina Conley and Pippa (Aednat Pippa Rouleia NTD), ITD 11/16
Cindi Chasse and Legacy (), ITD 10/16
Lisa-Marie Le Cok and Skylar (Mackland Mamma Mia NTD), ITD 10/16
Kathleen Camplin and Paisley (), ITD 10/16
Taylor Herr and Corona (Corona Jo NTD), ITD 9/16
Deb Tyanich and Gini (), ITD 9/16
Patricia Lister CTDI and Jinx (Ike’s Hurricane Hi-Jinx NTD), ITD 9/16
Philip Dunsdon ATDI and Jessica (), ITD 9/16
Shirley Conley ATDI and Tachi (), ITD 8/16
Jennifer Anthony and Nickleby (), ITD 8/16
Joe Barton and Boomer (Bippity Boppity Boom NTD), ITD 8/16
Mary Hager CTDI and Harley (), ITD 8/16
Elsie Pfleider and Rio (Rio Grande Of Owls Perch NTD), ITD 8/16
Bronwyn van Dyk and Fable (EuroFire Aesop’s Fire NTD), ITD 8/16
Amanda Brandenburg and Axel (), ITD 8/16
Becky Jenks and Vamp (OTCH Holther’s Hard Hearted Hannah NTD), ITD 8/16
Helene Tiefenthaler CTDI and Kayenne (Adventure’s Red-Hot N Spicy NTD), ITD 8/16
Lynze Smith CTDI and Coreas (Leapofaith’s Roll With It NTD), ITD 8/16
Kathy Erisman and Folly (Pure Folly NTD), ITD 8/16
Megan Stahlnecker and Chester (), ITD 8/16
Megan Stahlnecker and Smokey (), ITD 8/16
Lisa Yates and Tula (), ITD 7/16
Chelsea Singer CTDI and Crush (Wescot’s Smooth Criminal NTD), ITD 7/16
Charlotte Blackburn and Alleluia (EC’s Alleluia NTD), ITD 7/16
Lisa Lanser Rose CTDI and Maisie (), ITD 7/16
Glenda Banta CTDI and Trooper (Trooper Banta NTD), ITD 7/16
Leanne Neufeld and Caper (Hob Nob Off Topic), ITD 6/16
Emily Helin and Rush (), ITD 6/16
Jane Saunders ATDI and Katniss (Contact Point’s Girl on Fire NTD), ITD 6/16
Sandra Caines CTDI and Jezabel (), ITD 4/16
Tammy Stillwater and Tweedy (Bayshore Avatar Tweedy McBright CDX, RAE, BN, GN, GO, NTD), ITD 4/16
Lisa Pellowski and Conor (), ITD 4/16
Richard Brittain and Sunny (Sunny Day Brittain NTD), ITD 4/16
Lisa Tyson and Floss (It’s All About Floss), ITD 3/16
Cynthia Bradley and Keegan (Fennecus Keegan), ITD 3/16
Diana Rapa and Jester (TPD’s This Jester Ain’t No Fool), ITD 3/16
Janet Measham and Maisie (Funky Munky Moo), ITD 3/16
Bobbi Leeds and Meg (Little Missey Megsey), ITD 3/16
Virginia Williams and Kali Faye (), ITD 3/16
Cynthia Bradley and Brighton (Holther’s Ready Set Go), ITD 3/16
Yolande Johnson and Bobby (), ITD 2/16
Anne Hooper and Tex (Wilderblu Power of Love), ITD 2/16
Molly Plover and Moxie (1 Distinctively Different Roll-Back), ITD 2/16
Jennifer Strobel and Jax (), ITD 2/16
Janee Kamara Moore and Juno (Wescot’s I Do), ITD 2/16
Karin Haderly CTDI and Chi (Hob Nob Power by Nightflight MX MXJ CD RA NWI), ITD 2/16
Simmon Hellebrand and Daisy (Milangimbi Diamonds N Daisies), ITD 2/16
Helen Crosby and Kodi (), ITD 2/16
Susan Joachim and Gypsy Rose (), ITD 2/16
Mikaela Gustafson CTDI and Flash (), ITD 2/16
Lisa Lanser Rose CTDI and Mick (), ITD 1/16
Sally Gordon and Fli (Some Dogs Do), ITD 1/16
Jennifer Hill and Kricket (MISR - Kricket), ITD 1/16
Shuko Okawara and Kuma (), ITD 1/16
Erica Pytlovany CTDI and Prim (), ITD 1/16
Lynzie Bacchus CTDI and Re-Run (), ITD 1/16
Bridget Thomas CTDI and Desmo (SR Desmodronic), ITD 1/16
Kayla Wolff and Rex (), ITD 12/15
Julie Schrecengost and Blayze (Riverrun’s Summer Dreams Ablayze), ITD 12/15
Bobbie Lyons ATDI and Drama (Hidden Valley Tough Act to Follow), ITD 12/15
Emily Rose CTDI and Ace (), ITD 12/15
Rita Orduna and Jake (), ITD 12/15
Vonnie Dunlap and Boone (American Pioneer NTD), ITD 12/15
Carol Henderson and Lexi (Locheil From Me To You), ITD 12/15
Devon Ward CTDI and Freyja (), ITD 11/15
Lorna Moon and Keiko (JB Keiko), ITD 11/15
Roz Granitz CTDI and Bleu (Ah Mazin’ Bleu), ITD 11/15
Mariah Hinds and Clever Livy (On Target’s High IQ BN CGC CD), ITD 11/15
Linda Hinsman CTDI and Glory (Norwood’s Bound for Glory), ITD 11/15
Paula Gianella and Bridges (), ITD 11/15
Gerald Murray CTDI and Maggie (), ITD 11/15
Gerald Murray CTDI and Grace (Gracie-Mae), ITD 11/15
E Karen Williamson and Koda (Hidden Valley’s Code of the Windtalkers), ITD 10/15
Cira Ring and Taj (), ITD 10/15
Patricia Weinkauf and Fallon (), ITD 10/15
Jessi Pierce and Ollie (Oliver), ITD 10/15
Nicolina Strand and Ripp (Ripp-n-Jazz), ITD 10/15
Barbara Rake and Lyra (Keepemgoing’s Lyra Silvertongue PT HSAD NTD), ITD 10/15
Eva Loukas and Landry (), ITD 10/15
Laurie Moe and Cleo (Joyful Little Egyptian Goddess), ITD 10/15
Charlotte Blackburn and Shine (Hurit Shine for God), ITD 10/15
Charlotte Blackburn and Bravo (EC’s Bravo), ITD 10/15
Lynze Smith CTDI and Partner (Reach for the Sky Partner), ITD 10/15
Kristina McKenzie and Draco (Top Notch Optimus Prime NTD CGC), ITD 9/15
Elizabeth Greve and Kingsley (), ITD 9/15
Ashley Castro and Solo (Hob Nob Never Tell Me the Odds), ITD 9/15
Sarah Crane and Ajax (Crane Leg’s Tough on Greece CGC), ITD 9/15
Taila Lewis and Marley (Go Fetch Follow Your Heart), ITD 9/15
Deborah Seymour CTDI and Chase (), ITD 8/15
Pauline Williams and Mason (Hob Nob Cast From Stone RN HSAs OA OAJ CGC NW2), ITD 8/15
Ian Martin and Birk (Birk K Martin), ITD 8/15
Lisa Liguori and Dallas Grace (Dallas Grace RN CGCA), ITD 8/15
Melissa Krüger and Elsie (), ITD 8/15
Rebecca Jewsbury CTDI and Zeva (), ITD 8/15
Sandy Rapey and Trés (), ITD 8/15
Brenna Fender and Tessa (Contact Point’s Brenrich Tesseract), ITD 8/15
Hazel Fernandez and Lexie (), ITD 8/15
Shawn Goh and Lycan (), ITD 8/15
Teena Hopper and Charlee (), ITD 7/15
Kathleen Mocharnuk and Cricket (Hillcrest Quick As A Cricket), ITD 7/15
Patty Warren and Gypsy (Jivin’ With a Free Spirit), ITD 7/15
Kathleen Mocharnuk and Katydid (Kickstart’s Katydid It!), ITD 7/15
Laura Hauss Maulbetsch CTDI and Tweed (), ITD 7/15
Bronwyn van Dyk and Epic (), ITD 7/15
Loreen Grove and Katie (), ITD 7/15
Loreen Grove and Toby (), ITD 7/15
Judy Timme and Shila (), ITD 6/15
Isabelle Charette and Gamble (FHF Loaded Dice), ITD 6/15
Bonnie Conley and Bailey (), ITD 6/15
Anna Aranda CTDI and Sienna (Outrun Sienna Sunset), ITD 6/15
Alyssa Buller and Zoey (Zoey’s Holy Victory), ITD 5/15
Corrine Atkinson and Roxy (), ITD 5/15
Cynthia Egyed and Whiz (Topshelf’s a Whiz of a Wiz), ITD 5/15
Barbara Reinhold CTDI and Rue (), ITD 5/15
Janie Quintana and Cheyanne (Top Notch Sublime Sun Dancer CD RN CGC), ITD 5/15
Sophie Smith and Kallisto (Princess of Bears), ITD 5/15
Erica Pytlovany CTDI and Caleb (), ITD 5/15
Kristin Cabaniss and Andi (Crossroad’s White Oleander), ITD 5/15
Doreen Sciulli and Zoie (Holly Sue), ITD 5/15
Diane Battis CTDI and Zena (Hurit Canine Warrior ), ITD 4/15
Patricia Olson and Max (), ITD 4/15
Greta Kaplan and Mellie (HiQ Mind Meld), ITD 4/15
Carol Parker and Mara (TBC Marnatha AX AXJ NF), ITD 4/15
Kathryn Kuhlen CTDI and Watson (CP Watson), ITD 4/15
Kathryn Kuhlen CTDI and Darwin (Contact Point’s Darwin), ITD 4/15
Cynthia Odgen-Denham CTDI and Jax (Premiere Jax), ITD 4/15
Jan Blue and Lucy (Jan Blue’s Lucy), ITD 4/15
Tracey Pilsbury and Jynx (Capnmegs High Jynx), ITD 4/15
Mia Larson and Remi (), ITD 4/15
Sophie Arter and Sky (Ourdaffers The Snowman), ITD 4/15
Finuala Craske and Luna (Hardyljess Hopes and Dreams), ITD 3/15
Ericka Barber ATDI and Trip (Lock-Eye What a Trip he is), ITD 3/15
Allison Howard CTDI and Vera (), ITD 3/15
Denise Coyne and Jack (TBC Jack B Nimble), ITD 3/15
Kerstin Horvath CTDI and Cole (AZ Cole), ITD 3/15
Jennifer Stephens and Hendrix (), ITD 3/15
Sarah Sloan CTDI and Fairley (), ITD 3/15
Tina L. Westwood ATDI and Ember (), ITD 3/15
Marlys Delaney and Ollie (Jollie Ollie Collie), ITD 3/15
Jennifer Bailey and Jett (TBC Jett Propelled), ITD 3/15
Sandra Burroughs and KOBY (Koby Flynn Burroughs), ITD 3/15
Kelly Doner and Vortex (Power Tripp’s High Velocity), ITD 3/15
Ashley Gertonson and Clarity (LilFoxxClarity NTD), ITD 2/15
Tina L. Westwood ATDI and Mac (Flyboy MacGyver), ITD 2/15
Tina L. Westwood ATDI and Zephyr (Lady In Reds Zephyr), ITD 2/15
Tina L. Westwood ATDI and Whisper (Deeann Whisper On The Wind), ITD 2/15
Becky Fitzgerald and Kirby (Lock-Eye Kirby NTD), ITD 2/15
Penny Colby ATDI and Jamie (Landing Zone Jamie), ITD 2/15
Teressa Erickson and Baylee (Have a Little Faith In Me), ITD 2/15
Doreen Barren and Tess (), ITD 2/15
Marilyn Waterston and Timijin (Hob Nob Orient Express), ITD 2/15
Stacey Gamble ATDI and Twitch (Powerhouses’s Black Cat Dust), ITD 2/15
Nancy Marston and Zoe (ZoReMi Half n Half She Matters), ITD 1/15
Kelly McGovern and Ollie (Ollie McGovern), ITD 1/15
Alyssa Crannis and Envy (Hillcrest Gettin’ Jealous? SGDC AGDC MGDC ADC NTD), ITD 1/15
Pamela Wright and Skye (Skye CGC JHD-S), ITD 1/15
Dwayne Hudson and Maverick (Maverick Hudson), ITD 1/15
Haeleigh Hyatt and Wren (Talisman’s Light as a Ffeather), ITD 12/14
Mary Baker CTDI and Winston (Winston BN RN NJP NTD), ITD 12/14
Patricia O’Bleness CTDI and Sasha (MACH2 Sasha), ITD 12/14
Tess and Richard Starr and Chance (Sageway’s Second Chance), ITD 12/14
Daisy Peel ATDI and Solar (SuperSun), ITD 12/14
A. L Blazer and Lacey (Goodnight Lacey Blue), ITD 12/14
Carleen Vorisek CTDI and Gil (), ITD 11/14
Sarah Thoreen CTDI and Reese (), ITD 11/14
Carol Tracht-Kader and Boo (), ITD 10/14
Lisa Morrissey CTDI and Dali (), ITD 10/14
Beth Yim ATDI and Willie (Keen Eye Will), ITD 10/14
Debbie Hanley CTDI and Moon (NewMoon), ITD 10/14
Vicki Thacker CTDI and Mariah (), ITD 9/14
Lindsey Adams ATDI and Ben (), ITD 9/14
Michele Denning and Trixie (), ITD 9/14
Kristine Hammar and Bandit (), ITD 9/14
Holly McArthur CTDI and Diesel (Jento’s Turbo Diesel), ITD 9/14
Mary Vahaviolos and Mickey (), ITD 9/14
Angelica Steinker and Power (On Target Invincible), ITD 7/14
Angelica Steinker and Zoomie (Bo Tyne’s Watch Me Zoom), ITD 7/14
Jan Martin CTDI and Amber (), ITD 7/14
Carole Ceonzo and Ghillie (), ITD 7/14
Caraline Jackson and Kiev (), ITD 7/14
Shanice Tan ATDI and Zeal (Blazing Zealous Starlet Of Novacrista), ITD 7/14
Hélène Bernardi and Ariane (), ITD 7/14
Annabelle Green and Twigs (), ITD 6/14
Kathy Clayton CTDI and Teagan (), ITD 6/14
Karen Behringer and Tucker (), ITD 6/14
Kim Kaplan and Winnie (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner), ITD 6/14
Jazz Ng ATDI and Smashie (Superlatifz Le Star Smasher of Aristomilago), ITD 6/14
Christina Young CTDI and Enzo (Rivals), ITD 5/14
Mary Schelling CTDI and Shiloh (Must U Know Shiloh CD BN RA CGC), ITD 5/14
Margery Cavins ATDI and Bill (Bill Cavins NTD), ITD 5/14
Laurie Hawke and Chewy (), ITD 4/14
Alice Gay Wildes and Rush (Companion’s A Peck of Gold), ITD 4/14
Tiffany Benevento and Piper (), ITD 4/14
JuliAnna Munden and Threat (Hob Nob Heed The Howling Storm), ITD 4/14
Carolyn Jane Halhead and Zing (Canyonland Beloved go Back to glory), ITD 3/14
Karen Beekman and Molly (), ITD 3/14
Karen Beekman and Belle (), ITD 3/14
Reagan Lawton and Flash (), ITD 3/14
Kim Schiro and Jack (Brush Creeks Jack Be Nimble), ITD 3/14
Mollie L. Sisson and Speed (R’Quest Radar Bender), ITD 3/14
Judy Mather and Lucie (Khayoz Rocking Robin), ITD 2/14
Patricia O’Bleness CTDI and Jazzie (Hidden Valley All That Jazz), ITD 2/14
Kerstin Horvath CTDI and Arrow (AZ Arrow CGC), ITD 2/14
Sarah Horvath CTDI and Sketch (AZ Trick or Treat “Sketch” CGC, CGCA), ITD 2/14
Debra Cole and Flynn (Jordyalan Watership Down), ITD 1/14
Maddisen-Leigh Phelan CTDI and Rev (TNC Rev ’em Up), ITD 1/14
Taylor Duguay-Ladouceur ATDI and Lottie (), ITD 1/14
Jen Bartkewich and Giggs (JBD Giggs), ITD 1/14
Debra Cole and Skye (Tullacrest Aurora Skye), ITD 1/14
Yvonne Babij ATDI and Denim (Guirmere Denim), ITD 12/13
Yvonne Babij ATDI and Deuce (Guirmere Deuce), ITD 12/13
Julia Hamilton CTDI and Ember (MFR Ember Rose), ITD 12/13
Eva Briggs CTDI and Rikki (Lockeye Rikki Tikki Tavi), ITD 12/13
Debra Pearse ATDI and Sage (Cedar No Regrets), ITD 11/13
Janette West and Bella (Bella West), ITD 11/13
Dorene Bourque and Ryder (Shadewoods Ryder), ITD 11/13
Kassidy Lemmen and Chloe (Chloe May Robbins), ITD 10/13
Maureen Mickens and Kannon (Cyclone's Spiraling Cannonball CGC NF NA AGI AGII), ITD 10/13
Carole Husein CTDI and Ace (), ITD 10/13
Thomas Allan and Luca (Luca), ITD 9/13
May Fischer CTDI and Porter (), ITD 9/13
Michelle Anthony CTDI and Link (Hob Nob Link to the Future), ITD 9/13
Rachel Fein CTDI and Flash (Lytnstryke Photo Finish), ITD 8/13
Melody Scott CTDI and Surfer (Surf’s Up), ITD 7/13
Chanti Hazeleger and Flame (Nice of you to Come Bye Wish Come True), ITD 7/13
Nichole Curry and Joey (Joey), ITD 6/13
Chelsea Singer CTDI and Nikko (Orion A Splash of Black Flurry), ITD 6/13
Chelsea Singer CTDI and Tango (Orion Red Hot! Tango), ITD 6/13
Susan Kurner and Bodie (Bodie), ITD 6/13
Christina Young CTDI and Maxi (Maxi), ITD 6/13
Diane Stamp ATDI and Ruger (Stamp’s Ruger), ITD 5/13
Bonnie Gutzwiler and Phoenix (Bonnie’s Phoenix), ITD 4/13
Paula Garratt and Wellington (Liffeulf Never Forget), ITD 4/13
Megan Heins and Motley (Take Me to the Top), ITD 4/13
Nicky Griffiths and Ted (Mr. Ted Wing), ITD 4/13
Lucy McCloskey and Sonny (Hamilton’s Mystic Lord of the Dance), ITD 4/13
Tonya Fouch CTDI and Tweed (Tweed), ITD 4/13
Julie Humiston and Emma (Rising Sun Emma), ITD 3/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Digit (Botyne Digit - Hobbes, NATCH, TFE-II, WV-O, TG-O, TN-E, AX, OAJ, CDX, RAE, HTDI-g, VX, TT, CGC), ITD 3/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Strider (Lockeye’s Strider NJC, TN-N, RA), ITD 3/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Fusion (Hob Nob Fusion - NAC, OJC, TN-N, RN), ITD 3/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Breeze (Hillcrest Breeze - Onyx, TF-III, PT, CGC), ITD 3/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Shiver (FHF Shiver FDX, OAC, OJC, ECC, WV-N, TN-O, RA, CGC), ITD 3/13
Kate Lloyd CTDI and Maddy (Maddy), ITD 3/13
Laurie Moe and Tango (FHF Dressed Up and Dancing With Joy), ITD 2/13
Kama Rueschenberg ATDI and Penelope (Eye Spy’s Psycho), ITD 1/13
Julie Lizotte CTDI and Pixie (Pixie), ITD 1/13
Sarah Clanton and Bella (Bella), ITD 1/13
Robin Barrows and Ivy (Ivy Ohana), ITD 1/13
Lary Lindsay ATDI and Kyna (Kyna), ITD 1/13
Arno Sebulke and Windy (Windy), ITD 12/12
Kim Bond and Angus (Angus), ITD 12/12
Susan M. Parrish and Maia (Mera Maia Blu), ITD 11/12
Susan M. Parrish and Zip (Zipping Zephyr), ITD 11/12
Nicole Marlin and Sammy (Samantha), ITD 11/12
Sarah Spencer Hall and Fu$ion (Fu$ion), ITD 10/12
Diana Smith and Chief (Chief), ITD 9/12
Mary Jo Bradley CTDI and Candy (Candy), ITD 9/12
Beth Trujillo and Blaze (Fallon’s Royal Kindle), ITD 8/12
Hedwig Sebulke ATDI and Dusty (Dusty), ITD 8/12
Debbie Smith CTDI and Shamrock (Cyclone’s Faithful Shamrock), ITD 8/12
Mary Ann Sanford and Bling (Bordaux Almost Perfect Bling CDX RN VER TT NTD CGC S.T.A.R.), ITD 7/12
Sherlee Bailey and Sedona (Sedona Sage), ITD 7/12
Colleen DeWitt CTDI and Casino (Int’l CH Carson’s Royal Flush BN,RN, TT,CGC,NTD), ITD 6/12
Ann Withun and Seelie (Seelie Court Withun), ITD 6/12
Kristine Hammar and Speedy (Speedy), ITD 6/12
Colleen DeWitt CTDI and Carson (Grand Champion Fallon’s Royal Carson RN,RA,BN,CD,CGC,NTD), ITD 6/12
Kristine Hammar and Dean Dog (Dean Dog), ITD 6/12
Scott MacConachie CTDI and Oreo (Oreo), ITD 5/12
Donna Sullivan and Riley (Donivan C Ewe in My Dreams ), ITD 5/12
Sherry Kelly and Willow (Forever Kelly’s Willow), ITD 5/12
Yvette D. Burke and Jacob (Bo-tyne Kicking-N-Screaming), ITD 4/12
Yvette D. Burke and Seth (Blue Collar Seth), ITD 4/12
Babette Kis and Lanes (Laney), ITD 4/12
Audrey Carter CTDI and Punk (Hidden Valley’s Dream B!G), ITD 4/12
Audrey Carter CTDI and Ty-Dye (Riot’s Ty Dyed Tag Along), ITD 4/12
Taryn Hodge and Freeman (Amos Fortune Freman AX, AXJ, NF, RS-N, JS-N), ITD 4/12
Sharon Yildiz and Savvy (VX CHX, U-CD, U-AgII, Ch. RiverRun’s Satellite VCD-2 (CDX, TD, OA, OAJ), HSAs, HIAs, HXAs, HTDIs, HTDIId, HRDI/II/IIIs, AX, RN, CGC), ITD 3/12
Chet Wise CTDI and Alvin (Alvin), ITD 3/12
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Zee Zee (C-ATCH Blitzen’s Florida Breeze UDX, GO, RE, NAP, NJP), ITD 3/12
Katrina Aliff ATDI and Chase (Chase Aliff), ITD 3/12
Rebecca Hansen and Rio (Livin’ La Vita Loca!), ITD 3/12
Marla Friedler-Cooper CTDI and Synergy (Hillcrest Synergy In Motion Granting Pleasure), ITD 3/12
Jodi Kellar CTDI and Sundae (BananaSplit Sundae, STAR Puppy, RLP (AOE), RLPX, RL1), ITD 2/12
Linda Saab and Lola (Poswertripp’s Good Ship Lollipop), ITD 2/12
Amanda Wood and Tink (HiQ Tinker Toy), ITD 2/12
Ashley Castro and Zen (Zen CGC RL1 NTD), ITD 2/12
Charlene Hare and Dandy (Dandelion), ITD 2/12
Rebecca Hayes-Copeland and Xan (XE Xanthius), ITD 2/12
Kristine Hammar and Tessa (Tessa), ITD 2/12
Helen James ATDI and Moss (), ITD 2/12
Dana Meiter and Kimble (Kimble), ITD 2/12
Tasha Miner CTDI and Dolce (Wishing Star), ITD 1/12
Heather Dwyer and Mae (Mae), ITD 1/12
Heather Dwyer and Blur (Blitzen's Blew By Ewe), ITD 1/12
Julia Lane CTDI and Magnum (Lytnstryke's Private Eye), ITD 1/12
Sara Carson CTDI and Hero (Worth The Wait), ITD 1/12
Diane Battis CTDI and Spirit (Quicksilver Out of the Blue), ITD 1/12
Brigitte van Gestel CTDI and Djuna (Djuna), ITD 1/12
Lisa Morrissey CTDI and Brody (Brody), ITD 12/11
Jamie Ziennker ATDI and Flyy (), ITD 12/11
Angela Hamilton and Cooper (Skyevale Sequioa Whiskey), ITD 11/11
Phyllis Shortt and Maisie (Maisie), ITD 11/11
Steve Bobbitt and Pepper (), ITD 11/11
Doris Anderson and Yukon (Lock-Eye Yukon Anderson), ITD 11/11
Astrid Smith CTDI and Ryker (Red Baron AAD, REA, OF, OAJ, CGC, TF-II), ITD 10/11
Debbie Hanley CTDI and Bleu (Bleu Moon), ITD 10/11
Donna Sullivan and Stella (Donivans Ewe Day Dreamer Ewe), ITD 9/11
Astrid Buhmann CTDI and Star (GR CH (FLY) CH Highborne Buzzing Star FDX HD), ITD 8/11
Astrid Buhmann CTDI and Puka (NAT FLY TEAM ‘06, TH’ ONE & ONLY, GR CH (CART), CH (OB) Zarbo CDEX, FDX), ITD 8/11
Cynthia Bradley and Tarka (Trumagik On The Move), ITD 7/11
Cynthia Bradley and Khaki (Trumagik Red Flash), ITD 7/11
Koralee Samaroden CTDI and Karma (Karma Delphi), ITD 4/11
Koralee Samaroden CTDI and Ember (Ember Capri), ITD 4/11
Rebecca Cann CTDI and Kasey Keller (DFS Fly Boots), ITD 4/11
Allie Freitas and Tess (Caelin Tess), ITD 3/11
Allie Freitas and Kipp (Garron Kipp), ITD 3/11
Francine Roche and Jetta (Donivan’s Chasin Ewe’r Dream), ITD 3/11
Victoria Warfel and Zoe (Warfel’s Flying Zola), ITD 2/11
Pamela Johnson CTDI and Bandit (), ITD 12/10
Pamela Johnson CTDI and Twix (Twix), ITD 12/10
Nicola Hughes and Jack (Jack), ITD 11/10
Susan Ivens and Traffic (Romantic Traffic), ITD 11/10
Donna Sullivan and Shelby (Donivans Red Hot Dreamo O Ewe), ITD 8/09

Border Terrier

Donia Roorda ATDI and Bryn (CH Elwha Bryn it to win it RN CRN1 CGN NTD), ITD 4/17
Laura Ryder CTDI and Milani (Cherishem Miss Milani NTD), ITD 11/16
Laura Ryder CTDI and Wicket (Buguya Secret Mission NTD), ITD 11/16
Erin Moore and Loki (Aardehond Malbectini), ITD 5/16
Irene B. Krebs and Cricket (Meadow Lake As Young As You Feel), ITD 2/16
Kali Wilson and P.J. (), ITD 10/15
Kali Wilson and Frannie (Loch Cu’s Blue Mooned in Texas), ITD 10/15
Heather Somers and Dansa (ELWHA DANSALONG AT COANS, RE, CGN, CDN-3, CD, FDNX, AGI, JE, RATN, SD-S, HT, AKC-JE, VX), ITD 5/15
Victoria Neale and Indi (Fiesty Doris), ITD 4/15
Natalie Folker and Coco (), ITD 4/15
Vanessa Rush and Pongo (), ITD 9/14
Megan Bassett and Rufus (Rufus Bassett), ITD 8/14
Yvonne Downey and Tweed (Foxleigh Tumbling Tweed), ITD 7/14
Sharon Stubbs and Makana (Keepsake’s Cheviot Dreaming), ITD 3/12


Kathleen Poniatowski and Muse (Mielikki Kalabria RiverRun Dark Muse), ITD 7/15
Charlotte Yealey and Alia (Southern Winds Princess Esmarelda Alia CGC), ITD 7/15

Boston Terrier

Christine Gray and Ginny (), ITD 12/16
Terri Adkins and Arnie (Adkins’ Arnie), ITD 10/15
Christina Dale and Seamus (), ITD 9/15
Michele Miller and Prancer (), ITD 8/15
Sarah Stewart and Pearl (), ITD 6/15
Hunter Boman and Lulu (), ITD 5/15
Mel Witkowski CTDI and Jo E. (Mel’s Jump’in Jo E. of Bunker Hill), ITD 3/15
Nicole Miller and Perry (), ITD 3/14
Penny DiLoreto CTDI and Peanut (Our Little Guy Peanut DiLoreto), ITD 6/13
Heather Neldner and Penny (Little Bit of Luck), ITD 2/13
Caryl-Rose Pofcher and Clyde (Billy Clyde’s Pride), ITD 3/12
Paula J. Shupe and Oliver (Oliver Little Storybook Masterpiece), ITD 1/12
Sue Petry and Cujo (), ITD 8/09

Bouvier des Flandres

Karen Kimbrough and Texsi (GCH Quiche’s Livin’ It Up In Texas CGC-U NA, OF, NTD), ITD 9/16
Candace Crouch and Breeze (SLEEPING LADY’S WINDSONG OF DENALI), ITD 5/15
Ellen Saegaert and Bailey (), ITD 9/14
Liz Chamberlain CTDI and Mouse (Reina Nyra van Caya’s Home at Ragamuffin), ITD 8/11


Kelli-ann Reilly CTDI and Star (Boxer Girl Star NTD), ITD 3/17
Tania Butler and Sundae (), ITD 2/17
Roxann Wilkinson CTDI and Farkle (Wilkinson’s It’s Farkle Time! NTD), ITD 11/16
Leah Morse CTDI and Story (Never Ending Story NTD), ITD 11/16
Carolyn Bassett ATDI and Razz (Gremlix Razzle Dazzle CGCG RA NTD), ITD 7/16
Kellie L. Turner and Toby (Turner’s Tobias Nicholas Parker NTD), ITD 4/16
Quincey Ross ATDI and Brody (), ITD 11/15
Joyce Hargrove and Madison (Hilltop’s Ticket To NYC RA RAT1 CGC), ITD 8/15
Amy Rosinsky and Driver (), ITD 7/15
Amelia Kellum CTDI and Doug (Douglas Fellenz), ITD 3/14
Colleen Hill and Skulley (Happy Tail’s “Little Man”), ITD 3/14
Piper Lee and Caesar (Imperator Gaius Julius Caesar), ITD 12/13
Sawyer Payne and Freddie (Winifred), ITD 7/13
Diana Schnellbach and Duke (“Duke”), ITD 5/13
JoAnne Rowles CTDI and Sky (Bix-L’s Skywalker), ITD 5/13
Jane Barron and Rosa (Mummanui Frosty Rose), ITD 3/13
Deniece Johnson CTDI and Mojo (Mojo), ITD 2/13
Karen Graser and Lola (Lola Graser), ITD 10/12
Katie Kee and Lillie Mae (Tiger Lillie of the Valley CGC TDI), ITD 7/12
JoAnne Rowles CTDI and Daisy (Telstar’s Sunshine Daisy), ITD 12/11
Kelli-ann Reilly CTDI and Pompeii (Pompeii Reilly), ITD 4/11
Kelli-ann Reilly CTDI and Tag (Tag Reilly), ITD 4/11

Brazilian Mastiff

Linda Chong and Hector (Briarwood’s Hector), ITD 2/16


Gerdien Demkes and Noemie (Auberge des Pattes Noires Jioya), ITD 2/15
Deanna Vick and Denver (Briardale’s Gold Rush), ITD 11/11


Danielle Todd and Vixey (RiverMist Broxden I Scent It CGN SD-A-SP NTD), ITD 1/17
Ana Sarcheck and Winter (Ajax Arctic Blast OA AXJ NTD), ITD 12/16
Cheryl Bulpitt and Berkeley (Rivermist Broxden Honor This NTD), ITD 8/16
Michelle Gamblin and Sydney (UKC Ch Sandbar’s One To N-Vee CGC NTD RATI TN TT), ITD 3/16
Pam Orms and Akshun (Razin-a-Ruckus Bring On The Akshun), ITD 3/16
Sandra Toal and Webster (), ITD 2/16
Alison Boyd and Griswold (Marsport Griswold Chase), ITD 12/15
Ana Sarcheck and Rosie (), ITD 11/15
Michelle Gamblin and Major (Big Oaks Honor By N-Vee NTD RATI SP), ITD 11/15
Janet Morris and Daisee (Daisee Mae Garth Thereyago Morris), ITD 4/15
Michelle Gamblin and Ivy (UKC Ch Horizon’s Measure Of N-Vee NTD ORT1 RATI RN TT), ITD 2/15
Terri Latronica CTDI and Bree (Chilcote Kaze’s Summer Breeze), ITD 2/15
Terri Latronica CTDI and Tucker (Credits Chilcote Raise A Rucus), ITD 2/15
Ruth Robinson and Risa (Tikalis Risa CDX OA OAJ WETT NTD), ITD 9/14
Janet Morris and Taffee (Taffee Garth Morris), ITD 4/14
Cynthia Toohey and Dee Dee (Rockfire Devil N Disgise), ITD 3/14
Sharon Miller and Victor (Casabergen’s Victor Gentry), ITD 5/13
Carol Toms and Hunter (Ch. Islandview Holds All the Aces, RA. CGN. CDN1, CDN2. FND), ITD 4/13
Mary Dwyer and Clover (Clover), ITD 11/12
Katherine L. McGill CTDI and Sara (Flock N Farm Sarabell CGC), ITD 12/11

Brussels Griffon

Sandra Busse and Jilli (Wisselwood Victor’s Jillian-RR), ITD 12/14
Chris Baumann CTDI and Luckiedog (Luckiedog CGC, RA, NTD), ITD 3/14
Mari Hiltz CTDI and Mayzie (What A Mug A’Mayzing Cinnamon Honey RN, MX, MXJ, CL4-R, CL4-H, CL4-F, CL3-S, TDCH), ITD 1/11

Bull Terrier

Fernando Brown ATDI and Minky (Minky Moo Bear), ITD 9/11

Bulldog (English )

Caryl-Rose Pofcher and Rover (Billy Sent Rover Over), ITD 3/12
Kim Mayes CTDI and Riddick (), ITD 6/11


Tamar Paltin and Tzilah (Z) (B’Mew Candlelight Shadow, CGC BN RN ThDN NTD), ITD 4/16
Angela Frazier and Zeus (Zeus Fast and Furious Frazier), ITD 3/15
Kathleen Kiernan and Sydney (Sydney Louise), ITD 7/14
Leigh Reynolds CTDI and Roxy (), ITD 1/11

Cairn Terrier

Debra Bauleke and Pippin (Pippin Finn), ITD 3/17
Pam Davis and Daisy (GCHB Dogwood Flower Power RN, CAX4, RATS, CGCA, NTD), ITD 2/17
Karen McClean CTDI and Doyle (Tarahill’s Wish Upon a Star CGN, RATN SD-S, RN, NTD), ITD 10/16
Shelley Cherkowski and Indigo (Toonees Indigo Tesla Roadster), ITD 3/16
Shelley Cherkowski and Joey (Goldenears Joseph), ITD 3/16
Linda Warn and Berry (Woodwynds Carberry Hill CDX RE NTD), ITD 12/15
Betsy Peets and Happy (Cairnyorm Shot in the Dark), ITD 10/15
Betsy Peets and Oz (GCh Kinloch’s Shadowood), ITD 10/15
Rachael Lincoln CTDI and Rambo (Brandybuck’s Bad To The Bone), ITD 4/15
Marcy Zweerink and Cody (), ITD 6/14
Karen McClean CTDI and Aoibheann (AmCan GCh Quarrydene’s Queen of Diamonds CGN RN), ITD 3/14
Mandy Rogers and Moxie (Moxie Rogers), ITD 1/13

Canaan Dog

Risa Baumrind and Shani (AKC/UKC CH RO1 Mazel Tov Erev Shel Shoshanim CD BN GN RE CGCA CGCU CDCA-HCX CDCA-VX ASCA-CD NTD), ITD 4/16
Nancy Marston and LuLu (Luella P Wellenmellen, CGC, BN, RN, RL1X, RL2, NTD), ITD 3/15

Cane Corso

Alexandra Lowry and Marius (Italica’s Mr. Firehorse Moonlight), ITD 12/15
Samantha Davenport and Rhaegar (Gator Country Rhaegar Targaryen), ITD 5/15
Keagen J. Grace CTDI and Konco (Lifeline’s Port in a Storm), ITD 3/15
Carol Anderson ATDI and Rogue (), ITD 5/14

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

James Hager and Bear (Coedwig’s Out Of The Blue NTD), ITD 4/17
Renay Crooker and Donovan (SunSpark’s Kantasia Donovan NTD), ITD 4/17
Kathleen Kane and Kismet (Coedwig’s Made To Order NTD), ITD 4/17
Lisa Sproat and Rory (Legacy Legend’s Y Ddraig Goch NTD), ITD 4/17
Renay Crooker and Phoenix (SunSpark’s Kantasia Flight of the Dragon NTD), ITD 3/17
Kayelene Hawthorne and Isaac (PACH Chaps Woodsy Sir Isaac MXP4, MXPB, MXJP4, MJPB, PAX, NTD), ITD 3/17
Dawn Fisher and Peace (Daybreake’s Peaceful Dreams NTD), ITD 3/17
Kayelene Hawthorne and Oliver (Dragontails Black Irish Moon CGC-DN45346103), ITD 2/17
Heather Masch and Lzzy (Xtacee Octane A Song Of Ice And Fire NTD), ITD 8/16
Karen Perusek and Porter (Blacksheep Masterpiece Mystery NTD), ITD 6/16
Dawn Fisher and Wash (Foggy Bottom Woodrose Light As A Feather), ITD 1/16
Mindy Morley and Radke (CH Rochars Edge of Reality RATI), ITD 12/15
Dawn Fisher and Magic (Qwaynt’s Magic Spark), ITD 11/15
Delania McNatt and Chloe (UKC/INT’L CH Walnut Creek Taka Chance On Me CGC RN HIC NTD), ITD 7/15
Kathleen Kane and Hula (Coedwig’s Mad About Ewe), ITD 4/15
Rachel Sheeler and Elijah (Elijah Sheeler), ITD 5/13
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Solo (Flying Solo), ITD 1/13
Jessica Elliott and Calvin (Calvin), ITD 7/12
Falon Gray and Eden (Falon Gray’s Sweet Eden-Pie), ITD 3/12

Carolina Dog

Carrie Riley and Atlas (GRCH NorthStar’s Travelin’ Man NTD), ITD 11/16
Carrie Riley and Astro (Int CH Swamp Fox Astro NTD), ITD 2/16
Nancy Schilling and Hannah (), ITD 7/15


Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Orion (Orion Mu), ITD 2/17
Anika Moritz and Alexis (), ITD 9/16
Amy Hinkle and Tesla (), ITD 12/14
Bristal McAlister and Raven (), ITD 11/14
Jacob Hollingsworth CTDI and Kitty (Kitty), ITD 5/12
Cindy Otto CTDI and Zucca (), ITD 10/11


Jo-Ann Shuma CTDI and Wyatt (Wyatt Leroy Shuma NTD), ITD 9/16
Mary Baker CTDI and Maggie (Maggie Moo NTD), ITD 12/14

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Tameesha VanEtten and Indy (Valorzen’s Indy CA CGC), ITD 8/15
Annie Strobel and Zoe (Miss Flying Highs Res Q Me Zoe CA CGCA NTD), ITD 1/15
Candice Jankuta and Camo (Cardi’s Camouflage), ITD 3/14
Martha Bailey CTDI and Journey (Journey of Smartydog), ITD 4/13

Cattle Dog

Jannette Day and Maggie (), ITD 6/14

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Nicola James and Kick (Glenbrows Hand of Fate), ITD 1/17
Debra Aheimer and Banner (Buddington’s Star Spangled Banner NTD), ITD 10/16
Karen Stiansen and Ginger (Enchanting Spirit Ginger NTD), ITD 9/16
Pam Booras CTDI and Tillie (Tillie NTD), ITD 8/16
Mo Han and Louie (Louie Han), ITD 1/16
Kimberly Lookabill and Clover (Vista Highland Spice), ITD 1/16
Katie Robertson ATDI and Calvin (Embee’s Stupendous Man), ITD 12/15
Gabrielle Rundle-Thiele and Kokoda (), ITD 9/15
Nicola James and Lupin (Glenbrows It Had To Be Me), ITD 4/15
Trish Miller and Bucca (Roycroft Buckingham’s Majesty), ITD 4/15
Magda Negele and Snoopy (Snoopy Cleverboy vom Feenstaub), ITD 4/15
Sara & John Nemec and Spencer (Barrington Spencer Winston), ITD 3/15
Elin Becker and Puck (Karlees Behold the Penalty Box CKC: P-CD, RN; AKC: CGC), ITD 2/15
Roberta Earle CTDI and Petey (), ITD 2/15
Janet Klingler and Queenie (Maryne N Sumdei Dancing Queen), ITD 1/15
Nichole Griva and Winston (Winston CGC), ITD 5/14
Anna B. Ferris and Madeline (Miss Madeline Lovebug Geraghty), ITD 10/13
Debra Aheimer and Jackson (Buddington’s Gen. Stonewall Jackson), ITD 9/13
Debra Aheimer and Blaze (Frederick’s Trail Blazer of Buddington), ITD 9/13
Lesley Chappell and Jaffa (Beaumore the Southern Spirit), ITD 7/13
Beth Pederson ATDI and Kyra Bella (Kyra Bella), ITD 11/12
Katie Robertson ATDI and Magnus (Jester of Magnificence), ITD 6/12
Katie Robertson ATDI and Maizey (My May Sunshine), ITD 6/12
Kathy Burke and Harley (Hartwell O’Aces Harliquin, CDX, RE), ITD 4/12
Christine Childress and Humphrey (Humphrey Bogart Here’s Lookin’ at You Kid), ITD 3/12
Jennifer Rosenblum and Luke (Sweetdream A New Hope), ITD 1/12

Cesky Terrier

Stephanie Capkovic and Logan (Windrush Logans Run), ITD 2/15

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Elizabeth Mignin and Evvie (Northwyns Miss Evvie Lyn NTD), ITD 8/16
Kelley Harshman and Brogan (), ITD 4/15
Lauren Faggard CTDI and Geronimo (CH Chesabar Faggards Geronimo), ITD 4/14
Lauren Faggard CTDI and Zuni (CH Chesabar Faggards Zuni JH), ITD 4/14
Lauren Faggard CTDI and Hopi (CH Chesabar Faggards Hopi JH), ITD 4/14
Lauren Faggard CTDI and Red (CH Chesabar Faggards Red Cloud MH), ITD 4/14
Lauren Faggard CTDI and Bull (CH Chesabar Faggards Sitting Bull SH), ITD 4/14

Chessapeake Bay Retreiver

Donna Cooley and Bocce (Longshore’s Bocce Bear RN DM CGC), ITD 7/16


Marie Donahue CTDI and Phoebe (Phoebe’s Brightest Star NTD), ITD 2/17
Cesar Rapanut and Chelsea (Lady Chelsea NTD), ITD 11/16
Isa Randle and Lucky (Jed Jess Lucky Born To Dance NTD), ITD 7/16
Heidi Priester and Pablo (El Dorados Pablo), ITD 5/16
Diana Rapa and Brownie (TPD’s Sweet as a Brownie), ITD 3/16
Robin Sweetapple and Ty (Ty Bennefield Sweetapple), ITD 11/15
Tim Page and Chiquis (Chiquis La Mirruña), ITD 10/15
Tim Page and Lalo (Lalo El Bailarin), ITD 10/15
Susan Fletcher CTDI and Dewey (Dewey Columbus), ITD 10/15
Katie Manning and Merlin (Bonnsands Black Velvet), ITD 9/15
Rebecca Morley and Toby (Tobias M. Morley), ITD 6/15
Romy Adler and Jacky (), ITD 6/15
Alethea Stewart and Thumberlina Munchkin (Thumberlina Munchkin Stewart), ITD 5/15
Wendi Mitzel and Meeko (Touch of Mischief), ITD 5/15
Judy Manson and Mr Chi (Mr Chi’s a Diamond Geezer), ITD 5/15
Diana Noe and Chewy (), ITD 3/15
Robin Murray CTDI and Stuart (Stuart ‘Squirt’ Murray), ITD 3/15
Linda DesMarais and Chip (Tribute’s Return Engagement), ITD 3/15
Tizzie Jarvis and Teddy (), ITD 2/15
Laurie Wright CTDI and Belle (Bluebelle), ITD 5/14
Julianne Grove CTDI and Pirate (), ITD 3/14
Carolyn Collins CTDI and Penny (Collins’ Penny V CGC), ITD 2/14
Patricia McKenna and Henry (), ITD 11/13
Stacie Strauss and Pearl (Pearl The Money Pit), ITD 4/13
Kathryn Pate and Pippa (Pippa), ITD 1/13
Mikayla Kincaid and Harley (Harley Kincaid), ITD 12/12
Toni Sims and Abbie (Abbie Cadabie Chica Chula), ITD 7/11
Toni Sims and Chu Chu (Chu Chu Bean), ITD 7/11
Jia Wei Lim ATDI and Xiao Xiao (), ITD 3/11

Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Tammy Stillwater and Moonpie (Highland’s Moonlight Sonata NTD), ITD 5/16
Tammy Stillwater and Carlos (CH. Winhaven Aeolian To Thunder CD, RAE, NTD), ITD 5/16
Marion Teichman and Charlie (Charlie Lex Luther My Love CGC DSA TT), ITD 3/15
Rebecca Jewsbury CTDI and Dexter (Chocolate Chip), ITD 6/14
Julie Brozek and Tazzy (Tazzy), ITD 12/13

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Donna Brittain and Angel (Temple + Phipps’ Angel Gets Her Wings NTD), ITD 8/15
Melissa Wallace CTDI and Uintah (), ITD 11/14
Donna Brittain and Simba (Temple’s The Lion King CDX, BN, GN, RAE2, CGG, NTD), ITD 12/13
Donna Brittain and Moose (Temple’s The Moose Is Loose UD, RAE3, NTD), ITD 4/12

Chinese Crested

Alissa Latridis and Annie (Annie Latridis NTD), ITD 10/16
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Magick (Sassytails Magical Treasure NTD), ITD 10/16
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Lynk (), ITD 11/15
Susan Brasel and Harry (R01 UWP AG1 Inter/Nat GRCH Pristine Gaffer’s It’s My Pleasure), ITD 2/15
Clydette Lobach and Brody (Bonsai’s Clybach’s Brighton My Day), ITD 11/14
Kim Mayes CTDI and Loki (Nalibey’s Love Me Do Loki), ITD 2/13
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Firefly (Firefly), ITD 1/13
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Rogue (It's Hairy Houdini By the Way), ITD 1/13
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Posh (Silkyence Wavecrest Risen Star), ITD 1/13

Chinese Crested (Powder Puff)

Joan Clarke and Esther (Tupuzuri Lunar Eclipse), ITD 7/15
Joan Clarke and Ellery (Maralou Invitation by Night), ITD 11/14
Joan Clarke and Evie (Cutecoots Veritysue), ITD 11/14
Jesi Kirk and Zuri (Kunokis Creme de la Creme Furry), ITD 12/13

Chinese Spaniel

Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Lando (Lando Calrissian), ITD 1/13


Lee Ann Simonson and Cutler (GreatMountain Cutler NTD), ITD 8/16
Tessa Thomas and Remy (Rain Mountain Frontier Shuksan), ITD 10/15
Susan Fletcher CTDI and Kasute (Frontier Halona Joy Kasute), ITD 10/15

Chow Chow

Katie Mirabelli and Holly (Kamira’s Holly Golightly NTD), ITD 3/16
Cindy Conover ATDI and Heather (Mi-Pao’s Cream Starshine), ITD 7/11

Cocker Spaniel

Patricia A. Kohn and Murphy (Murphy Brown Eyed Girl BN RN CGC NTD), ITD 3/16
Laurie Menyo and Kali (), ITD 9/15
Sue Brown and Joe (Joe Cocker Brown), ITD 7/15
Courtney Timmerman and Ginger (), ITD 3/15
Brenda Noren and Jack (Jacket Up A Notch CD, BN, RN, CGC), ITD 12/14
Monica Medrano CTDI and Stuart (), ITD 3/14
Lynn Stacey CTDI and Bella (Brock Ballastar), ITD 3/14
Shelly Goebel CTDI and Sophie (Dunmorr KG She’s A Social Butterfly RN, NTD), ITD 3/14
Leona Hellesvig and Missy (ALCH Enchanted Little Miss Carefree, CGC, NA, CL2-R, CL2-H), ITD 9/13
Tara Halligan ATDI and Rowan (Nonnies Simply Wonderful), ITD 1/11
Cindy Sanford CTDI and Lance (Ladys Lance of the Fancy Pants), ITD 10/10

Cocker Spaniel - American

Dorothy Smith and Echo (Juire’s Walk Right Back to Me NTD), ITD 2/17
Meow Heong Tan and Happi (), ITD 5/14
Charlotte Keane and Slainte (Slainte), ITD 11/12
Barbara A. Weary and Boston (Boston Massachusetts Weary), ITD 7/12
Joyce McIntyre and Suzie Q (Tailormade Ribbons N Curls RE BN CD), ITD 5/12
Joyce McIntyre and MiMi Doll (Tailormade Angel Bee Mine RE BN CD), ITD 5/12
Linda Allen CTDI and Spice (Aj’s Royal Enchantress), ITD 5/11
Kelly Ladouceur and Jack Jack (Ch Calla’s All Bets On KLAD), ITD 5/11
Linda Allen CTDI and Royal (Int./Am. Ch. Aj’s Royal Wizard, CGC), ITD 4/11

Cocker Spaniel - English

Kathleen Older and June Bug (June Bug The Return of the Jet O NTD), ITD 11/16
Ewa Edreira and Molly (Worshamview Caramel Swirl), ITD 4/15
Sally Bair CTDI and Lacey (Spindrift’s Lucky Dog), ITD 12/13
Aleksandra Hayden and Chopper (Chopper), ITD 5/13
Dianne McCullough and Eliza (Eliza Reg’d My Fair Lady), ITD 3/13
Melissa Viera CTDI and Riley (Pineridge MJ’s Riley CD RN), ITD 8/11
Sara Carson CTDI and Maple (Maple’s Leap to Life), ITD 4/11
Mary-Catherine Ervin and Miss Molly (), ITD 2/11
Cheryl Viera CTDI and Molly (Pineridge MJ’s MIss Molly), ITD 11/10

Collie (Rough)

Chandria Meyer and Jazz (Kings Valley Cantina Band CGCA CGCU ITD), ITD 3/17
Dr. Laura R. Dejmek and Skylar (Mr. Summa cum Laude “Skylar” NTD), ITD 2/17
Cassandra S. Benson and Ember (Coppermoon’s Smoldering Embers CGCA TDN), ITD 2/17
Patty Stafford CTDI and Chance (Scarborough’s Chance of a Lifetime NTD), ITD 2/17
Linda Lanham and Miss May (Swan’s Is That A Rocket N Ur Pocket,CGCA,BN,THDN), ITD 2/17
Lee Jeffries and Dexter (Chantique Hot Toddy at Deorwine NTD), ITD 1/17
Antoinette J. Bailey and Prosper (Ch. Lochlaren the Plans I Have For You, CD, NTD), ITD 1/17
Antoinette J. Bailey and Dave (Nor’Loch Patient and Kind, CGC-A, NTD), ITD 1/17
Antoinette J. Bailey and Curtis (Tartanside a Spirit of Courage, CGC-A, NTD), ITD 1/17
Michael Vorkapich and D'Argo (Snovalley Rainybank Luxan Warrior NTD), ITD 10/16
Patty Stafford CTDI and Dylan (A Tribute To A Dream NTD), ITD 10/16
Michalla Mallett and Sassi (Jaymac Royal Aftershock NTD), ITD 8/16
Laura Lane and Laney (Lady Golden Whirlwind NTD), ITD 8/16
Laura Lane and Spencer (Sunny Sky’s Golden Whirlwind NTD), ITD 8/16
Linda Lanham and Angel (Harley’s Angel Of Love, CGCA, NTD), ITD 6/16
Laura Hills CTDI and Fiona (Fiona Hills), ITD 5/16
Candace Crouch and Trooper (), ITD 5/16
Dinah Gough and Tiearne (OTCH Thistlebrae Come Dancing CGN RE), ITD 4/16
Michelle Gamage CTDI and Loyal (He Is Loyal To Me), ITD 2/16
Lisa Wood and Gryphon (), ITD 1/16
Gail Gee and Lily (Kelstrin Tartanside One Singular Sensation), ITD 9/15
Sheila Petticord and Ziggy (Kelstrin Tartanside Ziggy Stardust), ITD 8/15
Pat C. Cook and Holly (), ITD 6/15
Jackie Wyandt and Dazzle (A Dazzling Success BN, RA, RL1, BPD, NTD, GCGA), ITD 5/15
Gloria Laube and Ripley (CH Belfair Believe It Or Not! BN, RN, CGC, ITD), ITD 5/15
Stephanie Barber CTDI and Brooks (Kelstrin Tartanside Grand Marnier, RN, BN, RA, CGC, TDI, TT, RL1, RL2), ITD 4/15
Stephanie Barber CTDI and Lily (Tartanside Cadence CD, BN, RN, RA, TT, CGC, AIC, RL1, RL2), ITD 4/15
Shawn Evans and Lucas (Windkist’s Lean On Me, CGC), ITD 4/15
Julie Fait and Willow (CH/BIMBS UGCH Green Grove Wind In The Willows CD,RE,PT,AXP,OJP,NA,NAJ), ITD 6/14
Nannette Evans and Rocket (Rimba’s Radiant Son At Ravenwood), ITD 1/13
Roxanne Dwyer ATDI and Cluny (Alaric Capture the Dream), ITD 3/12
Michelle Hope CTDI and Ice (Ch Emeraldbrea’s Sliverlining), ITD 12/11
Bobby Chastain CTDI and Sal (Sweet Soft Hearted Salvatore), ITD 7/11
Bobby Chastain CTDI and Rocco (Celiehd’s Rested and Ready), ITD 7/11
Melissa Lundblad CTDI and Fianna (), ITD 5/11
Diana Fors and Iris (Silver Clouds’ Fluer De Lis), ITD 4/11
Diana Fors and Trixie (Pine Neddle Farm Trixie Lee), ITD 10/10
Patty Stafford CTDI and Chase (UCDX Chase Manhattan11 CGC TDI DPP CDX ASCA CDX), ITD 6/10
Ellen Kelly and Kerry (Washoc’s Ring of Kerry), ITD 4/10

Collie (Smooth)

Alix Vorkapich and Gir (Rainybank Belfair Growls at the Moon), ITD 10/16
Michelle Hope CTDI and Logan (Thistlebrea’s Titanium NTD), ITD 10/16
Veronica Sanchez and Sulu (Cadenza’s Lieutenant Sulu Eau My CGC, RN, NTD), ITD 8/16
Christina Durre and Ruben (Sunnland’s Le Grand Orange), ITD 10/15
Loretta Batz and Megan (Boonehaven Midnight Waltz), ITD 7/15
Shirley Conley ATDI and Nim (Ceilidh’s Katana Marked By DeepRiver BN, RE, CGC, DSA, NTD), ITD 1/15
Julie Fait and Tyra (CH/RBIMBS UCH URO1 Taliesin Fashion Statement BN,RA,CAA,HIC), ITD 6/14
Lillian Puchalski and Dyna (Larlill Tirnanog Wild One CD, RE, BN, TD, BPDX, VC, VCX, HIC), ITD 10/11
Bobby Chastain CTDI and Sonny (Deep River Santino (Little Saint)), ITD 7/11


Brooke Burg and Zoey (Zoey Burg), ITD 8/12

Coton de Tulear

Linda A. Irwin and Ruffles (Mignonne Joie De Vivre NTD), ITD 4/17
Lorraine Purnell and Porsche (No Regrets Start Me Up NTD), ITD 3/17
Maribeth Lazich CTDI and Hercules (CotonWind’s Amazing Hercules NTD), ITD 5/16
Carmen Wheeldon ATDI and Bentley (Ch. Jomarans Prince O living Sky), ITD 12/14

Curly Coated Retriever

Megan Ritchie and Tess (Softmaples Liver Alone Shez Mine NTD), ITD 1/17
Carolyn Curtis and Ziva (Riverwatch Smokey Mountain Rain), ITD 11/15

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Babsi Oesterle and Kenai (Flirt od Starkej Spod Dumbiera), ITD 3/15


Amy LaDew and Luke (), ITD 4/17
Heather Signs and Coppertone (Coppertone Rock Stars Groupie SE DN CGCA CGCU NTD), ITD 3/17
Pat Holladay and Terra (CH PACH I Spy Just A Rabble Rouser W VCD2 UD PCDX BN GN RAE MXP8 MXPG MJP7 MJPS PAX2 OFP CA RATN CGCA CGCU), ITD 2/17
Deb Frost and Baxter (), ITD 11/16
Tracy A. Perrine and Bones (Six Bones NTD), ITD 7/16
Laura Barket and Shanti (), ITD 4/16
Charlotte Borghardt and Bella (Teckelhof’s Snootie Little Cutie RN CGC NTD), ITD 3/16
Gloria Winkelmans and Noa (Hopesndreams Noa), ITD 3/16
Margie Brick and Slippers (), ITD 3/16
Maria Geisler CTDI and Riley (), ITD 11/15
Rebecca Menapace and Jake (Jacob Levi), ITD 10/15
Jane Spowart and Chad (CH Vom Dennenbaum Chad), ITD 5/15
Laura Barket and Biscuit (Biscuit of Stonybrook Barket), ITD 3/15
Beth Klucher Whitney and Big Sur (MACH12 Kadell’s Cuervo Gold W RN NTD), ITD 3/15
Erica Etchason CTDI and Reagan (Reagan Kennedy), ITD 1/14
Lindie van Jaarsveld and Joey (CH Xeralane's The Devil Made Me Do It), ITD 10/13
Lindie van Jaarsveld and Murdoch (Elveden Mighty Man), ITD 3/13
Anette Olsson and Nisse (Silvervikens Fulton), ITD 2/13
Amy Sikorski ATDI and Poco (Poco Perro Loco), ITD 1/13
Gary Randall and Monty (Monty Albrecht), ITD 9/12
Lauren Goldsworthy and Tipper (Fiji of K.H. Palacio Patio), ITD 6/12
Bobbie Roeske CTDI and Dodger (Dodger), ITD 2/12

Dachshund (Miniature)

Russ & Linda Cobler and Pippa (Miss Pippa Piper Extraordinaire NTD), ITD 10/16
Chesna Vitanovec CTDI and Reesa (Reesa May Vitanovec), ITD 1/16
Alice S. Moyer and Luke (Goshawker’s Luke Skywalker, ML), ITD 9/15
Kerstin Horvath CTDI and Dash! (), ITD 3/15
Liz Chamberlain CTDI and Pandora (Jameelkelp Pandora of Ragamuffin), ITD 2/15
Jullian Nazzaro and Klee (), ITD 1/15
Kara Fromme and Gunther (Gunther Fromme), ITD 12/13
Stacy Grzywacz and Maverick (Maverick Top Gun Mitchell), ITD 2/13
Bobbie Roeske CTDI and Milo (Milo), ITD 6/12
Kimberly Bowe and Milo (Milo), ITD 4/12
Liz Chamberlain CTDI and Oliver (Zabush Oliver of Ragamuffin), ITD 9/11
Elizabeth Kost and Gauis (Gauis Baltar CGC), ITD 9/10


Alison Burgess and Bess (), ITD 4/17
Gina Reid and Kodi (CH Lakeshore Kodak Momnt N Tateland CD PCD BN RAE NAP NJP CA CGCA NTD), ITD 3/17
Suzi Wahl and Laci (GCH NspirD Dream Weaver Irish Lace RN CA RATN CGC NTD), ITD 2/17
Lisa Wageman and Gracie (CH Lotzadots Grandslam “It’s Grace on First” NTD), ITD 2/17
Marjory Bird and Tukk (Woodwynd Toruk Makto NTD), ITD 10/16
Lynn Hasenyager and Srcy (), ITD 4/16
Loretta Swanson CTDI and Hartley (Aberdeen’s Bob Hartley), ITD 4/16
Linda J. Davis and Taco (GCH Snapshots Don’t Spill the Beans CAX6, RATN), ITD 3/16
Tryssa de Ruyter and Torch (Ravins Passing The Torch), ITD 12/15
Nance Murphy and Lorenzo (OBX Lookout for Lorenzo), ITD 6/15
Jayde Davey CTDI and Logan (), ITD 5/15
Sharon Strange and Karma (Karma Brooklyn), ITD 3/15
Linda J. Davis and Wyatt (AKC CH, UWP, URO1, UAG1, UCD MBIS GRCH Firehouse LT on the Road Again, RN, RL1. TT, CGC), ITD 3/15
Amy Linder CTDI and Casey (Merry Go Round Arson Case Investigator), ITD 2/15
Dianne Gabel and Hannah (TNG’s Hannah Do Right), ITD 2/15
Dayna Hilton ATDI and Molly (Molly the Fire Safety Dog), ITD 6/14
Kathleen McCoubrey and Wesley (CH UCH URO1 Blackthorn Ravenwood Come Fly With Me RN THD RL1-AOE RL1X TT CGC NTD TDInc), ITD 3/14
Alison Burgess and Tally (), ITD 3/14
Tryssa de Ruyter and Flash (Flash OAP OJP), ITD 2/13
Veronica Dahlberg ATDI and Tindra (SE VCH NTD Trud), ITD 12/12
Veronica Dahlberg ATDI and Taro (SE VCH NTD Krontoftas Taro), ITD 12/12
Whitney McKim and Ryder (Anticipation N Centurion Hoogerland on the Rivet), ITD 10/12
Leslie Morris and Yahtzee (TR Gem of a Roll For Yahtzee), ITD 8/12
Leslie Morris and Pixel (Echoview’s 2 Bits Per Pixel), ITD 6/12
Don Anderson and Copilot (Yarrowfell In Vogue), ITD 5/12
Gill Anderson CTDI and Specs (Bumbledeer Tally Ho), ITD 5/12
Elizabeth Barber ATDI and Devon (Proctor’s Lord Devon Valentine), ITD 2/12
Laurie Williams CTDI and William (ARCHMX Am/Int Ch Glendale's To Be or Not To Be CD RE), ITD 1/12
Julia Lane CTDI and Darby (Lakam’s Spotted Nibblefish), ITD 10/11

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Mayumi Blary and Chouchou (Sparklize Profiteroles), ITD 9/15

Danish-Swedish Farmdog

Samantha Marion and Jack (Topo Valley Joaquin Murietta), ITD 9/15

Doberman Pinscher

Leslie Horne and Gus (Montwood Arista Midnight Firecracker NTD), ITD 4/17
Joan Hamel and Malaika (Malaika Kyoshi NTD), ITD 3/17
Sarah Blair and Larkin (Larkin Finally A Dora RN CGCA CGCU NTD), ITD 3/17
Linda Rusinko and Drago (Dakar Daker Poland NTD), ITD 3/17
Marjorie Sovec and Caelyn (), ITD 3/17
Lois Whitmire CTDI and Rustyn (GCH CH Phillmar Guardian of the Galaxy BN, RN, CDX, CGCA, WAC, NTD), ITD 2/17
Sarah Blair and Diego (Diego Sans Dora CD BN RAE CA CGCA CGCU NTD), ITD 2/17
Miriam Pike and Phoenix (Bell’lavoro Chore In Fiamme NTD), ITD 1/17
Dianna Dietrich and Sedona (Smack Dab’s Sonic Boom Sedona NTD), ITD 12/16
Karin Magnuson and Roscoe (CH Windsong’s Luck of the Draw RATCHX BN RN THDN CAX BCAT CGCA CGCU NTD), ITD 12/16
Paula Ratoza ATDI and DashDash (Azotar’s Incredible Too), ITD 7/16
Erin K. McCourt and Atlas (Cabochon’s Clark Kent NTD), ITD 5/16
Nicole Sales and Hachi (Alastair’s Lucky Number Eight CAA DNA CGCA), ITD 5/16
Carol Creamer CTDI and Bea (), ITD 5/16
Annick Limoyo and Khan (), ITD 4/16
Elizabeth Ellington ATDI and Luca (Sassor’s Legacy Luca Il Sempre Fedele CGC), ITD 4/16
Amber Sipes and Roman (UKC CH Dancing Star’s Red Moon Risin’ CGCA RATI NTD), ITD 3/16
Catherine Gm Vines and Axel (San Rafael’s Where Eagles Dare), ITD 3/16
Kathy Koren and Tucker (), ITD 2/16
Rene Warren and Juda (Kinetic Magic Bubble Eclipse NTD), ITD 2/16
Michele Carberry and Gracy (MACH Gra-Lemor Gracy Undercover RN MXS MJS XF CGC), ITD 1/16
Susan Corning and Hannah (), ITD 12/15
Alicia Collver and Rumor (Kevlar’s Let the Rumors Begin), ITD 12/15
Dianna Santos ATDI and Valor (Lothlorien’s Imperishable Flame), ITD 11/15
Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Jett (WR High Flyer CGC), ITD 11/15
Melissa Ramsay and Phoenix (Supernova Smart Fire Denmel), ITD 10/15
Miriam Pike and Kyra (Fayek Pitch Black V Firefly), ITD 10/15
Miriam Pike and Arcee (Firefly’s More Than Meets The Eye), ITD 10/15
Johanna Lazaro and Achilles (Deer Run Glory Never Dies), ITD 5/15
Melanie H. Parrish and Georgia (WR High Cotton Southern Belle), ITD 5/15
Jessi Cantwell ATDI and Jett (Jett Roc), ITD 5/15
Sarah Owen and Silas (The Mighty Silasaurus, CGC, THDN), ITD 5/15
Carol Creamer CTDI and Porter (Regal Doberman’s Porter), ITD 4/15
Victoria Bourgeois CTDI and Dobie (Dobie The Doberman), ITD 3/15
Dena Moore and Derick (Notori’s Rock Solid v Blumont, CGC, NTD), ITD 2/15
Pamela Waltho Young and Mojo (Motown Dealer Kaiser), ITD 11/14
Tasha Jones and Coco (Coco Guy), ITD 10/14
Kelly Schiavone and Damien (Kalora’s Can You Believe It), ITD 9/14
Judi Esola and Ruby (Kimbertal’s Ruby Tuesday), ITD 6/14
Valerie Koogle and Hazel (Alisaton Hazel First Dance V. Raklyn), ITD 5/14
Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Tara (Gone With The Wind Von Der Bross), ITD 1/14
Beth Walker and Kaden (Allure Wildest Dream Alisaton, CGC, RN), ITD 10/13
Jennifer Jaeger and Emmitt (Smack-Dab’s Emmitt’s Panic At The Disco), ITD 10/13
Bonnie Wolf and Charlie (Charlie), ITD 7/13
Bonnie Wolf and Brandy (Botrina’s Bahama Mama), ITD 7/13
Stacia Gunderson and Bo (Siro Saffir Del Littorio), ITD 5/13
Melanie H. Parrish and Precious (Parrish’s Precious Jewel), ITD 3/13
Julie Westphal and Guinness (Guinness von Dynasty), ITD 2/13
Dianna Dietrich and Rebel (Rebel A Rescuer’s Reward), ITD 1/13
Janice Mitchell and Moxie (Soqaul’s Chocolate Kisses, CGC, TDI, NA, NAJ RN), ITD 11/12
Darice Evers and Maiya (Casarhy’s Maiya Chili Bean), ITD 9/12
Teri May and Phoebe (Zane’s Howl at the Moon Phoebe of Platte River), ITD 9/12
Callie Hancock and Baron (Charismatic’s Baron von Lindy), ITD 8/12
Merry Lee Hritsuk and Cal (Smack-Dab’s Americal), ITD 7/12
Merry Lee Hritsuk and Meadow (Smack-Dab’s Meadow Sunshine), ITD 7/12
Fernando Brown ATDI and Zeus (Zeus Head), ITD 9/11
Travis Labonte and Glory (Sasanoa Glorious), ITD 8/11
Judith Stoodley CTDI and Fiesta (Canadian Ch. Sasanoa Celebration, CGC, TDI, RA, WAC, W-FD/MF), ITD 3/09

Dogue de Bordeaux

Shanna King and Moose (GCH CH Primal’s Gideon of Creed, CGC, TT, THD, RN, RA, RE, BN, CW-SR, CW-TDIA, CW-OB1, ITD), ITD 4/15

Dutch Shepherd

Barbara Ring and Max (), ITD 10/16
Ann Dijkstra CTDI and Axis (), ITD 8/16
Amanda Abs and Kali (Kali Abs), ITD 8/16
Ella-Kate Mickelson and Deja Vu (Blackfrost’s Eighth Star True North), ITD 1/16

Dutch Shepherd Dog

Ashley Boyd and Cleo (Van Wijn Tuin’s Arabella), ITD 4/14
Ashley Rietfors and Pyro (Battleridge Pyro CGC), ITD 2/14
Catherine Heffner CTDI and Momo (Mo’ Striped Dog, CGC, TDI), ITD 9/13
Alyson Rice-Zimmerman CTDI and Maggie (), ITD 10/11

*Dwarf Lionhead Bunny

Emily Cassell and Hemingway (), ITD 12/16

English Bulldog

Scott M. Boyd and Watson (Vigilante’s Watson He Knows Sherlock’s Methods), ITD 3/17
April Paulman and Boomer (Iroc Like a Boomerang NTD), ITD 6/16
Cynthia Franke and Rigel (Rigel Orion), ITD 10/15
Neely Waring and Champ (), ITD 4/15
Judy Ferland and Sherman (Jaelands Tanks for the Memories), ITD 2/15

English Cocker Spaniel

Lucy Watts MBE and Molly (Steyr Scout NTD), ITD 8/16

English Mastiff

Rebecca Deaver and Winston (Sherwood’s Winston NNNGU Churchill), ITD 3/16

English Setter

Linda C. Wozniak and Mira (Oswick Night Sky NTD), ITD 1/17
Mary Ellis-Stigler and Bonnie (), ITD 6/14
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Jetta (Cash on Jetta FGDCH-80, TFE, NAC, NJC, TG-N, TN-N, CD, RA, CGC), ITD 3/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Kia (Harmony’s Kia FM, TF-III, RE, CGC), ITD 3/13
Amy Lawson and Jazzy (Good Reason Jasmine NAJ), ITD 5/12
Barb Mattes ATDI and Breeze (AKC/INT’L/UKC/CKC UAG1 C-ATCH2 Ch.Rockmors Mountain Breeze, SH, OF, AX,AXJ, ChST, ChCL, ChWC, ChSN, CHFH, CDX, RL1, RE, CGC, TDIA), ITD 4/11

English Shepherd

Georgina Measey and Ruari (Awfyn’s Golden Opportunity NTD), ITD 8/16
Breanna Famoso CTDI and Finn (Rio de Abril’s Finn Again NTD), ITD 3/16
April Decker and Trinity (), ITD 2/16
Cindy Carlson and Cosi (Carlson’s Good Shepherd Cosi Fan Tutte), ITD 1/16
Jean McAulay and Penny (Craig Creek Penny), ITD 1/16
Rachel Ortiz and Layla (Rio de Abril’s Sagest Layla), ITD 11/15
Rachel Ortiz and Zopal (Steadfast’s GM Rockin Princess), ITD 11/15
Cheryl Johnson and Red (Johnson’s Redmond Squier), ITD 11/15
Annie Lang and Ashley (Peaslee’s Squiggle), ITD 3/15
Dana Gallagher ATDI and Zephyr (Kinetic’s Wild West Wind), ITD 1/15

English Springer Spaniel

Zippy Cooper and Callie (GCH Wil-Orion’s Elegant Edition NTD), ITD 4/17
Zippy Cooper and Yeager (Streamline Lenlear Sound Barrier NTD), ITD 4/17
Laurie E. Walters and Puck (Muddy Paws Smooth As Ice THDA CGC), ITD 3/17
Leslie Keys and Echo (Woodland Keysown Rowen’s Echo), ITD 2/17
Sharon Houston and Riley (Riley C. O’Riley NTD), ITD 11/16
Gayle Caves and Buddy (Chesney’s Budding Star BN, CDX, CGCA, NTD), ITD 6/16
Elaine Pendell CTDI and JackJack (Jackie Poulin), ITD 4/16
Becky Mullally and Cindy (), ITD 2/16
Angela Monaghan and Ice (Hellfire’s Coldplay SH RAE UD VER WDX), ITD 11/15
Jeni Aston and Ickle Pickle (Lickle Ickle Pickle), ITD 10/15
Philippa Lehman and Polly (Redcoat Chaos at the Biograph), ITD 8/15
Finuala Craske and Woody (), ITD 4/15
Vicki Cook and Ollie (), ITD 3/15
Chloe Barker-Benfield and Lila (Hudson’s Blithe and Bonny Lila), ITD 1/15
Cindy Gaines and Thrill (CH Pride ‘N Joy’s Thrill of All-Time BN, CT, TD, MXP, AXP), ITD 12/14
Leah Thye and TJ (Tucker Jack “TJ”), ITD 6/14
Sean Kent and Barbra-Jean (Nanjay’s Absolutely Fabulous), ITD 5/14
Loretta Hilton and Remi (Rock Start Remington), ITD 12/13
Beth Walker and Bonnie (Walker’s Bonnie Girl, RN), ITD 10/13
Denise Niesman and Sweet Pea (Denise’s Sweet Treasure), ITD 9/13
Kathy Christman and Rose (Willowrun Hurricane Rose), ITD 12/12

English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Debbie Blumenthal and Roxi (Roxi Blumenthal), ITD 12/15


Andrea Lage and Rosie (Moratel Roseli Chemisse), ITD 8/15

Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Pam Parent and Tobias (Obediah of Wildhorn), ITD 4/15
Ingrid van Kesteren and Skye (Hills to Mountains Colorado Skye), ITD 1/15

Entlebucher Sennenhund

Guro Fossen Schlytter and Pinto (Millimeter av Bjerkhaug), ITD 5/14

Eskimo Spaniel

Eileen Gerber and Khia (Khia Kay Nanuq), ITD 1/15

Field Spaniel

Jennifer Hogge and Famke (CH Capriole’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun RN, BN, CD, GN, CAA, RATI, RATN, NTD, CGD, TDI, TT), ITD 7/15

Finnish Lapphund

Susanne Crowhurst and Lina (Lappvikens Lina), ITD 7/14
Judi Steele CTDI and Denali (Valkea’s Glacier Peak), ITD 8/11

Finnish Spitz

Katie Brennan and Kimma (Kimma RA AX AXJ RATO NTD), ITD 5/16
Katie Brennan and Bubbles (CH Finkkila’s Kupla CGC NTD), ITD 5/16
Katie Brennan and Jari (Loistava’s Jari CGC NTD), ITD 5/16
Janet L. Moore and Zodiak (Finkkila’s Zodiak), ITD 11/15

Flat-Coated Retriever

Renee Sainato and Disi (Deep Run’s Zoom Zoom), ITD 3/17
Renee Sainato and Ember (Kingdomhouse out of the Ashes), ITD 3/17
Christine Porter and Derby (), ITD 7/14
Jen Pavillard and Sterling (TLC’s Peaces of Sterling), ITD 11/13
Mary Jane Koren and Tommy (Quillquest Pneuyork Pioneer), ITD 9/13
Janet Mines Krings and Hero (Marquis Arthurian King UD, RAE, JH, CDX-C, WCX, CGC, TT, Therapy Dog), ITD 4/12

*Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Noeline Cassettari CTDI and Luna (), ITD 6/15

Fox Terrier (Smooth)

Jeanne Wightman and Trouble (Wenfrei’s Cayenne Red Pepper CGC), ITD 10/15
Kasey Harkins ATDI and Stan (Stan-the-Man), ITD 2/15

French Bulldog

Andrea Morden-Moore and Sagan (Just Us Movin’ Out NTD), ITD 4/17
Elizabeth Lyttle-Bryant and Sebastien (Sebastien Portur NTD), ITD 3/17
Isabella Bordieri and Brandy (Brandy NTD), ITD 8/16
Stacy Dunmire and Charley (), ITD 3/16
Jennifer Williamson and Samson (Venture’s Elegant Brock Samson), ITD 3/16
Stephanie Meek and Thor (Thorminatorfrenchie), ITD 4/15
Lori Kobayashi CTDI and Oscar (), ITD 7/10


Lia Mulder ATDI and Pablo (), ITD 12/14

Georgian Bay Sporting Dog

Jo Anne Lefebvre and Piper (Piper Cub), ITD 4/12

German Coolie

Katherine Ferger ATDI and Zindzi (Zindzi), ITD 6/12

German Pinscher

Robyn Harrel and Remme (CH Windamir’s Alkazar Charmettes BN RA CAX TT CGC NTD), ITD 3/17
Robyn Harrel and Danne Jo (CH Windamir’s Haute Couture v Carabella BN RN CA RATS TT CGC NTD), ITD 3/17
Clementina Bassi and Jeek (Tyline’s Devil/s Magic), ITD 7/11

German Shepherd Dog

Carrie McAunaul and Glitch (Alphapack’s To Mend And Defend NTD), ITD 4/17
Nancy DiMenza CTDI and Bubba (Feuer Bombe vom Landschaft NTD), ITD 4/17
Ashley Lynch and Ava (Ava Lynch NTD), ITD 3/17
Debbi Hannah and Quigley (Quigley Vom Haus Vianden NTD), ITD 3/17
Courtney Moshier and Ace (Lasvada’s Ace of Spades), ITD 3/17
Robert C. Kramer and Fender (Fender Kramer NTD), ITD 3/17
Amy Russell and Brynhildr (ARCh Brynhildr Vom Sachsenwolf CDX BN RE AXP AJP CA CGCA RATN BH CTL3 RL3 NTD), ITD 2/17
Cheree Roberts and Django (Django Von Schraderhaus), ITD 2/17
Cheree Roberts and Klia (Klia Von Schraderhaus), ITD 2/17
Ann Hogg CTDI and Kimba (Timber Vom Haus Kohl NTD), ITD 2/17
Tammy Stewart and ROQUE (Roque Stewart-Keyzers NTD), ITD 2/17
Carolyne Tanner and Sampson (Sampson Tigger Tanner NTD), ITD 2/17
Amy Morrisson and Kuba (Kuba Prace vom Haus Morrisson), ITD 1/17
Michelle Turner ATDI and Bella (Bella Chick NTD), ITD 1/17
Ericka Buckreis CTDI and Bella (), ITD 1/17
Tracie Karsjens and Vegas (Eclipse’s Wild Card of Atlas NTD), ITD 1/17
Karen Lamb and Larkin (Appleridge Dream Catcher, CGN, CD, RE, CRE, NTD), ITD 1/17
Maureen Mickel and Celia (Celia Belle Mickel NTD), ITD 1/17
Sheila Wills and Darick (Darick Vom Chantian NTD), ITD 12/16
Jennifer Gomlicker and Yukon (Yukon Full Throttle NTD), ITD 12/16
Sarah Akana and Monte (Commandant vom Steinbeckland NTD), ITD 12/16
Victoria Kander CTDI and Miska (Miska vom Mountain West NTD), ITD 12/16
Lin Edmonds and Nico (Reinglens Bad Reputation NTD), ITD 12/16
Joanna Hoskins and Onyx (Titus Von Lousar NTD), ITD 12/16
Debra L. Thomas and Qunu (USPOT UCH Affinity’s Unconquerable Soul CDX GN RA OAJ OA CGC TC NTD), ITD 11/16
Debra L. Thomas and Eden (UCH Royalair’s Serpent Slayer of Eden CDX RE GN NAJ NA CGC TC NTD), ITD 11/16
Tina Marie Richardson CTDI and Chief (Chief Dancing Eyes NTD), ITD 11/16
Dianne DelPozzo and Stevo (Agent Steve Vom Feuergarten NTD), ITD 11/16
Arno Nasshan and Achilles (Achilles von Lords Shepherds NTD), ITD 10/16
Christopher Lee and Rogue (Rogue Vom Wildhaus NTD), ITD 10/16
Erika Kurtz CTDI and Minyan (Minyan’s Mischief Managed NTD), ITD 10/16
Steven J. Siwecki and XERXES (Fil-Am Xerxes Vom Haus Morrisson NTD), ITD 10/16
Jeremy Kurck CTDI and Radar (Kurck’s Jammin Maximus Blitz NTD), ITD 9/16
Lin Edmonds and Inddy (Incubus Chikki NTD), ITD 9/16
Hedy Starr and Thelion (Thelion Elin von Fuenf Bergspitzen NTD), ITD 9/16
Melissa Breau and Riley (), ITD 9/16
Heather Rhodes CTDI and Castiel (Fidelis Castiel Vom Haus Berg Rhodes NTD), ITD 9/16
Mark Luther and Bentley (Bentley Vom Mittelwest NTD), ITD 9/16
Robyn Brown and Kafka (), ITD 8/16
Chloe Wolski and River (Carry Me Down Serenity River NTD), ITD 7/16
Alicia Collver and Mercy (Hysteria Vom Eisenraben), ITD 7/16
Liz Kovick and Gatlin (Trinity’s Hot Shot NTD), ITD 7/16
Cynthia Boles and Sebastian (Sebastian Barrington Boles NTD), ITD 7/16
Jill Upton CTDI and Huslu (Jostella Simply Gold NTD), ITD 6/16
Sandra King and Athos (Athos von den Sturmfalken), ITD 5/16
Journey Together Service Dog and Bria (Hashtag Von Granville NTD), ITD 5/16
Alla Podkopaeva and Porsche (), ITD 4/16
Sarah Case and Lily (Proud Field of Calla Lilies), ITD 4/16
Kathy Devlin CTDI and Cody (), ITD 3/16
Shannon Sullivan Hard CTDI and Zelda (Just Zelda vom Haus Morrisson), ITD 3/16
Kathi Glenwinkel and Jett (Jett XXVI), ITD 3/16
Celeste Diamantini CTDI and Kodi (Kodi Bibeau Diamantini Vom DeLeeuw), ITD 3/16
Ashley Brown and Levi (Levi Grainger), ITD 3/16
Samantha Church and Pieta (Pieta vom Binderhaus), ITD 3/16
Leslie Greenson and Isaak (Wolvesden Isaak), ITD 3/16
Suze Lidbury and Bella (), ITD 2/16
Alicia Collver and Lyra (Galaxy Vom Eisenraben), ITD 2/16
Linda Hamilton and Gisa (Gisa du Chenil Belge), ITD 2/16
Ashleigh Fisher and Legacy (Legacy Wolf Fisher), ITD 2/16
Te Young CTDI and Shiloh (Shiloh Rain NTD), ITD 2/16
Justine Friedman and Loki (Friedman’s Loki), ITD 2/16
Shyann Hilla and Hiccup (Hiccup Von Granville), ITD 2/16
Julie Blucher and Misty (Grand Misty vom Haus Morrisson CGC TC NACSW ORT B), ITD 1/16
Chrissie Humphrey and Elsa (), ITD 1/16
Chandler Montgomery and Bishop (Xurg vom Germelhaus SD CGCA), ITD 12/15
Kathy Clayton CTDI and Tannah (Tannah of Haveloc), ITD 12/15
Jolene Smith and Phantom (Chimanes Phantom Spirit of DREAMS), ITD 11/15
Tracie Karsjens and Luxor (Eclipse’s What Happens in Vegas), ITD 11/15
Robin Sweetapple and Bella (Bella Wooley), ITD 11/15
Amy Morrisson and Heska (Heska vom Haus Morrisson), ITD 11/15
Marie Donahue CTDI and Osah (Osah of Sapphire Mountain), ITD 11/15
Pamela Padgett CTDI and Landry (Landry von Irving), ITD 11/15
Melody Owens and Ryder (Dega Ryder vom Roodhaus), ITD 11/15
Elizabeth Robison and Eos (Eos von Orumhaus), ITD 10/15
Cindy Gifford and Emma (), ITD 8/15
Katherine Druffel and Berlin (Valco vom Hokschhaus), ITD 7/15
Katherine Druffel and Tesla (Rogue von Huerta Hof), ITD 7/15
Richard K. Fox and Baron (Covy Tucker Hill’s Soar Like An Eagle), ITD 7/15
Felipe Vasquez and Koda (), ITD 7/15
Maizie R. Stanley and Steel (Darius Vom Eisenraben), ITD 7/15
Rosemary Elwell and Leo (Speed Queen Leontine Von Washateria), ITD 6/15
Cheryl Kooiman and Axel (CK’s Axel Keeping The Peace), ITD 5/15
Karen E. Larson CTDI and Kaya (Brown Hill’s Kayasara CA NTD), ITD 5/15
Lindsay Chlopek and Caldonia (Caldonia von Granville), ITD 4/15
Krystal Zoppa and Shasta (Shasta Zoppa CGC), ITD 4/15
Bridgette M. Ashmore CTDI and Nakoda (Nakoda von Watcher Engel), ITD 4/15
Krystal Zoppa and Dax (Thor z vom Weberhaus CAA, RATI), ITD 4/15
Laurel Stone and Jake (Jake von der Alte Baum CGC RATCHX2), ITD 4/15
Karla Dean and Hunter (), ITD 3/15
Caitlin Leandres and Hunter (SG S-Hunter vom Geistwasser CA CGN TT), ITD 3/15
Jessica Parent and Zefra (Wild Winds Zephyr of Cognac), ITD 3/15
Babsi Oesterle and Hope (), ITD 3/15
Alicia Collver and Draco (Drako vom Eisenraben), ITD 3/15
Teresa M Brewer and Nebo (Nebojacny von Steinbaum RN CGC NW1), ITD 3/15
Sharon Larson CTDI and Mara (Blackthorn’s Fraxinus Samara), ITD 3/15
Dianne DelPozzo and Force (Force Van Gogh), ITD 2/15
Dianne DelPozzo and RayRay (H-Razor Von Rokanhaus), ITD 2/15
Shyann Hilla and Cooper (Damien von Granville), ITD 2/15
Lindsay Chlopek and Katniss (Katniss vom Appel), ITD 2/15
Keith Hoffman and Lexi (Von Strassenrand Impossible Dream), ITD 2/15
Shyann Hilla and Ziva (Ziva Nano Vom Hilla), ITD 2/15
Shyann Hilla and Spell (Expelliarmus Von Granville), ITD 2/15
Karen Young and JaGoda (VHD JaGoda), ITD 2/15
Chris Bowers and Rainin (Rainin Mischief BN CGCA NAP NJP RATN), ITD 1/15
Nina Feltmann and Dart (Schilling’s Skill-builder Dart), ITD 12/14
Priscilla Donahue CTDI and Medjai (Medjai Von Zerq), ITD 12/14
Roseanna Brown and Keeva (Keeva vom Ganaraska), ITD 11/14
Cathryn Melbert and Inca (), ITD 10/14
Joan Olawski Stiener and Romeo (Romeo Save Earth’s Ecology, NTD), ITD 10/14
Jared Spade and Gryphon (Gryphon), ITD 9/14
Yvonne Ferguson CTDI and Wrangler (Carissima’s U Wrangler), ITD 9/14
Joan Dandy and RE (), ITD 8/14
Sofia Palsson Ejdetjarn and Sarge (Colt Von Wass), ITD 7/14
Melissa Lundblad CTDI and Saga (Epic Adventure vom Kraftwerk), ITD 6/14
Janine Hamlin and Jake (New Skete’s Jethro), ITD 5/14
Sherry Galka and Kira (Twin Cedars Ginny Weasley Kira CGCA), ITD 5/14
Pat Speas and Clover (Speas’s Clover of Tally Ho CD, RE, AX, AXJ, THD, MXP, AJP), ITD 5/14
Toni Tiller and Nike (Quovadis Kindred Spirit), ITD 12/13
Tina Drake and Anna Belle (Anna Belle Drake), ITD 11/13
Nick Cucci and Donnie (Donatello 'The Don' Cucci), ITD 5/13
Trish Schommer CTDI and Rex (Rex), ITD 5/13
Nancy DiMenza CTDI and Boo (Peka-Boo vom Konigsforst NTD), ITD 3/13
Alexandra de Foucault and Lukea (Vonderschattens Lukea Von Maximus), ITD 3/13
Jennifer Andress and Pongu (Pongu), ITD 3/13
Nicole Weihe ATDI and Sweetie (Sweetie), ITD 1/13
Liane Nicola Fourie and Cache (Cache of Barcmaelo), ITD 1/13
Lisa Hardy ATDI and Marlowe (Jostella Make Me Smile), ITD 12/12
Kendall Ford and Munich (Munich Shea Ford), ITD 12/12
Kathy Fornes and Chance (Puplove’s Taking A Chance RE CD AXP AJP TC TDI), ITD 12/12
Lisa Hardy ATDI and Lewis (Jostella Going For Gold), ITD 11/12
Jill Doherty and Ikon (Ikon von der Tetiaroa), ITD 11/12
Joan Dandy and Dakota (), ITD 11/12
Jill Upton CTDI and Uschi (Vonthurlow’s Uschi), ITD 10/12
Heather Richardson and Lupa (Hexe vom Wildhaus), ITD 9/12
Ashley Foersch and Mason (Mason Von Holley), ITD 9/12
Diana Simonsen CTDI and Tyra (UR02 UCD Three Rivers Tyra Simonsen CD BN RAE2), ITD 7/12
Horst Bungarz and Kaiser (UCD, URO1, Kaiser von Bungarz, THD, RN, CGC, HIC, TDI, ASCA RA, NTD), ITD 5/12
Monica Zanetti and Verdae (Alta-Tollhaus Verdae), ITD 5/12
Kiley Spade and Titan (Titan), ITD 5/12
Pat Behles and Fritzi (Fritzi vom Sturm und Drang), ITD 4/12
Pat Behles and Britta (Britta vom Sturm und Drang), ITD 4/12
Molly Tillander ATDI and Shiloh (Shiloh), ITD 2/12
Lori Waters CTDI and Loretta (UGetBack Loretta CD HSAs), ITD 1/12
Janine Hamlin and Duncan (D’Can’s Dark Warrior Dreaming), ITD 6/11
Melissa Lundblad CTDI and Arcadia (), ITD 5/11
Kimberly Houska CTDI and Henry (Henry Ruger Houska), ITD 5/11
Iseult Murphy ATDI and Hans (), ITD 5/11
Janine Hamlin and Vereyna (), ITD 3/11
Paula Franklin and Kenzie (Corrfrank’s Kenzie CGC, CD), ITD 12/10
Lynn Kane and Jake (Jake Vom Rivergreen), ITD 8/10

German Shorthaired Pointer

Tammy Carr and Nelli-Ray (Nelli-Ray Benelli SBE NTD), ITD 4/17
Matthew Bohn and Flyer (Angie Lewis & Matthew Bohn’s Flyer NTD), ITD 3/17
Lyn Topinka and Jessie (Snowcreek’s Winter Moon NTD), ITD 1/17
Erin LoPorto CTDI and Jaya (Ultra’s Becky Jaya), ITD 5/16
Janelle Mondi CTDI and Belle (Sander Mt’s Boppin Birdie Belle NTD), ITD 3/16
Denise Cooper and Ruby (Crystal’s Two Minute Warning), ITD 7/15
Terry Messner and Draco (Draco’s Feuer), ITD 2/15
Lynne Fedorick CTDI and Earl (Mr. Earl Fabulous), ITD 2/15
Elizabeth C. Tauser and Albert (Albert Gerhardt von Aachen), ITD 2/15
Sue O’Rourke and Pepper (), ITD 9/14
Martha Johnson and Demo (Martha’s Demo Dog), ITD 3/14
Jennifer King and Ranger (Rock Candy Ranger), ITD 5/12
Renee Will and Bella (Ch. Featherquest Sequel CRA AKC-RE), ITD 10/11

German Wirehaired Pointer

Josh Hutchins and Trigger (Trigger Dog Hutchins), ITD 2/17
Sharon Morozumi and Claire (Claire de Lune), ITD 6/15

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Monique Anthony and Ginny (Elric’s Gin & Tonic RATI NTD), ITD 2/17
Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Griffin (Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone), ITD 4/14
Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Winston (Finnabair Winston O’Reilley), ITD 4/13

Golden Retriever

Kristen Briggs and Lucci (Bear Valley’s Luciano Mi Tesoro NTD), ITD 4/17
Vicki Schmidt and Jai (Gaylan’s True Colors NTD), ITD 4/17
Vicki Schmidt and Echo (Wakemup Rewired For Sound NTD), ITD 4/17
Misty Hank and Wally (Wall-EE B. Hank NTD), ITD 4/17
Julia Ritenour and Cricket (Sunkyst Let The Games Bugin NTD), ITD 4/17
Joyce Hamlyn and Thor (Thor NTD), ITD 4/17
Stephanie R. Ensley and Dirk (Arkansas Honey Gold’s MVP Mighty Dirk Maus CGC NTD), ITD 3/17
Perry Hamlyn and Zeus (), ITD 3/17
Diana Frohman and Gabby (Freestyle’s Gift Of Gab NTD), ITD 3/17
Diana Frohman and Annie (CH Yukon’s The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow NTD), ITD 3/17
Diana Frohman and Henry (CH Bay Pointe & Goodtimes Oh Henry NTD), ITD 3/17
Diana Frohman and Eddie (GCH Goodtimes Over the Top NTD), ITD 3/17
Gary Grider and Winston (Sonshine Beyond the Moon), ITD 3/17
Dan McFarling and Parker (Sunshine’s Golden Gait Park-R-Here NTD), ITD 3/17
Janice Johnson and Page (Solitaire’s Endearing Dog Eared Page NTD), ITD 3/17
Christina Yohe and Carny (Heritage 3 Ring Circus NTD), ITD 3/17
Vicki Chaney and Bliss (Emberain Sunny Side Up, BN, RA, TD), ITD 2/17
Lara E. Guthrie CTDI and Imani (), ITD 1/17
Erica Adams and Summer (Goodlife’s First Sign of Summer Fun! NTD), ITD 12/16
Sarah Fogarty and Sadie (), ITD 11/16
Jennika Stamm CTDI and Orion (Orion Stamm, CGC, NTD), ITD 10/16
Crystal De La Cruz ATDI and Apex (), ITD 10/16
Trixia Lassiter and Charlie (Charlie Lassiter NTD), ITD 9/16
Katie Rodgers and Percy (The Golden Goblin), ITD 9/16
Holly McArthur CTDI and Tilly (Topbrass Full Tilt Boogie NTD), ITD 9/16
Barbara Henry CTDI and Lady (), ITD 8/16
Candy Markovitz and Lexi (), ITD 8/16
Branda M. Weidner and Kate (Rush Hill’s Castle Run’n Amuck NTD), ITD 8/16
Beth Duman and Leo (), ITD 8/16
Mary Whatley and Vegas (Morningstar Winner Takes All VCD2, CDX, AXP, AJP, XFP, TDX, RAE, CGC, APD, DS, RATS, THD, NTD), ITD 6/16
Terry Swanson CTDI and Skye (Topmast Isle of Skye Scotch NTD), ITD 6/16
Perry Hamlyn and Prince (), ITD 5/16
Trish Whitehouse and Hudson (Tangleloft’s A Boy’s Best Friend NTD), ITD 5/16
Pamela Murn and Nickie (Merry Gold Just in the Nick of Time), ITD 4/16
Pamela Murn and Rocky (Skyefire’s Rocket Dog NTD), ITD 4/16
Linda C. Longstaff CTDI and Topi (Topanga Alice Longstaff), ITD 4/16
Lori Alquier and Sam (Doctor Sam I Am), ITD 4/16
Christi Lawdermilk and Roux (Roux Chaussettes Lawdermilk), ITD 3/16
Tammy Sales and Riley (Chrisri All for Riley), ITD 2/16
Victoria Chaney and Hayley (Gaylan’s Moon-Spinners, RE, TD, JH, NAJ, WC), ITD 2/16
Victoria Chaney and Darcy (OTCH MACHZ Coppertop Let’s Dance, VCDZ, UDXZ, OM1, MXC, MJC, NF, OBHF, ADHF, CCA), ITD 2/16
Victoria Chaney and Ivy (OTCH MACHZ Gaylan’s Thaleia, UDX 6, OGM, RAE, TDX, JH, WCX, OBHF, VCX, ADHF, CCA), ITD 2/16
Kerry Troxel and Nick (Mo-K’s In the Nick of Time), ITD 1/16
Timeea Giloan and Bengee (Bengee Giloan), ITD 1/16
Pam Jones ATDI and Sandy (Northwoods Chamber of Secrets), ITD 1/16
Joan Pauly and Gabe (Recherche’s Heaven Sent Gabriel), ITD 12/15
Lynn Campbell and Jasper (), ITD 12/15
Gail Carwell and Lexi (), ITD 10/15
Barbara Chandler and Bobby (), ITD 10/15
Ray Chandler and Barley (), ITD 10/15
Carol Lewis and Lucy (Lucy Lewis), ITD 10/15
Noelle Weeks and Gilbert (Weebe’s Golden Gilbert), ITD 10/15
Joanne Sato and Koa (Margold Koa No Ka ‘Oi), ITD 9/15
Robin Benton and Rosey (Rosey Boquet), ITD 9/15
Judy Ware and LouLou (Lou Lou Maggie McMullen), ITD 9/15
Barrie Lynn Wood and Sunny (Tin Roof’s Sundance Kid), ITD 9/15
Donna Lee and Brady (Woodland True Patriot), ITD 8/15
Luise Hollmann and Daisy (Harvikgold Daisey RA), ITD 7/15
Sheila Browne and Tommy (Goodtime-Amate Street Sense), ITD 7/15
Carolyn P. Moseley and Misty (Adirondac Play Misty For Me), ITD 7/15
Judy Mohrmann and Sunny (), ITD 7/15
Belinda Fryer and Ozzi (Lurasia Captain Kirk), ITD 7/15
Lesley K. Harris and Dillon (Brass Tacks Harris’ Dillon CD, UCD, BN, RA, NA, NAJ, CGC, ARCH, NTD), ITD 7/15
Marianne Hymanson CTDI and Danea (Magoon’s Sweet Sugar Danea), ITD 6/15
Nathalie Vanseveren and Col (Glengowan Magic May’ker), ITD 6/15
Laurel Doudera and Phillip (Shilo’s Tu See My Shadow CGCA), ITD 6/15
Rochelle Carr and Layla (), ITD 5/15
Hope Burdette ATDI and Dixie (Burdette’s Southern Daughter), ITD 5/15
Jennifer Cerrada CTDI and Hunter (CORNWOOD CHIVES REGAL), ITD 5/15
Karen Beroza CTDI and Dexter (Dexter Chinni Ambrosini CGC), ITD 5/15
Chris Miara CTDI and Hops (Adirondack Duck’s Brew RA JH WC), ITD 4/15
Heather Danielle Woodson and Macleod (Clan Macleod’s Highland Games), ITD 4/15
Karen Ferguson CTDI and Chase (), ITD 4/15
Christine Devlin and Toby (Shelkeera Bevan RN NTD), ITD 4/15
Katherine Marlow and Duke (Tucker’s Golden Duke of Kaweah Oaks), ITD 3/15
Debbie Wilson and Reese (), ITD 3/15
Diane Blackman CTDI and Skye (Highmark’s Skye So Blue), ITD 2/15
Diane Blackman CTDI and Eagle (Honeylake’s Two Under Par), ITD 2/15
Diane Blackman CTDI and Duncan (Shenandoah King of Scots), ITD 2/15
Irene Mullan and Ouch (Thistledoon Tu Hot Fur Me), ITD 2/15
Irene Mullan and Roadie (Thistledoon On The Road Again), ITD 2/15
Debbie Browning and Chablis (Butterblac’s Water Music), ITD 2/15
Nicole Moritz and Scout (), ITD 1/15
Bernetta Dougert and Midas (Midas Touch of Claussville), ITD 1/15
Veronica D. Zimmerman CTDI and Tye (Tiberius), ITD 1/15
Nancy Liebhauser CTDI and Clover (), ITD 1/15
Daniel Code and Indy (Goldbrook Indiana, Dr. of Archaeology, CGC, ACGC), ITD 1/15
Barbara Hite-Irons and Ivy (Lycinan Blue Ivystone CGC), ITD 12/14
Nancy Schaff and Charlie (Kamaglo’s Sweet Charlie), ITD 12/14
Sharon Grant CTDI and River (Davinci’s Golden River of Dreams), ITD 11/14
John R. Schlieper and Bailey (Bailey Baroness of Baldwin), ITD 11/14
Margo Tsim and Tristan (Argo’s Stardust / Tristan), ITD 11/14
Rylee Carlon and Hannah (Hannah Montana), ITD 11/14
April Cabell and Bella (Bella Cabell), ITD 8/14
Belinda Fryer and Monty (), ITD 7/14
Courtney Cecil and Daisy (), ITD 6/14
Marta Coursey CTDI and Colbie (Pine Run Fast Track Brighter Than the Sun), ITD 5/14
Helen Akines and Barlie (), ITD 5/14
Anne Whan and Casey (Longgun’s Sharp Shooter), ITD 4/14
Eric R. Schenk and Romeo (Royal River’s Abel Romeo NTD), ITD 4/14
Linda M. Timm and Bernie (Down the Yellow Slide), ITD 4/14
Nora Wilcox and Molly (Kitty X), ITD 3/14
Penny Hyde and Abigail (Hyde’s Abigail), ITD 2/14
Karen Chaffee and Tigger (Goldruls Quantum Leap), ITD 2/14
Bruce Reynolds-Haertle and Casper (Rush Hill’s Pecan Casper of Caerphilly), ITD 2/14
Christina Young CTDI and Toby (Kitsana’s Armed and Dangerous), ITD 2/14
Barbara Hite-Irons and Sadie (UCD Weber’s Sadie of Mount Hope, BN CD RA CGC), ITD 1/14
Cindy Briggs CTDI and Journey (Fast-Trak Infinite Possibilities), ITD 1/14
Elaine B. Johnson and Willson (Second Hand Man), ITD 12/13
Elaine B. Johnson and Parker (), ITD 12/13
Marta Coursey CTDI and Gabe (Fast Trak I’m A Believer), ITD 12/13
Lynn Rives CTDI and Kai (Ireigold Atlantic Sassy Lass), ITD 12/13
Carole Husein CTDI and Sally (), ITD 10/13
Laura Longo and Cassie (A Bundle Of Love (Cassie)), ITD 8/13
Rose Mary Laubach and Hope (Goldenways Thanks for the Memories), ITD 4/13
Susan Waki and Halle (Sunshine’s Strawberry Fields Forever), ITD 4/13
Patricia Hartman and Allure (Animations Golden Allure), ITD 3/13
Valeri Wright and Simon (Red Eagle’s Simon Sez), ITD 12/12
Kimberly Gilbert and Kira (EagleRidge’s Age of Innocence), ITD 12/12
Maggie Lamb CTDI and Stella (Golden Shores Stellar Storm), ITD 10/12
Nissa Blocher and Jimmy (Jimmy), ITD 8/12
Kathleen Boyd and Bristol (BrookHill Harvey’s Bristol Cream), ITD 7/12
Patricia Stein and Brady (Rosewood A Time To Celebrate), ITD 7/12
Alice Ayres and Cabot (Northstars Seriously Sharp Huntr), ITD 5/12
Anita Kelly and Humphrey (Humphrey of Clan OKelly), ITD 4/12
Stasi Malloy and Dakota (Duke Dakota of Malloy Shire), ITD 4/12
Eileen Hoyson and Hatch (IntCH U-CH Grinning’s Dry Fly on the Rise, NTD), ITD 4/12
Rhonda Brown and Phoenix (Phoenix), ITD 4/12
Erica Ginalski-Herr and Sky (Farm Fresh Blue Sky Wyoming), ITD 2/12
Ansi van der Walt and Kiki (Kincora Kitkat), ITD 8/11
Danielle Grimm CTDI and Duke (), ITD 7/11
Maire Guggenheim and Paddington (), ITD 5/11
Valeri Wright and Chase (Red Eagle’s Dream Chaser), ITD 5/11

Gordon Setter

Michelle Hope CTDI and Faith (Bracadale Dark Angel), ITD 10/10

Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen

Karen S. Meldrum and Elbee (Kayaki Embrace the Limelight), ITD 4/16

Great Dane

Traci Rinoldo and Ali (), ITD 1/17
Traci Rinoldo and Dita (GDAB Black Burlesque NTD), ITD 1/17
Eric Russell and Percy (), ITD 11/16
Leigh Pridemore and Loki (Excalibur’s Raised to be King CD CGCA CGCU NTD), ITD 10/16
Olga Maderych and Spark (Chroma Let’s Get This Show on the Road), ITD 2/16
Susan Corning and Finnegan (Icon’s One Way or Another), ITD 2/16
Haley Hegedus and Pepper (Pepper Hegedus), ITD 1/16
Marta Brock and Banker (Canit Int. CH. Rolling Thunder I Broke the Bank), ITD 5/15
Sandy Heimberg and Raisin (U-CD Von Scheer’s Amazin’ Raisin CD, CGC), ITD 11/14
Marta Brock and Trooper (Paquestone Abraham Rolln Thdr), ITD 7/12
Marta Brock and Five (Brinlann’s Jump’n Five at Rolling Thunder), ITD 7/12
Lindsey Elser and Bella (Excalibur’s La Bella Vie of LME), ITD 5/11

Great Pyrenees

Klaire Howerton and Venus (), ITD 8/16
Diane Sammarco CTDI and Quinn (Quinn of Portmeirion), ITD 1/15
Donna Larsen and Dexter (Dexter), ITD 4/13

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Kara Kulpa and Sedona (Willow Ridge Matterhorn’s Uptown Girl NTD), ITD 3/17
Tony DeLeo and Rocky (Suma Shadetree Rocky CGC, NTD), ITD 4/16
Teresa Hierholzer CTDI and Penny (Palisades Pennies From Heaven), ITD 12/13


Christine Beisert and Dolce (Dolce Gambino NTD), ITD 7/16
Jennifer C. Lee and Maia (PG Snip), ITD 1/16
Kerry Caslow and Bishop (Pfanny’s Lil Gavi), ITD 6/15
Kerry Caslow and Thunder (WW Thundervalley), ITD 6/15
Laurie Soutar and Blueberry (Lakilanni Blue Jean Blues), ITD 4/15
Deborah Lipartito and Missile (Kelsos Speedball), ITD 7/13
Lori Willick and Abby (Abby), ITD 9/12
Diana Cognigni and Belle (Oneco Isabella), ITD 3/12

*Guinea Pig

Jenna Symons and Ceico (), ITD 3/16
Jenna Symons and Ace (), ITD 2/16
Maria Mcleod and Silly (Sillyvestor Stallone), ITD 9/14


Lyn Ridley and Arnie (), ITD 10/16

Harzer Fuchs

Tanja Moeller and Soraya (), ITD 11/11


Mary Jacquelyn Watt and Raleigh (GCH Sir Walter Raleigh of the Seven Seas CGC TR84771902), ITD 3/17
Margaret Lynn Kloske and Riva (CH Marcosa’s Rivaliza NTD), ITD 11/16
Jerry Tate and Jordy (Karlin’s Take it to the End Zone), ITD 6/16
Ann LeSage and Xochi (Sonrisas Xochi Mi Chiquito), ITD 4/16
Cristen Owen CTDI and Isabella (Isabella Jade Owen), ITD 3/16
Margaret Lynn Kloske and Joy (CH GCH Cara Dulce’s Alegria de Mi Vida), ITD 11/15
Gail Czarnecki CTDI and Sushi (CH Wincroft’s Catch of the Day RN THD), ITD 11/15
Karen Smith and Lottie (Castlemar Lottie-By -Design RA CGCB NTD), ITD 7/15
Penny Noriega CTDI and Gibbs (Sunshine Handsome Is As Handsome Does), ITD 6/15
Claire Paulson and Petey (OTCh/Ch Pocotesoro El Cometa Del Rey CGN AgN RAE SJATD), ITD 11/14
Julie Brozek and Seiji (Primah’s Seiji Starfire CD RE CGC THD), ITD 12/13
Debra Marteslo and Deeks (Cara Dulce’s Cheeky Little Deeks), ITD 11/13
Margaret Hendershot and Desilu (Hendershot’s Lucy I’m Home), ITD 4/13
Elaine Buri and Shiva (Carohay's Little Diva Shiva), ITD 11/12
Jean Devlin and Seamus (Seamus Kelly), ITD 9/12
Margaret Lynn Kloske and Nia (Wincroft’s Hermione Cara Dulce, CGC, TDIA), ITD 2/12
C.J. Jackson CTDI and Jasmine (Jasmine), ITD 12/11
Colleen Greer and Muffin (Rag A Muffin), ITD 11/10


Christina Young CTDI and Shea (JMV Ricochet), ITD 3/14


Carrie Johnston and Nuala (Ghaliya Vom Treuen Freund), ITD 2/16


Lucy Warren and Storm (), ITD 5/15

Ibizan Hound

Erica Kasper and Flecha (Flecha de Altamira NTD), ITD 3/17
Emma Braum and Bowie (Dragorra’s the Goblin King), ITD 2/17

Icelandic Sheepdog

Beverly G. McCarter and Kirby (Vittetoes Kjarkur Keilirsson NTD), ITD 8/16
Sheila Gibbons and Spencer (Lord Spencer), ITD 2/16
Pat Gaudette and Rain (GCH Tri-Star Jord CD BN RE CAA RATO THDN CGCA), ITD 6/15
Judy Roback and J-Ski (Pikatti’s Tryna), ITD 6/15
Gabi Vannini CTDI and Link (Stubborn Elm’s Oskasteina Skiptingur RN CGC), ITD 5/15
Jenifer Brimmer and Bangsi (Stokk-Sels Bjorn Bangsi), ITD 9/14
Gabi Vannini CTDI and Jeni (Tuckahoe Didi Belle), ITD 12/13
Jenifer Brimmer and Hettie (Hatid fra Olafsvolum), ITD 11/13
Jenifer Brimmer and Laufey (Stokk-Sels Laufey), ITD 8/13
Philippa Sloan and Lukka (EagleIsle Eydis Lukka), ITD 6/12

Irish Setter

Pat Boldt and Nicky (CH Dublin’s National Treasure JH CGC NTD), ITD 4/17
Evelyn Deslauriers and Molly (GCH CH Heatherwood’s Hot Tamale RN CGCA CGCU NTD), ITD 3/17
Annie Wroblewski and Alasdair (Touchstone’s Nor’Easter), ITD 7/16
Shuko Okawara and Kiwi (), ITD 1/16
Denise Rempert and Kasey (Ch Huntersglen Cukier Center Of Attention CGC), ITD 9/13
Ann Francoear and Grady (McKippen’s First Impression), ITD 8/13
Vicki Horton and Cassie (Fleetwood Farms Sassy Cassidy), ITD 3/12
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Brandy (Brandy), ITD 12/11

Irish Setter

Gina Lyn Hayes and Ruby (JD Ruby Tuesday), ITD 6/08

Irish Terrier

Sally Cotter and Darby (Coffee von der Grevenburg NTD), ITD 2/17
Susan O’Driscoll CTDI and JennBug (Jenny O’Driscoll NTD), ITD 7/16
Andrea Wilkins and Connie (), ITD 7/16
Lisa Hendler and Murphy (MACH PACH RATCH Murphy’s Pint of Red MXS MJS MXP4 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX OF T2B CA RATI NTD), ITD 4/16
Kathy Austin ATDI and Clancy (Haybryn Flannchadh’s Fancy Pants), ITD 5/14
Susan O’Driscoll CTDI and Maggie (Maggie O’Driscoll), ITD 7/10

Irish Water Spaniel

Dianne Kerwin and Mollie (CH Pooles’Ioe Making Waves NTD), ITD 5/16
Marion Kong and Liberty (Cuardach Freedom of Flight), ITD 3/15

Italian Greyhound

Sue Hamm and Mim (Noblewind’s Memorial In May NTD), ITD 7/16
Sid McBride and Amon (), ITD 6/16
Susan Amicucci and Kimber (GCH CH Terra Pavan Lorenc’s Phoenix Rising CGC TDI), ITD 2/16
Trixy Endemano and Bellaluna (Bellaluna), ITD 1/15
Julie Brozek and Indy (Indy), ITD 12/13

Italian Spinone

Berdell K. Koch and Etta (Etta James of Darby Canyon), ITD 2/16
Sue Brown and Billy (Billy Bad Ass Brown), ITD 7/15

Jack Russell Terrier

Lori Signs and Rambo (Sir Rambo Special Forces DJ CGC NTD), ITD 3/17
Carrie Kelly and Zi (Iden Rye Ziyi NTD), ITD 10/16
Lyn Ridley and George (), ITD 9/16
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Spike (), ITD 9/16
Brittney Monk and Dodge (), ITD 8/16
Emily Roxas and Tasha (Thasha of Chyn & Cait), ITD 8/16
Melissa Dix and Sophie (Sophie Dix NTD), ITD 8/16
Christine Kiefer and Nick (Willow Crest’s Nick of Time NTD), ITD 6/16
Debbie Mahon and Splash (JR Ranch Splash NTD), ITD 4/16
Lynda Rupay and Savvy (Round The Bend Savannah), ITD 4/16
Laura Breckheimer and Zak (Zachary Scott NTD), ITD 11/15
Laura Breckheimer and REO (REO Speed Waggin’ NTD), ITD 11/15
Meike Flintzak and Spidey (), ITD 11/15
Clare Cox and Jessie (), ITD 11/15
Kayleigh Snell and Snoopy (), ITD 10/15
Susan Getty and Pedey (Forget-Me-Not Pedey), ITD 9/15
Sandee Martindale and Katie (), ITD 8/15
Wendy Cook and Talie (Talie Wally Woo), ITD 7/15
Candy Cornell and Rico (Ricochet), ITD 7/15
Helen Parker and Max (), ITD 5/15
Sophie Smith and Lola (Lola Kills It With Kisses), ITD 5/15
Lena Eklund and Harley (Piddlelinjens Harley Trassel), ITD 4/15
Verna Saxer-Gibson and Aaren (Aaren CGC, NTD), ITD 3/15
Abbi Lawrence and Jack (Jack Lawrence), ITD 3/15
Wendy Barr and Warden (Inseguire Warden), ITD 11/14
Sarah Kettle and Maggie (Maggie Amy Brown), ITD 11/14
Mary Repko and Daisy (Daisy Mae), ITD 7/14
Mary Repko and Gunner (), ITD 7/14
Yvonne Downey and Parker (Forgetmenot Parker), ITD 7/14
Diana Noe and Sophie (), ITD 6/14
Lydia DesRoche CTDI and Grace (Grace Wiggins DesRoche), ITD 12/13
Jeanna Gwilliam and Jinty (Madam Fourpaws), ITD 11/13
Kristina Schnichels and Chumba (Jays Bandits Chumbawamba), ITD 5/13
Margaret Hendershot and Mario (MBR Hit Reset to Play Again), ITD 4/13
Heather Brook and Jesse (Just Jesse the Jack), ITD 4/13
Andrea Boswell and Bandit (Bandit), ITD 3/13
Nedra Jansen ATDI and Charlie (Pheasant Hill Charlie), ITD 7/12
Caitlin Chisling CTDI and Wylie (Wylie), ITD 5/12
Tracy Underwood and Wyatt (Thunder Hill Wyatt Earp MX MXJ), ITD 8/11
Sheila Goheen and Bozz (), ITD 3/11
Tracey Luggiero and Mouse (Mighty Mouse), ITD 9/10


Theresa Bricker and Sunshine (KJ’s Daydreamer), ITD 9/16
Sydney Rubinstein and Mocha (Mocha Rubinstein NTD), ITD 8/16
Stacy Dickinson CTDI and Lupin (Wyndjamr’s Reflections of a Blue Moon ), ITD 2/16
Amanda Lougheed CTDI and Raevyn (Can CH Keesridge’s Raevyn Beauty CGN CA RATI), ITD 5/15
Amanda Lougheed CTDI and Zivah (Multi CH Keesridge The Essence Of Zivah CGN RA CD RATI), ITD 5/15
Jen Rother and Mayhem (Covenants Wolf Kees Firestorm), ITD 4/15
Karen Kelley and Blue (Seawind’s Ruffin Up Da Crew NTD), ITD 4/15
Karen Kelley and Hope (Ch Keelypso’s Nightingale of Thistledee), ITD 2/15
Bob Lynch and Kallie (Clingmey’s Keeshond Garden’s Kallie), ITD 12/14
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Reggie (Suncoast’s Lt Reggie Barclay of LI), ITD 11/14
Esther Stalker and Andre (Kealoha’s Last Call), ITD 7/14
Jean Christensen CTDI and BeeGee (Cliffouse Kristenborn Saturday Night Fever, CGC, ITD), ITD 1/14
Rebecca McMillion and Whiskey (Allante’s Devil in the Bottle), ITD 3/13
Stacie Beasley CTDI and Clancy (Beasley’s Fancy Chief Clancy), ITD 8/12


Lea Smith CTDI and Sandy (Sandy Paws), ITD 4/14
Vanessa Charbonneau and Buster (Buster), ITD 7/12


Richard Lyes and Merlin (Amber’s Vagabond V.D. Toetesteijn), ITD 9/15
Bonnie Edmond and Bodie (Red Gold’s Bodie Always On My Mind), ITD 5/15
Elaine Chan Whitlow ATDI and Moo Moo Pie (Amazing Blija Van Den Iserman Hoeve), ITD 1/15


Heather Hardesty and Rumor (Rumour Has It NTD), ITD 3/17


Anne Bachewich CTDI and AJ (Brantwood’s Anne Joya), ITD 10/11

Labrador Retriever

Robyn Goode and BamBam (), ITD 4/17
Robin Bennett CTDI and Ranger (Heartride’s On The Road Again NTD), ITD 3/17
Shawna Kircher and Sandia (Sunnier Skies Ahead CGCA, ADI, NTD), ITD 3/17
June Orsillo and Mazie (), ITD 3/17
Kelsey Czemske and Dozer (Dozer NTD), ITD 3/17
Anastasia Saravo and Gus (Anastasia’s Boy), ITD 3/17
Cindy Hasenbalg and Gunny (), ITD 3/17
Peggy Cushard and Lena (Cushard’s Princess Thumbelina NTD), ITD 2/17
Kimberly Pardy and Megan (CH Josabry Megan CGN RA CDX NTD), ITD 1/17
Brittany Harmon and Missy (Deep Hollows All About Missy NTD), ITD 1/17
Marcia Wakefield and Jazz (), ITD 12/16
Gail Wild and River (Castle Raven River NTD), ITD 12/16
Alycia Rogal CTDI and Coulee (Torg’s Water on Stone NTD), ITD 12/16
Susan Dodson and Magic (Spring Cove’s Just Believe NTD), ITD 11/16
Pat Nordenberg and Sparkle (Yellow Diamond in the Ruff NTD), ITD 11/16
Cathy Miller and Holly (AlpyneAir Forget Me Not NTD), ITD 10/16
Karen Bereti CTDI and Gunner (), ITD 10/16
Chris Puls and Voodoo (Black Magic of Eromit NTD), ITD 10/16
Susan Popp and Lilly (Lilly Anne Labradoggy NTD), ITD 10/16
Gina B. Kaiser and Windy (Windy Kaiser NTD), ITD 10/16
Jessica Townley and Dino (), ITD 9/16
Joanne Markano and Bruiser (Bruiser XXVI NTD), ITD 8/16
Debbi Snyder CTDI and Indy (Summit Farm’s Independence Day), ITD 8/16
Jeff Cook and Chase (Ridgeview Hotter than a Two Dollar Pistol Chase, NTD), ITD 8/16
Nancy Moore and Izzy (Breton Gate’s It’s A Wonderful Life, RA, CGCA, NTD), ITD 7/16
Melissa K. Szabo and Faith (Faith Oscar Szabo), ITD 6/16
Kathy Bartek and Rosco (), ITD 6/16
Christa Tucker CTDI and Daisy (Daisy Mae Tucker), ITD 6/16
Samantha Schlosburg and Leo (Little Leo Augustus NTD), ITD 6/16
Yasko Kobayashi and Indi (), ITD 5/16
Carol Berman CTDI and Parx (Sir Parx of Camelot), ITD 5/16
Melinda B. Grosch and Lydia (Cinderhill Waterproof Lydia BN RE TD), ITD 3/16
Maria Branco and Scherzo (Chezenko Wishing Well), ITD 3/16
Beckie Bowers and Shock (LabraTorrey’s Lock, Shock, and Barrel), ITD 2/16
Barbara Wert and Lori (Guide Dog’s Luau Lori NTD), ITD 2/16
Samantha Perkins and Homer (Go Big or Go Home), ITD 1/16
Lenna S. Knox and Swyn (Swyn y Llyn), ITD 12/15
Lynn Peffley and Charlie Brown (Kingsland’s Charlie Brown), ITD 11/15
Donna Nickell-McCombs and Snuggles (Coppertones Snuggles), ITD 11/15
Kristen Smith and Gordy (), ITD 11/15
Karen Coppola and Duckee (KC’s Sparkling Cold Duck), ITD 11/15
Kathryn Pate and Luna (Eromit’s Dark Side of the Moon NTD), ITD 11/15
Channing Lee and Kiowa (Sir Kiowiggles), ITD 9/15
Jodie Justice and Phury (), ITD 9/15
Randy Hayes and Gilligan (), ITD 7/15
Andrew Telford and Ben (Trialwise Elliot Buttons), ITD 6/15
Kathy Gabbard and Logan (Logan Jaymes), ITD 6/15
Tamara L. Tucker CTDI and Abe (Hero Dogs Abraham Lincoln), ITD 6/15
Natalya Chacon and Maddie (), ITD 5/15
Kott Sherlock and Tex (Watermark’s of Texas "Tex"), ITD 5/15
Clorissa Paul and Darry (), ITD 5/15
Ashleigh Perry and Spencer (Australian Ch. Aralyen Good Vibrations), ITD 4/15
Mary Horne and Dakota (Rhumbline’s Rambling Dakota UD, RE, RLIX, RL3, UD-C), ITD 4/15
Mary Horne and Pepper (OTCH-C ARCH Radiance Love That Spice, UD, RE, BN, JH, RLIX, RL3, UD-C), ITD 4/15
Nina Kujawska CTDI and Lenny (), ITD 4/15
Linda Wandrick and Willow (Creekside Widewater Willow), ITD 3/15
Hannah Slaney and Inca (), ITD 3/15
Karen Cummings and Leia (Blackfoot’s Byte of Pi in the Sky), ITD 3/15
Karen Worthington, DVM and Piper (Mar-Jo’s Pied Piper), ITD 3/15
Chesna Vitanovec CTDI and Faith (Faith Odessa Vitanovec), ITD 3/15
Bit Jordan and Ru (Liberty’s Ruger Sheza Pistol), ITD 3/15
Crystal Meadows and Charlie (Sir Charles on Henrico), ITD 2/15
Kathy Backer and Casey (), ITD 2/15
Jeff Dentler CTDI and Chase (), ITD 2/15
Sarah Milsted and Fidget (), ITD 2/15
Kathy Sugitani and True (), ITD 2/15
Nancy Moore and Sophie (Cougar Creek Sophie Tucker, NTD), ITD 1/15
Marlene Taylor and Vessa (CH Caorunn’s Dubheasa), ITD 1/15
Katina Stamp and Sashi (Shadowmyst Harmony At Dusk), ITD 1/15
Brandi Coyner and Riley (Gonna Getcha All Riled Up), ITD 1/15
Brandi Coyner and Jet (Jet Black Stealth Bomber), ITD 1/15
Linda Scannell and Biscuit (Scannell’s Biscuit), ITD 1/15
Kate Hill and Cole (), ITD 1/15
Dee Hart CTDI and Gunny (), ITD 1/15
Corinne Dziuba and Timber (Eromit’s Shiver Me Timber), ITD 12/14
Brenda Jonck and Jack (), ITD 12/14
Andrea J. Fitch and Cash (Bella Constellation), ITD 12/14
Olga L Brinkman and Lola (Grandriver’s Lola Russo), ITD 11/14
Olga L Brinkman and Bella (Jaunenoir Che Bella Grandriver), ITD 11/14
Jennifer Willms and Harry (Harry Willms), ITD 11/14
Marie Moy and Georgia Belle (Miss Georgia Belle), ITD 11/14
Marie Moy and Bubba (Bubba), ITD 11/14
Erin Lynes and Kimber (Eromit’s Kimber Surprise), ITD 10/14
Beckie Bowers and Miss Matches (Becca’s Miss Matches of Reno), ITD 10/14
Linda Scannell and Annie (Lil Orphan Annie Comes Home), ITD 10/14
Michelle Bovey CTDI and Jasper (Master of the Treasure - Jasper), ITD 8/14
Elizabeth Tidey ATDI and Edward (), ITD 8/14
Mary Duncan ATDI and Finn (Finlay Basil Shackelton), ITD 7/14
Elaine B. Johnson and Molly (Little Miss Molly of Silverado), ITD 6/14
Peter Buckley and Lilly (Lilly Bliss), ITD 6/14
Caroline Clements and Miley (), ITD 6/14
Heather Schneider and Emma (Eromit’s Jane Austen RN), ITD 5/14
Sherry Galka and Kallie (Kolyma’s Kallie CGCA, TWT, TDIG), ITD 5/14
Beth Renee Menini and Skyy (Wetland’s Tanguary Twist), ITD 4/14
Tim Anderson and Trooper (), ITD 3/14
Cassandra Newell and Sig (K7s’ Sig’s Ridin’ Shotgun), ITD 2/14
William Cripps and Axel (Ganderwood Axel), ITD 2/14
Lynn Spagnesi and DoJo (Mistyfield’s Dance with an Angel), ITD 2/14
Shoshana Rappaport CTDI and Macy (Rappaport’s Angel on Earth), ITD 2/14
Laura Bicknell and Jayde (The Littlest Jayde), ITD 2/14
Peg Bader and Tucker (Ticker Harris), ITD 1/14
Lauren Watson CTDI and Aria (), ITD 12/13
Ann Hogg CTDI and Barley (Amber Bock Barley), ITD 12/13
Beth Renee Menini and Pepper (Wetland’s Peppermint Splash), ITD 11/13
Lisa Gunn CTDI and Lily (Gunn’s Lily of Watson Bridge CD RN CGC), ITD 9/13
Ricky Perrin and Harry (), ITD 9/13
Jason Beardon and Casper (Casper), ITD 7/13
Kimberly Lewis CTDI and Gibson (Gibson XXXVI), ITD 6/13
Tawnya Lichtenwalter ATDI and Bella (Ciao Bella), ITD 6/13
Margaret Throne and Believe (Layney’s Chardon Sleigh Bells), ITD 5/13
Lynda Russo and Casey (Tulgeywood Miss Tum Tum Casey), ITD 5/13
Lynn Spagnesi and Billy - Joe (Billy - Joe Hunter), ITD 4/13
Lynn Spagnesi and Jambi - Joe (Your Wish is Granted Long Live Jambi), ITD 4/13
Susan Stotler and Pilot (Wing Walkers Co-Pilot), ITD 4/13
Danette Chorney and Skyler (Foxrun’s Galileo), ITD 3/13
Amy Schupska ATDI and Ellie (Ellie), ITD 3/13
Dawn Kroencke and Hurley (Hurley), ITD 3/13
Pam Yano and Cinder (Cinderella’s Prince Charming), ITD 3/13
Penny Baker and Lucy (Radiance Diamonds in the Sky), ITD 2/13
Christa Krasneck and Gus (Gus), ITD 11/12
Phil Carta and Punditz (Punditz), ITD 11/12
Kendra Stearns and Zoe (Jericho’s Midnight Storm), ITD 8/12
Diane Oskerka and Lily (Gregoire’s Wrigley’s Ivy), ITD 6/12
Brad & Tara Rogers and Honey (Honey ginger Muffin CGC), ITD 6/12
Caroline MacConachie CTDI and Bowbay (Bowbay), ITD 5/12
Sue Murphy and Betty (Waterbound Skylarsgirl Betty), ITD 5/12
Doris Dressler and Drop (Golden Drop), ITD 4/12
Cheryl Viera CTDI and Willow (Little Willow), ITD 4/12
Dearing English CTDI and Nike (Nike), ITD 3/12
Rebecca Hayes-Copeland and Bali (Balius), ITD 2/12
Emily Cassell and Maddie (Madeleine Belle), ITD 2/12
Nicole Schimpf and Addie (Addie), ITD 1/12
Dee Hoult CTDI and Oxford (Oxford), ITD 1/12
Alex Albin and Axel (Gimme Grace's Holding It Together), ITD 12/11
Lynda Kobs and Sadie (), ITD 11/11
Rebecca Randolph and Garth (Canvasback Thunder Rolls at Brookhaven), ITD 9/11
Karina Lannard and Nala (Nala Sunshine Lannard), ITD 12/10
Carlos Betancourt Batista CTDI and Tina (), ITD 12/10
Carlos Betancourt Batista CTDI and Chocolate (), ITD 12/10
April Dawkins CTDI and Lyndie (), ITD 9/10
Sandra Guzzetti and Creeker (Gallo’s Phoenix of Fallcreek, CGC, TD), ITD 2/09
Jennifer Bailey and Gibson (Gibson CD RN), ITD 5/08
Jennifer Bailey and Townshend (Ravenwood A Little is Enough CD RA), ITD 5/08

Labrador Retriever (English)

Deborah L. McGrath and Toby (Times Square Toby), ITD 6/13

Lagotto Romagnolo

Ashley Crooks and Zep (Giuseppe Adalverto), ITD 3/16
Melita Rogers CTDI and Aria (ILNASOSA AROMA ARIA NTD), ITD 11/15
Elizabeth Williams CTDI and Orli (Leora Typhia of Golden Comfort), ITD 5/15
Melita Rogers CTDI and Lilly (Suzaluca Lilly Larkin), ITD 5/13

Lakeland Terrier

Lori Napoli and Phoebe (Glacieridge Fifty Hot Cross Buns), ITD 11/15


Paula Garland and Ziggy (Lionscourt Felicity NTD), ITD 11/16
Dennis Garland and Chloe (Starlake Clou NTD), ITD 11/16
Mara Bovsun and Emily (Emily von Alpensee), ITD 7/15

Lhasa Apso

Sue Ridgley and Coco (Karlyn Ridgley’s Luigi Coco Chinetti), ITD 9/15


Melissa Lack and Hazel (), ITD 4/13

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

JoAnne Martone and Syro (Monaghan’s Syrotuck), ITD 12/16


Linsey Moeskops and Kai (Kai de la Maison Dominique), ITD 7/14
Sandra LaCroix CTDI and Piccolo (Stars and Stripes Forever Piccolo), ITD 9/13


Ann Walker and Lexie (), ITD 9/15
Jo Page and Rufus (), ITD 8/15
Leanne Ward and Brodie (), ITD 6/15
Rosie Reid CTDI and Pixel (), ITD 6/15
Ruth Sheller and Layla (), ITD 5/15
Rosie Reid CTDI and Boo (), ITD 2/14

Madagascar Coton de Tulear

Jan Zevkovich and Tesla (MCTCA Tesla Clinton of Great Lakes Cotons), ITD 9/15

Magyar Vizsla

Julia Pickel and Phine (Seraphina), ITD 3/15


Deborah Gardiner and Eli (Eli Jackson Gardiner NTD), ITD 4/17
Judith Hodgkins and Annabelle (), ITD 1/17
Joanie Carqueville and Bryn (Divine’s Sound of Music CGC NTD), ITD 1/17
Megan Hemmer and Nanuq (Nanuq NTD), ITD 12/16
Celia Roberts CTDI and Max (Maximus et Minimus), ITD 5/16
Joan Pauly and Cooper (), ITD 2/16
Samantha Daley ATDI and Rugby (OTCH Mister Rugby Sevens UDX2 OM3 VER RA OA NAJ), ITD 1/16
Kristen Olivier and Casey (), ITD 8/15
Martha Tiller and Jordy (Crisandra Petite Crossing Jordan, BN, PCD, NTD), ITD 4/15
Kristine Shimmin CTDI and Lillen (), ITD 3/14
Marisa Oh Chen and Obi Wan Chenobi (Bellarata’s You Better Believe It), ITD 7/13
Aastha Gaur and Gustave (Crime Master Guga), ITD 6/13
Joanie Carqueville and Chadwick (Shanlyn’s Keep’N The Chadwick CD BN RE), ITD 5/13
Laurie Williams CTDI and Andrew (ARCHMX U-CD Embraceable Andrew CD RE OA OAJ), ITD 1/12


Betsy Stone and Grace (Amazing Grace Stone), ITD 12/13

Manchester Terrier

Carol Wicker and Jazz (Mimbre Bombette (JW)), ITD 2/16
Judy Thurlow and Kita (Erkenwyne Lady Guinevere JW ShCM NTD), ITD 2/16
Michelle Martiya ATDI and Bosco (), ITD 12/15
Nicole Sales and Kenji (Kenji CGC), ITD 2/14

Manchester Terrier (Toy)

Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Speed Racer (Ch. Layclyf Mint Chip CDX RAE AX AXJ NFP CGC TT HOF), ITD 12/14
Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Quest (Fwaggle V Regal Arcade Fire), ITD 4/14
Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Sprint (Regal’s Sheez The Fastest V Trinity), ITD 2/14


Christopher Schumacher ATDI and Max (Maximus), ITD 1/13

McNab Shepherd

Michelle Butler CTDI and Tootsie (My Tootsie Girl), ITD 3/14

Miniature American Shepherd

Letitia Odom and Lolly (Lolly-Pop Kisses Odom), ITD 2/17
Letitia Odom and Betty (Betty Jane Odom NTD NAJ ACT2), ITD 2/17

Miniature Bull Terrier

Devyn Weeks and Penny (Bullmoon’s A Penny For Your Thoughts - CAA, RATM, CGCA, CGCU, NTD), ITD 4/16
Kerstin Horvath CTDI and Boomer (Cambria’s Big Thunder CGCA), ITD 3/15

Miniature Dachshund

Andrea Mykrantz and Gwen (), ITD 9/15

*Miniature Horse

Noeline Cassettari CTDI and Thumbelina (Pixie Valley Thumbelina NTH), ITD 11/16
Noeline Cassettari CTDI and Rose (Flying Dust Ombre Rose), ITD 7/15

Miniature Pinscher

Sandra Carbonell CTDI and Foster (Carbonell’s Foster Reid NTD), ITD 8/16
Sandra Carbonell CTDI and Emily Hope (Carbonell’s Emily Hope NTD), ITD 8/16
Joe Claret and Max (Maximus Blackus NTD), ITD 8/16
Elisabeth Tarttier-Hotter CTDI and Diesel (Diesel El Regalo Magnífico), ITD 8/15
Jodie Havens and Zim (DJS Invader Zim, CGC), ITD 8/14
Cheryl Partridge and Kona (Kona), ITD 9/12
Cheryl Partridge and Java (Java), ITD 9/12
Kaori Miyamoto and Noble (Noble), ITD 1/12

Miniature Rat Terrier

Scott Banghart and Teddy (), ITD 10/15

Miniature Schnauzer

Alex Jarrell and Flash (Flash Lane Jarrell NTD), ITD 3/17
Amber Fountain and Magic (Southcross Cast a Spell NTD), ITD 3/17
Charlotte Harmer and Elsa (), ITD 11/15
Charlotte Harmer and Greta (), ITD 11/15
Lynn Hoffman and Rockie (Rockie Hoffman), ITD 10/15
Charlene Staton and Sophie (Meine Liebchen Sophie Juliette), ITD 9/15
Julianne Bishop and Minnie (Happy Memories), ITD 7/15
Mikaela Gustafson CTDI and Angel (Mikaela’s Little Angel), ITD 4/15
Mikaela Gustafson CTDI and Chloe (), ITD 4/15

*Mixed Breed

Anna Kukhta and Sawyer (), ITD 4/17
Corinne Sollows and Freya (Freya Sollows NTD), ITD 4/17
Tony Hahn and Cali (Cali NTD), ITD 4/17
Karen Profenna CTDI and Sophie (Sophie Profenna NTD), ITD 4/17
Susan Miranti and McGee (McGee Miranti NTD), ITD 4/17
Sharon Yildiz and Copper (), ITD 4/17
Sunny Gifford and Suki (Big Doodle Pup’s Suki Love NTD), ITD 4/17
Maggie Weston and Jessie (Vista’s Jessie Girl NTD), ITD 4/17
Brenda Riccio and Bella (Bella III NTD), ITD 3/17
Bailey Schuldt and Paisley (), ITD 3/17
Crystal Sainthill and Roxi (), ITD 3/17
Monica Turner and Lucy (Nordost’s Lucy NTD), ITD 3/17
Lynne Champitto and Kona (), ITD 3/17
Katelynn Smith and Skye (), ITD 3/17
Deborah Auer and Cheater (Ceilidh if Ya Can’t Beat ‘Em NTD), ITD 3/17
Heidi Dulac and Josie (BFD’s Josie NTD), ITD 3/17
Agnes Orlowski and Molly (Molly Orlowski NTD), ITD 3/17
Agnes Orlowski and Minnie (Minnie Orlowski NTD), ITD 3/17
Kristyn Kay ATDI and Bentley (Bentley Kayganiewicz NTD), ITD 3/17
Tracy Hill and Jake (Jake’s on Fire! NTD), ITD 3/17
Laura Ansel and Hazel (Hazel J Dragon NTD), ITD 3/17
Laura Ansel and Finn (Finnegan NTD), ITD 3/17
Laura Ansel and Rodi (Rodrigue NTD), ITD 3/17
Kala Sizemore and Ivy (River’s Blue Ivy NTD), ITD 3/17
Melissa Paul and Whiskey (), ITD 3/17
Patricia J. Sampsel and Gus (Gus Sampsel NTD), ITD 3/17
Tracy L. Kraftchisin and Callie (Callie Kraftchisin), ITD 3/17
Crystal Ursin and Remy (), ITD 3/17
Viki Smartt and Ally (Ally VIII NTD), ITD 3/17
Ally Locklin ATDI and Gypsy (), ITD 3/17
Alison MacGillivray and Luna Moon (), ITD 3/17
Kimberly Dykstra and Milo (), ITD 3/17
Margery Cavins ATDI and Lucy (Lucy Cavins NTD), ITD 3/17
Patricia J. Sampsel and Jessie (Jessie Sampsel NTD), ITD 3/17
Kirsten Ingoe and Blaze (Blazing Saddles AG JD), ITD 3/17
Laura Hart and Pebbles (), ITD 3/17
Cheryl Hart and Lucie (Lucinda Claire NTD), ITD 3/17
Bridee Manning and Drake (Cat Like Reflexes NTD), ITD 3/17
Fiona Harlan and Angus (Angus Horatio MacDog NTD), ITD 3/17
Tracy Wood and Lexi (Bark’s Annabelle Lexi NTD), ITD 3/17
Bailey Preston and Bella (BellaTheBall), ITD 3/17
Kathryn Vincent and Hattie Mae (Hattie Mae Vincent NTD), ITD 3/17
Jordyn Baker and Bentli (AKC/USDAA’s True Terrier Among Us CGC), ITD 3/17
Catherine Fauvelle and Marlo (Margaret Loadelier NTD), ITD 3/17
Steph Hartley and Romeo (Romeo Blue), ITD 2/17
Kimberly Dykstra and Snookie (), ITD 2/17
Helen Parkinson CTDI and Pan (Pandemonium NTD), ITD 2/17
Marion Richter and Lucy (LucyGirl NTD), ITD 2/17
Dianna Matteson CTDI and Scuddlebutt (), ITD 2/17
Jackie Potter and Graham (Fourwheeling Graham NTD), ITD 2/17
Sheila Terry and Franklin (Franklin Lane NTD), ITD 2/17
Michelle Gamage CTDI and Willa (Willa Do It Right NTD), ITD 2/17
Linda Ryan and Tinker (Tinker Ryan NTD), ITD 2/17
Janet Waters and Serra (Serra PAT AX AXJ NF T2B CL1-R CL1-F CL1-H CA NW2 L1I L1C SD-S NTD), ITD 2/17
Karen Serianni CTDI and Freya (), ITD 2/17
Kelly Jackson and Bindi (Blueberry Bindi NTD), ITD 2/17
Annelise Lynch and Riley (Riley Lynch NTD), ITD 2/17
Robin Doster and Special (Special NTD), ITD 2/17
Jen Esplen and Jesse (), ITD 2/17
Sophie Penson and Ducky (Ducky NTD), ITD 2/17
Rebekah Hudson and Astrid (Matilda Astrid), ITD 2/17
Brianne Durham CTDI and Scrabble (Mutt-A-Gen Triple Letter Score NTD), ITD 2/17
Patti Howerton and Lee (General Lee Howerton NTD), ITD 2/17
Michelle Launch and Chester (), ITD 2/17
Kristy Teunissen and Harlow (), ITD 1/17
Tosha Grotenhuis and Coda (Coda Grotenhuis), ITD 1/17
Timothy R. Hartsock and Jewels (), ITD 1/17
Carol Butler and Gizmo (Gizmo Butler NTD), ITD 1/17
Kristy Teunissen and Ralph (), ITD 1/17
Quadoria Aika Phipps CTDI and Natsuko (Princess Natsuko NTD), ITD 1/17
Shawna Thiessen and Mystic (), ITD 1/17
Mariah Bozzell and Tycho (Tycho Path NTD), ITD 1/17
Reagan Tucker ATDI and Frank (Frank Yoda CGC RN BN NTD), ITD 1/17
Sarah & Emily Bennett and Piper (), ITD 1/17
Katelyn Littlefield CTDI and Belle (), ITD 12/16
Marie Macher CTDI and Harper (), ITD 12/16
Ariel Goshorn and Piper (Pip Pa Pi Piper NTD), ITD 12/16
Elizabeth Schwab and Zazu (Tempest’s Flying Advisor NTD), ITD 12/16
Janilee Benell CTDI and Fuzz (The Fuzz, CGN RL1 NTD), ITD 12/16
Janilee Benell CTDI and Charlotte (), ITD 12/16
Jan Sund and Kelsey (FHF Wildest Dreams NTD), ITD 12/16
Tegan Moore and Vesper (), ITD 12/16
Mary Crawford and Teddy (Teddy Crawford NTD), ITD 12/16
Janet M. Graham CTDI and Blue (Blue Goldstein NTD), ITD 12/16
Brandie Sims CTDI and Charlie (), ITD 12/16
Kate Wesolowski and Ruby (Ruby In The Rough NTD), ITD 12/16
Judith Freedman and Mushy (), ITD 12/16
Alyssa Borek and Lia (Sugar Magnolia Candy Girl), ITD 12/16
Jeb Cadwell and Rover (Rover Cadwell), ITD 12/16
Kera Wilhelmsen CTDI and Tayla (), ITD 12/16
The Fuller Family and Teddy (), ITD 12/16
Kari Trotsky and Yogi (), ITD 11/16
Rebecca Brown and Gypsy Rose (), ITD 11/16
Jeanette Rowsell and Ace (), ITD 11/16
Alicia Attfield and Valentina (), ITD 11/16
Amanda Burger CTDI and Art (MC’s Artimus Maximus NTD), ITD 11/16
Steve Nassar and Kush (Kush of Cascadia NTD), ITD 11/16
Natalie Perryman and Grinner (), ITD 11/16
Michelle Pletcher and Allie (Pletcher’s Speckled Allie Grace NTD), ITD 11/16
Cathi Napp CTDI and Griffin (), ITD 10/16
Lori Beach and Eliza (Eliza IV NTD), ITD 10/16
Darlena Hardy and Kimber (Kimber Dawn Hardy NTD), ITD 10/16
Kristyn Kay ATDI and Ted (Theodore Kayganiewicz NTD), ITD 10/16
Sandra Caro and Daisy (), ITD 10/16
Gina B. Kaiser and Nugget (Nugget Kaiser NTD), ITD 10/16
Peggy Stevens and Rags (Raggedy Ann Stevens NTD), ITD 10/16
Courtney Roberts CTDI and Ted (Theodore NTD), ITD 9/16
Aimee Nichol and Lili (), ITD 9/16
Sally Sippitt and Zola (), ITD 9/16
Carolyn M. Miller and Esme (Esmeralda), ITD 9/16
Amy Van Duzer CTDI and Cinnamon (), ITD 9/16
Christine Renner and Lodi (), ITD 9/16
Terry Pasfield and Ziva (Pasfield’s Ziva NTD), ITD 9/16
Susan Bell and Jesse (Jesse Bear Bell NTD), ITD 9/16
Mary Molski and Rosie (), ITD 9/16
Melinda F. Schneider and Twyla (Carolina’s Wee Twyla NTD), ITD 9/16
Barbara Anderson and Sarah (Sarah Ann Anderson NTD), ITD 9/16
Florenza Pizanis CTDI and Busta (Busta Rooby-Doo NTD), ITD 9/16
Peter Corpus CTDI and Luna (), ITD 9/16
Le Cambell CTDI and JJ (JJ IVX NTD), ITD 9/16
Lisa A. Bell CTDI and Lucky (Lucky Bell of Liberty Hill NTD), ITD 9/16
Emily Urchuck CTDI and Buster (), ITD 9/16
Miranda Baxter CTDI and Odin (Odin Baxter NTD), ITD 9/16
Soja Crockford CTDI and Abbey (Abbey Rose NTD), ITD 9/16
Sarah Hotston and Luna (), ITD 8/16
Sarah Mackay and Freya (), ITD 8/16
Jessica Mackay and Tess (), ITD 8/16
Chana Mackay and Lassie (), ITD 8/16
Judith A. Johnson and Maxx (Johnson’s Maxx Exxpress NTD), ITD 8/16
Margaret Whitehead and Buzz (), ITD 8/16
Rachel Stroud and Sasha (), ITD 8/16
Jennifer Anthony and Kaya (), ITD 8/16
Tania Butler and Sky (), ITD 8/16
Linda Damiani and Bubba (), ITD 8/16
Christy Shephard CTDI and Joey (), ITD 8/16
Todd Bullington and Tusk (), ITD 8/16
Brenda Klaunberg and Tulip (), ITD 8/16
Gerry Stephens and Evan (Evan Hoff), ITD 8/16
Joyce Eckerman and Tipper (), ITD 7/16
Crystal Blaker CTDI and Wrigley (Wrigley Blaker NTD), ITD 7/16
Anna Jinsky and Finnigan (), ITD 7/16
Bonnie Duncan and Buddie (Buddie (Snyper Tongue) Duncan), ITD 7/16
Robbi Flynn and Musa (), ITD 7/16
Joan Forry and Miles (Miles On Hydrants Forry NTD), ITD 7/16
Sue McNulty and Flynn (Flynn McNulty NTD), ITD 7/16
Sandi Talerico and Copper (Copper Ninja Talerico NTD), ITD 7/16
Penny Basler and Daisy (Penny’s Daisy), ITD 7/16
Gina Burger and Brody (Mr. Brody Longfellow Wiggle-Tail Burger NTD), ITD 7/16
Liz Alakszay and Lily (Lilium Superbum NTD), ITD 7/16
Karla Krieg ATDI and Wilbur (), ITD 7/16
Tammie Hollar and Riley (Riley W Hollar NTD), ITD 7/16
Lisa Strouse ATDI and Mariah (), ITD 6/16
Rocky Kenneally and Mika (), ITD 6/16
Muriel Homesack and Scout (), ITD 6/16
Jennifer DeGarmo CTDI and Tucker (), ITD 6/16
Eileen Kern and Rylee (), ITD 6/16
Jodi van der Linden and Diesel (Diesel from Downunder), ITD 6/16
Lisa Cliser and Kelly (), ITD 6/16
Sara Reusche and Pan (PSF’s Pantalaimon NTD), ITD 6/16
Rebecca McKenzie CTDI and Clara (), ITD 6/16
Caitlin Woodhead and Hudson (), ITD 6/16
Tina Sawicki and Piper (), ITD 6/16
Melanie L. Babendreier and Daisy (), ITD 5/16
Dextre Tripp ATDI and Adrian (Adrian Tripp), ITD 5/16
Bee Chapman and Wiggo (), ITD 5/16
Chris Guest CTDI and Sunny (Sunny Guest), ITD 5/16
Wendy Lewis and Buddy (), ITD 5/16
Wendy Lewis and Jeremiah (), ITD 5/16
Stacy Meade and Milo (), ITD 5/16
Marty Matheson and Banjo (Second Wind Banjo), ITD 5/16
Megan Heffernan and Ziva (Ziva Heffernan), ITD 5/16
Rachel Tye and Duncan (), ITD 5/16
Darlene Wheat and Brandy (), ITD 5/16
Julie Benson CTDI and River (), ITD 5/16
Lisa Yates and Nelson (), ITD 5/16
Alison Lovejoy and Muttley (), ITD 5/16
Kristi Cirelli CTDI and Bentley (Sir Bentley NTD), ITD 5/16
Christine Elmore CTDI and Onyx (), ITD 5/16
Shanna Perron and Shanna’s Super Nova Zoey (Zoey Ella Nina Perron NTD), ITD 4/16
Kelsie Krein ATDI and Bella (Bella Noche CGCA NTD), ITD 4/16
Sara Quackenbush and Perrin (), ITD 4/16
Roxanne Madigan and Vivian (Vivian Madigan), ITD 4/16
Shelby Hayes and Lennon (Lennon Chicken Nugget Hayes), ITD 4/16
Adrien Meckley and Scruffy (), ITD 4/16
Sandra Carbonell CTDI and Franklin (Carbonell’s Franklin Lewis), ITD 4/16
Illyana Golden and Finnick (), ITD 4/16
Debbie Strobel and Lexi (), ITD 4/16
Brenda Riccio and Gina (), ITD 4/16
Janeann Erickson and Rea (), ITD 4/16
Chrissy Joy and Beasley (), ITD 4/16
Isabel Wylie and Adele (), ITD 4/16
Bernadette Burton and Mattie (), ITD 3/16
Diana Rapa and Roger (TPD’s Roger’s Born To Be Wild), ITD 3/16
Cheryl Mathews-White CTDI and Nowlin (Nowlin Foxie White), ITD 3/16
Charley Gibson and Muffin (Golden Ragamuffin), ITD 3/16
Shirley Leaman and Gideon (), ITD 3/16
Laura D'Allen and Brock (Brocket Rocket), ITD 3/16
Jane Bunclark and Wilf (Wilf Williams the Third), ITD 3/16
Gina Purvis and Elsa (), ITD 3/16
Sindja Thiel and Pepe (), ITD 3/16
Susan Seutter and Myles (Myles Paddington Seutter), ITD 3/16
Sonia Keenan-Dunne ATDI and Hagrid (), ITD 2/16
Sally Sippitt and Dexter (), ITD 2/16
Katherine Mather and Chipper (), ITD 2/16
Katherine Mather and Chloe (), ITD 2/16
Peggy Boyar and Newt (), ITD 2/16
Debra Lee Petrusjanz and Trips (Debra’s Tripperjanz Adventure), ITD 2/16
Skye Irving and Nova (), ITD 2/16
Shawn Coughlin and Bon (), ITD 2/16
Rachel Stever ATDI and Precious (), ITD 2/16
Barbara Price and Murphy (), ITD 2/16
Sonia Keenan-Dunne ATDI and Piper (), ITD 2/16
Sonia Stewart and Luna (Luna Stewart), ITD 2/16
Janee Kamara Moore and Jack (Jack B Nimble, Jack B Quick), ITD 2/16
Jennifer Gomlicker and Taser (Taser Iron Clad Claw NTD), ITD 2/16
Laura McAllister and Max (McAllister’s Max), ITD 2/16
Sheila Gibbons and Renegade (DeVareHarri’s Underground Renegade), ITD 2/16
Brenda Milligan and Minga (), ITD 2/16
Jamie Gibson and Paisley (Paisley’s League of Patchwork Roses), ITD 1/16
Ingrid Putschi and Livie (Olivia Ricochet Putschi), ITD 1/16
Ingrid Putschi and Bonnie (FoHA’s BonnieLass von Fluvanna), ITD 1/16
Eveline Kjelstrup and Abigail (), ITD 1/16
Carol Meyer and Lulu (Lulu Belle of the Ball), ITD 1/16
Jennifer Koagel and Murphy (Murphy Koagel), ITD 1/16
Elizabeth Schwab and Marley (), ITD 1/16
Paula King and Rose (), ITD 1/16
Donna Jackson CTDI and Kate (Kate the Wonder Dog), ITD 1/16
Kathryn Schmidtberger and Terra (), ITD 1/16
Frances Cabeen ATDI and Candi (), ITD 1/16
Jane Masterson and Spice (), ITD 1/16
Elizabeth Latson and Khazga (Call Me Khaz), ITD 1/16
Adeline Day and Ladybird (), ITD 1/16
Kelly M. Neeson and Koda (Koda Bear), ITD 1/16
Martina Schmidt and Don Juan (), ITD 1/16
Dana Hart CTDI and Ice (), ITD 1/16
Ana Hourahine and Houston (), ITD 1/16
Mary Green and Augie (Augie VIII), ITD 12/15
Samantha Perkins and Josie (Just Josie), ITD 12/15
Dana Karp and Lucas (Lucas Karp), ITD 12/15
Sarah Woodruff and Angie (), ITD 12/15
Karen Smith and Alfie (), ITD 12/15
Marianne Dolcini ATDI and Teddy (), ITD 12/15
Christine Helmus and Kleo (), ITD 12/15
Rebecca Jillian Trippi and Gus (Gustov Cobre Bobsled the Gray), ITD 12/15
Helen Byrne and Nellie (), ITD 12/15
Amanda Abs and Molly (Molly Abs), ITD 12/15
Graham and Jenn Steel and Noel (), ITD 12/15
Kimberly Ann Adsit ATDI and Nova (Nova Adsit), ITD 12/15
Tiff Shao and Soro (), ITD 12/15
Julissa Baltodano and Maximus (), ITD 12/15
Shona Hanna and Rustle (), ITD 12/15
Cheryl Partridge and Rift (), ITD 12/15
Elizabeth Sandoval CTDI and Pebbles (), ITD 12/15
Michelle Grünzweig and Cira (), ITD 11/15
Francis Levesque and Shilo (), ITD 11/15
Michelle Finlayson and Louie (Louie Finlayson), ITD 11/15
Laura Breckheimer and Tommie (Lily Tomlin NTD), ITD 11/15
Dani Miller and Murphy (), ITD 11/15
Amanda "Sorrel" Robinson and Kira (), ITD 11/15
Rhonda Noetzelman and Rolo (Loving the Chocolate and Carmel), ITD 11/15
Kristen Smith and Breelan (), ITD 11/15
Lori Napoli and Kramer (Kramer the Golden Boy), ITD 11/15
Seth Geiger and Breelan (), ITD 11/15
Joanne Wudrich and Luna (), ITD 11/15
Susan Campbell and Lucca (Lucca Grace), ITD 11/15
Mary Moritz CTDI and Leif (), ITD 11/15
Margaret Stokes and Bailey (), ITD 11/15
Lisa Seltmann and Twist (Seltmann’s Twist of Fate), ITD 10/15
Rachel Smokey ATDI and Layla (), ITD 10/15
Ann Wasko and McGee (), ITD 10/15
Shelly A. Meagher and Ollie (Oliver), ITD 10/15
Bobbie Kenney and Chad (Chad the Bad), ITD 10/15
Susan Fletcher CTDI and Twig (Twigomatic Ripster), ITD 10/15
Nicolina Strand and Dash (), ITD 10/15
Michelle Ross and Ziggy (Ziggy Stardust), ITD 10/15
Heidi Priester and Lina (), ITD 10/15
Antoni Ramirez and Rory (), ITD 10/15
Debbie Blythe CTDI and Fetch (Fetch! CGC RATI RATN NTD), ITD 10/15
Don Wrhel and Nora (), ITD 10/15
Erin Smith and Thor (Thor Bjorn), ITD 10/15
Ellen Jennings and Scout (), ITD 10/15
Dan Aras and Mellow (), ITD 10/15
Megan Rose Taylor and Ruby (Ruby the Superdog), ITD 10/15
Sonia Stewart and Wicket (Wicket Stewart), ITD 10/15
Bronwyn van Dyk and Jess (Madam Jess), ITD 10/15
Mercedes Osolin and Raven (), ITD 10/15
Veronica Mommers and Frankie (), ITD 10/15
Kris Thomas and Kevin (Kevin James Thomas Jr.), ITD 10/15
Janet Currie and Kodi (), ITD 10/15
Nicole Vaughn CTDI and Tater (AgiTater), ITD 10/15
Faith Brandstetter CTDI and Clifford (), ITD 10/15
Marilyn Wrhel and Dasher (), ITD 9/15
Tracey Hagan CTDI and Carmella (), ITD 9/15
Tracey Hagan CTDI and Steele (), ITD 9/15
Janice Ramsey and Mac (Mac Ramsey), ITD 9/15
Julia Back and Brody (), ITD 9/15
Dianne Schoenberg and Cooper (The Fabulous Mini Cooper), ITD 9/15
Sarah McManaman ATDI and Zephyr (), ITD 9/15
Janice Ramsey and Riley (Riley Ramsey), ITD 9/15
Debbie Markwick and Vinnie (), ITD 9/15
Sharon Bugelli and Coco (), ITD 9/15
Agnieszka Banbula and Sophie (), ITD 8/15
Carol Meagher ATDI and Keely (), ITD 8/15
Caroline Gregg and Gilda (), ITD 8/15
Michele Ryan CTDI and Remi (Remington Ryan), ITD 8/15
Skylar Landis and Auggie (MABCR Auggie), ITD 8/15
Michelle Johnson and Lola (Miss Lola F. Dora), ITD 8/15
Janette Murphy and Kai (Kaiser), ITD 8/15
Bee Betts and Patch (), ITD 8/15
Rachel Williamson and Kenichi (), ITD 8/15
Brianne Statz and Pepper (), ITD 8/15
Vanessa Schikowski and Mambo (Mambo The Jumbo), ITD 8/15
Diana Vazquez and Trina (), ITD 8/15
Gwen Carr and Payton (Nataki’s Life in the Fast Lane), ITD 8/15
Michelle Johnson and Maggie (Miss Maggie Mutt Mutt), ITD 8/15
Kaitlin Robinson and Toby (), ITD 8/15
Mica Cooke and Joey (), ITD 7/15
Karen C. Spencer and McKenna (Moon Valley’s Izz it Yu), ITD 7/15
Hannah Hutt and Sophie (), ITD 7/15
Lisa Petterson CTDI and Junie (Juniper), ITD 7/15
Donna Kiessling and Hershey (), ITD 7/15
Stephanie Anderson and Jayme (), ITD 7/15
Fay Benjamin and Keira (), ITD 7/15
Judy Girard and Tango (Kentucky Tango), ITD 7/15
Jeremy D. Diehl and Roxy (), ITD 7/15
Bart Billard and Phoebe (), ITD 7/15
Catharine Van Dorn and Sparky (), ITD 7/15
Amy Viljoen and Dragon (Dragon Viljoen), ITD 7/15
Elisa Allen and Jack (Jack Attack CGC), ITD 7/15
Emily Allred and Orbit (Noodles I Can Show You the World), ITD 7/15
Stephanie Gibeault and Chi Chi (Chi Chi Rodriguez), ITD 6/15
Andrea Lengi and Audie (), ITD 6/15
Theresa Manchey and Cowboy (Manchey’s Cowboy), ITD 6/15
Theresa Manchey and Abby (Manchey’s Abby), ITD 6/15
Dr. Astrid Porges and Fibi (), ITD 6/15
Susan Cleveland and Wixer (OutRun’s Guardian of the Pattern), ITD 6/15
Lauren Milam and Matilda (Matilda Violet Dennis), ITD 6/15
Erica Beckwith and Myles (), ITD 6/15
Shannon Wallace CTDI and Niso (), ITD 6/15
Lee Stone and Phoenix (), ITD 6/15
Diane Cranston and Sky (), ITD 6/15
Rosemary Elwell and Ilka (Ilka Of Pear Orchard Cemetery), ITD 6/15
Debbie Whelpley and Marty (), ITD 6/15
Rachel Hack and Kibeth (Silver Arrow’s The Disreputable Dog), ITD 6/15
Marcy Cooper and Tesla (Tesla Cooper), ITD 6/15
Linnell Randall and Maddie (), ITD 6/15
Rachel Smokey ATDI and Loofa (), ITD 6/15
Linda Malmgren and Tony (Anthony Leonardo Malmgren), ITD 6/15
Kat Simard and Thomas (), ITD 6/15
Virginia Brophy ATDI and Ferris (SAM’s Ferris Wheel Ohhh Yeahhhh), ITD 6/15
Martha Milli and Bailey (Milli’s Bailey), ITD 6/15
Nicole Behnke and Loka (), ITD 6/15
Amanda Anderson and Bella (Bella Prestia), ITD 6/15
Stacey Spanovich Damm CTDI and Ruby (), ITD 5/15
Kiirsti Stilla and Bailey (), ITD 5/15
Daren Mandrusiak and Breeze (), ITD 5/15
Heather Trudell and Reba (), ITD 5/15
Celest Elmer and Blue (Blucifur), ITD 5/15
Megan Yarrol and Milo (), ITD 5/15
Maureen Stevens CTDI and Chester (Chester The Wonder Pup, CGCA), ITD 5/15
Dia Bates and William (Mr Blue Sky), ITD 5/15
Amy Porto and Lizzie (), ITD 5/15
Brenda Labadie and Leeloo (Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat), ITD 5/15
Alexandra Ashby and Bodhi (), ITD 5/15
Chris Jansen and Lexi (), ITD 5/15
Manuela Peters and Shiloh (), ITD 5/15
Natalya Chacon and Biscuit (), ITD 5/15
Hannah Wright and Bandit (), ITD 5/15
Hannah Marwick and Caesar (), ITD 5/15
Julia Coxhead and Flora (), ITD 5/15
Sharon Taylor and Anzac (), ITD 5/15
Shannon Paulson and Rocket Man (I’m a Rocket Man), ITD 5/15
Tessa Savelkoel and Puck (), ITD 5/15
Jennifer Baiocco and Berks (Berks Jackson), ITD 5/15
Amy Paddock and Roo (), ITD 5/15
Tena Parker and Rio (Rioting Rio), ITD 5/15
Tena Parker and Shayne (), ITD 5/15
Katrina Mauldin and Dexter (), ITD 5/15
Beth & Michael Ramsay and Willow (), ITD 5/15
Clair Labutta and Tucker (), ITD 5/15
Tara Gifford and Phantom (), ITD 5/15
Kristin Cabaniss and Zoe (Zoetry in Motion), ITD 5/15
Ann-Mari Hillmann and Athena (Athena Obahoshe Shunkaha), ITD 5/15
CJ Hazell CTDI and Jilli (Jillaroo), ITD 4/15
Marion C. O'Neil CTDI and Ziva (Mizz Ziva), ITD 4/15
Carol Creamer CTDI and Bruce (Bruce Creamer), ITD 4/15
Marie Donahue CTDI and Manny (Manuel), ITD 4/15
Janice R. McCown CTDI and Penny (), ITD 4/15
Kelly Castle and Zuri (Shameless Poc-Ket of Petunia’s NTD, NAJ, NA, RATN, RN), ITD 4/15
Kelly Castle and Cody (Shamesless Kid Cody NTD, NF, CGCA, MXJ, MX, RATI, RN), ITD 4/15
Samantha Langley and Pepper (), ITD 4/15
Christian Turner and Bo (Bo’s Fleeting Rhapsody), ITD 4/15
Emily E. Fundaugh and Napoleon (), ITD 4/15
Verna Saxer-Gibson and Joy (Joyful NTD), ITD 4/15
Deborah L. Langley and Mia (), ITD 4/15
Melquan King ATDI and Mocha (Mocha King), ITD 4/15
Shelly Hanwell and Samara (), ITD 4/15
Megan Molloy and Robbie (Sir Jollie Blobby Robstar), ITD 4/15
Louise Taylor and Sparky (), ITD 4/15
Shari Santos and Leeloo (), ITD 4/15
Jennifer Perry and Sedona (), ITD 4/15
Anthea Rocker and Bob (Bob After Dylan), ITD 3/15
Diane Becker and Audrey (Audrey Becker), ITD 3/15
Christine Johnson and Fosters (Fosters Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon), ITD 3/15
Roberta Earle CTDI and Cassie (), ITD 3/15
Sheri McCullough and Delilah (Delilah DSA NTD), ITD 3/15
Jane Stride CTDI and Wookie (Curly Chocolate Sauce), ITD 3/15
Lauren Callahan and Alix (), ITD 3/15
Jodie Griffin and Buddy (Buddy Doodle), ITD 3/15
Vanessa Healey and Teddy (Fate’s Bear of Inspiration), ITD 3/15
Kathleen Boyd and Cedar (Cedar Mulch), ITD 3/15
Lauren Callahan and Austin (), ITD 3/15
Laura Barket and Toby (Toby Barket), ITD 3/15
Philippa Short CTDI and Gypsy (), ITD 3/15
Philippa Short CTDI and Wizard (), ITD 3/15
Monika Schmid and Bodie (Bodie From The Lake BN RE NA NAJ MXP3 MXBP MJP XFP THD CGCA), ITD 3/15
Monika Schmid and Shaniko (Shaniko From The Lakes CD RE AXJ XF CA CGCA), ITD 3/15
Nancy Trus and Solace (), ITD 3/15
Lora Del Page and Nimble (Never Miss A Step), ITD 3/15
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Ecco (), ITD 3/15
Allison Powell and Charlie (Charlie Vandever), ITD 3/15
Elaine Armstrong CTDI and Bronnie (Bronsters Not a Monster), ITD 3/15
Charlotte Dzuba and Brina (Sabrina), ITD 3/15
Dana Gallagher ATDI and Sirin (), ITD 3/15
Dana Gallagher ATDI and Bonsai (), ITD 3/15
Mary Comaskey and Ollie (Oliver Twist), ITD 3/15
Kristin Honey and Casey (Casey Davidson Honey), ITD 2/15
Michelle McClelland CTDI and Lilli (), ITD 2/15
Lynn Simmons and Molly (Molly Simmons), ITD 2/15
Sydney Cosgrove and Lola (Lola Cosgrove), ITD 2/15
Janel Hendricks and Ping (), ITD 2/15
Kim LePoidevin and Piper (), ITD 2/15
Dee Kulbacki and Gilda (Emily Litella’s Little Nevermind), ITD 2/15
Dee Kulbacki and Pico (Piccolo Magnus Auribus), ITD 2/15
Louise Twinberrow ATDI and Bobby (Jims Pal Bob), ITD 2/15
Roxanne Bennett and Charlie (), ITD 2/15
Theresa Travis and Dasher (Travis’ Home For The Holidays), ITD 2/15
Tina L. Westwood ATDI and Mitch (Corbomite Thru And Thru), ITD 2/15
Becky Fitzgerald and Brady (Luck of the Irish Brady NTD), ITD 2/15
Angela Lowbridge and Eva (), ITD 2/15
Alison Smith CTDI and JD (Jack Daniels), ITD 2/15
Brianna Crocker and Boss (), ITD 2/15
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Margo (), ITD 2/15
Ken Whitlow and Dudley (Dudley Whitlow), ITD 2/15
Tina Robinson and Diesel (), ITD 2/15
Kelly Hamilton and Pixie (), ITD 2/15
Daniel A. Imhof and Molly (Molly Imhof), ITD 2/15
Naomi Marsh and Bailey (), ITD 2/15
Jasmine Mackay and Sparkie (), ITD 2/15
Dr. Donna K Buechler-Furey and Raven (Buechler Furey’s Raven), ITD 2/15
Cheryl Lynn Pinnock and Tru (), ITD 2/15
Amanda Wood and Stitch (BCRO’s Experiment 626), ITD 2/15
Pat Engel CTDI and Foster (Foster NTD), ITD 2/15
Trixy Endemano and Ziggy (Ziggy), ITD 1/15
Hailey Goulais and Buddy (), ITD 1/15
Dana Gallagher ATDI and Sophie (), ITD 1/15
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Blaise (), ITD 1/15
Rob Montague and Layla (Layla Montague), ITD 1/15
Adria Errico and Freya (Freya of Mount Evans), ITD 1/15
Greg Laslo CTDI and Stella (Chupacabra in Cute Boots), ITD 1/15
Rosemary Wilson and Sophie (Wilson’s Sophie), ITD 1/15
Sandy Cammell and Zeus (), ITD 1/15
Michelle Gamblin and Ruger (N-Vee’s The Sky Is The Limit NTD RATI SP), ITD 1/15
Cody Hall ATDI and Ava (), ITD 1/15
Hilary Strong and Taz (), ITD 1/15
Jan Perfect and Riley (), ITD 1/15
Kelly Ernewein-Stilson ATDI and Dexter (Ernewein-Stilson’s Hit Pay Dirt), ITD 1/15
Poppy Foxheart and Sparrow (Sparrow Chicken BODYMASSAGE Foxheart), ITD 12/14
Michael Smyth and Mattie (), ITD 12/14
Janice DeMadona CTDI and Sally (Sally Demadona), ITD 12/14
Rachel Fliger CTDI and Bella (), ITD 12/14
Joni Grant and Tinker (), ITD 12/14
Glenda Cusker and Maybelline (), ITD 12/14
Terri Kuczynski and Kate (), ITD 12/14
Priscilla Donahue CTDI and Kenya (Kenya Donahue), ITD 12/14
Sharon Grant CTDI and Sherlock (), ITD 12/14
Monique Caccavale and Sotto (), ITD 11/14
Kate Gasson CTDI and Boo (Boonville Tickety Boo), ITD 11/14
Tracy Hill and Mollie (Good Gollie Miss Mollie NTD), ITD 11/14
Susan Wichman and Pogo (), ITD 11/14
Megan Kaczmarczyk and Ryder (), ITD 11/14
Carrie Gauthier and Kobi (), ITD 10/14
Sara Scott ATDI and Ranger (), ITD 10/14
Barb King and Toblerone (), ITD 10/14
Kathi Hall CTDI and Maisy (), ITD 10/14
Katy Hall and Lucy (), ITD 10/14
Kate Renner and Baker (Ingomar Di Mancini Torsione Pane CAX2, RN, CGC, TT), ITD 10/14
Gilly Moore and Hope (), ITD 10/14
Sara Beth Pinson CTDI and Nimbus (Pie in the Sky NTD), ITD 10/14
Deborah Murray and Shadow (), ITD 9/14
Debbie Bickford CTDI and Ludo (Ludo Bickford), ITD 9/14
Elizabeth Lobato and Haley (Haley Lobato), ITD 9/14
Dianne Gabel and Dallas (Giddy-Up-N-Go Dallas), ITD 9/14
Kathi Jo Zornes and Beck (Colonel Charles Beckwith), ITD 9/14
Natalie Reusch and Boxie (Boxie Reusch), ITD 9/14
Debbie McCormick and Lola (), ITD 9/14
Debbie Sherman CTDI and Yahtzee (Yahtzee Fun & Games), ITD 8/14
Barbara L. Zeiger and Rex (), ITD 8/14
Kathi Hall CTDI and Maggie (Maggie Mae), ITD 8/14
Michelle Bovey CTDI and Jade (Mother’s Precious Jewel - Jade), ITD 8/14
Michelle Euteneier ATDI and Phoenix (), ITD 8/14
Yolanda Freeman CTDI and Sammy (), ITD 8/14
Nancy C. Lech CTDI and Emerald (Emerald May), ITD 8/14
Kristen Sivitilli CTDI and Parker (Parker Sivitilli), ITD 8/14
Kristen Sivitilli CTDI and Gaïa (Gaïa Burns), ITD 8/14
Britni Ratliff ATDI and Lucy (), ITD 8/14
Renee Clifton and Zachary (), ITD 8/14
Felicia Wynn and KC (KC Wynn), ITD 8/14
Dani Hudson and Mack (McKinley ‘Mack’ Hudson), ITD 8/14
John Peca-Medlin and June (), ITD 7/14
Meggan Porter and Tyler (), ITD 7/14
Jeanne McNeil and Zeke (), ITD 7/14
Marisha Maier CTDI and Molly (Molly), ITD 7/14
Julian Warme and Luna (), ITD 7/14
Alison Caverly and Oliver (), ITD 7/14
Arlette Nicaise and Cleo (Cleopatra), ITD 7/14
Doug Howell and Torch (Torch), ITD 7/14
Dana Harris and Jade (Jady Lady Harris), ITD 7/14
Sarah Tappe and Darryl (), ITD 7/14
Kate Lloyd CTDI and Badger (), ITD 7/14
Heather Aultman and Max (), ITD 6/14
Samantha Hulin and Tobi (Tobi The Zombie Hulin), ITD 6/14
Julia Mueller CTDI and Khazi (), ITD 6/14
Sara Beth Pinson CTDI and Icey (Icing on the Cake AX MXJ OF CA CGCA), ITD 6/14
Sara Beth Pinson CTDI and Bailey (Boot Scootin’ Boogie Bailey AXP OJP CA), ITD 6/14
Marcy Zweerink and Dalton (), ITD 6/14
Marcy Zweerink and Waldo (), ITD 6/14
Marilyn Valencia and Alice (Alice Valencia NTD), ITD 6/14
Wendi Mitzel and Bristol (Thunder Valley Short Stack), ITD 6/14
Mary Baker CTDI and Brisco (J.D. Brisco), ITD 5/14
Lisa King and Megan (), ITD 5/14
Kathleen Jenkins and Alleye (), ITD 5/14
Cameo Perry CTDI and Cash (Cassus James), ITD 5/14
Stace Houghton CTDI and Elmo (), ITD 5/14
Janine Hamlin and Kodiak (ReyDunc’s Wiley Little Bear), ITD 5/14
Mary Witter and Casey (Casey R. Doodle), ITD 5/14
Kelly Schumann ATDI and Balto (Balto), ITD 5/14
Kelly Brunson and Lexi (), ITD 5/14
Jennifer Andress and Crookytail (Crookytail), ITD 5/14
Jessica Temple and Theo (Theo Danger Temple), ITD 4/14
Renee Dunaway and Ty (Super Ty The Rock Star), ITD 4/14
Lisa Waterman CTDI and Willow (), ITD 4/14
Olga Browning CTDI and Beckett (Beckett), ITD 4/14
Lisa Caper CTDI and Loki (), ITD 3/14
Brittany Robinson CTDI and Penelope (Penelope), ITD 3/14
Amelia Pizzi and Tony Stark (), ITD 3/14
Kimberly Hough CTDI and Denver (Red Cedar Drive’s Mile High Multi), ITD 3/14
Stefanie Charette CTDI and Abby (Abby), ITD 3/14
Laura Bridges and Gabby (Gabby Bridges), ITD 3/14
Justin & Melissa Bolin and Remi (Remington Bolin), ITD 3/14
Chloe Nunn and Archie (), ITD 3/14
Amber Oliver CTDI and Tucker (), ITD 3/14
Cassandra Dufresne and Zoey (), ITD 3/14
Lisa Sipe and Sundance (), ITD 3/14
Monica Gobeli and Rocky (Rocky Gobeli, CGC, Therapy Dog, NTD), ITD 3/14
Laura Bridges and CeCe (CeCe Bridges), ITD 2/14
Deborah L. Langley and Chance (), ITD 2/14
Heidi Dulac and Mollie (), ITD 2/14
Kelly Sommers and Camy (Grace Meadows Cameo), ITD 2/14
Lori Leonard CTDI and Dex (), ITD 2/14
Louise Penfold CTDI and Badger (Badger Penfold), ITD 2/14
Christina Young CTDI and Kodiak (Kodiak), ITD 2/14
Cheryl Teale and Checkers (), ITD 1/14
Julie Tune and Gadget (ITS Go Go Gadget!), ITD 1/14
Lori Leonard CTDI and McKay (McKay), ITD 1/14
Breanna Norris CTDI and Helo (), ITD 1/14
Jean & Bob Blaine and Baxter (Sir Baxter Blaine, CGC), ITD 1/14
Katie Manning ATDI and Mozart (), ITD 1/14
Denise Flora CTDI and Daisy (Daisy Flora), ITD 1/14
Traci Meier and Bella (), ITD 12/13
Andrea Lengi and Pye (Pye-Dog), ITD 12/13
Jenny Brawley and Duncan (), ITD 12/13
Janet Williams and Petri (Ooooh Fank You Petri), ITD 12/13
Tarra Palyok and Smokey Mudd (), ITD 12/13
Lori Leonard CTDI and Mercedes (), ITD 12/13
Charlynn Turner CTDI and Abby (Little Miss Dynamite Abby), ITD 12/13
Nancy Boylan CTDI and Sundae (Butterscotch Sundae (AKC Canine partner)), ITD 12/13
Charlynn Turner CTDI and Haley (Miss Princess Haley), ITD 12/13
Jeannette Fuchs and Chloé (Chloé), ITD 11/13
Jean Goodale and Ben (Benjamin Moore Goodale), ITD 11/13
Paula Martyn and Chica (), ITD 11/13
Jesse Wade Reichart and Sadie (Sweet Sadie Brown), ITD 11/13
Jane Allen and Arthur (), ITD 11/13
Diane Valley and Missy (Missy), ITD 11/13
Dru Therrian CTDI and Daisy (), ITD 10/13
Diane Chervenak and Nellie (Nellie Chervenak), ITD 10/13
Joyce Pedicini and Pauly (Sir Flat Pants Pauly), ITD 10/13
Robin Stuard and Jovie (Jovie II RN BN CGC), ITD 10/13
Rachel Fein CTDI and Kali (), ITD 10/13
Angela Bentley CTDI and Dee Dee (Deidre), ITD 10/13
Vicki Brown CTDI and Kate (Kowabunga Kate), ITD 9/13
Jordan York and Moses (Moses Raphael York), ITD 9/13
Beth Mann CTDI and Bob (), ITD 9/13
Cassie Zydek and Kane (Kane A Roo CL2 CL3 CGC), ITD 9/13
Cassie Zydek and Dixee (Miss Dixee CL1), ITD 9/13
Izzie Keyes and Jackson (), ITD 9/13
Nancy C. Lech CTDI and Griffin (Griffin), ITD 8/13
Judy Daley-Wright and Bunny (Bunny Wright), ITD 7/13
Erin Young ATDI and Wylie (Wylie), ITD 7/13
Kenneth Johnson and Charlie (Charlie Johnson), ITD 7/13
Robin Bullock and Wrigley (Log Cabin’s Wrigley), ITD 6/13
Claire Clements and Quincy (Madsway Stroll in the Glen), ITD 5/13
Julie Houk CTDI and Stella (Stella), ITD 5/13
Adriana Tombi Ericson CTDI and Suki (Suki), ITD 5/13
Terry Clark and Callie (Callie), ITD 5/13
Lia Raitt and Campbell (Brisco County Campbell), ITD 4/13
Catherine Allred and Lucy (Lucy of Hill Crest), ITD 4/13
Rachel Lane CTDI and Dustin (Dustin Alexander Lane), ITD 4/13
Kim Antonio and Sawyer (Sawyer), ITD 4/13
Linda Potter and Bruce (Bruce), ITD 4/13
Ally Meyer and Yuna (Yuna Lilly), ITD 4/13
Sarah Pyle CTDI and Cooper (Cooper), ITD 4/13
Lisa Hayes CTDI and Lia (Malia), ITD 4/13
Pam Hastings and Willie (Willie), ITD 4/13
Erin Hutchko and Macy (Macy Ray), ITD 4/13
Kim Bond and Capone (Capone), ITD 3/13
Lauren Jones Wenzel CTDI and Dori (Dori Wenzel), ITD 3/13
Ashley Boyd and Rosco (Rosco), ITD 3/13
Julie Evans and Molly (Molly), ITD 3/13
Lisa Sockriter and Ariella (Ariella), ITD 3/13
Nicole Levien and Puppa Monkey (Puppa Monkey), ITD 3/13
Anette Olsson and Rocco (Rocco), ITD 2/13
Michelle Nerren and Piper (Princess Piperella Louise), ITD 2/13
Robin Murray CTDI and Simon (Simon “Spike” Murray), ITD 2/13
Katie Manning ATDI and Bear (Bear ITD CGN), ITD 2/13
Kathy Mayer CTDI and Kaydee (Kaydee), ITD 2/13
Brian La Van and Callie (Callie, ATD, (TG-N, NCC, WV-O, O-OAC, O-TN-O,O-OJC (NADAC Agility))), ITD 2/13
Sassafras Lowrey CTDI and Charlotte (Charlotte), ITD 1/13
Tasha Miner CTDI and Zenzi (Anasazi Dream Catcher), ITD 1/13
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Kiwi (Kiwi), ITD 1/13
Sarah Adams and Callie (Callie), ITD 1/13
Sarah Adams and Caiya (Caiya), ITD 1/13
Alexis Swain and Kody (Kody), ITD 1/13
Holly McArthur CTDI and Bean (Gruntle Jumpin Bean), ITD 1/13
Sylvia van Doorn and Charli (O. GR. CH. Charli Girl Rae 30108AR), ITD 1/13
Katie Wernham and Jenny (Jenny), ITD 1/13
Katie Wernham and Ellie (Ellie), ITD 1/13
Lindsay Oakley CTDI and Marlee (Marlee), ITD 12/12
Tryssa de Ruyter and Ace (Ace AX AXJ SJ SR CGC NTD), ITD 12/12
Tammy Lambert and Maximillion (Maximillion), ITD 12/12
Janelle Faul and Kenzie (Kenzie), ITD 12/12
Jamie Robinson and Micah (Micah), ITD 12/12
Cari Kaska and Keener (Keener), ITD 12/12
Leah Thye and Tanker (Tanker), ITD 12/12
Lea Griffin and Ladybug (), ITD 12/12
Amy S. Reese and Hoosier Magoo (Hoosier Magoo), ITD 12/12
Christine Harrison and Fleury (Fleury Marie Harrison), ITD 12/12
Jo Trisilla and Blitz (Blitz), ITD 12/12
Hedwig Sebulke ATDI and Struppi (Struppi), ITD 11/12
Nicole Vaughn CTDI and Duzi (CBC Duzi Ratel), ITD 11/12
Shannon Thier CTDI and Pongo (Pongo), ITD 11/12
Barbara Ronk and Tommy (Tommy), ITD 10/12
Judith Guthrie ATDI and Buddha (Dark Moon Buddha), ITD 10/12
Annalisa Thompson and Roxy (Diamond In The Ruff NTD), ITD 10/12
Jill Hillock ATDI and Todd (A Wizard A True Star), ITD 9/12
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Max (Max), ITD 9/12
Diana Smith and McGee (McGee), ITD 9/12
Claudia Schwarz and Andy (Andy), ITD 9/12
Susan Busacca and Nala (Nala NTD), ITD 8/12
Nikki Frahm ATDI and Zoey (Zoey), ITD 8/12
Kasandra Fleury and Maggie (Maggie-Mae), ITD 8/12
Silka Werness and Arabella (), ITD 7/12
MaryAnn Campbell ATDI and Normie (Mac’s Rescued Gem), ITD 7/12
Kathy Cornelius and Oreo (Oreo Cornelius), ITD 7/12
Sheila M. Bollinger and Scooter (Scooter), ITD 7/12
Paul Withun and Brutus (Brutus Withun), ITD 6/12
Diana Liebich and Trapper (Trapper), ITD 6/12
Laura DeMaio Roy CTDI and Jake (Jake), ITD 6/12
Kate Hinner CTDI and Pancho (Pancho), ITD 6/12
Karen Kathka CTDI and Trevor (Trevor’s Nighttime Miracle), ITD 6/12
Sandra Stokes and Maya (Maya Hope For Joy), ITD 5/12
Tiffany Jorgensen and Noodles (Noodles), ITD 5/12
Lorie Stutsky and Sparkle (Sparkle), ITD 5/12
Emily Verdonk and Dusty (Dusty), ITD 5/12
Maya Ziolkowska and Shivon (Shivon), ITD 4/12
Victoria Speyers and Holly (Holly), ITD 4/12
Leigh Sharma and Albus (Albus), ITD 4/12
Emily Drechsel and Ruby (Ruby), ITD 4/12
Deborah Goodman and Pirate (Pirate Bones), ITD 4/12
Audrey Thacker and Tango (Tango Thacker), ITD 4/12
Diane Everson and Winston (Winston Churchill), ITD 4/12
Jane Curthoys ATDI and Puppy (Puppy), ITD 3/12
Debra Wood CTDI and Surge (Surge CD, Therapy Dog), ITD 3/12
Jennifer Titus ATDI and Sporty (Sporty), ITD 2/12
Ashley Castro and Wyatt (Wyatt CGC RL1 NTD), ITD 2/12
Rebecca Hayes-Copeland and Rhea (Rhea), ITD 2/12
Alexis Dvorak CTDI and Catastrophy (BrokenButt’s Law of Murphy), ITD 2/12
Karen Reeves ATDI and Bailey (Miss Bailey of Lincoln Ave), ITD 2/12
Donna Orlowski and Josie (Josi Orlowski), ITD 2/12
Courtney Iannello and Troy (ARCHEX Troy Alexander RN, RL1X8, RL2X4, RL3X3, HIC, CGC), ITD 2/12
Holly Shema and Paris (Paris), ITD 2/12
Lanier Fairchild and Piper (Piper Maru), ITD 1/12
Rosalie van Oijen and Roefus (Roefus), ITD 1/12
Katherine Ferger ATDI and Zelda (Zelda), ITD 1/12
Talia Byers and Bayonet (Byers All In Fix Bayonets), ITD 1/12
Hanna Fushihara and Coleman (Coleman), ITD 1/12
Beren Garrity and Ransom (), ITD 1/12
Carrie Rzewnicki ATDI and Lola (Rezo's Dancing Bee), ITD 12/11
Celest Elmer and Sid (Gladstone’s River Side Sid), ITD 12/11
Katherine Lewis ATDI and Moxie (), ITD 12/11
Sharon Clark and Pebbles (Pebbles Clark), ITD 11/11
Melita Rogers CTDI and Abbey (), ITD 11/11
Melita Rogers CTDI and Jessie (), ITD 11/11
Linda Morris and Zoey (Zoey), ITD 11/11
Gina Bardi and Cora (), ITD 11/11
Cari Coston ATDI and Jace (), ITD 11/11
Donna Saunders and Scruff (Scruffy Dog), ITD 10/11
Nicole Vaughn CTDI and Razz (Mad Razz), ITD 10/11
Diana Atfield and Bosley (Bosley), ITD 10/11
Donna Saunders and Stan (Stanley), ITD 9/11
Donna Saunders and Dig (Digger Dog), ITD 9/11
Carol Saunders CTDI and Ein (), ITD 9/11
Kelly Jedlicki and Deacon (), ITD 9/11
E Karen Williamson and Aiko (), ITD 8/11
Linda Warn and Stirling (Munro’s Stirling Castle CDX), ITD 8/11
Rayna Stout CTDI and Lyric (Rayn’s Lyric Armani), ITD 8/11
Christine Scott CTDI and Mutley (), ITD 8/11
Christine Scott CTDI and Rusty (), ITD 8/11
Karen Profenna CTDI and Hailey (), ITD 8/11
Heather Hardesty and Cooper (), ITD 7/11
Kimberly Chappell and Zoë (KC’s High Flying Zoë), ITD 7/11
Layna Bishop CTDI and Bella (Bella Bishop), ITD 5/11
Koralee Samaroden CTDI and Teddy (Teddy Bear), ITD 4/11
Sheila Goheen and Lady (), ITD 3/11
Silke Wittig CTDI and Eddie (), ITD 2/11
Mary Dzialo ATDI and Ranger (Ranger Walker), ITD 1/11
Patrick LaValley and Fausto (), ITD 1/11
Kathrine Bowman and Marbles (Miss Marbles), ITD 9/10
Kathrine Bowman and Miss Marbles (), ITD 9/10
Kathrine Bowman and Clue (), ITD 9/10
Diana Atfield and Olivia (), ITD 9/10
Stephanie Peebles and Harley (), ITD 8/10
Tricia Waples CTDI and Tria (), ITD 7/10
Courtney Huther and Sassy (URO1 Must Be Magic CGC, HIC, AKC, Star Puppy, RL1X, RL2), ITD 2/10
Elizabeth Carlton and Ben (Bennigan’s Carolina Boy, CGC), ITD 1/10
Merritt Speagle and Chase (My Boi Rox Ur Sox), ITD 12/09
Cindy Michael and Cypress (Cypress Michael), ITD 3/09

Moyen Poodle

Samantha DeDivitis CTDI and Charm (Awesome Paws’ Third Time’s a Charm), ITD 1/16
Anita Quinn CTDI and Buster (), ITD 8/15


Lynda Koserski and Zwack (Herdabout Artic Just A Nip NTD), ITD 2/17

Neapolitan Mastiff

Pam Wiles CTDI and Ottis (), ITD 3/16


Sally Head and Eileen Reedy and Gracie (Amazing Grace NTD), ITD 2/17
Jessica Doyle and Boomer (The Face of Boe NTD), ITD 12/16
Rachel Moseley and Ashim (King Ashim Castiel Winchester NTD), ITD 7/16
Sarah Love and Rascal (Midnight Lady’s A-Down in Flames), ITD 10/15
Sarah Love and Esperanza (Grand Bear Wow Esperanza), ITD 10/15
Tiffany Moran and Angus (IntCH Coal Harbor’s Mighty Angus CD BN RE CGC WD), ITD 1/15
Kathleen Holshey and Lulu (Council Cup’s Miss Behavin’), ITD 12/13
David Watt and Sammy (Zambuca Samuel Elijah), ITD 4/12
Roseann Benson and Cleo (Dingle Cleopatra Janetka), ITD 11/11

Norfolk Terrier

Mary Ellen Sheedy and Renny (Trinity’s Great Carolina Ren NTD), ITD 6/16
Elizabeth Jernigan and Schooner (Spring Cove’s Chesapeake Schooner), ITD 10/12
Elizabeth Jernigan and Topper (Tenterra Rockets Red Glare), ITD 10/12


Josephine Nolting ATDI and Flair (MOTCh CH. RNB's Foxy Flair CGN, TDI, R.E., AG.N, AG.N.J, SHD), ITD 1/12

Norwegian Bugund

Jamie Van Natta CTDI and Modig (Trollheimen’s Modig Reisende), ITD 1/13

Norwegian Buhund

Jasmine Tata and Finna (Trollheimen Cara Finna), ITD 5/16
Valina Dawson and Otto (MADEOFGOLDOTTO NTD), ITD 7/15
Valina Dawson and Axel (CH Zodiac’s Nobel Axel BN RN CGCA), ITD 6/15

Norwegian Elkhound

Kari Olson and Briskke (UKC CH GCH CH Greyplume Windpower AV Longships BN CD RAE THDA CGCA RATN NTD), ITD 3/17
Marlene Schlichtig and Reba (Vikrest’s Styled By Design), ITD 1/16
Judy Lynn Wolfe CTDI and Traveler (Roadtrip Traveler Sam), ITD 4/15

Norwich Terrier

Ali Hayes and Cyril (Ragus Fabulous Clown), ITD 8/15
Joe Nutkins CTDI and Merlin (Tebrun Favour), ITD 7/14
Joe Nutkins CTDI and Cassie (Tebrun Chocolate Muffin), ITD 7/14
Ali Hayes and Toby (Ragus Double O Seven), ITD 6/14
Joe Nutkins CTDI and Taylor (Tebrun Timothy), ITD 6/14

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Joan Armstrong and Aanya (CH Javahill’s Shocking Blue VCD2 BN UD RE AX AXJ WC), ITD 1/17
Suzanne Demirkaya and Ffion (Danehaven Natashquan NTD), ITD 12/16
Sherri Canjar and Phoenix (Marshland’s Rise of a Phoenix JH LOC RA CD), ITD 4/16
Sylvia Hildebrand and Cami (Tollwest Parnall Scout), ITD 3/16
Caitlin Quinn and Sadie (Sadie Quinn), ITD 3/16
Pam Jones ATDI and Cody (Aqueus Prairie Scout), ITD 1/16
Lisa Porter ATDI and Fairey (Tollwest Fairey Fleetwing), ITD 11/15
Cherie Bluhm and Echo (Foxgrove’s Reverberates RATN CGC), ITD 6/15
Lindsay Letcher and Rhea (Pikkinokka’s Moon Goddess), ITD 5/15
Lindsay Letcher and Minnie (Tollwest Red Energizer Bunny), ITD 5/15
Lisa Porter ATDI and Fennec (Tollwest Sugar Fox), ITD 5/15
Sylvia Hildebrand and Eliot (Tollchester’s The Hollow Man), ITD 4/15
Trevor Orcutt and Penny (Dalry’s Lucky Penny), ITD 4/15
Cassie Young and Rune (Dalry’s Livin’ Loud), ITD 4/15
Lynnette Berker CTDI and Ryder (CH White Cross Ryver’s Ryder JH, CD, OA,NAJ), ITD 4/15
Lynnette Berker CTDI and Rookey (CH White Cross Ryver’s New Player JH, OAP, NJP, RN), ITD 4/15
Lisa Porter ATDI and Cinder (Tollwest’s Taken By Surprise), ITD 3/15
Lisa Porter ATDI and Sriracha (Tollwest’s Sinfully Spicy), ITD 3/15
Lisa Porter ATDI and Spirit (Tollwest’s Wild Spirit), ITD 3/15
Lisa Porter ATDI and Zeppelin (Tollwest’s Whole Lotta Love), ITD 3/15
Lisa Porter ATDI and Skittles (Tollwest Taste The Rainbow), ITD 3/15
Lisa Porter ATDI and Ducky (Tollwest’s Puddle Of Joy), ITD 3/15
Lisa Porter ATDI and Jelly (Javahill Tollwest’s Taste Of Freedom), ITD 3/15
Linda Oman and Berni (CRTollersBerni), ITD 2/15
Caryl Darling and Morgan (Pikkinokka’s Captain Morgan RN, CGN), ITD 10/14
Deborah Grant and Gracie (Gulfbreeze’s Sinead), ITD 3/13
Michaela Frassine CTDI and Happy (Happygirl Golden Blackberrys), ITD 2/12
Marie-Helene Grzesiak and Quick (Vermilion’s WhamBam Thank You Ma’am), ITD 2/12
Christie Canfield ATDI and Kai (Kasomor’s Stoeger by the Sea), ITD 12/09

Old English Sheepdog

Marylu Salaja and Breezy (Windchymes S’Trn Bree-Z Windsong), ITD 5/16
Jaclin Dunne and Kobuck (Bugaboo’s Gotta Flirt NTD), ITD 1/16
Jaclin Dunne and Polly Wolly (), ITD 1/16
Leslie Roteck and Fred (Hug’s I Didn’t See the Radar Gun), ITD 4/15
Dana Stafford and Piper (Jelabobs My Dream Come True), ITD 3/15
Jil Sloan and Bentley (Bentley Austin Buckeye), ITD 8/14

Olde English Bulldogge

Terri Hayes and Cosmo (Rogue’s Cosmic Puck NTD), ITD 6/16


Marie Harbacek and Gandolf (Frivole Gandolf), ITD 5/12


Ronda L. Thomas and Foxy Roxy (Foxy Roxy Lee Lady Heart RN NAP CGC NTD), ITD 4/17
Ronda L. Thomas and Reba Arriba (Reba Arriba Lee Lady Heart BN RA CGC NTD), ITD 4/17
Diane Gailit and Skylar (Skylar Bleu NTD), ITD 3/17
Melanie Harriman and Fergie (Sunmead’s Auburn Duchess), ITD 3/17
Melanie Harriman and Vienna (Spotlight Vienna Tri Symphony PH), ITD 3/17
Dee Pigman and Jasmine (Jasmine IVX NTD), ITD 1/17
Dee Pigman and Brody (Pizaz Persevere and Prevail with MICDC NTD), ITD 1/17
Heidi Croft and Harry (Wingssong Get Smart NTD), ITD 12/16
Renee F. Rutkowski and Jacquot (Jacquot Le Pappi NTD), ITD 11/16
Mary Hostetter and Swag (CH Marrics Pirates Treasure NTD), ITD 10/16
Chris Primmer and Jordi (Topflite One For the Money), ITD 9/16
Nancy Juda and April (Magic April Showers of Illusions BN CGCA NTD), ITD 8/16
Mary Hager CTDI and Ricco (Monarch’s It’s Amore NTD), ITD 8/16
Chris Torgeson and Mischka (), ITD 4/16
Linda D. Keast and Lili (My Friend Lilith of the Shire), ITD 8/15
Linda D. Keast and Eli (Mycroft Pinpaps Ricochet), ITD 8/15
Joanna Szydlowska and Charming (Prince Charming), ITD 6/15
Daniel P. Couch and Arbeitsheim Joy (Arbeitsheim Joy To The World CDX, RE, AX, AXJ, XF, CA, CGCA), ITD 6/15
Lezlie Couch and Freckles (Arbeitsheim Designer Freckles), ITD 6/15
Diana Drewes and JayJay (Lamineros Nintendo), ITD 4/15
Diana Drewes and Toffee (Lamineros Toffee Fee), ITD 4/15
Britta Kalff and Bjelle (Beloved Bjelle Binti vom Zauberwald), ITD 4/15
Valerie Fergusson and Harlequin (Amicae Quantum Leap to Contecrest), ITD 4/15
Angela Casey Remedios and Eevee (Akai’s Eevee Evolution), ITD 3/15
Lonnie Amundsen and Bree (), ITD 3/15
Joan Dandy and Bentley (), ITD 8/14
Angelica Steinker and Bella (Wild Card Adorable Arabella), ITD 7/14
George Freidenberger and Diesel (Katurah’s Diesel Giorgio), ITD 7/14
Vicki Rasmussen and Yoshi (Clairus Akai Let’s A Go CGC), ITD 5/14
Patricia Muraczewski ATDI and Paisley (Paisley), ITD 4/14
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Arden (Braylor’s Arcadian Forest of Eve), ITD 3/14
Mary Lantis and Jayde (Wildcard Better Than Diamonds NTD), ITD 3/14
Ethel Mercer CTDI and Zip (MACH Oakhills Zippin’ Around CDX RE MX B MJB CGC), ITD 12/13
Elizabeth Robison and Gracie (Admires Ready Willing And Graceful), ITD 9/13
Wanda Jesonis and Angel (U-CD, U-RO2, L'Ete Unlikely Angel CD, RE, CanTD), ITD 8/13
Anne Money ATDI and Brandie (Brandie Money), ITD 7/13
Dave Sellers and Jerry (Jerry Kizmets Last Hurrah), ITD 5/13
Gail Beerman CTDI and Chloe (Bountiful Fields of Clover), ITD 4/13
Diana Squicciarini ATDI and Glinda (Medlee’s Ruby Slippers CGC), ITD 4/13
Rebecca Hoadley and Kylie (Kylie), ITD 3/13
Hillary Graff CTDI and Lilly (Dance Me To The Moon), ITD 1/13
Sarah Spencer Hall and Diva (Newtopaz’s Prima Donna), ITD 10/12
Deborah Scotto and Holly (Little Ally’s Holly), ITD 8/12
Ellen Kurland ATDI and Magic (Utopian’s Lil Bit of Majic), ITD 7/12
Ellen Kurland ATDI and Lil Bit (Wildcard Courteous Canine Lil Bit), ITD 6/12
Gail Hundley and Charlie (Peanuts’ Charlie Brown CGC, CL1-R, NAJ, NAC, CL1-H, CL1-F, CL2-H, CL1-S, CL2-H, CL3-F, NTD), ITD 6/12
Serena Reagan and Gizmo (Gizmo Reiki Magic), ITD 4/12
Sharon Yildiz and Dash (Topflite Dash 4 Cash), ITD 2/12
Mary Hostetter and Riley (Hostetter’s Pretty Boy Riley), ITD 2/12
Linda White CTDI and Darby (Buster’s Dar She Blows), ITD 9/11
Linda White CTDI and Buster (Gamblers Busterbrown White), ITD 3/11

Parson Russell Terrier

Wendy Cook and Bandit (Auldtoby’s Bounding Boy), ITD 7/15
Liz Carter ATDI and Effin (Jacks Wild The Bro Code), ITD 7/15
Mark Timmins and Rosie (), ITD 6/15
Kathy Weaver CTDI and Cody (Silver Creek Kodachrome), ITD 2/15
Liz Carter ATDI and Isabella (Jacks Wild Wicked Game), ITD 12/14
Liz Carter ATDI and EV (Jacks Wild Have You Met Ted?), ITD 12/14
Angelika Wicker and Luna (Rymshott Mattie Ross at Whitegang), ITD 10/14
Liz Carter ATDI and Drew (Jacks Wild Wicked Brew), ITD 7/14
Hannah Starr and Pepper (Pacolito Playmaker), ITD 5/14
Hannah Starr and Chilli (Pacolito Phormula Two), ITD 5/14
Dawn Pribyl and Lex (Alexander Lu Third Star), ITD 12/13
Edie Williams CTDI and Magic (Magic Johnson), ITD 2/12

Patterdale Terrier

Pat Goodey and Freddie (Fred Flintstone), ITD 3/16
Shelly Hanwell and Shea (), ITD 5/15
Shelly Hanwell and Lily (), ITD 4/15
Emma Dowson and Daisy (), ITD 11/14


Rhonda Noetzelman and Sparrow (A Lovely Little Sparrow), ITD 5/14
Cheryl Gutzwiler and Beau (Mother’s Sweet Beauregard), ITD 9/13

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

James Hager and Tango (Croswynd Formal Tactics NTD), ITD 4/17
Stephanie Dubick ATDI and Gypsy (Oakwind’s Singular Sensation NTD), ITD 3/17
Sue Carlton and Andy (), ITD 3/17
Lynda Ingalls and Winston (Lllandian Little Winston NTD), ITD 3/17
Kim Johnson and Simon (R Inquisitive Simon AX, MXJ, NF, CGCA, CGCU), ITD 3/17
Brianne Wyatt and Hercules (“Hercules” Croswynd’s Iron Gentleman NTD), ITD 12/16
Barb Henigman and Toby (Toby Beau II NTD), ITD 10/16
Jamie Lamont CTDI and Sherman (), ITD 9/16
Susan Jackson and Jaxx (Heartsong Prince Paws of Thunder Apple Jaxx NTD), ITD 8/16
Elena Miskowiec CTDI and Stella (Sheza Lil Wannabe Star NTD), ITD 8/16
Jessica Radcliff and Bigeera (Radcliff’s Bigeera NTD), ITD 7/16
Jessica Radcliff and Eevee (Radcliff’s Eevee NTD), ITD 7/16
Karen Perusek and Grace (Llandians Storm In A Teacup NTD), ITD 6/16
Virginia Moore and Harry (), ITD 6/16
Debbie Karnes and Henry (), ITD 4/16
Megan Harpster and Chaz (Chaz IV), ITD 2/16
Kylee Karre and Toski (Petoskey’s Charm NTD), ITD 1/16
Lauren Trathen CTDI and Basil (Basil of Baker Street NTD), ITD 1/16
Tammy Garamella and Keno (SGF High Roller NTD, PKD-T), ITD 12/15
Stacy Holtz and Annie (Cibola Little Sure Shot Oakley), ITD 11/15
Tina Clifton and Henry (), ITD 10/15
Alan Holtz and Cody (Buffalo Bill Cody’s 2nd Chance), ITD 9/15
Samantha Kindred and Charlie (Charlie Corgington), ITD 9/15
Delania McNatt and Annie (UKC /Int’l CH Haystacks Make Way For Annie RN HIC NDT), ITD 7/15
Kimberly Jo Hughes and Baylor (), ITD 5/15
Delania McNatt and Bayle (UKC INT’L CH Crackerjacks Blazin Okie Charm RN CGCA), ITD 4/15
Delania McNatt and Tasha (UKC INT’L CH Haystack Acres Sage Treasure RN CGCA), ITD 4/15
Lori Nichol CTDI and Nick (Lemony’s Fortunate Event), ITD 3/15
Rosalyn Franta Kulik and Canny (Tim Tam Wabash Cannonball), ITD 3/15
Naomi Marsh and Bashi (), ITD 2/15
Sue Maltais and Taz (), ITD 1/15
Lori Nichol CTDI and Teller (Amsburg’s Odeon Now Showing), ITD 1/15
Lori Nichol CTDI and Emmy (Academy’s Choice), ITD 1/15
Natalie Jo Bachmann CTDI and Luna (Luna VIII), ITD 1/15
Laurie Spease and Kes (Triad Kestrel Feather), ITD 12/14
Angela Marie Hicks and Stretch (Stretch II), ITD 8/14
Laura Hamer and Snitch (Northrun HP’s Golden Snitch), ITD 2/14
Susan Brogan CTDI and Finn (Elf Saddle Finrod Edennil), ITD 12/13
Clarissa Bergeman CTDI and Simon (Elf Saddle Simon Fitzrowdy), ITD 12/13
Susan Jackson and Jeli (Absolute Princess Paws On Fire Jeli Beli), ITD 11/13
Debra Lynch and Coup’r (Coup’r), ITD 11/13
Meghan G. Barber and Piper (Nomad Sakima Piping Hot, CGC), ITD 8/13
Sarah Crane and Hector (Let Alone Creek Hector the Protector), ITD 9/12
Melanie Chapman and Ace (Croswynd Ace Up My Sleeve NTD), ITD 1/12
Laurie Spease and Trace (Triad Without a Trace), ITD 12/11
Cheryl Wise and Ace (Pemmey’s Ace of Hearts), ITD 9/11
Mary Hoelzl and Ember (Peri Lane Angelfire AX, OAJ, UD), ITD 8/11
Debra Lynch and Tinkerbelle (TACh2 Tinkerbelle W-FD/MF), ITD 7/11

Perro de Presa Canario

Rachel Molyneux CTDI and Tico (Sol. DOG’s Rustico NTD), ITD 7/16

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Megan Esherick CTDI and Maya (GCh Gebeba Clancy Poetic Justice VCD1 RAE OA AXJ MXP MJP T2BP RHX NW1 CGCA NTD), ITD 11/16

Pharaoh Hound

Tabitha Perry and Zelda (DC Nefer-Temu For Your Eyes Only FCh MC RAE NW2 NTD), ITD 2/16
Tabitha Perry and Sabia (DC Nefer-Temu Samba Sabia Elite FCh CA MC RA OA NAJ NTD), ITD 2/16
Ooneen McGettigan and Osiris (U-CH CH Beltara’s Reflection of Osiris UAG1 RN CGC TT), ITD 7/15
Shawna Swanson and Rory (GCH DC Galadrial's Aurora Red du Ciel SC RA BN JHD CS CGC), ITD 8/13


Lori Stock CTDI and Amy (Amy Trotter), ITD 2/16

Plott Hound

Denise Flora CTDI and Hillary (Hillary Flora), ITD 1/14
Kasandra Fleury and Oliver (Oliver Twist), ITD 2/13


Lyn Topinka and Ginny (Marjetta Moonshine NTD), ITD 1/17


Cynthia Bradley and Smitten (Char’s Up And Coming Parti), ITD 3/16
Michelle Gordon and Kodiak (BC Poms Clouds Final Bow), ITD 2/16
Rosemary Ferguson and Meshu (), ITD 5/15
Michele Franklin and Zeeva (), ITD 2/15
Rebecca St.Clair and Molly (Princess Molly Mari St.Clair), ITD 2/13
Therese Simon and Sammie (Sammie), ITD 9/12
Ann Golding and Teddy (Heaven Sent’s Teddy Bear NA NAJ CGC), ITD 10/11
Sheilah Gibson and Joker (Joker Lewis Gibson), ITD 5/11

Poodle (Miniature)

Stephanie Gill and Shimmy (Campanile Clarion Burlesque NTD), ITD 3/17
Linda Wallace and Ripley (), ITD 1/17
Penny Harper and Dali (), ITD 12/16
Marie Black and Luke (Clarion Camelot Skywalker NTD), ITD 12/16
Tamsyn Fourie and Odie (), ITD 10/16
Andrea Friedman and Taz (Lil Bit of Raz Ma Taz), ITD 6/16
Jo Humphrey CTDI and Rio (Lone Star Blue Rio), ITD 4/16
Lucinda Hodgetts and Honey (Honey Bunny), ITD 3/16
Katy Stewart CTDI and Bets (GH. Bets ARE OFF), ITD 3/16
Kathleen M. Jensen and Willie (Jensen’s Willie Fido Lincoln NTD), ITD 12/15
Kathleen M. Jensen and Tad (Jensen’s Tad Fido Lincoln NTD), ITD 12/15
Nancy E. Evans and Gideon (Eaglehill’s Let’s Dance), ITD 11/15
Darlene Kellerman and Kozi (), ITD 7/15
Kathrine Gregory and Lisa (), ITD 6/15
Roslyn Beaman and Bowie (Palman’s Heart of RockN Roll), ITD 5/15
Yuching Desch CTDI and Bailey (Bailey Desch), ITD 4/15
Marion Kong and Fizz (Arbaybee Give Em Hell at Whipcord), ITD 2/15
Elizabethanne C. Stevens and Pixey (Dulcet Surprise Symphony, NTD), ITD 1/15
Amanda Beaubier and Jasper (Tyramara’s Jasper Rules), ITD 11/14
Catherine Pecoraro and Charis (), ITD 11/14
Irma Shanahan and Grady (Great Expectations by Pearl), ITD 8/14
Emily Mulholland and Todd (Clanmirei All Dancing Mister Todd), ITD 5/14
Betsy Newsome CTDI and Toby (CH Rockhill’s How Do Ya Like Me Now), ITD 5/14
Penny Noriega CTDI and Springer (), ITD 3/14
Katherine Bligh and Sammy (Sammy Bligh), ITD 2/14
Cheryl Becker and Magic (Adelheid’s Vanda Blue Magic), ITD 2/14
Kim Kane CTDI and Jiffy Jay (Karbit’s Diablo Grande Chili Pepper), ITD 1/14
Elizabethanne C. Stevens and Chase (Clarion to Catch a Thief, TD, RN, WV-N, TN-N, JS-N, NFD, CRO-II, NTD), ITD 10/13
Lyn Witts and Pippa (Pippa Witts RN, DWDF/S), ITD 7/13
Lyn Witts and Millie (Millie Witts RN), ITD 7/13
Janet Amighi and Cicero (Pocket Full of Sunshine), ITD 6/13
Cheryl Becker and Little (Little Wim), ITD 11/12
Julia Seaborn and Pippin (Elire Machiato), ITD 10/12
Jan Conradt and Lucy (Lucy Rose), ITD 4/12
Jan Conradt and Dickens (Dealer's Little Dickens of Bonheur), ITD 4/12
Maya Fleming and Kiki (Kiki), ITD 1/12
Sherril Lilly CTDI and Mister Tibbs (Reignon They Call Me Mister Tibbs), ITD 9/11
Sharon Pflaumer and Jester (CH Maestoso’s Worth Waiting For, CGC, TDI, TDIA, TDIAOV, TDIRVA, VIP VC), ITD 11/10
Sharon Pflaumer and Tazzie (CH Maestoso’s The Whirl-Wind, CGC), ITD 11/10
Kim Kane CTDI and Caesar (Kimberk’s Fresh Prince W-FD/HTM, RN), ITD 8/08

Poodle (Moyen)

Susan Denchfield and Indy (Independence), ITD 3/16

Poodle (Standard)

Jette Cochran and Bettie (Bettie of Six Pines NTD), ITD 4/17
Pam Rogge and Fleurette (MACH 2 Fleurette Marie II NTD), ITD 3/17
Pam Rogge and Jeeves (MACH 3 Blue Sky Gentleman Jeeves NTD), ITD 3/17
Shirley Grant and Rhythm (Brielle’s Rhythm of the Night NTD), ITD 3/17
Amy Barth and Cabot (Lakeland’s Oakwind Extra Sharp), ITD 2/17
Whitney Wolf and Piper (Cara Vae Piper SP), ITD 2/17
Whitney Wolf and Oliver (Birkin’s Oliver Twist), ITD 2/17
Kimberly Tyndall and Si (Louter Creeks Simply Irresistible NTD), ITD 1/17
Marie Black and Riley (Saneval Summertime Flyboy NTD), ITD 1/17
Rose LaBerdia and Beemer (Baby Dog Beemer NTD), ITD 8/16
Rose LaBerdia and Star (Galore’s She’s So Sassy NTD), ITD 8/16
Kimberly Ives and Isaac (Pinafore Always In Motion NTD), ITD 8/16
Nancy Beeman and Stormy (Bear Cove’s Eye of the Storm NTD), ITD 6/16
Mary Formaker and Hana (), ITD 6/16
Kris Ives and Tori (Kaycie Alaman Let Freedom Ring NTD), ITD 6/16
Rachel McKay and Dudley (Tropical Red Dudley), ITD 4/16
Eileen Hershberger and Shelagh (Shelagh CD, RN, NTD), ITD 4/16
Mary Kent Davidson and Teddy (Diamond Sky Teddy Beau), ITD 3/16
Mary Kent Davidson and Peter (), ITD 3/16
Patti Stogner and Kejdi (Kedji Kee Stogner), ITD 3/16
Patti Stogner and Kenna (Diamond Sky Ray of Sunshine), ITD 3/16
Milena Barreto CTDI and Phoebe (Legacy Phoebe), ITD 3/16
Shawney A. Weisler and Jetty (Wildrose Madcap Jetty NTD), ITD 2/16
Kim Kane CTDI and Monet (Sisco’s Stuck on You), ITD 1/16
Dondi Black CTDI and Toby (Ravenswood Toby Black), ITD 12/15
Katie Marshall and Watson (Dr. Watson, I Owe You So Much), ITD 12/15
Janet M. Baker and Sky (), ITD 11/15
Shauna Dupree and Tessa (Dupree’s Shining Star CGC), ITD 10/15
Lynne Callaghan and Teddy (Threearewild He’s So Fine), ITD 9/15
Karen Holden and Joy (Int’l Am CH Intrigue Spirit of Laetitia CGN, RE, HIC, AGNS, AGNJS, O-NAC, WV-O, TGN, NAP, NJP, NFP, PCC Versatile Poodle), ITD 9/15
Connie Large CTDI and Aspen (Natalie’s Lovin’ Large 4 The Rockies CGC), ITD 8/15
Chrissi Schranz and Phoebe (Jasenak Double Trouble), ITD 8/15
Connie Large CTDI and Bevviin (Patriot’s Lucky Charm), ITD 8/15
Jennifer Harmon and Whisper (Whisper in the Wind BN CD RN RA CGCU), ITD 8/15
Cynthia Olcott Blair and Fitzhugh (Sannbar’s Toasted Coconut), ITD 7/15
Karen Holden and Charm (Laetitia Charmed By A Renegade), ITD 6/15
Neisha Kobrin and Hope (Symplee’s A New Hope), ITD 6/15
Catherine Magill and Piper (OTCH. Kushnivas Brielle CGN RE RL3 CRXMCL SHDM IAC), ITD 5/15
Salena Lynch and Cait (Caitlin’s Pretty Cait), ITD 5/15
Jo Humphrey CTDI and Bella (Bella Star, NTD), ITD 4/15
Judith Stoodley CTDI and Luna (Moonshine Magic Moonbeam), ITD 4/15
Katerina Jansen CTDI and Lizzy (), ITD 2/15
Wendy Wahman and Jody (Desert Reef’s A Boy Named Jody), ITD 2/15
Robin Gould and Alex (Alex Henson Gould), ITD 2/15
Valerie Vetter and Joya (Christal’s Chromed out Classic Silver Dawn CGC, CGCA, THerapy Dog, Reading Paws Dog), ITD 1/15
Kim Wong and Quazi (Onnalee Setting New Standards), ITD 1/15
Kim Wong and Phara (Kandansk Pucci Perfect Phara), ITD 1/15
Cathleen McAllister and Pink (AKC Katie’s Redline Pink Cadillac), ITD 1/15
Danielle Davidheiser and Perri (Rip Van Periwinkle), ITD 12/14
Laurie Abrams and Lalique (Chrystal’s Chromed out Classic Silver Cloud), ITD 12/14
Rosemary Wilson and Willow (Laetitia Willow In A Nightwind), ITD 7/14
Jo Humphrey CTDI and Journey (Sterling Lone Star Journey), ITD 6/14
Sheri Throop and Lucy (Lucinda Fae), ITD 2/14
Gail Beerman CTDI and Kalia (Windcrest’s Kalia Carolaine), ITD 4/13
Rose Gowan ATDI and LuLu (Sisco’s LuLu Lavendar), ITD 3/13
Jaime Hollingsworth and Brite (ALCh IntCom URO1 I'm Mr. Brightside CGC RL1 HIC NTD), ITD 10/12
Julie Goodman and Jordon (Avatrey’s Jordonann Gooddog), ITD 9/12
Ann Sheltz CTDI and Polo (Polo), ITD 9/12
Alison Kelley and Willow (Ali’s Willow-The-Wispy Snow Pony), ITD 9/12
Tara Lamper and Tripp (URO3, UKC CH Tintlet Destin Parfait RA, W-FD, CGC, TT, VC), ITD 9/12
Kalin Turri and Oakley (Oakley), ITD 5/12
Serena Reagan and Luna (Luna Belle Lumiere), ITD 4/12
Louann Currey and Cody (Blu Majic’s Little Boy Blu), ITD 4/12
Janet S. Dieter and Hershey (Gumieny’s Hershey Bar Brown), ITD 12/11
Susan Dearholt and Quigley (Tiara Q Sir Quigley of Melody), ITD 11/11
Paul S. Yule and Tucker (Tiara T Sir Tucker of Melody), ITD 11/11
Margaret Hibbert and Wendy (Lynroy’s Secret Wish), ITD 10/11
Natalia Koutsil and Solo (Am/Can.CH.Tango Larkspur One Man Band RN.RA.HIC), ITD 10/11
Debbie Wachel and Maggie (Carlyn Calamity Jane’s Marguerite), ITD 7/11
Debbie Wachel and Penny (Shangri-La Penelope), ITD 7/11
Nancy Jensen and Scamp (Signet Scamp’s the Name), ITD 10/10
Joyce Stargardt CTDI and Annie (Annabelle Lee), ITD 7/10

Poodle (Toy)

Mary Lantis and Eve (Amity’s Starry Summer Night NTD), ITD 12/16
Karen Anderson and Secret (Hilfiger’s Golden Secret NTD), ITD 12/16
Debbie Brazzil and Jackson (UKC CH Rococo’s Don’t Stop Til U Get Enuf BN RE THDX CGC RO2 NTD), ITD 8/16
Debbie Brazzil and Paris (UKC CH Brazzil’s Pretty Young Thing BN RE THD CGC RO2 SPOT NTD), ITD 8/16
Debbie Bishop and Munchkin (), ITD 4/16
Nicole Vaughn CTDI and Pood (NV My Phillipe), ITD 12/15
Sandra Grimes and Twinkle (Kate’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), ITD 10/15
Alexis Farris and Peanut (Kaalmms Crazy Legs), ITD 9/15
Josephine Henry and Quincy (Quincyfiver), ITD 8/15
Cheryl Slabozeski and Peewee (Peewee Slabozeski), ITD 3/15
Maureen Urso and Buster (Buster Urso), ITD 3/15
Lorna Craig and Quincy (Cyndmisty’s Make My Day), ITD 4/14
Ester Hilmarsdóttir CTDI and Mia (Conan Catchas Mia Millionaire), ITD 1/14
Samantha DeDivitis CTDI and Angelina (Soignes Lil Bit of Heaven, CGCA), ITD 9/13
Jackie Pariseault CTDI and Millie Mae (McLeod’s Hannah Montana Parti), ITD 3/13
Nova Edgcombe and Poppy (Poppy), ITD 7/12
Cynthia Marqenau and Adam (Sisco’s Who Do The Voodo of Pioneer, CDX,RAE, NAP, NJP, CGC), ITD 7/12
Penny Noriega CTDI and Roxy (Roxanne Rose II), ITD 6/12
Patti Smith and Toby (Toby), ITD 3/12

Portuguese Podengo

Diane Lowe CTDI and Ozzie (), ITD 11/14
Diane Lowe CTDI and Buddy (), ITD 9/14
Mimmi Janeld ATDI and Papi (Pappas Charlie The Papi), ITD 9/13

Portuguese Water Dog

Paula Li and Magic (Asta’s Moonlight Magic CGC, CD, RE, THD, TDIA, NTD), ITD 3/17
Wendy Parker and Kina (MACH Surfdogs Panda Bear Kina Niko NTD), ITD 3/17
Julie Brozek and Saylor (Atomic Saylor Starlight NTD), ITD 2/17
Patti Schaefer and Seaquin (Cabriola Seaquin STAR NTD), ITD 12/16
Barb Novak and Annie (D’Lite Dockside Masterpiece NTD), ITD 11/16
Brad Bloomquist and Sox (), ITD 7/16
Mary Smallwood CTDI and Fiona (Southwind’s From Sea to Shining Sea), ITD 11/15
Elizabeth Dolezal Teller and Zita (Caladesi Be in the Zone, CGC, AWD), ITD 8/15
Theresa Wallace and Coco (Eclipse Rosa Claro NTD), ITD 7/15
Cathy McLeod and Elsie (Allegiance Everlasting Pooch Cove Elsie, CGC), ITD 1/14
Mary Smallwood CTDI and Tango (Glenwoods Getting To Know You), ITD 12/13
Natalie Shafer and Harry (Burntwood Harry Potter), ITD 12/13
Louise Schulz and Bria (CH Devocean Simply Irresistible), ITD 10/13
Jane Kaplan and Gwen (Gwen Kaplan), ITD 10/13
Katarina Coates and Chaplin (Chaplin), ITD 8/12

*Pot Belly Pig

Andrea Myers CTDI and Hewey (Hewey Myers), ITD 4/15


Ina Dunlap and Jiminy (Chelsea’s Jiminy Cricket DS CGC), ITD 2/17
Ina Dunlap and Sammy (Marjoray’s Sam I Am CGC RN THDN), ITD 7/15
Christina McCauley CTDI and Felix (), ITD 2/15
Kimberly Lewis CTDI and Briscoe (Briscoe), ITD 11/12
Jennifer Netherwood and Mookie (Mookie), ITD 9/12


Marika Foreman and Bikfic (Catskill Battyogo Bikfic), ITD 12/15
Marika Foreman and Csibész (Catskill Acsinnadrattas Acel), ITD 12/15
Twylla Smith and Furgie (Simfonia Alida Furge), ITD 8/13
Danetta Ohning and Zizi (Danbaroh Getredi Here I Come), ITD 3/13

Pyrenean Sheepdog

Jeanna Gwilliam and Kheva (Norlyght Sebelas), ITD 11/13

Pyrenean Shepherd

Karen Majka and Tango (Chaparral’s Tango Alegria NTD), ITD 11/16
Lee Ann Simonson and Henri (Chaparral’s High Honour NTD), ITD 8/16
Tricia Waples CTDI and Hayloh (Chaparral’s Hello Heaven), ITD 4/16
Pam Vojtas and Genevieve (Goldenbear’s Genevieve de La Brise), ITD 2/16
Mary Newman and Fancy (Premier Fantaisie De La Foret), ITD 2/16
Evelyn McCutcheon and Kylie (CH La Brise Cadeau de Noel NF AX AXJ CL2-R CL2-F CL2-S CL2-H), ITD 12/15
Sue Snyder and Pree (GCH CH MACH Burgerhaus Grand Prix RE MXB MJS OF T2B CA RATN), ITD 7/15
Christine Sapa and Mia (CH Eau De Terra BlueCGC, PT, STDsd, NTD), ITD 1/15
Deb Bauer and Brinks (Burgerhaus Highway Robbery), ITD 12/14
Meow Heong Tan and Filuren (Hob-Nob’s Lascar), ITD 9/14
Mary Newman and Ace (CH Premier L’s De La Foret RAE, CD, CGC), ITD 1/14
Sue Woodiwiss and Perre (Wesavi Pierre Cardin), ITD 10/13
Tricia Waples CTDI and Hivernal (Hivernal du Val du Vent Doré), ITD 12/11
Tricia Waples CTDI and L’eQuippe (Wynsume’s Tessa), ITD 9/11

Queensland Heeler

Travis R. Jorda and Dexter (Dexter Jorda NTD), ITD 7/16
Marla Carrie Dymesich CTDI and Shayna (Shayna Lee Dymesich), ITD 5/14
Dirk Van Voris and Maverick (Maverick Van Voris), ITD 7/13

Rat Terrier

Michele Sickles and Nova (River Ridge Fast Cars & Freedom NTD), ITD 2/17
Verna Saxer-Gibson and Halo (Call Me A Blessing NTD), ITD 7/16
Catherine Portlock and Simon (), ITD 2/16
Ashley Kutzli and Smallpox (River Ridge’s Itchin’ to Party), ITD 10/15
Hattie Nosko and Copper (), ITD 5/15
Edie Williams CTDI and Molly (Molly Pitcher ), ITD 4/15
Megan Lewis and Bogart (), ITD 7/14
Kate Hinner CTDI and Zorro (), ITD 11/13
Vinnie Augden and Sparky (), ITD 10/13
Pam Hastings and Daisy (Four Paws Daisy’s Beauty), ITD 4/13
Marguerite Plank and Devlin (Devlin), ITD 10/12
Debbie Smith CTDI and Brigit (Ratitatt Faithful Brigit), ITD 8/12
Paula Nowak CTDI and Curly (), ITD 11/11

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Ryan Buzard and Legend (Ruya How Do You Like Me Now, CGCA, CGCU, SC, RN, TDHN, RATO, NTD), ITD 3/17
Holly Buttura and Athena (Symetri’s Mistress of Mayhem NTD), ITD 7/16
Ellen Tice and Cruiser (CH Whirlaway’s Double Trouble), ITD 12/15
Ellen Tice and Singer (), ITD 8/15
Avril Young and Loki (Jengachenga Atsama for Imanje ShCM), ITD 7/15
Avril Young and Sifa (Jengachenga Bold As Brass for Imanje JW ShCM), ITD 6/15
Avril Young and Mika (Imanje Msitu Mashamba), ITD 6/15
Avril Young and Inca (Veldtkammer Hot News at Jengachenga), ITD 6/15
Mary Kirby and Brady (Asa Brady Kirby), ITD 2/15
Michele Izzard and Shayla (), ITD 7/13
Linda Fishkind CTDI and Mia (Msaada Mia Moo), ITD 11/12
Linda Fishkind CTDI and Amie (Msaada Amie Blamie), ITD 11/12
Linda Fishkind CTDI and Alie (Msaada Alie Gator), ITD 11/12
Linda Fishkind CTDI and Nairobi (Msaada Nairobi-Ray), ITD 9/12
Linda Fishkind CTDI and Wink (Msaada Wink), ITD 9/12
Linda Fishkind CTDI and Tucker (Msaada Tucker Too), ITD 9/12


Raymond Muetz and Kovu (Kovu Von Muetz NTD), ITD 3/17
Dawn Clark and Leia (Whoz Alderaan’s Princess Von Boylan BN CD NTD), ITD 3/17
Stanley Dudek and Sassy (Nighthawk’s Naughty ‘N’ Nice V. Purgold CDX, PCDX, BN, RAE, CGCA, CGCU, NTD), ITD 2/17
Nicola Dronoff-Guthrie and Singita (OnTheTown Fancy Free NTD), ITD 9/16
Sydney Small and Violet (Esmonds Violet Vanstone NTD), ITD 9/16
Mary Villerot and Sampson (), ITD 7/16
Joel Mbungu and Nala (Nala Baby), ITD 2/16
Ana Cilursu and Zoey (Twice the Speed of LIfe CD PT RA BN), ITD 7/15
Moe Mullen and Kellen (Esmond’s Goddess Arianrhod), ITD 5/15
Christine Vertucci and Omar (Omar Comin’), ITD 3/15
Dawn Clark and Obi (Desert Hills Obi Wan Kenobi), ITD 1/15
Lisa Robinson and Jax (Jax Von Sparg), ITD 1/15
Barb Burgess and Wicca (Akamai Wicked This Way Comes), ITD 12/14
Barb Burgess and Brenna (MoKoBreeze Legacy of Akamai), ITD 12/14
Rich Tamborski CTDI and Ski (Noble Vom Kolin Strasse), ITD 10/14
Kamden Strunk and Suphah (), ITD 1/14
Shawna Swanson and Legend (CH Ciel Legend Vom Stefanhaus CDX AJP AXP RAE PT CA THD CGC JHD CX BH TDIAV TT), ITD 8/13
Jenn Vance and Gracie (Gracie), ITD 4/13
Janet Fabian and Roxy (Roxy), ITD 1/13
Nick Baldwin and Rebel (Ismael Rebel Von Adlerhaus), ITD 12/12
Christle Alexander ATDI and Alex (Alex Cash), ITD 5/12
Ayoka Bubar and Bear (B.A. Bearacus PCD,CGN,RN,C-RXCL,C-RNT,FOCH), ITD 2/11
Courtney Huther and Diesel (Stone Hill’s Power Stroke, CGC, HIC, TT, RN, RLIX, RL2/AOE), ITD 2/10

Russell Terrier

Lori Signs and Macho (Spotswood Macho Rambo Mayhem SE CAA DJ CGCA CGCU NTD), ITD 3/17
Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Cooper (Finnabair Anu Maximum Force), ITD 4/16
Karen Albert and Simon (), ITD 12/15
Tara Cozad and Roo (), ITD 10/15

Saint Bernard

Marisha Maier CTDI and Daisy (), ITD 2/15


Susan Waltman and Quiz (Tubila ‘N Aeolus Just Dream On NTD), ITD 3/17
Susan Waltman and Hickory (Tubila ‘N Aeolus Where Dreams Begin NTD), ITD 3/17
Brandie Hudecek ATDI and Scarlett Rose (Impala Scarlett Rose of Sea Wind, CGC, NTD), ITD 3/15
Brandie Hudecek ATDI and Scorch (FC Sea Wind’s Dragon Fire RN SC FCh CGC), ITD 10/11
Brandie Hudecek ATDI and Draco (FC Sea Wind’s Dragonheart CD RE SC FCh CGC), ITD 9/11


Mary Wolf and Sarah (Cot’n Pic’n Gin Fizz or Polar Mist NTD), ITD 3/17
Andrea West and Dot (Ivory Storm’s Arctic Point NTD), ITD 3/17
Mary Wolf and Ambrosia (Whytewynds Marshmello Ambrosia, CA, CGCU, THDA, WSXM, HIT, NTD), ITD 3/17
Mary Wolf and Daikon (Daimond Drift’s Daikon Salsa NTD), ITD 3/17
Mary Wolf and Taki (Praire Isle Berks’ Shitake Mushroom, TDN, CGCU, WSX, NTD), ITD 3/17
Mary Winchowky and Andor (Ivory Storm’s White Eagle of Asgard), ITD 3/16
Anita Gehring and Beau (Mystiwind’s Pepper in the Gumbo), ITD 12/15
Lisa Marino CTDI and Gelato (), ITD 10/15
Casey Dalton and Nico (Nico De Mayo of Kabeara), ITD 7/15
Lisa Marino CTDI and Zamboni (Windsong’s Ice Princess Zamboni), ITD 5/15
Lisa Marino CTDI and Biscotti (Mystical’s Dolci Biscotti Bacio di Cioccolati), ITD 1/15
Leslie Loughman and Chewie (Chewbacca), ITD 3/14
Sue I. Johnson and Kaya (Arctic Moon Shadow’s Kaya), ITD 10/13
Pamela Lewis and Laika (Poltergeist’s Lake Effect), ITD 9/13
Lisa Marino CTDI and Spumoni (Mystical’s Favorite Flavor Spumoni), ITD 8/13


Carola Di Perna and Mickey (SanSouci’s Magic Diamond CGCA, BN), ITD 8/14
Bob Schulz and Cici (Kopjecreek’s Call Me Maybe), ITD 4/13


Kathy Swan and Gracie (Olympic Crest Amazing Grace), ITD 1/17
Kathy Swan and Missy (Olympic Crest Ain’t Misbehavin’), ITD 1/17
Troy Post CTDI and Kaia (), ITD 8/16
Kathy Lytle and Jade (Danzn Starz Magic Stardust by DHS), ITD 3/16
Laura Wilson and Sonic (Sonic Scream), ITD 7/15
Laura Wilson and Pi (Life of Pi), ITD 7/15
Martha Bailey CTDI and Furby (Mt. Mist’s Perfect Storm), ITD 7/14
Lorraine Moule CTDI and Spud (Ch. Sunrise On Sailors Watch), ITD 7/14
Lorraine Moule CTDI and Chaos (Ch. Mt. Mist’s Spirit of Sunrise), ITD 7/14
Virginia Donovan and Wolfie (Wolfie), ITD 5/12
Denise Lacey ATDI and Tillie (Kurakuma’s Shelter From The Storm), ITD 5/11

Schnauzer (Giant)

Marti B. Friedman KPA-CTP and Karma (Karma Pink Friedman), ITD 2/17
Lindsay Kaye Ohlert and Cassius (Canis Cassius RA CGC), ITD 7/15
Cindy Hoppes CTDI and Dalton (), ITD 12/13
Jessica Frost and Atlas (U-CD Tanglewood’s Atlas Forgiven, CD RE), ITD 4/12

Schnauzer (Miniature)

Erin Vincent and Izzy (Little Miss Perfect Isabella NTD), ITD 3/17
Theresa Lindsey and Trick (Southcross Bring Back the Magic NTD), ITD 1/17
Sheridan Rosewall and Sassafras (Limoges Miss Sassafras NTD), ITD 11/16
Emily Wong and JoJo (Sir Dancing Joseph of Motherlode), ITD 4/15
Diane Brown and Bo (CH Mimicker’s It Might Be You CGN RN NTD), ITD 2/15
Natalie Duberow CTDI and Sophie (Darla the Rescued Rascal), ITD 2/15
Susan Kay Gibboney and Midnight (Forever Ready Blessed Midnight), ITD 1/15
Kym Jarvis and Ben (), ITD 1/15
Kym Jarvis and Harry (), ITD 12/14
Kym Jarvis and Hank (), ITD 11/14
Barbara Tilke and Jett (Johnnycake Jett), ITD 10/14
Robby Klair and Nemo (Nemo XV CA CGCA), ITD 5/14
Janice Tronick CTDI and Miles (Bonirose’s Miles Davis), ITD 3/14
Norma Loepp and Caitie (Caitlyn von Loepp), ITD 11/13
Erik Gordon and Jake (Jake Gordon), ITD 9/12
Eleanor Bradley and Ari (Scandals Ari Bradley), ITD 8/12
Sharon Hobbs ATDI and Ava (Ava CGC), ITD 6/12
Darrell Smith and Lexi (Scandals Flirting with Fate), ITD 1/12
Ramona Schreiber and Corey (Scandals Corey Schreiber), ITD 12/11
Amos Peng CTDI and Suki (), ITD 4/11
Alexandra Shunick and Harley (W.S. Harley Fidee Buxmor), ITD 9/10

Schnauzer (Standard)

Andrea Ferguson Jones and Ryder (Dinsdale’s Weight of a Nation NTD), ITD 1/17
Brenda Cirricione and Bekka (Von Roth’s Outrageous Fortune NTD), ITD 6/16
Brenda Cirricione and Xander (Sondergeist Urban legend Von Roth NTD), ITD 6/16
Jill Mitchell and Kristal (Bianca Mia Z Romorv CGC), ITD 8/15
Karen Naughton and Domino (Dinsdale-Chimera Domino, CGC, RN,CAA, RATN), ITD 4/15


Brigit Jepsen and Cookie (Cookie Monster of B&B), ITD 3/14
Mary Brick and Pepper (Pepper), ITD 6/13
Malcolm & Keryn White and Harley (Harley), ITD 3/13

Scottish Terrier

Kerstin Horvath CTDI and Barney (Sir Barney the Great of Scottiesdale CGCA), ITD 3/15
Joyce Knowles CTDI and McKenzie (McKenzie Aberdeen), ITD 8/12
Joyce Knowles CTDI and Kandi Ann (), ITD 9/11

Sealyham Terrier

Sandy Schneider and Dobby (Slyfox Sin City at Witzn NTD), ITD 3/17

Shar Pei

Sarah Beurkens and Libby (Ricketts LibertyNJustice Chases), ITD 3/17
Tina Chase and Cookie (Chases Stirfry N Fortune Cookies), ITD 3/17
Sarah Beurkens and Opal (Rickett’s Opal of Our Eye NTD), ITD 3/17
Tina Chase and JuJu (Chases My Jubilee Is Gonnabea Star NTD), ITD 3/17

Shetland Sheepdog

Diane Travis and Dylan (Jusdandy’s Just In Time NTD), ITD 4/17
Mary-Anne Gross and Jayda (Toven A Thousand Kisses NTD), ITD 3/17
Karen Meredith and Kaden (Harmony Fast Break NTD), ITD 3/17
Carolyn Brandon and Ellegrace (Sirron’s Elegant Fascination NTD), ITD 3/17
Jessica Hecker and Fizzy (Fizzy Joe-Dog Hecker-Smith NTD), ITD 3/17
Linda A. Irwin and MacTavish (Scottish Shenanigans NTD), ITD 3/17
Shanna Wilkinson and Alaska (Lakepoint’s Alaskan Cold Front NTD), ITD 3/17
Lora Pronger and Fidget (Herdabout Ants In My Pants), ITD 2/17
Ashley Castro and Gossip (Redemption’s Mouth of the South NA NAJ NTD), ITD 2/17
Vicky Gutierrez and Nina (Nina Gutierrez CGCA, TDI, NTD), ITD 2/17
Janet Stephenson and Gypsy (Himark’s Gypsy Jubilee NTD), ITD 2/17
Melissa Brohan and Charlie (), ITD 2/17
Linda Unger and Sailor (Summerloves Moonlight Voyager), ITD 2/17
Kim Boyes and Syrah (HyperHounds Foreign Affair NTD), ITD 1/17
Tina Lagerström ATDI and Gini (Lundecock’s My Heart Is Yours NTD), ITD 1/17
Dayna Dreger and Romeo (Canyonview Forever Romantic NTD), ITD 11/16
Dayna Dreger and Bennett (Canyonview The Lady Is A Tramp NTD), ITD 11/16
Kevin Alexander and Rogue (Herdabout Rogue Runner NTD), ITD 10/16
Cindy Pratt and Jaya (Weiss Jaya Laksmaya NTD), ITD 10/16
Sandy Clark and Chili (Jade Mist Chili NTD), ITD 9/16
Kary Starling and Danica (Casmor Fast N Furious NTD), ITD 8/16
Diane Whitehill and Corey (Prelude’s Hill Correspondent NTD), ITD 8/16
Diane Whitehill and Eli (Prelude’s No Boundaries NTD), ITD 8/16
Rhonda E. Robinson and Gypsy (Gypsy Splendor of the Mountain), ITD 8/16
Connie Fleming and Connor (Himark’s Star Trekker, CGC, NTD), ITD 7/16
Brandy Peeples and Jennifer Kirkman and Henry (Rockwood Prince Henry NTD), ITD 7/16
Joan Christensen and Simmie (Ciel Brae Simeon NTD), ITD 6/16
Darlene Hunsbarger and Rock-it (AngelJoy’s Golden Rock-it), ITD 5/16
Ellen Bloomfield and Ribbon (Lynnlea’s Buttons And Bows NTD), ITD 4/16
Michelle Fronheiser and Izzie (Lochlyn’s Blue Angel), ITD 4/16
Marilyn V. Johnson CTDI and William (UCH Aratone The Fresh Prince of Belvidere CGC, RN, NTD), ITD 4/16
Marilyn V. Johnson CTDI and Ron (UR01 Novella’s Magical Me CGC, RA, NTD), ITD 4/16
Kelly Conn and Ripley (Kimark Believe It Or Not), ITD 3/16
Kelly Conn and Abby (Kimark It’s About Time), ITD 3/16
Yvonne Zwiegelaar and Lisa (Mackland Rhythm Bear), ITD 3/16
Sheri R. Rockhill and Edan (Casia’s Celtic Fire), ITD 2/16
Clyde Hall CTDI and Nelson (), ITD 2/16
Heather Pohlman CTDI and Phantom (Ciel Brae Phantom of the Moors), ITD 1/16
Michelle Yackovich and Gio (Glendower’s Wallie Giovanni), ITD 1/16
Morgan Vance and Shadow (Blue Shadow on the Lake OA AXJ TDI CGC), ITD 12/15
Natalie Bridger Watson and Indi (Ink Throw Down the Gauntlet CGC), ITD 11/15
Tricia Solinger and Eden (Heavenly Hail of Desert Meadow), ITD 10/15
May Fischer CTDI and Piston (), ITD 10/15
Barbara Johnstone and Annie (Annie Johnstone), ITD 10/15
Ashley Stanley ATDI and Mickie (), ITD 10/15
Kevin Alexander and Cinder (Princess Cinderella), ITD 9/15
Stephanie Warme and Riley (Let The Good Times Roll CGC RN NA NAJ), ITD 9/15
Dawn M. Fleischhacker and Reba (Weis The Heart Won’t Lie), ITD 9/15
Carla Simmons and Dasher (Merry Meet Oh Bi Gosh Bi Golly), ITD 8/15
Audrey Carter CTDI and Fun (Qsim’s It’s All Fun and Games), ITD 8/15
Cindy Hardy and Guinness (Herdabout Guinness McDuff), ITD 7/15
Linda Unger and Travis (OTCH Jandale Going First Class UDX, OM2, BN, PUTD, PCDX, RN ), ITD 6/15
Renee Shriver ATDI and Melody (Pineland’s Unchained Melody), ITD 5/15
Alexandra Merkel and Sadie (Beautiful Mercedes z Hermanova dvora), ITD 5/15
Kary Starling and Sasha (Casmor Twist of Fate), ITD 5/15
Lori Leslie and Izzy (Herdabout the Need for Speed), ITD 4/15
Diane Gibbons and Lexi (), ITD 4/15
Leah Glynn CTDI and Xander (My T Hi’s X Factor), ITD 4/15
Leah Glynn CTDI and Bailey (MACH5 PACH2 Glynn’s Bailey MXS2 MJS2 MXPS MJP6 PAX2 NF), ITD 4/15
Carol Millman CTDI and Odin (Shelhaven’s Nordic Sky), ITD 4/15
Diane Smith and Holly (Holly Hopscotch), ITD 3/15
Patricia J. Nash and Chase (Chase’s Farm), ITD 3/15
Chantelle Charlebois and Indie (Shelamo Code Name Spitfire), ITD 3/15
Chantelle Charlebois and Travis (Shelamo Handsome Trouble), ITD 3/15
Valorie Lennox and Crumpit (Agile Girls Got Rhythm), ITD 2/15
Kathy Lennon and Remi (Clover Mt. Lord Remington of Bressay, RAE, OA, OAJ, NF, CA), ITD 2/15
Kelly Conn and Aslan (Toven FairIsle A Higher Belief), ITD 2/15
Tara Monahan and Starr (Herdabout Manifest Destiny), ITD 2/15
Deb Bauer and Treasure (Missouri Snowy Treasure), ITD 2/15
Deb Bauer and Vegas (), ITD 2/15
Joan Shields and Eli (Dundee Ilkota Trinidad), ITD 2/15
Joan Shields and Travis (Ilkota Enthralling Legend), ITD 2/15
Diana Fors and Sallee (Sallee Snickers Delight), ITD 1/15
Tiina Pakkanen ATDI and Moody (Tunmarks’ Moody Blue), ITD 1/15
Nancy Brooks CTDI and Franklin (The Fantastic Franklin), ITD 12/14
Valerie Smith CTDI and CJ (Shadow Hill Colby Jack “CJ”), ITD 12/14
Cheri D. Vermillion and Zoey (Zoey Lynn), ITD 11/14
Penny Hanson and Piper (Conestoga Piperjet Blu Star), ITD 10/14
Kary Starling and Spirit (Casmor Olympic Spirit), ITD 9/14
Dorothy Wiland and Alexander (), ITD 8/14
Kary Starling and C-Sea (Casmor Carol’s Seabrook), ITD 8/14
Kary Starling and Jett (Casmor Silver Jett), ITD 8/14
Judy Fegan and Natalie (Natalie Coal), ITD 8/14
Caroline Hunt and Magnus (Bodacious Moon over Magnus), ITD 7/14
Dawn M. Fleischhacker and Nina (UKC Ch. Leigh-Hi’s Keepsake RN,MX,MXB,MXJ,MJS,NF,CGC,CL4-F,CL3-R,CL3-H,CLR-S), ITD 7/14
Shanice Tan ATDI and Nova (Novacrista Our Forever Star), ITD 7/14
Kary Starling and Baiden (Casmor Battle Royale), ITD 6/14
Dorothy Wiland and Oliver (Lairds Little Oliver), ITD 6/14
Kary Starling and Jazz (Jade Mist All That Jazz), ITD 3/14
Diane Martin ATDI and Diesel (), ITD 3/14
Margaret Prezzano and Tommy (Edgemere Thomas Foster Sebastian), ITD 2/14
Gail Robbins and Shellie (Donlyn’s Oh, Gail, Shellied), ITD 2/14
Amy Dalena and Pj (BluLae The Beach Boy), ITD 2/14
Judy Fegan and Sima (Ridgeway’s Jump for Joy), ITD 12/13
Judy Fegan and Keir (Laird Keir of Casmor), ITD 12/13
Mary Alexander and Merle (Merle Falsecast Lindbergh Alexander), ITD 12/13
Kathy Chervenka and Tag (Karefree Kynan Mactaggart), ITD 10/13
Kary Starling and Harper (Casmor Harpers Bazaar), ITD 8/13
Karen Darney and Robbie (Plails Rob Roy), ITD 7/13
Connie Fleming and Kaitlyn (Sunhil Beckward Impressive, RA,OA, AXJ, AXP, MJP2, NFP, NTD, ITD), ITD 5/13
Darlene Sugiyama and MacDuff (Coastalviews’ Mr MacDuff), ITD 4/13
Connie Fleming and Morgan (Enchantress Morgan Le Fay, RE, AX, AXJ, MXP6, MJP6, PAX, NF MFP, NTD, ITD), ITD 4/13
Sarah Ellis CTDI and Charlie (Charlie), ITD 4/13
Melaney Mathews and Brody (Ch Greendor’s Ain’t Misbehavin), ITD 2/13
Renee Shriver ATDI and Oscar (Boo Boo’s Second Chance), ITD 2/13
Lorna Moon and Tribbles (Kimicko Moonshadows Bi Liska), ITD 12/12
Josie Doolette and Hamish (Beauideal Once You Go Black CCD TD PT), ITD 10/12
Marian Gabriel and Flash (Malachi Spark Off The Old Block), ITD 8/12
Kary Starling and Saska (Emmy’s Silver Blu Saska), ITD 6/12
Lorraine von Trott and Alex (Kaskia Sunshine and Smiles), ITD 6/12
Lorraine von Trott and Reggie (Kaskia Heaven Help Us), ITD 6/12
Lorraine von Trott and Stewart (Kaskia Rocky Mountain High), ITD 6/12
Carol Guth and Twist (Dreamseed Oliver Twist), ITD 6/12
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Brody (Sweet Brody of Eddleman Hill CGC, RN, AXJ, OA, OF, CL4), ITD 4/12
Felicia The CTDI and Bella (Bella Miralonze The), ITD 3/12
Felicia The CTDI and Bailey (Bailey Miralonze The), ITD 3/12
Michelle Chan CTDI and Romeo (Romeo Sangiovese), ITD 3/12
Michelle Chan CTDI and Juliet (Sharndah Star Crossed Luva), ITD 3/12
Kary Starling and Foxy (Snow Isle Follow the Wynd), ITD 2/12
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Misty (C-Mar Lilac Mist CGC ITD), ITD 2/12
Amber Caldwell and Maverick (Southern Boy Maverick), ITD 10/11
Cheryl Boutin and Winter (Winter Wonderland), ITD 8/11
Kelly Roche CTDI and Bailey (Valley View Irish Cream), ITD 3/11
Deb Bauer and Owen (Kellene’s Owen McBean), ITD 3/11
Nancy Jane Haupt ATDI and Daisy (), ITD 2/11
Michelle Hope CTDI and Rhythm (Kendale’s Swept Away), ITD 11/10
Gail Robbins and Skye (Clantyre Blu Skye Gail’s Limit CGC, TDI,RL1,RL2,UCH), ITD 10/10
Richelle Carter CTDI and Johnny (Johnny Ohm), ITD 10/10
Jacob Hollingsworth CTDI and Chara (Shadow Hill Chara Tes Zoes RN, CGC, CCT, NTD, ITD), ITD 7/10
Laurie Powell and Rudy (Hopelessly Devoted to Roo), ITD 4/10

Shiba Inu

Ashley Hieronimus and Pudge (Innisfree Pudge NTD), ITD 4/17
Mickey Hanson and Note (Kai-Yote), ITD 1/17
Heather Reed and Kato (Katosaurus NTD), ITD 10/16
Mary Hager CTDI and Trixie (CH Kishi’s Tricky Trixie), ITD 8/16
Nakiva Cleveland CTDI and Mushu (Little Red Dragon NTD), ITD 2/16
Elizabeth Williams CTDI and Ryder (Wilhaven’s Enjoy The Ride), ITD 5/15
Krista Harbacz and Simba (Lesands Hakuna Matata), ITD 2/15
Shannon Zerr and Kaia (Kaia), ITD 2/13
Lindsay Oakley CTDI and Lexie (Koyote Kennels Lexie), ITD 1/13
Molly Sumner and Mashi (Innisfree Mashigura of Kihaku), ITD 9/12

Shih Tzu

Carla Heath and Bunny (Simon’s Skye’s The Limit), ITD 2/17
Susan Burkholder and Jaxson (Jaxson’s Sunset Spirit NTD), ITD 9/16
Linda Damiani and Bullet (), ITD 8/16
Kelly Jean Zen and Piper Lynn (Marquis’ Dazzling Tiffany Piper Lynn CGC CGCA NTD), ITD 4/16
Eveline Kjelstrup and Oliver (), ITD 1/16
Chris Baumann CTDI and SweetiePie (), ITD 11/15
Lorraine Wodiska and Stella (Stella of Laurelwood), ITD 11/15
Nanna Rahbech Pedersen CTDI and Max (), ITD 10/15
Caroline Loughman and Murphy (), ITD 10/15
Kelly Jean Zen and Jett (Marquis’ Kohl Parker Jett Blue RE CGCA), ITD 7/15
Stephen Miller and Jazz (ARCHMX Olive’s Grove Sweet Jasmine RE, CD-C, TDi), ITD 10/11

Shiloh Shepherd

Carol Nelson and Charlotte (Majestic Gentle Wolf NTD), ITD 4/17
Leigh Sylvester and Kingston (Phenoms Castle Of My Heart NTD), ITD 5/16
Jennifer Leaning and Gus (Echo Prinz of Moonlite Shadows), ITD 12/14
Elisabeth Shea and Penny (Miracle’s Most Faithful), ITD 7/14
Taylor Mariani and Kipp (), ITD 6/14
Aleksandra Hayden and Shakti (Dayspring’s Spirit of Shakti), ITD 2/09


Paula Martyn and Pippin (Pippin), ITD 7/13

Siberian Husky

Carrie Riley and Milah (Ravenwood’s Milah Minit NTD), ITD 4/17
Kim Mayes CTDI and Rocket (Nalibey’s Rocket Across the Universe NTD), ITD 3/17
Marsha Montgomery and Ruby (), ITD 10/16
Kathy Rasmussen CTDI and Bubbles (Liyaza Whispering Pines Spring Breeze NTD), ITD 9/16
Bonnie Smagacz-Starnes and Athena (Athena Tundra NTD), ITD 7/16
AshLee Pezzuto and Nala (Queen Of Pride Rock CGC), ITD 12/15
Erin Hildahl and Boomer (Hildahl’s Quietly Making Noise), ITD 10/15
Erin Hildahl and Timber (Hildahl’s SNO Summit Defying Gravity), ITD 10/15
Kristina Schoeller ATDI and Melody (Wind Dancer of Black Dream Wolves), ITD 5/15
Kristina Schoeller ATDI and Saphir (Copyright of Black Dream Wolves), ITD 5/15
Margaret Duclos and Royal (Windswept’s Diamond Royale), ITD 4/15
AshLee Pezzuto and Simba (King Of Pride Rock), ITD 1/15
Helen Hargett CTDI and Trapper (Kobars Yukon Trapper), ITD 12/14
Nadine Johnson ATDI and Kona (Johnson’s Kona), ITD 11/14
Marsha Montgomery and Loki (), ITD 8/14
Kristin Pomsel CTDI and Querque (), ITD 5/14
Monique Engemann and Sierra (Sierra Myst), ITD 3/14
Ashley Stanley ATDI and Maya (Sherakan’s Arctic Savior), ITD 10/13
Crystle Barrs ATDI and Dakota (Dakota), ITD 3/13
Jane Weisemann and Jack (Krystal Wolf’s Captain Jack), ITD 5/12
Kim Mayes CTDI and Seppala (Seppala’s Silver Sun King), ITD 6/11
Pamela Johnson CTDI and Isabelle (Isabelle), ITD 12/10
Amanda Hodge and Roxy (Roxy Marie Hodge), ITD 9/10

Silken Windhound

Lisa Finlay and Cher (Starfyre Charoite), ITD 4/16
Jolene Hicks and Smoky (UCI Int’l Puppy Ch. Starfyre Smoky Quartz), ITD 5/14
Keith Hicks and Khan (Starfyre Gold Zircon), ITD 5/14
Keith Hicks and Azure (HIT, RBIS, URO1 UKC CH/ARBA/KC USA CH Kristull Azure Twilight Allure, ISWS FCh, EC, ASFA FCH, ASCA RA, CGC), ITD 5/14
Lisa Finlay and Willow (UCh Springlane’s Selene CGN), ITD 4/14
Ruth Ann Miller and Kohl (UCI Junior Champion Starfyre Chrysocolla), ITD 12/13

Silky Terrier

Joyanne Wood and Callie (Wyncliff’s Cameo Calla Lily NTD), ITD 11/16

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Erica Petrie and Nala (CH Glencarrah Irish Rose CGCS RN NTD), ITD 4/17
Angelina Jung and Cody (), ITD 12/16
Margaret A. Stewardson and Charm (Can. Ch Myshawns Lucky Charm NTD), ITD 6/16
Michelle O’Neill and Cianan (Lil’ Town Cianan Irish Flirt of Ardnacassa), ITD 1/16
Karen Smith and Teddy (Teddy CGCB FD RN NTD), ITD 8/15
Mary Kugel and Seamus (MM Irish Doodle Dandy, RN RA BN NTD), ITD 4/15
Tina Reeves and Teddy (), ITD 2/15
Linda Keehn CTDI and Peachy (Peachy Keehn), ITD 1/15
Dorice Stancher CTDI and Krista (Can CH Holweit’s Red Grenadine CGC, CGCA, RN, ThD, HI, RN (CKC)), ITD 12/14

Spinone Italiano

Patti Caruthers and Zita (RB Jake & Geisla’s Little Girl NTD), ITD 4/17

Sprocker Spaniel

Joanna Philpott CTDI and Lenny (My Lovely Little Lenny), ITD 12/14
Joanna Philpott CTDI and Boy (My Brave Hearted Boy), ITD 12/14

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Odette Pidcock CTDI and Hippo (), ITD 11/16
Tim Corun and Penny (Massie’s Here to Stay CGC NTD), ITD 9/16
Tim Corun and Justus (Ch Massie’s That’s a Promise RN CGC NTD), ITD 9/16
Amanda Chudobiak and Gambit (Wimaru’s Berlin Wall NTD), ITD 9/16
Lindsay Arliss CTDI and Buzz (), ITD 9/16
Teri Meadows CTDI and Mickey (Trugrip Rebelside Sky High Journey NTD), ITD 8/16
Teri Meadows CTDI and Lucie (Redline Midnight Kiss NTD), ITD 8/16
Abbie Sol and Lenny-Pig (), ITD 2/16
Estelle Low and Dante (Dante’s Infurno), ITD 1/16
Marie Manderson ATDI and Legend (), ITD 9/15
Sandy Hoffmann and Busta (), ITD 8/15
Jeannine Nienaber and Shamone (Stofano Shamony), ITD 5/15
Louise Twinberrow ATDI and Moomin (), ITD 5/15
Rebecca Jewsbury CTDI and Kira (), ITD 4/15
Kath Howie and River (), ITD 4/15
Nicole Derbyshire and Flump (), ITD 4/15
Patricia Kilmore and Rocky (), ITD 3/15
Louise Twinberrow ATDI and Jimmy (Master James), ITD 2/15
Fay Benjamin and Stevie (), ITD 1/15
Karen Brown and Gemma (), ITD 1/15
Stef Roulet and Kai (), ITD 9/14
Stace Houghton CTDI and Buster (), ITD 5/14
Stace Houghton CTDI and Jess (), ITD 5/14
Susan Kleijnhans and Robocop (Robocop), ITD 1/14
Susan Kleijnhans and Scarlett (OB CH Bulvali Desert Rose), ITD 1/14
Louise Stapleton-Frappell CTDI and Jambo (Warrior for Life), ITD 5/13

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Samantha Johnston and Blue (), ITD 5/15
Hazel Flanigan and Duke (Amazing Jumping Duke), ITD 3/15

Standard Poodle

Lezlie Couch and Magic (Saneval’s Summertime Magic NTD), ITD 2/17

Standard Schnauzer

Karen Naughton and Shadow (Dinsdale-Chimera Shadow, CGC, CAA), ITD 4/15

Sussex Spaniel

Angela Monaghan and Maverick (CH Sundowners Repeat Fire RAE CD CGC), ITD 11/15
Ann McGloon and Tollie (Quarr Tollard Royal, NTD), ITD 3/15
Ann McGloon and Beryl (Ch ShootingStar West w’the Nite, PCD, BN, RA, NA, NAJ, AXP, MJPB, MJP2, T2BP, NFP, NAC, NJC, CGC, SAR-W, NTD), ITD 3/15

Swedish Vallhund

Rochelle Helminski CTDI and Gambler (AZ-MT Sol Gambler), ITD 5/15
Karen Stasky CTDI and Nissa (Dangas Pomperipossa-Z), ITD 3/14
Carey Nelson and Fox (Hideaway Fox), ITD 11/13
Michelle Fromm and Laila (CH Fantasi Born to be Wild, RL1), ITD 8/13
Michelle Fromm and Zar (Caliente Once In A Blue Moon), ITD 8/13

Terrier Mix

Marjory Bird and Zeus (), ITD 3/15

Thai Ridgeback Dog

Alina Geishofer ATDI and Anantachai (Anantachai Aekh-Thai von Amon Sul), ITD 10/14

Tibetan Mastiff

Caroline Hughes and Bugsby (Carramia Black Bugsby at Jamalaca), ITD 5/15

Tibetan Spaniel

Toni Rohlke and Nike (Delmar’s Just Do It for Tara), ITD 4/13

Tibetan Terrier

Julie Flanery and Kashi (), ITD 12/15
Deborah Moy and Bodhi (), ITD 3/15
Sarah Ellis CTDI and Lola (Playtime Looby Lou at Calypsong), ITD 12/13
Gay Stahley and Devon (INTL/AKC/UKC CH Euphoria’s The Emerald Diamond), ITD 3/12

Toy Fox Terrier

Cynthia Margenau CTDI and Wanda (Wonderful Wanda O’BJ, BN, RA), ITD 5/14

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Mary Frelinger and Moxie (Massachusetts Moxie CGC NTD), ITD 9/16


Patricia Ray and Mick (Bayview’s The Last Time NTD), ITD 3/17
Corrine Sellars and Rhys (Bajolo’s Avalon Herceg Rhys NTD), ITD 3/17
Judy Nelson and Patti (Pinewoods Perfect Whiskey Manhattan RN CGC NTD), ITD 3/17
Jennie Croft and Winter (Hilldale’s Winter Warrior CMF NTD), ITD 12/16
Jill Helm and Hennessey (BGCh JNEK’s Burning Wine JH CGC NTD), ITD 8/16
Linda Kush and Roxie (RoxieAnna), ITD 5/16
Susan Palocsay and Rumli (Legacy’s Have No Fear), ITD 10/15
Susan Palocsay and Sarika (Dynata’s Bound to Love), ITD 10/15
Andi Bryant and Sorcha (CH Brandiwine’s O M’Anam NA NAJ NTD), ITD 9/15
Julie Holmes and Seven (Mehagian’s Lucky Number RN CGC), ITD 9/15
Michelle Grünzweig and Cecco (), ITD 5/15
Heather Smith and Wally (Aurelia’s Waltz of Life FDJ), ITD 5/15
Anna Craig and Strider (Firelight’s Cariad Elgin Geronimo), ITD 4/15
Andi Bryant and Morgan (GCH CH Kick Em Up Morgan Le Fey BN RE NAJ NTD), ITD 1/15
Karen Berk and Yoshi (Yoshi!), ITD 1/15
Connie Priesz CTDI and Molly (Little Girl Molly THDA, THD, CGC), ITD 11/14
Donna Nisleit and Kash (CH Nyircsaszari Tars Zold Kashmere BN RA NA OAJ NAP OJP NTD), ITD 11/14
Heidi Cavagnaro CTDI and Opie (Opie Cavagnaro), ITD 8/14
Renee Russell and Bailey (HighRidge’s Firecracker), ITD 11/12
Renee Russell and Luey (Shramko’s Storm Surge), ITD 10/12
Corrine Sellars and Bodi (UKC BIS/Can CH Varazs Mokany Kiralyi Orban FDJ, CGN, URO1, NTD), ITD 9/12
Sue Brown and Romeo (Derby's Pilgrim to Rome), ITD 8/12
Lesli Hyland ATDI and Belle (AldeSz Let Freedom Ring), ITD 5/12
Josh Allen CTDI and Austin (Eveningstars Int'l Dog of Mystery), ITD 4/11

Vizsla (Smooth-Haired)

Igor Moshynskyy and Marcus Aurelius (Vizslavilla’s Dragon Copper, FDJ, RN, PCD, NAVHDA NA (Prz 1), VHDF HAE), ITD 7/15

Vizsla (Wire Haired)

Jeff Gowen CTDI and Tyndall (UJJ URO1 UCH Vizcay’s Hundred Degrees in the Shade JH CD RE ITD CL-1R), ITD 10/13


Janet Valentovich and Summer (Summer Valentovich CD, BN, RAE3, CGCA, NTD), ITD 1/17
Gretchen Stephenson CTDI and Tani (Tayla N Firemark’s Stay With Me Titania NTD), ITD 10/16
Pam Kanthor and Derek (YDoc Grey’s McDreamy V WinWeim NTD), ITD 9/16
Ashley McLure and Margaux (Maxed Out Margaux NTD), ITD 7/16
Lauren Crooks and Willma (), ITD 7/16
Linda Kush and Riley (), ITD 7/16
Matt White CTDI and Stella (Stella White), ITD 12/15
Elizabeth C. Tauser and Whimsi (Tauser’s Whimsi), ITD 11/15
Sylvia E. Kidd and Cowpoke (Cowpoke Kidd), ITD 8/15
Cristi Theriot and Covey (Int. CH, National CH, UCH, RO1 Bluerivers First on Point JH, RN, RATS), ITD 7/15
Teri Rice and Vivi (CH Regen’s Ready for The Party, JH, CDX,OA, OAJ, CGC, NW2), ITD 3/15
Teri Rice and Maile (CH Regen’s It’s My Party, CGC, NW1), ITD 3/15
Tanya K. Rowan and Leonardo (RBIMBS UKC CH Platinum’s Ultimate Renaissance Man CGC THDN THD NTD), ITD 3/15
Barb Herringshaw and Jazper (Greyghost Fuzzy Zone), ITD 2/15
Andi Bryant and Kenna (SDF Kenna CD RE NA OAJ NTD), ITD 1/15
Simone Johnston and Kairos (Hollowhills Prince Cole), ITD 1/15
Jo Anne Lefebvre and Comanche (Instar’s Flyin Piper Comanche), ITD 11/14
George J.M. Vos CTDI and Prince (Meander Goldstrike Griffin NTD), ITD 8/14
Dorothy Kellerhall and Rocky (Sporting Acres Rocky Mountain High BN, RE), ITD 4/14
Gretchen Stephenson CTDI and Avi (FIREMARK’S SILVER SHOT OCTAVIA, VCD1, MH, SDX, RDX, VX2), ITD 12/13
Mary May CTDI and Cocoa (Cocoa Puffs), ITD 11/13
Andrea Dugger and Lexi (Lexi Dugger), ITD 2/13
Angela Monteith CTDI and Kona (Kona), ITD 1/13
Diane Oskerka and Louis (Arnstadt’s Louis Bellson), ITD 8/12
Maritza Rivera Santana and Hiccup (Hiccup), ITD 5/12
Tristan Barnum CTDI and Kira (), ITD 7/10

Weimaraner (Longhaired)

Nina Fotara CTDI and Faith (Astraios Earth Angel), ITD 6/15
Gabriella Fotara and Rhea (Waldwiese Carpe Diem at Astraios (IMP AUS)), ITD 8/13
Debbie Allery and Tyler (Thrihyrne Trickster to Whitecross), ITD 12/11
Nina Fotara CTDI and Kodiak (Morpheus Ruler of Dreams at Astraios), ITD 9/11

Welsh Sheepdog

Rebecca Jewsbury CTDI and Alexis (), ITD 11/14

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Heather Fraser and Copper (Lynlee’s Bright Copper Penny), ITD 2/16
Barbara Zike and Gracie (Crosswind’s Amazing Grace, CGC), ITD 9/15
Nicola James and Seren (Tywysoges Yfigin), ITD 4/15

Welsh Terrier

Lucy Bailey and Dodger (GCH Wysiwyg Sgamio Cyfrwys CGC RN), ITD 7/14

West Highland White Terrier

Julia Bond and Max (), ITD 12/16
Diane Manlove and Zorro (Zorro Manlove), ITD 1/16
Stephanie Capkovic and Violet (Bella Vista’s Ultra Violet White!), ITD 11/15
Janice R. McCown CTDI and Willow (Rhodadendren’s Willow Girl), ITD 10/15
Cindy and David Miller and Holly (Lady Holly O’Reilly), ITD 8/15
Angelika Nagel and Emmely (Emmely Erdbeer vom Hadler Land), ITD 4/15
Louise Pyper and Angus (), ITD 4/15
Stephanie Capkovic and Joyce (Bella Vista’s Erin Go Braghlass), ITD 2/15
Nancy Brodesser and Lizza (Royale Lady Lizza), ITD 12/14
Gina Cornett and Jasmine (), ITD 10/14
Sheila Mehring and Tommy (Ravenswolf Pinball Wizard NAP, NJP, NFP), ITD 7/14
Carole Thornton and Stella (Windacre On Track With Stella), ITD 4/14
Krysti Fawcett and Piper (), ITD 3/14
Sue Ahern and Cosmo (Ballyhoo’s Blue Cosmic Blizzard), ITD 1/13
Debbie Moore and Sporty (Just for Sport), ITD 1/12
Adeline Ng CTDI and Beanie (), ITD 6/11


Eli Jones ATDI and Gatsby (Mollytop Soft Song NTD), ITD 3/17
Charlynn Turner CTDI and Flash (Shannon Down Color In Lines NTD), ITD 3/17
Roxy Gieroski and Glitch (Shannon Down Wreck it Ralph NTD), ITD 11/16
Debbie Blythe CTDI and Zippet the Whippet (Karasar’s Get to the Gate NTD), ITD 9/16
Emily Jorgenson and Gatsby (Whoville Evanesco), ITD 5/16
Olive Carder and Poppy (Rambling Rose), ITD 3/16
Olive Carder and Petal (Climbing Rose), ITD 3/16
Nicole Vaughn CTDI and Sin (Farseer Sinister Style), ITD 12/15
Melody McMichael ATDI and Tally (Finghin’s Charming Pirate), ITD 5/15
Sheri Paisley and River (Lynallan’s Got Caught by the River), ITD 3/15
Sheri Paisley and Easy (Icatcher’s A Mighty Rider), ITD 3/15
Lauri Austin and Moe (Surreyhill Diablesse The Morel Of The Story), ITD 2/15
Tammy Parker and Libby (Parkham’s Libby of the Isle), ITD 4/13
Heather Purdy and Breeze (Breeze), ITD 5/12
Diana Cognigni and Jake (Timbreblue’s Mysterious Dream Warrior), ITD 10/11

White German Shepherd

Claudia Deitrich and Sugar (Sugar Deitrich), ITD 12/15

White Shepherd

Arleen Ravanelli and Shira (Royal Shylo’s Nashira), ITD 9/15

White Shepherd Dog

Sandra Stranninger and Finjas (Finjas von Tirol), ITD 4/15
Martha Bailey CTDI and Kizzy (Braehead’s Hy-Mom I’m Back, Kismet’s New Adventure), ITD 7/14
Carolyn Murray CTDI and Scout (SureFire Jean Louise), ITD 4/14
Lorraine Moule CTDI and Hope (CH. Braehead’s Hy-Hope for Mt. Mist), ITD 11/13
Carolyn Murray CTDI and Cooper (Patchwork’s Special Agent Cooper), ITD 1/13

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Dustin Brown and Griff (Griff VI), ITD 3/16

Xoloitzcuintle (toy)

Jennie Fiendish and Stitch (Experiment 626 Stitch), ITD 4/12


Amber Oertle and Cricket (Yadalanh Little Miss Jiminy Cricket), ITD 1/16

Yorkshire Terrier

Phyllis Bandi and Diamond (CH Oakhurst’s Let Me Dazzle You NTD), ITD 4/17
Alison MacGillivray and Porter (Porter Oliver), ITD 12/15
Beverly Miller and Mocha (Marvelous Mocha), ITD 8/15
Beverly Miller and Morgan (Magical Morgan), ITD 8/15
Michelle McGahee and Winston (), ITD 7/15
Colleen Phillips and Rhody (Rhodium), ITD 2/15
Jane Switzer and Magnum (), ITD 2/15
Karie Weinstein and Strudel (Strudel Nugget Duchess of Snuggles), ITD 1/15
Shelley Ventura and Indy (Indiana Bones), ITD 1/15
Dee Farrell and Pebbles (Princess Pebbles O’Farrell), ITD 10/14
Irene Paden and Cubby (Cubby Pander Bear), ITD 5/14
Patricia Warnick and Howie (Howie), ITD 6/13
Phyllis Bandi and Tiffany (Bandi’s Tiffany), ITD 4/13
Thomas Bandi and Amber Star (Bandi’s Amber Star), ITD 4/13
MaryAnn Campbell ATDI and Chance (Yorkie Park’s Chances Are), ITD 6/12
Esther Horn and Danté (Danté), ITD 5/12
Jane Derr and Dansir (Bedazzling Dansir of Kibets), ITD 4/12
Gladys Stern and Harley (Harley Stern RN), ITD 4/12



Testimonials ITD

"Here's a video of Boomer showing off some of his tricks!"
— Eva Briggs and Boomer, NTD

"Kira is 10 weeks old in this video. We have your 101 Dog Tricks, and LOVE watching Jadie's trick video on youtube! We went to brunch yesterday and did a mini performance on the patio and Kira got huge applause. Just wanted to let you know that you are inspiring us to do more!"
— Tristan Barnum and Kira, NTD

"I had a lot of fun doing these applications and teaching new tricks. I surprised myself with how much my dog knew!" Watch video of Townshend
— Jennifer Bailey and Townshend ATD, and Gibson ITD

"What a great program this is! Ruby and I are working toward our advanced title."
— Gina Lyn Hayes, "Just Dogs Training" and Ruby NTD

"I am getting Leia ready for her obedience CD and RA and loved taking a break to teach her some new, fun tricks!" Watch video
— Susan Cribbs and Leia