Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD) title holders


Yarrow Kennel and Wendy (Yarrow HiTech Chase The Dream ITD), ITD 5/19
James Underwood and Steven (Edan Hill’s Dream On FDC CGC TKN ITD), ITD 1/19
James Underwood and Jewellee (Edan Hill’s Dream Big TKN ITD), ITD 1/19
D. Rosenberry & J. Underwood and Caramel (Edan Hill’s Dreamsicle CGC TKN ITD), ITD 11/17
D. Rosenberry & J. Underwood and Blue (Ch. Edan Hill’s If Dream’s Come True CGC TDN ITD), ITD 11/17
D. Rosenberry & J. Underwood and Marra (GrCh Hi-Tech’s Marrakech Express CGC TDN ITD), ITD 11/17
D. Rosenberry & J. Underwood and Sue Bee (Ch. Edan Hill’s I Dreamed A Dream CGC CGCA CGCU THDN TKN ITD), ITD 11/17
D. Rosenberry & J. Underwood and Mini Mouse (Ch. Edan Hill’s Life Is But A Dream CGC CGCU THDN TKN ITD), ITD 11/17
D. Rosenberry & J. Underwood and Rita (Ch. Rita Chiquita v Tani Kazari TKN ITD), ITD 10/17
D. Rosenberry & J. Underwood and Thomas (Ch. Yarrow Hi-Tech Stuck On You At Edan Hill CGC CGCA THDN TKN TKI ITD), ITD 2/17
D. Rosenberry & J. Underwood and Princess (AKC Ch/ UKC GrCh Yarrow Hi-Tech DreamWeaver THDN TKN TKI ITD), ITD 2/17
D. Rosenberry & J. Underwood and Eve (Watermark Back to the Beginning at Edan Hill RN CGC CGCA CGCU THDN TKN TKI TKA ITD), ITD 1/17
D. Rosenberry & J. Underwood and Chimp (Ch. Nim Chimpsky v Tani Kazari CGG CGCA CGCU RN THDN ITD), ITD 1/17

Afghan Hound

Maud Fast and Kalila (TDCH Pramya Eyes On Me Please ITD), ITD 3/19
Honour Kimball and GlitterBomb (Dolce Dea Apriori Xina Golden Moon ITD), ITD 2/19
Birgitta Strömberg and Alice (TDCH Alphaville’s Finger Lickin’ Good ITD), ITD 12/17

Airedale Terrier

Marie-Pier Rochefort and Gaya (Gaya ITD), ITD 1/20
Elizabeth Hughes and Farley (Shawndee Farley From Castiron ITD), ITD 1/20
Helene Houde and Siobhan (Satie Siobhan des Martres ITD), ITD 12/19
Anne-Marie Giroux and Grujot (Stillwaters Grujot ITD), ITD 10/19
Emmy Lou Drzal and Cricket (Mornin’ Starshine Golden Cricket ITD), ITD 8/19
Carrie LaCombe and Force (Eclipse Nozone Enforcer ITD), ITD 8/19
Isabelle Magnan and Boo (TDCH BAIS MBAIG ChBAR Margeline Capuccino Boo ITD), ITD 8/19
Debbie Klemp and Britt (Debonaire’s British Invasion ITD), ITD 1/18
Debbie Klemp and Lizzi (CDN/AM CH Debonaire Frankly I’m Bizzi ITD), ITD 8/17
Debbie Klemp and Payton (Debonaire It Pays to B Naughty ITD), ITD 8/17
Kay Nellis and Capella Rose (Eclipse When Stars Align), ITD 8/15
Lori Taylor and Claire (TDCH Trevorwood Hope for Clear Skies ACT1 RATS BCAT CGC NW1 TDI ETD), ITD 8/15
Deborah Manheim and The Wendy Darling (Coldstream Unforgettable You), ITD 6/14
Debra Grimm and Kaleigh (Kaleigh Rose Grimm), ITD 6/14
Kay Pitkin and Tia (Seneca Autumn Summe Rose), ITD 5/14
Marsha Tabor and Lily (Aberdeen Sweet Tarte), ITD 12/13


Madison Schaeffer and Friday (Moonlight’s Friday I’m in Love ITD), ITD 2/20
Madison Schaeffer and Sabriel (Moonlight’s Manhattan Straight Up ITD), ITD 1/20
Cypress Daul and Saia (Saia ITD), ITD 1/20
Elea Warf and Darcy (GCH Countryside’s Uptown Girl RN THDX CGCA CGCU TKN VA THIAOV TT ITD), ITD 9/17
Elea Warf and Kayden (GCH Countryside’s Rumors Royal Star RN THDX CGCA CGCU TKN VA TDIAOV TT ITD), ITD 9/17
Suzi Aleksander and Koko (TDCH Kurai Kokoro ITD), ITD 8/17
Genevieve Neely and Torbjørn (ShowKayce Folsom Keeps A-Rollin NTD), ITD 6/17
Nancy Almann and Toka (Kumite Diamond’s Willow Creek Codotoka ITD), ITD 11/16
Amy McArdle and Koji (Big Benz In The Hot Seat ITD), ITD 5/16

Alaskan Husky

Monika Hoyer and Rook (), ITD 3/18
Lynzie Bacchus CTDI and Kei (), ITD 4/17

Alaskan Klee Kai

Christina de Juan and Maera (TDCH URO1 CH’PR’ Thurisia’s Enchanted Sea Nymph SPOT-ON CGCA TKI RATI RATN ITD), ITD 2/20
Ingrid Knorr and Bindi (DEKK’s Michief Managed @ZAKK ITD), ITD 10/19
Jennifer Hsia and Adara (‘PR’ AliAK’s Hearts on Fire), ITD 1/17
Catherine J. Lingle CTDI and Shila (UKC P’R’ BB Cook’s Autumn Flame), ITD 2/16
Jennifer Hsia and Tolkien (‘PR’ Allerian’s Legendarium v AliAK), ITD 1/16
Jennifer Hsia and Lyra (AliAK’s Her DArKK Materials ITD), ITD 1/16
Jennifer Hsia and Maya (Kodiakk’s Fiscal Reckoning Day), ITD 5/15
Jennifer Hsia and Kodah (‘PR’ Boston’s Tumultuous Rebellion), ITD 5/15

Alaskan Malamute

Andreanne Courchesne and Luna (Luna ITD), ITD 1/20
Anna Grob and Klondike (URO1 Sno Quest’s Klondike Gold Rush RN CGC TDI ITD), ITD 10/19
Patricia A.B. Starks and Halo (Kodiacks Silverice Catanya Halo ITD), ITD 8/18
Jackie Wyandt and Spirit (Yellowsnow Malamutes Stardust Fairy ITD), ITD 11/17
Sara Maida and Avery (Lone Wolf’s Little Man Avery), ITD 9/17
Sara Maida and Alpha (Hudon’s John Roberts Alpha), ITD 9/17
Nathalie Villaroman and Nikita (TDCH Deka Wolf’s BellaRocca Love ETD), ITD 7/16
Betty Ryan and Gypsy (Iron Pride’s Gypsy), ITD 5/15
Eva Kifri CTDI and Magaidh (Kwest’s Reddy For Action ATD), ITD 5/14
Eva Kifri CTDI and Bjorn (Kwest’s Bjorn To Run), ITD 5/14

American Bulldog

Cassandra Koch CPDT-KA and Van Zant (Van Zant ITD), ITD 2/20
Lenell Hattingh and Charley (Mountain Charley ITD), ITD 10/18
Fiona Garratt and Lennox (), ITD 4/18
Lynn Barnhardt CTDI and Sherman (), ITD 10/17
Jeffrey Causby CTDI and Star (Star Causby ITD), ITD 9/17
Melissa De Decker CTDI and Shira (Schott’s Sugar Plum of Watson ITD), ITD 5/17
Anne-Marie Smith CTDI and Mai Tai (Tropic Dreams Mai Tai and Sunny Beaches), ITD 2/16
Cathleen Burnett and Jaycee (Jaycee Burnett), ITD 11/15
Nancy Schwarzer and Kiwi (Shetan Bulls The Promis of Kiwi), ITD 3/15
Paige Marcotte and Kane (), ITD 3/15
Roxann Wilkinson CTDI and Wally (Wilkinson’s Where’s Wally ITD), ITD 1/15

American Bully

Anissa Shotbolt and Willow (Black Willow of BCBullies ITD), ITD 3/20
Anissa Shotbolt and Kali (Kalifornia’s Iron Hammer ITD), ITD 2/20
Anissa Shotbolt and Woodsie (TDCH Hollywood’s Blue Crush ITD), ITD 2/20
Ronny Wiltz and Loki (Loki ITD), ITD 2/20
Elisha Edge and Aimee (TDCH Aimee ITD), ITD 12/19
Lex Blanton and Defiance (Playing with Fire ITD), ITD 4/18
Janilee Benell CTDI and Fleur (RDBK Fleur de Les of NXNW ITD), ITD 10/17
Marivi Laurel and Elmo (), ITD 10/16

American Cocker Spaniel

Shara Barlow CTDI and Pepper (Hallmark’s Sugar and Spice ITD), ITD 1/20
Sandi Maday and Neo (Braewood Protector of Zio ITD), ITD 12/19
Brenda Wagner and Lucy (Lucy Wagner ITD), ITD 9/19
Jennifer Oxbury and Apache (Leaderline Kvinto Star ITD), ITD 7/19
Martha Milli and Sadie (Milli’s Sadie ITD), ITD 1/19
Sandra Willis and Luke (Quasar’Nicon’s Skywalker CD BN CGC ITD), ITD 12/18
Barbara Burlingame and Yenta (Yenta’s Heart for Clara ITD), ITD 10/18
Cathy Richardson and Mickey (Nonnies Jomardi Mickey ITD), ITD 4/18
Sandra Willis and Jack (J-Bee’s Play One for Me CDX BN RE CGCA ITD), ITD 1/18
Cathy Richardson and Minnie (Nonnie’s Too Cute for Words ITD), ITD 11/17
Shara Barlow CTDI and Zoey (Life Through Onyx Eyes ITD), ITD 6/17
Carrie Kaysen CTDI and Bitsy (), ITD 5/16
Gloria Hrabina and Carbon (Seascapes Carbon Copy), ITD 11/15
Carrie Kaysen CTDI and Dexter (), ITD 5/14
Soraya Fuchs and Zoey (Zoey Fuchs), ITD 4/14

American English Coonhound

Deborah Santinelli and Ranger (Ranger ITD), ITD 3/20

American Eskimo Dog

Debbe Endres and Lacy (TDCH ), ITD 10/17
Jenifer Brimmer and Dee (Pikatti’s Double Queue), ITD 5/17
Mary Louise Hodgson and Nikki (Nikki Rose), ITD 2/17
Christina Young CTDI and Riker (), ITD 11/16
Karen Conrad and Zeno (Emperor Zeno of Peyton), ITD 8/16
Sherrie M. Bartell and Zurie (Zurie Bartell), ITD 2/16
Jenifer Brimmer and Michael (Miracles Magnificat at Pikatti ITD), ITD 7/15
Jenifer Brimmer and Gabby (Wright Pikatti Warrior Woman 2), ITD 9/14
Jenifer Brimmer and Lily (Pikatti’s Ima Star), ITD 7/14
Jenifer Brimmer and Clara (Pikatti’s Stitch In Time), ITD 3/14
Jenifer Brimmer and Serena (Pikatti’s Undying Spirit), ITD 9/13
Jenifer Brimmer and Abby (Pikatti’s Fleeting Storm), ITD 12/12

American Eskimo Dog (Miniature)

Sandy Baird and Zoe (Reskie’s Touch of Fate ITD), ITD 3/19
Wayne Stolz and Winter (), ITD 2/18
Lori Stolz and Sully (), ITD 2/18

American Foxhound

Sarahfaye Dolman and Keaton (Buster Keaton ITD), ITD 8/18

American Hairless Terrier

Susan Brasel CTDI and Gibbs (Lace Leroy Jethro Gibbs @ Gaffer ITD CCF1), ITD 2/20
Catherine Birch and Fabio (Danatova Brynden Blackfish ITD), ITD 1/20
Susan Brasel CTDI and Mischief (R01 Inter/Nat CH Hi Life Gaffer’s Ain’t Misbehavin DJ RN ITD), ITD 2/15

American Hairless Terrier (coated)

Charlotte Hederen and Zappa (Sundial Ahtfans American Zappa), ITD 11/15

American Pit Bull Terrier

Katie Gomez and Zoe (Leaf on the Wind ITD), ITD 3/20
Sarah Cousineau and Swell (Swell ITD), ITD 3/20
Angela White and Noble (Noble ITD), ITD 3/20
Melissa Peterman and Twinkle (Jhnsns Twinkle Twinkle Lil Star ITD), ITD 1/20
Fentley Ward and Bentley (), ITD 8/19
Lisa Gesser and Peaty (), ITD 6/19
Ingrid Putschi and Elsie (Bossi’s Colby Lucky Charm ITD), ITD 12/18
Terry Henning and Violet (Serendipity’s UltraViolet Flygirl ITD), ITD 11/18
Dawn Malvasio-Kuras and Scrappy (), ITD 9/18
Jenny Chun-Ossowski and Josie (Josie Chun-Ossowski ITD), ITD 9/18
Morgan Neville and Bailey (Bailey James ITD), ITD 8/18
Amy Trombecky and Laylabell (), ITD 5/18
Jess Pollis and Odin (Odin Pollis NTD), ITD 3/18
Evelynn Linden and Scooby (Linden’s Scooby), ITD 12/17
Stephanie Sivilotti and Gidget (Gidget Sivilotti ITD), ITD 11/17
Rachel Richards and Nelwyn (OPG’s Smalltown Elven Archer NTD), ITD 10/17
Rosemary Elwell and Lily (Lily Dale- A Melody Unchained ITD), ITD 1/17
Conor Orsillo-Null and Brom (Old Glory’s Red White and Blue), ITD 1/17
Valerie Vail and Max (Maximum Avenger NTD), ITD 3/16
Deborah Root and Ayla (TDCH Ayla ITD), ITD 2/16
Becky Gregory and Mason (), ITD 12/15
Janet Byrum and Scooter (Scooter Byrum), ITD 10/15
Megan Baker and Hero (Walker Bait’s Pathogen), ITD 1/15
Melquan King ATDI and Coco (Coco King), ITD 5/13
Patricia Knol and Dela (Delamaine), ITD 5/12

American Shepherd (Miniature)

Taylor Hayes and Maisel (Tanasi N Dynasty’s Stormborn First of Her Name ITD), ITD 3/20
Josee Godbout and Oliver (Legacy’s Oliver Dawson ITD), ITD 2/20
Sharon Jonas and Dink (Wigglebutt Cozmic One ITD), ITD 1/20
Sharon Jonas and Iko (Wigglebutt The Spy Who Loved Me ITD), ITD 1/20
Angela Ogle and Han (Wigglebutt Han Solo ITD), ITD 1/20
Angela Ogle and Zen (Wigglebutt Zenyatta ITD), ITD 1/20
Kristy Hubbard and Izzie (Wigglebutt Izzie Does It ITD), ITD 1/20
Kristy Hubbard and Haven (Wigglebutt Miss B Haven ITD), ITD 1/20
Judy Fickes and Blaize (Pinewood’s Blaize of Glory ITD), ITD 1/20
Nicole Stössinger and Dr. Watson (Dreams Come True Dr. John H Watson ITD), ITD 1/20
Samantha Morin and Arkham (Arkham Asylum RPY ITD), ITD 12/19
Ashley Haley and Link (Tidwell’s Link from the Past ITD), ITD 12/19
Verna Saxer-Gibson and Hope (White’s Sharp Lil Hope TDN ITD), ITD 12/19
Ashley Haley and Blackjack (Marlowin’s Blackjack Dealer ITD), ITD 12/19
Glory-Ann Pigarut and Stella (J Bar T Different Shades of Blue ITD), ITD 11/19
Nikki Gordon and River (Marsh’s River in Autumn ITD), ITD 11/19
Charles MacDonald and Holly (Follow Me around the Blue Holly Bush ITD), ITD 11/19
Brandi Fredrickson and Jack (), ITD 10/19
Patti Brown and Bullet (High Caliber Bullet ITD), ITD 10/19
Courtney Fisher and Misty (Starrytails Misty Night ITD), ITD 9/19
Sara Scott and Ullar (), ITD 9/19
Stefani Williams and Gemma (), ITD 9/19
Sandy Powers and Sunny (Legacy’s Merry Morning Sunshine ITD), ITD 9/19
Taylor Dawson CTDI and Obie (Obie Dawson CGC TKN TKI TKA TKP RN RI ITD), ITD 7/19
Barbara Lucas and Flea (Grey Area’s Never Be Bored ITD), ITD 5/19
Kim Mueller and Finnegan (Minisodas Team Finnegan ITD), ITD 4/19
Lisa Leipold CTDI and Harper (Legecy’s Pulling at My Heart Strings ITD), ITD 4/19
Michelle Balent and Dash (Harvest Wind Write a New Chapter ITD), ITD 3/19
Sonja Richter and Atlas (Wiggle Rump Holds the Heavens ITD), ITD 2/19
Olivia Ratay and Taz (Atomic Born 2 Be Wild ITD), ITD 1/19
Taylor Hayes and Newton (Atomic Blue Eyes Newton ITD), ITD 12/18
Laura De La Cruz CTDI and Pepper (Latigo’s Muy Caliente ITD), ITD 11/18
Mercedes Osolin and Firenze (Latigo’s Divinator by Stars ITD), ITD 10/18
Erica Roden and Ecko ( ITD), ITD 10/18
Ainsley Heaton and Mazie (Doc’s Amazing Grace ITD), ITD 10/18
Hanna Noack CTDI and Baron (Baron Von Richthofen ITD), ITD 9/18
Melanie Parsons and Cody (), ITD 7/18
Heather Maher and Mylee (4 Paws Ring of Fire ITD), ITD 6/18
Megan McKinney and Rusty (TJ’s Just Plain Rusty ITD), ITD 6/18
Bobbie Rash and Gus (Finny’s Fine N’ Majestic ITD), ITD 5/18
Katherine Kedzierski and Charlie (TDCH ), ITD 3/18
Miriam Hoffman and Chewie (4 Clovers Let the Wookiee Win ITD), ITD 3/18
Jamie Williamson and Oakley (Chandrea’s Oakley at Night ITD), ITD 2/18
Mary Riley and Micah (Sapphire Gottabe Mr Micah McGee ITD), ITD 12/17
Erica Beattie and Demi (4 Clovers & Wyndemere’s Sorry Not Sorry ATD), ITD 11/17
Erica Beattie and Sparkle (4 Clovers Kiss My Sass ITD), ITD 11/17
Miriam Hoffman and Maizy (Battlefield’s Maizy ITD), ITD 10/17
Erica Beattie and CJ (Away To Me Cadillac Jack ITD), ITD 10/17
Davon-Rae Johnson and Vixey (), ITD 10/17
Lucy Wheelwright and Cooper (Basileas Super Mini Cooper NTD), ITD 9/17
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Queenie (TDCH SDCH Wigglebutt Wand Chooses the Wizard ITD), ITD 9/17
Lorel Sack and Kessie (Lucky J. Kessie Kat NTD), ITD 9/17
Erica Beattie and Beep (Wyndemere’s Baby U Can Drive My Car ITD), ITD 6/17
Tara Lavallee and Phenix (Basileas Light My Fire ITD), ITD 5/17
Erica Beattie and Marvin (4 Clovers Where’s The Kaboom ITD), ITD 5/17
Erica Beattie and Birdie (4 Clovers Feathers Will Fly ATD), ITD 5/17
Janet Jones and Trace (Picasso’s Trace Echo), ITD 4/17
Kristine Drost and Rockie (FHF Rock My World), ITD 3/17
Erica Beattie and Jitterbug (4 Clovers Shake Rattle N Roll), ITD 3/17
Rachel Heaton and Heidi (Mighty Little Heidi), ITD 3/17
Rachel Heaton and Callie (Callie OMalley of Spring Valley ITD), ITD 3/17
Letitia Odom and Lolly (Lolly-Pop Kisses Odom), ITD 2/17
Erica Beattie and Ditto (4 Clovers Carbon Copy ATD), ITD 2/17
Tara Paulsen and Honor (FHF On Faith’s Honor NTD), ITD 2/17
Letitia Odom and Betty (Betty Jane Odom NTD NAJ ACT2), ITD 2/17
Michelle Vallance and Dash (Finny’s Blame It All On My Roots CGC ITD), ITD 1/17
Erica Beattie and Java (Away To Me Caffe Americano ATD), ITD 10/16
Aleandra Ryan-Plasil CTDI and Rowan (Leddy’s Little Red One ITD), ITD 7/16
Yvonne Ferrell and Zoey (Blue Run’s Princess Zoey Rose), ITD 5/16
Erica Beattie and Iris (4 Clovers Rainbow Connection ATD), ITD 4/16
Diane LaPoma and Cooper (Triple R’s Shot Through the Heart Cupid), ITD 4/16
Paige Campbell and Pavi (Pavlov Twain NTD), ITD 1/16
Mary Ann Sanford and LeeRoy (LeeRoy Brown Frederick CGC BN NTD DSA), ITD 7/15
Jan Sund CTDI and Coury (TDCH FHF Braveheart ITD), ITD 7/15
Jett Wyatt and Tazer (Makanalong’s Shock Value), ITD 5/15
Jamie Bicknell CTDI and Hallie (Desert Sun’s Chasing Dragonflies at Makanalong), ITD 5/15
Kacy Reighter and Trigger (Desert Sun’s Pull That Trigger), ITD 5/15
Kacy Reighter and Le Rêve (Desert Sun’s Painted Piccasso), ITD 5/15
Blanche Bast and Mocha (Mocha Bean), ITD 3/15
Jennifer McLean and Faust (Outlaw’s Total Knock Out), ITD 3/15
J. Melinda Cribb and Fizz (Wee Witty’s Toast To The New Year ITD), ITD 2/15
Heather Jones and Oakley (Legacy’s Sureshot), ITD 9/14
Erica Beattie and MaCree (Battlefield’s No.1 Cree-ation at 4Clovers), ITD 9/14
Liz Maslow and Koda (Wigglebutt’s Kodak Moment), ITD 7/14
Wendy Bemis CTDI and Adrian (Deaf-Defying Adrian CGC ITD), ITD 4/14
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Desi (Birchview’s Destiny OJC TN-N TG-N JHD CGC ITD), ITD 3/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Magic (Alta Vista Do You Believe in Magic RN TDI ITD), ITD 3/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Faith (Birchview’s Goddess of Hearth and Flame ONYX MBDX TF-I OAC OJC TN-O V2 RN 3 BOB Int Ch Jr Ch TDI CGC ITD), ITD 3/13

American Staffordshire Terrier

Terri Priest and Lark (Chargers Selene Luna Moon ITD), ITD 3/20
Amanda Gilbert and Shelby (FLK Spring Roll ITD), ITD 1/20
Melissa Peterman and Hank (It’s A Family Tradition ITD), ITD 1/20
Jaida Cooper and Glaceon (PMK’s Ice Cold Glaceon ITD), ITD 1/20
Jaida Cooper and Melody (FLK SO In Tune at GLK ITD), ITD 1/20
Jaida Cooper and Pixie (PMK’s Vertical Drop To Bluenile ITD), ITD 1/20
Jaida Cooper and Pyroar (Backwood’s Roaring Wild Fire ITD), ITD 1/20
Jaida Cooper and Bomber (Prairie Moons Mega Man ITD), ITD 1/20
Jaida Cooper and Evey (Bluenile’s Just The Way You Are ITD), ITD 1/20
Kelly Thorburn CTDI and Rush (TDCH Michl R Redneck Reflection ITD), ITD 12/19
Meagan Kritsky and Ruger (LBK’s Rebel and Proud I’ve Had Enuf ITD), ITD 12/19
Meagan Kritsky and Athena (LBK’s Sour Patch Kid ITD), ITD 12/19
Terri Priest and Misfit (Misfit ITD), ITD 11/19
Terri Priest and Wren (Prairie Moon’s Final Fantasy ITD), ITD 10/19
Kalli Peterson and Liberty (), ITD 6/19
Denise Mulry and Betty (My Bet’s On You ITD), ITD 1/19
Jaime Martin and Holly (TDCH Holly Berries ITD), ITD 7/18
Ali Evanson CTDI and Chunk (), ITD 5/18
Dalana Bewley Huss CTDI and Chip (SDCH TDCH Alpine’s Sweet Chocolate Chip ITD), ITD 1/18
Shelley McQuillin CTDI and Mabel (SDCH TDCH Miss Mabeline ITD), ITD 11/17
Karlee Ainslie and Pear (), ITD 11/17
Jessica Hudson and Finn (Finn CGC ITD), ITD 9/17
Aslyn Estill and Kiva (), ITD 4/17
Winnie E. Paul and Moose (Moose the Hawaiian Wonder Dog), ITD 11/16
Danielle Yorke and Zeus (), ITD 4/15
Kerry McAuliffe and Sasha (Sasha Bat Kassman), ITD 3/15
Luz Mira and Charlie (Charlie Brown), ITD 3/15
Lisa Valentine and Ray (Ray), ITD 5/12

American Water Spaniel

Trudy Paquin CTDI and Zumba (Edie’s Zumba Quick Step), ITD 10/17

Argentine Mastiff

Louise Morley and Levi (), ITD 10/17

Australian Cattle Dog

Emily Johnson ATDI and Quest (Quest ITD), ITD 3/20
Jill Johnson and Rocket (Rocket J. Squirrel, Esquire ITD), ITD 3/20
Roxanne Croteau and Willow (Uretopia’s Courting Trouble ITD), ITD 3/20
Roy & Linda Josephson and Zip (Zip’s Who’s Zoomin Who ITD), ITD 3/20
Josiane Cadieux and Houla (Houla ITD), ITD 3/20
Josiane Cadieux and Bailey (Bailey ITD), ITD 3/20
Shantele Rogers and Max (Hiredhand Maximillian Rogers ITD), ITD 2/20
Shantele Rogers and Han (Hiredhand Han Solo ITD), ITD 2/20
Hannah Mandic-Nowac and Blue (Ronnie Von Bluesen ITD), ITD 1/20
Darlene Fritz and Blu (Riverwild Ain’t Saying Boo ITD), ITD 10/19
Sharon Middendorf and Kai-Yay (Yippee Kai-Yay ITD), ITD 10/19
Kendra Elliott and Boomer (Vallesanta Ranch ACD Nennami Jion (Italy) ITD), ITD 10/19
Cassia Devison and Stella (Ch Stock Options Four Heel Drive ITD), ITD 10/19
Cassia Devison and Forest (Blu For Ewe Like Peas N’ Carrots ITD), ITD 10/19
Dana Pearson and Cuvier (), ITD 9/19
Isabela Moreira and Atlas (Atlas Leonhardt Moreira ITD), ITD 8/19
Tiffany Hughes and Kronos (TK’s Cosmic Stars in My Eyes Kronos ITD), ITD 7/19
Andrea Davis CTDI and Lily (Lily ITD), ITD 5/19
Michelle McEwen and Tonic (), ITD 4/19
Aly Jabrocki and Cider (TDCH Corral West’s Granny Smith Got Lit ITD), ITD 4/19
Coralyn Pedota and Mars (), ITD 3/19
Theresa Dambik and Ghost ( ITD), ITD 3/19
Kim Lewis and Wyle (Wyle E Coyote ITD), ITD 3/19
Kim Lewis and Chili (Chili Pepper ITD), ITD 2/19
Kim Lewis and Romeo (Bleu Moon Arising ITD), ITD 2/19
Patricia Daugherty CTDI and Tiki (Devon’s Midnight Flame ITD), ITD 1/19
Pat Stewart and Indie (Uretopia’s Indigo Rose ITD), ITD 12/18
Mikayla Smith and Trigger (Smith’s Bite the Bullet ITD), ITD 11/18
V. Lachelle Henderson and Juneau (Grizzly Hollow’s Juneau ITD), ITD 10/18
Kendra Elliott and Ekko (4Directions Pop of Color ITD), ITD 10/18
Mary La Crosse and Bullet (LNR RIG B’s Faster Than A Speeding Bullet ITD), ITD 9/18
Patricia Daugherty CTDI and Boaz (Devon’s Pillar of Strength ITD), ITD 9/18
Louise Daigle and Piper (TDCH Red Pointy Dog’s She’s Just Tiny Piper ITD), ITD 8/18
Jacquie Moore and Cowboy (), ITD 7/18
Vicki Case and Lil (), ITD 5/18
Kendra Elliott and Jiro (Bdb’s Stocking Stuffer ITD), ITD 3/18
Sue Kuykendall and Abby (Holly Jolly Abby Sue NTD), ITD 2/18
Sue Kuykendall and Ozzie (Ozzie Howl at the Moon NTD), ITD 2/18
Tammy Swoboda and Abby (Abigail Sweet Tart Swoboda NTD), ITD 1/18
Lesley Lynam and Ace (), ITD 11/17
Paige Brannan and Jelly Bean (), ITD 10/17
Susan Marie Boarman and Star (Boarman’s Star ITD), ITD 9/17
Janet Parks and Mika (TDCH ), ITD 9/17
Amanda Bock and Ryot (), ITD 8/17
Karen Demichele and Jewel (Jewel Teri_Savage ITD), ITD 7/17
Aly Jabrocki and Clementine (Hi-Def’s Cowgirl Up Clementine ITD), ITD 4/17
Melissa Bishop and T-Rex (T-Rex), ITD 3/17
Penny Bushell ATDI and Tank (Taylords Armed Forces ITD), ITD 3/17
Wendy Johnson and Turbo (LJ’s Blue Boy Turbo Charge ITD), ITD 3/17
Lynda Kitzinger and Flip (), ITD 9/16
Teri Shorter ATDI and Tucker (Outrun Copper Tucker Bag ITD), ITD 8/16
Rachel Maness and Sisci Godzilla (There Goes Tokyo NTD), ITD 6/16
Kristi Wass and Luna (Luna Wass), ITD 3/16
Andy Wass and Tic (Tic Wass), ITD 3/16
Ashley Bowman and Cider (Cider Bowman), ITD 12/15
Kristyn Kay ATDI and Misty (Misty Blue), ITD 10/15
Karen Anderson and Sky (), ITD 9/15
Lori A. Grubbs and Tibsy (Tibsy D!), ITD 5/15
Erika Jackson CTDI and Earl (Hurricane Earl), ITD 3/15
Elizabeth Smith and Dexter (), ITD 2/15
Christine Lantzer and Winny (), ITD 2/15
Christi Ticer and Dexter (), ITD 2/15
Andrea Myers CTDI and Sammy (Samuel Ray Myers), ITD 2/15
Michael Smyth and Mattie (TDCH Mattie Ulster Snow ITD), ITD 12/14
Angela Dove and Sadie (), ITD 12/14
Michelle R. Parlett and Gracie (Grace Parlett), ITD 12/14
Joanna Moritz and Felix (Felix LaRue “Little Spoon” Butters Moritz ITD), ITD 10/14
Laura Angelo CTDI and Mel (TDCH ), ITD 4/14
Brandy Steele Oates CTDI and Star (Ringo’s “Star”), ITD 12/13
Carrie Rzewnicki ATDI and Indy (Rezo’s Doctor Jones), ITD 11/13
Justine Sahli and Ruthie (TDCH Justine’s Jillaroo Born Again CGC THD), ITD 11/13
Heather Turley and Matilda (Matilda), ITD 10/12
Laura DeMaio Roy CTDI and Jake (Jake), ITD 6/12
Shannon Bednowicz and Apex (Apex), ITD 6/12
Carey Haas ATDI and Wyatt (ARCHEX Wyatt Fast is Fine, RL1X, RL2X, RL3X, BH, NAH, CGC ITD), ITD 5/12
Tess Starr CTDI and Layla (TDCH Solo’s Layla Blues Dancer OA OAJ NF ITD), ITD 2/12

Australian Cattle Dog (Miniature)

Emily Garland CTDI and Faux (Dusty Trails Etiquette Sabotage ITD), ITD 1/18
Nancy Giltrud and Zoe (), ITD 3/15

Australian Kelpie

Kinsey Peterson and Raven (Raven Peterson ITD), ITD 10/19
Vicky Miles and Esme (Evallens Fawn Weatherwas ITD), ITD 8/19
Robin Ross Massie CTDI and Mia (Miss Mia of Squire Dudney ITD), ITD 8/18
Brenda Altman and Mick (Ledgerock Mick Dundee ITD), ITD 8/18
Tracey Hopper and Mouse (Springsett The Goat ITD), ITD 6/18
Sarah Wood and Shyla (TDCH ), ITD 2/18
Jordan Wicks and Peony (TDCH Peony), ITD 12/17
Mary Vahaviolos and Chispa (TDCH ), ITD 1/17
Helen Parkinson CTDI and Rue (TDCH ), ITD 9/16
Lauren Tsao CTDI and Beretta (), ITD 1/16

Australian Koolie

Kimberly Shinn and Inspector Gadget (Faraway’s Guns A-Blazing ITD), ITD 1/20
Melissa Craft and Ace (Magic Park Wild Card ITD), ITD 12/19
Izzy May and Nike (Wildwood’s Goddess of Victory ITD), ITD 7/18
Dove Cresswell CTDI and Torque (Torque the Land Shark ITD), ITD 5/18
Tanita Bruce and Mac (TNT KOOL DREAM ITD), ITD 8/17

Australian Shepherd

Andrea Harant and George Clooney (Thunder Hill the Specialist ITD), ITD 3/20
Andrea Harant and Maxx (Thunderstrike Spectre Thunder Hill Primeoak ITD), ITD 3/20
Meredith Suhr and Wyatt (Wyatt’s Shining Star Of Bodie ITD), ITD 3/20
Danielle Mathias and Rigby (TDCH Novacoast Believe In Magic ITD), ITD 3/20
Tracey Rogers and Quinn (Thistledust Manhatten ITD), ITD 3/20
Tracey Rogers and Bear (Thistledust Chasing Rainbows ITD), ITD 3/20
Traci Daly and Atticus (Legacy Star Atticus ITD), ITD 3/20
Sandra Burroughs and Josie (Josie ITD), ITD 2/20
Elizabeth Clark and Lulu (LuLu ITD), ITD 2/20
Briley Kelley and Prim (Skyborne’s Gardens of Glory ITD), ITD 2/20
Maggie Patt Biddle and Willow (Green Acres Scarlet Willow ITD), ITD 2/20
Maggie Patt Biddle and Ivy (Scarlet Ivy ITD), ITD 2/20
Dana Bjornerud CTDI and Dash (Zero G’s Incredible Dash ITD), ITD 2/20
Corine Graham CTDI and Izzie (Isabella Lake of Redwood Ranch ITD), ITD 2/20
Alexis Davison and Arlo (Thistledust Red Carpet Affair ITD), ITD 2/20
Sally Spiss and Bailey (Kinring’s Irish Cream ITD), ITD 2/20
Sherry Zeeman and Buckit (Superfly’s Giddy Up Go ITD), ITD 2/20
Kariane Corbeil and Elsa (Elsa ITD), ITD 2/20
Kelly Meyer and Beau (Green Acres Beau Soleil ITD), ITD 2/20
Christine Sapa CTDI and True (Appian Ways Dare to be True ITD), ITD 1/20
Jeff & Emily Mabey and Chloe (Damani Dream Goldelse ITD), ITD 1/20
Jeff & Emily Mabey and Brie (Green Valley Looking To The Future ITD), ITD 1/20
Jeff & Emily Mabey and Clifford (Brighttouch Almost Unreal ITD), ITD 1/20
Jeff & Emily Mabey and Feta (Green Valley Destined For The Future ITD), ITD 1/20
Jeff & Emily Mabey and Charlotte (Green Valley Next Generation ITD), ITD 1/20
Natalie Mabey and Steel (Sky Creek Powerhouse ITD), ITD 1/20
Deborah Vallandingham and Gladys (Valli Farm’s Glad is My Heart ITD), ITD 1/20
Abigail Pearce and Wrangler (Green Acres Rugged Wrangler ITD), ITD 1/20
Paula Stiven CTDI and Nash (Casselcreek Cadillacman ITD), ITD 1/20
Isabelle Crete and Kyra (Arkanya Life Is Good ITD), ITD 1/20
Rose Adler CTDI and Wink (Wink ITD), ITD 1/20
Marie Pearson and Blaze (Whippletree’s Blazin’ Flyboy ITD), ITD 1/20
Christine Sapa CTDI and Party (AppIan Ways Liberta! ITD), ITD 1/20
Christine Sapa CTDI and Gino (CH Halfmoon Extravagance PT JS-N GS-N RATN ITD), ITD 1/20
Yanna Heng and Fidji (TDCH Fidji ITD), ITD 1/20
Kathleen Massicotte and Sofia (Princess Heart De La Colombe Béarnaise ITD), ITD 1/20
Elizabeth Duncan and Keelyn (Macushla Mo Chroi My Darling Keelyn of Prestrige ITD), ITD 1/20
Elizabeth Duncan and Baylee (Cusle Mo Chroi Eibhleann ITD), ITD 1/20
Sharon Bradley and Gypsy (THF Tennessee Gypsy Blue ITD), ITD 1/20
Annette Karlsson and Jazz (Meet MyOwn Black Ice ITD), ITD 1/20
Isabelle Perreault and Jethro (Jethro-Gibbs de la Genevoise ITD), ITD 1/20
Maria Welch and Trudee (IvyFarm Everlasting Inscrption ITD), ITD 1/20
Melody Shaw and Tui (Chasin Tail’s Eatin Mail ITD), ITD 1/20
Mylène Blais and Simba (TDCH Simba ITD), ITD 1/20
Mylène Blais and Mirak (Mirak the Lord of Kinoak ITD), ITD 1/20
Jennifer Bailey and Deal (Avid’s Stealin’ Hearts ITD), ITD 1/20
Nicola Stokes and Miesha (East Sooke Diva Miesha ITD), ITD 1/20
Sue MacNeil and Storm (Applestream Novacoast by Storm ITD), ITD 1/20
Lisa LeLacheur and Guinness (TDCH Novacoast Truly a Legend ITD), ITD 1/20
Sue MacNeil and Lacey (Novacoast Nice ‘N’ Ez ITD), ITD 1/20
France Sincennes and Clementine (Talisman L.A. Clementine ITD), ITD 1/20
Connie Sandbach and Milo (Milo ITD), ITD 1/20
Heather Hunter and Winston (Eweturn’s In It To Win It ITD), ITD 1/20
Breanna Bolivar and Dime (CH Malkas Silver Sails ITD), ITD 1/20
Tabatha Hoover and Tucker (Tucker Hoover ITD), ITD 1/20
Betty Bianchetto and West (Illusion Wild West de Loarwenn ITD), ITD 1/20
Deanne Archer and Maxwell (), ITD 12/19
Robin Barber and Tsunami (TDCH Stargate’s Second Wave ITD), ITD 12/19
Diane Parenteau and Boomer (Kinoak’s Baby Blue Boomer ITD), ITD 12/19
Katherine Brainard and Kepler (), ITD 12/19
Jessica Tetrault and Maily (Kinoak Maily ITD), ITD 12/19
Jessica Tetrault and Faith (Arkanya Faithful to Kinoak ITD), ITD 12/19
Lucie-Marie Guilbert and Ingrid (CH Orane Red Baby Doll des Rêves d’Opaline ITD), ITD 12/19
Lucie-Marie Guilbert and Janet (Aussiedream My Fancy Janet ITD), ITD 12/19
Carolle Marchand and Red Pebbles (Highrail Brilliant Red Pebbles ITD), ITD 12/19
Diane Parenteau and Maui (Maui Paradise Dubonheur ITD), ITD 12/19
Jamie Williamson and Atlas (Summer Rain Let’s Talk About Me ITD), ITD 12/19
Zoe Hunter and Shepie (), ITD 12/19
Sophie Paulin and Spotty (TDCH Lechfeld’s Spotty ITD), ITD 12/19
Laurie J. Shepard and Cam (Solis TNT Winding Rd2 Rustlore ITD), ITD 12/19
Cheryl Moore and Hamish (Bearfoot’s John Hamish the Blue ITD), ITD 12/19
Gwen Wakefield and Dolly (Dance With A Dolly ITD), ITD 12/19
Isabelle Dion and Litchi (Jolifilo’s Snowy Tornade ITD), ITD 12/19
David Fenner and Octavia (), ITD 12/19
Kari Pistore and Scout (), ITD 12/19
Callie Rickard and Forrest (Forrest Rickard ITD), ITD 12/19
Arlie Laxdal and Jesse (Kinring”s Little Red Rover ITD), ITD 12/19
Sarah Donaldson and Lou (Lou Donaldson ITD), ITD 11/19
Sharon Rosborough and Lucy (Cowboy’s I Love Lucy ITD), ITD 11/19
Bobbi Rakita and Chaco (Appian Way Chaco ITD), ITD 11/19
Kelly Meyer and Apollo (Green Acres Apollo ITD), ITD 11/19
Katelyn Perron and Coast (Malka’s Believe In Yourself ITD), ITD 11/19
Nicole McIntyre and Aurora (Oracle & Eweturn’s Aurora McWilley ITD), ITD 11/19
Tracy Huxley and Balou Magoo (), ITD 11/19
Kristin Backstrom and MayBee (Uproar’s Sting Like A Bee ITD), ITD 11/19
Briley Kelley and Nymbus (Little Black Raincloud ITD), ITD 11/19
Briley Kelley and Griffin (Thornapple High Plains Drifter ITD), ITD 11/19
Briley Kelley and Atari (Skyborne’s Solar Eclipse ITD), ITD 11/19
Jane Trude and Winnie (Appian Ways Wonder Years ITD), ITD 11/19
Bonnie Hirst and Rudy (), ITD 11/19
Marie-Pier Duplain and Louna (Louna de la Genevoise ITD), ITD 11/19
Brittany Kendall and Woobie (TDCH Novacoast Calculated Risk ITD), ITD 11/19
Cathy Oliver and Tasmania (Tucker creek Ticket to Tasmania ITD), ITD 11/19
Cathy Oliver and Earl (Tuckercreek’s Raise the Bar ITD), ITD 11/19
Marie Gates and Dakota (Green Acres Dakota ITD), ITD 11/19
Susan Evans and Jozey (Bur Oak’s Happy Day With Jozey ITD), ITD 10/19
Meg Boulton and Daisy (Blacknblue’s Lolita Pulido ITD), ITD 10/19
Daisy DeMarsh-Ebert and Dill (Riot’s Dill With It ITD), ITD 10/19
Allison Nevulis and Charlie (Hidden Creek’s Mountain Climber ITD), ITD 10/19
Molly Steimer and Leonard (Leonard Moore ITD), ITD 10/19
Wing Lam and Wraith (Riot’s Can I Play With Madness ITD), ITD 10/19
Amy Baumann and Harley Quinn (Doctor Harleen Quinzel ITD), ITD 10/19
Sylvie Beaudry and Kimmy (Kimmy de La Genevoise ITD), ITD 10/19
Jane Donohue and Jive (Uproar Twist and Shout ITD), ITD 10/19
Sherry Robitaille and Rosie (), ITD 10/19
Erica Roden and Jericho (Forsaken’s Jericho Havok ITD), ITD 10/19
Shannon Stephenson and Riley (Riley ITD), ITD 10/19
Ashley Escobar CTDI and M ui (Chrismarks Sunwren Hooked on M ui ITD), ITD 10/19
Danit Kargman and Callie (Callie ITD), ITD 10/19
Alisha Slater and Tinkerbell (Landslide’s Perfect Pixie ITD), ITD 10/19
Kathleen Massicotte and Sir Caleb (Sir Caleb de la Genevoise ITD), ITD 10/19
Rosie Canfield and Quill (Avid’s Truer Than True ITD), ITD 10/19
Kelsey Wilson and Murphy (Mountain Wrangler’s No Guts No Glory TKN RN ITD), ITD 9/19
Kimberly Ward and Monk (Heavensent Monk ITD), ITD 9/19
Kimberly Ward and Captain Jack (Heavensent Captain Jack ITD), ITD 9/19
Christine Sapa CTDI and Flirt (Appian Ways Caffè Americana ITD), ITD 9/19
Charlee Mabey and Annie (MfR for Annie’s Girl ITD), ITD 9/19
Randi Schroeder and Kizzy (), ITD 9/19
Randi Schroeder and Koda (Klondike Koda ITD), ITD 9/19
Stacey Piper and Dallas (), ITD 8/19
Kristina DeGiovanni and Summer (Summer Lovin’ ITD), ITD 8/19
Chantel McLachlan and Strider (Lokasenna Dream Keeper ITD), ITD 8/19
Astrid Smith CTDI and Tarzan (MACH A Dog’s Journey to the Jungle RN ITD), ITD 8/19
Robin Barber and Surge (TDCH Stargate’s Blue Waters Rising ITD), ITD 8/19
Mary R. Graves and Dakota (Dakota Graves ITD), ITD 8/19
Callie Rickard and Lily (Lily Rickard ITD), ITD 7/19
Nina Skinner ATDI and Dusty (), ITD 7/19
Robin Barrows and Havoc (Handsom Havoc Summers ITD), ITD 7/19
Deborah Harrie and Bella (Bella Sierra Dawn ITD), ITD 7/19
Candy Hendrix CTDI and Rogue (TDCH Rogue Dakota Skye ITD), ITD 7/19
Natalie Mabey and Luna (Mabey Luna’s Blue ITD), ITD 7/19
Debbie Goodwin and Stella (Scattered Oaks Stella Has a New Groove ITD), ITD 6/19
Debbie Goodwin and Oliver (Olivers Got a Little Twist ITD), ITD 6/19
Patty Warren and Mako (Sol-Mani Karmic Flow of Chance ITD), ITD 6/19
Angelic Alcorn and Dory (Apenimon’s Just Keep Swimming ITD), ITD 6/19
Kate Morgan and Ember (Rozate I Saw the Suprise ITD), ITD 6/19
Barbara Simons and Blu (Kinetics Love on the Run ITD), ITD 6/19
Cassandra J. Machnik and Nikki (Revelaires in the Nik of Time ITD), ITD 6/19
Molly Figueroa and Ruger (Green Acres Wranglin Ruger ITD), ITD 6/19
Marie Miller and Wrigley (Wrigley Miller of Lake Shore Drive ITD), ITD 6/19
Jeff & Emily Mabey and Dusty (HP Cropduster at Green Valley ITD), ITD 6/19
Elli Korthuis and Tucker (Tucker ITD), ITD 6/19
Katherine Snow & David Habets and Huck (Stone Ridge Gladiator in Black ITD), ITD 6/19
Nita Gandara CTDI and Ryker (TDCH Superfly’s Deep in the Weeds ITD), ITD 6/19
Angelic Alcorn and Cruise (Samilyns I Want the Truth ITD), ITD 6/19
Sara Kolotello and Banner (IvyFarm Dancing In the Rain ITD), ITD 6/19
Kristie Kingsland CTDI and Envy (Teyrnons If I Were You I’d Wanna Be Me Too ITD), ITD 6/19
Sarah Maleski and Freyja (Faithwalk’s Let the River Flow ITD), ITD 6/19
Sarah Maleski and Fletcher (Faithwalk’s Let the Fire Burn ITD), ITD 6/19
Darcie Mesher CTDI and Dune (CH Casselcreek Sirocco ITD), ITD 6/19
Judith Barbuto and Demi (), ITD 5/19
Kim Waller and Spice (Kyroka N Shaman’s Remember the Tempo ITD), ITD 5/19
Jennifer Figueroa CTDI and Ocho (Green Acres Noche Ocho ITD), ITD 4/19
Kristina DeGiovanni and Audrey (Audrey ITD), ITD 4/19
Rosemary Curley and Kane (), ITD 4/19
Kayla Myers and Harley (TDCH Harleen Quinzel ITD), ITD 4/19
Cindy Valdez and Boost (Longruns More is Always Better ITD), ITD 4/19
Cindy Valdez and Wheelie (CDR’s Gas It Up Motor Baby ITD), ITD 4/19
Connie Wood and Zuli (Riot’s Lapis Lazuli ITD), ITD 3/19
Christine Elisabeth Bérczes and Meredith (Silver Dream Aussie’s Top Secret ITD), ITD 3/19
Gloria Owler and Rockie (Heartfire Eye of the Tiger ITD), ITD 3/19
Terri Brown and Bungee (Paradox Bungee ITD), ITD 3/19
Anne Ritchie and Rush (RiverLook’s Rushing Tides ITD), ITD 2/19
Peggy Caldwell and Bailey (RHF’s Bailey of Pagosa Springs ITD), ITD 1/19
Alison Rowan and Copper (Stoverly’s Unpolished Copper ITD), ITD 1/19
Raquel Neighoff and Tirzah (Owinto Coco Chanel’s Secret Inspiration ITD), ITD 1/19
Morgan Cain and SuperNova (Chevy 2 Much SuperNova ITD), ITD 1/19
Liam Clarke and Skyla (), ITD 1/19
Megan Sanchez CTDI and Luna (), ITD 1/19
Lindsay Oakley CTDI and Oliver (Robin’s Oh So Stunning ITD), ITD 1/19
Leslie Ufford and Rosheen (Aunam Cara’s Róisín Dubh ITD), ITD 12/18
Eli Garber and Kilo (Green Acres Kilo ITD), ITD 12/18
Ezra Garber and Juno (Green Acres Juno ITD), ITD 12/18
Wendy Savrese and Jazzy (Jasmine Mika Savrese TKP ACT2 ITD), ITD 12/18
Kelly Meyer and Luna (Green Acres Luna ITD), ITD 12/18
Anne Ritchie and Compass (EMB’s Finding Compass ITD), ITD 12/18
Imogene Sevin ATDI and Maeve (), ITD 11/18
Maci Mize CTDI and Auzzie (TDCH Auzzie Mize ITD), ITD 11/18
Taylor Kinnaird and Isaac (Kiji Yo Hello Hooray ITD), ITD 11/18
Kristine Boyce and Brew (Brewster ITD), ITD 10/18
Kayla Smith and Bailey (Baileys on the Rocks ITD), ITD 10/18
Lynn McGraw and Reagan (Green Acres Reagan ITD), ITD 10/18
Molly Steimer and Cooper (Cooper Moore ITD), ITD 10/18
Kelly Meyer and Stella (Green Acres Stella Blue ITD), ITD 10/18
Hannah Watkins and Milo (Green Acres My Highs and Lows ITD), ITD 10/18
Alyssa O'Brien and Koda (Ukulunga Here We Go Again ITD), ITD 9/18
Lisa Plocinski CTDI and Pono (Pennoak State of Perfection ITD), ITD 9/18
Jessica Taylor and Jango (), ITD 9/18
Beth Hurley and Oliver (TDCH Green Acres Oliver’s Twist ITD), ITD 9/18
Cherie R. Floyd and Skye (Sweet Southern Skye ITD), ITD 9/18
Olga Pavlenko and Dingo (Dingo Pavlenko ITD), ITD 9/18
Tessa Miller and Finn (Green Acres Finn McMissile ITD), ITD 8/18
Leanne Ray CTDI and Maven (TDCH Kimal’s Ravin’ Maven ITD), ITD 8/18
Kimberly Poisson CTDI and Hondo (Kimal’s Lasso Me A Cowboy ITD), ITD 8/18
Monique Boutaugh and Jaxon (Country Air’s Blue Eyed Jaxon Bair ITD), ITD 8/18
Robert Schumann CTDI and Tagg (Show Me’s Street Art in Memphis ITD), ITD 8/18
Monique Boutaugh and Uno (), ITD 8/18
Claudine Illg and Augie (Illg’s Augie ITD), ITD 8/18
Mandolina Moon and Taylie Swift (Desert Willow’s Taylie Swift ITD), ITD 8/18
Linda Nabors and Annie (), ITD 8/18
Kristy Summerlin and Tuff (Green Acres Tuff Enuff at Blackwater ITD), ITD 7/18
Sharon Henriksen CTDI and Jagger (), ITD 7/18
Robbi Martson and Maci (Robin’s Dream Weaving Dreamer ITD), ITD 6/18
Robbi Martson and Greta (Robin’s Girl On Fire ITD), ITD 6/18
Ashleigh Adams and Ripley (), ITD 6/18
Ashleigh Adams and Rally (Ticklwood’s Rally Darling ITD), ITD 6/18
Barbara Yerrington and Sydney Sunshine (Heatherhill Sydney Blue Sunshine ITD), ITD 6/18
Penny and Glen Harris and Rusty (), ITD 6/18
Mike Potter and Nahla (), ITD 6/18
Megan Kingsland and Penne (Penne Kingsland ITD), ITD 6/18
Birgit Locklear and Luna (Luna Sky ITD), ITD 6/18
Becky Tellalian CTDI and Tucker (BIS/UKC Ch, Int’l Ch Showdown’s Outta The West ITD), ITD 5/18
Lynne Boxer and Billie (Sazbrat’s Smashing Pumpkin ITD), ITD 5/18
Kajal Tiwari CTDI and Nico (Nico Mazloom ITD), ITD 5/18
Erica Coulson and Murphy (TDCH Blacknblue N Red Oh Liver ITD), ITD 5/18
Lisa Schmiedl and Fancy (Haulin A’s Perfect Addiction ITD), ITD 5/18
Sofia Malinda Hussain and Xena (Woodstock’s Warrior Princess ITD), ITD 5/18
Emily E. Magnuson CTDI and Later (Einhorn’s Fashionably Late ITD), ITD 5/18
Kristie Kingsland CTDI and Nebbie (Nebbie ITD), ITD 4/18
Jane Avery and Sheldon (Bur Oak Big Bang ITD), ITD 4/18
Chicory Eddy and Nitro (Covalent’s Seventh Element ITD), ITD 4/18
Jonathan Greenwood and Merlin (Lanbart Forget Me Not ITD), ITD 4/18
Kathy Godin and Gypsy (Robin’s Classic Gypsy ITD), ITD 4/18
Debra H. Merritt and River (Riverwind Bayshore In Your Face ITD), ITD 4/18
Jackie Kane and Rogue (Montroses Rogue ITD), ITD 4/18
Jennifer Figueroa CTDI and Noche (Fairoaks Sombra Da Le Noche ITD), ITD 4/18
Nita Gandara CTDI and Aella (SDCH TDCH Einhorn’s I Am the Storm ITD), ITD 4/18
Misty Garcia and Kricket (Valors Kricket ITD), ITD 4/18
Jennifer Figueroa CTDI and Skye (Green Acres Skye Blue ITD), ITD 4/18
Anne Bachewich CTDI and JoJo (Sheep’s Kin Ice Princess ITD), ITD 4/18
Maggie Weston and Skye (SDGCH TDCH Einhorn’s Starry Night ITD), ITD 4/18
Haley Johnson and Canir (Canir’s Blue River ITD), ITD 4/18
Mary Ellis and Takoda (), ITD 4/18
Tina Anchondo CTDI and Dax (Daxster’s Tribute ITD), ITD 4/18
Karen Vincent and Bliss (Heatherhill Rocky Mountain Bliss ITD), ITD 3/18
Amy Lewis and Dazzle (Oracle’s Rags to Riches of Catalina ITD), ITD 3/18
Amy Lewis and Tilly (Bayberry’s Dusk ‘Til Dawn ITD), ITD 3/18
Brianne Bellwood and Indy (GS Ranch Indigo ITD), ITD 3/18
April Gray and Stratus (WCK’s Fixin to Storm NTD), ITD 3/18
Susan Evans and Stormy (TDCH Bur Oak’s Stormy Cherokee Rose ITD), ITD 3/18
Nina Ausley and Maverick (), ITD 3/18
Jane Trude and Monte (My Montana Sky ITD), ITD 3/18
Christine Heintz and Atlas (Kiji Now You See Me ITD), ITD 3/18
Lauren Evans and Nash (), ITD 3/18
Holly Hill CTDI and Lily (Super Nova II ITD), ITD 2/18
Maggie Weston and Riley (Aussie Gone Awry ITD), ITD 2/18
Cathy Brockway and Chloe (AKC Faithwalk En L’Air CGC NTD), ITD 2/18
Oceanna Toole ATDI and Nika (Nika ITD), ITD 2/18
Sandra Burroughs and Darci (Darci Lynne ITD), ITD 2/18
Kathy McKenzie and Chloe (CH RaineDance Sports Model ITD), ITD 2/18
Carrie Lucas CTDI and Archie (TDCH Tresrullah’s Comic Book Guy ITD), ITD 1/18
Deralla Hart and Sydney (Sydney the Wonder from Down Under ITD), ITD 1/18
Steve Forbes and Razzle (Jubilee’s Razzle Dazzle), ITD 1/18
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Kal (Kryptonian’s Kal-El ITD), ITD 12/17
Laura De La Cruz CTDI and Jellie (Legends Starn Triple Threat ITD), ITD 12/17
Sherry Brainard ATDI and Levi (TDCH KG’s On Wings like Eagles ITD), ITD 12/17
Jenifer Edwards and William (Sunwren’s Bayeux Tapestry), ITD 11/17
Whitney Shaver and Thyme (Mulka’s Tidal Thyme Twist), ITD 11/17
Victoria Kander CTDI and Zelda (SAA’s Zelda’s Yve ITD), ITD 11/17
Beth Minner and Bella (Ritland’s Bella), ITD 11/17
Terry Fisk and Cooper (Longrun Showdown at Firecreek ITD), ITD 11/17
Haley Caveny and Foxie (Foxie Lady ITD), ITD 11/17
Sara Quackenbush and Sei (Avid’s Say Geronimo ITD), ITD 11/17
Karlee Ainslie and Theodore (Claus Keep ur Eyes on the Stars ITD), ITD 11/17
Peter Vallandingham and Iris (The Iris Virus), ITD 10/17
Elisabeth Catalano CTDI and Remedy (Remedy Eden ITD), ITD 10/17
Nita Gandara CTDI and Mason (Danell Objection Overruled ITD), ITD 10/17
Brianna Schmidt and Jaida (Mikatura’s Green with Envy), ITD 10/17
Judy Dwyer and Sunny (You are My Sunshine ITD), ITD 10/17
Jim Helems CTDI and Cooper (Relic’s Cooper Play’n @Dog Hill ITD), ITD 9/17
Allison S. King CTDI and Zero (Zero Monkey Shelanski), ITD 9/17
Sarah A. Shelanski CTDI and Zero (Zero Monkey Shelanski), ITD 9/17
Sally Bruch and Rotor (TDCH ), ITD 9/17
N. Large and Truffle (A & M Sweet Caroline @ Ravenwoods SDE), ITD 9/17
Tracy Regole and Kevin (Regole’s White Tie Affair, CGC), ITD 9/17
Jessica Meyer and Opie (Sunpiper’s Europa ITD), ITD 9/17
Mary Jo Bradley CTDI and Gemma (), ITD 9/17
Jennifer Swik and Grace (Silver Lining’s Spirit Of Grace NTD), ITD 9/17
Deborah Hickey CTDI and Paddy (Integrity Clover’s Lucky Paddy ITD), ITD 9/17
Julie Fait and Aston (Parfait’s Aston Martin ITD), ITD 9/17
Kelly Schumann CTDI and Goose (Show-Me’s Top Gun ITD), ITD 9/17
Kaitlin M. Bockman and Ruger (Ruger Bockman ATD), ITD 9/17
Briley Kelley and Tala (Tala a Stor Faolan ITD), ITD 9/17
Tammy Carr CTDI and Raven (Festivus Minimus Raven), ITD 9/17
Jessica Reft and Nova (Thunderstruck’s Red Pike Supernova ATD), ITD 9/17
Alla Podkopaeva and Dante (Ewenique Inferno ITD), ITD 8/17
Ginny Manahan and Foxie (GiGi’s Fabulous Foxie Red Lady NTD), ITD 8/17
Suzanne Hennessy and Seamus (MB’s Red Dogz Rule ITD), ITD 8/17
Cassidy Piney and Whiskey (), ITD 8/17
Di Munford and Woody (Sutters Blue Stone ITD), ITD 8/17
Jessica Reft and Tazz (Red Pike Razzmatazz ATD), ITD 8/17
Cheryl Matthias and Sara (Sara CD BN RE CGC RATI ITD), ITD 8/17
Connie Mulalley and Tess (Jadesickle’s Tess-a-Loo ITD), ITD 8/17
Tiffany Long and Kaiba (Kaiba Crow Long ITD), ITD 8/17
Nikelle Perkins and Callie (Kahlua Sun), ITD 7/17
David Smith and Zerba (), ITD 7/17
Cheryl Childress CTDI and Rylee (Rylee Childress NTD), ITD 7/17
Deborah Vallandingham and Duke (The Duke of Valli Farm ITD), ITD 7/17
Amanda Fuller CTDI and Calamity (), ITD 7/17
Leslie Silva ATDI and Odin (Protector of the Nine Realms ITD), ITD 7/17
David Esherick and Silk (Rainyday’s Singapore Silk Torpedo CD BN RE AX AXJ OF NTD CGCA), ITD 6/17
John Jochen and Apache (Apache V ATD), ITD 6/17
Jack McCauley CTDI and Dusty the Great (), ITD 6/17
Kyle Smith and Shasta Daisy (), ITD 5/17
Alexandra Pruett and Pike (Cirrus Go Big Or Go Home), ITD 5/17
Christine Ryder CTDI and NEO (), ITD 5/17
Rebecca Pugh and Faith (Forever Yours Faithfully), ITD 5/17
Renee Kalmanson and Jaxon (), ITD 5/17
Sue Haefner and Jack (Danubianforests Golden Jackpot NTD), ITD 5/17
Sean Angleton and Phoenix (Phoenix The Fire Ball), ITD 4/17
Debbie Patterson and Loki (Loki the Mischief Maker NTD), ITD 4/17
Ben Blake and Levi (Wenlisa’s Levi Has an Edge NTD), ITD 4/17
Wendy Zabicki CTDI and Makeeda (TDCH Zabzoos Makeeda Moonshine ITD), ITD 4/17
Shandy Blake CTDI and Levi (Wenlisa’s Levi Has an Edge ITD), ITD 4/17
April Gray and Wyatt (WCK’s It Wasn’t Me RN GCGA NTD), ITD 4/17
Wendy Merritt and Bindi (TDCH Bright Eyes Bindi Bee ETD), ITD 4/17
Thomas Francis and Gracie (Gracie), ITD 4/17
Mike Stanisich and Eloise (Eloise Stanisich NTD), ITD 4/17
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Krypto (Krypto from Krypton ITD), ITD 3/17
Kristine Drost and Lily (Wildhearts Iron Jawed Spitfire), ITD 3/17
Christine Sapa CTDI and Andi (WTCH Appian Ways Andiamo! ITD), ITD 3/17
Irene Bessette and Gracie-Joy (Dream Cross’s Amazing Grace ATD), ITD 3/17
Audrey Carter CTDI and Bane (Stargate’s Speak of the Devil ITD), ITD 3/17
Nita Gandara CTDI and Scott (SDCH TDCH Cirrus Going Regimental ITD), ITD 3/17
Nita Gandara CTDI and Copper (Fastlane Itsa Dry Heat ITD), ITD 3/17
Susan Brogan CTDI and Carmine (SDCH TDCH Equinox Will U B Mine TN TKA RL1 TDI ITD), ITD 2/17
Molly Boaden and Shawna (TDCH ), ITD 2/17
Gayle Silberhorn CTDI and Saga (Big Run’s Saga Continues TKA ATD), ITD 2/17
Lori Callahan and Neo (Callahan’s New Beginning ITD), ITD 2/17
Sarah Blodgett CTDI and Rio ( ITD), ITD 1/17
Gina Stetsko and Tex (TDCH LookQuest Last Cat Standing ITD), ITD 1/17
Gina Stetsko and Bizi (TDCH MOTCH LookQuest Leap at the Chance ITD), ITD 1/17
Debra Porter and Isis (Coolibah’s Egyptian Dove NTD), ITD 1/17
Nancy Cobb and Mason (Coolibahs Right To Counsel NTD), ITD 1/17
Joanne Thompson CTDI and Gracie (Black Diamond’s Saving Grace ITD), ITD 1/17
Kirrie Ginter and Benjamin (Ch Casselcreek Fifth Element ITD), ITD 1/17
Robin Bronner CTDI and Shiloh (Shiloh Bronner), ITD 11/16
Karen Nenow and Q (Slipstream Happy Tails To Q), ITD 11/16
Lisa Kite and Ivy (), ITD 10/16
Nancy Adams and Blueberry (Sazbrat Blueberry Rainbow ITD), ITD 10/16
Courtney Hoftyzer and Saidai (Keluna’s Scarlett Fire NTD), ITD 9/16
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Enchanted (TDCH Sazbrat Welcome to New York ITD), ITD 8/16
Samantha Begley and Doc (Wyatt’s Dep Doc I’m ur Huckleberry), ITD 7/16
Lori Dunn and Grace (Moving Forward with Grace), ITD 7/16
Tiffany Hughes and Terra (TNT’s Dynamite Terra NTD), ITD 7/16
Cindy Morgan CTDI and Raven (), ITD 7/16
Nancy Liebhauser CTDI and Gambit (), ITD 7/16
Lillian A. Lawless and Mason (Hearthside Serendipitous CGC ITD), ITD 7/16
Patrick Slayter and Hawke (2G Rose Not Too Blue), ITD 7/16
Merit Day and Chief (Chief of Broken Arrow), ITD 7/16
Yin Choo and Breeze (Rozate Mistaken Identity RA HTM.S NTD), ITD 6/16
Sandy Thompson and Grit (Carmel’s He’s Got True Grit ITD), ITD 6/16
Claire Stadt CTDI and Brandy (Rocky Top’s Brandy Stadt ITD), ITD 6/16
Jamie Heberlein CTDI and Meeka (TDCH Cedarwood’s Meeka Wish On Me ITD), ITD 5/16
Ellen Bloomfield and Masi (Big Runs Llanka Masi), ITD 5/16
Eileen Wood CTDI and Nitro (Crawford’s Nitrous Oxide Combustion ITD), ITD 4/16
Ellen Bloomfield and Shiloh (Emsket’s Diamond In The Ruff ATD), ITD 4/16
Bonnie Edwards and Reese (MountainAsh Fire It Up ITD), ITD 4/16
Carmen Oosthuizen and Mysti (TDCH Mystic Mystique ITD), ITD 3/16
Susan Schultz and Mickey (Holly’s Reckless Endangerment), ITD 3/16
Fran Solomon and Penny (Rip Roarin’ Down Penny Lane CGCA, ITD ITD), ITD 2/16
Cassie Bowles CTDI and Liam (), ITD 2/16
Agnesa Redere CTDI and Laima (Tesa N Stonemeadow I Cannot Tell A Lie), ITD 2/16
Erin McCune and Kairi (TDCH Showdown’s Dare To Dream), ITD 1/16
Jane Harris and Skylar (Skylar Blue), ITD 1/16
Lisa Pattison CTDI and Scheme (TDCH Propwash Mastermind), ITD 12/15
Ruth Enlow and Turtle (Caspian See Turtle Go), ITD 12/15
Nita Gandara CTDI and Cinch (SDCH TDCH Shalako’s Sheep Up and Ride ITD), ITD 12/15
Debra Wood CTDI and Allie (), ITD 12/15
Nicole Pasto and Bella (Bellatrix), ITD 12/15
Lenora Hagan and Minx (Northern Mojo Minx TD, NA, RA, CGC), ITD 11/15
Lenora Hagan and SmoKum (Northern SmoKum’s Playboy Versatility 1, STD Sheep, CGC, RI, NAJ, ASCA + TD, NA, AKC, CD), ITD 11/15
Megan & Ronnie Tellalian and Murphy (Showdown Graham Cracker ITD), ITD 11/15
Sarah Blodgett CTDI and Roulette (Revelaire’s Rushin’ Roulette ITD), ITD 11/15
Lara Livergood and Loki (Livergood’s Jedi Night ITD), ITD 11/15
Fran Solomon and Gracie (TDCH UCD Somercrest Grace Under Fire, ASCA/AKC CDX, RAE, OA, OAJ, CGCA, CGCU, JS-O, RS-O ITD), ITD 8/15
Andrea Klaus and Hoss (), ITD 8/15
Caitlin Chisling CTDI and Matrix (), ITD 7/15
Brianne Statz and Payton (Liam Sweetness Forever ITD), ITD 7/15
Jeff Rapey and Zoey (Little Princess Zoey), ITD 7/15
Jill Hallam-Miller CTDI and Odin (Oakhurst Arborview Gee Wiz), ITD 7/15
Joanne W. Schaus and Tango (), ITD 6/15
Sheri Wetekam and Hazel (MPossible Magic Touch of Hazel ATD), ITD 6/15
Joanne W. Schaus and Skid (Skid ARPH #11052), ITD 6/15
Monica Kalistar and Digit (Lien’s Point to Sizzle), ITD 4/15
Patricia Olson and Luna (), ITD 4/15
Doris Waschinski and Mocha (TDCH Mocha ITD), ITD 4/15
Judy Beagle and Willow (Bright Eyes Diamond Willow), ITD 4/15
Brianne Nelson and Melody (Soundtrack’s Rekindled Melody), ITD 3/15
Brianne Nelson and Trapper (Soundtrack’s Speed Trap), ITD 3/15
Jennifer Bailey and Sage (Jen’s Sage Shadow ITD), ITD 3/15
Nancy Trus CTDI and Merlin (Merlin ITD), ITD 3/15
Becky Tellalian CTDI and Riley (Showdown With Outta Doubt ITD), ITD 2/15
Gayle Silberhorn CTDI and Molly (Big Run Heart of the Prairie), ITD 2/15
Mitzi Pilgrim and Belle (TDCH Zakur’s Silver Belle), ITD 2/15
Mitzi Pilgrim and Rumba (TDCH Zakur’s My Red Rumba), ITD 2/15
Chuck Bossler and Gracie (Bossler’s Grace O’Malley), ITD 2/15
Christine Sapa CTDI and Vespa (Samwise A Roman Holiday RATN ITD), ITD 2/15
Theresa Menz and Indy (Indy Anna Scarlett Menz Cooper), ITD 1/15
Lacey Bebout and Sammi (), ITD 1/15
Gayle Silberhorn CTDI and Bryn (TDCH Big Run Bryn Jette Varg), ITD 1/15
Becky Tellalian CTDI and Diva (TDCH U-Ch/Int’l Ch Showdown Puttin’ On The Glitz CGCA ITD), ITD 1/15
Doris Waschinski and Merlin (TDCH Merlin ITD), ITD 1/15
Jim Helems CTDI and Jake (TDCH Cossack Sparkling Reserve ITD), ITD 1/15
Cindi Chasse and Jackson (), ITD 12/14
Philippa Sloan and Stryker (TDCH Justus Strike While the Iron is Hot), ITD 11/14
Kristie Walters and Blue (Blue Bay by Fiddlers Green NAJ, OA, CGC), ITD 11/14
Carolyn Jane Halhead and Diva (Stavros Next Top Model ITD), ITD 9/14
Desiree Thompson ATDI and Dakota (WBA Flock-N-Farm Dakota Breeze ITD), ITD 9/14
Erin Doherty and Penny (), ITD 9/14
Kathleen Kassebaum CTDI and Eli (Catch Lakehills Three Dog Night GS-O-SP, JS-O-SP, RS-E-OP), ITD 8/14
Monique Engemann and Lia (Stargate’s Lady Liadrin), ITD 8/14
Nicole Bastian and Roxy (Hotnote Thyme Flies - Roxy), ITD 7/14
Kelly Schumann CTDI and Lil Red (TDCH New Spirit’s Lil Red Rocket ITD), ITD 6/14
Robert Schumann CTDI and Breeze (Show Me’s Play N For Keeps ITD), ITD 6/14
Roz Granitz CTDI and Napoli (After All Over the Wall ITD), ITD 6/14
Amy Hinkle and Edraith (TDCH SteelDust Golden Gift), ITD 3/14
Monique & Paul Engemann and Sylvie (CopperRidge’s Lady Sylvanas Windrunner), ITD 3/14
Susan Reindl and Fergus (TDCH Fergus Kane Reindl-Hayes), ITD 3/14
Alexis Davison and Mia (TDCH Shartooz Quatro Harmony ITD), ITD 1/14
Susan Baldwin and Riley (Riley), ITD 12/13
Carolyn Hidalgo CTDI and Ozzy (Hearthside’s Bark at the Moon), ITD 12/13
Susan Brogan CTDI and Ruby (TDCH Nightwatch N’ Sonryz I Hope U Dance ITD), ITD 12/13
Lauren Watson CTDI and Amelia (Amelia ITD), ITD 12/13
Jo Downing CTDI and Houdi (Harley Houdini), ITD 12/13
Jo Downing CTDI and Chewie (), ITD 12/13
Roxanne Tapaninen and Belle (Belle-Ayre), ITD 9/13
Willie Viarnes CTDI and Sam (), ITD 9/13
Tiffany Wakeman and Aspen (Forever Aspen), ITD 9/13
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Truly (SDGCH TDCH TeBrat Truly Scrumptious ITD), ITD 7/13
Audrey Carter CTDI and Britt (Thornapple Unforgivable), ITD 5/13
Donna Sullivan CTDI and Sissy (Cybur’s Total Jubilance ITD), ITD 5/13
Nita Gandara CTDI and Ander (TDCH Airbornes Band of Brothers ITD), ITD 4/13
Nita Gandara CTDI and Zane (TDCH Cirrus Riddle Me This ITD), ITD 3/13
Megan Carlstrom and Bailey (Bailey Carlstrom), ITD 3/13
Colleen DeWitt CTDI and Etta (LDA Etta Place ITD), ITD 3/13
Chris Fairen and Reign (Pink Ribbon of Fire), ITD 3/13
Roz Granitz CTDI and Eureka! (Old Oaks Gold Rush ITD), ITD 12/12
Connie Wood and Ruby (Defiance’s Oh What A Gem ITD), ITD 11/12
Roz Granitz CTDI and Speed-Oh! (Old Oaks Mr Earl ITD), ITD 10/12
Rom Devilliers and Moxie (Robin's Promise The Magic), ITD 10/12
Lindsey Logan CTDI and Autumn (TDCH Robin’s Magic Of The Sun ITD), ITD 10/12
Nancy Adams and Obie (Ross-Mar Obie Juan), ITD 8/12
Katherine L. McGill CTDI and Kenai (Thumbs Up Big Buck's Kenai CGC HCT ITD), ITD 8/12
Katherine L. McGill CTDI and Dixie (WBA Flock-N-Farm Dixie Delight ITD), ITD 8/12
Katherine L. McGill CTDI and Tia (TDCH Flock-N-Farms Homegrown Elegance ITD), ITD 8/12
Linda Perry and DD (Hevensent Delightful Darling), ITD 7/12
Renea Dahms CTDI and Paris (Defiance It’s All About Me ITD), ITD 7/12
Nina Jacobs and Sawyer (TNT’s Angel in Disguise ITD), ITD 5/12
Nancy Adams and Idgie (Sunnyrain Idgie), ITD 5/12
Kelly Legarreta and Ky (Kt’s Kylie Berry), ITD 2/12
Talia Byers and Ike (Sazbrat Coolmor All In ITD), ITD 1/12
Chelsea Wood CTDI and Zima (TDCH Defiance’s Zomething Different ITD), ITD 11/11
Tammy Crooks and Henry (Jack and Tammy’s Henry), ITD 10/11
Dee Childers and Echo (Sunny J’s Echo Creek), ITD 10/11
Jane Murphy and Cache (Opal’s Justa Man In Black), ITD 4/11
Jessica Miller and Cassie (RossMan Fiery Cassandra), ITD 10/10
Nita Gandara CTDI and Bella (TDCH Alias’ Breaking Dawn ITD), ITD 3/10
Paula Haffner ATDI and Bailey (RJM Bailey ITD), ITD 8/07

Australian Shepherd (Miniature)

Lisa Fox and Rider (Rider ITD), ITD 2/20
Ally Stern ATDI and Stunt (No Clownin Around So Stunty ITD), ITD 1/20
Janet Smith and Chance (Not By Chance ITD), ITD 1/20
Carolyn Jean and Jilleroo (Zero G’s Jam-Min’ in the Outback ITD), ITD 1/20
Carolyn Jean and Crackle (Zero G’s Jam-Min’ for Some Rice Krispies ITD), ITD 1/20
Carolyn Jean and Crikey (MissJiffs Jam-Min’ with the Irwins ITD), ITD 1/20
Debbie McClure and Ellie (Ellie ITD), ITD 1/20
Tracey Lacarte CTDI and Crogan (Whyte 4 Paws Crogan’s Shades of Blue ITD), ITD 11/19
Toni Strollo Holbrook and Mia (Autumn Creek’s Mia ITD), ITD 11/19
Tiffany Ashford and Elvis (Elvis ITD), ITD 8/19
Kendall Peterson and Marley (Adalia Mar ITD), ITD 7/19
Carolyn Jean and Kiwi (Zero G’s Jam-Min’ a Bit Further South ITD), ITD 6/19
Carolyn Jean and Dundee (ABA Jam-Min’ From Down Under ITD), ITD 6/19
Ginny Phillips and Maggie (), ITD 5/19
Victoria Rose CTDI and Vera (Stoverly’s Vera at Center Stage ITD), ITD 3/19
Sharron Agnew and Caelean (Stoverly’s Stronger Every Day ITD), ITD 2/19
Trent Benson and Zoe (Ravine Acres Zoe ITD), ITD 11/18
Bonnie Benson and Tia (Ravine Acres Tia ITD), ITD 11/18
Vivian Hurbin and Bentley (), ITD 10/18
Michelle Gamage CTDI and Basil (SDCH TDCH Basil B. Brave ITD), ITD 10/18
Linda McLeod and Sneakers (Hi Tide’s Laced Up and Ready to Go ITD), ITD 10/18
Jean Rosenthal CTDI and Juno (I Am a Champion ITD), ITD 9/18
Victoria Rose CTDI and Magic! (Stoverly’s Enchantment at Center Stage ITD), ITD 8/18
Brandi Dutton and Bindi (), ITD 7/18
Micheala Keller and Oakley (Annie Oakleys Poppin Pistol ITD), ITD 6/18
Dawn Sommers and Maverick (Maverick the Marvelous ITD), ITD 6/18
Carolyn Tan CTDI and Trooper (TDCH Trooper Ormrod Tan ITD), ITD 6/18
Heather Maher and Sidnee (4PAWS She’s a Pistol ITD), ITD 6/18
Eloise Thompson and Angus (), ITD 5/18
Eloise Thompson and Tiberius (), ITD 5/18
Chrisandra Polacek and Aspen (), ITD 5/18
Eva Carman and Revy (), ITD 3/18
Faith Stuart and Cooper (), ITD 2/18
Jamee Lea Salley CTDI and Miss Ruby (TDCH ), ITD 2/18
Jamee Lea Salley CTDI and Miss Diva (TDCH ), ITD 2/18
Nickie Cowan and Chester (), ITD 1/18
Sally Petty and Aspen (Aspen XXXIV NTD), ITD 1/18
Nicole Vaughn CTDI and Medic ( Zero G’s We Need A Medic!! ITD), ITD 12/17
Nicole Vaughn CTDI and Dafuq (Zero G’s Honey Bunches of Nope ITD), ITD 12/17
Cosstick Family and Kyda (), ITD 10/17
Jacqui Foster CTDI and Alonso (), ITD 9/17
Tammy Foster and Sadie (Sadie Foster ITD), ITD 8/17
Dezirae Wilkins and Faith (), ITD 7/17
Jeni/ Madelyn and Millie (), ITD 7/17
Brenda Plumbtree and Joey (Joey of Clifford Farms), ITD 6/17
Kristen McKenna and Munchkin (Zero G’s Munchkin Aru Mopsie Blu ITD), ITD 6/17
Soja Smith-Crockford CTDI and Nova (), ITD 6/17
Annie Dugan CTDI and Berri (Boldheart’s Blu Berri), ITD 5/17
Barb Wright CTDI and Sophie (TDCH ), ITD 5/17
Misty Yohannan CTDI and Navee (Navee ITD), ITD 2/17
Sharron Agnew and Caitlin (Stoverly’s Pure Energy ITD), ITD 2/17
Sharron Agnew and Cadence (Stoverly’s Flame Of My Heart ITD), ITD 2/17
Dana Bjornerud CTDI and Mafia (TDCH Zero G’s Offer I Can’t Refuse ITD), ITD 8/16
Dana Bjornerud CTDI and Spark (TDCH Zero G’s This Gun’s For Hire ITD), ITD 8/16
CJ Fithian CTDI and Vegemite (Zero G’s Jam-Min’ Spread it on Toast ATD), ITD 6/16
Robin Hamm and Brodie (Irresistible Angel), ITD 12/15
Fred H. Hamburg and Shiloh (), ITD 12/15
Karen Morton and Remmi (), ITD 11/15
Kaytlyn Riou and Timber (TDCH SaddleUp Timber), ITD 8/15
Jamie Bicknell CTDI and Kenzie (Makana’s Grace Under Fire), ITD 5/15
Misty Yohannan CTDI and Izzee (Izzee ITD), ITD 5/15
Marsha Zepnick and Pepper (), ITD 2/15
Terri Latronica CTDI and Cooper (TDCH Hanging With Mini Cooper), ITD 2/15
Kristen McKenna and Sizzle (Zero G’s Powder Monkey ITD), ITD 11/14
Lois Walters and Misty (TDCH McClanahan’s Diamond Mist ETD CGC), ITD 10/14
Nan Martin and Porkchop (Porkchop Nelson), ITD 4/14
Kristen McKenna and Jack Frost (DJ’s Sub Zero ITD), ITD 1/14
Brandy Steele Oates CTDI and Speed (Dreamscape “Speed” Racer), ITD 12/13
Kristen McKenna and Cinder (TDCH Zero G’s Pyroclastic Surge ITD), ITD 10/13
Marissa de Waal-Malefyt and Kindle (Ravine Acres Burn Baby Burn), ITD 10/13
CJ Fithian CTDI and Adelaide (Zero G’s Jam-Min’ Spitfire Adelaide), ITD 8/13
April Dawkins CTDI and Jetta (), ITD 6/13
Sherry Reinz and Lily (Lily), ITD 4/13
David Hardie and L’il Mate (L’il Mate), ITD 2/12
David Hardie and Cedar (Cedar), ITD 2/12
Stephanie Baxter and Chance (Gottabe’s Take a Chance On Me), ITD 9/11

Australian Shepherd (Toy)

Colraine Hunley and Ella (Herddoggies Ella NTD), ITD 11/19
Sam Farley CTDI and Bo (Bodacious Blu), ITD 10/17
Judy Williams and Palo (Suedes Palo Bear NTD), ITD 3/17
Judy Williams and Meeka (Meeka Ann Williams), ITD 1/16

Australian Terrier

Sharon Whitehead and Sidney (Tidewalker’s Coastal Sidney ITD), ITD 12/19
Cate Miller and Oscar (Oscar Wild ITD), ITD 6/19
Amy Tombling and Kirah (Aust. Neut. Ch. Spalpeen Highland Girl JD ITD), ITD 7/18
Ruthann McCaulley and Webe (Intl. CH Dunham Lake Sticky Beak RN CGC ITD), ITD 5/16
Cynthia Muir and Arjee (Cynamin Pinch o’ Spice), ITD 7/15
Ruthann McCaulley and Wally (Benayr R Walkabout Wally CD, RE, CGC), ITD 3/10

Australian Working Kelpie

Anna Louise Kjaer and Sirius (Bahou BM Sirius ITD), ITD 3/19
Lora Del Page and Tate (HNR Little Man Tate), ITD 3/15


Lilian Martinez and Sule (Kel Simoon Sule n’ Sambala ITD), ITD 9/19
Sue Hamm and Tatrit (Noblewind’s A Star Is Born RN CRO-1 ITD), ITD 7/16


Vilma Faccani-von Buren and Milou (Northrock’s Just 2 C U Smile ITD), ITD 2/20
Ellen Becker and Vinny (Rovers Le Monsieur Vinny Ridge NTD), ITD 1/18


Jen Rivera and Rory (Rory ITD), ITD 1/20
Ben Gilfedder and Cleo (), ITD 5/19
Mary Ellen Chaffin and Echo (MBIF FC Taji’s Alster Echo RA MC LCX4 FCh LCM RATO ORC VBE ITD), ITD 12/17
Kristine Dougherty and Ozzie (Undercover Osiris of Oz NTD), ITD 8/17
Lisa Stewart and Bolt (Meisterhaus Days of Thunder ITD), ITD 1/17
Andrea Stone and Turkish (Saorsa FoPaw’s Notorious SC CA ITD), ITD 12/16
Linda Daves Siekert and Ford (TDCH Sinbaje’s Africans Continue2Inspire ITD), ITD 1/16
Andrea Stone and Regan (GCH DC FoPaw’s Touch of Evil at Saorsa RN SC), ITD 12/15
Victoria Miller and Zephyr (Antefaa Lukuru Zephyr), ITD 9/15
Lisa Stewart and Trog (Apu Tri Roo of Ganesa FC MC RN ITD), ITD 3/15
Lisa Stewart and Gambit (Meisterhaus Neverwinter Nights GCH DC MC ITD), ITD 3/15
Lisa Stewart and Tempest (Meisterhaus Neon Nights GCH DC MC ITD), ITD 3/15

Basset Artesién Normand

Nina Kujawska CTDI and Cooper (TDCH ), ITD 4/15

Basset Hound

Anne Lind-Dolbeer and Nora (Old Fashion Princess of Barkness ITD), ITD 1/20
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI and Diamond (Soundtrack Mystical Diamonds and Pearls ITD), ITD 8/19
Melissa Jokela and Eve (Rabbit Run Eveleth of Snowshoe ITD), ITD 3/19
Erin Fosler and Chip (Tailgate Bluefence Red Hawk ITD), ITD 2/19
Karen Prichard CTDI and Cabo ( ITD), ITD 12/18
Elise Putland and Maggie (), ITD 10/18
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI and Pixel (TDCH Snowshoe’s 1 In A Million ITD), ITD 9/18
Anne Lind-Dolbeer and Isabella (Olde Fashion Whamalama Ding Dong ITD), ITD 8/18
Anne Lind-Dolbeer and Naomi (Olde Fashion Buckeye Passion ITD), ITD 8/18
Melissa Jokela and Faith (Rabbit Run Faith ITD), ITD 8/18
Melissa Jokela and Otto (Snowshoe’s Otto Correct Me If I’m Wrong ITD), ITD 8/18
Josephine Lambert and Cecil (BoBac Spoiled Red Cecil B. Demille MBISS AM/GCH CAN/GCH CGC TKN ITD), ITD 5/18
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI and Josie (The Outlaw Josie Wales ITD), ITD 2/18
Karen Winter and Gracie (Golden Asset Hawkestone Gal), ITD 9/17
Janis McKoski and Luna (Rockstar’s Shoot for the Moon), ITD 8/17
Nicole Yeanoplos and Percy (Baywind Ghost of Christmas Past ITD), ITD 12/16
Karen Prichard CTDI and Poppy (TDCH SDCH Baywind-Barkley’s Wrapped In Red ITD), ITD 4/16
Karen Prichard CTDI and Ruby (TDCH Barkley’s Rockin’ Red Ruby ITD), ITD 2/15


Nancy N. Treviño Castellanos CTDI and Demi (ThunderPaws SoulSilver Demi The Thunder Beagle Treviño ITD), ITD 3/20
Edith Markoff and Eli (Echo Run Heads Up ITD), ITD 2/20
Edith Markoff and Joey (Echo Run Third Son ITD), ITD 2/20
Stan Mittendorf and Hossifer (Echo Run Son of the Ponderosa ITD), ITD 2/20
Manako Sugiyama CTDI and Jasmine (Chelseacourt Matsurika ITD), ITD 2/20
Olivia Pasolli and Kazooie (Waskasoo’s Sweet Revenge ITD), ITD 1/20
Brie-Anne Kinrade and Bailey (Bailey ITD), ITD 1/20
Katie Blair Williamson and Luna (Once in a Blue Moon ITD), ITD 12/19
Helen Somers and Naya (Branko’s Maya Naya ITD), ITD 12/19
Velma Ricketts and Benny (Benny ITD), ITD 11/19
Stephanie Satanek and Maddie (Maddie Satanek ITD), ITD 8/19
Branden Wyryha and Maverick (), ITD 5/19
Julie Hilliard and Ben (), ITD 4/19
Bella Rowe and Buddy (Snoop Doggy Dog ITD), ITD 3/19
Megan & Ronnie Tellalian and Teddy (The Splendid Splinter ITD), ITD 12/18
Rosalind Goh Sok Yuim ATDI and Le Le (Le Le Bliss ITD), ITD 10/18
Sherri Axcell and Henry (), ITD 6/18
Becca Hoffman CTDI and Bugsy (), ITD 2/18
Stephanie Peebles and Peter Pan (Breigayt All This Has Happened ATD), ITD 5/17
Olivia Pasolli and Banjo (Banjo ITD), ITD 3/17
Laura Hart and Boog (), ITD 3/17
Trishanna Ramsey and Mitzi (Laponderosa’s Dream Come True NTD), ITD 11/16
Clare Hulse and Jampa (TDCH Cherive You’re So Good), ITD 11/15
Catherine Botha and Odin (TDCH Cherive Lord Odin), ITD 11/15
Sandi Antalick and Lou (PAL 261423), ITD 8/15
Patty J. Bollenbeck and Sami (), ITD 6/15
Amy Louise Millward and Bea (Bellvalley Deedee), ITD 6/15
Terry McGauley and Cork (Pebblemist Message In A Bottle), ITD 5/15
Manako Sugiyama CTDI and Mint (TDCH Kenalis Candyman CGCB AD RN ITD), ITD 5/15
Gill Land CTDI and Daks (TDCH Rogadam Dakota CGC(Silver), TDI, TTII, ETD), ITD 4/15
Wendy Danzig and Madison (TDCH Madison Danzig), ITD 2/15
Stephanie McGuire CTDI and Belle (TDCH ), ITD 12/14
Sue Birks and Archie (), ITD 3/14
Catherine Botha and Atalanta (TDCH Cherive The Onyx), ITD 10/13
Izzie Easton and Zoe (Annavah Endless), ITD 12/12
Kendra Buchele and Daisy (Daisy May Buchele), ITD 5/12

Bearded Collie

Jennifer Watson and Emmie (Hpnotiq’s Prairie Sunshine ITD), ITD 2/20
Tamara Duvell and Drift (Shepherd Calls Come By Drift ITD), ITD 12/19
Tamara Duvell and Ghost (Zerlina Black Of The Unique Shaded Dreams ITD), ITD 12/19
Wendy McBrayer Kregor and Hans (Full of the Dickens Odds on Favorite ITD), ITD 7/17
Marguerite Gosen and Rabbie (Blackfriar Buckram Shepherd of the Blue Moons), ITD 7/17
Joycelynn Hoddinott and Penny (Romar A Penny For Your Thought ITD), ITD 6/17
Wendy McBrayer Kregor and Mac (Scotdale’s Bluelight Special ATD), ITD 1/17


Sabrina Desrosiers and Aslan (Tibone Aslan’s Benediction ITD), ITD 3/20
Jannine Kowalchuk and Storm (RBIS BPIS Can GCh Am Ch Offshore Storm Warning du Chateau Rocher ITD), ITD 2/20
Janick St-Amant and Malté (Tranquille Madjack dit Malté ITD), ITD 11/19
Janick St-Amant and Toscane (Toscane Bleue du Grand Berger ITD), ITD 11/19
Allison Slocum and Ursa (La’Ursa L’Amour De Ma Vie ITD), ITD 10/18
Justine Bradley and Mango (TDCH My Main Squeeze du Chateau Rocher ITD), ITD 11/17
Susan Griffin and Uwe (J’Adore Ustaritz de L’Ame du Loup NTD), ITD 4/17
Robin Gowen and Mystic (L’Mystere Noir du Chateau Rocher HI CGC ITD), ITD 3/17
Angelika Wicker and Clive (Chiceron Captail Dunwel), ITD 9/14

Bedlington Terrier

Sonia Calvert CTDI and Toto (Piako Totalis ITD), ITD 1/20
Carrie Lucas CTDI and Stuart (M&M LAMZ The World Is Not Enough ITD), ITD 7/19
Kathy Velte-Lee and Simon (Simon Joseph Pendergast NTD), ITD 2/18
Kathy Velte-Lee and Josie (Josephine Simone Pendergast NTD), ITD 2/18
Lesley Evans and Cody (Welkulm Magnificent Heart ITD), ITD 5/17
Lesley Evans and Jake (Sir Jake of Ivanhoe NTD), ITD 3/17

Belgian Laekenois

Kate Lloyd CTDI and Jinx (TDCH Belgenbeau Fuzzy Logic), ITD 2/15

Belgian Malinois

Tracey Geddes ATDI and Trinity (CH A’Trinity the Protector ITD), ITD 3/20
Whitney Lightner ATDI and Sarin (Gaslight My Heart ITD), ITD 3/20
Jessica Noll and Apollo (Top Gun Apollo ITD), ITD 2/20
Kandis Hall and Fizz (D & C Captain Fizzgig ITD), ITD 2/20
Val Gordon and Tori (Malinger’s Find a Penny ITD), ITD 2/20
Stanislava Panayotova and Pyke (Pyke ITD), ITD 2/20
Brandon Griffin and Bolt (Bolt ITD), ITD 2/20
Kandis Hall and Odessa (Mohawk Odessa ITD), ITD 1/20
Julie Laflèche and Olfa (Ol’black de la Croix Celtique ITD), ITD 1/20
Brianna Bernard and Kai (Kai de Coup Fatal NTD), ITD 1/20
Melissa LaMere-Dragovich and Rave (Whispering Echos Force of Nature ITD), ITD 1/20
Sylvie Auclair and Brissko (Brissko De Lascaut ITD), ITD 1/20
Nancy Pritz and Kindle (Kindle de la Forge ITD), ITD 12/19
Nancy Pritz and Treue (Moonquests Treue ITD), ITD 12/19
Rachelle Turgeon CTDI and Métis (Métis Von Raliam ITD), ITD 12/19
Rachelle Turgeon CTDI and Abys (Abys Von Raliam ITD), ITD 12/19
Melissa LaMere-Dragovich and Neo (TDCH Whispering Echos The Red Pill ITD), ITD 11/19
Riley Story and Folsom (Folsom Blues Story ITD), ITD 11/19
Macayla Macmillan and Violet (Palomar’s Phoenix Fire ITD), ITD 10/19
Edwin Paz and Mia (TDCH Mia ITD), ITD 10/19
Rachelle Turgeon CTDI and Yurko (TDCH Yurko Sagacaol ITD), ITD 10/19
Sara Scott and Maui (), ITD 9/19
Bonnie Whisnant and Arson (Aggravated Arson ITD), ITD 9/19
Ariana Purtee and Fury (Outrage de Loucyn ITD), ITD 8/19
Veronica Malkova and Li ka (S’ Li ka Ot Vitosha ITD), ITD 8/19
Ingrid Rademakers ATDI and Kelsy (), ITD 7/19
Mari Whitmer and Czechrr (Czechmaith IZAC ITD), ITD 7/19
Kelly Knowles CTDI and Rilla (Rilla Knowles ITD), ITD 5/19
Lynzie Bacchus CTDI and Kalani (Kalani’s a Little Piece of Heaven on Earth ITD), ITD 3/19
Leigh Bianco and Thor (Thor Van De Westhoek ITD), ITD 1/19
Julia Preußer CTDI and Jorlik (TDCH Jorlik vom Greifenring ITD), ITD 1/19
Mindy Tusko CTDI and ZeeNa (Zeena ITD), ITD 11/18
Maria Paz K. Fabella and Bruce (Bruce Lee ITD), ITD 11/18
Alicia Nicholas and Derp (Sublime’s Sofa King Amazeballs PerpADerp ITD), ITD 10/18
Robin Ross Massie CTDI and Ellie (Ellie Mae Clampet ITD), ITD 10/18
Chrissi Schranz and Grit (Igrit vom Heustadlwasser ITD), ITD 5/18
Marylyn Jenkins and Jessie (), ITD 3/18
Dianne Sanlorenzo CTDI and Zippy (Zippy Von Christel ITD), ITD 3/18
Robin Sweetapple CTDI and Gucci (TDCH Stronghold K9’s Gucci ITD), ITD 2/18
Shannon Langel CTDI and Valkyrie (Valkyrie ITD), ITD 2/18
Kelly Knowles CTDI and Addy (Addy Knowles ITD), ITD 2/18
Paul Westall and Tikka (Tikka ot Vitosha ITD), ITD 2/18
Lynda Melton and Apollo (Apollo Malannoy ITD), ITD 2/18
Alyssa Boles and Sobek (), ITD 2/18
Tiffany Holley and Hades (Belcol Hot Wheels on Fire at Lananzoor TKN CGC NTD), ITD 11/17
Liz Abel and Bronn (), ITD 11/17
Jana MacLeod and Riot (Malingers Unleashed CKC ITD), ITD 11/17
Ashley Frakes and Pistol (GTR RIP’s Pistol Packing Princess), ITD 10/17
Julia Preußer CTDI and Scania (TDCH Easy vom Hause Ripp ITD), ITD 10/17
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Jyn (Silverthorn’s Anything Goes ITD), ITD 10/17
Trina Matteson and Morgan (Element’s Silver Dollar), ITD 10/17
Trudy Paquin CTDI and Zephyr (Caveats Sportster Wind NTD), ITD 10/17
Nina Schlack CTDI and Justice (Poetic Justice at Obelisk ITD), ITD 9/17
Nina Schlack CTDI and Kestrel (A Little Bird Told Me At Obelisk ITD), ITD 9/17
Angelina Worman and Kenzo (MPACT’s Kenzo), ITD 9/17
Barbara Stephens and Vita (), ITD 9/17
Elaine Ableidinger and Revel (Silverthorn’s You Make Me Feel So Young), ITD 9/17
Elaine Ableidinger and Kiwi (Kiwidinock du Loups du Soleil), ITD 9/17
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Pixie (Silverthorn’s Witchcraft ITD), ITD 9/17
Stephanie Schreiber CTDI and Mac (B’Mac the Protector), ITD 5/17
Michele Gray and Glock (), ITD 4/17
Trina Matteson and Spirit (GCH. A Living Fire High Spirit of Dark Horse CD BN CGC TT), ITD 3/17
Ashley Boyd and Zora (), ITD 12/16
Toni Drugmand CTDI and Elektra (Elektra! Elektra!), ITD 9/16
Caroline M. Shedd and Pulga (Pulga de la Careta Negra ATD), ITD 8/16
Brianne Durham CTDI and Vamp (Mademoiselle Vamp de Loucyn ITD), ITD 7/16
Aleandra Ryan-Plasil CTDI and Bees (Doctor Bees Du Dantero ITD), ITD 7/16
Karen Watson and Korra (), ITD 6/16
Carola Di Perna CTDI and Batchii (Amanda’s Blue Baciato Da Un Unicorno Magico ITD), ITD 4/16
Lianne Shinton CTDI and Flirt (TDCH M’Flirt de Loucyn ITD), ITD 2/16
Kimberly Sayre and Shay (K-Sayre’s Crazy Angel Shay Ann), ITD 10/15
Joanne Campman and Rosie (CH Souvenir Rambling Rose CD RN AX AXJ NF CGC BN ITD), ITD 8/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Cairo (Silverthorn’s Jewel of the Nile HT CGC ITD), ITD 8/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Xander (Ch Silverthorn’s Legendary Jewel CGC ITD), ITD 7/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Streak (TDCH Ch Carousel’s Silver Streak RAE BN PCD NA NAJ NF TD HSAS SCHH1 ITD), ITD 5/15
Michaela Newey and Nova (), ITD 5/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Vivid (TDCH GCH Carousel’s Dream of Fire N Ice RA HT NA NAJ NF RATS ITD), ITD 5/15
Chris Puls and Dazzle (TDCH Loup Noir Jasper ITD), ITD 3/15
Kiley Spade and Malachai (KSS Malachai Sable), ITD 10/14
Willie Viarnes CTDI and Allie (), ITD 9/13
Maxine Wood and Clifford (Clifford Wood), ITD 8/12

Belgian Sheepdog

Wendy Beard and Helli (Obsidian Cranberry Sauce ITD), ITD 2/20
Magda Hnatyszyn and Mira (Miss Mira ITD), ITD 12/19
Carol Frederick and Mercury (DeLancey’s Mercury Rising ITD), ITD 9/18
Viola Dyer CTDI and Diva (Epic’s Coup de la Diva NTD), ITD 3/18
Lisa Snyders and Rio (Attra Dea’s Brazilian Legend NTD), ITD 1/18
Lisa Snyders and Luna (Attra Dea’s Full Moon Rising NTD), ITD 1/18
Natasja Lewis ATDI and Cassie (Nightsabre’s Cassiopeia ITD), ITD 12/17
Andrea Dugan CTDI and Kitai (Celebre’s Jaden AKC TKA ITD), ITD 7/17

Belgian Shepherd

Marla Williamson CTDI and Fancy (Ch Attra Dea’ to Thine Self Be True SDIN ITD), ITD 1/20
Marilou Dobie and Puck (TDCH Teseko Phootloose Vaan ITD), ITD 10/19
Kiarah Buckler and Fox (TDCH Stronghold K9’s Fox ITD), ITD 7/19
Marla Williamson CTDI and Fizgig (Attra dea’s Dark Crystal NTD), ITD 6/17
Marla Williamson CTDI and Titan (Attra dea’s Clash of the Titans RA CR AMCL AGN NTD), ITD 6/17
Colleen Gordon and Chase (CH Ravenmasque Chase the Wind CD GCN RE), ITD 3/11

Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren)

Silvie De Four and Mila (TDCH Spymaster Milagro of Hakinka’s Home ITD), ITD 10/19
Janet Brown and Nova (House of Tervs Burning Star ITD), ITD 4/18
Karen Wilson and Tango (Teseko T’Ewe Hot to Tango Now), ITD 8/15

Belgian Tervuren

Catherine Magill and Keely (Kuublac’s Wildfire ITD), ITD 1/20
Kim Gilmore and Dagny (Norians BigMtn Bixia Yuanjin ITD), ITD 11/19
Sindije Saljii and Sayemi (TDCH Sayemi of Hakinka’s Home ITD), ITD 10/19
Sara Scott and Kingston (), ITD 9/19
Sara Scott and Mufasa (), ITD 9/19
Pam Wales and Cache (Winjammer’s Best Kept Secret ITD), ITD 5/19
Melissa Mullen and Cooper (GCH CH Navarro Its Me Di Scottatura SCN SIN SBN ITD), ITD 3/19
Bende Press and Zorro (Borngård`s Metroplex ITD), ITD 2/19
Jennifer Jordan CTDI and Super (It’s Superman Haute Volee ITD), ITD 9/18
Yonna Stjärnskog CTDI and Mozart (Borngård’s Ironhide ITD), ITD 7/18
Martina Schmidt and Brando (Baron-Branco vom Schotterboden ITD), ITD 6/18
Mara Saljii and Aris (TDCH Multi-CH Vet-CH Urson z Koziarni ITD), ITD 5/18
Martina Schmidt and Leeloo (TDCH Revelry’s My Fifth Element ITD), ITD 5/18
Lori Forbes and Java (Patana’s Espresso Double Shot), ITD 1/18
Emily Johnson and Helo (Helo de Haute Volee ITD), ITD 12/17
John Zappe and Jax (Flashfire Snowflower JaxRWyld ITD), ITD 9/17
Jill Thomas and Mariah (Savanna MonAmi Inherit the Wind), ITD 8/17
Francis Micham CTDI and Molly (Micham’s Hurricane Molly ITD), ITD 6/17
Sindije Saljii and Jamash (TDCH Int.Ch Multi-Ch Grand-Ch Club-Ch Multi-Vet-Ch Jamash v’t Guitpad ITD), ITD 2/17
Gale Smith and Tessa (Contessa NTD), ITD 7/16
Colleen Gordon and Trust (Fuzion’s Exploding Son), ITD 4/16
Betty Anderson and Jika (Sprite - Fanfare’s Limited Edition CGC, ATD, NW1, L1l), ITD 3/16
Doni Zahn and Wily (Tica Tricky Business), ITD 12/15
Laurie Graichen and Extra (Addir’s First Edition TT NTD), ITD 9/15
Ashley Boyd and Sirius (Sirius), ITD 3/13
Edrie Greer and Ripley (Lakenight Alien Exterminator RN, CGC), ITD 11/12
Jane Nadelson and Rory (Eclatdetoile's Aurora Co Br), ITD 12/11
Colleen Gordon and Quest (CH Ravenmasque MNM Begin the Quest), ITD 3/11

Berger Blanc Suisse

Stephanie Mussmann and Kodi ( ITD), ITD 3/20
Marina Teran Bugella CTDI and Okami (), ITD 4/19
Kathy Wingert and Fox (Arctic Fox of Faolan Frost NTD), ITD 5/17
Kathy Wingert and Maddie (Jet Set Nomad of Trebons Berger Blanc Suisse ITD), ITD 2/16

Berger Picard

Rhonda Fisher and Naeda (Noblepicard’s Take A Number ITD), ITD 10/19

Bernese Mountain Dog

Deborah Csongradi and Spirit (Tailspin’s Winter’s Spirit ITD), ITD 2/20
Tim Kennedy and Annie (Olekas Annie’s Song ITD), ITD 1/20
Margaret Velez and Coulson (Bear-Acres Coulson ITD), ITD 1/20
Nancy Ives and Tassa (Backcountry Tassa Girl ITD), ITD 1/20
Adrienne Kepp CTDI and George (Sir George Here Comes the Son ITD), ITD 6/19
Sherrie Van Dusen and Baxter (GCH Alpenblicks Greyfriar’s Bobby CGN DD RA AGNV ITD), ITD 4/19
Susan Lelli and Bernie (), ITD 1/19
Susan Roettger and Givernee (Stockli’s Givernee ITD), ITD 1/19
Dean Edwards and Georgia (Am Ch Can GCh Summers Rainier Smuggling Georgia to Superbowl CD DDX BDD3 BDDX1 RE CGN Am CD DD RA BDD ITD), ITD 12/18
Cindy Speelman Aldred and Kali (), ITD 11/18
Steve Roettger and Juicee (CH Stockli’s Dalyia RN CGN RA ITD), ITD 11/18
Susan Roettger and Everlee (Stockli’s Everlee RN RN (CA) CGN SD-S ITD), ITD 11/18
Suzanne Lusk and Sundance (Licorice Fern’s Solstice Boogie ITD), ITD 5/18
Toby Erlichman and Holden (CH Kaibab’s Holden On To The Moon AJP OFP OAP BN RN CGC JHS-s ANDD DD ITD), ITD 4/18
Catherine Maltby and Kaeto (Alpenblicks Alpine Chip Monk ITD), ITD 2/18
Bridgit Dufort and Tux (Dunnwood’s Big Encore NTD), ITD 2/18
Sue Murray and Kai (TDCH RO.CH HTM.CH FS.CH Cloudforest Jaeger CD RAE PT ITD), ITD 1/18
Cynthia Philip and Titus (Windever Titus ITD), ITD 1/18
Joanne Murrell and Jester (TDCH Aus CH Bernation Paws For Applause CD RA HTMN FSI ITD), ITD 12/17
Adrienne Kepp CTDI and Quinn (), ITD 12/17
Linda Lankester and Bree (Gowans Goddess of Strength), ITD 11/17
Raechel Drill CTDI and Paisley (TDCH Call Me A Touch Of Risque Paisley NTD), ITD 10/17
Becky Wright and Bailey (Trulli’s Scrumptious Bailiwick NTD), ITD 8/17
Becky Wright and Roxy (Tollhaus It’s All Relative NTD), ITD 8/17
Kristine G. Morrow CTDI and Callaway (Catawissa’s Captivating Callaway ITD), ITD 8/17
Sue Wilkinson and Syrrah (TDCH Orloff Jungfrau Syrrah ETD), ITD 7/17
Sue Wilkinson and Rawdny (Oleka’s Rawdny d’eve Sennehof), ITD 7/17
Patty Boyles Somade and Heasley (WCC’s Koopa ITD), ITD 5/17
Allison Major and Ajax (Hayfields Grand Ajax NTD), ITD 3/17
Heather Janek and Lyric (Shersan’s Overture to Acclaim), ITD 10/16
Heather Janek and Kaia (Shersan’s Living on the Edge), ITD 10/16
Dave Lambert and Alma (), ITD 8/16
Cindy Still CTDI and Jammer (GCH De-Li’s Jukebox Jam v Triads CGC ITD), ITD 7/16
Jasen Duncan CTDI and Kaylee (Wagontale’s Favarger ITD), ITD 6/16
Deb Webster and Allie (CH Bosanova’s All For One Belnois, CGN), ITD 4/16
Jasen Duncan CTDI and Shasta (Wagontale’s Winter Moon CD BN RE PT ITD), ITD 11/15
Jon Turlock and Winston (Bear Mountain’s Great Northern Star), ITD 7/15
Linda Collmar and Penny (Eur-Am’s Penny For Your Thoughts ITD), ITD 3/15
Andrea Marx CTDI and Honey (), ITD 12/13
Christel Klima and Tony (Brian Tony vom Sandmaennchenhof), ITD 9/13
Christel Klima and Lenie (Amy vom Sandmaennchenhof), ITD 9/13
Eileen Blass and Teddy (O’Daly Apollo Theodore V. Oleka), ITD 8/13
Katie Clark ATDI and Whizzer (Whizzer Clark), ITD 4/13
Bernadette van Klaveren CTDI and Badda (Doubledutch’s Badda Boom), ITD 1/13
Bernadette van Klaveren CTDI and Delta (Doubledutch’s Delta), ITD 1/13
Bernadette van Klaveren CTDI and Darling (Doubledutch’s Downunder Darling), ITD 1/13
Bernadette van Klaveren CTDI and Ellie (Doubledutch’s Ellie), ITD 1/13
Bernadette van Klaveren CTDI and Anea (Doubledutch’s Castanea), ITD 1/13
Linda Collmar and Chloe (Desertberners Sweet Edelweiss), ITD 5/12
Linda Collmar and Annie (Eur-Am’s Broadway Star ATD), ITD 4/12

Bichon Frise

Wendi Holz and Cosmo (MyBliss Flyin’ High in the Cosmos ITD), ITD 3/20
Wendi Holz and Odin (Hamelot’s Odin the White Knight ITD), ITD 3/20
Mandi Elgey and Cooper (Cooper ITD), ITD 2/20
Nadette Schermann and Lily (Lily ITD), ITD 12/19
Timothy DiNardi and Shuggy (Prelude’s Prince Shuggy DiNardi ITD), ITD 12/19
Karen Short and Kenna (Lightning Strikes Twice ITD), ITD 10/19
Tracey Lowe and Kingsley (Luv it Dalnavert Kingsley Dumbledore’s Got Style ITD), ITD 9/19
Debbie Chayet and Jasmine (Destiny’s Chayet’s Luna Jasmine ITD), ITD 12/18
Mindy Columbus CTDI and Clay (Barberry Hillwood Heaven Scent ITD), ITD 3/18
Mindy Columbus CTDI and Dino (Barberry Hillwood Dynamic Dino CGC THD BN RE ITD), ITD 10/17
Yoko Ichikawa ATDI and Kei (TDCH Belle Creek’s Sunshine Love ITD), ITD 9/17
Carolyn Myers and Jilli (Gemstone Never Say Never), ITD 2/15
Gail Lorady CTDI and Buffy (Buffy by Moon lake), ITD 12/14
Christine Snelgrove CTDI and Miracle (), ITD 10/14
Andrea Moss and Murphy (), ITD 7/14

Biewer Terrier

Samantha Morin and Roshi (Master Rosh ITD), ITD 1/20
Brenda Lawson and Izzie (TDCH Windyridge’s Dazzling Darling RE THDA CGN CGC TDI ITD), ITD 8/19
Barrie Lynn Wood CTDI and Moose (Confetti Mighty Moose of Benchmark ITD), ITD 12/18
Lisa Schmeling and Neo (Anakin, The Chosen One of Kibet’s), ITD 2/17


Marie Staffeldt and Reggie (Reggie ITD), ITD 9/19

Black Mouth Cur

Stephanie Jenson and Rico (Rico ITD), ITD 1/20

Black Russian Terrier

Kim Dawson and Ragna (Dual Ch(T) Grand Ch Tvorimir Counter Attack TSD ITD), ITD 10/19
Irena Polonsky and Honey (Midnight Solo Hanani Bat Haviva PKD-T AKC TDN ITD), ITD 7/19
Igor Taran and Vader (MidnightSolo Foreign Affair ITD), ITD 6/19
Jean Brown and Kicka (TDCH Multi CH MidnightSolo Adara Bat Haviva CD-X UWP RM BH ITD), ITD 6/18
Anatoliy Syvak and Makovey (Makovey Noch Na Kupalu ITD), ITD 5/18
Tatiana Tchoudinova and Bella (Bagheera Bella Deti Arbat), ITD 5/17


Cesilie Szabo and Bootstrap Bill (CH Recycled Ruffs Dead Men Tell No Tails CGCA GCGU TKN ITD), ITD 3/20
Erika Fauser and Dante (Durante Alighieri ITD), ITD 4/18
Connie Moss CTDI and Daisy (Daisy Moss), ITD 1/15

Blue Heeler

Tracey Woods and Opie ( ITD), ITD 7/19

Bluetick Coonhound

Nadia Bowley and Jäger (Jäger ITD), ITD 3/20
Cheryl Karpiak and Rusty the Brave (), ITD 1/17


Morgan Jacoby and Mischa (Authentic Mizpah Malinki CGC), ITD 8/17
Mary Johns and Boss (Legends Boss ATD), ITD 7/17
Morgan Jacoby and Amina Pebbles (Fuller’s Simply Irresistible), ITD 6/17
Ann Cress and Tsavo (TDCH Magnificent Tsavo ITD), ITD 9/15


Anita Ambani and Zuri (Adagio Zuri Razzo di Cotone Bianco ITD), ITD 8/18

Border Collie

Clover Bradley and Blue (Twisted Acres Put Your Jeans on ‘N Buckle Down ITD), ITD 3/20
Andi Dencklau and Maui (Snofire N Skye Fire in the Hole ITD), ITD 3/20
Heather Wheatley and Ruby (Ruby ITD), ITD 3/20
Dawn Patterson and Jasper Patterson (Jasper Patterson ITD), ITD 3/20
Cathy Lee and Chili (Lee’s Chili Pepper ITD), ITD 3/20
Ken Herzfeld and Loki (Loki Herzfeld ITD), ITD 3/20
Whitney Lightner ATDI and Demo (EyeSpy Demolition ITD), ITD 3/20
CJ Hazell CTDI and Faegon (Badger ITD), ITD 3/20
Bella Rowe and Juno (Jupiter’s Queen of 80 Moons ITD), ITD 3/20
Laetitia Quehen and Shaïa (Shaïa ITD), ITD 3/20
Jo McDonald and Holly (Holly ITD), ITD 3/20
Renee Bates and Luna (Luna Bates ITD), ITD 3/20
Megan Hemmer and Penni (Molly’s DBLM Princess Penni Freckles ITD), ITD 3/20
Diane Israel and Loki (Loki - God of Mischief ITD), ITD 3/20
Jessica Noll and Nymeria (G Force Nymeria ITD), ITD 2/20
Deanna Jones and Wylee (BWBC Wycked Wylee ITD), ITD 2/20
Cheyanne Green and Greymane (Balmoral’s Gilneas Will Prevail ITD), ITD 2/20
Liz Morris ATDI and Heidi (Silver Merry Maker ITD), ITD 2/20
Valerie Picard and Raymond (PtitesBetes Raymond ITD), ITD 2/20
Isabelle Roy Larochelle and Axel (PtitesBetes Axel ITD), ITD 2/20
Paula Collins CTDI and Via (O’Livia du Font Mosson ITD), ITD 2/20
Jan Harmon and Patch (Contact Points Buster ITD), ITD 2/20
Teresa Hanula and Leonard (TDCH Leonard Lee Hanula ITD), ITD 2/20
Pascale Desruisseaux and Cash (Red Dog Little Cash ITD), ITD 2/20
Michelle L. Dean and Finnegan (Roughstocks Finnegan Scout ITD), ITD 2/20
Rachel Sturgeon and Harry (Blueberry Yum Yum ITD), ITD 2/20
Greg Scott and Raezr (Raezr ITD), ITD 2/20
Diane Sullenberger and Marvel (Marvel ITD), ITD 2/20
Tania Fontaine and Lea (Instinct Girls Like You ITD), ITD 2/20
Nadine Roussel and Jaydee (Classic Jaydee ITD), ITD 1/20
Pascale Desruisseaux and Jackson (Red Dog’s Jackson ITD), ITD 1/20
Michaela Horvath and Tyrion (South View Tyrion ITD), ITD 1/20
Yvette Piantadosi and Bailey (Wodan’s Bailey Irish Creme BC ITD), ITD 1/20
Kirby McIlveen and Blitz (Queen Blitzen ITD), ITD 1/20
Lynnea Britton and Trillian (TDCH Skyview Farm’s Heart of Gold ITD), ITD 1/20
Isabelle Désy and Toupie (Pbetes Toupie ITD), ITD 1/20
Amanda Fonos and Icy (Nice Of You To Come Bye Cookie Affair ITD), ITD 1/20
Eszter Dori and Alice (Little One Alice of Special Sixth Sense ITD), ITD 1/20
Tanya Beard and Kyan (Celtic Star of Tychosmoon ITD), ITD 1/20
Candice Christensen and Krikit (Krazy Krikit from Oz ITD), ITD 1/20
Rachel T. Flatley and Wade Wilson (Poquatuck’s Maximum Effort ITD), ITD 1/20
Candice Christensen and Turvy (Foster Turvy ITD), ITD 1/20
Dawn Patterson and Dexter Patterson (Dexter Patterson ITD), ITD 1/20
Kirby McIlveen and Sora (TDCH Destined to Fly of Scuderia F40 JP CGCA TKP DN BCAT ITD), ITD 1/20
Hannah Moore and Quill (), ITD 1/20
Morgan Cain and Hemi 'Cuda (Color Me Gone Hemi ‘Cuda ITD), ITD 1/20
Jeanne Shaw CTDI and Faeyth (), ITD 1/20
France Sincennes and Chance (Talisman Duc de Chamcennes ITD), ITD 1/20
Genevieve Benard and June (June ITD), ITD 1/20
Genevieve Benard and Pivot (Ashwood Pivoting Around ITD), ITD 1/20
Louise Bégin and Faith (), ITD 12/19
Anne-Julie Boucher and Castor (Shady Whirhell Castor Sugar ITD), ITD 12/19
Natalie Marshall and Finn (Flaky Pete Finnegan ITD), ITD 12/19
Sue Ezzo and Tess (Sporting Field N Cabaret Ariel Encore ITD), ITD 12/19
Ann MacLean and Jayce (TDCH Double R Jayce ITD), ITD 12/19
Anita Tate CTDI and Flirt (Flirt II NA NAJ CAA TKP ITD), ITD 12/19
Allana Kimber and Fynn (), ITD 12/19
Michelle Wilker and Mercy (), ITD 12/19
Krysthel Moore and Kiss (P’tites Bêtes Kiss ITD), ITD 11/19
Lauren Johnson and Whiskey (Whiskey Johnson ITD), ITD 11/19
Melissa Gordon and Bristol (), ITD 11/19
Mikayla Kincaid and Aero (), ITD 11/19
Suzanne Lapointe and Mao (TDCH Borderaddik Mao IQ4U ITD), ITD 11/19
Louise Bégin and Rodin (), ITD 11/19
Cheryl Churton and Rumour (Justa Rumour ITD), ITD 11/19
Rob Thompson and Dougal (), ITD 11/19
Karine Dumont and Amarula (HotnSpicy Sweet Speedy Rabbit ITD), ITD 11/19
Gemma Carl and Shadow (Shadow ITD), ITD 11/19
Donna Pearce and Storm (), ITD 11/19
Josée Roussy and Kazz (TDCH Classic Kazz ITD), ITD 11/19
Kathleen Dickey and Ryder (Memory Maker Riders in the Sky ITD), ITD 10/19
Rachel Dawson and Beckett (TDCH Beckett ITD), ITD 10/19
Emie Tremblay and Kinai (Hot N Spicy North Star ITD), ITD 10/19
Lexi Blaes and Apollo (Echo Apollo ITD), ITD 10/19
Karen Bryden and Mist (Ewenique Mist ITD), ITD 10/19
Elinda Anderson CTDI and LOVE (Super Sun’s Wonder Woman ITD), ITD 10/19
Jane Buckley and Tay (RVTailor-made ITD), ITD 10/19
Marie-France Millette CTDI and Spring (TDCH Spring ITD), ITD 10/19
Benita Steffan and River (River Dance ITD), ITD 10/19
Elissa Picciano and Nym (SoStar’s Halt and Catch Fire ITD), ITD 10/19
Darla Shelton and Zeva (Zeva B ITD), ITD 10/19
Elinda Anderson CTDI and JOY (Ettrick Joy ITD), ITD 10/19
Lisa Morrissey CTDI and Lily (Trick Dog U’s Ms. Lily Pad ITD), ITD 10/19
Silvie De Four and Rona (TDCH Sunshine Ladirona of Hakinka’s Home ITD), ITD 10/19
Veronica Suen and Miso (Extreme Miso ITD), ITD 10/19
Rikki Gusway-Kelln and Bam (Bamboozle ITD), ITD 10/19
Melanie Dupuis and Echo (Boywood Echo ITD), ITD 10/19
Michael & Gail Gooch and Scooby Doo (Scooby Doo ITD), ITD 9/19
Linda Desaulniers CTDI and Ty (TDCH Passion BC Thief of Hearts ITD), ITD 9/19
Lynka Fortin Dumas and Everest (TDCH Essential Everest ITD), ITD 9/19
Tammy Stillwater and Sparky (Avatar Bayshore Hot Wired ITD), ITD 9/19
Jordan VandeVenter and Echo (FHF Echo Off The Mountain Tops ITD), ITD 9/19
Charlotte Brooke and Wisp (Kennafell Midnight Whisper ITD), ITD 9/19
Jodi Oscar CTDI and Vinny (), ITD 8/19
Madeline Oliver and Calypso (Calypso the Quick and Clever ITD), ITD 8/19
Arianna Jones and Odin (Odin, King of the Asgardians ITD), ITD 8/19
Kelly Kehoe and Stark (WR Winter is Coming ITD), ITD 8/19
Amber Cockburn and Nash (), ITD 8/19
Sally Wheeler and Zac (Seaposer Boatman Zacharies ITD), ITD 8/19
Lynette Chen and Leia (Across The Universe ITD), ITD 8/19
Sydnie Schneider and Everly (Platinum’s Limit Does Not Exist ITD), ITD 8/19
Charlotte Brooke and Floss (TDCH Ellan-Vannin Floss Of Kennafell ITD), ITD 8/19
Jan Martin CTDI and Jasmine (TDCH Astra Jasmine ITD), ITD 8/19
Jane Aukett and Twirl (Southridge Twist n Twirl ITD), ITD 8/19
Karolina Pincova and Tex (Wedgewoods Dark Lord ITD), ITD 8/19
Donna Sullivan CTDI and Daisy (IYD Donivan I Herd Ewe Dream’n ITD), ITD 8/19
Caitlyn Olvitt and Kestra (TDCH Platinum’s Call of the Wild "Kestra" ITD), ITD 7/19
Kynn Escalante and Sheldon (Spritzig What Up Moonpie? BBT ITD), ITD 7/19
Chrissy Joy CTDI and Whidbey (TDCH ), ITD 7/19
Kelli Yogerst and River (Jivin’ with the River Rocket ITD), ITD 7/19
Patty Warren and Rave (Rave Moy ITD), ITD 7/19
Scottie Wilson and Rushh (Silverbelle’s Adrenaline Rushh ITD), ITD 7/19
Megan Quinn and Nova (HWD Super Nova ITD), ITD 7/19
Mary Baker CTDI and Elvis (TBC’s 1Heart 1Love ITD), ITD 7/19
Jaime McCoy and Una (Jivin’ On a White Wave ITD), ITD 6/19
Wilder Cross and Haven (Higher Vibrations ITD), ITD 6/19
Carol Freeman and Selena (Waverley’s Witchy Warrior ITD), ITD 6/19
Carol Freeman and Holmes (No Sit Sherlock ITD), ITD 6/19
Andrea Lengi and Eli (Quicksilver Friend in High Places ITD), ITD 6/19
Bonnie Maki and Riot (Rain Rock Revolt ITD), ITD 6/19
Amanda Burkhart RVT and Absol (TDCH Hoenn’s Disaster ITD), ITD 6/19
Cherie R. Floyd and Spider (Gnar ITD), ITD 6/19
Karsyn Lyn Taylor and Thystle (Thorn In My Side ITD), ITD 6/19
Laura Sharkey and Pagan (Rival’s Pagan ITD), ITD 6/19
Tayler Dixon ATDI and Cedar (Is It A Sneaky Cedar ITD), ITD 6/19
Angie Tucker and Kahlan (TDCH Meisterwerk Kahlan ITD), ITD 5/19
Megan O’Connor and Lyra (Lyra ITD), ITD 5/19
Rebecca Piquette and Kira (TDCH Kiltaire’s Got Game ITD), ITD 5/19
Fiona Quirk and Chase (), ITD 5/19
Madisyn Bracey CTDI and Amelia (Amelia Airheart ITD), ITD 5/19
Jessica Noll and Luna (Highland Luna ITD), ITD 5/19
Debbie Francy and Ruger (He’s A Pistol ITD), ITD 5/19
Kristina Kastner and Madison (Madison IX ITD), ITD 5/19
Jennifer Majors and Oakley (CRL FSF Oakley ITD), ITD 4/19
Kimberly Ellis and Donut (Borderflies Donut Stop Me Now ITD), ITD 4/19
Jeanne Klink and Duffy (), ITD 4/19
Linda Grotzinger and Pip (Bailey ITD), ITD 4/19
Theone Thayer and Siggy (Siggy ITD), ITD 4/19
Janice Wenig and Bodhi (TDCH Bodhi’s Smoke N Fire ITD), ITD 3/19
Jessica Lumley and Cove (Ferweh’s Lord of the Cove ITD), ITD 3/19
Sally Wheeler and Reuben (TDCH Sunnydean Heart of Gold ITD), ITD 3/19
Andrew McCausland and Niko (), ITD 3/19
Emily Lowes and Fidget (2 Fidget 2 Quit ITD), ITD 3/19
Jennifer Majors and Kenzi (FSF Kenzi ITD), ITD 3/19
Mariann Hóborné Tóth and Candy (Grch Forestry Farm Gloria ITD), ITD 3/19
Lucy Howard CTDI and Gizmo (Gizmos Gardening Delight ITD), ITD 3/19
Joanne Laframboise and Shooter (KM Strong Shootr ITD), ITD 3/19
Elsie Wesdyk and Sydney (Weskeys KA Redhead ITD), ITD 2/19
Karen Childs and J.R. (Fernweh’s The Man Comes Around ITD), ITD 2/19
Karen Childs and Cash (Grand Oakes Man in Black ITD), ITD 2/19
Jessica Lumley and Chroma (Grand Oakes Oh So Dashing & Bright ITD), ITD 2/19
Joanne Laframboise and Rookie (), ITD 2/19
Jenny Archer and Nyx (), ITD 2/19
Debbie L. McGonigle and Twist (), ITD 2/19
Nancy C. Lech CTDI and Tiki (Shadewood’s Light It Up! ITD), ITD 2/19
Tracy Wood CTDI and Fundy (TDCH Fernweh’s Party All the Time ITD), ITD 2/19
Jay Clement CTDI and Nigel (Nigel Norbert III ITD), ITD 2/19
Vanessa March and Pippa (), ITD 2/19
Bella Rowe and Stardust (TDCH Solarflare’s Shooting Star ITD), ITD 2/19
Marla Friedler-Cooper CTDI and Swank (TDCH Spritzig Pretty Penny BBT ITD), ITD 2/19
Margaret Lewis and Storm (Blue Cedar’s Storm ITD), ITD 2/19
Shelly Vandevelde CTDI and Stitch (TDCH Spritzig Extraterrestrial Phenomenon BBT ITD), ITD 2/19
Alisha Slater and Cricket (SolarFlare When You Wish Upon A Star ITD), ITD 2/19
Therese McClain and Sis (Gotta Mountain Girl Crush ITD), ITD 2/19
Kathleen Mocharnuk and Lizzie (Leapin’ Lizzie ITD), ITD 2/19
Jennifer Fry CTDI and Quinn (Quinn Nell Fry ITD), ITD 1/19
Heidi Bauer and Fiona (Fiona Bauer ITD), ITD 1/19
Penny Smith and Pilot (Miss Pennys Pilot ITD), ITD 1/19
Penny Smith and Zen (Hot Shot Dare to Dream ITD), ITD 1/19
Kirstie Barker and Ivy (), ITD 1/19
Andrea Incitti and Jax (TDCH Jax Incitti ITD), ITD 1/19
Sarah Nichols and Casper (TDCH Caora’s Casper ITD), ITD 1/19
Caitlin Matycio and Jasper (Flying Houdini In the Mountains ITD), ITD 1/19
Anne Kerker and Nell (Nellie Kerker ITD), ITD 1/19
Shae Webster and Summit (Wanderlust Summit ITD), ITD 1/19
Melissa Smith and Khan (), ITD 1/19
Jill Wanie and Willie (FS Wild Will ITD), ITD 1/19
Jill Wanie and Pepper (), ITD 1/19
Therese McClain and EZ (Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy ITD), ITD 1/19
Kristy Teunissen and Scout (Senulc Scouts Promise ITD), ITD 1/19
Noelle Hufnagel and Phoebe (Prairie Fire Epic Free To Be Me ITD), ITD 1/19
Erin Stacks and Skylar (TDCH Marvels Most Wanted Mutt ITD), ITD 1/19
Megan Quinn and Luna (), ITD 1/19
Nikki Sheckells and Flirt (Meant to Be Mine ITD), ITD 1/19
Christina Opperman CTDI and Tigger (Leebeardream Im The Only One ITD), ITD 12/18
Kathleen Mocharnuk and Maya (Kickstarts Power of Love ITD), ITD 12/18
Beth Solano and Wiley (Wile E Coyote ITD), ITD 12/18
Colleen Miller and Zed (Cando Zs Legend ITD), ITD 12/18
Katherine Martucci, DVM CTDI and Dazzle (TDCH ), ITD 12/18
Jenn Anthony and Tonic (Emdog’s Tonic ITD), ITD 12/18
Joyce Sobey and Chet the Jet (TBC Chet the Jet ITD), ITD 12/18
Veronica Lasater and Jack (Jack Lasater ITD), ITD 12/18
Megan Hemmer and Kai (Molly’s DBLM Kai ITD), ITD 12/18
Paula Smith and Kylee (Kylee Smith ITD), ITD 11/18
Nichole Smith CTDI and Pearl (), ITD 11/18
Linda Keens and Titan (Wiki’s Titan-Gemini’s Moon Chaser ITD), ITD 11/18
Kaci Miller and Jay (Jay Miller ITD), ITD 11/18
Paula Smith and Pepper (Pepper Smith ITD), ITD 11/18
Alycia Marek and Image (Limitless K9s I Can Only Imagine ITD), ITD 11/18
Katie Martin & Donna Lawson and Charlie June (Embrace the Wonderland ITD), ITD 11/18
Alice Eden and Skye (), ITD 11/18
Shandy Blake CTDI and Logan (Kynic Wolverine ITD), ITD 11/18
Michelle Belio and Arya (TDCH Expedition Reverie’s Rebel of the North ITD), ITD 11/18
Thyra Powers CTDI and Deacon (TDCH Deacon Powers ITD), ITD 11/18
Jennifer Mills and Millie (Millie Mills ITD), ITD 11/18
Richard Leger and Woogie (), ITD 10/18
Ryan Jones and Kelby (), ITD 10/18
Heather Braun and Nike (Contact Point’s Against All Odds ITD), ITD 10/18
Morgan Fincham and Keeper (He’s A Keeper ITD), ITD 10/18
Hedwig Sebulke ATDI and MAXI (TDCH Maxli ITD), ITD 10/18
Krista Bennett and Rosie (), ITD 10/18
Mackenzie Bailey and Luna (), ITD 10/18
Cassidy Meyer and Nova (Coomesta Nettie ITD), ITD 10/18
Sara Killelay and Parsnip (Pitter Patter Parsnip ITD), ITD 10/18
Tammy Stillwater and Zorro (TBC Zorro ITD), ITD 9/18
Kimberly Sanfilippo and Bailey (Bailey Mills ITD), ITD 9/18
Sabrina Oppermann and Jody (), ITD 9/18
Jennifer Kolasa and Sisu (TDCH Double J Sisu ITD), ITD 9/18
Jennifer Kolasa and DaVinci (Hidden Valley Renaissance Man ITD), ITD 9/18
Cheryl Scott and Macauley (Kings Macauley ITD), ITD 9/18
Christina Opperman CTDI and Flyte (Suga Gero At Leebeardream AW(S) ITD), ITD 9/18
Liz Eginton and Rush (RT’s Hurry Up CD BN RI CGC ITD), ITD 9/18
Kim Steagall and Riley (Riley Steagall ITD), ITD 9/18
Anne-Julie Boucher and Bidule (Ptitesbetes Bidule ITD), ITD 9/18
Kirsty-Ann Mitchell and Huggy Bear (Bordabears Special Agent ITD), ITD 9/18
Kirsty-Ann Mitchell and Fozzie (Klevely The Muppet Meister ITD), ITD 9/18
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Luna (TDCH Blitzen’s Blue Moon ITD), ITD 9/18
Katrina Clark and Linx (TDCH Hendurrie Rocky Fella ITD), ITD 8/18
Brenda Tenten and Trudi (Bryning Simply Wonderful at Yettontop ITD), ITD 8/18
Jan Sund CTDI and Valor (Imagine Sir Galahad ITD), ITD 8/18
Terry Hildebrandt and Oreo (Oreo Princess of Victoria ITD), ITD 8/18
Elizabeth Pratt and Oscar (Nidderdale Oscar ITD), ITD 8/18
Sandra Wood and Mick (Hillcrest Knock On Wood ITD), ITD 8/18
Stephanie Noonan and Kenzie (Rival’s Kenzie CRNMCL RN ITD), ITD 8/18
Heather Wheatley and Lolly (TDCH Lola ITD), ITD 8/18
Brenda Tenten and Hope (Bryning Against All Odds at Yettontop ITD), ITD 8/18
Agnes Ahlefeld and Annie (TDCH ), ITD 7/18
Lisa Duff and App (TT App of the Day ITD), ITD 7/18
Laura Barlow and Keith (That’ll Do Keith ITD), ITD 7/18
Carolyn MacDonald and Boom Boom (Boomer ITD), ITD 7/18
Debbie Miles and Teddy (Teddy ITD), ITD 7/18
Hayley Woodcock and Star (TDCH Samdais Little Star TDex NOVex RL4 ITD), ITD 7/18
Sandra Banks and Storm (Chaos in the Form of a Storm ITD), ITD 7/18
Sandra Banks and Willow (TDCH Haulton Willows in the Wind ITD), ITD 7/18
Wendy Monks and Bella (Kerodan Let’s Go Crazy ITD), ITD 7/18
Sharon James and Comet (Smokin’ Sassy Comet ITD), ITD 7/18
Sandra Banks and Grace (TDCH Bluestars Mystic Explorer ITD), ITD 7/18
Mary Ann Pollitt and Molly (Molly Jo ITD), ITD 7/18
Heather Pohlman CTDI and Whisper (Wildfire Sound of Silence ITD), ITD 6/18
Fiona Vidler-Stewart and Oz (TDCH Oz Crystal Rousse ITD), ITD 6/18
Elise Legerstee and Smooch (Beautiful Day’s All I Want Is You ITD), ITD 6/18
Shona Thirsk and Judge (TDCH Grand Oakes All Rise ITD), ITD 6/18
Marla Friedler-Cooper CTDI and Rain (TDCH Spritzig Singin’ In The Rain SBS ITD), ITD 6/18
Hilary Warren and Reef (Meiterwerk Reef ITD), ITD 6/18
Linda Brown and Buzz (TDCH Rossendale Buzzyboy ITD), ITD 5/18
Cathy Russell CTDI and Linc (Trucharm On The Run ITD), ITD 5/18
Adriane Matkovich and Remi (Wildblue Rembrandt ITD), ITD 5/18
Aly Jabrocki and TeeVee (Hi-Def’s Television Reception ITD), ITD 5/18
Jenna Maytom and Piper (TDCH Duszah Tu Meke Piper ITD), ITD 5/18
Lynn Howell and Qettra (RW Triquetra ITD), ITD 5/18
Monica Hoersch and Isla (), ITD 5/18
Lee Ann Jahansooz and Vivy (Skybiz Annie’s Bizi Bee aka Vivy Jahansooz ITD), ITD 4/18
Denia Terhorst and Ice (Kuhaylan’s X-men: IceMan ITD), ITD 4/18
Taylor Hodges and Pepper (Bent Creek PepperCorn ITD), ITD 4/18
Christina Opperman CTDI and Logic (Leebeardream Its Logical ITD), ITD 4/18
Beth Amber Ridley and Rupert (), ITD 4/18
Myra Judd CTDI and Sizzle (Oaktree Hot Stuff ITD), ITD 4/18
Sonja Davis and Hurricane (MACH 2 Hurricane ITD), ITD 4/18
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Squall (Blitzen’s Tropical Disturbance ITD), ITD 4/18
Karen Wisler CTDI and Brenna (TDCH MSF Brenna ITD), ITD 4/18
Donna Reil and Journey (Happenstance Believe in the Journey ITD), ITD 4/18
Hannah Schoolcraft and Happy (Happy Kismet ITD), ITD 4/18
Ariana Purtee and Legacy (Roughstock Be Your Own Legacy ITD), ITD 4/18
Mary Spellman and Max (Max Coker ITD), ITD 3/18
Mary Spellman and Roany (Molly’s Dblm Ray Red Roany Coker ITD), ITD 3/18
Jane Eskuri and MyKey (RedTop MyKey ITD), ITD 3/18
Toni Surko CTDI and Rayne (TDCH Rayne ITD), ITD 3/18
Shirley Lachance and Magic (Asset’s Black Magic in Deep NTD), ITD 3/18
Janet Smith CTDI and Karl (Twilight Kai ITD), ITD 3/18
Janet Smith CTDI and Patch (Wild Blue Yonder ITD), ITD 3/18
Monika Hoyer and Badger (), ITD 3/18
Sheilagh Sargent and Freyja (), ITD 3/18
Tahlia Liebelt and Sophie (), ITD 2/18
Linda Grotzinger and Bishop ( ITD), ITD 2/18
Laura Landry and Violet (L-Squared’s Prairie Blue Violet NTD), ITD 2/18
Anneke Verweij and Jazz (TDCH ), ITD 2/18
Amy Boisvert and Dazzle (PowerHouse’s Walkin On Water ITD), ITD 2/18
Madeline Oliver and Abbie (OH Red Rose Abigail ITD), ITD 2/18
Christian Glueckler and Tippy (), ITD 2/18
Laura De La Cruz CTDI and Ace (BigNBad’s Lucky Chance ITD), ITD 2/18
Joan M. Snee and Minna (Minna ITD), ITD 2/18
Chloe West and Owen (), ITD 2/18
Stacy Pyrek CTDI and Graysee ( ITD), ITD 2/18
Courtney Forester and Jagger (Hullabaloo’s Got The Moves NTD), ITD 2/18
Jan Corles and Jasper (Evoque Mai Epic Jasper NTD), ITD 1/18
Rikki Gusway-Kelln and Lux (), ITD 1/18
Karen Taylor and Gizmo (Taylor G NTD), ITD 1/18
Alleah Baron and Cyann (Cyann Baron ITD), ITD 1/18
Sandee Stuczynski and Star (TDCH Bo Peep Midnight Star CGC NTD), ITD 1/18
Alicia R. Gilbert and Gaia (Lock-Eye Gaia), ITD 1/18
Michel Landry and Patch (JE Red Patch NTD), ITD 1/18
Emily Garland CTDI and Jinks (Jinks ITD), ITD 1/18
Emily Garland CTDI and Pip (Inspire Pip ITD), ITD 1/18
Heidi Olivier and Cindy (TDCH ), ITD 12/17
Noelle Hufnagel and Layla (TDCH Layla Hufnagel ITD), ITD 12/17
Gaby Grohovaz and Flumi (TDCH Carnelian Famous Flame NTD), ITD 12/17
Vanda Goddard and Maya (TDCH Birkcross Blue Eyed Dream ITD), ITD 12/17
Heather Tetzlaff and Knightro (My Knight in Shining Armor ITD), ITD 12/17
Elizabeth Chambers and Frosch (), ITD 12/17
Karen Wisler CTDI and Kasey (TDCH Shebaa’s Siren ITD), ITD 12/17
Tia O'Hara and Lilly (), ITD 12/17
Jennifer Fry CTDI and Badger (Badger Jay Fry ITD), ITD 12/17
Benita Steffan and Chance (2ND Chance ITD), ITD 11/17
Jeanne Shaw CTDI and Focus (TDCH Focus ITD), ITD 11/17
Jeanne Shaw CTDI and Torrent (TDCH Rival’s Torrent ITD), ITD 11/17
Kara Bellingham and Treble (), ITD 11/17
Laura Jones and Gli (OTCh Companion’s Rhapsody In Blue UDX5 OM8 VER BN RE THD CGC ITD), ITD 11/17
Suzanne Reynolds and Jordi (), ITD 11/17
Maree de la Mare and Gracie (), ITD 11/17
Maree de la Mare and Ollie (), ITD 11/17
Teresa Histed and Trick (TDCH Rooqui Talented Trickster ITD), ITD 11/17
Kelly Daniel and Chace (TDCH Weyahead Chace ‘N’ Chocolate FD CH AG CH ADXG JDX JAX SNX RN ITD), ITD 11/17
Vicki Thacker CTDI and Cate (), ITD 11/17
Sue White and Muppet (Kealolo’s Kolohe Muppet of Camelot ATD), ITD 11/17
Gail Wild and Whisper (Lynabbians Betty Boop NTD), ITD 10/17
Michelle Kimihira and Tuli (), ITD 10/17
Lauren Tsao CTDI and Oakley (Miss Sure Shot ITD), ITD 10/17
Abigail Hughes ATDI and Faith (TDCH You Gotta Have Faith ITD), ITD 10/17
Sarah Cheslock and Cora (), ITD 10/17
Sabrina Christie and Percy (CopperRidge Percy Jackson NTD), ITD 10/17
Jodie Ducharme and Trinket (Wescot’s Catching Fire ITD), ITD 10/17
Vania Boulet and Fenway (DoubleJ Fenway NTD), ITD 10/17
Lindsey Barney and Gracie (), ITD 10/17
Cathleen Bryant and Gene(e) (HiQ Roddenberry’s Rbel Raptor NTD), ITD 10/17
Joe and Arles Love and Keanu (Miss Keanu ITD), ITD 9/17
Vicki Thacker CTDI and Rhys (TDCH 5H Rhys ITD), ITD 9/17
Joyce Gilpin and Lily (RiverRun’s Garden Party ITD), ITD 9/17
Kelli-ann Reilly CTDI and Trick (TDCH Tricky Ricky Reilly ITD), ITD 9/17
Jennifer Hill and Roke (TDCH Guirmere Highland Roke ATD), ITD 9/17
Sheryl Krohne and Onyx (Hob Nob Black Onyx ITD), ITD 9/17
Debra McCready and Flash (Weyahead Artful Dodger), ITD 9/17
Debra McCready and Solas (Lundavra Mystic Solas ITD), ITD 9/17
Sis (Emily) Taylor and Chase (CH Ownbrooks Chase The Magic ), ITD 9/17
Sis (Emily) Taylor and Flash (Lonesome D Jumpin Jack Flash]), ITD 9/17
Karen Wisler CTDI and Tweed (TDCH KNJ Tweed ITD), ITD 8/17
Christine Pook and Jack (), ITD 8/17
Vikki Dykstra CTDI and Tim (), ITD 8/17
Joni Kaiser and Reef (), ITD 7/17
Tula Mancini and Leo (Leonidas Mancini NTD), ITD 7/17
Katrina Scott CTDI and Sin (TDCH Ignited Friendships Forbidden Pleasure ETD ITD), ITD 7/17
Katrina Scott CTDI and Ice (TDCH Friendships Fire N’ Ice ITD), ITD 7/17
Beverly Beck and Meeko (), ITD 7/17
Julia Luxemburger and Aspen (), ITD 7/17
Patty Warren and Surf (Jivin’ With a Force of Nature ITD), ITD 7/17
Jan Sund CTDI and Aero (FHF Defying Gravity ITD), ITD 6/17
Tess Starr CTDI and Ziggy (TDCH 5H Ziggy Starrdog RATN ITD), ITD 6/17
Laura Jones and Joel (Companion’s Piano Man BN CGC ITD), ITD 6/17
Stacey Sandrey and Polar (On Target’s Too Cool for You ITD), ITD 5/17
Lucia Nachsel and Neno (), ITD 5/17
Bronwyn van Dyk CTDI and Rogan (Hob Nob Ambassador NTD), ITD 5/17
Cassandra Hartman CTDI and Agnes (), ITD 5/17
Maryn Graves and Louie (Louie Graves), ITD 5/17
Christi Ticer and Jax (Infinity’s Jax are Wild), ITD 4/17
Deborah Auer and Teller (Watchtower Silent Partner ATD), ITD 4/17
Ben Blake and Heidi (Asset’s Queen of Mean NTD), ITD 4/17
Shandy Blake CTDI and Heidi (TDCH Asset’s Queen of Mean ITD), ITD 4/17
Tammy Carr CTDI and Hunter (), ITD 4/17
Sarah Hunter and Ludo (Ludo Hunter NTD), ITD 3/17
Barbara Vega and Kate (Kate Vega NTD), ITD 3/17
Patricia A. Douglass and Tess (Cedar Where Your Treasure Is ATD), ITD 3/17
Shelly Hanwell and Esmae (), ITD 3/17
Vicki Brown CTDI and Zam (SDGCH TDCH Shazam ITD), ITD 3/17
Karen Didrickson CTDI and Wes (TDCH Brush Creek Wesley ETD), ITD 2/17
Ashley Crocker and Kai (Kai IV ITD), ITD 2/17
Misty Yohannan CTDI and Byndee (Byndee ITD), ITD 2/17
Kelly Jackson and Fin (Merlynn Finley ITD), ITD 2/17
Katelyn Green CTDI and Rosemary (), ITD 2/17
Megan Schiffelbein CTDI and Cooter (), ITD 1/17
Sherrie Edick and Bella (Bella Edick), ITD 1/17
Suzy McCracken ATDI and Piper (Contact Point’s Masked Beauty NTD), ITD 12/16
Suzy McCracken ATDI and Sophie (), ITD 12/16
Tammy Stillwater and Twister (TDCH Avatar Bayshore Twist O’Fame ITD), ITD 12/16
Tammy Hanstead CTDI and Zip (TDCH BCRO’s Zip A Dee Doo Dah ITD), ITD 11/16
Cindi Chasse and Legacy (), ITD 10/16
Kathleen Camplin and Paisley (), ITD 10/16
Taylor Herr CTDI and Corona (Corona Jo ITD), ITD 9/16
Patricia Lister CTDI and Jinx (Ike’s Hurricane Hi-Jinx), ITD 9/16
Philip Dunsdon ATDI and Jessica (), ITD 9/16
Shirley Conley CTDI and Tachi (Tessaiga’s Wind Scar), ITD 8/16
Jenn Anthony and Nickleby (TDCH Nickleby ITD), ITD 8/16
Joe Barton and Boomer (Bippity Boppity Boom ITD), ITD 8/16
Mary Hager CTDI and Harley (), ITD 8/16
Elsie Louise Pfleider and Rio (Rio Grande Of Owls Perch ITD), ITD 8/16
Helene Tiefenthaler CTDI and Kayenne (Adventure’s Red-Hot N Spicy ITD), ITD 8/16
Lynze Smith CTDI and Coreas (Leapofaith’s Roll With It NTD), ITD 8/16
Kathy Erisman and Folly (Pure Folly NTD), ITD 8/16
Megan Stahlnecker and Chester (), ITD 8/16
Megan Stahlnecker and Smokey (), ITD 8/16
Lisa Yates and Tula (), ITD 7/16
Chelsea Singer CTDI and Crush (Wescot’s Smooth Criminal NTD), ITD 7/16
Charlotte Blackburn and Alleluia (EC’s Alleluia), ITD 7/16
Lisa Lanser Rose CTDI and Maisie (TDCH Maisie III ITD), ITD 7/16
Leanne Neufeld and Caper (Hob Nob Off Topic), ITD 6/16
Jane Saunders CTDI and Katniss (Contact Point’s Girl on Fire ITD), ITD 6/16
Sandra Caines CTDI and Jezabel (), ITD 4/16
Tammy Stillwater and Tweedy (TDCH Bayshore Avatar Tweedy McBright UD RAE2 BN GN GO NTD), ITD 4/16
Lisa Pellowski and Conor (), ITD 4/16
Virginia Williams and Kali Faye (), ITD 3/16
Yolande Johnson and Bobby (TDCH ), ITD 2/16
Anne Hooper and Tex (Wilderblu Power of Love), ITD 2/16
Molly Plover and Moxie (1 Distinctively Different Roll-Back), ITD 2/16
Jennifer Crider and Jax (), ITD 2/16
Karin Haderly CTDI and Chi (Hob Nob Power by Nightflight MX MXJ CD RA NWI), ITD 2/16
Simmon Hellebrand and Daisy (Milangimbi Diamonds N Daisies), ITD 2/16
Helen Crosby and Kodi (), ITD 2/16
Susan Joachim and Gypsy Rose (), ITD 2/16
Mikaela Gustafson CTDI and Flash (), ITD 2/16
Sally Gordon and Fli (Some Dogs Do), ITD 1/16
Jennifer Hill and Kricket (TDCH MISR - Kricket ETD), ITD 1/16
Erica Pytlovany CTDI and Prim ( ITD), ITD 1/16
Lynzie Bacchus CTDI and Re-Run (TDCH ), ITD 1/16
Julie Schrecengost and Blayze (TDCH Riverrun’s Summer Dreams Ablayze), ITD 12/15
Rita Orduna and Jake (), ITD 12/15
Carol Henderson and Lexi (Locheil From Me To You), ITD 12/15
Devon Ward CTDI and Freyja (), ITD 11/15
Lorna Moon and Keiko (JB Keiko), ITD 11/15
Roz Granitz CTDI and Bleu (Ah Mazin’ Bleu ITD), ITD 11/15
Linda Hinsman CTDI and Glory (Norwood’s Bound for Glory), ITD 11/15
Paula Gianella and Bridges (), ITD 11/15
Gerald Murray CTDI and Maggie (), ITD 11/15
Gerald Murray CTDI and Grace (Gracie-Mae ITD), ITD 11/15
Cira Ring and Taj (), ITD 10/15
Patricia Weinkauf and Fallon (), ITD 10/15
Jessi Pierce and Ollie (Oliver), ITD 10/15
Nicolina Strand and Ripp (Ripp-n-Jazz), ITD 10/15
Barbara Rake and Lyra (Keepemgoing’s Lyra Silvertongue PT HSAD, HIAS, RN, ONYX, ITD), ITD 10/15
Eva Loukas and Landry (), ITD 10/15
Charlotte Blackburn and Shine (Hurit Shine for God), ITD 10/15
Charlotte Blackburn and Bravo (EC’s Bravo), ITD 10/15
Elizabeth Greve and Kingsley (), ITD 9/15
Ashley Castro and Solo (Hob Nob Never Tell Me the Odds AX AXJ NF CGC ATD), ITD 9/15
Sarah Crane and Ajax (Crane Leg’s Tough on Greece CGC), ITD 9/15
Taila Lewis and Marley (Go Fetch Follow Your Heart), ITD 9/15
Pauline Williams and Mason (Hob Nob Cast From Stone RN HSAs OA OAJ CGC ATD), ITD 8/15
Ian Martin and Birk (Birk Martin), ITD 8/15
Rebecca Jewsbury CTDI and Zeva (), ITD 8/15
Sandy Rapey and Trés (Trés ITD), ITD 8/15
Brenna Fender and Tessa (TDCH Contact Point’s Brenrich Tesseract), ITD 8/15
Hazel Fernandez and Lexie (), ITD 8/15
Shawn Goh and Lycan (), ITD 8/15
Teena Hopper and Charlee (), ITD 7/15
Kathleen Mocharnuk and Cricket (TDCH Hillcrest Quick As A Cricket ITD), ITD 7/15
Patty Warren and Gypsy (Jivin’ With a Free Spirit ITD), ITD 7/15
Kathleen Mocharnuk and Katydid (TDCH Kickstart’s Katydid It! ITD), ITD 7/15
Laura Maulbetsch CTDI and Tweed (), ITD 7/15
Loreen Grove and Katie (), ITD 7/15
Loreen Grove and Toby (), ITD 7/15
Judy Timme and Shila (), ITD 6/15
Bonnie Conley and Bailey (), ITD 6/15
Alyssa Buller and Zoey (Zoey’s Holy Victory), ITD 5/15
Corrine Atkinson and Roxy (), ITD 5/15
Barbara Reinhold CTDI and Rue (), ITD 5/15
Sophie Smith and Kallisto (Princess of Bears), ITD 5/15
Erica Pytlovany CTDI and Caleb ( ITD), ITD 5/15
Doreen Sciulli and Zoie (Holly Sue), ITD 5/15
Diane Battis CTDI and Zena (Hurit Canine Warrior ITD), ITD 4/15
Patricia Olson and Max (TDCH Maximilian ITD), ITD 4/15
Greta Kaplan and Mellie (HiQ Mind Meld), ITD 4/15
Carol Parker and Mara (TBC Marnatha AX AXJ NF), ITD 4/15
Kathryn Kuhlen CTDI and Watson (CP Watson), ITD 4/15
Kathryn Kuhlen CTDI and Darwin (Contact Point’s Darwin), ITD 4/15
Jan Blue and Lucy (Jan Blue’s Lucy), ITD 4/15
Tracey Pilsbury and Jynx (Capnmegs High Jynx), ITD 4/15
Sophie Arter and Sky (Ourdaffers The Snowman), ITD 4/15
Finuala Craske and Luna (Hardyljess Hopes and Dreams), ITD 3/15
Ericka Barber ATDI and Trip (TDCH Lock-Eye What a Trip he is), ITD 3/15
Allison Howard CTDI and Vera (), ITD 3/15
Denise Coyne and Jack (TBC Jack B Nimble), ITD 3/15
Kerstin Horvath CTDI and Cole (AZ Cole), ITD 3/15
Jennifer Stephens and Hendrix (), ITD 3/15
Tina L. Westwood ATDI and Ember (Red Hot Roaring Ember), ITD 3/15
Marlys Delaney and Ollie (Jollie Ollie Collie), ITD 3/15
Jennifer Bailey and Jett (TDCH TBC Jett Propelled ITD), ITD 3/15
Sandra Burroughs and KOBY (Koby Flynn Burroughs ITD), ITD 3/15
Kelly Doner and Vortex (Power Tripp’s High Velocity), ITD 3/15
Ashley Gertonson and Clarity (LilFoxxClarity ATD RATN), ITD 2/15
Tina L. Westwood ATDI and Mac (Flyboy MacGyver), ITD 2/15
Tina L. Westwood ATDI and Zephyr (Lady In Reds Zephyr), ITD 2/15
Tina L. Westwood ATDI and Whisper (Deeann Whisper On The Wind), ITD 2/15
Teressa Erickson and Baylee (Have a Little Faith In Me), ITD 2/15
Doreen Barren and Tess (), ITD 2/15
Marilyn Waterston and Timijin (Hob Nob Orient Express), ITD 2/15
Stacey Gamble CTDI and Twitch (Powerhouse’s Black Cat Dust), ITD 2/15
Nancy Marston and Zoe (ARCHEX ZoReMi Half n Half She Matters, CGC, CD, RAE, ASCA CD, RL1X, RL2X2, Rl3X, AoE 1,2&3, W-FDX-HTM, INS-X, MF-E, R-FE/N, ETD), ITD 1/15
Kelly McGovern and Ollie (Ollie McGovern), ITD 1/15
Pamela Wright and Skye (Skye CGC JHD-S ACGC ITD), ITD 1/15
Dwayne Hudson and Maverick (Maverick Hudson), ITD 1/15
Haeleigh Hyatt and Wren (Talisman’s Light as a Ffeather), ITD 12/14
Mary Baker CTDI and Winston (Winston BN RN NJP ITD), ITD 12/14
Patty O’Bleness CTDI and Sasha (MACH 2 Sasha ITD), ITD 12/14
Tess and Richard Starr and Chance (Sageway Second Chance), ITD 12/14
Daisy Peel ATDI and Solar (SuperSun), ITD 12/14
Carleen Vorisek CTDI and Gil (), ITD 11/14
Sarah Thoreen CTDI and Reese (TDCH Reese ITD), ITD 11/14
Carol Tracht-Kader and Boo (), ITD 10/14
Lisa Morrissey CTDI and Dali (), ITD 10/14
Beth Yim ATDI and Willie (Keen Eye Will), ITD 10/14
Debbie Hanley CTDI and Moon (TDCH Ignited’s NewMoon), ITD 10/14
Kristine Hammar and Bandit (), ITD 9/14
Holly McArthur CTDI and Diesel (TDCH Jento’s Turbo Diesel ITD), ITD 9/14
Mary Vahaviolos and Mickey (TDCH ), ITD 9/14
Angelica Steinker and Power (On Target Invincible), ITD 7/14
Angelica Steinker and Zoomie (Bo Tyne’s Watch Me Zoom), ITD 7/14
Shanice Tan ATDI and Zeal (Blazing Zealous Starlet Of Novacrista), ITD 7/14
Annabelle Green and Twigs (), ITD 6/14
Kathy Clayton CTDI and Teagan (TDCH Bergundtal Teagan), ITD 6/14
Karen Behringer and Tucker (), ITD 6/14
Kim Kaplan and Winnie (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner), ITD 6/14
Christina Young CTDI and Enzo (TDCH Rival’s Catch Me If You Can), ITD 5/14
Alice Gay Wildes and Rush (Companion’s A Peck of Gold), ITD 4/14
Tiffany Benevento and Piper (), ITD 4/14
Carolyn Jane Halhead and Zing (TDCH Canyonland Beloved Go Back to Glory ITD), ITD 3/14
Karen Beekman CTDI and Molly (), ITD 3/14
Karen Beekman CTDI and Belle (), ITD 3/14
Reagan Lawton and Flash (), ITD 3/14
Kim Schiro and Jack (Brush Creeks Jack Be Nimble), ITD 3/14
Yvonne Babij ATDI and Denim (Guirmere Denim), ITD 12/13
Yvonne Babij ATDI and Deuce (Guirmere Deuce), ITD 12/13
Eva Briggs CTDI and Rikki (TDCH Lockeye Rikki Tikki Tavi ITD), ITD 12/13
Janette West and Bella (Bella West), ITD 11/13
Carole Husein CTDI and Ace (), ITD 10/13
May Fischer CTDI and Porter (), ITD 9/13
Rachel Fein CTDI and Flash (TDCH Lytnstryke Photo Finish ITD), ITD 8/13
Chelsea Singer CTDI and Nikko (Orion A Splash of Black Flurry), ITD 6/13
Chelsea Singer CTDI and Tango (Orion Red Hot! Tango), ITD 6/13
Susan Kurner and Bodie (Bodie), ITD 6/13
Christina Young CTDI and Maxi (TDCH Max), ITD 6/13
Diane Stamp ATDI and Ruger (Stamp’s Ruger ITD), ITD 5/13
Nicky Griffiths and Ted (TDCH Mr. Ted Wing), ITD 4/13
Tonya Allmon CTDI and Tweed (Tweed), ITD 4/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Digit (Botyne Digit - Hobbes NATCH TFE-II WV-O TG-O TN-E AX OAJ CDX RAE HTDI-g VX, TT CGC ITD), ITD 3/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Strider (Lockeye’s Strider FDCh-s NJC TN-N RA TDI ITD), ITD 3/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Fusion (Hob Nob Fusion NAC OJC TN-N RN TDI ITD), ITD 3/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Breeze (Hillcrest Breeze FDGCh MBDX TF-III PT TDI CGC ITD), ITD 3/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Shiver (FHF Shiver FDX OAC OJC ECC WV-N TN-O RA TDI CGC ITD), ITD 3/13
Robin Barrows and Ivy (Ivy Ohana), ITD 1/13
Lary Lindsay ATDI and Kyna (Kyna), ITD 1/13
Arno Sebulke and Windy (Windy), ITD 12/12
Kim Bond and Angus (TDCH Angus), ITD 12/12
Diana Smith and Chief (Chief), ITD 9/12
Beth Trujillo and Blaze (Fallon’s Royal Kindle), ITD 8/12
Hedwig Sebulke ATDI and Dusty (TDCH Dusty ITD), ITD 8/12
Mary Ann Sanford and Bling (Bordaux Almost Perfect Bling UD RN VER CGC TT ATD S.T.A.R), ITD 7/12
Sherlee Bailey and Sedona (Sedona Sage), ITD 7/12
Colleen DeWitt CTDI and Casino (Int’l/Amer Ch Carson’s Royal Flush BN RN CGC TT ITD), ITD 6/12
Kristine Hammar and Speedy (Speedy), ITD 6/12
Colleen DeWitt CTDI and Carson (Int’l/Am GrCh Fallons Royal Carson CGC TT BN RA CD ITD), ITD 6/12
Kristine Hammar and Dean Dog (Dean Dog), ITD 6/12
Donna Sullivan CTDI and Riley (Donivan C Ewe in My Dreams ITD), ITD 5/12
Rebecca Hansen and Rio (Livin’ LaVita Loca), ITD 3/12
Linda Saab and Lola (Poswertripp’s Good Ship Lollipop), ITD 2/12
Amanda Wood and Tink (HiQ Tinker Toy), ITD 2/12
Ashley Castro and Zen (Zen CGC RL1 NTD), ITD 2/12
Kristine Hammar and Tessa (C-ATCH Tessa ATD), ITD 2/12
Tasha Miner CTDI and Dolce (Wishing Star), ITD 1/12
Julia Lane CTDI and Magnum (Lytnstryke’s Private Eye ITD), ITD 1/12
Sara Carson CTDI and Hero (TDCH Worth The Wait), ITD 1/12
Diane Battis CTDI and Spirit (Quicksilver Out of the Blue), ITD 1/12
Brigitte van Gestel CTDI and Djuna (Djuna), ITD 1/12
Phyllis Shortt and Maisie (Maisie), ITD 11/11
Astrid Smith CTDI and Ryker (Red Baron AAD REA OF OAJ CGC TF-II ITD), ITD 10/11
Donna Sullivan CTDI and Stella (Donivans Ewe Day Dreamer Ewe ITD), ITD 9/11
Francine Roche and Jetta (Donivan’s Chasin Ewe’r Dream ITD), ITD 3/11
Donna Sullivan CTDI and Shelby (Donivan’s Red Hot Dreamn O EWE ITD), ITD 8/09
Colleen DeWitt CTDI and Kate (Justin’s Cattle Kate ITD), ITD 5/09

Border Terrier

Ian Trott and Lexie (Ch Wimberway’s Bdr Queen Boudicea CD RE RAE ITD), ITD 3/20
Lyne Trott ATDI and Ruby (Rosecrest Wimberway Ruby CD RE CGN ITD), ITD 3/20
Hélène Gignac and Bentley (Terriland Running in the Snow ITD), ITD 2/20
Kara Knox and Sully (Bannerkin Spitfire ITD), ITD 1/20
Nancy Lee and JellyBean (Zealous Goelitz Mini JellyBean ITD), ITD 1/20
Nancy Lee and Twizzler (Zealous Licorice Twist ITD), ITD 1/20
Nancy Lee and PixyStix (Bodacious Chock Full of Sugar ITD), ITD 1/20
Denise Jeffries and Ellie (Elphaba ITD), ITD 1/20
Claire Duder and Dylan (Astra from Land of Tethys ITD), ITD 11/19
Tina Jane Standing and Coolio (Versaterre Roll with my Homies ITD), ITD 10/19
Leela Craig-Thompson and Mabel (Moo Moo’s Little Maggie ITD), ITD 10/19
Goodie Thomas and Strut (Blue Rock Strut Your Stuff ITD), ITD 8/19
Laura Ryder CTDI and Rogue (Redwall Rogue Gem ITD), ITD 6/19
Tami Stoller and Gunnar (CH Bannerkin’s Time Traveler JE ITD), ITD 2/19
Dawn Kelley CTDI and Mouse (CH Cricket Hill Danger Mouse JE NAJ ITD), ITD 9/18
Cindy Rhodes and Gus (Jusutsus Great Gust of Wind CGC BN CD PCDX CA BCAT TDN ITD), ITD 7/18
Laura Ryder CTDI and Lando (Redwall Dead Heart Hamish ITD), ITD 7/18
Viv Smith and Briar (Onthill Rock Diva ITD), ITD 6/18
Stephanie Catalfio and Phoebe (), ITD 6/18
Lisa Logan-Dayman and Tiger-Lily ( ITD), ITD 3/18
Nancy L. Foster and Emma (Brierden’s Emma Peel CGC RATO TDU NTD), ITD 2/18
Claire Duder and Rory (Underhill Games People Play ITD), ITD 2/18
Eva Briggs CTDI and Reilly (TDCH SDCH Happy Hobbits Streetcar Named Desire ITD), ITD 1/18
Kathy Teufel and Douglas (Cripple Creek Always Looking Up to the Frontier NTD), ITD 12/17
Lisa Jury and Fizzle (GCH Rangel Fizzing Whizbees JE CA RATS DM DS DJ CGCA TKP ITD), ITD 12/17
Teresa Parquer-Vargas and Sparty (Amigas’ Fast And Falfurrias NTD), ITD 11/17
Kathy Teufel and Danny (Ch Otterecho Frontier Rusty Roads CGC RE BN PCD RATO NTD), ITD 10/17
Lee Boelter and Holly (Otterecho Sand In Your Pants BN RN CA THDA CGC TKN NTD), ITD 10/17
Michelle Gasson ATDI and Euan (Armadale Euan ITD), ITD 9/17
Kristin Stokes and Alf (Bever Lea Alfisols Dirty Harry ITD), ITD 7/17
Lee Ann Moreland and Kegan (Kittle-Bee Blue Charm, JE, RA, BN, GN, CDX, ITD), ITD 4/17
Kathy Teufel and Gracie (Ch Frontier Rose’s Amazing Grace BN CD RE CGC CD RATM ITD), ITD 4/17
Donia Roorda CTDI and Bryn (TDCH CH Elwha Bryn It to Win It RN CRN1 CGN ITD), ITD 4/17
Erin Moore and Loki (Aardehond Malbectini), ITD 5/16
Kali Wilson and P.J. (), ITD 10/15
Kali Wilson and Frannie (Loch Cu’s Blue Mooned in Texas), ITD 10/15
Victoria Neale and Indi (TDCH Feisty Doris), ITD 4/15
Natalie Folker and Coco (), ITD 4/15
Vanessa Rush and Pongo (), ITD 9/14
Yvonne Downey and Tweed (Foxleigh Tumbling Tweed), ITD 7/14
Sharon Stubbs and Makana (Keepsake’s Cheviot Dreaming), ITD 3/12


Léane Bossé and Chekov (Pavel Andreievich Chekov ITD), ITD 3/20
Diane Bedard and Sunshine (N’Rome Sunshine D’Aleksandrovsh ITD), ITD 2/20
Ashley McGuiness and Lulu (Ashley Dona Zuzia SDIN NS ITD), ITD 11/19
Jamie Hein and Mulder (Mielikki Siege at Blue Mountain ITD), ITD 5/18
Kathleen Poniatowski and Muse (TDCH Mielikki Kalabria RiverRun Dark Muse ETD), ITD 7/15

Boston Terrier

Jennifer Lowen and Bella (Bella ITD), ITD 2/20
Tara Patriquin and Ziva (Ziva ITD), ITD 1/20
Tara Patriquin and Mani (Mani ITD), ITD 1/20
Chloe Kaltner and Chester (CK’s Knock on Wood ITD), ITD 1/20
Candace Hough and Gryffindor (), ITD 12/19
Donas Bradford and Boston (Boston Boy Bradford ITD), ITD 12/19
Donas Bradford and Nola (Nola Girl Bradford ITD), ITD 12/19
Donas Bradford and Indy (Indiana Jumping Bean Bradford ITD), ITD 12/19
Raina Cooper and Jaida (Bella Boston’s Jaida ITD), ITD 10/19
Barbara L. Zeiger and Fenway (Lehew’s Grand Slam of Timber Ridge ITD), ITD 2/19
Nicole Ho and Ringo (), ITD 12/18
Regina Czapiewski CTDI and Star (TeeGee’s Moon Star ITD), ITD 8/18
Tracey Martin CTDI and Mystique (Teegee’s Mystique ITD), ITD 8/18
Stacey Ousso and Tyson (), ITD 7/18
Fabia Feuerabendt CTDI and Shauna (Sairoong’s Top Toffy ITD), ITD 6/18
Emma Weakland and Phoebe (Emma;s Bright Light Phoebe Bird ITD), ITD 4/18
Erin Arsenault and Rory (), ITD 4/18
Cathy Stover-Gomez and Suzy Q (Suzy Q Mocha NTD), ITD 3/18
Yohko Katz and Obi (Obi Katz BN CGCA TKN TKI TKA NTD), ITD 1/18
Debra J. Safrit and Dixie (DJ’s Lil Dixie Girl NTD), ITD 12/17
Kristin Bruce-Cardwell and Archer (Danger Zone ITD), ITD 11/17
Debra J. Safrit and Gracie (Lady Gracie of Castlewood ITD), ITD 10/17
Marcia Mazuryk ATDI and Aries (), ITD 7/17
Kimberly Caruso and Tuukka (Tuukka Caruso), ITD 7/17
Anne Prebish and Pippa (Pippa P. Prebish), ITD 4/17
Christine Gray and Ginny (), ITD 12/16
Terri Adkins and Arnie (Adkins’ Arnie), ITD 10/15
Christina Dale and Seamus (), ITD 9/15
Michele Miller and Prancer (), ITD 8/15
Sarah Stewart and Pearl (), ITD 6/15
Hunter Boman and Lulu (), ITD 5/15
Nicole Miller and Perry (), ITD 3/14
Penny DiLoreto CTDI and Peanut (Our Little Guy Peanut DiLoreto), ITD 6/13
Caryl-Rose Pofcher and Clyde (Billy Clyde’s Pride), ITD 3/12

Bouvier des Flandres

Debbie Hertwig and Sam (Lycan Gosha de Tremaudan ITD), ITD 3/20
Ariane English and Raksha (Raksha du Lac ITD), ITD 1/20
Sara Willett and Fern (Eight M’s Flora and Fauna ITD), ITD 1/19
Janet Garrett CTDI and Mack (TDCH Mon Cher Maestro ITD), ITD 3/17
Karen Kimbrough and Texsi (GCH Quiche’s Livin’ It Up In Texas CGC-U NA OF ITD), ITD 9/16


Laura & Blake Watson and Maui (Kaligula Von Amadeus ITD), ITD 3/20
MJ Heaps and Chilli (Lilac’s Lady in the Quarry ITD), ITD 2/20
MJ Heaps and Bria (Bria ITD), ITD 2/20
Meghan Scott and Karma (Karma ITD), ITD 1/20
Melodee Lasky and Honey (GCH Wynding Brook American Honey ITD), ITD 1/20
Winnie Kluck and Chiara (CH Tiamat’s Chiara Via Nuova ITD), ITD 11/19
Alyssa M. Theis-Covic CTDI and Rogue (Rogue One ITD), ITD 8/19
Dana Stead and Journey (Livin’s Lifetime of Dreams ITD), ITD 6/19
Alyssa M. Theis-Covic CTDI and Ruckus (Ruckus VIII ITD), ITD 4/19
Tania Butler and Poppy (TDCH Poppy ITD), ITD 3/19
Rebecca Davies CTDI and Silas (), ITD 2/19
Noelle Chaltry and Grimm (Igar Bosim ITD), ITD 1/19
Robert Garfield and Tucker (Tucker Quincy Garfield ITD), ITD 10/18
Debbe Endres and Inga (), ITD 9/18
Rosanne Huber and Shadow (Shadow Huber ITD), ITD 5/18
Phillipa Rickerby and Dexter (), ITD 3/18
Vivian Young and Phoebe (), ITD 2/18
Ruve James and Tahi (), ITD 1/18
Tania Butler and Pixie (TDCH Pixie ITD), ITD 10/17
Courtney Brooks and Rockey (For Those About To Rock ATD), ITD 9/17
Barbara Smith CTDI and Batman (TDCH Happy Tails Dark Night PCD BN RE CGC ITD), ITD 9/17
Meriah Price and Oliver (Oliver von Wigglebutt NTD), ITD 8/17
Charlene Medeiros and Chaos (Trimanor’s Halo Brings Chaos CKC ITD), ITD 6/17
Marion Thomson and Storm (Summer Storm Von Landus), ITD 6/17
Michele Valente and Priya (CH. Savoy Sicilian Love Me Thunder), ITD 5/17
Kelli-ann Reilly CTDI and Star (TDCH Star Boxer Girl Reilly ITD), ITD 3/17
Roxann Wilkinson CTDI and Farkle (TDCH Wilkinson’s It’s Farkle Time! ITD), ITD 11/16
Carolyn Bassett CTDI and Razz (TDCH Gremlix Razzle Dazzle CGCG JD RA ITD), ITD 7/16
Kellie L. Turner and Toby (Turner’s Tobias Nicholas Parker NTD), ITD 4/16
Joyce Hargrove and Madison (Hilltop’s Ticket To NYC RA RAT1 CGC), ITD 8/15
Amelia Kellum CTDI and Doug (TDCH Douglas Kellum ITD), ITD 3/14
Colleen Hill and Skulley (Happy Tail’s “Little Man”), ITD 3/14
Sawyer Payne and Freddie (Winifred), ITD 7/13
Diana Schnellbach and Duke (“Duke”), ITD 5/13
Jane Barron and Rosa (TDCH Mummanui Frosty Rose), ITD 3/13
Karen Graser and Lola (Lola Graser), ITD 10/12

Boykin Spaniel

Debra L. Jones and Happy (BrierCreeks Don’t Worry B Happy ITD), ITD 10/18
Debra L. Jones and Noodle (Catalpa Acres Call Me Noodle CGC TKN ITD), ITD 6/18

Braque Francais Pyrenean

Maria Kessell and Reese (Reese de Ruisseau Peidu ITD), ITD 10/17

Brazilian Mastiff

Linda Chong and Hector (Briarwood’s Hector ITD), ITD 2/16


Katherina Dueck CTDI and Alphie (GChEx Deja Vu Popsakadoo From A to Z RE (CKC) RA (AKC) CRAMCL (CARO) ITD), ITD 1/20
Debbie Moss and Campbell (Aubreys Beyond Belief ITD), ITD 11/18
Gerdien Demkes and Noemie (Auberge des Pattes Noires Jioya), ITD 2/15


Kelly Longtin and Pyro (Prairiestorm Fired Up ITD), ITD 1/20
Bill Wier and Sully (Cimmaron’s American Flyer CGC ITD), ITD 1/20
Bob A. Parkhurst Jr. and Lava (CH Labyrinth N Illusion O God Shes Smokin @ Parkhurst JH ITD), ITD 1/20
Bob A. Parkhurst Jr. and Cinnamon (Parkhurst’s "A Touch Of Spice & Everything Nice" JH ITD), ITD 1/20
Bob A. Parkhurst Jr. and Lucy (Lucy’s Loyal Dynamo JH ITD), ITD 1/20
Bob A. Parkhurst Jr. and Shady (Parkhurst’s Final Offer, Deal or No Deal? ITD), ITD 1/20
Randi Benko and River (Prairiestorm River 2nd ITD), ITD 12/19
Elizabeth Stiles and Linc (Don’t Blinc ITD), ITD 12/19
Cat Fauvelle and Maverick (HuntersHeart Vibrant Malbec NTD), ITD 11/19
Alice Burke and Rio (Whisper Ridge Code Name River Dance ITD), ITD 9/19
Nancy Ballerstedt and Noni (Knollbrook’s Second to None ITD), ITD 7/19
Emilie Lewis and Cooper (Joie Cooper River De Harrellyn ITD), ITD 10/18
Felicity Kelleher CTDI and Róisín (), ITD 9/18
Samantha Ibbott-Cordi and Jagger (Gr Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CCD RA ET JC ITD), ITD 7/18
Samantha Ibbott-Cordi and Alice (Ch Tobenlee Show N Tell ITD), ITD 7/18
Margery L. McCready and Brody (), ITD 3/18
Margery L. McCready and Smudge (), ITD 3/18
Cheryl Trevithick and Asher (TDCH Trevithick’s Asher Dasher ITD), ITD 3/18
Tony Trevithick and Jojo (TDCH Trevithick’s Indiana Jojo ITD), ITD 3/18
Nancy Ballerstedt and Conor (Knollbrook’s Two Jigs and a Reel ITD), ITD 8/17
Kim Catizone and Grace (Flashfire’s Ms. Grace ITD), ITD 4/17
Danielle Todd CTDI and Vixey (RiverMist Broxden I Scent It CGN SD-A-SP ITD), ITD 1/17
Ana Sarcheck and Winter (Ajax Arctic Blast OA AXJ), ITD 12/16
Cheryl Bulpitt and Berkeley (Rivermist Broxden Honor This ITD), ITD 8/16
Pam Orms and Akshun (Razin-a-Ruckus Bring On The Akshun), ITD 3/16
Sandra Toal and Webster (), ITD 2/16
Alison Boyd and Griswold (TDCH Marsport Griswold Chase ITD), ITD 12/15
Ana Sarcheck and Rosie (), ITD 11/15
Janet Morris and Daisee (Daisee Mae Garth Thereyago Morris), ITD 4/15
Terri Latronica CTDI and Bree (TDCH Chilcote Kaze’s Summer Breeze), ITD 2/15
Terri Latronica CTDI and Tucker (Credits Chilcote Raise A Rucus), ITD 2/15
Janet Morris and Taffee (Taffee Garth Morris), ITD 4/14
Carol Toms and Hunter (CH. Islandview Holds All the Aces, RE CGN CDN-1 CDN-2 FND AGNS FDNX TN-N CRN PCD NTD ITD ATD CDN-3 R-FE/N), ITD 4/13
Mary Dwyer and Clover (Clover), ITD 11/12
Katherine L. McGill CTDI and Sara (TDCH Flock N Farm Sarabell CGC ITD), ITD 12/11

Brussels Griffon

Kate An Hunter and Keegan (Status Quo of Legends Heart ITD), ITD 2/20
Dennis Hiltz and Minnow (Ardenada’s Minuet with a Black Minnow Spider ITD), ITD 5/18
Tracey Gray and Kevin (Bruneaver Faith In Me Of Okami NTD), ITD 10/17
Sandra Busse and Jilli (Wisselwood Victor’s Jillian-RR), ITD 12/14

Bull Mastiff

Angela Frazier and Zeus (Zeus Fast and Furious Frazier), ITD 3/15

Bull Terrier

Ally Mohan and Dakota (TDCH SomeOkies Dakota Outlaw ITD), ITD 1/20
Felicia Mix and Lovis (Heathen’s Sexy M F ITD), ITD 2/19
Gabriela Brooker and Lucy (Angel Lucy Pel-rim ITD), ITD 3/18
Sophie Buck and Troy (), ITD 1/18
Carmen Arroyo ATDI and Pizca (), ITD 10/17

Bull Terrier (Miniature)

Devyn Weeks and Penny (Bullmoon’s A Penny For Your Thoughts - CAA, RATM, CGCA, CGCU, NTD), ITD 4/16
Kerstin Horvath CTDI and Boomer (Cambria’s Big Thunder CGCA), ITD 3/15


Tracey Bradley and Luna (Symarun’s Mischief Managed ITD), ITD 9/19
Patricia Roy and Fleur (Bulldacious Lady Paradox ITD), ITD 4/19
Sonya Birch and Murray (Bulldacious BirchBark MaxMillion ITD), ITD 11/18
Nancy Drake and Joe (Believeinbull’s Top Gun Joe ITD), ITD 10/18
Trudy Paquin CTDI and Mojo (Solid Rock Mojo Rising), ITD 11/17

Bulldog (English )

Caryl-Rose Pofcher and Rover (Billy Sent Rover Over), ITD 3/12


Leanne Zukowski and Zandrie (Sycalcade’s Classic Reprint ITD), ITD 2/20
Kim Klassen and Tyler (GCH Garroway’s Livin’ On The Edge CGN PCD TN ITD), ITD 2/20
Allison Langpap and Fenric (Bolder’s F EN Special ITD), ITD 2/20
Sherri Bellmore and Buffy (CAN GRCH Bolder Rockabull Specialslayer ITD), ITD 9/19
Leanne Zukowski and Tuff (Am Ch Can Gch Sycalcade’s Eight Seconds to Win ITD), ITD 9/19
Tamar Paltin and Tzilah (Z) (B’Mew Candlelight Shadow, CGC BN RN ThDN NTD), ITD 4/16
Kathleen Kiernan and Sydney (Sydney Louise), ITD 7/14

Cairn Terrier

Julie Trottier and Gaston (Dorlin’s Graffiti Masterpiece ITD), ITD 3/20
Julie Trottier and ZsaZsa (Dorlin Graffiti Femme de Rêve ITD), ITD 2/20
Karen McClean CTDI and Finnegan (Tarahill’s Celtic Fire ITD), ITD 1/20
Mary E. Havens and Bella (Havenshire’s Lovely Bella Notte ITD), ITD 5/19
Tom & Bev LaPorte and Chase (), ITD 3/19
Pattie Whitehouse and Luraiche (TDCH Kian’s Precious Gemstone ITD), ITD 8/18
Karen McClean CTDI and Miss Marple (Ch Quarrydene’s Diamond Heist CGN ITD), ITD 10/17
Diane Grainger and Isla (GCh Skerryvore Isla Touch of Magic CGN SPOT-ON ITD), ITD 8/17
Diane Grainger and Addie (TDCH OTCh Ch (Alt) Linwell’s Adelaide Nevertheles CGN RAE JE AGX AGIJ AGXJV IP TD CAX TT SD-S RATI ADC SGDC BCAT ITD), ITD 7/17
Diane Grainger and Ember (TDCH Linwell Cabaret’s Little Ember RAE CGN CDX AGMX AGXJ IP SD AADC SGDC ITD), ITD 7/17
Pam Davis and eBay (GCHG Dogwood Treasure Hunter CAX, CGCA, BCAT NTD), ITD 4/17
Connie Burnley and Julie (Raven Crown Jewel of Dogwood RN, CAX3, CGCA NTD), ITD 4/17
Debra Bauleke and Pippin (Pippin Finn), ITD 3/17
Pam Davis and Daisy (GCHB Dogwood Flower Power RN, CAX4, RATS, CGCA, NTD), ITD 2/17
Shelley Cherkowski ATDI and Indigo (Toonees Indigo Tesla Roadster JE RATO CRNCL CRBN CRNT NW3(2) NW3-C NW3-V NW3-E NW3-E NW3-I SOG DOG A-TOG SD-MACH CW-SDA SSS ITD), ITD 3/16
Shelley Cherkowski ATDI and Joey (RATCHX Goldenears Joseph SE RATI NW3 NW3-I NW3-V NW3-C NW3-E CRA CRBN CRNT SD-E SD-A(SP)(3) SOG-N(2) S-DOG CW-SIA SSS ITD), ITD 3/16
Betsy Peets and Happy (Cairnyorm Shot in the Dark), ITD 10/15
Betsy Peets and Oz (GCh Kinloch’s Shadowood), ITD 10/15
Rachael Lincoln CTDI and Rambo (Brandybuck’s Bad To The Bone ITD), ITD 4/15
Marcy Zweerink and Cody (), ITD 6/14
Karen McClean CTDI and Aoibheann (TDCH AmCan GCh Quarrydene’s Queen of Diamonds ITD), ITD 3/14

Canaan Dog

April Gray and Ampere (River Rock Turn It Up Loud For Graymatter CGC NTD), ITD 4/17
Nancy Marston and LuLu (Luella P Wellenmellen, BN, RN, RL1X2, RL2, ITD, CGC), ITD 3/15

Cane Corso

Jolayne Moryski and Wicca (Avitus’ Baba Yaga ITD), ITD 9/19
Janine Erato and Java (Black Pearl Java CGC TKN NTD), ITD 1/19
April Segura and Geronimo (Aprils Falling For Geronimo ITD), ITD 11/18
R. Aaron Setliff and Anakin (Confidentials Anakin ITD), ITD 8/18
Janine Erato and Chai (CH Black Pearl Chai THDA CGCA CGCU ITD), ITD 7/17
Janine Erato and Espresso (GCH CH Black Pearl Espresso CAA BCAT DN CGCA CGCU ITD), ITD 7/17
Samantha Davenport and Rhaegar (Gator Country Rhaegar Targaryen), ITD 5/15
Keagen J. Grace CTDI and Konco (Lifeline’s Port in a Storm), ITD 3/15
Carol Anderson ATDI and Rogue (), ITD 5/14

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Karen Fisher and Echo (Fine Creek’s Echo ITD), ITD 3/20
Melanie Gonglach and Teddy (Teddy Arth ITD), ITD 11/19
Roxanne Michel-Morissette and Wave (Granduc Merrymoon Aloha Spirit ITD), ITD 10/19
Laura E. Comerford and Finn (Vestavia Moon Age Daydream ITD), ITD 7/19
Darline Morgan and Winslow (Oakleaf Regent Take it Easy ITD), ITD 6/19
Holly Goldman-Craig & E.B. Bishop and Lady Bird (Visions Lady Bird ITD), ITD 6/19
Corrine L. Curtis and River (Mylyn Karina Have’N Fun In The Sun ITD), ITD 6/19
Cole Rasmussen and Arrow (Rainbow’s Straight To The Cookie Jar ITD), ITD 9/18
Jim Hager and Sapphire (Coedwig’s Blue Moon Martini ITD), ITD 8/18
Kimberly Quach and Rouxgaroux (Toreth Indium Lycan Do It ITD), ITD 8/18
Lisa Sproat and Ben (White Hart Darth Like Me ITD), ITD 7/18
Jim Hager and Roulette (White Hart Double Down ITD), ITD 7/18
Melissa Anacker and Darwin (Shadowalk Dog of a Different Color ITD), ITD 7/18
Allison Ryder and Sunny (Winbuck’s Shining on Me ITD), ITD 7/18
Sarah Garcia and Edward (Hagaren’s Equivalent Exchange), ITD 12/17
Renay Crooker and Ember (Stornaway Sunspark Some Like it Hot NTD), ITD 12/17
Renay Crooker and Mercy (Ministries Kantasia Show No Mercy NTD), ITD 12/17
Jim Hager and Mina (Legacy Legend Curtain Call of Royalwood ITD), ITD 10/17
Elena Miskowiec CTDI and Bruno (Ch Stubby Acres Riverside Uptown Funk Boss RE ITD), ITD 9/17
Amanda Goh and Ringo (Samhain’s Octopus’s Garden ITD), ITD 4/17
Jim Hager and Bear (Coedwig’s Out Of The Blue ITD), ITD 4/17
Renay Crooker and Donovan (SunSpark’s Kantasia Donovan ITD), ITD 4/17
Renay Crooker and Phoenix (SunSpark’s Kantasia Flight of the Dragon ITD), ITD 3/17
Betzie Duncan and Zoey (Bridgelady’s Life, What Is It But A Dream?), ITD 3/17
Kayelene Hawthorne and Isaac (PACH Chaps Woodsy Sir Isaac MXP4, MXPB, MXJP4, MJPB, PAX), ITD 3/17
Dawn Fisher and Peace (Daybreake’s Peaceful Dreams ITD), ITD 3/17
Dawn Fisher and Wash (Foggy Bottom Woodrose Light As A Feather ITD), ITD 1/16
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Solo (Flying Solo ITD), ITD 1/13


Kristin Hulzinga and Zeddie (Miss Tsarina Tigress Meowvski the IV ITD), ITD 2/20
Tori Peterson and Elliot (Bravely and Truly ITD), ITD 12/19
Tori Peterson and Violet (Color My World ITD), ITD 11/19
Sammy Mar and Garfield the Cat (), ITD 7/19
Melanie Kreker and Kelso (Michael Kelso ITD), ITD 2/19
Felicity Hansen and Rafi (), ITD 10/18
Vidhyalakshmi Karthikeyan and Moo (Jarvis ITD), ITD 9/18
Sarah Troxell and Darcy (Darcy ITD), ITD 1/18
Tess Starr CTDI and Sam (Samurai Sam ITD), ITD 12/17
Tori Peterson and Peach (I’m Just Peachy ITD), ITD 10/17
Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Orion (Orion Mu NTD), ITD 2/17
Anika Moritz and Alexis (), ITD 9/16
Amy Hinkle and Tesla (), ITD 12/14
Bristal McAlister and Raven (), ITD 11/14
Jacob Hollingsworth CTDI and Kitty (Kitty), ITD 5/12


Tirah Sheppard and Zahra (Zahra Sheppard ITD), ITD 3/20
Mary Baker CTDI and Maggie (Maggie Moo ITD), ITD 12/14

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Becky Davis and Crockett (Crockett The Leopard Dog ITD), ITD 2/20
Jessie-Mae Dunlop and Mayhem (Crosscheck’s Raining Mayhem ITD), ITD 1/20
Jenna Geitenbeek and Tux (Fair Mate’s Tuxedo ITD), ITD 3/18

Cattle Dog

Jannette Day and Maggie (), ITD 6/14

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Hélène Desbiens and Maya (Labernoise Maya ITD), ITD 1/20
Pamela Graci and Gimli (KLEAS Leap of Faith ITD), ITD 12/19
Lisa Hansen CTDI and Edna (Edna ITD), ITD 12/19
Shannon Hintz and Reba (Fancy Miss Reba Roo ITD), ITD 11/19
Joanne G. LeFebvre and Maggie (Maggie Rose LeFebvre ITD), ITD 8/19
Alison Rodriguez and Amber (Fields Edge Amber ITD), ITD 7/19
Roberta Earle CTDI and Pippin (Dreamvale 2 Legit 2 Quit at Icebern ITD), ITD 4/19
Lisa Redmer and Fable (Giltmor Better Than Clogau Gold ITD), ITD 2/19
Kari Selinger and Bumble (Reflexions In Charge Bumbles Bounce ITD), ITD 12/18
Christine Sheppard and Dessa (Cedarcreek’s Andressa ITD), ITD 12/18
Toni Saunders and Millie (), ITD 11/18
Diane Schuler and Jasmine (Onnalea First Dance at Banner ITD), ITD 8/18
Valentina Schuler and Tikka (GCHG LaCaninna Fratello Sole CAX BCAT CGCA ITD), ITD 8/18
Trudy Tinkham and Clodagh (TDCH Moyola Miss Clodagh ITD), ITD 6/18
Katherine Eastman CTDI and Bennett (Bennett’s At Random ITD), ITD 5/18
Katherine Eastman CTDI and Chandler (Chandler’s Rhapsody in Blenheim ITD), ITD 4/18
Nicola James and Welly (Glenbrows Llewelyn NTD), ITD 2/18
Carol Ritchie and Parker (Burbrook Jingle for Johnny D NTD), ITD 2/18
Sarah Bignell and Henry (), ITD 12/17
Erica Marshall ATDI and Jojen (Lord of the Licks Little Red Menace), ITD 12/17
Jennifer Morgan and Chazz (CH Madrigal Don’tWannaMissAThing NTD), ITD 11/17
Lisa A. Lombard and Jonah (Darlington’s Instant Replay), ITD 9/17
Hayley Tamburello and Libby (Hayley’s Little Alibi ITD), ITD 4/17
Nicola James and Kick (TDCH Glenbrows Hand of Fate ETD), ITD 1/17
Debra Aheimer and Banner (Buddington’s Star Spangled Banner ITD), ITD 10/16
Pam Booras CTDI and Tillie (), ITD 8/16
Mo Han and Louie (Louie Han), ITD 1/16
Kimberly Lookabill and Clover (Vista Highland Spice), ITD 1/16
Nicola James and Lupin (TDCH Glenbrows It Had To Be Me), ITD 4/15
Magda Negele and Snoopy (TDCH Snoopy Cleverboy vom Feenstaub), ITD 4/15
Sara & John Nemec and Spencer (Barrington Spencer Winston), ITD 3/15
Elin Becker and Puck (Karlees Behold the Penalty Box CKC: P-CD, RN; AKC: CGC), ITD 2/15
Janet Klingler and Queenie (Maryne N Sumdei Dancing Queen), ITD 1/15
Nichole Griva and Winston (Winston CGC), ITD 5/14
Anna B. Ferris and Madeline (Miss Madeline Lovebug Geraghty), ITD 10/13
Lesley Chappell and Jaffa (Beaumore the Southern Spirit), ITD 7/13

Central Asian Shepherd

Tori Peterson and Niki (Nikita ITD), ITD 10/17

Cesky Terrier

Stephanie Capkovic and Logan (Windrush Logans Run), ITD 2/15

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Kim Cooper and Rosie (Nordais Sweet Rosie ITD), ITD 1/20
Emilie Bourassa and Everest (Susquehanna Toujours Plus Haut ITD), ITD 12/19
Annie Strobel and Oakley (Cal-I-Co NGD’s Annie Get Your Gun ITD), ITD 12/19
Sharol Vandecasteyen and Scarlet (Mallardsway Foreign Affair ITD), ITD 11/19
Sharol Vandecasteyen and Cactus (Desert Winds Dune Duster at Mallardsway ITD), ITD 10/19
Sharol Vandecasteyen and Abby (Frosty Hills Clear Blue Sky at Mallardsway ITD), ITD 10/19
Anja Ballwieser and Bo (TDCH Blucollars Bibbidi Bobbidi Bo ITD), ITD 7/19
Anja Ballwieser and Sam (TDCH Port West I Am Legend ITD), ITD 7/19
Brenda Zeng and Annie (Nordais LiL ANNIE ITD), ITD 6/18
Trudy Paquin CTDI and Mambo Numba 5 (Silvercreek Mambo Numba Five), ITD 10/17
Elizabeth Mignin and Evvie (Northwyns Miss Evvie Lyn), ITD 8/16
Lauren Faggard CTDI and Geronimo (CH Chesabar Faggards Geronimo), ITD 4/14
Lauren Faggard CTDI and Zuni (CH Chesabar Faggards Zuni JH), ITD 4/14
Lauren Faggard CTDI and Hopi (CH Chesabar Faggards Hopi JH), ITD 4/14
Lauren Faggard CTDI and Red (CH Chesabar Faggards Red Cloud MH), ITD 4/14

Chessapeake Bay Retreiver

Donna Cooley & Jill Gagliardo and Bocce (TDCH Longshore’s Bocce Bear RE DM CGCA ETD), ITD 7/16


Tess Starr CTDI and Onyx (Onyx the Rescue Chicken ITD), ITD 8/17


Ashley E. Jacobson and Bruno (Sir Bruno, The Crunchwrap Supreme ITD), ITD 3/20
Nancy Mirantz and Raven (TDCH Tiny Raven of Tijera’s ITD), ITD 10/19
Heather Carrier and Bean (TDCH Bean Bean The Wrecking Machine ITD), ITD 9/19
Nancy Mirantz and Wolfie ( ITD), ITD 8/19
Julie Birmingham and Madonna (Borderline Material Girl CGC SWN TKI ITD), ITD 6/19
Robin Murray CTDI and Victor (Victor Groot Murray ITD), ITD 2/19
Tenille Gross CTDI and Huckabee (Huck-a-bee a Tumor of Rj STAR RATO CZ8B CW-SP ITD), ITD 10/18
Jenny Templin and Dexter (), ITD 8/18
Nycole Garza CTDI and Little (Angelica ITD), ITD 8/18
Heather Clifford and Toby (), ITD 1/18
Peggy K. Steck and Coco (), ITD 12/17
Marcia Kilpatrick and Chico (Madra’s Chico Bandito), ITD 11/17
Rachel Owers and Rogue (), ITD 10/17
Correna Taylor and Leila (), ITD 9/17
Natalie Ralph and Maisie (), ITD 7/17
Nicole D. Headon CTDI and Jack (Jack Jack), ITD 5/17
Marie Donahue CTDI and Phoebe (Phoebe’s Brightest Star NTD), ITD 2/17
Cesar Rapanut and Chelsea (Lady Chelsea NTD), ITD 11/16
Isa Randle and Lucky (Jed Jess Lucky Born To Dance), ITD 7/16
Heidi Priester and Pablo (El Dorado’s Pablo ITD), ITD 5/16
Robin Sweetapple CTDI and Ty (Ty Bennefield Sweetapple ITD), ITD 11/15
Tim Page and Chiquis (Chiquis La Mirruña), ITD 10/15
Tim Page and Lalo (Lalo El Bailarin), ITD 10/15
Susan Fletcher CTDI and Dewey (Dewey Columbus), ITD 10/15
Katie Manning and Merlin (Bonnsands Black Velvet), ITD 9/15
Romy Adler and Jacky (), ITD 6/15
Alethea Stewart and Thumberlina Munchkin (Thumberlina Munchkin Stewart), ITD 5/15
Wendi Mitzel and Meeko (Touch of Mischief), ITD 5/15
Judy Manson and Mr Chi (Mr Chi’s a Diamond Geezer), ITD 5/15
Di Noe and Chewy (), ITD 3/15
Linda DesMarais and Chip (Tribute’s Return Engagement), ITD 3/15
Tizzie Jarvis and Teddy (TDCH ), ITD 2/15
Carolyn Collins CTDI and Penny (Collins’ Penny V CGC), ITD 2/14
Patricia McKenna and Henry (), ITD 11/13
Stacie Strauss and Pearl (Pearl The Money Pit), ITD 4/13
Mikayla Kincaid and Harley (Harley Kincaid ITD), ITD 12/12

Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Donna Brittain and Luke (Temple’s A New Hope ITD), ITD 11/18
Natalie Szita and Nixon (), ITD 8/17
Tammy Stillwater and Moonpie (Highland’s Moonlight Sonata NTD), ITD 5/16
Tammy Stillwater and Carlos (CH Winhaven Aeolian To Thunder CD RAE NTD), ITD 5/16
Marion Teichman and Charlie (Charlie Lex Luther My Love CGC DSA TT ATD), ITD 3/15

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Melissa Wallace CTDI and Uintah (TDCH TACH4 Uintah ITD), ITD 11/14

Chinese Crested

Annie Monette and Leo (CH Bopan Nothing Ventured ITD), ITD 1/20
Lisa Logan-Dayman and Buddy (), ITD 8/19
Rebecca Adams and Rachel (Altair Mazel Tov Native Dancer), ITD 11/17
Christi Green and Pip (Daretobebare Great Expectations ITD), ITD 11/17
Rebecca Adams and Callista (Zhen’s Dare To Dream), ITD 9/17
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Oracle (Raven’s Earth Oracle ITD), ITD 7/17
Marcia Kilpatrick and Mak (China Road Mak Attack), ITD 6/17
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Magick (TDCH Sassytails Magical Treasure ITD), ITD 10/16
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Lynk (), ITD 11/15
Susan Brasel CTDI and Harry (R01 UWP AG1 Inter/Nat GRCH Pristine Gaffer’s It’s My Pleasure ITD), ITD 2/15
Kim Mayes CTDI and Loki (TDCH Nalibey’s Love Me Do Loki TD ITD), ITD 2/13
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Firefly (), ITD 1/13

Chinese Crested (Powder Puff)

Dawn Lawyer and Liam (), ITD 5/19
Jackie Morgan and Jellybean (Sassytails Treasure Decoded NTD), ITD 11/17
Joan Clarke and Esther (Tupuzuri Lunar Eclipse), ITD 7/15
Joan Clarke and Ellery (Maralou Invitation by Night), ITD 11/14
Joan Clarke and Evie (Cutecoots Veritysue), ITD 11/14
Jesi Kirk and Zuri (Kunokis Creme de la Creme Furry), ITD 12/13

Chinese Spaniel

Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Lando (Lando Calrissian ITD), ITD 1/13


Tessa Thomas and Remy (Rain Mountain Frontier Shuksan), ITD 10/15
Susan Fletcher CTDI and Kasute (Frontier Halona Joy Kasute), ITD 10/15

Chow Chow

Maureen Clune and Ebony (Ebony ITD), ITD 2/20
Sandra Braid and Tuggy (Tugboat ITD), ITD 2/20
Maureen Clune and Caydence (Caydence ITD), ITD 2/20
Amanda Bingham and PonyBoy (GFF JingleTown Shines Like Gold ITD), ITD 9/19
Sherri Lippman and Mai Mai (), ITD 5/19
Kevin Berman and Kato (Sir Kato of Camelot ITD), ITD 11/17
Camille Gagnon CTDI and Lilly (CH Man Kou Lilly de Acadia, CGCA, CA, BCAT, TKN, NTD), ITD 8/17
Katie Mirabelli and Holly (Kamira’s Holly Golightly), ITD 3/16

Cimarron Uruguayo

Gabriella Hurtos CTDI and Duncan (Duncan Cerberus Illusion ITD), ITD 9/19
Gabriella Hurtos CTDI and Anakin (SRB GCH HCH SRB CH RO CH SRB JCH HJCH Anakin Cerberus Illusion ITD), ITD 4/19

Clumber Spaniel

Julie Brassard and Hermann (GCh Clussexx Vestis Virum Reddit CGN RN ITD), ITD 2/20
Jennifer Darcy and Chip (CH Bluemoons Chippewa Chief BN GN CDX RE CGCA ITD), ITD 11/18
Catherine Maltby and Faith (Tricklecreek This Kiss ITD), ITD 2/18
Hayley Tamburello and Pearl (Paradise Pink Flamingo NTD), ITD 8/17

Cocker Spaniel

Patty Johnson and Kyla (Kyla - Little Miss Attitude ITD), ITD 1/20
Jaime Bast and Tutti Fruitti (Dunmorr KG’s Totally Tutti Fruitti ITD), ITD 7/19
Jaime Bast and Tallulah (TDCH Dunmorr KG’s Ou La Lu La ITD), ITD 7/19
Carol Griffin and Carl (Ber-Lin’s Judge Carl ITD), ITD 5/19
Susanna Larsdotter CTDI and Duppen (Inja Gundogs Debutante DuPont ITD), ITD 1/19
Susanna Larsdotter CTDI and Fajsty (Bergkällans Dodge Lancer ITD), ITD 1/19
Patricia A. Kohn and Jake (CH Crazy Q’s Cause to Shine TKN ITD), ITD 1/19
Kelly Ladouceur and Charlotte (Am Can Ch KLAD Samamari Fire And Rain TKN ITD), ITD 12/18
Sara Seymour and Ripley (Tiptopjack Talented Mr Rip ITD), ITD 8/18
Kelly Daniel and Flori (TDCH Caderyn Leicestershire botanist ITD), ITD 8/18
Dawn Sheffield and Jade (Ms Flash Lightning Luna Jade ITD), ITD 5/18
Carole Rudella and Clifford (), ITD 4/18
Amy Olvitt and Zeke (Tell Tail’s Chocolate Topic ITD), ITD 2/18
Donna Dorris and Winston (Coinmotier Winston ITD), ITD 2/18
Kim Wright and Dotty (TDCH Forever Dotty ITD), ITD 7/17
Patricia A. Kohn and Murphy (Murphy Brown Eyed Girl BN RN CGC ITD), ITD 3/16
Sue Brown and Joe (Joe Cocker Brown), ITD 7/15
Brenda Noren and Jack (Jacket Up A Notch CD BN RN CGC ITD), ITD 12/14
Monica Medrano CTDI and Stuart (), ITD 3/14
Lynn Stacey CTDI and Bella (TDCH Brock Ballastar), ITD 3/14

Cocker Spaniel - American

Jennifer Cerrada CTDI and India (TDCH ), ITD 9/17
Dorothy Smith CTDI and Echo (TDCH Juire Walk Right Back To Me ITD), ITD 2/17
Charlotte Keane and Slainte (Slainte), ITD 11/12
Barbara A. Weary and Boston (Boston Massachusetts Weary), ITD 7/12

Cocker Spaniel - English

Kathleen Older and June Bug (June Bug The Return of the Jet O NTD), ITD 11/16
Ewa Edreira and Molly (Worshamview Caramel Swirl), ITD 4/15
Sally Bair CTDI and Lacey (Spindrift’s Lucky Dog ITD), ITD 12/13
Dianne McCullough and Eliza (Eliza Reg’d My Fair Lady), ITD 3/13
Mary-Catherine Ervin and Miss Molly (), ITD 2/11

Collie (Rough)

Lara Sullivan and Ciara (Royal’s Ciara of Colonial Old Time Scotch Collie ITD), ITD 2/20
Meghan Crosson and Alice (Crossons It’s Always Tea Time ITD), ITD 2/20
Antje Alberda CTDI and Star (Glamourace Collies Flaming Star BJK NL BE ch. CW’17 ITD CCF2), ITD 1/20
Emily Orton and Scout (Highrivers Yeti Scout ITD), ITD 1/20
Emily Orton and Akira (Highriver’s Graceful Strength ITD), ITD 1/20
Diane H. Engelman and Sherpa (Foggy Bay Over The Moon CGC ITD), ITD 1/20
Patty Stafford CTDI and Jackson (Scarborough’s Memories of Yesteryear ITD), ITD 10/19
Brenda Kay & Paul E. Baker and Bella (Bella Kaylynn Baker ITD), ITD 10/19
Karin Nilsson and Tesla (TDCH Lapinettes Gorgeous Blue Monday ITD), ITD 10/19
Kimberly Ubaldini and Jaxxs (Gracella Lar lill Bad Inflluenc CGC ITD), ITD 9/19
Lori Borenstein and Stormy (Foremost Quiet Storm CD BN GN RA CGCA TKI ITD), ITD 8/19
Monique & Michelle Arpin and Taz (TDCH Ch Pairiepine Brackenbrae Whonor ITD), ITD 7/19
Mary Ann Campbell ATDI and Duncan (GCH UKC-CH Sylvan Argent Creston’s The Highlander BN RE NAP FDC BCAT THD CGCA CGCU ITD), ITD 7/19
Mary Ann Campbell ATDI and Summer (Sylvan Creston’s Summer Breeze BN RI FDC CGC ITD), ITD 7/19
Vicki Lincoln and Savannah (Millknocks Incredible Southern Charm ITD), ITD 3/19
Charlene Ewald and Whim (), ITD 2/19
Diana Fors and Rosa (My Smiling Desert Rose ITD), ITD 1/19
Cynthia Hemenway CTDI and Jazz (Hemenway’s Jazz Man ITD), ITD 1/19
Rosemary Fisher and Regina (Princess Regina Rose of Riverview ITD), ITD 11/18
Amber Kingston and Leo (Leonardo ITD), ITD 10/18
Joyce Jackowski and Carlie (Seabreeze Miss Carlie ITD), ITD 10/18
Joyce Jackowski and Carson (Master Carson of Seabreeze ITD), ITD 10/18
Nancy Skipper and Alex (Alexander the Great ITD), ITD 7/18
Joan Richard and Chase (Avalon’s Something Sparkley ITD), ITD 6/18
Joan Richard and Breeze (BVIS Cdn CH Avalon BluRidge Tri To Stop Me RA ITD), ITD 6/18
Patty Stafford CTDI and Logan (SDCH Scarborough’s Keeper of the Dream ITD), ITD 5/18
Sharon Hareza and Savannah (C-ATCH Dockside’s Hurricane Savannah ITD), ITD 4/18
Linda Lanham and Selleck (Wild Wind Harley’s Flashy GenT NTD), ITD 2/18
Deb Yates and Nova (Tamarons SuperNova NTD), ITD 2/18
Jenny Hopper and Tuppance (TDCH Aaronwell Azena for Lexcol ITD), ITD 1/18
Andrea Leidl CTDI and Millie (TDCH CH Rineweld Heart of Goodness HWT BH ITD), ITD 1/18
Stephanie Barber CTDI and Charleston (Blu Ridge Kelstrin State of Bliss), ITD 9/17
Stephanie Barber CTDI and Teagan (Kelstrin You, Me & Tea ITD), ITD 9/17
Deb Bauer CTDI and Vinny (TDCH Invincible Vinny ITD), ITD 7/17
Sarah Troxell and Breezy (Moxie’s Good Witch of the North ITD), ITD 5/17
Chandria Meyer and Jazz (Kings Valley Cantina Band CGCA CGCU ITD), ITD 3/17
Dr. Laura R. Dejmek and Skylar (Mr. Summa cum Laude “Skylar” NTD), ITD 2/17
Patty Stafford CTDI and Chance (TDCH Scarborough’s Chance of a Lifetime ITD), ITD 2/17
Linda Lanham and Miss May (Swan’s Is That A Rocket N Ur Pocket CGCA BN THDN NTD), ITD 2/17
Lee Jeffries and Dexter (Chantique Hot Toddy at Deorwine NTD), ITD 1/17
Antoinette J. Bailey and Prosper (Ch. Lochlaren the Plans I Have For You, CD), ITD 1/17
Antoinette J. Bailey and Dave (Nor’Loch Patient and Kind, CGC-A), ITD 1/17
Antoinette J. Bailey and Curtis (Tartanside a Spirit of Courage, CGC-A), ITD 1/17
Michael Vorkapich and D'Argo (Snovalley Rainybank Luxan Warrior NTD), ITD 10/16
Patty Stafford CTDI and Dylan (SDGCH TDCH Scarborough’s A Tribute To A Dream ITD), ITD 10/16
Michalla Mallett and Sassi (Jaymac Royal Aftershock NTD), ITD 8/16
Laura Lane ATDI and Laney (Lady Golden Whirlwind ITD), ITD 8/16
Laura Lane ATDI and Spencer (Sunny Sky’s Golden Whirlwind ITD), ITD 8/16
Linda Lanham and Angel (Harley’s Angel Of Love CGCA NTD), ITD 6/16
Laura Hills CTDI and Fiona (Fiona Hills ITD), ITD 5/16
Dinah Gough and Tiearne (OTCH Thistlebrae Come Dancing CGN RE), ITD 4/16
Michelle Gamage CTDI and Loyal (He Is Loyal To Me ITD), ITD 2/16
Lisa Wood and Gryphon (), ITD 1/16
Gail Gee and Lily (Kelstrin Tartanside One Singular Sensation), ITD 9/15
Sheila Petticord and Ziggy (Kelstrin Tartanside Ziggy Stardust), ITD 8/15
Pat C. Cook and Holly (), ITD 6/15
Stephanie Barber CTDI and Brooks (Kelstrin Tartanside Grand Marnier, RN, TT, CGC, TDI, RL1, RL2, HIG, ITD), ITD 4/15
Stephanie Barber CTDI and Lily (Tartanside Cadence CD, BN, RN, RA, TT, CGC, AIC, RL1, RL2), ITD 4/15
Roxanne Dwyer ATDI and Cluny (Alaric Capture the Dream), ITD 3/12
Michelle Hope CTDI and Ice (Ch Emeraldbrea’s Sliverlining ITD), ITD 12/11
Ellen Kelly and Kerry (Washoc’s Ring of Kerry), ITD 4/10

Collie (Smooth)

Paul Grosart and Dax (Moxie’s Light Up the Sky ITD), ITD 2/20
Christie Powell and Jed (Lisara’s Jedediah Harwell ITD), ITD 11/19
Ulla Granberg and Luna (TDCH Merciless Love Bomb ITD), ITD 9/19
Marilyn R. Clayton and Smoochie (Ch Sunnland’s Blame It On Rio CDX HSs HTd AgXS AgXJS XPS RE SDN CGN RATN ITD), ITD 9/19
Hannah Collison CTDI and Brenn (TDCH Metallic Debonair ITD), ITD 7/19
Barb Sahl and Echo (Travler’s Echo on the Wind ITD), ITD 12/18
Rebecca Epperly and Tucker (Wild Wind Sailing The High Seas ITD), ITD 7/18
Judy Bianchi and Liza Mackenzie (Delgayla Upcountry Sunshine ITD), ITD 6/18
Katie Rogers and Mila (Sinkona’s California Dreamin’ NTD), ITD 3/18
Courtney Hatton and Sargent (Thistlebrae Sargent ITD), ITD 2/18
Pamela Leland CTDI and Dancer (TDCH Wild Wind May I Have This Dance ITD), ITD 10/17
Luann Korona and Bodhi (Kelso-Millknock Smilin’ Like A Buddha ATD), ITD 8/17
Alix Vorkapich and Gir (Rainybank Belfair Growls at the Moon ITD), ITD 10/16
Michelle Hope CTDI and Logan (Thistlebrea’s Titanium ITD), ITD 10/16
Christina Durre and Ruben (Sunnland’s Le Grand Orange), ITD 10/15
Loretta Batz and Megan (Boonehaven Midnight Waltz), ITD 7/15
Shirley Conley CTDI and Nim (Ceilidh’s Katana Marked By DeepRiver BN, RE, CGC, DSA, ATD), ITD 1/15


Brooke Burg and Zoey (Zoey Burg), ITD 8/12

Coonhound (Redbone)

Tammy Rogers and Gunny (TNT’s & Rimfires Thunder Rd. Gunny ITD), ITD 3/20
Tammy Rogers and Banner (Rimfire N’ TNT Star Spangled ITD), ITD 3/20


Karen Oney and Tink (One Tink Pony NTD), ITD 1/20
Jane Donohue and Jiffy (Curig Faretale Quest for Glory ITD), ITD 10/19
Louise Charbonneau and Bobby (), ITD 11/17

Coton de Tulear

Caryl Zaar and Wellington Animosh (), ITD 12/19
Sylvia Van Doorn CTDI and Ciella (TDCH Cotonrun Meant To Be ITD), ITD 1/19
Christina Bollenbach and Knäcke (Alikatia Flintstones Fred ITD), ITD 11/18
Linda A. Irwin and Ruffles (TDCH Mignonne Joie De Vivre ITD), ITD 4/17
Carmen Wheeldon ATDI and Bentley (Ch. Jomarans Prince O living Sky), ITD 12/14

Curly Coated Retriever

Megan Ritchie and Riggs (Softmaples Lethal Weapon NTD), ITD 12/17
Natalie Donnelly and Lodi (UKC CH SHR UJJ GCH Softmaple Green River JH DJA AJ RATO CA NTI CGCA TDI WC NTD), ITD 5/17

Czech Shepherd

Teresa Francis and Rommel (Aron Vom Waechterberg ITD), ITD 11/19

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Natasha Attwood and Django (), ITD 5/19
Natasha Attwood and Koda (), ITD 3/19
Babsi Oesterle and Kenai (Flirt od Starkej Spod Dumbiera), ITD 3/15


Deb Frost and Rhonda (Goodwood Help Me Rhonda B Good ITD), ITD 2/20
Julie Powell and Winston (Winston ITD), ITD 1/20
Jacqueline Gori and Tyler-John (), ITD 11/19
Haley Creasman and Scout (The Flying Purple People Eater ITD), ITD 9/19
Christa Cicerone and Gizmo (Gizmo Hall ITD), ITD 4/19
Virginia Weida and Penny (Penny ITD), ITD 3/19
Virginia Weida and Heidi (Heidi ITD), ITD 10/18
Amy LaDew and Luke (TDCH FC Hoppledach’s Lucas Paul AX AXJ JE CGC RATN TSAD TG3 ETD TKP ETD), ITD 4/17
Darlena Hardy and Sandy (Sandy Renee Hardy), ITD 4/17
Deb Frost and Baxter (Baxter ITD), ITD 11/16
Tracy A. Perrine and Bones (Six Bones ITD), ITD 7/16
Laura Barket and Shanti (), ITD 4/16
Charlotte Borghardt and Bella (Teckelhof’s Snootie Little Cutie RN CGC NTD), ITD 3/16
Gloria Winkelmans and Noa (Hopesndreams Noa), ITD 3/16
Margie Brick and Slippers (), ITD 3/16
Maria Geisler CTDI and Riley (), ITD 11/15
Jane Spowart and Chad (CH Vom Dennenbaum Chad), ITD 5/15
Laura Barket and Biscuit (Biscuit of Stonybrook Barket), ITD 3/15
Beth Klucher Whitney and Big Sur (MACH12 Kadell’s Cuervo Gold W RN ITD), ITD 3/15
Erica Etchason CTDI and Reagan (Reagan Kennedy), ITD 1/14
Lindie van Jaarsveld and Joey (CH Xeralane's The Devil Made Me Do It), ITD 10/13
Lindie van Jaarsveld and Murdoch (Elveden Mighty Man), ITD 3/13
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Max (TDCH Max), ITD 9/12
Gary Randall and Monty (Monty Albrecht), ITD 9/12
Bobbie Roeske CTDI and Dodger (Dodger), ITD 2/12

Dachshund (Miniature)

Abigail Thone and Sophie (Sophie ITD), ITD 3/20
Chantal Cormier and Piper (Myanka N Genson’s Forever Charmed ITD), ITD 1/20
Kay Long and Moose (Maine Woods Moose CGC ITD), ITD 8/19
Vicky Lee and Hetty (Abbilis Practical Magic With Jahenbe ITD), ITD 7/19
Vicky Lee and Robin (Jahenbe’s It’s A Miracle ITD), ITD 6/19
Jackie Wiseman and Chester (Chetcote Pawprints Endeavor ITD), ITD 4/19
Susan Lewis and JayBird (), ITD 11/18
Maureen Meads and Jemma (TDCH Rafthouse Jemma Meads ITD), ITD 10/18
Chesna Vitanovec CTDI and Beau (Bodacious Beau ITD), ITD 7/18
Sheryl Touchette and Ernie (Can GCH Neurenade’s Down to the Wire TD CGN ITD), ITD 4/18
Leslie Denton and Theodore (Ej’s Theodore CD BN CGC ATD), ITD 7/17
Earlene Winn and Joy (Christmas Joy ITD), ITD 7/17
Russ & Linda Cobler and Pippa (Miss Pippa Piper Extraordinaire ATD), ITD 10/16
Chesna Vitanovec CTDI and Reesa (Reesa May Vitanovec ITD), ITD 1/16
Andrea Mykrantz and Gwen (), ITD 9/15
Kerstin Horvath CTDI and Dash! (), ITD 3/15
Liz Chamberlain CTDI and Pandora (Jameelkelp Pandora of Ragamuffin), ITD 2/15
Stacy Grzywacz and Maverick (Maverick Top Gun Mitchell), ITD 2/13
Bobbie Roeske CTDI and Milo (Milo), ITD 6/12
Kimberly Bowe and Milo (Milo), ITD 4/12
Elizabeth Kost and Gauis (Gauis Baltar CGC), ITD 9/10


Emily Geishecker and Ziggy (Ziggy the Spotted Dog ITD), ITD 3/20
Betty Pirs and Katie (Am/Can Ch Estate’s Roadpartner Moondance ITD), ITD 2/20
Hanna Noack CTDI and Denali (Calvary’s Mountain Sound ITD), ITD 2/20
Kim Bainbridge and Olaf (Lucas Legend Like a Warm Hug ITD), ITD 1/20
Marjory Bird and Little Abby (DotsOn Luna Lovegood ITD), ITD 12/19
Jon Summers and Korra (), ITD 12/19
Ashley Peltz CTDI and Moose (Milos Riders In The Sky ITD), ITD 11/19
Nicole Paquin and Spot (Spot ITD), ITD 11/19
Lisa Martin and Leah (), ITD 10/19
Salena Morrill and Pixar (Estate’s Pixar ITD), ITD 10/19
Jessica Rousseau and Oliver (TDCH Element Green Arrow RN ITD), ITD 9/19
Geneviève Dubuc and Leilani (TDCH Ch. DotsOn Wingardium Leviosa RN CGCA CGCU ITD), ITD 9/19
Phylliss Campbell and Selene (Echoviews Nu Moon Rising ITD), ITD 8/19
Deanna Langan CTDI and Mazikeen (TDCH Mazikeen ITD), ITD 5/19
Amanda JoLynn Chambers and Camila (Camila Manchita ITD), ITD 3/19
Iréne Hansen and Prime (Delicate Design’s Prime ITD), ITD 2/19
Iréne Hansen and Storm (Delicate Design’s Storm ITD), ITD 2/19
Mary Kristen Whalen CTDI and Sawyer (Siobahns LUA SpottieOttieDopalicious ITD), ITD 1/19
Ashley McLeod and Lady (McDottie Luck Be A Lady ITD), ITD 12/18
Lisa Bauer and Jazz (Kingdom’s All That Jazz ITD), ITD 9/18
Andrea H. Carter and NASA (Andiron’s Astronomical Event ITD), ITD 9/18
Alison DeWalt and Winnie (The Winners Sister NTD), ITD 3/18
Phylliss Campbell and Georgia (Echoviews Georgia On My Mind ITD), ITD 11/17
Heather Parsons and Random (Rockstar’s Chaos Theory ATD), ITD 8/17
Jane F. Neely and Mackee (JLS Yankee Doodle Dandy UKC UAG-I AKC RE BN CD NJP NFP NADAC TN-N TDI IE NTD), ITD 5/17
Anne Whitney and Lottie (), ITD 5/17
Rowan Shipman and Bogart (Robbsdale’s Alfredrich Casa Blanca NTD), ITD 4/17
Alison Burgess ATDI and Bess (), ITD 4/17
Lisa Wageman and Gracie (CH Lotzadots Grandslam “It’s Grace on First” NTD), ITD 2/17
Lynn Hasenyager and Srcy (), ITD 4/16
Linda J. Davis and Taco (BPIS GCH CAN CH UWP UCA MBIMBS UCH Snapshots Don’t Spill the Beans CAX10 CGCA CGCU RATN WPA ATD WAG1-Search WAG1-Identify), ITD 3/16
Jayde Davey CTDI and Logan (), ITD 5/15
Linda J. Davis and Wyatt (AKC CH, UWP, URO1, UAG1, UCD MBIS GRCH Firehouse LT on the Road Again, RN, RL1. TT, CGC), ITD 3/15
Dianne Gabel and Hannah (TNG’s Hannah Do Right ITD), ITD 2/15
Kathy McCoubrey and Wesley (TDCH CH Blackthorn Ravenwood Come Fly With Me RN THDX RL1-AOE RL1X TT CGCA ATD ADP-CH IDPKA-N CRO-L1 ITD), ITD 3/14
Alison Burgess ATDI and Tally (), ITD 3/14
Laurie Williams CTDI and William (ARCHMX Am/Int Ch Glendale's To Be or Not To Be CD RE), ITD 1/12

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Mayumi Blary and BB (Sparklize Midnight Believer NTD), ITD 5/17
Mayumi Blary and Chouchou (Sparklize Profiteroles), ITD 9/15

Danish-Swedish Farmdog

Jenny Ekdahl and Pelle (Hurrelvingens Mors Lilla Olle ITD), ITD 4/19
Monica Turner CTDI and Mae (TDCH Winstrides’ Mae the Road Rise Up av Nordost ITD), ITD 11/17
Samantha Marion and Jack (Topo Valley Joaquin Murietta), ITD 9/15

Doberman Pinscher

Deborah Wilson and Sienna (Redstone Sweet Dreams Annie ITD), ITD 3/20
Chelsey Periard and Fitz (Cresswell’s Sha Na Na ITD), ITD 3/20
Marie-Claire Guindon and Ninja (Ch Cassel N Soulstorm Wait for It ITD), ITD 3/20
Rachel Thanos and Friedrich (Nubia’s Friedrich Von Thanos ITD), ITD 1/20
Sierra Wiggins and DeSoto (Leviathan Von Der Schwarz ITD), ITD 1/20
Roxanne Neufeld and Flynn (Bell’Lavoro Benedetto Due Volte ITD), ITD 1/20
Alison Merrick and Walker (Am/Can GCH Mojave’s Gateway to Gold AG.I AG.N.J JT RATI NS SDIN VBM ITD), ITD 1/20
Alison Merrick and Ivy (Am/Can GCH OTCH Mojave’s Creeping Devil RE AADC AG.Iv AGIJv SGDCv JTv SHDX SDN RATN CGN WAE ROMC Am CD RN ROM BFL-1 VPM ITD), ITD 1/20
Linda D. Hill and Jazmine (dBella’s Maeflower ITD), ITD 1/20
Jennifer Taylor and Berlin (Port Wallace’s Ost-Berlin PCD RI TD NS CGN VBM ITD), ITD 1/20
Katherine Stead and Rachel (Boland’s Rachel Alexandra ITD), ITD 1/20
Linda D. Hill and Mae (dBella’s Vaudeville Vixen ITD), ITD 1/20
Monica Anthony and Brio (Brio Rose vom Krieghund ITD), ITD 12/19
Linda Bata and Storm (GCH (AM) CH (CAN/UKC/INT’L) Demor’s Like a Hurricane RN THD CGC TKP ITD), ITD 11/19
Donna Fong and Titan (Grand Red Titan of the Seas CGC TKN ITD), ITD 11/19
Katy Mirkovic and Quinn (Garshangan’s Harley Quinn ITD), ITD 10/19
Leanne Zukowski and Drax (Mojave’s Obsidian ITD), ITD 9/19
Marina Dunfield and Rora (Winter Aurora RN NS ITD), ITD 9/19
Miranda Hudnall and Tango (Tango Del Vasto ITD), ITD 9/19
Vikki Bourgeois CTDI and Stark (RMH You Own The Throne ITD), ITD 9/19
Leanne Stalker and Gambit (Redstone’s See No Evil ITD), ITD 9/19
Tayler O'Dell and Rowan (Dragon in a Rowan Grove ITD), ITD 8/19
Leah S. Eburne and Penelope (Penelope Matilda Tovah ITD), ITD 8/19
Melissa Goncalves and Preston (Lord Preston vom Dobereich ITD), ITD 8/19
Susette Aquino and Tink (Tinker Ann Milhone ITD), ITD 7/19
Susette Aquino and Dan (Professor Daniel Squishy Paws ITD), ITD 7/19
Frances Dauster and Kiwi (Key Lime Pie High in the Sky ITD), ITD 7/19
Bonnie Wolf and Pisco (Smack-dab’s You Got It ITD), ITD 6/19
Amanda Kreig and Kaiser (Nubia’s Usual Suspect ITD), ITD 6/19
Michele Willox and Virgil (Virgil Junior Willox ITD), ITD 5/19
Dawn Lawyer and Willow (Wr Guinevere Von BJF NFP CGC ITD), ITD 3/19
Lorie Elmore and D'jango (Jiggy D’jango elmore ITD), ITD 3/19
Darby Thanisch and Vitsa (L’Vitsa Vital Screen ITD), ITD 2/19
Stewart Sisson and Tia (Tia Sisson ITD), ITD 12/18
Joanne Haberl and Tango (TDCH Mojave’s Aster ITD), ITD 11/18
Mimi Davis and Jasmine (Liberty’s Jasmine ITD), ITD 11/18
Hope Johnson and Marshall (Kinetic Hopes and Dreams v Firelake ITD), ITD 10/18
Christi Clyde CTDI and Luna (TDCH Kiki’s Luna Moon ITD), ITD 9/18
Angie Russo CTDI and Kira (Angel Hope’s Princess Akira ITD), ITD 8/18
Angie Russo CTDI and Breeze (Lyndobe’s Autumn Breeze V Gala ITD), ITD 8/18
Savannah McCorkle and Finn (Finn McCorkle ITD), ITD 7/18
Rachel Mills and Roisin (Atakarna Abby ITD), ITD 6/18
Carsen Jones and Lexie (Lexie’s Thundering Raven CGCA CGCU TKP ITD), ITD 3/18
Colton Bowyer and Anubis (Masaya’s Justified Justice NTD), ITD 2/18
Rebecca Verlinden and Zeebolt (Masaya’s Dark Smith ITD), ITD 1/18
Danica Lojpur and Crucis (Braebrook’s Corteo NTD), ITD 1/18
Heather Skillicorn and McFly (), ITD 12/17
A.D. “Geri” Richman and Dexter (Smack-Dab’s Devil’s Advocate ATD), ITD 10/17
Barbara L. Davis and Wade (Goldgrove Shasta Persuader), ITD 10/17
Susan Guthrie and Adele (Ka-tet Set Fire to the Rain ITD), ITD 10/17
Sherri Ritson-Rogers and Coco (CH Braebrook’s Coco Chanel Holmrun NTD), ITD 8/17
Sherri Ritson-Rogers and Jinx (), ITD 8/17
Judith Peterson and Mojo (Ch Ravensown Rum Runner @ Foxfire), ITD 7/17
Susan Lynch and Secret (Mi_Cher’s Secret Mission ITD), ITD 7/17
Samantha Dillhoff and Nim (Emerald’s Black Belt), ITD 7/17
Cathy Ceely and Lucy (CH Emerald’s Something Special RN, NA, NAJ, ROM), ITD 7/17
Natalie Yasinski and Parker (Sherluck A Walk In The Park), ITD 7/17
Natalie Yasinski and Phoebe (Pineridge Hearts Afire), ITD 7/17
Barbara Turner and Drogon (Devenshire’s Hey Jude ITD), ITD 7/17
Sandy Woodruff and Reno (SE SI MC AHD UAG1 Sandjo’s Rumor Has It BN RN FDC CA CGCA CGCU TKP WAC TT RATI RATS NW2 TDI NTD), ITD 6/17
Sandy Woodruff and Eva (URO1 CH AC AE AV NI InterCH Old Drum’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eva FDC CA CGCA CGCU TKP WAC TT RATS NW2 TDI NTD), ITD 6/17
Cara Adams and Jet (), ITD 6/17
Sherri Ritson-Rogers and Soter (TDCH Braebrook’s Going to Jackson ETD), ITD 6/17
Susan Lynch and Quake (Wingate’s Beast Mode ITD), ITD 5/17
Leslie Horne and Gus (Montwood Arista Midnight Firecracker ITD), ITD 4/17
Joan Hamel and Malaika (Malaika Kyoshi), ITD 3/17
Marjorie Sovec and Caelyn (), ITD 3/17
Miriam Pike and Phoenix (Bell’lavoro Chore In Fiamme), ITD 1/17
Karin Magnuson and Roscoe (CH Windsong’s Luck of the Draw RATCHX BN RN THDN CAX BCAT CGCA CGCU NTD), ITD 12/16
Paula Ratoza ATDI and DashDash (Azotar’s Incredible Too), ITD 7/16
Carol Creamer CTDI and Bea (), ITD 5/16
Annick Limoyo and Khan (), ITD 4/16
Catherine Gm Vines and Axel (San Rafael’s Where Eagles Dare), ITD 3/16
Kathy Koren and Tucker (), ITD 2/16
Rene Warren and Juda (Kinetic Magic Bubble Eclipse), ITD 2/16
Michele Carberry and Gracy (MACH Gra-Lemor Gracy Undercover RN MXS MJS XF CGC), ITD 1/16
Susan Guthrie and Hannah (), ITD 12/15
Dianna Santos ATDI and Valor (Lothlorien’s Imperishable Flame), ITD 11/15
Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Jett (WR High Flyer CGC NTD), ITD 11/15
Miriam Pike and Kyra (Fayek Pitch Black V Firefly), ITD 10/15
Miriam Pike and Arcee (Firefly’s More Than Meets The Eye), ITD 10/15
Melanie H. Parrish and Georgia (WR High Cotton Southern Belle ITD), ITD 5/15
Jessi Cantwell ATDI and Jett (Jett Roc), ITD 5/15
Carol Creamer CTDI and Porter (Regal Doberman’s Porter ATD), ITD 4/15
Vikki Bourgeois CTDI and Dobie (Dobie The Doberman ITD), ITD 3/15
Dena Moore and Derick (TDCH Notori’s Rock Solid v Blumont, CGC, ETD), ITD 2/15
Pamela Waltho Young and Mojo (Motown Dealer Kaiser), ITD 11/14
Judi Esola and Ruby (Kimbertal’s Ruby Tuesday), ITD 6/14
Valerie Koogle and Hazel (TDCH Alisaton Hazel First Dance V. Raklyn), ITD 5/14
Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Tara (Gone With The Wind Von Der Bross), ITD 1/14
Bonnie Wolf and Charlie (), ITD 7/13
Bonnie Wolf and Brandy (Botrina’s Bahama Mama ITD), ITD 7/13
Melanie H. Parrish and Precious (Parrish’s Precious Jewel ITD), ITD 3/13
Dianna Dietrich and Rebel (Rebel A Rescuer’s Reward), ITD 1/13
Darice Evers and Maiya (TDCH Casarhy’s Maiya Chili Bean TD NW2 NW3-V NW3-E ETD RLPX CW-ZR1), ITD 9/12
Merry Lee Hritsuk and Cal (TDCH Smack-Dab’s Americal), ITD 7/12
Merry Lee Hritsuk and Meadow (TDCH Smack-Dab’s Meadow Sunshine), ITD 7/12

Dogue de Bordeaux

Shanna King and Moose (GCH CH Primal’s Gideon of Creed, CGC, TT, TDIA, THD, RN, RA, BN, RE, CW-OB1, CW-SR, ITD), ITD 4/15

Drentshe Patrijshond

Melissa Junior and Timo (Timo Bruin ITD), ITD 2/20
Laura Valle and Princeton (Rainshadow’s Old Nassau ATD), ITD 9/17

Dutch Shepherd

Hailee Meyers and Effie (Ophelia ITD), ITD 3/20
Meredith Walsh CTDI and Nora (Impact’s Arron Zei Nora ITD), ITD 2/20
Melanie Hart and Vigor (VRIJHEID’S Incisor ITD), ITD 2/20
Megan Hemmer and Moose (Moose Ice ITD), ITD 12/19
Kim Cooper and Recce (TDCH Recce von Logan Haus ITD), ITD 12/19
Vondredi Renner and Kaos (Kaos Von Felix ITD), ITD 7/19
Marta Wade and Naughty (Naughty des Soldats de Krist Ale ITD), ITD 6/19
Teri Knack and Hunter (Cher Car’s Strzalkowski ITD), ITD 12/18
Sean Kent and Nellica (Cher Car’s Cloud Nine ITD), ITD 3/18
Samantha Ward and Loren (Verloren Ward ITD), ITD 3/18
Alyssa Boles and Kivah (), ITD 2/18
Barbara Ring and Max (), ITD 10/16
Ann Dijkstra CTDI and Axis (TDCH ), ITD 8/16
Amanda Abs and Kali (Kali Abs ITD), ITD 8/16

Dutch Shepherd Dog

Ashley Boyd and Cleo (Van Wijn Tuin’s Arabella), ITD 4/14
Catherine Heffner CTDI and MoMo (‘Mo Strip-ped Dog CGC TDI TD), ITD 9/13

*Dwarf Lionhead Bunny

Emily Cassell CTDI and Hemingway (Hemingway ITD), ITD 12/16

English Bull Terrier

Kristene Erdman and CK (Christopher Kyle Erdman ITD), ITD 9/18

English Bulldog

Sibanna Leete and Fin (Finley ITD), ITD 9/19
Napsugár Pillár and Böbe (TDCH ), ITD 1/19
Nicki Dainty and Sammy (), ITD 1/18
Scott M. Boyd and Watson (Vigilante’s Watson He Knows Sherlock’s Methods), ITD 3/17
April Paulman and Boomer (Iroc Like a Boomerang ATD), ITD 6/16
Cynthia Franke and Rigel (Rigel Orion), ITD 10/15
Neely Waring and Champ (), ITD 4/15

English Cocker

Stephanie Mackie and Lyall (Andsome Luvit ITD), ITD 9/19

English Cocker Spaniel

Brenda McKague and Dede (DBLTPSNOHEAS Dynamic Drive ITD), ITD 2/20
Stephanie Mackie and William (Ranzfel Going Concern ITD), ITD 12/19
Maura Callahan and Mr. Darcy (Mr. Darcy Callahan ITD), ITD 6/19
Tracy Donaldson and Ziva (Bryning Brilliance of Pillar Hill ITD), ITD 2/19
Bev Holoboff and Egypt (Ch. SD-MACH AgMCH Driftwind Nefertiti AGXJS AGXS IPS RN EAC O-TN-O OJC AADC AGDC CW-SP SD-S-SP SD-A SD-E SD-CH ITD), ITD 11/18
Bev Holoboff and Ever (Ranzfel Unforgettable For Ever SD-S-SP SD-A ITD), ITD 11/18
Lisa Hayden and Scout (CH Cathedral’s Head Over Heels ITD), ITD 8/18
Sue Wilkinson and Sennyn (Tandridge Donneybrook Sennyn), ITD 7/17
Lucy Watts MBE and Molly (Steyr Scout ATD), ITD 8/16

English Setter

Rhonda Stickle and Willow (Reidwood Stormy Skies Willow ITD), ITD 11/19
Marya Connell and Norah (Stardom Hope Springs Eternal ITD), ITD 5/19
Julie Morris CTDI and Tessa (Ciara N’ Honeygait’s Why Not ITD), ITD 2/19
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Jetta (Cash on Jetta HOBBES MBM TFE NAC NJC TG-N TN-N CD RA TDI CGC ITD), ITD 3/13
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Kia (Harmony’s Kia Onyx MBDCh, TF-III, RE, TDI CGC ITD), ITD 3/13

English Shepherd

Ariel Clark and Hatcher (Hatcher Marney Clark ITD), ITD 3/20
Andi Reimer and Dannsair (PTA Backroads Blue Sky Dannsair ITD), ITD 2/20
Pamela Van Nest and Puddin (), ITD 11/19
Pamela Van Nest and Annie B (), ITD 10/19
Megan Walker and Brenna (Evening Song’s Best Bet ITD), ITD 9/19
Cheryl Johnson and Luke (Johnson’s Lucas Squier ITD), ITD 4/19
Mary Susan Kozoyed and Sunny (TDCH Highview’s Sunny One So True... ITD), ITD 7/18
Sharon Pappas and Dodger (Pappas’ Double Dar’ya to Knox ITD), ITD 6/18
Mary Jane Trate and Biscuit (Good Shepherd’s Buttermilk), ITD 9/17
Breanna Famoso CTDI and Finn (Rio de Abril’s Finn Again ATD), ITD 3/16
Cindy Carlson and Cosi (TDCH Carlson’s Good Shepherd Cosi Fan Tutte), ITD 1/16
Jean McAulay and Penny (Craig Creek Penny), ITD 1/16
Cheryl Johnson and Red (Johnson’s Redmond Squier ITD), ITD 11/15
Annie Lang and Ashley (TDCH Peaslee’s Squiggle), ITD 3/15
Dana Gallagher ATDI and Zephyr (Kinetic’s Wild West Wind), ITD 1/15

English Springer Spaniel

Amanda Gilbert and Elphaba (Elphaba ITD), ITD 3/20
Brigitte Gagne and Jemma (DoubleL’s Jem the Hologram ITD), ITD 2/20
Samantha St.Clair and Tucker (Tucker ITD), ITD 2/20
Erin Massender ATDI and Hunter (Handsome Hudson Waterbaby ITD), ITD 1/20
Yan Gao and Jasper (Jasper ITD), ITD 1/20
Sue Salloum and Adelaide (CH Bondir’s Adelaide a Tricaliber AX AXJ XF T2B ITD), ITD 11/19
Katie Kocmarek and Freya (Karmadi’s Valkyrie ITD), ITD 11/19
Barbara Deg CTDI and Camo (TDCH Narvin’s U Turn ITD), ITD 10/19
Deb Ubell and Luna (), ITD 5/19
Heather Marr and Gertie (Ruskate’s Gertie Marr ITD), ITD 4/19
Joanne Charlton and Toby (Petronella Jubilee Jester ITD), ITD 4/19
Susan Potter and Charlie (), ITD 3/19
Laura Evans and Kao (Imperial Kaos ITD), ITD 1/19
Carla Carter and Hope (), ITD 6/18
Stephanie Leese and Douglas (), ITD 6/18
Causey Coffield and Abby (Ashwyn’s Take A Chance On Me ITD), ITD 6/18
Catherine Oliver and Bailey (), ITD 4/18
Sean Kent and Lorelei (Nanjay’s Absolutely Divine ITD), ITD 4/18
Lise Molgat ATDI and TaiChi (TDCH Double L’s TaiChi ITD), ITD 2/18
Pam Jacoby CTDI and Macy (Chiridion Driving Ms Macy ITD), ITD 10/17
Barbara Turnbull and Fiona (Springfever’s True North Edition), ITD 9/17
Teresa May and Vanna (CH Mar-Ric Wheel Of Fortune RE OA OAJ), ITD 7/17
Susan Dallas and Anne (McD’s And the Party Never Ends ITD), ITD 7/17
Kelly Schneider and Toffee (Hillcrest English Toffee), ITD 6/17
Mary Monteith and Clark (McD’s Glad All Over ITD), ITD 6/17
Laurie E. Walters and Puck (Muddy Paws Smooth As Ice THDA CGC), ITD 3/17
Leslie Keys and Echo (TDCH Woodland Keysown Rowen’s Echo), ITD 2/17
Sharon Houston and Riley (Riley C. O’Riley ITD), ITD 11/16
Becky Mullally and Cindy (), ITD 2/16
Angela Monaghan and Ice (Hellfire’s Coldplay SH RAE UD VER WDX ATD), ITD 11/15
Finuala Craske and Woody (), ITD 4/15
Cindy Gaines and Thrill (CH Pride ‘N Joy’s Thrill of All-Time BN, CT, TD, MXP, AXP), ITD 12/14
Loretta Hilton and Remi (Rock Start Remington), ITD 12/13
Denise Niesman and Sweet Pea (Denise’s Sweet Treasure), ITD 9/13
Kathy Christman and Rose (Willowrun Hurricane Rose), ITD 12/12

English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Tove Nordén and Ellie (Veilabakkens Love of Venus ITD), ITD 8/19
Melissa Rochefort - Rennie and Whiz (Mystic Star Mr. Bang NTD), ITD 2/18

English Toy Spaniel

Shelly Hepler and Little (Novel This Little Light of Mine CGC ITD), ITD 6/19
Kari Selinger and Bean (McKiernan’s Rebel Queen ITD), ITD 2/19


Andrea Lage and Rosie (Moratel Roseli Chemisse ITD), ITD 8/15

Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Kennedy Schultz and Blaze (Blaze of Creekside Entlebuchers ITD), ITD 3/20
Pam Parent and Tobias (Obediah of Wildhorn), ITD 4/15
Ingrid van Kesteren and Skye (Hills to Mountains Colorado Skye), ITD 1/15

Field Spaniel

Rebecca Menard and Artemis (Pemberley’s Moonlight Huntress ITD), ITD 3/20
Rebecca Menard and B.G. (Pemberley’s Starlight Huntress ITD), ITD 3/20
Kristi Rutledge and Henri (Wyldkatz Night Thriller CGC-SR ITD), ITD 10/18
Jennifer Hogge and Famke (CH Capriole’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun RN, BN, CD, GN, CAA, RATI, RATN, CGD, TDI, TT ITD), ITD 7/15

Finnish Lapphund

Hanna Rubio Vretby ATDI and Grimm (Black Blossom MR Indor ITD), ITD 1/20
Manuela Kohnert and Diza (Diza Xenium ITD), ITD 12/19
Reinhard Kohnert and Theo (Atheo Xenium ITD), ITD 12/19
Leah Sundstrom and Jaina (Caleebra Calamity Jane AI ITD), ITD 8/19
Inger Danielsson and Greta (TDCH Fjällfarmens Greta ITD), ITD 8/19
Frida Flodin and Riki (TDCH Bredbäcks Rikki ITD), ITD 7/19
Nicola Boyd and Solo (Ch Armahani Iolite Into (AI) WPD ET ITD), ITD 1/19
Kira Sergiacomi and Ryker (TDCH Ch Theldaroy Suklaa Crispello ITD), ITD 10/18
Kira Sergiacomi and Vader (TDCH Ch Caleebra Diamond Empress JC ITD), ITD 10/18
Nicole Wain and Leevi (Armahani Kuunzite Kuutamo AI ITD), ITD 7/18
Leah Sundstrom and Alleria (Aus Ch. Caleebra Armani Diamond RE JC ITD), ITD 6/18
Lara Simpkins and Suvi (Caleebra Armani Code ITD), ITD 5/18
Caitlin Rixon and Spirit (TDCH Janoby Ivory Prince ITD), ITD 4/18
Michelle Gurney and Slinky (Aus Ch Armahani Iolite Ihana AI JC NTD), ITD 3/18
Michelle Gurney and Squiggle (TDCH Aus Ch Aus Neut Ch Armahani Diamond Dansut AI CCD RA AD JD SPD SD HT ET JC WPD FMX ITD), ITD 2/18
Megan Brooking and Brophy (Shadagrace Sir Brophy NTD), ITD 2/18
Susanne Crowhurst and Lina (Lappvikens Lina), ITD 7/14

Finnish Spitz

Diana L. Urbauer and Joulu (Finkkila’s Xmas Surprise of Timanti), ITD 12/17
Diana L. Urbauer and Chaveleh (Skandia Keksi Chava of Timanti), ITD 11/17
Diana L. Urbauer and Chaveleh (Skandia Keksi Chava of Timanti), ITD 11/17
Janet L. Moore and Zodiak (Finkkila’s Zodiak), ITD 11/15

Flat-Coated Retriever

Helene Beaupre and Scott (Fieldday Austin Power ITD), ITD 1/20
Helene Beaupre and Chaplin (GCh Fieldday Limelight CGN RE ITD), ITD 1/20
Agneta Joelsson and Sinus (Don’s Pink Cashmere ITD), ITD 5/19
Jackie Lebbon CTDI and Alfie (Sharmead’s Alien Life Form ITD), ITD 3/18
Trudy Paquin CTDI and Hyannis (Valhala Ask Not), ITD 11/17
Trudy Paquin CTDI and Shazam (Valhala’s Instant Karma), ITD 10/17
Marjorie Dean and Finny (Heirborn Finadelphia Creme Cheese ITD), ITD 9/17
Cyndi Mimms and Jurnee (GCH CH Jubilee’s Swing Low Sweet Chariot ITD), ITD 2/17
Cyndi Mimms and Casey (Jubilee’s Phoenix Girls Can Play ITD), ITD 2/17
Jen Pavillard and Sterling (TLC’s Peaces of Sterling), ITD 11/13

*Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Noeline Cassettari CTDI and Luna (), ITD 6/15

French Bulldog

Lisa Wagner and Maple (Maple Leaf of Autumn ITD), ITD 2/20
Dena Richardson and Izzy (Prairie Lands Izzabella Rose ITD), ITD 2/20
Haya Faher Khalil and Bella (Bella- Ladybird ITD), ITD 1/20
Ana Henriques and Archie (Archie Jelly Belly ITD), ITD 1/20
Jason Kain and Esmeralda (Esmeralda ITD), ITD 11/19
Clarissa Williams and Piper (Hamelin’s Hymn of the Valley ITD), ITD 9/19
Isabella Bordieri and Winnie (), ITD 7/18
Melanie Dishman and Chibi (), ITD 2/18
Teresa Maloney and Oliver (TDCH Oliver Blu ITD), ITD 1/18
Yohko Katz and Liam (Liam Katz NA NAJ CGC TKN TKI TKA NTD), ITD 1/18
Amy Solis and Aurora (Aurora III CGC ITD), ITD 7/17
Kathy Carlson and Madelyn (Madelyn Made Me Do It), ITD 5/17
Kathy Carlson and Tilly (Earresistaball Matilda), ITD 5/17
Kathy Carlson and Pearl (Unexpected Pearl), ITD 5/17
Andrea Morden-Moore and Sagan (Just Us Movin’ Out ATD), ITD 4/17
Elizabeth Lyttle-Bryant and Sebastien (Sebastien Portur), ITD 3/17
Isabella Bordieri and Brandy (), ITD 8/16
Stacy Dunmire and Charley (), ITD 3/16
Jennifer Williamson and Samson (Venture’s Elegant Brock Samson), ITD 3/16
Stephanie Meek and Thor (Thorminator ), ITD 4/15


Lia Mulder ATDI and Pablo (TDCH ), ITD 12/14

Georgian Bay Sporting Dog

Jo Anne Lefebvre CTDI and Piper (Piper Cub ITD), ITD 4/12


Monika Hoyer and Wally (Wallace T. Gerbil of the Mongol Empire ITD), ITD 3/19

German Coolie

Ashley McGuiness and Bendigo (Quantum’s Galena ITD), ITD 11/19
Karen Wisler CTDI and Mya (K’s Powerhouse ITD), ITD 10/19
Kimberly Shinn and Yoda (Avalon Use the Force ITD), ITD 7/18
Len Silvester and Vixen (Cobar Vixen NTD), ITD 2/18
Len Silvester and Arwyn (Cobar Arwyn NTD), ITD 2/18
Helen Parkinson CTDI and Kwis (TDCH Quantum’s Kwisatz Haderach ITD), ITD 12/17

German Longhaired Pointer

Rosey Kelley and Krypto (TDCH Kiefer Vom Coraschatten ITD), ITD 6/19

German Pinscher

Robyn Creamer and Berlyn (GCh Ufourea Leaping For Love PCD RA NS ITD), ITD 12/19
Robyn Creamer and Posh (Encee Phoenix Sun Rises at Dunroamin ITD), ITD 12/19
Kirstin Lukasko and Scooby (Caches One Haute Toddie ITD), ITD 12/19
Heather Green and Lola (Pinsha Nightsky Lyra RATI ITD), ITD 12/19
Deb Coates and Gracie (Nevars Vapor NTD), ITD 7/17
Lyne Plourde and Adaline (Budon’s Sweet Adaline ATD), ITD 4/17
Robyn Harrel and Remme (CH Windamir’s Alkazar Charmettes BN RA CAX TT CGC ITD), ITD 3/17
Robyn Harrel and Danne Jo (CH Windamir’s Haute Couture v Carabella BN RN CA RATS TT CGC ITD), ITD 3/17

German Shepherd Dog

Marcia McGrory and Meka (McGrory’s Meka Grace ITD), ITD 3/20
Linda Hunt and Cherokee (Cherokee Warrior’s Black Magic ITD), ITD 3/20
Laura M. Cook and Dante (Atlas’ Because 1 Is Not Enough ITD), ITD 2/20
Alyse Krug and Hunter (Hungry Hungry Hunter ITD), ITD 2/20
Sharron McClelland and Trip (Wovesden Tripwire ITD), ITD 2/20
Joanna Hoskins and Ruby (Wolvesden Catch My Breath ITD), ITD 2/20
Sherry Miner and Tali (Tali V ITD), ITD 2/20
Yvette Piantadosi and Denali (Denali vom Wodan ITD), ITD 1/20
Tracie Karsjens and Natasha (Atlas’ A Pocketful of Sunshine ITD), ITD 1/20
Theresa Tuszynski and Karma (TNT’s Karma-Life’s Ultimate Revenge ITD), ITD 1/20
Carolyn Ayre and Taya (Taya vom Asintay ITD), ITD 1/20
Tracie Karsjens and Zen (White Star’s Nirvana at Atlas ITD), ITD 1/20
Tony White and Audi (Audi Vom Waechterberg ITD), ITD 1/20
Theresa Tuszynski and Mia (TNT’s Mayhem In Action ITD), ITD 1/20
Danica Auld and Sable (Sable ITD), ITD 1/20
Danica Auld and Finley (Finley ITD), ITD 1/20
Cheryl Mathis and Hetti (Hetti Von der Koenig Haus ITD), ITD 1/20
Jim Sharnas and Rocco (Rocco ITD), ITD 1/20
Susan Barrington and Sierra (Sierra Von Knettle ITD), ITD 1/20
Pat Saito and Rogue (Wild Winds Irish Rogue ITD), ITD 1/20
Leslie Sharnas and Camilla (Camilla ITD), ITD 1/20
Lu Derksen and MacGyver (Ch Qisma’s Child’s Play RN CGN ITD), ITD 1/20
Tanja Todic and Skye (TDCH De Juco Skye ITD), ITD 1/20
Janice Booth and Sydney (), ITD 12/19
Louise Larose and Kenza (Luna Kenza ITD), ITD 12/19
Kim Chartier and Spyke (TDCH Spyke Von Raliam ITD), ITD 12/19
Kelly Iannello and Johnny Cash (Johnny Cash Schaferhund In Schwarz CGC TKN ITD), ITD 11/19
Quinn Bader and Archer (UFO vom Wildhaus ITD), ITD 11/19
Cassandra Sanchez and Waltz (Sir Waltz Du Domaine ITD), ITD 11/19
Heather Wilson CTDI and Uno (Broomeacres BB Uno ITD), ITD 10/19
David W. Booth and Maverick (Maverick Card Shark Booth ITD), ITD 10/19
Christine Custeau and Zara (), ITD 10/19
Lea O'Reilly and Freyja (Freyja Goddess of Snacks ITD), ITD 10/19
Laura Briggs and Bosco (Bosko Tru Pracovani ITD), ITD 10/19
Laurie Bonham and Beckett (), ITD 10/19
Tracey O'Neil CTDI and Harry (TDCH Sablecraft Olly ITD), ITD 9/19
Danielle Todd CTDI and Kalla (Kalla Von Rothhaus ITD), ITD 9/19
Danielle Williams and Forrest (Viele Bäume Im Wald ITD), ITD 9/19
Natasha Salley and Phoenix (Tavia vom Wildhaus ITD), ITD 8/19
Christina Abrego and Posty (Austin Post v Anubis ITD), ITD 8/19
Jan McGough and Erik (Erik ITD), ITD 8/19
Natasha Baguley CTDI and Kaiserin (TDCH Kaiserin of Noblelines ITD), ITD 8/19
Craig Hahn and Zev (Guthries Zev ITD), ITD 8/19
Candice Tinlin and Wile E. Coyote (), ITD 8/19
Rebecca Wyman and Phoenix (Phoenix von Sable Rock ITD), ITD 6/19
Robert Kirlin and Bremen (Bremen Heartstrongs Remember The 241 ITD), ITD 6/19
Sherri Lippman and Kayla (Hokulani von Sentinelharts ITD), ITD 5/19
Sonja Davis and Xenia (), ITD 5/19
Pam Booras CTDI and Vera (Vera Vom Walden Haus ITD), ITD 5/19
Christa Cicerone and Atlas (Krytonian’s Billy Batson ITD), ITD 5/19
Marsha Tonkinson and Phoenix (LookOut Phoenix Has Risen ITD), ITD 4/19
Courtney Brown and Echo (), ITD 4/19
Cynthia Nunes and Kallista (Lasvada’s Kaptivating Kallista ITD), ITD 3/19
Beverly Phillips and Meesha (Meesha Von Wilhendorf ITD), ITD 3/19
Tiger Paton and Kepler (Affinity’s Rock steady vom Reflexion ITD), ITD 2/19
Christine Barker and Vada (Vaniah vom Alt-Ostland ITD), ITD 2/19
Sandra Hetke and Sequoia (Ulvildens Kesyra Quintessence ITD), ITD 2/19
Suzanne Wiebe CTDI and Harley (Blackridge Harley ITD), ITD 2/19
Roni Bedard and Mesa (Alphapack’s Mesa ITD), ITD 2/19
Kayleigh Shield and Luna (TDCH Diamond Rogue ITD), ITD 2/19
Tracie Karsjens and Anubis (Bahr-S Journey Through Dark ITD), ITD 1/19
Karin Spiers and Bash (Keepin it Sebastian Style ITD), ITD 1/19
Karin Spiers and Diggs (Diggs Vom Kistha Haus ITD), ITD 1/19
Naszrin Arani and Raleigh (Raleigh vom Steppenwolf Bach ITD), ITD 1/19
Lisa Redmer and BUG (New York Reload vom Reflexions ITD), ITD 1/19
Dawn Fisher and Angel (Atlas’ A Bit Beyond Daybreake ITD), ITD 12/18
Mitchell Orr and Willow (Willow (Narnia’s) ITD), ITD 12/18
Shauna Myers and Aiko (Yabi v. Wolpertinger Wald ITD), ITD 12/18
Sasha Ogawa and Portia (Shakespearean Portia von Schlesien ITD), ITD 12/18
Kari Selinger and Ringer (Reflexions Let Freedom Ring v Kriegershaus ITD), ITD 12/18
Kari Selinger and Swindle (Reflexions Swindle vom Kriegershaus ITD), ITD 12/18
Tracie Karsjens and Bliss (TDCH Atlas’ Blissful Feeling ITD), ITD 12/18
Dawn Fisher and Bentley (Eclipse’s Drive for Excellence ITD), ITD 12/18
Kaitlynn LaPolt and Blaze (LaPolt’s Blaze ITD), ITD 11/18
Brittany Rocco and Phantom (Daemon vom Wernerhaus ITD), ITD 11/18
Sue Matthews and Izzy (TDCH Kezara of Kremlynn ITD), ITD 11/18
Melissa Hoyer and Fawkes (Vendetta von haus Huro ITD), ITD 11/18
Demy Card and Helen (Helenka Moravia Klenot ITD), ITD 10/18
Courtney Brown and Chief (), ITD 10/18
Joanne Menchions and Lucy (Lucille ITD), ITD 10/18
Demy Card and Riley (Riley Chevelle ITD), ITD 9/18
Lesley Noack and Katrina (TDCH Southern Wrecker Hurricane Katrina ITD), ITD 9/18
Michael Shank and Olaf (Heidelberg’s Olaf Von Shank ITD), ITD 9/18
Cathy Neylan and Mannu (), ITD 9/18
Colleen McClintock CTDI and Cher (Sonata von Haus Lucht ITD), ITD 9/18
Isabella Salmi and Quiver (Armstrong’s Jessie Yogi Quiver ITD), ITD 9/18
Tracey Stubbs and Karma (), ITD 9/18
Tracey Stubbs and George (), ITD 9/18
Gail McKie and Logan (Axel Bright Boy ITD), ITD 8/18
Debra Linden Thomas CTDI and Beatrice (Brown HIll’s Divnie Miss M O’Firethorn ITD), ITD 8/18
Suzanne Browne CTDI and Ranger (Silvan’s Lone Ranger ITD), ITD 8/18
Heather Niski-Meyer and Han (Furst Han vom Mondschien Grat ITD), ITD 8/18
Raquel Neighoff and Verone (), ITD 8/18
Raye McLellan and Lexi (), ITD 7/18
Karen Seward and Ferdi (Calmholme’s Gold n Beauty ITD), ITD 7/18
Sue Matthews and Zac (TDCH Abaeterno Flash ITD), ITD 6/18
Rachel Kleespies and Bruno (Kleespies Not Enough Badges ITD), ITD 6/18
Kathleen Jager-Wilcox and Paisley (Paisley Anne Masked Vigilante ITD), ITD 5/18
Suzanne Browne CTDI and Dakota (Gissi Z Elby ITD), ITD 4/18
Constance Baker CTDI and Echo (), ITD 4/18
Beth Keech and Sasha (), ITD 4/18
Rebecca E. Sedbrook and Schatzi (Schatzi Vom I-Guard International ITD), ITD 4/18
Emily Yost ATDI and Jack jack (Jack ITD), ITD 4/18
Melissa MacKinnon and Damon (TDCH Noble Damon vom Theishof ITD), ITD 4/18
Janine Chaulk and Odin (Von Caid He’s So That ITD), ITD 3/18
Diana Simonsen CTDI and Valen (Semper Fidelis von Sonnentanz DN CGC TKN NTD), ITD 3/18
Amy Olvitt and Ren (TDCH Shon Ren CGC TKN TKI TKA ITD), ITD 3/18
Mary Buczkowski and Loki (Loki van Rohaus NTD), ITD 2/18
Natasha Audy and Ricochet (Ricochet vom Wildhaus ITD), ITD 2/18
Tisha Knickerbocker and Cuse (), ITD 1/18
Kathy Edstrom and Turbo (Hemi Vom Gildaf Super Charged K9 NTD), ITD 1/18
Annabel Blake and Gabi (Reinglen’s Gabrielle ITD), ITD 1/18
Victoria Wise and Cully (Reinglen Cheyenne ITD), ITD 1/18
Chris Michalak CTDI and Riot (Kami Kaze Von Immerstark ITD), ITD 1/18
Danielle Forche and Kiro (Jakiro Z Dragon NTD), ITD 1/18
Peggy Cline and Duncan (Mr. Lee Duncan Von Hanabrit), ITD 12/17
Donna Morgan Murray and Brixi (Brixi von Sontausen NTD), ITD 12/17
Donna Morgan Murray and Laelia (Wild Laelia von Sontausen NTD), ITD 12/17
Donna Morgan Murray and Dashiell (Dashiell von den Alten Bergen NTD), ITD 12/17
Karen Dunlop and Uschi (Janeva Von Den Hoehenluft ITD), ITD 12/17
Kaitlyn Smith and Atlas (), ITD 11/17
Marytherese Marosits and Sarge (GCHS CH Herr Sergeant of Glenwood IV ITD), ITD 11/17
Julia Preußer CTDI and Talladega (TDCH Bona vom Parker Schloss ITD), ITD 10/17
Carrie Michaud and Nitro (Nitro CD NTD), ITD 10/17
Heather Lee Homolash and Sascha (Sascha Maya Homolash), ITD 9/17
Russell Samuel Valenza Jr. and Bandit (), ITD 9/17
Robin Sweetapple CTDI and Duck (TDCH Kado Von Hollenhund CKC ITD), ITD 9/17
Nicki Oade and Drama (Gregorian Dramatic Omen), ITD 9/17
Nicki Oade and Indi (Gregorian Celtiagh Storm CGCB RA JDX TT1), ITD 9/17
Juliana Goodwin and Gabriel (Braehead’s Valiant Gabriel NTD), ITD 9/17
Greg Laslo CTDI and Sam (I Want to Drive the Samboni ITD), ITD 8/17
Juliana Goodwin and Ari (Ariel Vom Park ITD), ITD 8/17
Cherie Morris and Ali (Alika Junge Dame ITD), ITD 8/17
Emma Maxwell and Charlie (Charlie Bit My Finger ITD), ITD 7/17
Scott Michael and Varro (Varro von der Alte Baum), ITD 7/17
Ann Hogg CTDI and Baron (Supreme Motions Moon Dancer of Hawks Hunt NTD), ITD 7/17
Angela Dunne and Thor (Coppercliff’s Thunder God ), ITD 6/17
Jessica Chiaudano and Simon (Chiaudano’s Just Simon ATD), ITD 6/17
Marcia McGrory and Myla (McGrory’s Myla Joy Vom Haus Hall ITD), ITD 5/17
Pamela Padgett CTDI and Allie (Nyla Knight’s Allie ITD), ITD 5/17
Pamela Padgett CTDI and Red (Conway’s Brilliant Red), ITD 5/17
Paula Heriot and Krieger (Boone’s Chance Encounter RATCH CGCA TKN ITD), ITD 4/17
Paula Heriot and Gerda (Boone’s Ruby Wanderlust BN RN CAX RATCH CGCA TKN ITD), ITD 4/17
Kelsey Michael and Felony (BJF Felony z Weberhaus), ITD 4/17
Carrie McAunaul CTDI and Glitch (TDCH Alphapack’s To Mend And Defend ITD), ITD 4/17
Nancy DiMenza CTDI and Bubba (Feuer Bombe vom Landschaft NTD), ITD 4/17
Ashley Lynch and Ava (Ava Lynch NTD), ITD 3/17
Debbi Hannah and Quigley (Quigley Vom Haus Vianden ATD), ITD 3/17
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Ace (TDCH UCH Lasvada’s Ace of Spades ITD), ITD 3/17
Robert C. Kramer and Fender (Fender Kramer, CGCA, ATD), ITD 3/17
Cheree Roberts and Django (Django Von Schraderhaus), ITD 2/17
Cheree Roberts and Klia (Klia Von Schraderhaus), ITD 2/17
Ann Hogg CTDI and Kimba (Timber Vom Haus Kohl ITD), ITD 2/17
Tammy Stewart and ROQUE (Roque Stewart-Keyzers ITD), ITD 2/17
Carolyne Tanner and Sampson (Sampson Tigger Tanner NTD), ITD 2/17
Amy Morrisson and Kuba (Kuba Prace vom Haus Morrisson), ITD 1/17
Ericka Buckreis CTDI and Bella (), ITD 1/17
Sheila Wills and Darick (Darick Vom Chantian NTD), ITD 12/16
Jennifer Gomlicker and Yukon (Yukon Full Throttle ITD), ITD 12/16
Sarah Lindgren-Akana and Monte (Commandant vom Steinbeckland ITD), ITD 12/16
Lin Edmonds and Nico (Reinglens Bad Reputation ITD), ITD 12/16
Tina Marie Richardson CTDI and Chief (Chief Dancing Eyes NTD), ITD 11/16
Arno Nasshan and Achilles (Achilles von Lords Shepherds), ITD 10/16
Nanette Boryc and Jackie (Nightwriter’s Jackie Shenanigans ITD), ITD 10/16
Erika Kurtz CTDI and Minyan (TDCH Minyan’s Mischief Managed ITD), ITD 10/16
Lin Edmonds and Inddy (Incubus Chikki ITD), ITD 9/16
Hedy Starr and Thelion (Thelion Elin von Fuenf Bergspitzen ITD), ITD 9/16
Sarah Jorgensen and Ruby (Scher-Lo’s Black Rose ITD), ITD 9/16
Melissa Breau and Riley (), ITD 9/16
Heather Rhodes CTDI and Castiel (Fidelis Castiel Vom Haus Berg Rhodes), ITD 9/16
Mark Luther and Bentley (Bentley Vom Mittelwest ITD), ITD 9/16
Robyn Brown and Kafka (), ITD 8/16
Jill Upton CTDI and Huslu (TDCH Jostella Simply Gold ITD), ITD 6/16
Alla Podkopaeva and Porsche (), ITD 4/16
Sarah Case and Lily (Proud Field of Calla Lilies), ITD 4/16
Kathy Devlin CTDI and Cody (), ITD 3/16
Shannon Sullivan Hard CTDI and Zelda (TDCH Just Zelda vom Haus Morrisson ITD), ITD 3/16
Suze Lidbury and Bella (), ITD 2/16
Linda Hamilton and Gisa (Gisa du Chenil Belge), ITD 2/16
Te Young CTDI and Shiloh (Shiloh Rain ITD), ITD 2/16
Julie Blucher and Misty (Grand Misty vom Haus Morrisson CGC TC NACSW ORT B), ITD 1/16
Chrissie Humphrey and Elsa (), ITD 1/16
Kathy Clayton CTDI and Tannah (Tannah of Haveloc), ITD 12/15
Jolene Smith and Phantom (Chimanes Phantom Spirit of Dreams), ITD 11/15
Robin Sweetapple CTDI and Bella (Bella Wooley ITD), ITD 11/15
Amy Morrisson and Heska (CH Heska vom Haus Morrisson), ITD 11/15
Marie Donahue CTDI and Osah (Osah of Sapphire Mountain), ITD 11/15
Rosemary Elwell and Leo (Speed Queen Leontine Von Washateria ITD), ITD 6/15
Cheryl Kooiman and Axel (TDCH CK’s Axel Keeping The Peace), ITD 5/15
Karen E. Larson CTDI and Kaya (Brown Hill’s Kayasara ATD), ITD 5/15
Krystal Zoppa and Dax (Thor z vom Weberhaus CAA RATI ITD), ITD 4/15
Laurel Stone and Jake (Jake von der Alte Baum CGC RATCHX2 ITD), ITD 4/15
Karla Dean and Hunter (), ITD 3/15
Babsi Oesterle and Hope (), ITD 3/15
Teresa M Brewer and Nebo (Nebojacny von Steinbaum RN CGC NW1), ITD 3/15
Sharon Larson CTDI and Mara (Blackthorn’s Fraxinus Samara), ITD 3/15
Dianne DelPozzo and Force (Force Van Gogh), ITD 2/15
Dianne DelPozzo and RayRay (H-Razor Von Rokanhaus), ITD 2/15
Shyann Hilla and Cooper (Damien von Granville), ITD 2/15
Keith Hoffman and Lexi (Von Strassenrand Impossible Dream), ITD 2/15
Shyann Hilla and Ziva (Ziva Nano Vom Hilla), ITD 2/15
Shyann Hilla and Spell (Expelliarmus Von Granville), ITD 2/15
Karen Young and JaGoda (VHD JaGoda), ITD 2/15
Nina Feltmann and Dart (Schilling’s Skill-builder Dart), ITD 12/14
Priscilla Donahue CTDI and Medjai (Medjai Von Zerq), ITD 12/14
Roseanna Brown and Keeva (Keeva vom Ganaraska), ITD 11/14
Cathryn Melbert and Inca (), ITD 10/14
Jared Spade and Gryphon (Gryphon), ITD 9/14
Yvonne Ferguson CTDI and Wrangler (TDCH Carissima’s U Wrangler SD-MACH RE CGN HIC ITD), ITD 9/14
Joan Dandy and RE (TDCH Remmington Von Eichenluft), ITD 8/14
Melissa Lundblad CTDI and Saga (Epic Adventure vom Kraftwerk), ITD 6/14
Janine Hamlin and Jake (New Skete’s Jethro), ITD 5/14
Pat Speas and Clover (Speas’s Clover of Tally Ho CD, RE, AX, AXJ, THD, MXP, AJP), ITD 5/14
Toni Tiller and Nike (Quovadis Kindred Spirit), ITD 12/13
Tina Drake and Anna Belle (Anna Belle Drake), ITD 11/13
Trish Schommer CTDI and Rex (Rex), ITD 5/13
Nancy DiMenza CTDI and Boo (Peka-Boo vom Konigsforst ITD), ITD 3/13
Lisa Hardy ATDI and Marlowe (Jostella Make Me Smile), ITD 12/12
Kathy Fornes and Chance (Puplove’s Taking A Chance RE CD AXP AJP TC TDI), ITD 12/12
Lisa Hardy ATDI and Lewis (Jostella Going For Gold), ITD 11/12
Jill Doherty and Ikon (Ikon von der Tetiaroa), ITD 11/12
Joan Dandy and Dakota (TDCH ), ITD 11/12
Jill Upton CTDI and Uschi (TDCH Vonthurlow’s Uschi ITD), ITD 10/12
Diana Simonsen CTDI and Tyra (UR02 UCD Three Rivers Tyra Simonsen CD BN RAE2 ITD), ITD 7/12
Monica Zanetti and Verdae (Alta-Tollhaus Verdae), ITD 5/12
Kiley Spade and Titan (TDCH Titan), ITD 5/12
Pat Behles and Fritzi (Fritzi vom Sturm und Drang), ITD 4/12
Pat Behles and Britta (TDCH Britta vom Sturm und Drang), ITD 4/12
Lori Waters CTDI and Loretta (TDCH UGetBack Loretta CD HSAs), ITD 1/12
Janine Hamlin and Duncan (D’Can’s Dark Warrior Dreaming), ITD 6/11
Kimberly Houska CTDI and Henry (Henry Ruger Houska), ITD 5/11

German Shorthaired Pointer

Emily Shirey and Blitz (Sundance Blazing Blitz ITD), ITD 2/20
Eve Hoehle-Adams and Loretta (Bear Paw’s Coal Miner’s Daughter ITD), ITD 1/20
Brooklyn Graham and Tahoe (GCH Bianca’s Brazosriver Tahoe ITD), ITD 1/20
Ronny Wiltz and Quest (BNJ Journey to Greatness ITD), ITD 1/20
Siobhan Marguerite Martel and Gala (Fondcombe Galadriel’s Gift ITD), ITD 1/20
Julia Silverman CTDI and Spirit (Spirit of the Wind ITD), ITD 1/20
Katherine Rudge and Jazz (), ITD 12/19
Kelsey Maclean and Tucker (), ITD 10/19
Stephanie Trudeau and Olaf (Olaf Trudeau Ferme Labrador ITD), ITD 10/19
Dr. Deanna Glasgow and Wallace (Schutzen’s A Shot To Remeber ITD), ITD 10/19
Monia Lasante and Rebel (Legacyk Rebel by Choice ITD), ITD 10/19
Heather Tetzlaff and Ivy (Ivy Willow Iradelli ITD), ITD 9/19
Stefany Leisz and Sheldon (), ITD 8/19
Stefany Leisz and Bremen (Westham Island’s People Are Strange ITD), ITD 8/19
Kathleen Reynolds CTDI and Rodney (CH Voyager’s Greatest Harvest ITD), ITD 8/19
Megan Krystal & Marco Cortopassi and Luna (Stanneyfields Imagine w Blastem ITD), ITD 6/19
Kathleen Reynolds CTDI and Greta (Cuttin Wilds Space Cowgirl X Kimber Tactical Greta ITD), ITD 5/19
Sally Zacharias and Emma (SJF’s Pistol Annie "Emma" ITD), ITD 4/19
Amber Glaves and Everest (BNJ Extreme Altitude ITD), ITD 10/18
Sandra Swinburne and Boomer (Mikarma’s Island Time ITD), ITD 9/18
Valerie Casperite CTDI and Fiona (CH Rosewood’s Olde Ridge Oh My Stars N Garters! CGC JH TKI ITD), ITD 9/18
Carolyn Hutchinson and Fritz (Handsome Boy Graduate ITD), ITD 8/18
Linda Stefanich and Sage (Lawler’s Lil Red Corvette JH ITD), ITD 7/18
Sarah Byrne and Olive (Olive Byrne ITD), ITD 7/18
Donna Perry and Rhet ( ITD), ITD 7/18
Donna Perry and Heatley ( ITD), ITD 7/18
Emily Meko and Piper (TDCH Legacy K She Said Yes ITD), ITD 4/18
Kathleen Reynolds CTDI and Abbey (Steel Fork Abbey ITD), ITD 1/18
Janet Funk and Maxx (Winkelman’s Motown Duramaxx Need For Speed ITD), ITD 7/17
Dr. Deanna Glasgow and Findley (BNJ Ordinary Hero ITD), ITD 4/17
Tammy Carr CTDI and Nelli-Ray (Nelli-Ray Benelli SBE NTD), ITD 4/17
Matthew Bohn and Flyer (Angie Lewis & Matthew Bohn’s Flyer NTD), ITD 3/17
Erin LoPorto CTDI and Jaya (Ultra’s Becky Jaya), ITD 5/16
Janelle Mondi CTDI and Belle (TDCH Sander Mt’s Boppin’ Birdie Belle ITD), ITD 3/16
Terry Messner and Draco (Draco’s Feuer), ITD 2/15
Lynne Fedorick CTDI and Earl (Mr. Earl Fabulous), ITD 2/15
Elizabeth C. Tauser and Albert (Albert Gerhardt von Aachen ITD), ITD 2/15
Sue O’Rourke and Pepper (), ITD 9/14
Jennifer King and Ranger (TDCH Rock Candy Ranger ITD), ITD 5/12

German Wirehaired Pointer

Beth Sanders and Haggis (Bachman Bay Haggis Monster ITD), ITD 1/20
Anita Tate CTDI and Katniss (GCHS Willamette’s Lookout Catching Fire JH NA CA DM DS CGCA TKP ITD), ITD 12/19
Rosey Kelley and Beren (Reece Tale of Beren and Luthien ITD), ITD 7/19
Mackenzie Maidl and Gus (Hard Point Guster Brown ITD), ITD 6/19
Tammy Karakas CTDI and Chewie (Purepoint Noes Skye of Ada ITD), ITD 8/18
Sharon Taylor CTDI and Snickers (Ostoja Strawberry Fields ITD), ITD 2/18
Sheryl Krohne and Luna (Windswept Hunters Moon), ITD 9/17
Josh Hutchins and Trigger (Trigger Dog Hutchins), ITD 2/17

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Monique Anthony and Ginny (Elric’s Gin & Tonic ITD), ITD 2/17
Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Winston (SDGCH SDCH TDCH Finnabair Winston O’Reilley ITD), ITD 4/13


Elinda Anderson CTDI and Hannah (Goat Stake Hannah ITD), ITD 1/20
Elinda Anderson CTDI and Hershey Carmel (Tahoma Hershey’s Creamy Carmel ITD), ITD 1/20
Elinda Anderson CTDI and Midnight (Anderson Farm Midnight Sun ITD), ITD 11/19
Elinda Anderson CTDI and Awesome (Anderson Farm Awesome in Blue ITD), ITD 11/19
Elinda Anderson CTDI and Heidi Jubilee (Anderson Farm Heidi Jubilee ITD), ITD 11/19
Elinda Anderson CTDI and Elsa (TDCH Goat Mountain View Elsa Blu ITD), ITD 10/19

Golden Retriever

Lukas Kraft and Arizona (LA Arizona King ITD), ITD 3/20
Jillian Todd and Addie (Northwoods Jevas Queen of the Road ITD), ITD 3/20
Nancy N. Treviño Castellanos CTDI and Sunny (ThunderPaws HeartGold Sunny The Thunder Retriever Treviño ITD), ITD 3/20
A Tara Thompson and Ellinor (Moonlit Acres Creme Brulee ITD), ITD 3/20
Marissa Hall and Luke (Luke ITD), ITD 2/20
Charles F. Blaker and Molly (My Way Molly Brooke ITD), ITD 2/20
Lerissa Thaver and Korra (Korra ITD), ITD 2/20
Deborah Csongradi and Brodie (Coppermoon Lightning Bug ITD), ITD 2/20
Susan Kindratiuk and Aer (Wimberways Golden F’Aer ITD), ITD 2/20
Melanie Hart and Whisky (Tanbark’s Wisconsin Sun ITD), ITD 2/20
Rene Blaustein and Hubble (Copperfield’s Key to the Universe ITD), ITD 2/20
Linda Lee and Tilley (Cuckmere Sea Shore ITD), ITD 1/20
Judy Leitzsch and Bodie (Topbrass Bodie’s Ghost Town Gold ITD), ITD 1/20
Dana Affrunti and Milo (Goldenloch Milo’s Sparkly WIsh ITD), ITD 1/20
Paige Krumwiede and Henry (Captain Henry the Naval Aviator ITD), ITD 1/20
Linda Abram and Bogart (TDCH Goldpaw U Gimme Jungle Fevr ITD), ITD 1/20
Robyn Thomson and Cora (Fyke’s Jewel From The Sea ITD), ITD 1/20
Gary Overs and Gauge (Heads Up Locked and Loaded ITD), ITD 1/20
Shelley Overs and Tripp (Brassfire’s Boom Shaq A Laq A ITD), ITD 1/20
Tamson Carre and Pike (Blastem’s Northern Pike ITD), ITD 1/20
Marjolein Zijdel and Nala (Nala ITD), ITD 1/20
Jeanne Ladd and Porsche (New Era’s Porshe Still Dancing After the Party ITD), ITD 1/20
Jesse Niekraszewicz and Nova (RebelFire’s Golden Supernova ITD), ITD 12/19
Annette Caspar and Maisie (Rio Ranch Showing Colour Can MH WCX CGN CD TD RE MADC MGDC AGDC NS DS AGN DD Am WCX CCA NTD), ITD 12/19
Annette Caspar and Cricket (Rio Ranch Next Leap Forward Can JH DM Am NTD), ITD 12/19
Katarina Dery and Apollo (Apollo Dery ITD), ITD 12/19
Jillian Todd and Louie (Kenro’s Jevas Miracle Prince ITD), ITD 12/19
Ella Lambert and Zeke (Zeke ITD), ITD 12/19
Jennifer Lindenschmidt and Abby (), ITD 12/19
Martine Bellemare and Acker (Acker ITD), ITD 12/19
Jasmine DeBlois ATDI and Phoenix (Smok’nGold’s Spittin Fire ITD), ITD 11/19
Leslie Burns and Brooklyn (Genosha’s Ms Princess ITD), ITD 11/19
Lesley Harris and Brodie (Sunfire’s Brodie Harris ITD), ITD 11/19
Madeline Politeski and Ivy (Sterre’s All Star League ITD), ITD 10/19
Leslie Burns and Jordyn (Kilkerran’s Golden Sapphire ITD), ITD 10/19
Jen Guix and Lucy (Dynamic Having A Ball ITD), ITD 10/19
Renee Cullen and Evie (Snow Walker Auric Soul Of Irish Eyes ITD), ITD 10/19
Brian Brixon and Adam (Irish Eyes Frosted Auric Heart ITD), ITD 10/19
Christine Adams CTDI and Hazel (Hazel ITD), ITD 10/19
Laurie Wilkinson and Ledger (CH. Luchan’s NO Cook’n the Books RN NS SDIN ITD), ITD 9/19
Emma Webb and Callie (Bitagold’s Secret Ingredient ITD), ITD 9/19
Caitlin Luck and Cinder (Maplelane’s Dancin In The Dark ITD), ITD 9/19
Sharon Needham CTDI and Fred (TDCH Kultas Fred ITD), ITD 9/19
Rebekah Reynolds and Remi (Artemis Lady Moonlight ITD), ITD 9/19
Cheryl Webster and Cruz (Luchan Hallmark No Turnin’ Bck WC CA ITD), ITD 8/19
Carol Koch and Lacey (Huggybears Lacey ITD), ITD 8/19
Sonja Elmauer and Cinnamon (Heads Up Cinnamon Miakoda ITD), ITD 8/19
Alexa Bass and Tilley (Trooper Tilley’s Legacy ITD), ITD 8/19
Meghan Noel and Honey (Brianne’s Butterscotch Mousse ITD), ITD 8/19
Al Borland and Chip (Navilis Quentin ITD), ITD 7/19
Al Borland and Waffles (Mon Moriani Waffle ITD), ITD 7/19
Taylor Lima CTDI and Chester (Tahnee Howl At That Moon ITD), ITD 7/19
Melissa Lucas and Godric (TDCH Copperfield’s Golden Snitch ITD), ITD 7/19
Paulette Lerman and Jilly Bean (Red Hot Jilly Pepper ITD), ITD 7/19
Janet R. Veader and Sadie (Jan’s Darling Sadie Rose ITD), ITD 7/19
D Calvin and Riley (Destiny’s Joyous Navigator ITD), ITD 6/19
Kris Campesi and Micah (Banyan’s New Prophet Micah ITD), ITD 6/19
Stephanie Gunby and Bell (), ITD 6/19
Cori Jacksie and Kona (Wyoming’s Strong as the Wind "Kona" ITD), ITD 6/19
Mark H. DuPuis and Cooper (Wesben Cooper of the Low Country CGC ITD), ITD 6/19
Elizabeth Kozoriz and Lueca (Kyon’s Lueca Skywalker ITD), ITD 5/19
Linda Heimiller and Eli (Carma Semper Fi Tiger Papa 2 ITD), ITD 4/19
Joy Gray and Murdoch (Mapeleane’s Enriching Ash ITD), ITD 4/19
Joy Gray and Winston (Gold Star Whose on First ITD), ITD 4/19
Joy Gray and Merlin (Melia Golds The Phantom Menace ITD), ITD 4/19
Joanne Sato and Maui (Wynwood Maui No Ka ‘Oi ITD), ITD 4/19
Claire Rymarz and Nala (Moonwater Nalas Pride ITD), ITD 4/19
Katie Chabot and Cooper (), ITD 3/19
Malin Larsson and Lilo (TDCH Höstglädjens Read Between The Lines ITD), ITD 3/19
Pam Heidrich and Gracie (Gracie Heidrich ITD), ITD 3/19
Sarah McMurdo CTDI and Maple (), ITD 3/19
Kimberly Gilbert and Naiya (Mischief’s Changes in Latitude ITD), ITD 3/19
Dalice Clearwater and Tom (Maplelane’s Capricornus The GOAT ITD), ITD 3/19
Andrea Schafer and Odin (Odin von Golden ITD), ITD 3/19
Donna Morello and Beamer (Sir Moon Beam ITD), ITD 3/19
Jennifer Cerrada CTDI and Ryder (Golden Hills Summer Love ITD), ITD 3/19
Lisa Diericks & Joel Lewis and Milo (Milo Lewis ITD), ITD 3/19
Jessica Clark and Maker (Sharmik’s Making My Mark ITD), ITD 2/19
Lauren Houseknecht and Kyra (Carolina Golden Kyra McCrae ITD), ITD 2/19
Amie & Dave Walsh and Honey (Honey Bear Walsh ITD), ITD 2/19
Susan Leece and Ember (SHUKCHAMPAGN’S GARBO QLB ITD), ITD 2/19
Briar Dunn and Bramble (TDCH Rubus Parvifolius ITD), ITD 2/19
Linda Bryerton and Frankie (Sunhillow’s Storm At Daybreak ITD), ITD 2/19
Jeannette Gerard and Sherlock (Sterre an East Wind Coming ITD), ITD 2/19
Claire Rymarz and Bailey (Flomiss Baileys Cupcake ITD), ITD 2/19
Debbie L. McGonigle and Jam (Wildfire Pump Up The Jam ITD), ITD 2/19
Samantha Snyder and Finn (TDCH OPK’s Gimmie Some Finn ITD), ITD 2/19
Maria Hill and Grace (Grace ITD), ITD 2/19
Tera Jurrens and Ocean (TDCH SEDGI Freedom Paws Chasing Waves ITD), ITD 1/19
Shirlee French and Marley (Marley Rosie ITD), ITD 1/19
Cheryl McBride and Linzie Lu (Miraleste Kates Amazing Linzie Ann ITD), ITD 1/19
Katherine Martucci, DVM CTDI and Kova (TDCH Saturday Night Shared Electrons ITD), ITD 12/18
Sabine Dochmaschewsky and Summit (Shining Star at the Summit ITD), ITD 12/18
Lois M. Prilla and Barry (Brentvue’s Yes He Can Bosa Nova Barry ITD), ITD 12/18
Sue Myra and Allie (), ITD 11/18
Mary Ellen Cicci and Oliver (Goldenroos Oliver ITD), ITD 11/18
Roma McDonaugh and Quinn (Mighty Quinn’s Magic Journey ITD), ITD 10/18
Linda Bryerton and Logan (Morninglo Rises Over Sunhillow ITD), ITD 10/18
Cindy Busch and Cait (Webshire’s Goodness’ Glow ITD), ITD 10/18
Joy Gray and Gracie (Lusades Scotch Tae King Avalon Amazin’ Grace ITD), ITD 10/18
Wendy Chen and Mojo (Mojo Cheung ITD), ITD 10/18
Hannah Liebeskind and Arlow (), ITD 10/18
Linda Attardo and Lucca (Autumnwinds Holy Face of Lucca ITD), ITD 9/18
Gerald Davit and Lady (Weber’s Lady Guinevere of Mill Creek CD BN CGC TKN ITD), ITD 9/18
Kristi Fiala and Cody (TDCH Doc Mar’s Mayan Wild West Cowboy CGC TDIA ITD), ITD 9/18
Sydney Ramseyer and Dash (), ITD 9/18
Raileen Del Rosario and Tsunami (The Great Wave ITD), ITD 8/18
Cheryl Kubista CTDI and Buster (Kubista’s Buster ITD), ITD 8/18
Sue Szeremet CTDI and Pirate (Brandegold Shiver Me Timbers ITD), ITD 8/18
Cindy McDonald CTDI and Chase (Sir AJ Chase ITD), ITD 8/18
Jill Northcoat and Billy (Casadeoro Your Beau Billy NZKC ITD), ITD 8/18
Robert Little and Buck (), ITD 8/18
Sally Banka CTDI and Rush (Skyliter’s Every Claim You Stake ITD), ITD 8/18
Sally Banka CTDI and Mac (Heagapes Macadoo Run ITD), ITD 8/18
Colin Ladd and Fireball (Fireball Whiskey of Windham ITD), ITD 8/18
Cathy Gondek and Bella (Charming’s Just a Jingle Belle ITD), ITD 7/18
Natalie Hendricks and Sunny (), ITD 7/18
Kerry Sugden and Secret (Jarysmystic Firefly ITD), ITD 7/18
Sue Harer and Maddie (Evergrace Share’s Dolly Madison ITD), ITD 7/18
Danielle Beddall and Freddie (Let’s Get Freddie To Rumble ITD), ITD 6/18
Bonnie Thomas and Tucker (), ITD 5/18
Judy Overton and Justin (Mirasol’s Just a Momint ITD), ITD 5/18
Nancy Steinbrecher and Saffron (Majestic Golden My Sunny Saffron ITD), ITD 5/18
Susan Stacey and Hunter (TDCH Stacey’s Sir Hunts-A-Lot ITD), ITD 4/18
Barbara Davit and Bushy Boy (Mill Creek’s Mr. Bushy Boy ITD), ITD 4/18
Cynthia Cunningham and Tucker (Sir Tucker Cunningham ITD), ITD 4/18
Dale Hays and Goldie (TDCH Redog’s Goldie Hays ITD), ITD 4/18
Myra Judd CTDI and Kate (Hyegold’s Showtime Kiss Me Kate ITD), ITD 4/18
Ericka Staufenberger and Charlie (My Girl Charlie ITD), ITD 4/18
Denise Totman and Luna (Verdoro’s Smilin in the End ITD), ITD 4/18
Megan Esherick CTDI and Elf (Surf ‘N Turf Belvenie Winter Solstice ITD), ITD 3/18
Stacey Birks and Zeus (Jaad’s Inspiration ITD), ITD 3/18
Chantelle Atkinson and Gunner (), ITD 3/18
Rachel Fein CTDI and Cloud (TDCH Wynwood’s Diamond In The Sky ITD), ITD 3/18
Ruth Taylor and Daedalus (Zaniri’s Planetary Shift NTD), ITD 3/18
Samantha Puder and Quinn (FortKnox’s Minute to Quinn It NTD), ITD 3/18
Margaret Sweatman and Rufus (Cinderfield Pacific Prince NTD), ITD 1/18
Cathy O'Connor and Brock (Lukhangold Bolero Brock NTD), ITD 1/18
Stacey Birks and Lincoln (Jaad’s Last Missing Linc ITD), ITD 1/18
Kay Kooistra and Calli (.38 Caliber Special NTD), ITD 1/18
Becky Sayers and Kayla (Becky’s Dutchess Kayla Joy), ITD 12/17
Laura Nicholson and Zoey (Saint Florian’s Zoey Gold), ITD 11/17
Debby Knott and Ziva (Star Crowned “Got Your Six” NTD), ITD 11/17
Megan Wimer and Finnick (Goldpuppies Finnick Free to Fly ITD), ITD 11/17
Megan Wimer and Cinder (OzarkMtn Set The World On Fire ITD), ITD 11/17
Carol Atkinson and Pooh Bear (Teddy’s Pooh Bear RA CA DJ CGCA TKI ITD), ITD 11/17
Barb Peters and Galan (Grin and Laugh as Nodens), ITD 10/17
Carol Atkinson and Crash (Snobird’s Raise Your Glass Party Crasher RN BN CGC DN TKA ATD), ITD 10/17
Sarah Freeman and Barron (Emerald’s Mister Barron NTD), ITD 10/17
Sherry Landers and Sailor (Enchanted’s Legacy Set Sail For Riversong NTD), ITD 10/17
Clayton Family and Allie (), ITD 10/17
Talie Lytton and Tor (), ITD 10/17
Mellisa Tucker and Luke (Wynwood’s Lionheart “Luke” ITD), ITD 9/17
Janice Barnhart CTDI and Tango (Sunny Ridge The Healing Power of Touch NTD), ITD 9/17
Monica Jones and Mine (Shelter’s Heart of Mine ITD), ITD 9/17
Martin Lee CTDI and Boomer (Laurell Moving Down the Track ITD), ITD 9/17
Meriah Price and Pink (Starz Pink Martini ATD), ITD 8/17
Robin Minaker and Jase (Kyon’s World Explorer Jase NTD), ITD 8/17
Aynne Rosenberg, Ph.D. and Sugar (Rosenberg’s Sugar II), ITD 7/17
Cheryl L. Johnson and Kaitlyn (Miraleste-Kate’s Gibson’s Dream Girl of Trilogy), ITD 7/17
Barbie Ellisen and Benson (Zolota’s Jazz Attack), ITD 7/17
Gayle Compton and Indy (Dalane Indiana Jones), ITD 7/17
Gayle Compton and Jazz (Dalane You Make Me Feel So Young NTD), ITD 7/17
Leanne Brownlee-Bowen CTDI and Blue (Maywood’s Second Star To The Right CGC TKN ITD), ITD 7/17
Mandy Peck-Neil and Annie (), ITD 7/17
Linda Bryerton and Kensie (Zaniri’s Storm Hits Sunhillow ITD), ITD 7/17
Linda Bryerton and Amy (Eslana’s Lady Amy of Sunhillow ITD), ITD 6/17
Judy Nicholl and Jesse (Tanbark’s Justa Jester), ITD 6/17
MIchael Chun and Kanoe (Sunbeam Kanoe Lani Shop to You Drop), ITD 6/17
Kathy Schneider and Tavin (), ITD 5/17
Kari Trotsky and Athena (TDCH Trotsky’s Athena ITD), ITD 5/17
Sharon Labossiere CTDI and Pippa (), ITD 5/17
Sarah Knight and Rylee (TDCH Smok’n Gold’s Hearts Ablaze ITD), ITD 5/17
Kathryn Galvin and Martha (), ITD 5/17
Joyce Hamlyn and Apollo (JRS Skyrocket in Flight Apollo NTD), ITD 4/17
Savannah Simon and Flynn (), ITD 4/17
Ninette Sandefur and Frisco (Summer Brook Jingle Jangle Frisco ITD), ITD 4/17
Ninette Sandefur and Aspen (Snow Angel Shimmering Aspens in the Wind ITD), ITD 4/17
Misty Hank and Wally (Wall-EE B. Hank NTD), ITD 4/17
Julia Ritenour and Cricket (Sunkyst Let The Games Bugin ATD), ITD 4/17
Joyce Hamlyn and Thor (Thor NTD), ITD 4/17
Julee Freeman and Haylee (Emerald’s Riley O’Santa ITD), ITD 3/17
Stephanie R. Ensley and Dirk (Arkansas Honey Gold’s MVP Mighty Dirk Maus CGC), ITD 3/17
Perry Hamlyn and Zeus (), ITD 3/17
Gary Grider and Winston (Sonshine Beyond the Moon), ITD 3/17
Janice Johnson and Page (Solitaire’s Endearing Dog Eared Page ITD), ITD 3/17
Victoria Chaney and Bliss (Emberain Sunny Side Up, BN, RA, TD ITD), ITD 2/17
Lara E. Guthrie CTDI and Imani (), ITD 1/17
Sarah Fogarty and Sadie (), ITD 11/16
Crystal De La Cruz ATDI and Apex (), ITD 10/16
Trixia Lassiter and Charlie (TDCH Charlie Lassiter), ITD 9/16
Holly McArthur CTDI and Tilly (TDCH Topbrass Full Tilt Boogie ITD), ITD 9/16
Candy Markovitz and Lexi (), ITD 8/16
Branda M. Weidner and Kate (Rush Hill’s Castle Run’n Amuck), ITD 8/16
Beth Duman and Leo (), ITD 8/16
Terry Swanson CTDI and Skye (Topmast Isle of Skye Scotch ITD), ITD 6/16
Perry Hamlyn and Prince (), ITD 5/16
Trish Whitehouse and Hudson (Tangleloft A Boy’s Best Friend ITD), ITD 5/16
Pamela Murn and Nickie (Merry Gold Just in the Nick of Time), ITD 4/16
Pamela Murn and Rocky (TDCH Skyefire’s Rocket Dog ETD), ITD 4/16
Christi Lawdermilk and Roux (Roux Chaussettes Lawdermilk), ITD 3/16
Tammy Sales and Riley (Chrisri All for Riley), ITD 2/16
Victoria Chaney and Hayley (Gaylan’s Moon-Spinners, RE, TD, JH, NAJ, WC), ITD 2/16
Victoria Chaney and Darcy (OTCH MACHZ Coppertop Let’s Dance, VCDZ, UDXZ, OM1, MXC, MJC, NF, OBHF, ADHF, CCA), ITD 2/16
Victoria Chaney and Ivy (OTCH MACHZ Gaylan’s Thaleia, UDX 6, OGM, RAE, TDX, JH, WCX, OBHF, VCX, ADHF, CCA), ITD 2/16
Kerry Troxel and Nick (Mo-K’s In the Nick of Time), ITD 1/16
Joan Pauly and Gabe (Recherche’s Heaven Sent Gabriel), ITD 12/15
Gail Carwell and Lexi (), ITD 10/15
Barbara Chandler and Bobby (Rosinante Regal Romeo ITD), ITD 10/15
Ray Chandler and Barley (Rosinante Regal Reflection ITD), ITD 10/15
Carol Lewis and Lucy (Lucy Lewis), ITD 10/15
Noelle Weeks and Gilbert (Weebe’s Golden Gilbert), ITD 10/15
Joanne Sato and Koa (TDCH Margold Koa No Ka ‘Oi RN AX AXJ NF CGCA CGCU TKA ITD), ITD 9/15
Robin Benton and Rosey (Rosey Boquet), ITD 9/15
Judy Ware and LouLou (Lou Lou Maggie McMullen), ITD 9/15
Barrie Lynn Wood CTDI and Sunny Bear (TDCH Tin Roof’s Sundance Kid CGCA CGCU ITD), ITD 9/15
Donna Lee and Brady (TDCH Woodland True Patriot CD BN RN CGCA CGCU TKA ITD), ITD 8/15
Sheila Browne and Tommy (Goodtime-Amate Street Sense), ITD 7/15
Carolyn P. Moseley and Misty (TDCH Adirondac Play Misty for Me), ITD 7/15
Judy Mohrmann and Sunny (), ITD 7/15
Belinda Fryer and Ozzi (Lurasia Captain Kirk ITD), ITD 7/15
Lesley Harris and Dillon (TDCH Brass Tacks Harris’ Dillon CD UCD BN RA NA NAJ CGC ARCH ITD), ITD 7/15
Nathalie Vanseveren and Col (Glengowan Magic May’ker), ITD 6/15
Rochelle Carr and Layla (), ITD 5/15
Jennifer Cerrada CTDI and Hunter (TDCH CORNWOOD CHIVES REGAL ITD), ITD 5/15
Karen Ferguson CTDI and Chase (), ITD 4/15
Christine Devlin and Toby (Shelkeera Bevan RN NTD), ITD 4/15
Katherine Marlow and Duke (Tucker’s Golden Duke of Kaweah Oaks), ITD 3/15
Debbie Wilson and Reese (), ITD 3/15
Diane Blackman CTDI and Skye (Highmark’s Skye So Blue), ITD 2/15
Diane Blackman CTDI and Eagle (Honeylake’s Two Under Par), ITD 2/15
Diane Blackman CTDI and Duncan (Shenandoah King of Scots), ITD 2/15
Debbie Browning and Chablis (Butterblac’s Water Music), ITD 2/15
Nicole Moritz and Scout (), ITD 1/15
Bernetta Dougert and Midas (Midas Touch of Claussville), ITD 1/15
Veronica D. Zimmerman CTDI and Tye (Tiberius), ITD 1/15
Nancy Liebhauser CTDI and Clover (), ITD 1/15
Barbara Hite-Irons and Ivy (Lycinan Blue Ivystone CGC), ITD 12/14
Sharon Grant CTDI and River (TDCH Davinci’s Golden River of Dreams ITD), ITD 11/14
Marguerite Tsim and Tristan (Argo’s Stardust / Tristan ITD), ITD 11/14
Rylee Carlon and Hannah (Hannah Montana), ITD 11/14
Marta Coursey CTDI and Colbie (Pine Run Fast Track Brighter Than the Sun), ITD 5/14
Helen Akines and Barlie (TDCH Barlie Doug Matthews (!)), ITD 5/14
Anne Whan and Casey (Longgun’s Sharp Shooter ITD), ITD 4/14
Nora Wilcox and Molly (Kitty X), ITD 3/14
Karen Chaffee and Tigger (Goldruls Quantum Leap), ITD 2/14
Christina Young CTDI and Toby (Kitsana’s Armed and Dangerous), ITD 2/14
Barbara Hite-Irons and Sadie (Weber’s Sadie of Mount Hope CD, BN, RA, NA, NAJ, CGC, TT), ITD 1/14
Cindy Briggs CTDI and Journey (Fast-Trak Infinite Possibilities), ITD 1/14
Elaine B. Johnson and Willson (Second Hand Man), ITD 12/13
Elaine B. Johnson and Parker (), ITD 12/13
Marta Coursey CTDI and Gabe (Fast Trak I’m A Believer), ITD 12/13
Lynn Rives CTDI and Kai (Ireigold Atlantic Sassy Lass), ITD 12/13
Laura Longo and Cassie (A Bundle Of Love (Cassie)), ITD 8/13
Rose Mary Laubach and Hope (Goldenways Thanks for the Memories), ITD 4/13
Susan Waki and Halle (Sunshine’s Strawberry Fields Forever), ITD 4/13
Patricia Hartman and Allure (Animations Golden Allure), ITD 3/13
Kimberly Gilbert and Kira (EagleRidge’s Age of Innocence ITD), ITD 12/12
Kathleen Boyd and Bristol (Harveys Bristol Cream), ITD 7/12
Patricia Stein and Brady (TDCH Rosewood A Time To Celebrate), ITD 7/12
Rhonda Brown and Phoenix (Phoenix), ITD 4/12
Maire Guggenheim and Paddington (Paddington), ITD 5/11

Gordon Setter

Carolle Marchand and Kassandre (Gordonstar Kassandre Becasseau ITD), ITD 12/19
Michelle Hope CTDI and Faith (TDCH Bracadale Dark Angel ITD), ITD 10/10

Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen

Megan Esherick CTDI and Juno (Polygor Clancy Eighth Wonder VCD2 GN BN RAE MXP MJP2 T2BP NFP CGCA ITD), ITD 7/17
Karen Schaffer Meldrum and Elbee (Kayaki Embrace the Limelight ITD), ITD 4/16

Great Dane

Beth Grooms ATDI and Dobby (Dobby ITD), ITD 3/20
Skylar Edmonds and Wally (BPIG Ch LiveSky’s After Party In Vegas ITD), ITD 2/20
Angelica Santana and Moo (Moo ITD), ITD 1/20
Melissa Rodriguez and Bryer (GCH Wil-Joi Alluring Larkspur V Meraki TKN CGN RI THDN VDX ITD), ITD 1/20
Sherry Orich and Elita (OVD Under The Radar V Meraki ITD), ITD 1/20
Lauren Holst and Neo (Cheran Dont Stop Believing AI ITD), ITD 1/20
Sherry Orich and Optimus (Regal Black’s Sweet Red Kupid ITD), ITD 12/19
Tianna Langelotz and Fox (Laurado’s Beat Ya To It at Sobeit ITD), ITD 11/19
Tanya Mayer and Derby (Ellenni’s And They’re Off Like a Rockstar ITD), ITD 8/19
Irina Maderych and Bright (Chroma Ignite the Light and Let It Shine ITD), ITD 8/19
Donita Ellis and Tess (Dellisdane’s White Magic CD GN BN RN BCAT CGC TKN ITD), ITD 5/19
Renáta Pet fi and Garda (C.I.B. Ciara Garda Elegance Dog ITD), ITD 1/19
Napsugár Pillár and Luna (TDCH ), ITD 12/18
Kayla Baxter and Archer (TDCH Paquestone’s Light Up The Sky ITD), ITD 11/18
Cheryl Kubista CTDI and Moose (), ITD 9/18
Jaclyn Watts and Jora (Can GCh Sterling’s Whitewater Knight CGN TKN ITD), ITD 8/18
Julie Morris CTDI and Jade (Katcrew’s Emerald Isle ITD), ITD 6/18
Jane Hadfield and Lux (TDCH Notradane Beautiful Lux ITD), ITD 6/18
Sacha Packer and Gavin (TDCH Australian Champion Amasa The Gavinator (AI) ITD), ITD 4/18
Julie Morris CTDI and Gemma (Katcrew’s Black Star Sapphire ITD), ITD 3/18
Alla Podkopaeva and Lily (Ashella’s Lily of the Valley PKD-T ITD), ITD 1/18
Julie Jensen and IKE (VonScheer’s That’s Right I Know Everything), ITD 9/17
Pamela Kerstetter and Ellie (), ITD 4/17
Pamela Kerstetter and Carter (), ITD 2/17
Traci Rinoldo and Ali (), ITD 1/17
Traci Rinoldo and Dita (GDAB Black Burlesque ITD), ITD 1/17
Eric Russell CTDI and Percy (), ITD 11/16
Susan Guthrie and Finnegan (Icon’s One Way or Another ITD), ITD 2/16
Marta Brock and Banker (Canit Int. CH. Rolling Thunder I Broke the Bank ITD), ITD 5/15
Marta Brock and Trooper (Paquestone Abraham Rolln Thdr ITD), ITD 7/12
Marta Brock and Five (Brinlann’s Jump’n Five at Rolling Thunder ITD), ITD 7/12
Lindsey Elser and Bella (Excalibur’s La Bella Vie of LME), ITD 5/11

Great Pyrenees

Jana Chvatal and Abbie (Woolmarsh Xpert Advice ITD), ITD 9/19
Loen Irons and Liberty (Ch Karalaska’ Liberty of Love CGCA ITD), ITD 4/19
Anne Poirier CTDI and Isabella (TDCH Ch Du Val Perché Kira Anne ITD), ITD 7/18
Anne Poirier CTDI and Bear Bear (TDCH ), ITD 6/18
Anne Poirier CTDI and Sébastien (TDCH Ch. Woolmarsh Xeter’s Sebastian ITD), ITD 6/18
Diane Sammarco CTDI and Xander (TDCH Rivergroves Xander of Portmeirion ITD), ITD 4/18
Donna Larsen and Dexter (Dexter), ITD 4/13

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Tony DeLeo and Rocky (Suma Shadetree Rocky CGC), ITD 4/16
Teresa Hierholzer CTDI and Penny (Palisades Pennies From Heaven), ITD 12/13


Lindsay Cameron and Keene (Grancru Latour II ITD), ITD 2/20
Lindsay Cameron and Lina (Grandcru is Solinas ITD), ITD 2/20
Patti Hayes and Talley (TDCH Slatex Talledega CGC TKN ITD ), ITD 5/18
Carrie Lucas CTDI and Franklin (Lakilanni Shell Adore Me ITD), ITD 2/18
Leanne Frevel and MORT (Boc’s Mort), ITD 9/17
Jennifer C. Lee and Maia (PG Snip ATD), ITD 1/16
Kerry Caslow and Bishop (Pfanny’s Lil Gavi NTD), ITD 6/15
Kerry Caslow and Thunder (WW Thundervalley NTD), ITD 6/15
Laurie Soutar and Blueberry (Lakilanni Blue Jean Blues), ITD 4/15
Deborah Lipartito and Missile (Kelsos Speedball), ITD 7/13

*Guinea Pig

Jenna Symons and Ceico (), ITD 3/16
Jenna Symons and Ace (TDCH ), ITD 2/16
Maria Mcleod and Silly (Sillyvestor Stallone), ITD 9/14


Lyn Ridley ATDI and Arnie (), ITD 10/16


Debra Weatherford and Zoey (BBPIS CH Ashstones Zoella O’Weatherford CGN ITD), ITD 3/20
Gabrielle DeMers and Drogon (Drogon ITD), ITD 3/20
Rhonda Kemp and Chiquita (Havadahl Chiquita ITD), ITD 2/20
Elizabeth Tanchak and Johnny (MistyTrails Captain Johnny ITD), ITD 1/20
Lise Allard and Tao (Tao ITD), ITD 12/19
Rick Smith and Gunnar (), ITD 10/19
Joan Reid and Jellie (Sonrisas I’d be Jealous Too ITD), ITD 10/19
Carol Thurlby and Coco (Talemaker’s Coco NTD), ITD 9/19
Carol Thurlby and Doozie (Talemaker’s Doozie ITD), ITD 9/19
Leslie Safin and Heely (Nauti Heli Scene Stealer ITD), ITD 5/19
Debra Weatherford and Sasha (CH. Delsol’s Sasha O’Weatherford CGN PCD RN ITD), ITD 3/19
Renee Alix and Kayla (Kayla Jane ITD), ITD 12/18
Troy & Courtney Anderson and Ollie (Ollie Anderson ITD), ITD 12/18
Lorraine Purnell CTDI and Bugi (Pocopayasos’ Heavy Duty Bugi ITD), ITD 12/18
Mona Kurth and Max (KRAUSHAAR’S MAX BN RN RA ITD), ITD 10/18
Mona Kurth and Rudy (RUDY X11 RN BN ITD), ITD 10/18
Mary-Lou Mackie and Moxie (Talemaker’s Force of Character ITD), ITD 9/18
Sylvia P. Cordero-Skidmore and Luna (Lightly Go Luna ITD), ITD 8/18
Sylvia P. Cordero-Skidmore and Dickson (Jubolee’s Dashing Dickson ITD), ITD 8/18
Denita & Tucker Landry and Mable (Miss Mable Kay Landry ITD), ITD 7/18
Jessica Cady-Bartholomew CTDI and Hilo (), ITD 7/18
Jerry Tate and Jet (Kharln’s Ready Jet Go ITD), ITD 7/18
Kimberley Doan and Nakia (Amblers A Night At The Baymont ITD), ITD 6/18
Jean Devlin and Kylie Jean (Kylie Jean ITD), ITD 5/18
Lauren Goldsworthy Gomez and Pixel (TDCH Justamere Capture The Moment ITD), ITD 5/18
Tracy Smith and Newton (Angelheart’s U R The 1 That I Want ITD), ITD 4/18
Tracy Smith and Ace (Pocopayasos Ace Is High ITD), ITD 4/18
Debra Bowman and Chelsea (), ITD 3/18
Lisa Leipold CTDI and Rhys (Windfiddler’s Treasure ITD), ITD 12/17
Lois Warthe and Aliada (Hug-a-Brew’s Aliada Siempre ITD), ITD 12/17
Margaret Lynn Kloske and Milo (CH Wincroft’s Emilio de Cara Dulce CGC THD NAJ ITD), ITD 10/17
Jan Naigus and Allie (CH. Sonrisas Allegro Giocoso CD BN RAE THDA CGC ITD), ITD 9/17
Joan Reid and Riley (Sonrisas Baba O’Riley ITD), ITD 9/17
Mary Watt and Samba (GCHB Seven Seas Dancing The Night Away TKI ITD), ITD 9/17
Colleen Henry and Maggie (Maggie Macaron Henry ITD), ITD 9/17
Margaret Lynn Kloske and Margo (CH Belle Glen’s Applause for Cara Dulce ITD), ITD 5/17
Lauren Goldsworthy Gomez and Dancer (TDCH Justamere First to Dance Ayita ITD), ITD 5/17
Margaret Lynn Kloske and Riva (CH Marcosa’s Rivaliza ITD), ITD 11/16
Jerry Tate and Jordy (Kharln’s Take it to the End Zone ITD), ITD 6/16
Ann LeSage and Xochi (Sonrisas Xochi Mi Chiquito), ITD 4/16
Margaret Lynn Kloske and Joy (GCH CH Cara Dulce’s Alegria de Mi Vida), ITD 11/15
Gail Czarnecki CTDI and Sushi (CH Wincroft’s Catch of the Day RN THD ITD), ITD 11/15
Karen Smith and Lottie (Castlemar Lottie By Design CGCB RA ITD), ITD 7/15
Penny P. Noriega CTDI and Gibbs (TDCH Sunshine Handsome Is As Handsome Does ITD), ITD 6/15
Claire Paulson and Petey (TDCH Can.Ch/OTCh Pocotesoro El Cometa Del Rey CGN AgN RAE SJATD ETD RATI RATN CRA-CL), ITD 11/14
Carola Di Perna CTDI and Baloo (Amanda’s Blue Baloo CGC ITD), ITD 8/14
Debra Marteslo and Deeks (Cara Dulce’s Cheeky Little Deeks), ITD 11/13
Margaret Hendershot and Desilu (Hendershot’s Lucy I’m Home ITD), ITD 4/13
Jean Devlin and Seamus (Seamus Kelly ITD), ITD 9/12
Margaret Lynn Kloske and Nia (Wincroft's Hermione Cara Dulce, CGC, TDIA, THD), ITD 2/12
Colleen Greer and Muffin (Rag A Muffin), ITD 11/10


Lex Blanton and Yuki (Blan Yuka Amico di Boemia ITD), ITD 7/17


Christina Young CTDI and Shea (JMV Ricochet), ITD 3/14


Louise Nichol and Cash (Bergenhovs Jackpot IMP SWE ITD), ITD 9/18


Diana Scott and Chance (Chance ITD), ITD 2/20
Devon Stevens and Carter (Uptown Bark You Up ITD), ITD 12/18
Lucy Warren and Storm (), ITD 5/15

Icelandic Sheepdog

Marie-Thérèse Mrusczok and Sara (Huldudals Sara ITD), ITD 12/19
Marie Lister and Oso (Stubborn Elm’s Ovaent Blessun Bjarki ITD), ITD 9/19
Jana Werner and Primus (Primus-Ifillson fra Kerlingarfjöll ITD), ITD 5/19
Nikole Henthorn and Reyka (TDCH Caradoc’s True Joule Reyka Orestus ITD), ITD 2/18
Helen Moorhead and Shila (Southstar Elska Bessa ITD), ITD 1/18
Linda Voss and Reykur (TDCH Tri-Star Reykur Bosi ETD), ITD 7/17
Jenifer Brimmer and Kyrie (Mombaccus Valkyrja), ITD 5/17
Crystal Allison and Mylee (Koltinna Maria Fra Stassa ATD), ITD 1/17
Beverly G. McCarter and Kirby (TDCH Vittetoes Kjarkur Keilirsson JHD-S CGCA ITD), ITD 8/16
Pat Gaudette and Rain (GCH Tri-Star Jord CD BN RE CAA RATO THDN CGCA), ITD 6/15
Judy Roback and J-Ski (Pikatti’s Tryna), ITD 6/15
Gabi Vannini CTDI and Link (TDCH Stubborn Elm’s Oskasteina Skiptingur RN CGC), ITD 5/15
Jenifer Brimmer and Bangsi (Stokk-Sels Bjorn Bangsi), ITD 9/14
Jenifer Brimmer and Hettie (Hatid fra Olafsvolum), ITD 11/13
Jenifer Brimmer and Laufey (Stokk-Sels Laufey), ITD 8/13

Irish Red and White Setter

Dianne Turner and Ryder (Laurel Oak Ticket to Ride DN TKI ITD), ITD 8/19
Corlie Eldred and Bree (Caniscaeli Somewhere in Time ITD), ITD 3/19
Liz Foster and Tully (Am/CDNCH Clancuddy’s Seize the Day CGN RI), ITD 11/17

Irish Setter

Deborah Larson and Krispie (Klassi Krispie Kream ITD), ITD 1/20
Courtney Hayes and Guinness (TDCH Guinness Hayes ITD), ITD 1/20
Theresa Zuzworsky and Cian (Tramore Premier Performance ITD), ITD 12/18
Theresa Zuzworsky and Tine (Maple Run Settin the Woods on Fire ITD), ITD 12/18
Madison Alderson and Ember (Ember Rose Alderson ITD), ITD 11/18
Stephanie Leese and Oscar (His Latest Flame ITD), ITD 6/18
Joan Clancy and JOJO (Lisenair Most Wanted ITD), ITD 3/18
Joan Clancy and ANNIE (Lisenair Smooth Criminal ITD), ITD 3/18
Joan Clancy and CARA (TDCH CH Windem’s Remember My Name BN RN CGC ITD), ITD 8/17
Gaby & Charlotte and Finley (), ITD 5/17
Denise Rempert and Kasey (Ch Huntersglen Cukier Center Of Attention CGC), ITD 9/13
Ann Francoear and Grady (McKippen’s First Impression), ITD 8/13
Vicki Horton and Cassie (Fleetwood Farms Sassy Cassidy), ITD 3/12

Irish Terrier

Bridget Jones and Declan (Briar Rock’s Redhead Mayhem ITD), ITD 2/19
Maria Spaight and Brody (), ITD 4/18
Lucy Rhodes and Paddy (Ghyllslap Gingerbread Man ITD), ITD 2/18
Susan O’Driscoll CTDI and JennBug (Jenny O’Driscoll ITD), ITD 7/16
Andrea Wilkins and Connie (), ITD 7/16
Lisa Hendler and Murphy (MACH PACH RATCHX Murphy’s Pint of Red MXS MJS MXP4 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX OF T2B CA RATI ITD), ITD 4/16

Irish Water Spaniel

Lana Reid and Sullivan (Stanegate Sinatra ITD), ITD 1/20
Sara Pettersson and Iris (Aquatikus Strike Out ITD), ITD 8/19
Cathy Pote and Morgan (Saracen’s Morgan the Tide is High but I’m Movin On), ITD 6/17
Marion Kong and Liberty (Cuardach Freedom of Flight), ITD 3/15

Irish Wolfhound

Julie Dorney and Pippi (Glenamadda’s Lola ITD), ITD 2/20
Celeste Atkinson and Rigel (Taliesin’s Realta Gheal i Bodach NTD), ITD 10/17
Gail McEvilly and Ever (Torian’s Forever More CD BN CGC ITD), ITD 7/17

Italian Greyhound

Catrinna Weidman and Smokey (Sequoia Smoke Avimimus ITD), ITD 5/19
Fiona Boulet and Wanda (Avimimus Sacred Cedar NTD), ITD 3/18
Christine Jafarkhani and Yuri (TDCH FC Izat From Russia With Love SC RN BN CD PCDX C-CDX RL-1 EDT), ITD 9/17
Donna Bean and Peter (Igrf"s Peter Pan ATD), ITD 8/17
Sue Hamm and Mim (Noblewind’s Memorial In May ITD), ITD 7/16
Sid McBride and Amon (), ITD 6/16
Susan Amicucci and Kimber (GCH CH Terra Pavan Lorenc’s Phoenix Rising CGC ATD), ITD 2/16
Trixy Endemano and Bellaluna (Bellaluna), ITD 1/15

Italian Spinone

Sue Brown and Billy (Billy Bad Ass Brown), ITD 7/15

Jack Russell Terrier

Jo Dennis-Louis and Mal (Mal NTD), ITD 2/20
Colleen Hoffman and Spock (Foxwillow Spock ITD), ITD 2/20
Katerina Sadler and Vincent (Vincent ITD), ITD 1/20
Lana Reid and Rosie (Rosie ITD), ITD 1/20
Lee-Ann Thomson ATDI and Freckles (Freckles of Leando ITD), ITD 11/19
Taylor Clanton and Moonshine (Moonshine The Star ITD), ITD 11/19
Maryse Angers and Kuma (), ITD 11/19
Jan Ewing and Larkin (River Bottom Larkin Louise ITD), ITD 11/19
Stephanie Frost and Alfie (Little Eden Stormageddon ITD), ITD 11/19
Emily Talmadge and Suzi (), ITD 10/19
Jensen Tasker and Jin (Steadfast KYOJIN ITD), ITD 8/19
Denise Benedik and Archer (Candeejack Archer ITD), ITD 4/19
Anna Wrethorin and Frasse (Buskotten Sergeant Moss ITD), ITD 3/19
Courtney Voth and Ghost (), ITD 3/19
Deborah Smith and Tilly (), ITD 3/19
Kim Lewis and Sadie (), ITD 3/19
Lucy Howard CTDI and Bailey (TDCH Baileys Gardening Delight ITD), ITD 1/19
Julia Sungaila-Needham and Moto (), ITD 12/18
Shirley Williams and Charlie (), ITD 10/18
Tom & Bev LaPorte and KD (KayDee ITD), ITD 10/18
Beth Yerrick and Rikki (Rikki Tikki Tavi ITD), ITD 9/18
Karla Sanders and Rooney (Rattin’ Rooney Paddlepaws iTD), ITD 9/18
Robin Ross Massie CTDI and Ace (The Flying Ace ITD), ITD 8/18
Lyn Ridley ATDI and Alice (), ITD 7/18
Sue McNulty and Izzy (Isabella Rossellini McNulty ITD), ITD 6/18
Nicole Dupre and Girlie (), ITD 5/18
Joan Bagley and Wren (Cricket Run Little Wren NTD), ITD 2/18
Patricia Budrow and Sterling (Reynard’s Folly Sterling ITD), ITD 2/18
Daniele Pichette CTDI and Salty (ExBRH GChBAR SeaDog Salty Brine MGTG TRSi DD ED-J ITD), ITD 1/18
Joan Bagley and Graci (Cricket Run Goodness Gracious), ITD 12/17
Daniele Pichette CTDI and Spade (TDCH GChBAR ChBRH DDACh Inseguire Ace o’Spades AADC SGDC AMDD BMDF MGTG TRSi FDX ITD), ITD 11/17
Joarc Geelen and Rio (TDCH Basil Baggins Brush ITD), ITD 11/17
Daniele Pichette CTDI and Squat (TDCH ChBRHs FDCh Squat Le Petiloo ITD), ITD 11/17
Yvonne Downey and Taz (Salishan Tazz), ITD 9/17
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Rebel (TDCH ), ITD 7/17
Desiree Lerro and Tipper (Forever Young NTD), ITD 5/17
Zana Clements and Jackson (), ITD 4/17
Carrie Kelly and Zi (Iden Rye Ziyi NTD), ITD 10/16
Lyn Ridley ATDI and George (TDCH ), ITD 9/16
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Spike (), ITD 9/16
Emily Roxas and Tasha (TDCH Thasha of Chyn & Cait), ITD 8/16
Melissa Dix and Sophie (Sophie Dix NTD), ITD 8/16
Christine Kiefer and Nick (Willow Crest’s Nick of Time), ITD 6/16
Lynda Rupay and Savvy (Round The Bend Savannah), ITD 4/16
Laura Breckheimer and Zak (Zachary Scott ITD), ITD 11/15
Laura Breckheimer and REO (TDCH VERS-NATCH CATCH2 RATCH ARCHX REO Speed Waggin’ ITD), ITD 11/15
Meike Flintzak and Spidey (TDCH ), ITD 11/15
Clare Cox and Jessie (), ITD 11/15
Wendy Cook and Talie (TDCH Talie Wally Woo), ITD 7/15
Candy Cornell and Rico (Ricochet), ITD 7/15
Sophie Smith and Lola (Lola Kills It With Kisses), ITD 5/15
Lena Eklund and Harley (Piddlelinjens Harley Trassel), ITD 4/15
Verna Saxer-Gibson and Aaren (Aaren CGC ITD), ITD 3/15
Abbi Lawrence and Jack (Jack Lawrence), ITD 3/15
Sarah Kettle and Maggie (Maggie Amy Brown ITD), ITD 11/14
Mary Repko and Daisy (Daisy Mae), ITD 7/14
Mary Repko and Gunner (), ITD 7/14
Yvonne Downey and Parker (Forgetmenot Parker), ITD 7/14
Di Noe and Sophie (), ITD 6/14
Lydia DesRoche CTDI and Grace (Grace Wiggins DesRoche), ITD 12/13
Jeanna Gwilliam and Jinty (Madam Fourpaws), ITD 11/13
Margaret Hendershot and Mario (TDCH MBR Hit Reset to Play Again ITD), ITD 4/13
Nedra Jansen ATDI and Charlie (Pheasant Hill Charlie), ITD 7/12
Sheila Goheen and Bozz (), ITD 3/11
Tracey Luggiero and Mouse (Mighty Mouse), ITD 9/10

Kai Ken

Tain Rose and Tavi (Yamabushi’s Octave Melody CM RN CA TKN BCAT RATN RATI ATT ITD), ITD 1/20


Lindsey Lewis and Camus (Clingmey’s Invincible Summer Camus ITD), ITD 1/20
Karen Sheahan and Jeep (LadySlipper’s Star of Might ITD), ITD 1/20
Natalie Spurrell and Allegro (TDCH Keesridge Allegro con Brio ITD), ITD 8/19
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Ray (TDCH CH Blessed to Hope from the Lavendermist Meadow at Shainakees ITD), ITD 8/19
Carol LeGars and Kilo (Smokee Ridges Priceless Parody ITD), ITD 2/19
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Kira (TDCH Suncoast’s Kosmic Kira Narisse ITD), ITD 1/18
Zandra Brown and Bas (Zee’s Bastien Sint Maarten NTD), ITD 10/17
Stacie Beasley CTDI and Monty (Wund-R Y K-Central Time in a Bottle), ITD 10/17
Donna Schmitt CTDI and Sherlock (TDCH Wund-R Y The Game Is Afoot ITD), ITD 9/17
Amy Boisvert and Sparky (Darcroft Sparky ITD), ITD 4/17
Theresa Bricker and Sunshine (KJ’s Daydreamer), ITD 9/16
Sydney Rubinstein and Mocha (Mocha Rubinstein NTD), ITD 8/16
Stacy Dickinson CTDI and Lupin (TDCH Wyndjamr’s Reflections of a Blue Moon ), ITD 2/16
Amanda Lougheed CTDI and Raevyn (Can CH Keesridge’s Raevyn Beauty CGN CA RATI ITD), ITD 5/15
Amanda Lougheed CTDI and Zivah (Multi CH Keesridge The Essence Of Zivah CGN RA CD RATI ITD), ITD 5/15
Jen Rother and Mayhem (Covenants Wolf Kees Firestorm ITD), ITD 4/15
Esther Stalker and Andre (Kealoha’s Last Call), ITD 7/14
Stacie Beasley CTDI and Clancy (ALCH RO2 UJJ Beasley’s Fancy Chief Clancy RA CGC UADJJ TDCH), ITD 8/12


Katherine Mitchell and Sledge (Lonepine Sledge ITD), ITD 10/19
Kathryn Horn and Knap (Double V Knap NTD), ITD 2/18
Dawn Fore and Ember (Ember Fore ITD), ITD 10/17
Nadene Hoskins and Bindi (TDCH Corraglen Bindi ITD), ITD 7/17


Laura Harden and Jazz (Golden Gate Alpine Jasmine ITD), ITD 2/20
Yesenia Bravo ATDI and Toby (GCH Harley de Hemert ITD), ITD 1/20
Yesenia Bravo ATDI and Jax (Amazing Bastiaan Van de Iserman Hoeve ITD), ITD 1/20
Linda Mills and Brooke (PACH Redgold’s Just Winging It ITD), ITD 8/19
Sarah Brown and Charlie (Foothills Charlie Brown ITD), ITD 10/18
Kathy Kimmeth and Josie (Ambermoon’s Christmas Star NTD), ITD 8/17
Kathy Kimmeth and Halle (Vonlin’s Bronze Stardust NTD), ITD 7/17
Richard Lyes and Merlin (TDCH Amber’s Vagabond V.D. Toetesteijn ETD), ITD 9/15
Bonnie Edmond and Bodie (Red Gold’s Bodie Always On My Mind), ITD 5/15
Elaine Chan-Whitlow ATDI and Moo Moo Pie (Amazing Blija Van Den Iserman Hoeve ITD), ITD 1/15


Lisa Hansen CTDI and Sparkie (Allumbie Daly ITD), ITD 12/19
Emma Joynson and Zappa (Snowy River’s Bit of Nostalgia ITD), ITD 9/19
Cathy Russell CTDI and Skyla (Koolieaziz Sky’s The Limit ITD), ITD 10/18


Julia Babecki and Starlite (Gypsy Wind Thundercracker ITD), ITD 6/18
Anne Bachewich CTDI and Ira (Huron’s Lyrics By Gershwin ITD), ITD 1/18

Labrador Retriever

Joanne Haberl and Karma (Eagertrieves Broadway Bodacia ITD), ITD 3/20
Lori Clark and Rae (Rae ITD), ITD 2/20
Jessica Naviaux and Percy (Woodstocks Knight of the Valley ITD), ITD 2/20
Pat McCarthy and Cira (Rich Prairiestorm Cira ITD), ITD 2/20
Tanya Gadoury and Ivy (Endeavor’s Little Miss Sunshine ITD), ITD 2/20
Barbara Holbrook and Griffey (Griffey Michael Smith ITD), ITD 2/20
Michaela Fisher and Gauge (Crawford’s Twelve Gauge ITD), ITD 2/20
Sandra-Marie Hrycko and Hope (Aile Bleue Hope CGN RE SD-Ssp ITD), ITD 2/20
Healing Pause (Nathan) and Teak (Drachten Whole Nine Yards ITD), ITD 2/20
Healing Pause (Nathan) and Kimber (Kimber Tangos Full Choke ITD), ITD 2/20
Stephanie White and Farley (Cowboy Up’s Farley ITD), ITD 1/20
Anne-Marie Beaulieu and Hope (Dicha’s Hope ITD), ITD 1/20
Melanie Lunn and Amaretto (OTCh Everwood’s Mutiny on the Bounty RE AgXV AgXJV CGN ITD), ITD 1/20
Jayne Collings and Darcey (Darcey ITD), ITD 1/20
Ann Swaney and Rob (Rob ITD), ITD 1/20
Colleen McClelland and Rose (Eromit’s Black Cherry Rose ITD), ITD 1/20
Brookwood Community (Greg) and Demi (Little Lady Xena ITD), ITD 1/20
Blythe Neer CTDI and Quimby (Miss Quimby of Colorado ITD), ITD 1/20
Rozanna Rozich and Marlie (Marlie Rozich ITD), ITD 1/20
Coler Hospital and Momo (Double H Mossy Oak ITD), ITD 1/20
Collin Henning and Mya (Collin’s Autism Dog ITD), ITD 12/19
Janessa McKenzie and Neeva (TDCH Neeva ITD), ITD 12/19
Jane Morgan and Bonser (Beach Boy Bailey ITD), ITD 12/19
Matt Roberts & Ryann Hollman and Oakley (Oakley Roberts ITD), ITD 12/19
Healing Pause (Nathan) and Abbey (Street’s Judd’s Westminster Abby ITD), ITD 12/19
Beth Grooms ATDI and Sam (TDCH Samantha’s Calm Before the Storm ITD), ITD 12/19
Vicki Jones and Haedi (Adderslot Gemmas Haedi ITD), ITD 12/19
Ella Lambert and Zoey (Zoey ITD), ITD 11/19
Jacqueline Gori and Samson (Cooperslane Promise Continued ITD), ITD 11/19
Rebecca Bosley and Thatcher (TDCH Bush Meadow Deep Run Presiding Judge ITD), ITD 11/19
Nicole McIntyre and Zeus (Iron Ridge’s Zeus McWilley ITD), ITD 11/19
Sandra Guzzetti CTDI and Ryder (Ryder of Young’s Legacy Labs ITD), ITD 11/19
Angie Brown and Maren (Aldercreek’s I Could Use A Love Song ITD), ITD 11/19
Angie Brown & Nichol Hare and Carley (Aldercreek Chilling With Carley ITD), ITD 11/19
Ron Frey and Comet (Fancy Bo’s Christmas Comet ITD), ITD 11/19
Ron Frey and Q-pid (Fancy Bo’s Christmas Q-pid ITD), ITD 11/19
Cindy Zuk and Kali (Mardles Kahlua Dream ITD), ITD 11/19
Cindy Zuk and Rosie (Mardles Everything’s Rose ITD), ITD 11/19
Dominique Noel and Pablo (), ITD 11/19
Tracey Macpherson and Norm (Ch. MooseLake’s Blaze of Glory ITD), ITD 10/19
Silvia Robinson and Cooper (Cooperslane Cooper Bear ITD), ITD 10/19
Jen Guix and Mattie (), ITD 10/19
Laurie Laberge-Richard and Xena (Xena d’Eve Alexie ITD), ITD 9/19
Heather Coiner CTDI and Pearl (TDCH Calypso’s Black Pearl ITD), ITD 9/19
Samantha Lorey and Stephen (Stephen Draws His Bow ITD), ITD 9/19
Debbie McPherson and Hershey (Serene’s Hershey ITD), ITD 9/19
Elena Bureynikova and Phoebe (TDCH Bureynikova’s Phoebe ITD), ITD 8/19
Michaela Fisher and Runa (ORT’S Little Sunshine Runa ITD), ITD 8/19
Sarah Nichols and Magic (Winstead’s Miracle Black Magic ITD), ITD 8/19
Allyssa Hewitt and April (April Showers Bring May Flowers ITD), ITD 8/19
Belinda Kjartanson and Gypsy (Torngat Eagertrieve Aurora ITD), ITD 7/19
Mary Eller and Beckett (Cherry Acre’s Mr. Beckett’s Ballad ITD), ITD 7/19
Rachel Kleespies and Rocket (Deep Hollows Blasting Off Again ITD), ITD 7/19
Nancy Moore ATDI and Onyx (Breton Gate Onyx Skookumchuck TKI ITD), ITD 6/19
Liz Starmach and Bowi (STK9’s Sure Shot ITD), ITD 6/19
Lauren Young and Molly (), ITD 6/19
Steve Hyde and Bonnie (Erebus Bonnie and Hyde ITD), ITD 6/19
Teresa Maybaum and Phoenix (Phoenix Maybaum ITD), ITD 6/19
Susanna Kilty and Bruno (Triple Threat’s Count on Me CD RE CGN ITD), ITD 5/19
Jessica A. Haines and Amy (Prairiestorm Aim for the Sky ITD), ITD 5/19
Linda Mckeegan and Jasper (Phoenix Pharm’s Jasper ITD), ITD 5/19
Molly Coplen and Stella (Red Diamond’s Sailor’s Stella Maris ITD), ITD 5/19
Dawn Wheat and Willow (Willow Wheat ITD), ITD 4/19
Pam Anthony and Jae (Eromit’s This Is the Destination ITD), ITD 4/19
Sue Maxwell and Takoda (UR02 Triple Threat’s Imagine Takoda RI TKN ITD), ITD 4/19
Duane & Kim Goode and Sansa (), ITD 4/19
Duane & Kim Goode and Khali (Khalissi ITD), ITD 4/19
Susan Ryan and Grace (Eromit’s Delta Dancer ITD), ITD 3/19
Allyson Thompson and Grayson (Devonsleigh’s Moments in Time ITD), ITD 3/19
Sue Betts and Chuck (Ch. Castilleja’s Chuck Wagon ITD), ITD 3/19
Cyndi Swain and Piper (Eromit’s Highland Song ITD), ITD 3/19
Lori Weltz and Cashew (TDCH Eromit’s Cashew Twist ITD), ITD 3/19
Kristen Tarr and MacGyver (Rimfire & Mt. Hopes No Coincidence ITD), ITD 3/19
Erin Lynes and Avi (Eromit’s Suspenseful Addiction ITD), ITD 3/19
Heather Wasniak and Emmy Elizabeth (Emmy Elizabeth Wasniak ITD), ITD 2/19
Lynn Williamson and Abigail (Abigail Williamson ITD), ITD 2/19
Kim Lewis and Rikki (Ricochet ITD), ITD 2/19
Rebecca Malcolm and Ghost (Aldercreek Ghost Guardian Charm ITD), ITD 2/19
Laura Foerster Puglisi and Sandy (Sandy Foerster Puglisi ITD), ITD 2/19
Linda Culliton and Emma (Mischief Makin’ Emma Rose ITD), ITD 2/19
Debbie McPherson and Bailey (Serene’s Bailey ITD), ITD 1/19
Renee Blake and Saxon (Saxon the Sunkissed Swordsman ITD), ITD 1/19
Lori Weltz and Lily (TDCH Eromit’s Tiger Lily ITD), ITD 1/19
Barbara King and Harvey (Six Mile’s Canadian Twist ITD), ITD 1/19
Rachel Ward and Flidas (Prairiestorm Flidas ITD), ITD 1/19
Robin Looney and Hazel (Miss Hazel Eyes ITD), ITD 1/19
Lynne Holmgren and Abby (), ITD 1/19
Sarah Swazey and Amelia (Sunnyside’s One and Only ITD), ITD 12/18
Sarah Swazey and Rumor (Sunnyside’s Rumor Has It ITD), ITD 12/18
Jayne Meyer and Maverick (Annabar Maverick @Meyer ITD), ITD 12/18
Sarah Nichols and Chloe (Chloe ITD), ITD 11/18
Janice Johnson and Derby (The Academy’s Trifecta Kentucky Derby ITD), ITD 10/18
Heather Schneider and Gabby (TDCH Eromit’sTalk of the Town ITD), ITD 10/18
Jennifer Willms and Lizzy (Duname Orla Golden Princess ITD), ITD 10/18
Victoria L. Ortega and Tara (Katara ITD), ITD 10/18
Amanda Corr CTDI and Jamba (Bella Valley’s Jamba the Juice is Loose Graeter ITD), ITD 9/18
Jessica Bimmermann and Cricket (), ITD 9/18
Lauren Wells and Lola (Lola Wells ITD), ITD 9/18
Alison Hampton and Eric (), ITD 9/18
Elizabeth Latson and Shenzi (SKC’s Where the Wild Things Are ITD), ITD 9/18
Jill Minor and Chase (Chase Nibbles Minor ITD), ITD 8/18
Suzanne Jacques CTDI and Harper (Bronco’s Harp of a Thousand Strings BN CGC TKA ITD), ITD 8/18
Vaughn Tait CTDI and Shyann (Shyann Huntin Shrooms at Kandrinwood ITD), ITD 8/18
Genesis Tait CTDI and Ruby (Kandrinwoods Strawberry Rhubarb Pie ITD), ITD 8/18
Connie Bowne CTDI and Snitch ( ITD), ITD 8/18
JoDale L. Benz CTDI and Kapri (TDCH Kapri ITD), ITD 8/18
Harlan Houska CTDI and AAdams (AAdams ITD), ITD 8/18
Michelle Richards CTDI and Onya (), ITD 8/18
Kayla Kennedy and Rory (Burnt Oak Kennel’s Always Ready Rory ITD), ITD 8/18
Charlotte Lewis and Dexter (Roytan Set In Stone ITD), ITD 8/18
Bella Rowe and Charley (Charles Huckleberry Rowe ITD), ITD 8/18
Kara Hinsman and Duncan (Dutch Hollow’s Man About Town ITD), ITD 7/18
Mary Aynn Shoemate and Easton (Snowbrook’s Royal Easton ITD), ITD 7/18
Debora Mcmanus and Keen (Lifeline’s Last Hope ITD), ITD 5/18
Brenda Halverson and Brownie (Brownie’s Second Chance ITD), ITD 5/18
Val Kneppel and Bob (), ITD 5/18
Katherine Kirkpatrick and Rory (Hawthorn Aurora Borealis ITD), ITD 5/18
Diane Johnson and Cap (Wimberway’s Dakota ITD), ITD 5/18
Isobel Simpson and Oliver (), ITD 5/18
Sim Samany and Takoda (Adderslot Takoda ITD), ITD 4/18
Tabby Hart and Lindy (), ITD 4/18
Mary Wingfield and Paisley (Eromit’s Touch of Kasmir ITD), ITD 4/18
Desiree Drake and Chloe (Drake’s Little Black Dress ITD), ITD 4/18
Ellen Davis and Lilly (TDCH SDCH Lilly of Clay Farm ITD), ITD 4/18
Laura L. Athas-Vazquez and Sadie Ann (Sadie Ann Athas-Vazquez FDC ITD), ITD 4/18
Ashlyn Saxten and Kai (), ITD 4/18
Jenny Helgren and Sophie (Broadmead Sophie’s Song ITD), ITD 3/18
Emily Blankenship and Finn (Ems Best Finn ITD), ITD 3/18
Marianne Preston and Toby (Windycanyon’s Toblerone NTD), ITD 2/18
Cherie Morris and Brody (Llwellyn’s Brody ITD), ITD 2/18
Debbi Booth and Ocean (TDCH Galody Handcuff Lightning NTD), ITD 2/18
Zoe Elkins and Buddy (Sweet Tango Crispin NTD), ITD 2/18
Marianne Preston and Sisko (Windycanyon’s Northern Explorer NTD), ITD 1/18
Jo Laurens and Moye (TDCH Contender Covey at Galody NTD), ITD 12/17
Carla Baker and Piper (Baker’s Piper NTD), ITD 12/17
Louise Clark and Cassie (), ITD 12/17
Michelle Bovey CTDI and Jesse (Spring Cove’s Eagle Spirit ITD), ITD 12/17
Joella Givens CTDI and Lily (The Captain’s Lady Calla Lily ITD), ITD 10/17
Naomi Sheller and Parkes (), ITD 9/17
Macon Ware, DDS and Hanna (Hanna Winn Dixie Ware), ITD 8/17
Elizabeth Darnell ATDI and Mac (Macguyver Willow Princess “Prissy Pants” NTD), ITD 8/17
Khara Schuetzner and Blitzkrieg (Wildberry Blitzkrig Vom Schuetzwell Seeker NTD), ITD 8/17
Francine Pidgeon and Tiki (Shar-Jam Sonic Boom NTD), ITD 8/17
Francine Pidgeon and Aston (Brookberry Dare to Dream ITD), ITD 8/17
Franna Pitt and Villa (Winroc Virtual Villainess CD TDU RE NAJ ITD), ITD 8/17
Leanne Brownlee-Bowen CTDI and Annabelle (Why Not Annabelle CD RE TKN CGC OAC NCC EJC TN-E TG-N WV-N ITD), ITD 8/17
Colleen Lange CTDI and Bear (), ITD 7/17
Mary Wingfield and Comet (Tandem Dickens ITD), ITD 7/17
Mary Copeland and RED (Morgans’ Red, CGC NTD), ITD 6/17
Kai Winchester and Pala (Palace ATD), ITD 6/17
Stacie Smith and Kuma (Zumisgrizzlybearscopperkumako), ITD 6/17
Catrynaa Cross and Mango (Lavender’s Love At First Bite ITD), ITD 6/17
Joanne Watkins and Simon (Top Dog’s Pirate’s Captain Simon NTD), ITD 6/17
Lida Pat Harris and Ruby (Ruby Harris), ITD 6/17
Elizabeth Tinker and JJ (Jack’s Jewel NTD), ITD 5/17
Anne Chapman and Gracie (TDCH Dancing Tiny Tara NTD), ITD 5/17
Samantha Cooper CTDI and Bayou (Masonridge’s Bayou ITD), ITD 5/17
Nicole Richer CTDI and Ninja (), ITD 5/17
Janice Johnson and JoJo (Princess JoJo Johnson ITD), ITD 5/17
Bobbi Rakita and Riley (TDCH Rakita’s Riley ITD), ITD 5/17
Andrew Bignell CTDI and Oscar (TDCH Oscar Bignell ETD), ITD 4/17
Francine Pidgeon and Keira (Brookberry Wagging Wonder), ITD 4/17
Robyn Goode CTDI and BamBam (), ITD 4/17
Robin Bennett CTDI and Ranger (Heartride’s On The Road Again NTD), ITD 3/17
June Orsillo and Mazie (), ITD 3/17
Cindy Hasenbalg and Gunny (), ITD 3/17
Peggy Cushard and Lena (Cushard’s Princess Thumbelina ATD), ITD 2/17
Brittany Harmon and Missy (Deep Hollows All About Missy NTD), ITD 1/17
Marcia Wakefield and Jazz (), ITD 12/16
Gail Wild and River (Castle Raven River ATD), ITD 12/16
Alycia Rogal CTDI and Coulee (TDCH Torg’s Water on Stone ITD), ITD 12/16
Kelly Blaski and Lucia (Lucia Dory), ITD 11/16
Susan Dodson and Magic (Spring Cove’s Just Believe NTD), ITD 11/16
Pat Nordenberg and Sparkle (Yellow Diamond in the Ruff NTD), ITD 11/16
Cathy Miller and Holly (TDCH AlpyneAir Forget Me Not ITD), ITD 10/16
Chris Puls and Voodoo (Black Magic of Eromit ITD), ITD 10/16
Susan Popp and Lilly (Lilly Anne Labradoggy NTD), ITD 10/16
Joanne Markano and Bruiser (Bruiser XXVI NTD), ITD 8/16
Jeff Cook and Chase (Ridgeview’s Hotter Than a Two Dollar Pistol ITD), ITD 8/16
Nancy Moore ATDI and Izzy (Breton Gate’s It’s A Wonderful Life RA CGCA ITD), ITD 7/16
Kathy Bartek and Rosco (), ITD 6/16
Christa Tucker CTDI and Daisy (TDCH Daisy Mac Tucker II ITD), ITD 6/16
Yasko Kobayashi and Indi (), ITD 5/16
Carol Berman CTDI and Parx (Sir Parx of Camelot), ITD 5/16
Melinda Grosch and Lydia (Cinderhill Waterproof Lydia BN RE TD ITD), ITD 3/16
Maria Branco and Scherzo (Chezenko Wishing Well), ITD 3/16
Beckie Bowers and Shock (LabraTorrey’s Lock, Shock, and Barrel), ITD 2/16
Barbara Wert and Lori (Guide Dog’s Luau Lori), ITD 2/16
Samantha Perkins and Homer (TDCH Go Big or Go Home), ITD 1/16
Lenna S. Knox and Swyn (Swyn y Llyn ATD), ITD 12/15
Lynn Peffley ATDI and Charlie Brown (TDCH Kingsland’s Charlie Brown ETD), ITD 11/15
Donna Nickell-McCombs and Snuggles (Coppertones Snuggles), ITD 11/15
Kristen Smith CTDI and Gordy (), ITD 11/15
Karen Coppola and Duckee (KC’s Sparkling Cold Duck), ITD 11/15
Kathryn Pate and Luna (TDCH Eromit’s Dark Side of the Moon ATD), ITD 11/15
Channing Lee and Kiowa (Sir Kiowiggles), ITD 9/15
Jodie Justice and Phury (), ITD 9/15
Randy Hayes and Gilligan (), ITD 7/15
Andrew Telford and Ben (TDCH Trialwise Elliot Buttons), ITD 6/15
Kathy Gabbard and Logan (Logan Jaymes), ITD 6/15
Natalya Chacon and Maddie (), ITD 5/15
Kott Sherlock and Tex (Watermark’s of Texas "Tex"), ITD 5/15
Clorissa Paul and Darry (), ITD 5/15
Marion C. O'Neil CTDI and Ziva (Mizz Ziva), ITD 4/15
Nina Kujawska CTDI and Lenny (TDCH ), ITD 4/15
Hannah Slaney and Inca (), ITD 3/15
Karen L. Cummings and Leia (Blackfoot’s Byte of Pi in the Sky ITD), ITD 3/15
Karen Worthington, DVM and Piper (Mar-Jo’s Pied Piper), ITD 3/15
Chesna Vitanovec CTDI and Faith (TDCH Faith Odessa Vitanovec ITD), ITD 3/15
Crystal Meadows and Charlie (TDCH Sir Charles on Henrico), ITD 2/15
Jeff Dentler CTDI and Chase (TDCH ), ITD 2/15
Sarah Milsted and Fidget (), ITD 2/15
Nancy Moore ATDI and Sophie (Cougar Creek Sophie Tucker ITD), ITD 1/15
Marlene Taylor and Vessa (CH Caorunn’s Dubheasa), ITD 1/15
Kate Hill and Cole (), ITD 1/15
Dee Hart CTDI and Gunny (Gunny ITD), ITD 1/15
Brenda Jonck and Jack (), ITD 12/14
Olga L Brinkman and Lola (Grandriver’s Lola Russo), ITD 11/14
Olga L Brinkman and Bella (Jaunenoir Che Bella Grandriver), ITD 11/14
Marie Moy and Georgia Belle (TDCH Miss Georgia Belle), ITD 11/14
Marie Moy and Bubba (TDCH Bubba), ITD 11/14
Beckie Bowers and Miss Matches (Becca’s Miss Matches of Reno), ITD 10/14
Elaine B. Johnson and Molly (Little Miss Molly of Silverado), ITD 6/14
Peter Buckley and Lilly (Lilly Bliss), ITD 6/14
Caroline Clements and Miley (), ITD 6/14
Beth Renee Menini and Skyy (Wetland’s Tanguary Twist ITD), ITD 4/14
William Cripps and Axel (Ganderwood Axel), ITD 2/14
Lynn Spagnesi and DoJo (Mistyfield’s Dance with an Angel), ITD 2/14
Shoshana Rappaport CTDI and Macy (Rappaport’s Angel on Earth), ITD 2/14
Laura Bicknell and Jayde (The Littlest Jayde), ITD 2/14
Peg Bader and Tucker (Ticker Harris), ITD 1/14
Lauren Watson CTDI and Aria (Aria Nymeria Everdeen), ITD 12/13
Beth Renee Menini and Pepper (Wetland’s Peppermint Splash ITD), ITD 11/13
Ricky Perrin and Harry (), ITD 9/13
Jason Beardon and Casper (Casper), ITD 7/13
Tawnya Lichtenwalter ATDI and Bella (Ciao Bella), ITD 6/13
Lynda Russo and Casey (Tulgeywood Miss Tum Tum Casey ITD), ITD 5/13
Amy Schupska ATDI and Ellie (Ellie), ITD 3/13
Dawn Kroencke and Hurley (Hurley), ITD 3/13
Christa Krasneck and Gus (Gus), ITD 11/12
Diane Oskerka and Lily (Gregoire’s Wrigley’s Ivy), ITD 6/12
Brad & Tara Rogers and Honey (Honey Ginger Muffin CGC), ITD 6/12
Sue Murphy and Betty (Waterbound Skylarsgirl Betty), ITD 5/12
Cheryl Viera CTDI and Willow (Little Willow), ITD 4/12
Dee Hoult CTDI and Oxford (Oxford), ITD 1/12
Alex Albin and Axel (Gimme Grace's Holding It Together), ITD 12/11
Rebecca Randolph and Garth (Canvasback Thunder Rolls at Brookhaven), ITD 9/11
April Dawkins CTDI and Lyndie (), ITD 9/10
Sandra Guzzetti CTDI and Creeker (Gallo’s Phoenix of Fallcreek CGC ITD), ITD 2/09

Labrador Retriever (English)

Deborah L. McGrath and Toby (Times Square Toby), ITD 6/13

Lagotto Romagnolo

Caitlin Mclaughlin and Niamh (Karbeni Dara Niamh ITD), ITD 1/20
Brad Rayborn and Barqs (Yellow Brick Road’s Mistletoe Kisses ITD), ITD 11/19
Arlene Diamante and Riccio (Diamante Luminoso VCD2 RAE TDU ITD), ITD 5/19
Pam Nashman CTDI and Splash (Dolce Vita King Looie Katz Splash ITD), ITD 9/18
Ashley Crooks and Zep (Giuseppe Adalberto), ITD 3/16
Melita Rogers CTDI and Aria (TDCH IL NASO SA AROMA ARIA ITD), ITD 11/15
Melita Rogers CTDI and Lilly (TDCH Suzaluca Lilly Larkin ITD), ITD 5/13

Lakeland Terrier

Lori Napoli and Phoebe (TDCH Glacieridge Fifty Hot Cross Buns), ITD 11/15

Lancashire Heeler

Ingrid Rademakers ATDI and Healey (Fay of the Seven Hills Country ITD), ITD 12/19

Lapponian Herder

Kristin Olofsson and Sumakk (Hallalyckans store Sumaq ITD), ITD 12/19

Large Munsterlander

Annabelle Shemming ATDI and Jigsaw (Quilesta Just Captivating ITD), ITD 2/20


Heather McVicar and Ty (Seelowen’s Ty Kasa ITD), ITD 3/20
Heather McVicar and Desi (Seelowen’s Quel Sana ITD), ITD 3/20
Alicia Eide and Sully (), ITD 2/19
Sonya Birch and Pull (Maple Wood’s TriPull A Birch Bark ITD), ITD 5/18
Sarah Hatton and Memphis (TDCH Lyndordream Simba NTD), ITD 1/18
Sonya Birch and Myles (Kumnc Myles of Birch Bark ITD), ITD 11/17
Paula Garland and Ziggy (Lionscourt Felicity ITD), ITD 11/16
Dennis Garland and Chloe (Starlake Clou ITD), ITD 11/16
Mara Bovsun and Emily (Emily von Alpensee ITD), ITD 7/15

Lhasa Apso

Sue Ridgley and Gigi (Mon Ami ‘n Joyslyn’s Wind Racer Gigi Villoresi ITD), ITD 7/19
Sue Roeder and Dake (Unbelievable ITD), ITD 10/18
Natasha Garneau and Molly (Talismankye Molly May ITD), ITD 6/17
Sue Ridgley and Coco (TDCH Karlyn Ridgley’s Luigi Coco Chinetti CGC TKP ITD), ITD 9/15

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

JoAnne Martone and Annie (Peachtree’s Cranberry ITD), ITD 2/20
JoAnne Martone and Syro (Monaghan’s Syrotuck ITD), ITD 1/20
JoAnne Martone and Drama (Koon’s LA Drama ITD), ITD 1/20


Dennis Hiltz and Idgie (Musicbox Whistletop’s Bee Charming Idgie ITD), ITD 5/18
Dennis Hiltz and Keyz (Musicbox Take the Stage Piano Man ITD), ITD 3/18
Linsey Moeskops and Kai (TDCH BE CH NED CH LU CH BEvetCH NEDvetCH BISvet BWBE’14 BeW’14 BVWBE’15 BVW’15 VW’15 Kai de la Maison Dominique AG1 GP1 MCFT TDUD ETD DSA), ITD 7/14
Sandra LaCroix CTDI and Piccolo (Stars and Stripes Piccolo), ITD 9/13


Anne Watson and Goose (Watsons Wingman ITD), ITD 1/19
Glenys Brown and Fli (Relko Flight of the Arrow ITD), ITD 8/18
Jess Rainey and Nova (Novie Long Legs ITD), ITD 7/18
Christina Opperman CTDI and Minion (TDCH Leebeardream One In A Minion ITD), ITD 7/18
Christina Opperman CTDI and Pea (TDCH Leebeardream Sweet Pea ITD), ITD 6/18
Vidhyalakshmi Karthikeyan and Beanie (), ITD 12/17
Ann Walker and Lexie (), ITD 9/15
Jo Page and Rufus (), ITD 8/15
Leanne Ward and Brodie (), ITD 6/15
Rosie Reid CTDI and Pixel (TDCH ), ITD 6/15

Madagascar Coton de Tulear

Jan Zevkovich and Tesla (MCTCA Tesla Clinton of Great Lakes Cotons), ITD 9/15

Magyar Vizsla

Julia Pickel and Phine (Seraphina), ITD 3/15


Megan Hemmer and Beans (Bean Sprout ITD), ITD 3/20
Deborah Root and Sugar (Sugar ITD), ITD 2/20
Joowon Hannah Kim CTDI and Bell (Bell Kim ITD), ITD 8/19
Rachel Wells CTDI and Jimmy (Jimmy ITD), ITD 6/19
Martha Tiller and Jonah (Crisandra Whale of a Big Deal ITD), ITD 7/18
Deborah Gardiner CTDI and Eli (TDCH Eli Jackson Gardiner ITD), ITD 4/17
Joanie Carqueville and Bryn (Divine’s Sound of Music CGC), ITD 1/17
Megan Hemmer and Nanuq (TDCH Nanuq ITD), ITD 12/16
Celia Roberts CTDI and Max (Maximus et Minimus), ITD 5/16
Joan Pauly and Cooper (), ITD 2/16
Kristen Olivier and Casey (), ITD 8/15
Martha Tiller and Jordy (Crisandra Petite Crossing Jordan BN, PCD, ITD), ITD 4/15
Kristine Shimmin CTDI and Lillen (), ITD 3/14
Joanie Carqueville and Chadwick (TDCH Shanlyn’s Keep’N The Chadwick CD BN RE), ITD 5/13
Laurie Williams CTDI and Andrew (ARCHMX U-CD Embraceable Andrew CD RE OA OAJ), ITD 1/12


Betsy Stone and Grace (Amazing Grace Stone), ITD 12/13

Manchester Terrier

Pat Calder and Jeter (), ITD 3/19
Inez S. Pennington and Kipsey (Mosaic’s Whirlaway ITD), ITD 4/18
Carol Wicker and Jazz (Mimbre Bombette (JW)), ITD 2/16
Judy Thurlow and Kita (Erkenwyne Lady Guinevere JW ShCM ITD), ITD 2/16

Manchester Terrier (Toy)

Corey Titon and Denzel (TDCH Fwaggles Dreamboat V Rustic LN ITD), ITD 1/20
Yohko Katz and Ollie (Merit’s Dreamcatcher Sail TKN ITD), ITD 8/18
Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Speed Racer (Ch. Layclyf Mint Chip CDX RAE AX AXJ NFP CGC TT HOF NTD), ITD 12/14
Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Quest (Fwaggle V Regal Arcade Fire NTD), ITD 4/14
Regina R. Allen DVM CTDI and Sprint (Regal’s Sheez The Fastest V Trinity CD BN RE AX AXJ OF CGC TT HOF), ITD 2/14


Marica Ljungholm and Britta (TDCH Foske Lisa V D Wilde Vaart ITD), ITD 1/19


Penny Stiles and Roomba (Roomba ITD), ITD 1/20
Kirby McIlveen and Torch (TDCH Rockin KR Red Raging Torch TKP DJ ITD), ITD 1/20
Kirby McIlveen and Flash (TDCH Rockin’ KR Blue Flash Lightning CGCA TKP ITD), ITD 1/20
Glenda Cusker and Selma (), ITD 6/18

McNab Shepherd

Michelle Butler CTDI and Tootsie (My Tootsie Girl), ITD 3/14

*Miniature Horse

Noeline Cassettari CTDI and Thumbelina (Pixie Valley Thumbelina ITH ITD), ITD 11/16
Noeline Cassettari CTDI and Rose (TDCH Flying Dust Ombre Rose ITD), ITD 7/15

*Miniature Horse*Mixed Breed

Stephanie Cox and Diamond (Mama’s Girl), ITD 10/17
Ann Holland and Paddock (), ITD 9/17

Miniature Pinscher

Robyn Creamer and Denver (Kaleidoscope Rocky Mountain High RA NS ITD), ITD 12/19
Nathalie Lorenz and Vico (Vizconde de Espo ITD), ITD 10/19
Nathalie Lorenz and Nita (Andeless Selenit ITD), ITD 10/19
Lori Capaccio ATDI and Quest (), ITD 11/17
Jeffrey Fuzzell and Yo-Yo (Yo-Yo Fuzzell NTD), ITD 11/17
Kathleen Joyce Lopecillo and Peewee Doll (Lili the Bellator), ITD 10/17
Laura Risidore CTDI and Hatchet (), ITD 5/17
Sandra Carbonell CTDI and Foster (TDCH Carbonell’s Foster Reid ITD), ITD 8/16
Sandra Carbonell CTDI and Emily Hope (TDCH Carbonell’s Emily Hope ITD), ITD 8/16
Joe Claret and Max (Maximus Blackus), ITD 8/16
Cheryl Petryshyn CTDI and Kona (), ITD 9/12
Cheryl Petryshyn CTDI and Java (), ITD 9/12
Kaori Miyamoto and Noble (Noble), ITD 1/12

*Mixed Breed

Paige Hettesheimer and Loki (Mischief Managed ITD), ITD 3/20
Shannon McCooeye and Bruno (Bruno ITD), ITD 3/20
Ginger Morrison-Johnston and Frankie (Frankie ITD), ITD 3/20
Mia Bright and Willow (Willow ITD), ITD 3/20
Aucéane Racicot and Callie (Callie ITD), ITD 3/20
Brittney Regan and Kandy (Kandy ITD), ITD 3/20
Judith Smith and Charlie (Charlie ITD), ITD 3/20
Rebecca Roy and Cali (Cali ITD), ITD 3/20
Jo Weiss and Archie (Archie ITD), ITD 3/20
CJ Hazell CTDI and Tirrike (Tirrike ITD), ITD 3/20
Mary Jackson and Kona (Kona Lucifer Jackson ITD), ITD 3/20
Brianna Woods and Bruce (Bruce Woods NTD), ITD 3/20
Karen Frank and Jackson (Jackson Piecuch ITD), ITD 3/20
Camille McAloney and Mercy (Mercy ITD), ITD 3/20
Linda A. Irwin and Rags (Patchwork Strings Around My Heart ITD), ITD 3/20
Erin Murrin and Tori (Sweet Victorian Rose ITD), ITD 3/20
Paula Collins CTDI and Stella (Stella ITD), ITD 3/20
Ciana Novello and Ranger (Monsieur Ranger Danger ITD), ITD 3/20
Anne Smith and Mochi (Mochi ITD), ITD 3/20
Rochelle BaRoss and Henry (Henry the Nugget ITD), ITD 2/20
Noelle Connell and Landon (Landon ITD), ITD 2/20
Jen Suekawa and Lily (Lily ITD), ITD 2/20
Gab Vendette and Banjo (Banjo the Tripaws ITD), ITD 2/20
Scott Jones and Showtime (Showtime ITD), ITD 2/20
Tanya Turgeon CTDI and Gracie (P. Gracie ITD), ITD 2/20
Wendy Sartori and Phiny (Phinnaeus ITD), ITD 2/20
Kirby Brannon and Addie (KAB Quit Quit Making a Scene ITD), ITD 2/20
Joan Dedora and Chewie (Chewie ITD), ITD 2/20
Belinda Huffer and Fibi (Fibi ITD), ITD 2/20
Wendy Rue and Ernie (Ernie ITD), ITD 2/20
Paula Dixon and Jack (Dixon’s Jack ITD), ITD 2/20
Stine Fredette and Bo (Bo ITD), ITD 2/20
Cassandra Boyer and Hero (Hero ITD), ITD 2/20
Trysor'lee M. Daly and Monkey (Monkey ITD), ITD 2/20
Jodi Armour and Sarge (Sargeant Douglas Woofenstein ITD), ITD 2/20
Brittany Latchford and Laika (Laika the Mutt ITD), ITD 2/20
Jo Weiss and Sophie (Sophie ITD), ITD 2/20
Jodie Fitzgerald and Ginger (Ginger ITD), ITD 2/20
Jamie Hanstead and Stark (Stark ITD), ITD 2/20
Sheri Heather and Thor (Thor ITD), ITD 2/20
Angela Guenther and Marley (Marley ITD), ITD 2/20
Kaitlyn Dunleavy-Gilmore and Axel (Axel ITD), ITD 2/20
Kira Armajani and Rocky (Rocky ITD), ITD 2/20
Brittany Tyler and Toph (Toph BeiFong Tyler ITD), ITD 2/20
Arien Widrick and Nowda (Nowda Widrick ITD), ITD 2/20
Heidi Soerensen and Aliza (Aliza ITD), ITD 2/20
Linda Lemmens and Nash (Nash Bridges Towards Success ITD), ITD 2/20
Laura M. Heyer and Fisher (Fisher ITD), ITD 2/20
Elise Patrick CTDI and Millie (Millie ITD), ITD 2/20
Katie Bednarz and Atlas (Impulsive At Last ITD), ITD 2/20
Mary Ann Seman and Tuxedo (Tuxedo ITD), ITD 2/20
Kim Luczynski and Cary Grant (Cary Grant Luczynski ITD), ITD 2/20
Lisa Lobb and Lexi (Lexi ITD), ITD 2/20
Sarah Van Renselaar CTDI and Zero (Weskeys Zero to Sixty ITD), ITD 2/20
Linnea Mattiasson and Melli (Citronmeliss ITD), ITD 2/20
Joy Brunton and Seren (PSF Cymbrogi’s Serendipity ITD), ITD 2/20
Jenn Peirson and Honey (Miss Honey Peirson ITD), ITD 2/20
Eva Eberts and Zula (Zula ITD), ITD 2/20
Angela Freese and Nassau (Nassau ITD), ITD 2/20
Mandi Elgey and Todd (Todd ITD), ITD 2/20
Edith Seghers and Tristan (Tristan ITD), ITD 2/20
Katie Bednarz and Logan (Logan MMXVIII ITD), ITD 2/20
Bettina Szajbert and Artur (Artur ITD), ITD 2/20
Noelle Connell and Bugs (Bugsy ITD), ITD 2/20
Emily Mathews and Ryder (Ryder ITD), ITD 2/20
Debbie Hildenbrand and Fozzie Bear (Fozzie Bear ITD), ITD 2/20
Stephan Leuschner and Lexi (Lexi ITD), ITD 2/20
Diana Matthews and Kringle (Kringle Matthews ITD), ITD 2/20
Sarah Reyes and Misty (Misty ITD), ITD 2/20
Sandra Sas and Tucker (Tucker ITD), ITD 2/20
Annie Larouche and Kyra (Kyra ITD), ITD 2/20
Jessika Gauthier and Marvel (Marvel ITD), ITD 2/20
Stephanie Tremblay and Kenaï (Kenaï ITD), ITD 1/20
Melissa Hodges and LucyLucy (Lucille Grace Wigglebottom ITD), ITD 1/20
Emily Lyons and Piper (Piper ITD), ITD 1/20
Ally Stern ATDI and Easy (Easy Bake Oven ITD), ITD 1/20
Sandra Hovey and Jade (Jade ITD), ITD 1/20
Nadine Roussel and Gaby (Gaby ITD), ITD 1/20
Kim Mobley and Koby (AKA Puppy Einstein ITD), ITD 1/20
Michelle Welsh and Harvey (Harvey ITD), ITD 1/20
Mary Powell and Poppy (Poppy ITD), ITD 1/20
Gaby McCarthy and Mylo (Mylo ITD), ITD 1/20
Kendra Lutz and Vimy (MissJiff’s Battle Ground ITD), ITD 1/20
Lisa Kalkhoven CTDI and Ludacris (Ludacris ITD), ITD 1/20
Lisa Kalkhoven CTDI and NOx (NOx ITD), ITD 1/20
Hélène Desbiens and Cliff (Cliff ITD), ITD 1/20
Meredith Moulton and Poppy (Papaver PadThai of Slumberland ITD), ITD 1/20
Sheri Supena and Marzi (Marzi ITD), ITD 1/20
Janet Smith and Zena (Zena ITD), ITD 1/20
Arianne Arseneault and Polka (TDCH Polka ITD), ITD 1/20
Marie-Josée Gauthier and Garçon (Garçon ITD), ITD 1/20
Grace Schmeiser and Nokona (Nokona ITD), ITD 1/20
Siena Passalaqua and Lyla (Delilah Buttercup Passalaqua ITD), ITD 1/20
Alexandra Moreau and Ljuby (Ljuby Horacio ITD), ITD 1/20
Jessica Boutilier and Zeus (Zeus ITD), ITD 1/20
Ronda Gress and Mogi (Mogadon ITD), ITD 1/20
Jodie Darvill and Noodle (Noodle ITD), ITD 1/20
Ashley Hance and Hammer (Ultimate Mjolnir Thors Hammer Power ITD), ITD 1/20
Sandra Walther ATDI and Wender (Wender ITD), ITD 1/20
Tiffany Sylvester and Poppy (Pop Goes The Weasel ITD), ITD 1/20
Stephanie De Los Santos and Oliver (The Twinkle in My Eye ITD), ITD 1/20
Sonia Calvert CTDI and Sputnik (Sputnik ITD), ITD 1/20
Laura Weeks and Reynolds (Reynolds ITD), ITD 1/20
Joe & Joni Moretti and Mr. Mike (Mike ITD), ITD 1/20
Katherine Turcotte and Buddy (Buddy ITD), ITD 1/20
Emily Fitzpatrick and Koopa (Koopa ITD), ITD 1/20
Shari Heino and Zelda (Rayn’s Zelda ITD), ITD 1/20
Candice Baugher and Tesla (A Light in the Dark ITD), ITD 1/20
Tammy Hanstead CTDI and Elsie (TDCH Elsa Marie You Are My Sunshine ITD), ITD 1/20
Merran Kavanagh and Benson (Benson ITD), ITD 1/20
Erica Mactaggart CTDI and Willow (Willow ITD), ITD 1/20
Juliet Hitchins and Seren (Seren ITD), ITD 1/20
Chelsea Du Jardin CTDI and Knox (Good as Gold Knox ITD), ITD 1/20
Vicki Hensel ATDI and Roscoe (Roscoe My Best Boy ITD), ITD 1/20
Hannah Rogers and Dats (Datsyuk ITD), ITD 1/20
Mandy Foster and Storm (Storm Foster ITD), ITD 1/20
Diane Rockburn and Cash (The Littlest Hobo ITD), ITD 1/20
Marie-Pier Rochefort and Fidji (Fidji ITD), ITD 1/20
Kasandra Fleury and Radar (Radar O’Reilly ITD), ITD 1/20
Bonnie London and Shyanne (Shyanne ITD), ITD 1/20
Kerry Quinn and Dani (Dani Quinn ITD), ITD 1/20
Stephanie Penwarden and Mia (), ITD 1/20
Emiko Miyasaki and Zuko (), ITD 1/20
Rhiannon Jones and Eric (Eric Jones ITD), ITD 1/20
Flip Collins CTDI and Jack (Jack ITD), ITD 1/20
Dawn Barclay and Frolic (), ITD 12/19
Hélène Bouthillier and Bailey (), ITD 12/19
Barbara Lloyd and Didi (Diotima ITD), ITD 12/19
Sarah Szymborski and Luna (), ITD 12/19
Lucy Howard CTDI and Basil (Basil Brush ITD), ITD 12/19
Christine Calace and Aspen (Aspen ITD), ITD 12/19
Joshua Ex and Jaggar (Jaggar ITD), ITD 12/19
Amy Trombecky and Fonznado (Fonznado ITD), ITD 12/19
Ashley Roth and Taddie (Taddles ITD), ITD 12/19
Flip Collins CTDI and Alfie (Alfie ITD), ITD 12/19
Logan Scotch and Cub (Cub ITD), ITD 12/19
Ashley Roth and Tuxie (Tuxie CGC TKN ITD), ITD 12/19
Pamela Graci and Jinx (Graci’s Little Bit of Hijinx ITD), ITD 12/19
Karin Coyne and Carl (Weskey’s Spirit of Adventure ITD), ITD 12/19
Meridee Lowry and Buddy (Buddy Holly Fade Away ITD), ITD 12/19
Brianna Nicole Thorpe and Baron (Baron Humbert von Gikkingen ITD), ITD 12/19
Jenny Ryoo and Buddy (), ITD 12/19
Amanda Willard and Penny (Penny Willard ITD), ITD 12/19
Nadette Schermann and Georgie (Georgie ITD), ITD 12/19
Lesley Kozloff and Rocket (Rocket Kozloff ITD), ITD 12/19
Kylie Pendergrast and Ace (), ITD 12/19
Jean A. Paterson and Siggy (), ITD 12/19
Terumi Sekihara and Meech (), ITD 12/19
Lee Smith and Nanuk (Nanuk the Gentle Soul ITD), ITD 12/19
Melissa Bahri and Kovu (), ITD 12/19
Diane Gardner and Lucy (), ITD 12/19
Carol Ann Foster and Max (), ITD 12/19
Vicki Jones and Gienah (GammaCorviGienah ITD), ITD 12/19
Jenny Lapke and Sadie (), ITD 12/19
Marie-Eve Tousignant and Sid (), ITD 12/19
Éric Paré and Angie (Angie ITD), ITD 12/19
Kristen Gates and Camo (Camoflauged Perfection ITD), ITD 12/19
Mckinley Dick and Simon (Simon’s Second Chance ITD), ITD 11/19
Barbara Lloyd and Dori Time (Dori Time ITD), ITD 11/19
John Abisheganaden and Latte (), ITD 11/19
Kristy Seamone and Finnegan (), ITD 11/19
Rosemary Connolly and Amber (Amber Connolly ITD), ITD 11/19
Jamie Jessica Ng Jie Mei and Kingsley Kingkong (Kingsley Kingkong Ng ITD), ITD 11/19
Bryan James Kwa and Fido Dodo (Fido Merlin Alexander Kwa III ITD), ITD 11/19
Hannah Hope and Rollo (Rollo Curd ITD), ITD 11/19
Jane Pomponio CTDI and Marley ( ITD), ITD 11/19
Roxane Jourdain and Auriga (Bright Star in the Sky ITD), ITD 11/19
Barbara Lloyd and Brian (), ITD 11/19
Victoria Harmon and Mya (Mya The Miracle ITD), ITD 11/19
Tara Green & Patrick Keating and Vega (), ITD 11/19
Carol Graham CTDI and Kody (Kody ITD), ITD 11/19
Jennifer Bramble and Captain Morgan (TDCH Captain Morgan Spiced Gold ITD), ITD 11/19
Louise Andrews and Fiz (), ITD 11/19
Louise Andrews and Blink (), ITD 11/19
Jo Haraf and Betty (Bettie Mae Page, Pinup Queen ITD), ITD 11/19
Olivia MacMillan and Poppy (), ITD 11/19
Nadia Wiens and Izzy (Classic Movie Mutt ITD), ITD 11/19
Laurie Hancock and Lindi (), ITD 11/19
Barbara Elmquist and Emma Elmquist (Emma Elmquist ITD), ITD 11/19
Mandy Arthur and Gracie (My Saving Grace ITD), ITD 11/19
Andrea Harrison and Sally (DeVareharri’s Sally ITD), ITD 11/19
Krystin Hunley and Kola (), ITD 11/19
Natasha Cameron and Tobias Roger (), ITD 11/19
Jen Suekawa and Jasper (TDCH Jasper ITD), ITD 11/19
Caroline Saint-Pierre and Jackie (Jackie ITD), ITD 11/19
Anna Shircel and Rizzo (Rizzo CGC ITD), ITD 11/19
Darcie Jennings and Cricket (), ITD 10/19
Breanna von Linden and Boomer (Everon’s Oh So Priceless ITD), ITD 10/19
Maria Andrews and Sophia (Sophia Andrews ITD), ITD 10/19
Amanda Jones and Punk (Brilliant’s Iggy Pop ITD), ITD 10/19
Stacey Rathbun and Fergus (), ITD 10/19
Katrina Sims and Motaro (Alberta K9 Motaro ITD), ITD 10/19
Bonnie Wright and Sophie (Sophie ITD), ITD 10/19
Joyce Cikesh and Chloe (), ITD 10/19
Dana Pearson and Irwin (Mr. Hwig OA OAJ CGC ITD), ITD 10/19
Cloe Poulin Collins and Sparky (Sparky ITD), ITD 10/19
Rachael Zeleny and Jess (Jessie ITD), ITD 10/19
Jesse Wong and Georgie (Georgie Wong ITD), ITD 10/19
Julie Andrews and Toby (Tobias Andrews ITD), ITD 10/19
Pat Spicer and Archie (), ITD 10/19
Karli White and Jeep (Jeep ITD), ITD 10/19
April Beach and Stella (Stella Beach ITD), ITD 10/19
James Castelli and Niko (Niko Castelli ITD), ITD 10/19
Olga Rubio ATDI and Mishka (), ITD 10/19
Olga Rubio ATDI and Laika (), ITD 10/19
Stacey Hytrek and Meadow (Vail Meadow of Hunters Bay ITD), ITD 10/19
Bonnie Whisnant and Lilo (Its Sandwich Day ITD), ITD 10/19
Alida Titchenal and Ollie (Alida’s Sir Garrick Ollivander of Titchenal ITD), ITD 10/19
Michalla Warwaruk and Elliott (Elliott Moose ITD), ITD 10/19
Kim Peterson and Alice (), ITD 10/19
Emily Wetherill and Ellie (), ITD 10/19
Deborah Haynes and Cinch (), ITD 10/19
Emily Garland CTDI and Zoidberg (Zoidberg ITD), ITD 10/19
Alison Eberhard and Hunter (I’m not Fred Dryer ITD), ITD 10/19
Terje Goldston CTDI and Anzhel (Anzhel Goldston ITD), ITD 10/19
Terje Goldston CTDI and Tovjah (Tovjah Goldston ITD), ITD 10/19
Kristyn Bretz and Catalonia (Catalonia Bretz ITD), ITD 10/19
Isabelle Atkins and Benjamin (), ITD 10/19
Bonnie Whisnant and Wad (Wad Mckillagin ITD), ITD 10/19
Sonia Catherall and Harry (TDCH Harry ITD), ITD 10/19
Caroline Sinclair and Diggles (), ITD 9/19
Ryan & Kristen Vallieu and Kaylee (Kaylee Vallieu ITD), ITD 9/19
Sarah Jenny Magnan CTDI and Cinder (), ITD 9/19
Sarah Newlin CTDI and Maya (TDCH Maya ITD), ITD 9/19
Amanda Myrick and Luna (Luna Lou Myrick ITD), ITD 9/19
Amy Tori Langley and Eli (Texas Midnight Run ITD), ITD 9/19
Liz Petros and Stanley (), ITD 9/19
Tina Genay and Stanley (), ITD 9/19
Tina Genay and George (), ITD 9/19
Audrée Lavertu and Enzo (Enzo ITD), ITD 9/19
Ann Leary and Eddie (), ITD 9/19
Christina Lindh and Mixa (), ITD 9/19
Joyce Partykevich and Shelby (Gem’s Shelby Blue ITD), ITD 9/19
Adrienne Anderson and Mischka (Mischka Bean Anderson ITD), ITD 9/19
Michelle Desperes and Phil (Chill Phil ITD), ITD 9/19
Drew Van Roekel and Murphy (TDCH Murphy Van Roekel ITD), ITD 9/19
Amanda Kat Coughlin and Sirius (), ITD 9/19
Jordan Jarvis-O'Connor and Element (), ITD 9/19
Mikayla Bass and Ava (Avangeline Shyla Bass ITD), ITD 9/19
Carol Michaud and Hachi (Hachiko Michaud ITD), ITD 9/19
Jennifer Wyllie and Emma (Emma in the Wild ITD), ITD 9/19
Christina Strom and Flynn (Strom’s Flynn ITD), ITD 9/19
Christina Strom and Fergus (Strom’s Fergus ITD), ITD 9/19
Nancy Reideler and Trixie (), ITD 9/19
Macayla Macmillan and Red (Red Adventures: Hero of Kanto ITD), ITD 9/19
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Onyx (Rising Midnight Star ITD), ITD 9/19
Karen Ashorn and Mia (Ashorn’s Mia ITD), ITD 8/19
Katrina Prado and Mr. Wiggles (), ITD 8/19
Amanda Murphy and Lady (), ITD 8/19
Megan Sebastian and Harriet (Harriet Tubman Maxine Sebastian ITD), ITD 8/19
Divina Reyes CTDI and Bruno (Bruno Reyes ITD), ITD 8/19
Raven Pozsgai and Chief (), ITD 8/19
Karen Ashorn and Lacey (Ashorn’s Lacey ITD), ITD 8/19
Cathy Stewart and Cristal (), ITD 8/19
Daniel Pais and Pumpkin (Pumpkin Pais ITD), ITD 8/19
Marsha Lim and Ecko (), ITD 8/19
Bailey Krause-Kaglea and Dally (), ITD 8/19
Carly Boychuk and Hero (Morning Smiles Hero ITD), ITD 8/19
Angel Bunker and Ozzy (Ozzy Bunker ITD), ITD 8/19
Skie Boone and Aspen (Aspen Boone ITD), ITD 8/19
Rachel E. McGuire CTDI and Izzy (Erin’s Anamchara Iseult ITD), ITD 8/19
Astrid Smith CTDI and Moby (A Dog’s Journey to the Sea ITD), ITD 8/19
Astrid Smith CTDI and Peroni (A Dog’s Journey to Rehab ITD), ITD 8/19
Morgan Motrenec and Harley (Dr. Harleen Quinzel Of Arkham Asylum ITD), ITD 8/19
Abbey Hessey and Nala (Nala Hessey ITD), ITD 8/19
Stephanie King and Bailey (Bailey ITD), ITD 8/19
Chandler Newman and Tuesday (), ITD 8/19
Vicki Bolger and Molly (Molly Bolger ITD), ITD 7/19
Brigette Gross and Honolulu (Honolulu Spring ITD), ITD 7/19
Adalee Huba and Kitty (), ITD 7/19
Sara Westelaken ATDI and Buddy (Buddy ITD), ITD 7/19
Wendie Schneider and Fizz (Wodan’s Kir Royale ITD), ITD 7/19
Lisa Grosser and Axl (Wodan’s Welcome to the Jungle ITD), ITD 7/19
Jenna Brunkow and Daisy (), ITD 7/19
Carly Summers and Bindy (Bindy Summers ITD), ITD 7/19
Kelly Moran and Blaze (The Blaze ITD), ITD 7/19
Susette Aquino and Why (Why Me Why Now Why Not ITD), ITD 7/19
Susette Aquino and Spec (Captain Spectacular ITD), ITD 7/19
Amber Wetzel & Andrew Mackanin and Harley (), ITD 7/19
Rie Robertson and ABI (ABILEEN ITD), ITD 7/19
Lisa Quibell CTDI and Ella (Ella Bella of Frella ITD), ITD 7/19
Lisa Quibell CTDI and Stark (Quibell’s Winter is Coming ITD), ITD 7/19
Lisa Quibell CTDI and Charlie (Lord Charleston Chewmontesquieu ITD), ITD 7/19
Laura Blum and Riley ( ITD), ITD 7/19
Kristin Cabaniss and Izzy (ITS Now or Never ITD), ITD 7/19
Tiffany Hawkes and Gracie (Gracie Hawkes ITD), ITD 7/19
Elizabeth Bevins ATDI and Cookie (My Fortune Cookie ITD), ITD 7/19
Gretchen Meyer and Sugar (), ITD 7/19
Natasha Boston and Bear ( ITD), ITD 7/19
Lois Melville and Ginny (Ginny Melville NTD), ITD 7/19
Nancy King and Ruby (), ITD 7/19
Marion Sandau and Harper (), ITD 6/19
Jordan Michaels and Bruce (), ITD 6/19
Debra Ashworth and Dolly (), ITD 6/19
Sandy Baird and Birdie (), ITD 6/19
Martha Podyma and Jazzy (TDCH Jasmine CGC ITD), ITD 6/19
Taryn Jones and Margo ( ITD), ITD 6/19
Jennifer Alfonso and Armstrong (), ITD 6/19
Stacy Blake and Bailey (Bailey Blake ITD), ITD 6/19
Millie Nourse and Nigel (Nigel Nourse ITD), ITD 6/19
Melinda Dean and Eddie (), ITD 6/19
Deborah Drake and Kali (Kali Drake ITD), ITD 6/19
Judy Rojas and Pogo ( ITD), ITD 6/19
Lori Callahan and Quinn (Callahan’s Mighty Quinn ITD), ITD 6/19
Alexandria Harlow-York and Elvis (Elvis Harlow-York-Williams CGC ITD), ITD 6/19
Linda Siehler and Miss Tilly (Raffydiddle’s Waltzing Matilda ITD), ITD 6/19
Angela Rotunno and Mia (), ITD 6/19
Sassafras Lowrey CTDI and Mercury (Mercury ITD), ITD 6/19
Emily Cheyne CTDI and Knox (Knox ITD), ITD 6/19
Alyssa Slifer Grubbs ATDI and Stryker (), ITD 6/19
Mackenzie Maidl and Midji (SinCity’s Work Like A Beaver ITD), ITD 6/19
Mary Murray and Flo (), ITD 6/19
Janet Wirth and Arthur (), ITD 6/19
Natas Valinskas and Rudy (Rudy ITD), ITD 6/19
Christie Bahena CTDI and Monster (Monster ITD), ITD 5/19
Siny Tsang and Nomial (), ITD 5/19
Natasha Cameron and Bella (), ITD 5/19
Bonnie Hirst and Benjamin (), ITD 5/19
Bonnie Hirst and Shyann (), ITD 5/19
Lisa Zaleski and Sparky (), ITD 5/19
Megan DiPrete ATDI and Bandit (Bandit of Warwick ITD), ITD 5/19
Mikayla Grabski and Lulu (LuLu Lemon CGC RATN ITD), ITD 5/19
Joyce Molter and Louie (Louie Molter ITD), ITD 5/19
Elizabeth Cannizzaro and Cash (Cash Cannizzaro ITD), ITD 5/19
Sarah Burkett and Annie (TDCH Annie ITD), ITD 5/19
Gray Harrison and Jessi (Jessi Harrison of Currituck NC ITD), ITD 5/19
Vanessa Tillett and Harvey (), ITD 5/19
Bethany Rudness and Ziva (), ITD 5/19
Annie Lindh and Lemmy (), ITD 5/19
Barbara Lucas and Nikki Noodle (Grey Area’s Got The Giggles OA OAJ CAA RATO ITD), ITD 5/19
Suzanne Loerch and Charlotte (Charlotte of Skyway ITD), ITD 5/19
Chan Jia Min Jasmine and Grateful (Grateful Blessing ITD), ITD 5/19
Nikki Bashkoff and Cooper (), ITD 5/19
Laura McDowell and Desmond (), ITD 5/19
Emily Beck and Juniper (Impossible to Ignore ITD), ITD 5/19
Rachel Martin and Scout ( ITD), ITD 5/19
Kelly Vacca and Gracie (Gracie Vacca ITD), ITD 5/19
Eden McCann and Max (), ITD 5/19
Susan Ryan and Bowser (), ITD 5/19
Hannah Vince and Snowy (Snowy Vince ITD), ITD 5/19
Kristina Kastner and Rocket (This is it the Apocalypse ITD), ITD 5/19
Diana Underhill and Gemma (Gemma in the Sky with Diamonds ITD), ITD 4/19
Catherine Day and Arbyl (Arbyl ITD), ITD 4/19
Patty Abel and Dharma (), ITD 4/19
Emily McGill and Karma (Gaspers Karma ITD), ITD 4/19
Kathy Baradyn and Shrimp (), ITD 4/19
Megan Larko and Bristol (Bristol Love on the Line ITD), ITD 4/19
Megan DiPrete ATDI and Peanut (), ITD 4/19
April Lowery and Loki (), ITD 4/19
Patty Abel and Tater (Tater of Twist of Fate Farm ITD), ITD 4/19
Alyssa Lape and Nova (Nova Lape ITD), ITD 4/19
Ellen Rak and Cider (TDCH Cider Rakova Dunlap ITD), ITD 4/19
Donna Huisjes and Grace (), ITD 4/19
Kortni Kane and Xena (Xena Warrior Princess ITD), ITD 4/19
Kathy McGregor and Rosie (), ITD 3/19
Sammy Mar and Marley (Sammy Mar ITD), ITD 3/19
David Longseth CTDI and Nikki! (TDCH Nikki! ITD), ITD 3/19
Margret Hatch and Bailea (), ITD 3/19
Caitlin Smith and Lizzie (), ITD 3/19
Laura Pond CTDI and Sawyer (), ITD 3/19
Andrea Davis CTDI and Cookie (Cookie ITD), ITD 3/19
Heather Malazdrewicz and Prism (), ITD 3/19
Sheena Porco and Sadie (), ITD 3/19
Andrea Davis CTDI and Loki (TDCH Loki ITD), ITD 3/19
Mark Lipsy and Milo (), ITD 3/19
Caitlin Smith and JoJo (), ITD 3/19
Brandi Dunn and Satan (), ITD 3/19
Sandra Ludwig and Bandit (Bandit the Theif Ludwig ITD), ITD 3/19
Kirsty-Ann Mitchell and Tia Maria (Tazmania’s Tart ‘O’ Tia ITD), ITD 3/19
Stacy Scherman and Pipit (), ITD 3/19
Holly Morris and Georgie (), ITD 3/19
Martine Schall and Colt (Colt Wasabi Schall ITD), ITD 3/19
Debbie Bryk-Serva and Georgia (Georgia Bryk-Serva ITD), ITD 3/19
Doreen Hardiman CTDI and Bentley (Bentley Hardiman ITD), ITD 3/19
Sheila Sorochan and Harvey (Harvey Reynoldson ITD), ITD 3/19
Shawn MacTavish and Chili (Chili ITD), ITD 3/19
Louise Wilson and Betty (Our Girl Betty ITD), ITD 3/19
Gaby McCarthy and Harley (Harley ITD), ITD 3/19
Caitlin Fortier and Bodhi (), ITD 3/19
Wendy Down and Nalli (Nalligijuajuq ITD), ITD 3/19
Natasha Attwood and Diesel (), ITD 3/19
Emma Thorsell and Molly (TDCH ), ITD 3/19
Henk Wesdyk and Fynn (Weskeys First to Finish ITD), ITD 3/19
Ashley Watkins CTDI and Sky (TDCH Sky ITD), ITD 2/19
Krista Rusk and Jewel ( PCD RATI ITD), ITD 2/19
Dien Stutsman and Georgia (Georgia Stutsman ITD), ITD 2/19
Elaine Loranz and Arthur (), ITD 2/19
Julie James and Barnaby (), ITD 2/19
Chantelle Atkinson and Mystique (), ITD 2/19
Rachel Goh Si Ying and Bear (Bear Blessing ITD), ITD 2/19
Shelby Tilden and Cricket (Crickety Whippety Lickety Splickety ITD), ITD 2/19
Stacey Robinson and Chance (), ITD 2/19
Methini Jayaraman and Truffle (), ITD 2/19
Cordelia Skye Whitman and Tula (Tamaruke Tallulah ITD), ITD 2/19
Emily Charbonneau CTDI and Juno (), ITD 2/19
Michelle & Alicia Sinclair and Bailey (Bailey Sinclair ITD), ITD 2/19
Erika Phillips and Layla (Layla Phillips ITD), ITD 2/19
Kirsty MacQueen and Bug (Bug Bean Squishy MacQueen ITD), ITD 2/19
Elsie Wesdyk and Twister (Soarin’ Twister ITD), ITD 2/19
Pam Oken-Wright and Beckett (Bounding Beckett Oken-Wright ITD), ITD 2/19
Ali Imel CTDI and Blossom (TDCH Blossom Imel ITD), ITD 2/19
Shanie Grant and Hugo (), ITD 2/19
Tina Fanetti and Dug (Lord Dug MacDoogall of Barkbottom ITD), ITD 1/19
Patty Noble and Jake (), ITD 1/19
Natalia Cardoso and Sookie (), ITD 1/19
Maia Perez and Tilney (Mr. W.P Tilney ITD), ITD 1/19
Jessica Rafferty and Calvin (Calvin Rafferty ITD), ITD 1/19
Kimberly Foreman and ROWAN (Rowan Ruins Everything ITD), ITD 1/19
Sophie Amphlett CTDI and Bentley (), ITD 1/19
Sarah Chong Yen and Jin (Jin ITD), ITD 1/19
Christina Konkler and Roxie (), ITD 1/19
Dianne Peterson and Cooper (), ITD 1/19
Pam Lowry and Ian (Ian Leonard Lowry ITD), ITD 1/19
Jordan Henry and Chevy (JTH’s Malibu On Main ITD), ITD 1/19
Anna Jennings and Davey (Newsworthy Sir David ITD), ITD 1/19
Melanie Dodson & Marc Stangenberg and Dexter (Dexter Dodson ITD), ITD 1/19
Dana Symons and Copper (Copernicus Faramir Symons ITD), ITD 1/19
Christy Reuter and Raven (), ITD 1/19
Margaret Hendershot and Natasha (TDCH Louie’s Make Way for a Villain ITD), ITD 1/19
Antonia Berg and Ronja (), ITD 1/19
Diana Pelletier and Shorty (), ITD 1/19
Diana Pelletier and Sasha (), ITD 1/19
Andrea McDowall and Pebbles (), ITD 1/19
Ryan Whisnant and Chunky (Chunky Whisumo ITD), ITD 1/19
Judy Babik and Addie (Addie Babik ITD), ITD 1/19
Morgan Cain and Plymouth (TDCH The Pride is Back ITD), ITD 1/19
Adrienne Kelenc CTDI and Chica (Chica Kelenc ITD), ITD 1/19
Gloria Yates and Ryely (), ITD 1/19
Kim Dykstra CTDI and Serena (Dykstra’s Little Serena ITD), ITD 1/19
Elizabeth O'Keefe and Finn (O’Keefe’s Finnegan ITD), ITD 1/19
Nicola Street and Solace (Solace Alocin Street ITD), ITD 1/19
Margaret Hendershot and Malachi (TDCH Hendershot’s Message From My Past ITD), ITD 1/19
Susanne Howarth and Blackie (Blackie Howarth ITD), ITD 1/19
Susanne Howarth and Biscuit (Biscuit Howarth ITD), ITD 1/19
Lynsey Mcminimee and Roxy (Rapid Roxy Rox ITD), ITD 1/19
Tracey Hopper and Vali (Springsett The Doctor ITD), ITD 1/19
Linda Jovic CTDI and Mouse (), ITD 12/18
Gwynne Napientek and Emma (), ITD 12/18
Karla Kubitz and Tanner (Tanner Kubitz ITD), ITD 12/18
Karen Keats and Lexi (), ITD 12/18
Laura Reed and Hero (), ITD 12/18
Jami Shawmeker and Pixie (), ITD 12/18
Stacey Gong and Coco (CooCoo for Coco Puffs ITD), ITD 12/18
Lynn Tourangeau and Gibson (), ITD 12/18
Wynne Humphreys and Chloe (Chloe Humphreys ITD), ITD 12/18
Nicole Thompsom and Daya (Daya LeStrange Thompson ITD), ITD 12/18
Kristin E. Howe and Sophie ( ITD), ITD 12/18
Ruth Sheller and Piper (Piper ITD), ITD 12/18
Karla Kubitz and Doc (Doc Kubitz ITD), ITD 12/18
Lucrisha Majocchi and Chilly (Chilly Tracy ITD), ITD 12/18
Cathy Neylan and Libbie (), ITD 12/18
Bailey Blevins and Nora (Sleeping In Seattle ITD), ITD 11/18
Corinne Andersen and Vision (TDCH OB’s Seeing is Believing ITD), ITD 11/18
James Lockhart ATDI and Goose (Goose Lockhart ITD), ITD 11/18
Terry Henning and Daisy (Daisy Jean ITD), ITD 11/18
Angela Bata CTDI and Copper (Wacha Got Now ITD), ITD 11/18
Brianna Wagner and Patches (Patches Wagner ITD), ITD 11/18
Christine Ballingall and Hope (), ITD 11/18
Paula Smith and Eli (Eli Smith ITD), ITD 11/18
Shannon Langel CTDI and Rune (SDCH TDCH Rune ITD), ITD 11/18
Valerie Sloan and Macy (), ITD 11/18
Penny Christian and Scooby Doo (Scooby Doo ITD), ITD 11/18
Anne Mann and Echo (Echomann ITD), ITD 11/18
Debbie Rosmarin and Addy (Addy Rosmarin ITD), ITD 11/18
Christa Cicerone and Bryce (Bryce Moshier ITD), ITD 11/18
Mindy Miller and Scamp (), ITD 11/18
Jessa Hawkins and Ellie (), ITD 11/18
Regina Halterman and Ruger (), ITD 10/18
Linda Keens and Amber (Amber Keens ITD), ITD 10/18
Sally & Gary Moore and Yogi (), ITD 10/18
Nicole Rosner and Nala (Nala Rosner ITD), ITD 10/18
Dolores Boyce and Stryker (), ITD 10/18
Jeanine Brawn and Fig (J9’s Figment of My Imagination ITD), ITD 10/18
Karen Chilutti and Callie (Brooke’s Callie ITD), ITD 10/18
Nicole Kazin and Maddey Lyn (Maddey Lyn Kazin ITD), ITD 10/18
Elena Nelson and Helix (), ITD 10/18
Jessie Hargis and Jack (Gentleman Jack Mainhart ITD), ITD 10/18
Sharon Fewless CTDI and Sheldon ( ITD), ITD 10/18
Ellie Cole and Auggie (August Rose Above the Rest ITD), ITD 10/18
Lilian Akin and Athena (), ITD 10/18
Crystal Priorello and Indy (Happy Independence Dogge ITD), ITD 10/18
Sarah Shapiro-Ward CTDI and Percy (TDCH ), ITD 10/18
Sara Macpherson CTDI and Jasper (Jasper the Unbrave ITD), ITD 10/18
Kelly Sovereign and Cersei (), ITD 10/18
Gail Swisher and Martin (), ITD 10/18
Dr. Linda Wolf, DVM and Lacey (), ITD 10/18
An Gie Yong and Floki (), ITD 10/18
Beth Elkins and Oliver (Oliver North Elkins ITD), ITD 10/18
Ellen Petrick and Tazza (TDCH Tazza Barking Spiders ITD), ITD 10/18
Kimberly Williamson and Lily Belle (), ITD 9/18
Lori Bunch and Taylor (), ITD 9/18
Jillian Brooks CTDI and Marley (), ITD 9/18
Carol Green and Jack (Jack ITD), ITD 9/18
Kelly Dean CTDI and Zora (Princess Zora ITD), ITD 9/18
Kirsten Wojcik CTDI and Mick (), ITD 9/18
Laura Harrington CTDI and Marty (Marty McFly ITD), ITD 9/18
Belinda Simpson ATDI and Finn (), ITD 9/18
Samantha Cunha and Cannoli (TDCH Cannoli ITD), ITD 9/18
Marie-France Millette CTDI and Shelby (TDCH Shelby ITD), ITD 9/18
Hannah McMillan and IO (), ITD 9/18
Alex Smith and Stella (), ITD 9/18
Beth Livesay CTDI and Jack (Jackson ITD), ITD 9/18
Elizabeth Werner and Giggle (Sure Shots Comic Effect ITD), ITD 9/18
Elizabeth Werner and Lexie (), ITD 9/18
Stephanie Leese and Flip (TDCH Leebeardream Chosen By Pea ITD), ITD 9/18
Sharon Corl and Thor (), ITD 9/18
Mary Johnson and Ben (Sirius Bellini ITD), ITD 9/18
Alla Osypenko CTDI and Cody (), ITD 9/18
Elyse Henning and Luna (A Wallet Named Luna ITD), ITD 9/18
Diane Herstine CTDI and Panther (), ITD 9/18
Maria Alderfer CTDI and Sparkles (), ITD 9/18
Justin Marlin CTDI and Boomer (), ITD 9/18
Tara Tower and Chevy (), ITD 9/18
Kat Edrington and Cipher (Splashbacks Encryption Enabled ITD), ITD 9/18
Joanne Manning and Jack (), ITD 9/18
Joanne Manning and Belle (), ITD 9/18
Mariday Geyer CTDI and Tiger Lilly (), ITD 9/18
Mariday Geyer CTDI and Crosley (), ITD 9/18
Lisa Hasebe and Barkley (), ITD 8/18
Stephanie Tomasky CTDI and Orly (Orly Borly Tomasky ITD), ITD 8/18
Marika Dainty and Thai (), ITD 8/18
Laura Respecki CTDI and Kassie (Kassandra Respecki ITD), ITD 8/18
Laurie King CTDI and Putter ( ITD), ITD 8/18
Valerie Kaetzer and Renly (Lord Renly Norris Kaetzer ITD), ITD 8/18
Valerie Thompson and Benne (Shotgunner Benelli ITD), ITD 8/18
Angelica Santana and Brady (Brady ITD), ITD 8/18
Charles Simpson and Stella Mae (Stella Mae Simpson ITD), ITD 8/18
Angela Hoppe CTDI and Camp (Camp Davis ITD), ITD 8/18
Susan Ellis Renwick and Henry (Henry J. Terricer ITD), ITD 8/18
Kennedy Guy and Navaeh (), ITD 8/18
Kelly Crockett and Panda (), ITD 8/18
Shirley Blakely and Gigi (Gigi of Spirit Kennels ITD), ITD 8/18
Bekki Ow-Arhus and Brigetta (), ITD 8/18
Jessie & James Straub and Kali (), ITD 8/18
Harlan Houska CTDI and Trevi (Trevi Trey Houska ITD), ITD 8/18
Kat Brown CTDI and Poppi (Poppi Lynn ITD), ITD 8/18
Paige Delfino CTDI and Buddha (The Enlitened One ITD), ITD 8/18
Lenore D. Pawlowski and Leia (Leia Pawlowski ITD), ITD 8/18
Kristina Schaeffer and Odin (WK Guardians Mighty Gift from Above ITD), ITD 8/18
Birgit Meister and Demo (Demolition Houdini ITD), ITD 8/18
Annette Flannagan and Meg (FgCh Yule Du Me Meg JDX RA ITD), ITD 8/18
Chris Granshaw and Pipi (), ITD 8/18
Melanie Rigden and Ruby (), ITD 8/18
Patty Burkhalter and Brady (Brady XXX THD CGCA CGCU TKP ITD), ITD 8/18
Ashley Peltz CTDI and Luka (Luka ITD), ITD 8/18
Rachel Sutton and Wookiee (TDCH Wookiee’s Favorite Things ITD), ITD 8/18
Amber Lyttle and Diablo (), ITD 8/18
James King and Ellie (Ellie Belly King ITD), ITD 8/18
Jenny Mohn and Rosy (Rosy Pup ITD), ITD 8/18
Laurie Miller and Neville (Neville Otterbox ITD), ITD 8/18
April Sauve CTDI and Nymera (Nymera ITD), ITD 7/18
Naomi Heck and Minnie (), ITD 7/18
Danielle Daws CTDI and Rabbit (Rabbit Daws-Uhr ITD), ITD 7/18
Naomi Negrin and Maes (), ITD 7/18
Candace Taylor and Egypt (), ITD 7/18
Chloe Lam and Bailey (), ITD 7/18
Lisa Quibell CTDI and Luna (Luna Baluna ITD), ITD 7/18
Teri Shorter ATDI and Otto (), ITD 7/18
Patricia Barge and Gertrude (Gertrude Marie ITD), ITD 7/18
Jessica Cady-Bartholomew CTDI and Thea (), ITD 7/18
Tracey Miller and Teagan (Happiness is a Wild Child ITD), ITD 7/18
Kim Maly and Ben (Ben CDXS CGCG RN ITD), ITD 6/18
Alexandria Goodin and Caiman (Caiman De La Cocaina ITD), ITD 6/18
Idanis Velázquez Perez and Jaxon (Jaxon Ville Velázquez Pérez ITD), ITD 6/18
Kim Lepic and Aloha (Aloha Nui Loa ITD), ITD 6/18
Amy Trombecky and Diesel (Diesel Dog ITD), ITD 6/18
Melanie Harris and Kailani (Kailani’s Sky’s the Limit ITD), ITD 6/18
Jodi Jarvis-Therrian CTDI and Odin (TDCH Odin Jack Jarvis ITD), ITD 6/18
Rebecca Cipra and Xena (), ITD 6/18
Vicki Hinton and Henry (), ITD 6/18
Kathy Sjomeling CTDI and Nevada (Nevada III BN RN THD ITD), ITD 6/18
Katie Dable and Lexi (Lexi Go Round ITD), ITD 6/18
Zyra Chu and Kate (Kate Chu ITD), ITD 6/18
Eleana Acosta & Jeff Brownson and Rocket (), ITD 6/18
Megan & Ronnie Tellalian and Wrigley (Tellalian’s Wiggly Wrigley ITD), ITD 6/18
Amy Tombling and Zeus (Zeus ITD), ITD 6/18
Cheyanne Mijo and Dogmeat (Legend of the Wastes ITD), ITD 6/18
Kathy Sjomeling CTDI and Lego (), ITD 6/18
Lorie Garcia and Isabella (Freckle Me Happy ITD), ITD 6/18
Kristen Smith CTDI and Napa (), ITD 6/18
Jane O'Callaghan CTDI and Mono (Monochrome Mischief ITD), ITD 6/18
Jane O'Callaghan CTDI and Tink (Tinkabell Magic Mischief ITD), ITD 6/18
Sophie Nannestad and Pip (), ITD 6/18
Jane Saunders CTDI and Asiago (), ITD 6/18
Julie Frund and Popper (Sir Popper CGC ITD), ITD 6/18
Tonya Fisher ATDI and Jemma June (), ITD 6/18
Elizabeth Houchin and Dudley (Dudley Leroy Houchin ITD), ITD 6/18
Jan Lauwers and Missy (), ITD 6/18
Lauren LeDoux and Ravi (Rolliepollieravioli ITD), ITD 6/18
Rosalind Walkington and Fletcher (TDCH CGCG TCQ RAE1 ITD), ITD 5/18
Haley Krachenfels and Gypsy (), ITD 5/18
Marianne Dolcini CTDI and Stubby (Ruben von Stubben ITD), ITD 5/18
Val Kneppel and Ginger (), ITD 5/18
Crystal Garman and Seifert (), ITD 5/18
Jovana Reisert and Tintin (), ITD 5/18
Julie Hussar and Molly (Hussar’s Miss Molly ITD), ITD 5/18
Elise Thomson and Clyde (Clyde Thomson ITD), ITD 5/18
Natalie Bridger Watson and Bright (Ink Nor Shadow Dims Her Way ITD), ITD 5/18
Fumiko Peppin and Haru (Koharu Peppin ITD), ITD 5/18
Laura Aversano and Benny (Benny Aversano ITD), ITD 5/18
Sandy Baird and Spree (Meant to Be ITD), ITD 5/18
Chris & Anna Wynn and Truman (), ITD 5/18
Susan Staffeld ATDI and Carmen (TDCH Mac’s Forbidden Love RN CGC ITD), ITD 5/18
Stephanie Tran and Mila (Mila Tran ITD), ITD 5/18
Ursula Hanssmann and Zeus (), ITD 5/18
Jessianne Page CTDI and Dakota (TDCH Dakota Lopez ITD), ITD 5/18
Kimberly Davies and Bryn (), ITD 5/18
Amy Blower and Oakley (), ITD 5/18
Andrea Oxton and Kinny (TDCH Kinny ITD), ITD 5/18
Marisa O’Sullivan & Blaine Towles and Oy (), ITD 5/18
Devynn Kiesman and Dexter (), ITD 5/18
Jovana Reisert and Snowy (), ITD 5/18
Imogene Sevin ATDI and Gracie (Sevin’s Gracie ITD), ITD 4/18
Sacha Packer and Little Man (TDCH ), ITD 4/18
Heidi Olivier and Zeta (TDCH ), ITD 4/18
Kelly Dean CTDI and Dani (Danica Joy ITD), ITD 4/18
Tom & Maryann Zarichansky and Luna (Luna Lisa Zarichansky ITD), ITD 4/18
Morgan Williams and Willy (Willy Wonka NTD), ITD 4/18
Lauren Buhrow-Elverum CTDI and Percy (Percy Elverum ITD), ITD 4/18
Linda L. Wooten CTDI and Roxy (), ITD 4/18
Stefanie Theis CTDI and Maeby (Maeby Just A Little Nuts ITD), ITD 4/18
Lisa Lewis and Ginger (), ITD 4/18
Marissa Dziewior and Kinsey (), ITD 4/18
Jovana Reisert and Lemon (), ITD 4/18
Inez S. Pennington and Andretti (MACH3 Andretti Spaghetti ITD), ITD 4/18
Zoe Worrall and Dora (Dora Bear ITD), ITD 4/18
Donna Fournier ATDI and Stumpy (Stumpy Pumpernickel ITD), ITD 4/18
Patricia Cannamela and Clara (Clara Bear of the North Woods ITD), ITD 4/18
Karla Tripp and Jack (), ITD 4/18
Mandi Murray and Wylder (On Target’s Pure Imagination ITD), ITD 3/18
Melanie Heimer and Ruby (Ruby Heimer ITD), ITD 3/18
Laura L. Athas-Vazquez and Ginger Jews (Ginger Jewels Athas-Vazquez ITD), ITD 3/18
Kathleen Powelski and Jojo (Jojo Powelski ITD), ITD 3/18
Sharon Grant CTDI and Journey (The Incredible Journey ITD), ITD 3/18
Christie Hubbard and Bandit (Bandit Nicole Hubbard ITD), ITD 3/18
Carol Lynch and Harry (TDCH Harry ITD), ITD 3/18
Patrick Koh ATDI and Obed (TDCH Obed Blessing ITD), ITD 3/18
Veronica Tan CTDI and Obed (TDCH Obed Blessing ITD), ITD 3/18
Emily Remmers and Fowler (Remmers’s Fowler Von Great Plains ITD), ITD 3/18
Zoe Lehman CTDI and Cora (), ITD 3/18
Monika Hoyer and Fennec (), ITD 3/18
Jim Turnpaugh and Kara (), ITD 3/18
Sara Benedet and Koda (Music to My Ears NTD), ITD 3/18
Patricia Calderone ATDI and Lilly (Princess Lilly ITD), ITD 3/18
Allie Fekete and Dogtor (The Dogtor ITD), ITD 3/18
Robert Hallberg CTDI and Gus (), ITD 3/18
Sarah Pilon and Kessel (), ITD 3/18
JoAnne Robinson & Dusty Tibbs and Winnie (), ITD 3/18
Stefanie Theis CTDI and Rikki Tikki Tavi (Nutty Snake Killer ITD), ITD 3/18
Erin Percival and Grace (), ITD 3/18
Nancy Brouillette and Chips (), ITD 3/18
Erin Flynn and Winston (), ITD 3/18
Donna Dombek CTDI and Ellie (Ellie Mae Dombek ITD), ITD 3/18
Linda Phillips and Connie (Mitochondria Phillips ITD), ITD 3/18
Jackie Bingley and Skylar (), ITD 3/18
Shannon Langel CTDI and Phoenix (TDCH Phoenix ETD), ITD 3/18
Joanne Knowles CTDI and Fender (), ITD 3/18
Carolyn M. Velletri and Colby (), ITD 3/18
Mary Vegher and Abby (), ITD 3/18
Paulette Courington and Allie Mae (Allie Mae CGC NTD), ITD 3/18
Nancy Carey and Kara (), ITD 3/18
Shannon Langel CTDI and Sammy (Sammy ITD), ITD 2/18
Jaime Martin and Henry (TDCH ), ITD 2/18
Yvonne Soh and Muffin (), ITD 2/18
Yvonne Soh and Cookie (), ITD 2/18
Naomi Hayashi and Coco (Coco of NW NTD), ITD 2/18
Michaella Moore and Zoey (Zoey Moore ITD), ITD 2/18
Emily Hurd and Poppy (), ITD 2/18
Jamie Blake and Tink (TDCH ), ITD 2/18
Caroline Knight and Beans (TDCH Beans ITD), ITD 2/18
Karla Barton CTDI and Sled (), ITD 2/18
Brenda Akers and Sia (), ITD 2/18
Mimi Bilsborrow and Zepher (), ITD 2/18
Melissa Arteaga and Tricky Timmy (), ITD 2/18
Kelly Golden and Kaylee (), ITD 2/18
Beccy Evans and Draco (), ITD 2/18
Vivian Young and Winston (), ITD 2/18
Kara Downs and Stella (Stellar Stella NTD), ITD 1/18
Louise Schumann and Teeka (), ITD 1/18
Kevin & Sara Zeitler and Amber (), ITD 1/18
Amber Goff and Merci (Merci Nova Goff NTD), ITD 1/18
Grace Elizabeth and Jasper (), ITD 1/18
Colleen Lange CTDI and Jethro (Jethro Grizzly Gibbs ITD), ITD 1/18
Meghan Grabe and Penny (), ITD 1/18
Heidi VanDerVoorn and Navarre (Hawthorne Charles Darwin NTD), ITD 1/18
Alice C. Richbourg and Arlo (), ITD 1/18
Helen Byrne and Tilly (Tilly ITD), ITD 1/18
Helen Haffenden and Riley (), ITD 1/18
Lynsey Mcminimee and Piper (Curly Piper ITD), ITD 1/18
Linlin Cao and Niko (), ITD 1/18
Imogen Woodman CTDI and Rumpelstiltskin (TDCH Rumpelstiltskin ITD), ITD 1/18
Dominique Donaho and Tena (Martena Rey NTD), ITD 1/18
Courtney Marino and Gryff (Gryffindor Marino NTD), ITD 1/18
Carolyn Wood CTDI and Tai (Tigress of the Woods NTD), ITD 1/18
Eileen Lindquist and Kitsune (), ITD 1/18
Laura Pearson and Kona (Kona Pearson), ITD 1/18
Catherine Louie & Steven Saloranta and Buster (), ITD 1/18
William Griffith and Beau (BeauBeeTheDog), ITD 12/17
Tammy Stillwater and Chippy (Mighty Chips Ahoy Little Treasure NTD), ITD 12/17
Jerica Greenhalgh and Nova (TDCH Nova ITD), ITD 12/17
Christine Macfarlane and Storm (TDCH ), ITD 12/17
Danny Terry and Holly (TDCH DMT’s Christmas in Dixie ITD), ITD 12/17
Beverly Furstenberg and Jazzy (Jazzy Lila Furstenberg), ITD 12/17
Daisy DeMarsh-Ebert and Duke (), ITD 12/17
Shanthi Steddum and Henry (), ITD 12/17
Julia Schwark CTDI and Rikki (TDCH Miss Rikki ITD), ITD 12/17
Sacha Berger and Maple (), ITD 12/17
Marie Greer and Rhea (Greer’s Mother of Olympians ITD), ITD 12/17
Meghan D’Arcy and Wile E (Wile E Coyote), ITD 12/17
Blythe “Collie” Collier and Goldie (Golden Girl ITD), ITD 12/17
Jillian Fadun CTDI and Pickett (Pickett ITD), ITD 12/17
Lesley White and Cleo (Cleopatra NTD), ITD 12/17
Le Cambell CTDI and Kiwi (MTVO’s Sweet Kiwi ITD), ITD 11/17
Luisa Dormer and Teddy (), ITD 11/17
Kimberly Kolar O'Brien and Mona (), ITD 11/17
Sharon Amelunk and Rodger (), ITD 11/17
Donna Garrity ATDI and Mack (Mack RN CGCF ITD), ITD 11/17
Lizbeth K. Molloy and Riddle (Nerak Mischief Managed NTD), ITD 11/17
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Bea (TDCH ), ITD 11/17
Arielle Daugherty and Boots (Boots Daugherty NTD), ITD 11/17
Natasha Buck and Bobby (), ITD 11/17
Ashlee Buck and Loki (), ITD 11/17
Ashlee Buck and Wellington (), ITD 11/17
Gloria Winkler and Chicco (), ITD 11/17
Karen Clarke and Timmy Tam (), ITD 11/17
Annette McKay and Bertie (), ITD 11/17
Wendy Barr and Kraken (Nseine’s Release the Kraken ITD), ITD 11/17
Michelle Smith CTDI and Mesa (), ITD 11/17
Tiffany Sylvester and Klover (Klover Leigh ITD), ITD 11/17
Fran Corn and Carly (), ITD 11/17
Naomi Sweet and Gracie (Sweet’s Gracie NTD), ITD 11/17
Karlee Ainslie and Chloe (), ITD 11/17
Julie Michaud and Rylie (Rylie O’Rylie), ITD 11/17
Melanie Kreker and Apollo (), ITD 10/17
Samantha Cunningham and Toby (TDCH Toby Falcor the Luck Dragon ITD), ITD 10/17
Cheryl Creery and Romy (Romulus), ITD 10/17
Tracy L. Kraftchisin and Abby (Abby Kraftchisin NTD), ITD 10/17
Helen Moorhead and FeeBee (FeeBee of Hereford ITD), ITD 10/17
Samantha Helton CTDI and Maris (Stella Maris ITD), ITD 10/17
Bonnie H. Boger and Tuxedo (Boger’s Tux), ITD 10/17
Heather Rolfe and Mandy (Mandy Rolfe ITD), ITD 10/17
Bo Jones and Willow (Willow Jones NTD), ITD 10/17
Martha Kenes and Dixie (Dixie Kenes), ITD 10/17
Hol Thomas and Windy (Windy Slinky O’Rainbow ITD), ITD 10/17
Leonard Nearing and Jackson (Jackson Nearing), ITD 10/17
Darla Chimko and George (George Chimko), ITD 10/17
Angie Picchi and Bolo (), ITD 10/17
Angie Picchi and Zoey (), ITD 10/17
Katherine MacKillican and Abby (), ITD 10/17
Madison Bensdorp CTDI and Dusty (), ITD 9/17
Francine Zelladonis CTDI and Sarah (), ITD 9/17
Francine Zelladonis CTDI and Molly (), ITD 9/17
Allison S. King CTDI and Jasmine (Jasmine Tilly Shelanski NTD), ITD 9/17
Sarah A. Shelanski CTDI and Jasmine (Jasmine Tilly Shelanski NTD), ITD 9/17
Donna Parker and Rosey (Miss Rose Rapunzel Parker ITD), ITD 9/17
Nicki Klevering and Trix (), ITD 9/17
Robin Snape and Bear (), ITD 9/17
Marie-Anne Faissler ATDI and Dolly (Dolly-Molly-Polly CGC ITD), ITD 9/17
Deniece Johnson CTDI and Truman ( ITD), ITD 9/17
Joyce E. Walker and Kloey (Kween Kloey of Kyland NTD), ITD 9/17
Deanna Langan CTDI and Flint (TDCH Flint ITD), ITD 9/17
Aimee Tout and Lina (), ITD 9/17
Jennifer Allen and Logan (), ITD 9/17
Alecia Salus CTDI and Lilly (Lilly Belle Kasee NTD), ITD 9/17
Krista Gilpin and Sugar (TDCH ), ITD 9/17
Sarah Ridley and Keara (), ITD 9/17
Sarah Ridley and Keara (), ITD 9/17
Charmaine Tong-Kaufman and Cricket (Can-Do Cricket), ITD 9/17
Rachel Lyn Woodward and Kyra (TDCH ), ITD 9/17
Taylor Lima CTDI and Finley (MMB’s Wayward Son ITD), ITD 9/17
Sharon Fewless CTDI and Skippy (Skippy Fewless ITD), ITD 9/17
Melissa Fenstermaker CTDI and Gryphon (Gryphon Fenstermaker), ITD 9/17
Camilla Chu and Oreo (), ITD 9/17
Jerica Greenhalgh and Marley (TDCH Marley ITD), ITD 9/17
Joy Dyson and Sgt. Pepper (Sergeant Pepper Promises and Prevails ITD), ITD 9/17
Melissa Hodges and Zelda (Zelda May Wigglebottom ITD), ITD 9/17
Anna Privette ATDI and Zoey (), ITD 9/17
William Garceau and Reina (Hey Macareina ITD), ITD 9/17
Jennifer Lamb CTDI and LB ( ITD), ITD 9/17
Jennifer Lamb CTDI and Roxy ( ITD), ITD 9/17
Lee Ann Bailey and Ripley (), ITD 8/17
Samantha Cunningham and Mia (TDCH How Can I Resist Momma Mia CGC ITD), ITD 8/17
Ena Evans and Sadie (), ITD 8/17
Arlene Edwards and Casey (), ITD 8/17
Marion Line and Sam (), ITD 8/17
Shona Koenen and Starsky (), ITD 8/17
Shona Koenen and Gypsy (), ITD 8/17
Caitlin Kuczko CTDI and Rebel (), ITD 8/17
Samantha Cunningham and Thunder (TDCH Thunder from Down Under CGC ITD), ITD 8/17
Belinda Young and Wilbur (), ITD 8/17
Effie Doss and Tinsley (), ITD 8/17
Sarah Felberbauer and Jack (), ITD 8/17
Cindy Powell and Simon (), ITD 8/17
Randy Cornish and Pebbles (Pebbles Honey Girl NTD), ITD 8/17
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Xephyr (Wild Wind Xpress ITD), ITD 8/17
Sherry Botos and Toppy (Topper Toppy Botos ITD), ITD 8/17
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Pixie (SDCH TDCH Flying Pixie Dust ITD), ITD 8/17
Michelle Shadwick and Echo (), ITD 8/17
Raechel Drill CTDI and Lilah (TDCH Miss De Lilah Darling Doodle NTD), ITD 8/17
Jennifer Lueck CTDI and Branson (TDCH Branson O’Brien ITD), ITD 8/17
Kelly Knowles CTDI and Roy (Roy Knowles ITD), ITD 8/17
Beth Higginbotham and Anna (TDCH Higgz Frozen Princess NTD), ITD 8/17
Beth Higginbotham and Hans (Higgz Frozen Prince NTD), ITD 8/17
Shannon Price and Kennedy (Kennedy Mckrackalackin’ ITD), ITD 8/17
Brenda Degnan-Kormylo and TUVI (TUVI CGC ATD), ITD 8/17
Grace Nogan ATDI and Bonnie (Bonnie of Day Farm ITD), ITD 8/17
Clare Reid and Eddie (), ITD 7/17
Sandra Muench and Boone (Boone of the Big House ITD), ITD 7/17
Danielle Stewart CTDI and Hunter (Bounty Hunter ITD), ITD 7/17
Darren and Peppa (), ITD 7/17
Alex Heath and Thorin (Corgi Under the Mountain NTD), ITD 7/17
Kristen Trimmell and Killian (Killian Trimmell NTD), ITD 7/17
Patricia Gross and Greta (Greta Gross NTD), ITD 7/17
Suzanne Dubnicka CTDI and River (TDCH River Dubnicka CGCA ITD), ITD 7/17
Amy Brewis and Meggy (Nutmeg Brewis CGC ATD), ITD 7/17
Angie Atkinson and Tully (), ITD 7/17
Tanita Bruce and Kyla (Gingernut Kyla ITD), ITD 7/17
Dyanne Boucher and Dany (Dany Boucher), ITD 7/17
Sharon Casada and Gidget (Casada’s Gidget NTD), ITD 7/17
Joni Kaiser and Edge (), ITD 7/17
Mary Wingfield and Duncan (Wingfield’s Duncan ITD), ITD 7/17
Jan Etter and Scout (), ITD 7/17
Amy Morgan and Jackson (Jackson PuttPutt, CGCA NTD), ITD 6/17
Luba Rose and Daisy (), ITD 6/17
Ariel N. Baber CTDI and Halligan (TDCH Zero to Hero ITD), ITD 6/17
Megan "Mae" Gurene and Loki (Loki Gurene NTD), ITD 6/17
Marla Matera and LEO (Leo Matera), ITD 6/17
Brett Roberts and Stella (Stella the Border Aussie ATD), ITD 6/17
Juliet Gentile and Roshi (Master Roshi ITD), ITD 6/17
Kelly Schneider and Dewy (Dewy Girls Always Up2 Something), ITD 6/17
Jennifer Nelson and Inara (Can’t Take The Sky From Me ITD), ITD 6/17
Su Lyn Rogers and Wally (Wallace S. Poochmeister ITD), ITD 6/17
Jeanene Gray and Hadley (Hadley Gray), ITD 6/17
Rinal Doshi and Shadow (Shadow Doshi NTD), ITD 5/17
Dianna Mobley and Lexie (), ITD 5/17
Lucy Wheelwright and Toby (Rub A Dub Tub ATD), ITD 5/17
Jessica J. Smith and Gladdie (Gladdie Smith), ITD 5/17
Tara Lavallee and Kai (High Banks Makin’ Waves ITD), ITD 5/17
Claire Cochemé CTDI and Lexi (), ITD 5/17
Christine Wales CTDI and Leo (Leo Wales ITD), ITD 5/17
Emily Garland CTDI and Whodunnit “Dunn” (NSeine Detective Game ITD), ITD 5/17
Annie Dugan CTDI and Mochi (), ITD 5/17
Erica Petrie and Jock (), ITD 5/17
Thyra Powers CTDI and Ozzie (TDCH Ozzie Powers ITD), ITD 5/17
Thyra Powers CTDI and Dixie (TDCH ), ITD 5/17
Helen Leinwand and Max (), ITD 5/17
Elizabeth Russell and Pierre (), ITD 5/17
Anji Barton CTDI and Rosie (Rosie Beans), ITD 5/17
Sarah Becker ATDI and Little Debbie (), ITD 5/17
Tom & Rebecca Barker and Ruby (), ITD 5/17
Krysia Tann and Eddie (), ITD 5/17
Kristi Hebert and Lily (Lily of Rivendell ITD), ITD 5/17
Ashley Mainville and Brownie (), ITD 5/17
Lynzie Bacchus CTDI and Wynn (TDCH ), ITD 5/17
Lee Ann Moreland and Spice (Lee’s Spice of Life ITD), ITD 4/17
Joan Amend and Eep (), ITD 4/17
Anna Kukhta and Sawyer (), ITD 4/17
Tony Hahn and Cali (TDCH Cali Hahn ETD), ITD 4/17
Karen Profenna CTDI and Sophie (TDCH Sophie Profenna ITD), ITD 4/17
Su Lyn Rogers and Harry (Harry Houdini ITD), ITD 4/17
Susan Miranti and McGee (McGee Miranti NTD), ITD 4/17
Sunny Gifford and Suki (Big Doodle Pup’s Suki Love NTD), ITD 4/17
Nicole Stevenson and Kenzie (Kenzie Stevenson ITD), ITD 4/17
Maggie Weston and Jessie (SDCH TDCH Vista’s Jessie Girl RE FDC AX AXJ NF DN CGCA RL-1 ITD), ITD 4/17
Bailey Schuldt and Paisley (), ITD 3/17
Monica Turner CTDI and Lucy (Nordost’s Lucy ITD), ITD 3/17
Deborah Auer and Cheater (Ceilidh if Ya Can’t Beat ‘Em ATD), ITD 3/17
Heidi Dulac and Josie (BFD’s Josie NTD), ITD 3/17
Agnes Orlowski and Minnie (Minnie Orlowski), ITD 3/17
Kristyn Kay ATDI and Bentley (Bentley Kayganiewicz NTD), ITD 3/17
Tracy Hill and Jake (Jake’s on Fire! NTD), ITD 3/17
Patricia J. Sampsel and Gus (Gus Sampsel NTD), ITD 3/17
Tracy L. Kraftchisin and Callie (TDCH Callie Kraftchisin ITD), ITD 3/17
Crystal Ursin and Remy (), ITD 3/17
Ally Locklin CTDI and Gypsy (), ITD 3/17
Kim Dykstra CTDI and Milo (), ITD 3/17
Patricia J. Sampsel and Jessie (Jessie Sampsel), ITD 3/17
Laura Hart and Pebbles (), ITD 3/17
Bridee Manning CTDI and Drake (Cat Like Reflexes ITD), ITD 3/17
Kathryn Vincent and Hattie Mae (Hattie Mae Vincent), ITD 3/17
Kim Dykstra CTDI and Snookie (), ITD 2/17
Helen Parkinson CTDI and Pan (Pandemonum ITD), ITD 2/17
Marion Richter and Lucy (LucyGirl ITD), ITD 2/17
Dianna Matteson CTDI and Scuddlebutt ( ITD), ITD 2/17
Sheila Terry and Franklin (Franklin Lane), ITD 2/17
Margaret Marie Waugh and Buster (Buster Waugh NTD), ITD 2/17
Michelle Gamage CTDI and Willa (SDCH TDCH Willa Do It Right ITD), ITD 2/17
Linda Ryan and Tinker (Tinker Ryan ATD), ITD 2/17
Janet Waters CTDI and Serra (TDCH Serra Plain and Tall AX AXJ NF T2B TKP CL1-R CL1-F CL1-H NAC NJC CA NW3 NW3-V NW3-C L1I L1C SD-S ITD), ITD 2/17
Karen Serianni CTDI and Freya (), ITD 2/17
Linda Starbuck and Harley (Harley Sage ATD), ITD 2/17
Kelly Jackson and Bindi (Blueberry Bindi ITD), ITD 2/17
Robin Doster and Special (), ITD 2/17
Jen Esplen and Jesse (), ITD 2/17
Rebekah Hudson and Astrid (Matilda Astrid), ITD 2/17
Brianne Durham CTDI and Scrabble (Mutt-A-Gen Triple Letter Score ITD), ITD 2/17
Michelle Lauch and Chester (), ITD 2/17
Camille Neumann and Louis (Louis Neumann ITD), ITD 1/17
Quadoria Aika Phipps CTDI and Natsuko (Princess Natsuko ITD), ITD 1/17
Shawna Thiessen CTDI and Mystic (), ITD 1/17
Mariah Bozzell and Tycho (Tycho Path), ITD 1/17
Shelly Turner and Tess (TDCH ), ITD 1/17
Reagan Tucker CTDI and Frank (Frank Yoda CGC RN BN NTD), ITD 1/17
Sarah & Emily Bennett and Piper (), ITD 1/17
Katelyn Littlefield CTDI and Belle (), ITD 12/16
Marie Macher CTDI and Harper (), ITD 12/16
Ariel Goshorn and Piper (Pip Pa Pi Piper ITD), ITD 12/16
Elizabeth Brooks and Zazu (Tempest’s Flying Advisor ITD), ITD 12/16
Janilee Benell CTDI and Fuzz (TDCH The Fuzz CGN RL1 ITD), ITD 12/16
Janilee Benell CTDI and Charlotte (Charlotte RL1 ITD), ITD 12/16
Jan Sund CTDI and Kelsey (FHF Wildest Dreams ITD), ITD 12/16
Tegan Moore CTDI and Vesper (), ITD 12/16
Mary Crawford and Teddy (Teddy Crawford NTD), ITD 12/16
Corrie Keller and Buster (), ITD 12/16
Janet M. Graham CTDI and Blue (Blue Goldstein ITD), ITD 12/16
Brandie Sims CTDI and Charlie ( ITD), ITD 12/16
Judith Freedman and Mushy (Mushy Freedman ITD), ITD 12/16
Justine Crowley and Smoke (Smokey ITD), ITD 12/16
Jeb Cadwell and Rover (Rover Cadwell), ITD 12/16
The Fuller Family and Teddy (), ITD 12/16
Kari Trotsky and Yogi (TDCH YOGI XXXII ITD), ITD 11/16
Rebecca Brown and Gypsy Rose (), ITD 11/16
Jeanette Rowsell and Ace (), ITD 11/16
Natalie Perryman and Grinner (), ITD 11/16
Lori Beach and Eliza (Eliza IV), ITD 10/16
Darlena Hardy and Kimber (Kimber Dawn Hardy ITD), ITD 10/16
Kristyn Kay ATDI and Ted (Theodore Kayganiewicz), ITD 10/16
Peggy Stevens and Rags (TDCH Raggedy Ann Stevens ITD), ITD 10/16
Aimee Nichol and Lili (), ITD 9/16
Clem Hall and Cookie (Cookie ITD), ITD 9/16
Sally Sippitt and Zola (), ITD 9/16
Carolyn M. Miller and Esme (Esmeralda ITD), ITD 9/16
Christine Renner and Lodi (), ITD 9/16
Susan Bell and Jesse (Jesse Bear Bell ATD), ITD 9/16
Mary Molski and Rosie (), ITD 9/16
Barbara Anderson and Sarah (Sarah Ann Anderson NTD), ITD 9/16
Florenza Pizanis CTDI and Busta (TDCH Busta Rooby-Doo ITD), ITD 9/16
Peter Corpus CTDI and Luna (), ITD 9/16
Le Cambell CTDI and JJ (JJ IVX ITD), ITD 9/16
Lisa A. Bell CTDI and Lucky (Lucky Bell of Liberty Hill), ITD 9/16
Emily Urchuck CTDI and Buster (), ITD 9/16
Miranda Baxter CTDI and Odin (Odin Baxter), ITD 9/16
Sarah Hotston and Luna (), ITD 8/16
Margaret Whitehead and Buzz (TDCH Buzz Aldrin Lightyear Whitehead ITD), ITD 8/16
Rachel Stroud and Sasha (), ITD 8/16
Linda Damiani and Bubba (), ITD 8/16
Brenda Klaunberg and Tulip (), ITD 8/16
Joyce Eckerman and Tipper (), ITD 7/16
Crystal Blaker CTDI and Wrigley (TDCH Wrigley Blaker ITD), ITD 7/16
Anna Jinsky and Finnigan (), ITD 7/16
Joan Forry CTDI and Miles (Miles On Hydrants Forry ITD), ITD 7/16
Sue McNulty and Flynn (Flynn McNulty ITD), ITD 7/16
Penny Basler and Daisy (Penny’s Daisy), ITD 7/16
Gina Burger and Brody (TDCH Mr. Brody Longfellow Wiggle-Tail Burger ETD), ITD 7/16
Lisa Strouse ATDI and Mariah (), ITD 6/16
Muriel Homesack and Scout (), ITD 6/16
Jennifer DeGarmo CTDI and Tucker (), ITD 6/16
Jodi van der Linden and Diesel (Diesel from Downunder), ITD 6/16
Sara Reusche and Pan (PSF’s Pantalaimon ITD), ITD 6/16
Rebecca McKenzie CTDI and Clara (), ITD 6/16
Caitlin Woodhead and Hudson (), ITD 6/16
Tina Sawicki and Piper (TDCH ), ITD 6/16
Wendy Lewis and Buddy (), ITD 5/16
Wendy Lewis and Jeremiah (), ITD 5/16
Stacy Meade and Milo (), ITD 5/16
Rachel Tye and Duncan (), ITD 5/16
Darlene Wheat and Brandy (), ITD 5/16
Lisa Yates and Nelson (), ITD 5/16
Alison Lovejoy and Muttley (), ITD 5/16
Taz Crawley and Rumour (), ITD 5/16
Kristi Cirelli CTDI and Bentley (Sir Bentley), ITD 5/16
Kelsie Krein ATDI and Bella (Bella Noche CGCA ITD), ITD 4/16
Roxanne Madigan and Vivian (Vivian Madigan), ITD 4/16
Shelby Hayes and Lennon (Lennon Chicken Nugget Hayes), ITD 4/16
Sandra Carbonell CTDI and Franklin (TDCH Carbonell’s Franklin Lewis ITD), ITD 4/16
Debbie Strobel and Lexi (), ITD 4/16
Janeann Erickson and Rea (), ITD 4/16
Chrissy Joy CTDI and Beasley (SDCH TDCH Good Beasley ITD), ITD 4/16
Bernadette Burton and Mattie (), ITD 3/16
Cheryl Mathews-White CTDI and Nowlin (Nowlin Foxie White ITD), ITD 3/16
Gina Purvis and Elsa (), ITD 3/16
Sindja Thiel and Pepe (), ITD 3/16
Susan Seutter and Myles (Myles Paddington Seutter), ITD 3/16
Sally Sippitt and Dexter (), ITD 2/16
Katherine Mather and Chipper (), ITD 2/16
Katherine Mather and Chloe (), ITD 2/16
Peggy Boyar and Newt (), ITD 2/16
Skye Irving and Nova (), ITD 2/16
Shawn Coughlin and Bon (), ITD 2/16
Rachel Stever ATDI and Precious (), ITD 2/16
Barbara Price and Murphy (), ITD 2/16
Sonia Stewart and Luna (Luna Stewart), ITD 2/16
Jennifer Gomlicker and Taser (Taser Iron Clad Claw), ITD 2/16
Laura McAllister and Max (McAllister’s Max), ITD 2/16
Jamie Gibson and Paisley (Paisley’s League of Patchwork Roses), ITD 1/16
Ingrid Putschi and Livie (Olivia Ricochet Putschi ITD), ITD 1/16
Ingrid Putschi and Bonnie (FoHA’s BonnieLass von Fluvanna ITD), ITD 1/16
Eveline Kjelstrup and Abigail (), ITD 1/16
Jennifer Koagel and Murphy (Murphy Koagel), ITD 1/16
Elizabeth Brooks and Marley (), ITD 1/16
Paula King and Rose (TDCH ), ITD 1/16
Kathryn Schmidtberger and Terra (EnTerra the Fire), ITD 1/16
Jane Masterson and Spice (), ITD 1/16
Adeline Day and Ladybird (), ITD 1/16
Martina Schmidt and Don Juan (), ITD 1/16
Dana Hart CTDI and Ice (Ice ITD), ITD 1/16
Ana Hourahine and Houston (), ITD 1/16
Sarah Woodruff and Angie (), ITD 12/15
Karen Smith and Alfie (), ITD 12/15
Marianne Dolcini CTDI and Teddy (), ITD 12/15
Christine Helmus and Kleo (), ITD 12/15
Helen Byrne and Nellie (TDCH Nellie ITD), ITD 12/15
Amanda Abs and Molly (Molly Abs ATD), ITD 12/15
Graham and Jenn Steel and Noel (TDCH ), ITD 12/15
Kimberly Ann Adsit ATDI and Nova (Nova Adsit), ITD 12/15
Tiff Shao and Soro (TDCH ), ITD 12/15
Julissa Baltodano and Maximus (), ITD 12/15
Cheryl Petryshyn CTDI and Rift (TDCH ), ITD 12/15
Michelle Grünzweig and Cira (), ITD 11/15
Francis Levesque and Shilo (), ITD 11/15
Michelle Finlayson and Louie (Louie Finlayson), ITD 11/15
Laura Breckheimer and Tommie (Lily Tomlin ITD), ITD 11/15
Amanda "Sorrel" Robinson and Kira (), ITD 11/15
Kristen Smith CTDI and Breelan (), ITD 11/15
Lori Napoli and Kramer (Kramer the Golden Boy), ITD 11/15
Seth Geiger and Breelan (), ITD 11/15
Susan Campbell and Lucca (Lucca Grace), ITD 11/15
Mary Moritz CTDI and Leif (), ITD 11/15
Margaret Stokes and Bailey (), ITD 11/15
Ann Wasko and McGee (), ITD 10/15
Bobbie Kenney and Chad (Chad the Bad), ITD 10/15
Susan Fletcher CTDI and Twig (Twigomatic Ripster), ITD 10/15
Nicolina Strand and Dash (), ITD 10/15
Michelle Ross and Ziggy (Ziggy Stardust), ITD 10/15
Heidi Priester and Lina (TDCH Lina ITD), ITD 10/15
Debbie Blythe KPA-CTP CCC CTDI and Fetch (Fetch! CGC RATI RATN ITD), ITD 10/15
Don Wrhel and Nora (), ITD 10/15
Erin Smith and Thor (Thor Bjorn), ITD 10/15
Ellen Jennings and Scout (), ITD 10/15
Dan Aras and Mellow (), ITD 10/15
Sonia Stewart and Wicket (Wicket Stewart), ITD 10/15
Mercedes Osolin and Raven (TDCH ), ITD 10/15
Veronica Mommers and Frankie (), ITD 10/15
Kris Thomas and Kevin (Kevin James Thomas Jr.), ITD 10/15
Marilyn Wrhel and Dasher (), ITD 9/15
Julia Back and Brody (), ITD 9/15
Dianne Schoenberg and Cooper (The Fabulous Mini Cooper), ITD 9/15
Carol Meagher ATDI and Keely (), ITD 8/15
Caroline Gregg and Gilda (), ITD 8/15
Michele Ryan CTDI and Remi (Remington Ryan), ITD 8/15
Michelle Johnson and Lola (Miss Lola F. Dora ITD), ITD 8/15
Janette Murphy and Kai (Kaiser), ITD 8/15
Brianne Statz and Pepper (), ITD 8/15
Vanessa Schikowski and Mambo (Mambo The Jumbo), ITD 8/15
Diana Vazquez and Trina (), ITD 8/15
Michelle Johnson and Maggie (Miss Maggie Mutt Mutt ITD), ITD 8/15
Kaitlin Robinson and Toby (), ITD 8/15
Mica Cooke and Joey (), ITD 7/15
Karen C. Spencer and McKenna (Moon Valley’s Izz it Yu), ITD 7/15
Laura Wilson and Pi (Life of Pi ATD), ITD 7/15
Lisa Petterson CTDI and Junie (Juniper ITD), ITD 7/15
Donna Kiessling and Hershey (), ITD 7/15
Stephanie Anderson and Jayme (), ITD 7/15
Fay Benjamin and Keira (), ITD 7/15
Judy Girard and Tango (TDCH Kentucky Tango), ITD 7/15
Catharine Van Dorn and Sparky (), ITD 7/15
Amy Viljoen and Dragon (Dragon Viljoen), ITD 7/15
Emily Allred and Orbit (Noodles I Can Show You the World), ITD 7/15
Dr. Astrid Porges and Fibi (TDCH ), ITD 6/15
Susan Cleveland and Wixer (OutRun’s Guardian of the Pattern), ITD 6/15
Rebecca Morley and Toby (Tobias M. Morley), ITD 6/15
Lee Stone and Phoenix (), ITD 6/15
Rosemary Elwell and Ilka (Ilka Of Pear Orchard Cemetery ITD), ITD 6/15
Debbie Whelpley and Marty (), ITD 6/15
Marcy Cooper and Tesla (Tesla Cooper), ITD 6/15
Kat Simard and Thomas (), ITD 6/15
Virginia Brophy ATDI and Ferris (SAM’s Ferris Wheel Ohhh Yeahhhh), ITD 6/15
Martha Milli and Bailey (Milli’s Bailey ITD), ITD 6/15
Stacey Spanovich Damm CTDI and Ruby (TDCH ), ITD 5/15
Celest Elmer and Blue (Blucifur), ITD 5/15
Megan Yarrol and Milo (), ITD 5/15
Maureen Stevens CTDI and Chester (Chester The Wonder Pup CGCA ITD), ITD 5/15
Dia Bates and William (TDCH Mr Blue Sky), ITD 5/15
Amy Porto and Lizzie (), ITD 5/15
Brenda Labadie and Leeloo (Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat), ITD 5/15
Alexandra Ashby and Bodhi (), ITD 5/15
Chris Jansen and Lexi (), ITD 5/15
Manuela Peters and Shiloh (), ITD 5/15
Natalya Chacon and Biscuit (), ITD 5/15
Hannah Wright and Bandit (), ITD 5/15
Hannah Marwick and Caesar (), ITD 5/15
Julia Coxhead and Flora (), ITD 5/15
Shannon Paulson and Rocket Man (I’m a Rocket Man), ITD 5/15
Tessa Savelkoel and Puck (TDCH Puck ITD), ITD 5/15
Amy Paddock and Roo (), ITD 5/15
Katrina Mauldin and Dexter (Dexter ITD), ITD 5/15
Beth & Michael Ramsay and Willow (), ITD 5/15
Clair Labutta and Tucker (), ITD 5/15
Tara Gifford and Phantom (), ITD 5/15
Carol Creamer CTDI and Bruce (Bruce Creamer ATD), ITD 4/15
Janice R. McCown CTDI and Penny (), ITD 4/15
Samantha Langley and Pepper (), ITD 4/15
Christian Turner and Bo (Bo’s Fleeting Rhapsody ITD), ITD 4/15
Emily E. Fundaugh and Napoleon (), ITD 4/15
Verna Saxer-Gibson and Joy (Joyful ITD), ITD 4/15
Melquan King ATDI and Mocha (Mocha King), ITD 4/15
Shelly Hanwell and Samara (), ITD 4/15
Megan Molloy and Robbie (Sir Jollie Blobby Robstar), ITD 4/15
Louise Taylor and Sparky (), ITD 4/15
Shelly Hanwell and Lily (), ITD 4/15
Shari Santos and Leeloo (), ITD 4/15
Jennifer Perry and Sedona (), ITD 4/15
Anthea Rocker and Bob (Bob After Dylan), ITD 3/15
Diane Becker and Audrey (Audrey Becker ATD), ITD 3/15
Christine Johnson and Fosters (Fosters Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon), ITD 3/15
Roberta Earle CTDI and Cassie (), ITD 3/15
Robin Murray CTDI and Stuart (TDCH Stuart ‘Squirt’ Murray ITD), ITD 3/15
Sheri McCullough and Delilah (Delilah DSA ATD), ITD 3/15
Jane Stride CTDI and Wookie (Curly Chocolate Sauce), ITD 3/15
Lauren Callahan and Alix (Alix ITD), ITD 3/15
Jodie Griffin and Buddy (Buddy Doodle), ITD 3/15
Vanessa Healey and Teddy (Fate’s Bear of Inspiration), ITD 3/15
Lauren Callahan and Austin (Austin ITD), ITD 3/15
Laura Barket and Toby (Toby Barket), ITD 3/15
Philippa Short CTDI and Gypsy (), ITD 3/15
Philippa Short CTDI and Wizard (), ITD 3/15
Monika Schmid and Bodie (Bodie From The Lake BN RE NA NAJ MXP3 MXBP MJP XFP THD CGCA), ITD 3/15
Monika Schmid and Shaniko (Shaniko From The Lakes CD RE AXJ XF CA CGCA), ITD 3/15
Marjory Bird and Zeus (TDCH Zeus ITD), ITD 3/15
Nancy Trus CTDI and Solace (Solace ITD), ITD 3/15
Lora Del Page and Nimble (Never Miss A Step), ITD 3/15
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Ecco (American Super Ecco Maree ITD), ITD 3/15
Allison Powell and Charlie (Charlie Vandever), ITD 3/15
Charlotte Dzuba and Brina (Sabrina), ITD 3/15
Dana Gallagher ATDI and Sirin (), ITD 3/15
Dana Gallagher ATDI and Bonsai (), ITD 3/15
Kristin Honey and Casey (Casey Davidson Honey ITD), ITD 2/15
Michelle McClelland CTDI and Lilli (), ITD 2/15
Lynn Simmons and Molly (Molly Simmons), ITD 2/15
Sydney Cosgrove and Lola (Lola Cosgrove), ITD 2/15
Janel Hendricks and Ping (), ITD 2/15
Kim LePoidevin and Piper (), ITD 2/15
Dee Kulbacki ATDI and Gilda (Emily Litella’s Little Nevermind ITD), ITD 2/15
Dee Kulbacki ATDI and Pico (Piccolo Magnus Auribus ITD), ITD 2/15
Louise Twinberrow CTDI and Bobby (JimsPalBob), ITD 2/15
Tina L. Westwood ATDI and Mitch (Corbomite Thru And Thru), ITD 2/15
Angela Lowbridge and Eva (), ITD 2/15
Alison Smith CTDI and JD (Jack Daniels), ITD 2/15
Brianna Crocker and Boss (), ITD 2/15
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Margo (TDCH American Super Margo Scarlette ITD), ITD 2/15
Ken Whitlow and Dudley (Dudley Einstein Whitlow ITD), ITD 2/15
Tina Robinson and Diesel (), ITD 2/15
Naomi Marsh and Bailey (), ITD 2/15
Cheryl Lynn Pinnock and Tru (TDCH Trudy), ITD 2/15
Amanda Wood and Stitch (BCRO’s Experiment 626), ITD 2/15
Pat Engel CTDI and Foster (Foster NTD), ITD 2/15
Trixy Endemano and Ziggy (Ziggy), ITD 1/15
Hailey Goulais and Buddy (), ITD 1/15
Dana Gallagher ATDI and Sophie (), ITD 1/15
Rob Montague and Layla (TDCH Layla Montague), ITD 1/15
Adria Errico and Freya (Freya of Mount Evans), ITD 1/15
Rosemary Wilson and Sophie (Wilson’s Sophie), ITD 1/15
Sandy Cammell and Zeus (), ITD 1/15
Cody Hall ATDI and Ava (), ITD 1/15
Jan Perfect and Riley (), ITD 1/15
Emma McAdams and Amelia (), ITD 12/14
Janice DeMadona CTDI and Sally (Sally Demadona), ITD 12/14
Rachel Fliger CTDI and Bella (), ITD 12/14
Joni Grant and Tinker (TDCH ), ITD 12/14
Glenda Cusker and Maybelline (), ITD 12/14
Terri Kuczynski and Kate (), ITD 12/14
Priscilla Donahue CTDI and Kenya (Kenya Donahue), ITD 12/14
Sharon Grant CTDI and Sherlock (), ITD 12/14
Kate Gasson CTDI and Boo (Boonville Tickety Boo), ITD 11/14
Megan Kaczmarczyk and Ryder (), ITD 11/14
Carrie Gauthier and Kobi (), ITD 10/14
Sara Scott ATDI and Ranger (), ITD 10/14
Linda Scannell and Annie (TDCH Lil Orphan Annie Comes Home ETD), ITD 10/14
Kathi Hall CTDI and Maisy (), ITD 10/14
Katy Hall and Lucy (), ITD 10/14
Gilly Moore and Hope (), ITD 10/14
Sara Beth Pinson CTDI and Nimbus (Pie in the Sky NTD), ITD 10/14
Debbie Bickford CTDI and Ludo (SDCH TDCH Ludo Bickford ITD), ITD 9/14
Elizabeth Lobato and Haley (Haley Lobato), ITD 9/14
Dianne Gabel and Dallas (Giddy-Up-N-Go Dallas ITD), ITD 9/14
Debbie McCormick and Lola (), ITD 9/14
Debbie Sherman CTDI and Yahtzee (Yahtzee Fun & Games), ITD 8/14
Barbara L. Zeiger and Rex (Lehew’s Nobel Hunter of Timber Ridge ITD), ITD 8/14
Kathi Hall CTDI and Maggie (Maggie Mae ITD), ITD 8/14
Yolanda Freeman CTDI and Sammy (), ITD 8/14
Nancy C. Lech CTDI and Emerald (TDCH Emerald May ITD), ITD 8/14
Kristen Sivitilli CTDI and Parker (Parker Sivitilli), ITD 8/14
Kristen Sivitilli CTDI and Gaïa (Gaïa Burns), ITD 8/14
Britni Ratliff ATDI and Lucy (), ITD 8/14
Megan Bassett and Rufus (TDCH Rufus Bassett), ITD 8/14
Renee Clifton and Zachary (), ITD 8/14
Felicia Wynn and KC (KC Wynn), ITD 8/14
Dani Hudson and Mack (TDCH McKinley ‘Mack’ Hudson), ITD 8/14
John Peca-Medlin and June (), ITD 7/14
Jeanne McNeil and Zeke (), ITD 7/14
Marisha Maier CTDI and Molly (Molly), ITD 7/14
Julian Warme and Luna (), ITD 7/14
Arlette Nicaise and Cleo (Cleopatra), ITD 7/14
Dana Harris and Jade (TDCH Jady Lady Harris BN RE OA AXJ OF CGCA ITD), ITD 7/14
Kate Lloyd CTDI and Badger (TDCH ), ITD 7/14
Heather Aultman and Max (), ITD 6/14
Samantha Hulin and Tobi (Tobi The Zombie Hulin), ITD 6/14
Sara Beth Pinson CTDI and Icey (Icing on the Cake MX MXJ MJB OF CA CGCA ATD), ITD 6/14
Sara Beth Pinson CTDI and Bailey (Boot Scootin’ Boogie Bailey AXP OJP CA), ITD 6/14
Marcy Zweerink and Dalton (), ITD 6/14
Marcy Zweerink and Waldo (), ITD 6/14
Marilyn Valencia and Alice (Alice Valencia NTD), ITD 6/14
Wendi Mitzel and Bristol (Thunder Valley Short Stack), ITD 6/14
Lisa King CTDI and Megan (King’s Margarita ITD), ITD 5/14
Kathleen Jenkins and Alleye (), ITD 5/14
Cameo Perry CTDI and Cash (Cassus James), ITD 5/14
Janine Hamlin and Kodiak (ReyDunc’s Wiley Little Bear), ITD 5/14
Mary Witter and Casey (Casey R. Doodle ITD), ITD 5/14
Kelly Schumann CTDI and Balto (Balto ITD), ITD 5/14
Jessica Temple and Theo (Theo Danger Temple), ITD 4/14
Lisa Caper CTDI and Loki (), ITD 3/14
Brittany Robinson CTDI and Penelope (Penelope), ITD 3/14
Laura Bridges and Gabby (Gabby Bridges), ITD 3/14
Chloe Nunn and Archie (), ITD 3/14
Cassandra Dufresne and Zoey (), ITD 3/14
Lisa Sipe and Sundance (), ITD 3/14
Monica Gobeli and Rocky (Rocky Gobeli, CGC, Therapy Dog, ITD), ITD 3/14
Laura Bridges and CeCe (CeCe Bridges), ITD 2/14
Heidi Dulac and Mollie (), ITD 2/14
Lori Leonard CTDI and Dex (), ITD 2/14
Christina Young CTDI and Kodiak (Kodiak), ITD 2/14
Lori Leonard CTDI and McKay (McKay), ITD 1/14
Breanna Norris CTDI and Helo (), ITD 1/14
Jenny Brawley and Duncan (), ITD 12/13
Anna Pettersson ATDI and Linnea (Linnaea Borealis Pettersson CGC ITD), ITD 12/13
Tarra Palyok and Smokey Mudd (), ITD 12/13
Lori Leonard CTDI and Mercedes (), ITD 12/13
Charlynn Turner CTDI and Abby (Little Miss Dynamite Abby ITD), ITD 12/13
Nancy Boylan CTDI and Sundae (Butterscotch Sundae (AKC Canine partner) ITD), ITD 12/13
Charlynn Turner CTDI and Haley (Miss Princess Haley ITD), ITD 12/13
Jean Goodale and Ben (Benjamin Moore Goodale), ITD 11/13
Paula Martyn and Chica (), ITD 11/13
Kate Hinner CTDI and Zorro (), ITD 11/13
Dru Therrian CTDI and Daisy (), ITD 10/13
Diane Chervenak and Nellie (Nellie Chervenak), ITD 10/13
Carole Husein CTDI and Sally (TDCH ), ITD 10/13
Rachel Fein CTDI and Kali (), ITD 10/13
Beth Mann CTDI and Bob (), ITD 9/13
Cassie Zydek and Kane (TDCH Kane A Roo CL2 CL3 CGC ITD), ITD 9/13
Cassie Zydek and Dixee (Miss Dixee CL1 ITD), ITD 9/13
Kenneth Johnson and Charlie (Charlie Johnson), ITD 7/13
Robin Bullock and Wrigley (Log Cabin’s Wrigley), ITD 6/13
Julie Houk CTDI and Stella (Stella), ITD 5/13
Terry Clark and Callie (Callie), ITD 5/13
Lia Raitt and Campbell (Brisco County Campbell ITD), ITD 4/13
Rachel Lane CTDI and Dustin (TDCH Dustin Alexander Lane), ITD 4/13
Kim Bond and Capone (Capone), ITD 3/13
Ashley Boyd and Rosco (Rosco), ITD 3/13
Julie Evans and Molly (Molly), ITD 3/13
Michelle Nerren and Piper (Princess Piperella Louise), ITD 2/13
Robin Murray CTDI and Simon (TDCH Simon “Spike” Murray ITD), ITD 2/13
Brian La Van and Callie (Callie, ATD, (TG-N, NCC, WV-O, O-OAC, O-TN-O,O-OJC (NADAC Agility))), ITD 2/13
Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Kiwi (), ITD 1/13
Alexis Swain and Kody (Kody), ITD 1/13
Katie Wernham and Jenny (Jenny), ITD 1/13
Katie Wernham and Ellie (Ellie), ITD 1/13
Lindsay Oakley CTDI and Marlee (TDCH Marlee ITD), ITD 12/12
Cari Kaska and Keener (Keener), ITD 12/12
Lea Griffin and Ladybug (TDCH ), ITD 12/12
Amy S. Reese and Hoosier Magoo (Hoosier Magoo), ITD 12/12
Christine Harrison and Fleury (Fleury Marie Harrison), ITD 12/12
Jo Trisilla and Blitz (Blitz), ITD 12/12
Hedwig Sebulke ATDI and Struppi (TDCH Struppi ITD), ITD 11/12
Shannon Thier CTDI and Pongo (Pongo), ITD 11/12
Barbara Ronk and Tommy (Tommy), ITD 10/12
Diana Smith and McGee (McGee), ITD 9/12
Kathy Cornelius and Oreo (Oreo Cornelius), ITD 7/12
Sheila M. Bollinger and Scooter (Scooter), ITD 7/12
Diana Liebich and Trapper (Trapper), ITD 6/12
Kate Hinner CTDI and Pancho (Pancho), ITD 6/12
Karen Kathka CTDI and Trevor (SDCH TDCH Trevor’s Nightime Miracle ITD), ITD 6/12
Sandra Stokes and Maya (Maya Hope For Joy), ITD 5/12
Victoria Speyers and Holly (Holly), ITD 4/12
Emily Drechsel and Ruby (Ruby), ITD 4/12
Ashley Castro and Wyatt (Wyatt CGC RL1 NTD), ITD 2/12
Karen Reeves ATDI and Bailey (Miss Bailey of Lincoln Ave), ITD 2/12
Donna Orlowski and Josie (Josi Orlowski), ITD 2/12
Courtney Iannello and Troy (ARCHEX Troy Alexander RN, RL1X8, RL2X4, RL3X3, HIC, CGC), ITD 2/12
Rosalie van Oijen and Roefus (Roefus), ITD 1/12
Katherine Ferger CTDI and Zelda (TDCH Zelda), ITD 1/12
Talia Byers and Bayonet (Byers All In Fix Bayonets ITD), ITD 1/12
Beren Garrity and Ransom (TDCH ), ITD 1/12
Linda Morris and Zoey (Zoey), ITD 11/11
Gina Bardi and Cora (), ITD 11/11
Donna Saunders and Scruff (Scruffy Dog), ITD 10/11
Diana Atfield and Bosley (Bosley), ITD 10/11
Donna Saunders and Stan (Stanley), ITD 9/11
Donna Saunders and Dig (Digger Dog), ITD 9/11
Kelly Jedlicki and Deacon (), ITD 9/11
Sheila Goheen and Lady (), ITD 3/11
Mary Dzialo ATDI and Ranger (Ranger Walker), ITD 1/11
Patrick LaValley and Fausto (), ITD 1/11
Kathrine Bowman and Marbles (Miss Marbles), ITD 9/10
Kathrine Bowman and Clue (), ITD 9/10
Diana Atfield and Olivia (), ITD 9/10
Roger Pink and Scout (), ITD /

Moyen Poodle

Samantha DeDivitis CTDI and Charm (Awesome Paws’ Third Time’s a Charm), ITD 1/16


Jennifer MacEnany and Roush (Wodan’s Roush ITD), ITD 3/20
Heather Clarkson and Swift (Wodan’s Fastback ITD), ITD 3/20
Yvette Piantadosi and Sassy (Nuuk IIK’K’AAK’NAAB TANUS ITD), ITD 3/20
Hayley Bolduc and Nitro (Wodan’s Sidewinder Special ITD), ITD 3/20
Katlyn Taylor and Magnus (Twisted Acres Leaving on a Jet Plane ITD), ITD 1/20
Renata Lendvai and Szotyi (McPotter’s Creek’s Kapor ITD), ITD 9/19
Misty Yohannan CTDI and Moxee (Wodan’s DreamCatchers Moxee Man ITD), ITD 7/19
Yvette Piantadosi and Chris Echard and Magic (Wodan’s Little Bit of Magic ITD), ITD 7/19
Margaret Pontillo and Renata (Twisted Acres Gemini Dream ITD), ITD 11/18
Lynda Koserski and Zwack (TDCH Herdabout Artic Just A Nip ETD), ITD 2/17


Michelle Meandro and Neeji (Nadira D’Elsa ITD), ITD 1/20
Chantal Nault and Nike (Arcadia’s Just Do it ITD), ITD 1/20
Nathalie Lalande and Magnus (Piternyuf Espion Russe at LaLande ITD), ITD 1/20
Martine Bellemare and Aby (Aby ITD), ITD 1/20
Nathalie Lalande and Morgan (Morgan d’Elsa ITD), ITD 12/19
Chantal Nault and Solo (TDCH Can CH Longship’s Destined to be Unique CD WRD CGN ITD), ITD 12/19
Tami Koehle and Boann (Ashmoor’s River Guardian ITD), ITD 9/19
Jean Wilson and Rocky (Ebb Tide’s Always A Rock Star ITD), ITD 5/19
Wendy Sparks and Addie (Addie Merida Sparks ITD), ITD 5/19
Wendy Sparks and Tilly (Dreamhavens Cascading Waterfalls at Oldbay ITD), ITD 5/19
Peggy Pack and River (Dreamkeepers Afloat in the River CGC WD TDN ITD), ITD 5/19
Mary Burke and Zoe (Bluemoon’s Living the Life of Zoe ITD), ITD 4/19
Damian Burke and Suze (Bluemoon’s Crepe Suzette ITD), ITD 4/19
Nina Clare and Tesla (Kivisilman Yleisurheilija ITD), ITD 2/19
Karen Demichele and Diamond (Diamond Teri-Savage CGC ITD), ITD 2/19
Cheryl Smagala CTDI and Finley (Bearbrooks Jersey Girls Rock ITD), ITD 2/19
Dean Edwards and Morgan (Am VN Ch Can UNX GCH Nautica’s Not A Secret Anymore CDX WRDX DDX BDD3 BDDX2 RE CGN Thd Am CD WRDX DDX3 TDD CGC ThDN TKA ITD), ITD 12/18
Erin Zimmer and Meredith (Oceano’s Myth and Legend for Horizon BN RI TKA CGCA ITD), ITD 4/18
Cheryl Cavalier CTDI and Mason (Cavalier’s Mason of Rockcastle Cove NTD), ITD 2/18
Sassafras Lowrey CTDI and Sirius (TDCH Numa’s Sirius Whimsy ITD), ITD 8/17
Heidi Forrest and Logan (GCH Piternyuf Boeng CGCA BN WD), ITD 6/17
Deborah Rothwell and Karma (Kivisilman Yliatlantin CGC ITD), ITD 6/17
Sally Head and Eileen Reedy and Gracie (Amazing Grace ITD), ITD 2/17
Amanda Buse and Nahkohe (TDCH Nordic Wonder Bear w/Me CDX PCDX BN GN WRD DD3 CGC ITD), ITD 12/15
Sarah Love and Rascal (Midnight Lady’s A-Down in Flames), ITD 10/15
Sarah Love and Esperanza (Grand Bear Wow Esperanza), ITD 10/15
Kathleen Holshey and Lulu (Council Cup’s Miss Behavin’), ITD 12/13
David Watt and Sammy (Zambuca Samuel Elijah), ITD 4/12
Roseann Benson and Cleo (Dingle Cleopatra Janetka), ITD 11/11

Norfolk Terrier

Mary Ellen Sheedy and Renny (Trinity’s Great Carolina Ren ITD), ITD 6/16
Elizabeth Jernigan and Schooner (Spring Cove’s Chesapeake Schooner), ITD 10/12
Elizabeth Jernigan and Topper (Tenterra Rockets Red Glare), ITD 10/12

Norwegian Buhund

Jasmine Tata and Kinzi (TDCH Jorund Kinzi ETD), ITD 6/17
Valina Dawson and Otto (Ch. MADEOFGOLDOTTO ATD), ITD 7/15
Valina Dawson and Axel (Zodiac’s Nobel Axel ATD), ITD 6/15
Jamie Van Natta CTDI and Modig (Trollheimen’s Modig Reisende), ITD 1/13

Norwegian Elkhound

Colleen Beckley and Oslo (Ole Oslo Olemann ITD), ITD 1/20
Marlene Schlichtig and Reba (Vikrest’s Styled By Design), ITD 1/16
Judy Lynn Wolfe CTDI and Traveler (Roadtrip Traveler Sam ITD), ITD 4/15

Norwich Terrier

Mary Young and Skittles (Dralion’s Skittles ITD), ITD 9/19
Brennie Brackett and Niles (Ch Castle-Bar Niles of Stonehaven RAE THD CGC ITD), ITD 8/19
Sherry Parker Levy and Cosmo Topper (Bailey’s Cosmo Topper CGC ITD), ITD 6/19
Cindy Schneider and Rascal (Tamarack Teds Shotgun Rider CGC OJP OAP FDC ITD), ITD 6/19
Amy Tombling and Vixen (Aust. Ch. Kivamynk Call Me Elizabeth ITD), ITD 5/19
Joe Nutkins CTDI and Ripley (TDCH Norowic Lady Of Lorien ITD), ITD 9/18
Amy Tombling and Rupert (Aust. Ch. Wynterra First Edition EIC JE ITD), ITD 7/18
Joe Nutkins CTDI and Merlin (TDCH Tebrun Favour ITD), ITD 7/14
Joe Nutkins CTDI and Cassie (TDCH Tebrun Chocolate Muffin ITD), ITD 7/14
Joe Nutkins CTDI and Taylor (TDCH Tebrun Timothy ITD), ITD 6/14

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Naomi McFee CTDI and Cali (Kasomor’s High Caliber ITD), ITD 3/20
Naomi McFee CTDI and Bullet (Kare’s Speeding Bullet ITD), ITD 3/20
Susan Wright CTDI and Snap (Seabright’s Snap to It ITD), ITD 2/20
Susan Wright CTDI and Medic (Redzone’s Running Hot ITD), ITD 2/20
Ruthann Berthrong and Ember (Lakeview’s Bit of Hocus Pocus ITD), ITD 2/20
Barrie Lynn Wood CTDI and Bam Bam (Foxbrooke Bam Bam Little River Dog of Benchmark ITD), ITD 2/20
Mimi Champagne and Merlin (Kare’s Magic Merlin ITD), ITD 2/20
Janice Chase and Widgeon (Roaneden’s Widgeon ITD), ITD 2/20
Leanne Hurl and Mayzie (Kelticfox’s Daisy Head Mayzie ITD), ITD 1/20
Leanne Hurl and Kermit (Foxvale’s Before You Leap to Heximer ITD), ITD 1/20
Kathy Boyd and Red (Little Red Digger Dog ITD), ITD 1/20
Chris Chromy and Cohen (Foxgrove on a Wire ITD), ITD 1/20
Chris Chromy and Nessie (Kelticfox Loch Nesd Monster ITD), ITD 1/20
Anne-Marie Wiedemann and Rowdy (Woodcreek’s Infinite Rebel ITD), ITD 1/20
Crystal Chaput and Sako (Foxvale’s Blazing Guns ITD), ITD 1/20
Olivia Stephenson and Theo (Ch Seaterrace Theo’dorable Lennon ITD), ITD 1/20
Kristin Heiden and Jaeger (EN Ch. Foxvale’s Gipsy Danger CGC BN RE ARCHX ITD), ITD 1/20
Manon Poirier and Sulley (Redzone’s Just Buzz Me Sulley ITD), ITD 12/19
Diane Mac Kay and Filou (Nothwest Filou ITD), ITD 12/19
Sarah Timmermans and Selfie (Tuffntendr Selfie ITD), ITD 12/19
Sylvia Hildebrand and Kirby (Tollwest Mint To Be ITD), ITD 12/19
Lisa Porter CTDI and Talus (Tollwest Summit Fever ITD), ITD 10/19
Lisa Porter CTDI and Revel (Tollwest Revello ITD), ITD 10/19
Julie Rudisill and Junior (GCHB CH Leyline’s Liquid Super Moonbeam CD RE CA BCAT THDN DM DS CGC TKP ITD), ITD 8/19
Lynn Berker CTDI and Rhythm (AKC CH KD’s Whitecross Fast Dancing Waters CD RN AX AXJ CGC TKN ITD), ITD 6/19
Sandra Rivas and Charlie (TDCH Gambit Doglefox ITD), ITD 3/19
Elin Albertsson and Olle (Leringens Hacke ITD), ITD 3/19
Shannon Burns and Mina (SUS QV Dilla Wilhelmina at Ren Arduval ITD), ITD 3/19
Ashley McLeod and Jamie (Uplander’s Scotch Bonnet ITD), ITD 2/19
Rachel Bradley and Jasper (Katyra These Foolish Things For Ruddyduck ITD), ITD 2/19
Grace Edwards and Bam (Kasomor’s Shut Up N Shoot CD DD WC RE JH CGN Am Cd RE CGC ThDN ITD), ITD 12/18
Grace Edwards and Ember (CH Kasomor’s Start The Fire With Manitou CGN ITD), ITD 12/18
Maria Adams and Penny (Tollwest Holly Jolly Christmas ITD), ITD 9/18
Patti Jo Yuswak and Ian (Zephyr’s In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida ITD), ITD 8/18
Lia Raitt and Henrik (Ch FoxRun Javahill Swedish Golf Boss ITD), ITD 6/18
Jordan Henry and Quinn (DoChara’s Fire Opal ITD), ITD 1/18
Adriana Coronica and Kodak (AgileFox’s Picture This NTD), ITD 12/17
Lynne Buxton and Derby (RC Tollers Northern Dance NTD), ITD 10/17
Hannah Ward and Bear (Water’s Edge Bare Attitude), ITD 9/17
Timothy J. Cohen and Cyrus (Cyrus Cohen), ITD 4/17
Joan Armstrong and Aanya (CH Javahill’s Shocking Blue VCD2 BN UD RE AX AXJ WC), ITD 1/17
Sherri Canjar and Phoenix (Marshland’s Rise of a Phoenix JH LOC RA CD), ITD 4/16
Caitlin Quinn and Sadie (Sadie Quinn), ITD 3/16
Lisa Porter CTDI and Fairey (Tollwest Fairey Fleetwing ITD), ITD 11/15
Cherie Bluhm and Echo (Foxgrove’s Reverberates RATN CGC ITD ITD), ITD 6/15
Lynn Berker CTDI and Ryder (CH White Cross Ryver’s Ryder JH, CD, OA,NAJ ITD), ITD 4/15
Lynn Berker CTDI and Rookey (CH White Cross Ryver’s New Player JH, OAP, NJP, RN ITD), ITD 4/15
Lisa Porter CTDI and Cinder (Tollwest’s Taken By Surprise ITD), ITD 3/15
Lisa Porter CTDI and Sriracha (Tollwest’s Sinfully Spicy ITD), ITD 3/15
Lisa Porter CTDI and Spirit (Tollwest’s Wild Spirit ITD), ITD 3/15
Lisa Porter CTDI and Zeppelin (Tollwest’s Whole Lotta Love ITD), ITD 3/15
Lisa Porter CTDI and Skittles (Tollwest Taste The Rainbow ITD), ITD 3/15
Lisa Porter CTDI and Ducky (Tollwest’s Puddle Of Joy ITD), ITD 3/15
Lisa Porter CTDI and Jelly (Javahill Tollwest’s Taste Of Freedom ITD), ITD 3/15
Linda Oman and Berni (CRTollersBerni), ITD 2/15
Caryl Darling and Morgan (TDCH Pikkinokka’s Captain Morgan RN, CGN), ITD 10/14
Michaela Frassine CTDI and Happy (Happygirl Golden Blackberrys ITD), ITD 2/12
Marie-Helene Grzesiak and Quick (Vermilion’s WhamBam Thank You Ma’am), ITD 2/12

Old English Sheepdog

Kate Powell CTDI and Banxs (Banxs Piggie Boy ITD), ITD 11/17
Kathleen McBride CTDI and Alvin (Lambluv’s Joy In Motion ITD), ITD 9/17
Jaclin Dunne and Ralphie (TDCH ), ITD 1/17
Marylu Salaja and Breezy (Windchymes S’Trn Bree-Z Windsong), ITD 5/16
Jaclin Dunne and Kobuck (Bugaboo’s Gotta Flirt ITD), ITD 1/16
Jaclin Dunne and Polly (TDCH Polly Wolly ITD), ITD 1/16
Leslie Roteck and Fred (Hug’s I Didn’t See the Radar Gun), ITD 4/15
Dana Stafford and Piper (TDCH Jelabobs My Dream Come True), ITD 3/15
Jil Sloan and Bentley (Bentley Austin Buckeye ITD), ITD 8/14

Olde English Bulldogge

Lindy Barrie and Arthur (Arthur ITD), ITD 2/20
Bethany Keske and Buster (), ITD 5/19
Christine Adams CTDI and Hank (), ITD 2/19
Terri Hayes and Butler (Olde Bully Bakoa Butler ATD), ITD 6/17


Marie Harbacek and Gandolf (Frivole Gandolf), ITD 5/12


Wendy Wallace and Rumor (Ch. Arkeno’s This Rounds on You UD RM AGI RATN ITD), ITD 3/20
Wendy Wallace and Journey (CH Castel’s Ex Pistol CD RN SN ITD), ITD 3/20
Kira Clarke and Satine (Lanaudiere Bring the Night ITD), ITD 3/20
Brenda Benedetto and Ziva (Reisa’s Zesty Ziva ITD), ITD 1/20
Brenda Benedetto and Sparkle (Littlewings Shooting Star ITD), ITD 1/20
Yvette Piantadosi and Wodan's Iggy (Wodan’s Iggy ITD), ITD 1/20
Ainsley Stapleton and Maisie (Fundy Coast’s Wildest Dream Maisie ITD), ITD 1/20
Agnes N. Fabbian and Neeko (Jaymar Ring the Bells ITD), ITD 9/19
Kaitlyn Ripley and Betsy (), ITD 9/19
France Beckner CTDI and Keynr (Valifyre Nanrich Xlnt Adventr ITD), ITD 9/19
Gloria Flippen and Cricket (Wildfire Quick As A Wink ITD), ITD 8/19
Laurie McClintock and Kato (), ITD 6/19
Andrea Golombek and Queso (EJM Spicy With A Side of Cheese ITD), ITD 6/19
Marie Staffeldt and George (Staffeldt’s Gorgeous Georgius ITD), ITD 5/19
Marie Staffeldt and Charlotte (Charlotte ITD), ITD 5/19
Alexa Arsenault and Wembley (Wembley Arsenault ITD), ITD 3/19
Caitlin Rixon and Remy (Pinklee Fred Astaire ITD), ITD 2/19
Ellen Kurland CTDI and Encore (Startyme Magical Encore ITD), ITD 10/18
Diane Gailit CTDI and Zuma (Honeykyst Zuma In The Sky With Diamonds ITD), ITD 10/18
Jennifer Rosenblum and Harry (JimJac Brave At Heart ITD), ITD 10/18
Jane Douglas and Justin (In It To Win It ITD), ITD 9/18
Jane Douglas and Juno (Nanrich’s L’Only Flutterby ITD), ITD 9/18
Selina Fluker ATDI and Mani (Pilot Mandolin Rain ITD), ITD 9/18
Lin Macdonald and Deja (), ITD 9/18
Samantha DeJong and Taya (), ITD 9/18
PJ Horton and Obi-Wan (), ITD 6/18
Sharon P. Miller and Ezra (TDCH UKC CH Medlee’s Desiderata RAE TKP ITD), ITD 6/18
Dee Ann Kilbourn CTDI and Vivi (Four Wind’s Ya-Ya Sisterhood UDX OM RAE MXP MJP CGCA TKN ITD), ITD 5/18
Lee Ann Jahansooz and Milly (Milly Jahansooz ITD), ITD 4/18
Jackie Bingley and Pipsqueak (), ITD 3/18
Melanie Hansen and Asha (Krystal Apsara’s Pleasant Surprise), ITD 12/17
Sammie Buchanan and Jaxx (Jaxx Teller Buchanan NTD), ITD 12/17
Gayle Avery and Sprig (Bluechip Mistletoe Kisses ITD), ITD 11/17
Maria Kessell and Jammer (Denzel Insignia Blues Jam ITD), ITD 10/17
Yumiko Kayukawa and Kit (), ITD 10/17
Evan Jehu and Angus (Angus Jehu), ITD 9/17
Kathy Schallert CTDI and Zach (Yakety Zack Don’t Talk Back ITD), ITD 9/17
Natalie Szita and Nitro (Meadowind Flying Nitro NTD), ITD 8/17
Lisa Deacon and Orville (MGL-Isle Batchelor Batton of VW CD RN TD TDU), ITD 6/17
Lisa Deacon and Edith (MGL-Isle Edith Piaf of VW CGC), ITD 6/17
Carol R. Lauren-Schmidt and D ( Dickens ) (CH CasaBellas Great Expectations by Dak RN CGC ITD), ITD 6/17
Carol R. Lauren-Schmidt and Tino (GRCHS CH Valentino by Monarch CD PCD BN RE OA AXJ NF T2B THD RATN CGCA NT ATD), ITD 5/17
Carol R. Lauren-Schmidt and Casanova (MACH Casanova’s Midnight Spirt CDX BN GN RAE MXB MJS NJP NF T2B CA THDA RATN CGCA ATD), ITD 5/17
Janna Clarke CTDI and Onyx (Lanaudiere Time for Harmony ITD), ITD 5/17
Lauren Goldsworthy Gomez and RipTide (Shady Lanes Lightning Bolt ITD), ITD 5/17
Anna Schloff ATDI and Jack (Jumpin Jack Flash III), ITD 4/17
Kim DeBenedictis and Gazzoo (KD’s Gazzoo), ITD 4/17
Ronda L. Thomas and Foxy Roxy (Foxy Roxy Lee Lady Heart RN NAP CGC ITD), ITD 4/17
Ronda L. Thomas and Reba Arriba (Reba Arriba Lee Lady Heart BN RA CGC NTD), ITD 4/17
Dee Pigman and Jasmine (Jasmine IVX ITD), ITD 1/17
Dee Pigman and Brody (Pizaz Persevere and Prevail with MICDC ITD), ITD 1/17
Heidi Croft and Harry (Wingssong Get Smart), ITD 12/16
Renee F. Rutkowski and Jacquot (Jacquot Le Pappi), ITD 11/16
Chris Primmer and Jordi (Topflite One For the Money), ITD 9/16
Nancy Juda and April (Magic April Showers of Illusions BN CGCA ITD), ITD 8/16
Mary Hager CTDI and Ricco (TDCH Monarch’s It’s Amore ETD), ITD 8/16
Chris Torgeson and Mischka (), ITD 4/16
Joanna Szydlowska and Charming (Prince Charming), ITD 6/15
Daniel P. Couch and Arbeitsheim Joy (Arbeitsheim Joy To The World CDX, RE, AX, AXJ, XF, CA, CGCA), ITD 6/15
Lezlie Couch and Freckles (TDCH Arbeitsheim Designer Freckles), ITD 6/15
Diana Drewes and JayJay (Lamineros Nintendo), ITD 4/15
Diana Drewes and Toffee (Lamineros Toffee Fee), ITD 4/15
Britta Kalff and Bjelle (Beloved Bjelle Binti vom Zauberwald), ITD 4/15
Valerie Fergusson and Harlequin (Amicae Quantum Leap to Contecrest), ITD 4/15
Lonnie Amundsen and Bree (Life’s a Breeze), ITD 3/15
Joan Dandy and Bentley (TDCH ), ITD 8/14
Angelica Steinker and Bella (Wild Card Adorable Arabella), ITD 7/14
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Arden (SDCH TDCH Braylor’s Arcadian Forest of Eve ITD), ITD 3/14
Anne Money ATDI and Brandie (Brandie Money), ITD 7/13
Dave Sellers and Jerry (Jerry Kizmets Last Hurrah), ITD 5/13
Gail Beerman CTDI and Chloe (Bountiful Fields of Clover), ITD 4/13
Margaret Henigman and Fleur (Ch Littlewing’s Satin Flower ITD), ITD 4/13
Diana Squicciarini CTDI and Glinda (TDCH SDGCH Medlee’s Ruby Slippers CGC ITD), ITD 4/13
Gail Hundley and Charlie (Peanut’s Charlie Brown ), ITD 6/12
Linda White CTDI and Darby (Buster’s Dar She Blows), ITD 9/11
Linda White CTDI and Buster (Gamblers Busterbrown White), ITD 3/11

Parson Jack Russell Terrier

Lesley Beeney and Polly (), ITD 6/19

Parson Russell Terrier

Cindy Hosler and Eve (Hosler’s Eve ITD), ITD 2/20
Sarah Novak and Tula (Boldheart’s In Perfect Balance ITD), ITD 1/20
Jo Barber and Kipper (Auldtoby Kennels ITD), ITD 1/20
Edith Gravel and Zomby (TDCH Zomby ITD), ITD 1/20
Marie-Claude Lantagne and Graphitie (Snow Valley Graphitie ITD), ITD 1/20
Marie-Claude Lantagne and Style (Snow Valley D’Mon Style ITD), ITD 1/20
Marie-Claude Lantagne and Bagnole (Double Barrel’s Dixie D’Mon ITD), ITD 1/20
Sandra Madison and Ghost (Heart-Songs Ghost of Traveller of Foxwarren ITD), ITD 7/19
Laura Foster and Colin (Hoolmark Paleface ITD), ITD 2/19
Sue Chacon and Chica (), ITD 10/18
Pat Robards and Parker (Jacklands Parker ITD), ITD 6/18
Gail L. Friedman and Mr. Friedman (SDCH TDCH Windswept Mr. Friedman ITD), ITD 3/18
Sharon Page and Copper (TDCH Res-CU ITD), ITD 4/17
Wendy Cook and Bandit (TDCH Auldtoby’s Bounding Boy), ITD 7/15
Liz Carter ATDI and Effin (Jacks Wild The Bro Code), ITD 7/15
Mark Timmins and Rosie (TDCH ), ITD 6/15
Kathy Weaver CTDI and Cody (TDCH Silver Creek Kodachrome ETD), ITD 2/15
Liz Carter ATDI and Isabella (Jacks Wild Wicked Game), ITD 12/14
Liz Carter ATDI and EV (Jacks Wild Have You Met Ted?), ITD 12/14
Angelika Wicker and Luna (Rymshott Mattie Ross at Whitegang), ITD 10/14
Edie Williams CTDI and Magic (Magic Johnson), ITD 2/12

Patterdale Terrier

Emma Phillips and Pumba (Call Me Mr Pig ITD), ITD 1/20
Hélène Bouthillier and Lili (), ITD 10/19
Kate Turnbull and Toby (), ITD 2/18
Jillian M. Carney and Missy (), ITD 1/18
Vanessa Rush and Cooper (), ITD 10/17
Shelly Hanwell and Shea (), ITD 5/15
Emma Dowson and Daisy (), ITD 11/14


Emma Kate Frazier and Newt (Newton Scamander ITD), ITD 7/19
Tiffany Jorgensen and Noodles (Noodles), ITD 5/12

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Sandra Brewster and Ava (Oakleaf Tiny Dancer At Curig ITD), ITD 3/20
Sandra Brewster and Fergus (BredRight’s Fun With Fergus ITD), ITD 3/20
Megumi Maudhoo ATDI and Panko (TDCH Panko Tenma Maudhoo ITD), ITD 2/20
Jim Hager and Penn (Bingo’s All About The Pennjamins ITD), ITD 2/20
Jennifer Graham and Ernie (Ernie ITD), ITD 2/20
Barbara Farrell and Jinty (TDCH Ravinel The Supernatural Jinni ITD), ITD 11/19
Tracy Wood CTDI and Risen (TDCH Risen ITD), ITD 11/19
Desiree Leigh and Kirby (Edenfaire Orange Simply the Zest ITD), ITD 11/19
Lucretia Van Vorst and Zephyr (Soft Southern Breeze from Countryside ITD), ITD 10/19
Ruth Bush and Baxter (4 Sail’s Briarbush Baxter ITD), ITD 10/19
Ann Pribyl and Bailey (Gayhearts Couldn’t Be Better ITD), ITD 10/19
Alyssa Ramos and Maslow (Outlands Theory of Human Motivation ITD), ITD 10/19
Barbara Hansen and Danny (Motch Cidel Danny Boy CGN HT TH SDN CGC HT CW-SD SDA ITD), ITD 9/19
Stephanie de Champlain and Gimli (Elisa Corhil Sweetango ITD), ITD 9/19
Barbara Farrell and Dana (MACH13 Imaginethat’s Best Bib ‘N Tucker PAD PJD MFB TQX T2B MXB4 MJB5 ITD), ITD 7/19
Debra Kuhn and Chloe (Chloe Wollye Baer Kuhn CGC ITD), ITD 6/19
Andrea Golombek and Rolo (Tri-umph ‘Tis A Wonderful Life ITD), ITD 6/19
Wan Qi Luo and Lord Edgar (Lord Edgar of Hamilton ITD), ITD 6/19
Michelle Hill CTDI and Yadi (Yadi for the Love of the Game ITD), ITD 2/19
Susan Bearden and Ellie (Honeyfox Paradise Falls ITD), ITD 2/19
Lisa Gerlinger and Porter (UKC CH. FLF Anything Goes ITD), ITD 2/19
Jeanine Brown and Jazz (TDCH Ravinel Little Light of Mine ITD), ITD 11/18
Lesa Daugherty and Kelsie (CH Heaven Scent’s Kiss My Blarney Stone ITD), ITD 10/18
Lori Bunch and Tucker (), ITD 10/18
Kathy J. Schmidgall and Pryor (Stonwyke’s Moonspun Magic ITD), ITD 9/18
Sharon Cerny and Dora (MACH Channelsyde Polka Dot’N Moonbeams TDU RI MSB MJG TKN ITD), ITD 7/18
Susan Havard and Milo (Sir Milo ITD), ITD 7/18
Madeline Martin and Mormo (Mormo of Wallace ITD), ITD 5/18
Abigail Schneider and Gypsy (Gypsy Rose NTD), ITD 3/18
Jane Trude and Piper (Beau Renaro’s Flight of Fancy ITD), ITD 3/18
Barbara Farrell and D'Arcy (TDCH Drifan Imaginethat Windswept ITD), ITD 2/18
Melissa Renick and Connor (Redfox’s Lucky Devil At Sunflower ITD), ITD 2/18
Samantha Williams and Dexter (Kantishna Caamora Boy Genius NTD), ITD 1/18
Samantha Williams and Diva (Golden Road’s A Cappella NTD), ITD 1/18
Jim Hager and Poppy (Triad Tresaith Licorice Lollipop ITD), ITD 10/17
Kim Johnson and Teagan (R Mister Teagan TKI ITD), ITD 9/17
Sis (Emily) Taylor and Tooey (Lonesome D I Bark A lot Too), ITD 9/17
Darcy Peters and Walter (), ITD 8/17
Cindi Stanesic and Logan (Dremwinds Wolverine No. 125), ITD 7/17
Lacey Kobriger and Pan (), ITD 5/17
Jim Hager and Tango (Croswynd Formal Tactics ITD), ITD 4/17
Marty Abair and Kirby (Sippiwisset Curb Your Enthusiasm), ITD 4/17
Lynda Ingalls and Winston (Lllandian Little Winston NTD), ITD 3/17
Barb Henigman and Toby (Toby Beau II), ITD 10/16
Jamie Lamont CTDI and Sherman (), ITD 9/16
Elena Miskowiec CTDI and Stella (Sheza Lil Wannabe Star ITD), ITD 8/16
Jessica Radcliff and Bigeera (Radcliff’s Bigeera ITD), ITD 7/16
Jessica Radcliff and Eevee (Radcliff’s Eevee ITD), ITD 7/16
Debbie Karnes and Henry (), ITD 4/16
Megan Harpster and Chaz (Chaz IV), ITD 2/16
Stacy Holtz and Annie (Cibola Little Sure Shot Oakley ITD), ITD 11/15
Tina Clifton and Henry (), ITD 10/15
Alan & Stacy Holtz and Cody (Buffalo Bill Cody 2nd Chance ITD), ITD 9/15
Samantha Kindred and Charlie (Charlie Corgington), ITD 9/15
Kimberly Jo Hughes and Baylor (), ITD 5/15
Lori Nichol CTDI and Nick (Lemony’s Fortunate Event), ITD 3/15
Rosalyn Franta Kulik and Canny (Tim Tam Wabash Cannonball), ITD 3/15
Naomi Marsh and Bashi (TDCH ), ITD 2/15
Sue Maltais and Taz (), ITD 1/15
Lori Nichol CTDI and Teller (Amsburg’s Odeon Now Showing ATD), ITD 1/15
Lori Nichol CTDI and Emmy (TDCH Academy’s Choice ETD), ITD 1/15
Natalie Eichelberger CTDI and Luna (Luna VIII), ITD 1/15
Laurie Spease and Kes (Triad Kestrel Feather ITD), ITD 12/14
Laura Hamer and Snitch (Northrun HP’s Golden Snitch), ITD 2/14
Susan Brogan CTDI and Finn (TDCH Elf Saddle Finrod Edennil CGC RL1 ITD), ITD 12/13
Clarissa Bergeman CTDI and Simon (TDCH Elf Saddle Simon Fitzrowdy), ITD 12/13
Susan Jackson and Jeli (TDCH Absolute Princess Paws On Fire Jeli Beli), ITD 11/13
Cheryl Wise and Ace (Pemmey’s Ace of Hearts), ITD 9/11

Perro de Presa Canario

Rachel Molyneux CTDI and Tico (Sol. DOG’s Rustico ITD), ITD 7/16

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Megan Esherick CTDI and Alice (Clancy’s Down the Rabbit Hole ITD), ITD 11/18
Megan Esherick CTDI and Spice (Clancy’s Pumpkin Spice Ale TD BN RN PCSH CGCA ITD), ITD 11/17
Megan Esherick CTDI and Gromit (Clancy’s Curse of the Were-Rabbit VCD1 BN RE AX AXJ NF PCJH CGCA ITD), ITD 11/17
Megan Esherick CTDI and Muse (CH Clancy’s Poetic Inspiration CD BN RAE ACT1 PCMH CGCA ITD), ITD 9/17
Megan Esherick CTDI and Wally (CH Skycastle Waldhorn of Gebeba VCD1 BN RE MX MXJ NF PCSH CGCA ITD), ITD 9/17
Megan Esherick CTDI and C.C. (CH Clancy’s The Wild N’ The Innocent CD BN RAE PAX AX MXP4 MXPB AXJ MJP4 MJPB T2BP PCMH RATN CGCA ITD), ITD 7/17
Stacey Sandrey and Gambler (CH Carcinet’s Go for Broke ITD), ITD 5/17
Stacey Sandrey and Bailey (Polygor’s Perfect Mischief Maker ITD), ITD 5/17
Mary Evans and Remy (Clancy’s Remy Mon Cheri ATD), ITD 5/17
Megan Esherick CTDI and Salsa (TDCH Ch. MACH3 Clancy’s Bhut Jolokia VCD1 RAE MXS2 MJS2 NF T2B RHX2 CGCA ITD), ITD 5/17
Megan Esherick CTDI and Chili (TDCH MACH6 Clancy’s Capsaicin Rush VCD2 RAE MXG3 MJG3 OF T2B RHX2 CGCA ITD), ITD 5/17
Megan Esherick CTDI and Maya (TDCH GCh. Ch. Gebeba Clancy Poetic Justice VCD1 RAE OA AXJ MXP MJP T2BP NW1 RHX CGCA ITD), ITD 11/16

Pharaoh Hound

Tabitha Perry and Zelda (DC Nefer-Temu For Your Eyes Only FCh MC RAE NW2), ITD 2/16
Tabitha Perry and Sabia (DC Nefer-Temu Samba Sabia Elite FCh CA MC RA OA NAJ NTD), ITD 2/16
Ooneen McGettigan and Osiris (U-CH GCH CH Beltara’s Reflection of Osiris CD BN RN CGC TT UAG1 ITD), ITD 7/15


Lori Stock CTDI and Amy (Amy Trotter), ITD 2/16

Plott Hound

Barbara L. Zeiger and Ziva (Lehew’s Royal Princess of Timber Ridge ITD), ITD 11/18
Phil Walsh and Duke (), ITD 4/18
Shona Gagnon CTDI and Odie (), ITD 8/17


Viktoria Hadlaczki and Morgan (ICH Saregresi International Victory ITD), ITD 3/20
Rebecca Davies CTDI and Scout (), ITD 1/20
Brooke Colley and Briar (Kingscroft IL Migliore ITD), ITD 11/19
Karalyn Bell and Lady (), ITD 10/19
Heather Coiner CTDI and Mason (TDCH Mason Dog ITD), ITD 6/19
Kelly Grace and Fable (Cumbrian Solaris CGC NTD), ITD 9/17

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

William C. Tullock and Loki (Snowhill’s Tait Loki ITD), ITD 10/18


Sarah Shirley ATDI and Cujo (), ITD 1/20
Christine Calace and Rodie (Wreck It Rodeo ITD), ITD 12/19
Christine Calace and Sofi (Sofia Lucia D’Floofio ITD), ITD 12/19
Lisa Ann & Kurtis Theodore Koenigs and Snooker (Snooker Hemsworth Tivan ITD), ITD 9/19
Ashley Hoedel and Abby (Meadowlark’s Dear Abby ITD), ITD 1/19
Alden A. Domrase and Bambi (Alden’s Baby Deer Parti ITD), ITD 1/19
Nancy McDonough and Belle (Belle Ami ITD), ITD 5/18
Darla Rhoden and Beemer (Beemer Rhoden ITD), ITD 2/18
LaVerne Havelka and Suzie Q (), ITD 10/17
Michelle Gordon and Kodiak (BC Poms Clouds Final Bow), ITD 2/16
Rosemary Ferguson and Meshu (), ITD 5/15
Therese Simon and Sammie (Sammie), ITD 9/12
Ann Golding and Teddy (Heaven Sent’s Teddy Bear NA NAJ CGC), ITD 10/11
Sheilah Gibson and Joker (TDCH Joker Lewis Gibson), ITD 5/11

Poodle (Miniature)

Francine Kraft and Marley (Marley Lee Brennan ITD), ITD 2/20
Michel Demers and Scarlett (Scarlett ITD), ITD 2/20
Ho Bum Kang CTDI and Minky (), ITD 1/20
Saebit Kwak and Petit (), ITD 1/20
Coralie Hébert and Dallas (Attitude Miss Dallas Texas ITD), ITD 12/19
and Maggie May (Maggie May), ITD 12/19
Lisa Hansen CTDI and Maggie May (Maggie May ITD), ITD 12/19
Annika Wilund and Zippo (Perias Gorgeous d´Artagnan ITD), ITD 12/19
Karen Sholder and Jasper (Absolute Silver Show a Little Faith CGC TKN ITD), ITD 12/19
Jessica Pratt and Roxas (Sunset Memories of Genova ITD), ITD 10/19
Michelle Hope CTDI and Trinity (UKCCH Honey Bears Colour of Hope ITD), ITD 10/19
Marlene Parish and Jinn (AGMCH.CH. Onnalee Kelmar Jinn RN CDX XP AGSC ITD), ITD 9/19
Colleen Susko and Ghost (Signet’s Eight Three One ILY ITD), ITD 8/19
Roslyn Beaman and Newton (Rosebell’s Defying Gravity ITD), ITD 7/19
Åsa Tova Bergh CTDI and Lira (Nämforsens Lira ITD), ITD 4/19
Melody Murray CTDI and Josey (Ripleys Replay ITD), ITD 3/19
Amie Rittgers and Moxie (Moxie Rittgers ITD), ITD 3/19
Ing-Marie Skogehall ATDI and Eddie (Maylines Endless Love ITD), ITD 2/19
Krista Rusk and Jem (Kandansk Emerging Artist RATI ITD), ITD 2/19
Faye Roche and Brio (Eaglehill’s Little Big Shot ITD), ITD 1/19
Patricia Baima and Bentley (Bentley ITD), ITD 1/19
Stephanie Gill and Mr. Bean (TDCH Absolute Silver Laughing Out Loud ITD), ITD 9/18
Cynthia Margenau CTDI and Kooskee (Kamlyn’s Where the Waters Meet ITD), ITD 9/18
Doris Chin CTDI and Nyssa (Nyssa Light N’ Lively ITD), ITD 9/18
Colette Attewell and Jacko (Sirensong Smooth Criminal ITD), ITD 8/18
Natasha Franca and Stark (TDCH Bellefleet Stark The Dire Wolf ITD), ITD 7/18
Susan Schwarz and Mikey (Mighty Michael Mini RA RN UR01 ITD), ITD 7/18
Sharon Stora and Klaus (Niklaus Castiel Sniffles Stora ITD), ITD 5/18
Milli West and Kona (), ITD 3/18
Susan Glenn and Ozzie (Palman Mildura Journey NTD), ITD 2/18
Lisa Cox and Jet (Kameo Cruisin’ Altitude NTD), ITD 2/18
Natasha Franca and Saphira (), ITD 11/17
Heike Bettell and Lady (Pudlian Lady), ITD 11/17
Chantal Rioux and Sundae (CH Palman Sundae Play’n for Keeps), ITD 11/17
Denise Graham and Roxy (Horizon’s Diamond in the Sky), ITD 11/17
Pamela McElrath and Luna (Deagra Divine Undeniable ITD), ITD 11/17
Maureen Urso and Finley (Finley Urso ITD), ITD 10/17
Pamela McElrath and Star (Songbird Celestial Spitfire ITD), ITD 10/17
Kat Edrington and Kodi (Ash’s Mystical Commander Kodiak ITD), ITD 10/17
Pamela McElrath and Ace (Songbird Stack the Deck ITD), ITD 10/17
Camilla Chu and Truffle (Groomroom’s Rockin’ Red Robin ITD), ITD 9/17
Katy Stewart CTDI and Drake (Rosemel’s Sir Drake ITD), ITD 8/17
Shawn Bird and Kiltti (MRang Quite Outlandish Style ITD), ITD 8/17
Tracy Maguire and Lucy (Lucy Maguire NTD), ITD 7/17
Tracy Maguire and Sarah (Sarah Maguire NTD), ITD 7/17
Chantal Rioux and Mocha (CH Adelheid’s Coffeebean), ITD 7/17
Debby DaCosta CTDI and Pynk (Jysta Pynk Diva from Golden Regia ATD), ITD 7/17
Debby DaCosta CTDI and Kallysta (Lemuria’s Kallysta Wanna BYu), ITD 7/17
Debby DaCosta CTDI and P2 (Palman Mystic Phantom du Opera), ITD 7/17
Debby DaCosta CTDI and Krystal (Palman’s Krystal Blue Angel), ITD 7/17
Sandy Woodruff and Cyrus (InterCH UKC CH NHD AC AI PTA GCH CH De La Passion Dynamo SPOT-ON FDC CGCA CGCU TKP NTD), ITD 6/17
Margaret Veres and Pia (Pia of Ocala ITD), ITD 6/17
Maureen Koepp and Surfer Girl (CH BlackTie Dancing in the Surf ATD), ITD 4/17
Stephanie Gill and Shimmy (TDCH Campanile Clarion Burlesque ITD), ITD 3/17
Rozlynne Brown and Amber (Alcron Katie NTD), ITD 12/16
Penny Harper and Dali (), ITD 12/16
Marie Black and Luke (Clarion Camelot Skywalker ATD), ITD 12/16
Andrea Friedman and Taz (Lil Bit of Raz Ma Taz), ITD 6/16
Jo Humphrey CTDI and Rio (Lone Star Blue Rio ITD), ITD 4/16
Darlene Kellerman and Kozi (), ITD 7/15
Kathrine Gregory and Lisa (), ITD 6/15
Roslyn Beaman and Bowie (Palman’s Heart of RockN Roll ITD), ITD 5/15
Yuching Desch CTDI and Bailey (Bailey Desch), ITD 4/15
Marion Kong and Fizz (Arbaybee Give Em Hell at Whipcord), ITD 2/15
Amanda Beaubier and Jasper (Tyramara’s Jasper Rules), ITD 11/14
Catherine Pecoraro and Charis (), ITD 11/14
Emily Mulholland and Todd (Clanmirei All Dancing Mister Todd), ITD 5/14
Betsy S. Newsome CTDI and Toby (CH Rockhill’s How Do Ya Like Me Now), ITD 5/14
Penny P. Noriega CTDI and Springer (TDCH ), ITD 3/14
Katherine Bligh and Sammy (Sammy Bligh), ITD 2/14
Cheryl Becker and Magic (Adelheid’s Vanda Blue Magic), ITD 2/14
Kim Kane CTDI and Jiffy Jay (TDCH Karbit’s Diablo Grande Chili Pepper), ITD 1/14
Elizabethanne C. Stevens and Chase (Clarion to Catch a Thief, TD, RN, WV-N, TN-N, JS-N, NFD, CRO-II, ATD), ITD 10/13
Lyn Witts and Pippa (Pippa Witts RN, DWDF/S), ITD 7/13
Lyn Witts and Millie (Millie Witts RN), ITD 7/13
Janet Amighi and Cicero (Pocket Full of Sunshine), ITD 6/13
Cheryl Becker and Little (Little Wim), ITD 11/12
Julia Seaborn and Pippin (Elire Machiato), ITD 10/12
Jan Conradt and Lucy (Lucy Rose), ITD 4/12
Jan Conradt and Dickens (Dealer's Little Dickens of Bonheur), ITD 4/12
Sherril Lilly CTDI and Mister Tibbs (Reignon They Call Me Mister Tibbs), ITD 9/11

Poodle (Moyen)

Linda Jomphe and Pink (Pink ITD), ITD 2/20
Jillian Emerson and Comfort (APAW’s Cashmere Comfort ITD), ITD 12/17
Susan Denchfield and Indy (Independence), ITD 3/16

Poodle (Standard)

Cassidy Poe and Heidi (Heidi ITD), ITD 3/20
Marie Pearson and Gatsby (Vintage Spirit The Great Gatsby ITD), ITD 3/20
Brook Phinney and Zeus (Kalliope Flash of Lightning ITD), ITD 3/20
Sara Craig and Story (CH Edencourt Little White Lie RN ITD), ITD 3/20
William Long and Ruby (Ruby Rose Duchess of Deer Path ITD), ITD 2/20
Ashley Watkins CTDI and Bo (TDCH Cremelulas Mr Bojangles ITD), ITD 2/20
Lena J. Lange and Prince (Royal Prince ITD), ITD 2/20
Helena Florin and Ila (Sagan´s Spectre ITD), ITD 1/20
Peggy Wier and Todd (Riant Blew By You BN RA NJP BCAT CGC TKN ITD), ITD 1/20
Diane Carpentier and Jazz (Jazz ITD), ITD 1/20
Sharlene Pedram and Oliver (Inspired Toffee Sunshine ITD), ITD 1/20
Maryse Brien-Racine and Kihei (Kihei ITD), ITD 1/20
Gaia Mueller and Coco (), ITD 1/20
Rachel Pronovost and Rosie (Elegance Rosie ITD), ITD 12/19
Rose LaBerdia and Louie (ThunderRun Always Look on the Bright Side of Life ITD), ITD 12/19
Kaleigh Wray and Wicket (Violet Sacred Enchanted Sound ITD), ITD 12/19
Amanda Quinn and Quinn (Elkridge Mighty Quinn ITD), ITD 12/19
Seana Florida CTDI and Remi (Kimal’s Seeing Spots ITD), ITD 11/19
Meghan Norris and BaaBaa (Courtieres Reverie En Noir ITD), ITD 11/19
Sarah Faughey and Darla (), ITD 11/19
Tracey Pintell Quade and Loki (Loki Sandstorm ITD), ITD 11/19
Tracey Pintell Quade and Nike (Nike Redmont of Drayden ITD), ITD 11/19
Frances Bluhm and Taz (Shyre’s Razmataz ITD), ITD 10/19
Jenna K. Stokes and Zoe (Zoe ITD), ITD 10/19
Marianne Liljestrand and Kajsa (First Axelle Hearts On Fire ITD), ITD 10/19
Mia Swarbreck and Beatrice (Vibrant’s Bringer of Joy ITD), ITD 10/19
Lisa Wong and Charlie (Kushniva’s Charlotte ITD), ITD 9/19
Jennifer Brown and Truman (), ITD 9/19
Sherlly Widjaja and Kiba (Courtieres Keeper of Meadow ITD), ITD 9/19
Jennifer Farrer and Pharaby Fable (Pharaby Fable of Lake Sai ITD), ITD 8/19
Geri Kelly and Giselle (Crossbrook Sprinkles On My Ice Cream CGC TKN TKI ITD), ITD 8/19
Stacy Denise Bowman and Felix (Noraz Knight Star Huckleberry Finn ITD), ITD 8/19
Jillian Emerson and Genesis (URO2 U-CH APAW’s Follow You Follow Me SPOT-ON ITD), ITD 8/19
Lisa Wanner and Shimmer (Alchmy’s Wunderbar Rule Breaker ITD), ITD 7/19
Jillian Dunaway and Jolie (Gimeno’s Gypsy Jolie Ooh La La Oui Oui ITD), ITD 7/19
Tasha Grieser and Seairsha (Properts Way to the Seashore ITD), ITD 7/19
Jillian Dunaway and Rio (Blame It On the Parti in C Major ITD), ITD 7/19
Tasha Grieser and Wall-E (Shyre’s Down To Earth ITD), ITD 6/19
Jc Coco and Finn (Tambralee’s Come Along With Me ITD), ITD 6/19
Susan M. Lewis and Koi (Violets N Silver KoiDragon ITD), ITD 6/19
Jennifer Orton and Albus (CH. Vic-Tori’s Dumbledore Has Got Style RA CGCA CGCU ITD), ITD 4/19
Jillian Emerson and Henna (APAW’s Harmonious Design ITD), ITD 3/19
Kathleen Gagnon and River (TDCH Arreau’s Joy to the World ITD), ITD 3/19
Priscilla Kornelson and Asher (Gch Crystalton Tees Suspended CGN CA NS HIC ITD), ITD 2/19
Marge Stiller and Oliver (JC Pioneer Twist of Fate ITD), ITD 2/19
Sandy Hulen and Bella (Boshi’s Bella Notte ITD), ITD 2/19
Lia Messner and Jib (Bobcat Running for Glory AX JX N F ITD), ITD 1/19
Judith Stoodley CTDI and Penny (UKC Alt CH Spirit Vintage Keep the Change RATI ITD), ITD 1/19
Connie Large CTDI and Harper (Celeto Won’t You Dance With Me ITD), ITD 1/19
Linda Demkoski and Dawn (APAW Here Comes the Sun ITD), ITD 1/19
Jillian Emerson and Hope (APAW’s Don’t Stop Believin’ ITD), ITD 12/18
Martha Heggie and Isabella (Harten’s Vintage Look ITD), ITD 11/18
Cynthia Hektner and Phoebe Rose (Louter Creek’s Mother’s Day Surprise ITD), ITD 10/18
Elizabeth Mason and Addie (Adeline’s Moonshine ITD), ITD 10/18
Jennifer Magee CTDI and Sunshine (), ITD 9/18
Lisa Yarema CTDI and Birdie (), ITD 8/18
Laurie Abrams and Tinsley (Bibelot Argentan I’m a Thinker ITD), ITD 8/18
Susan Schwarz and Arthur (CH Hightide Legendary CGC ITD), ITD 7/18
Michelle E. Fults and Bailey Rose ( ITD), ITD 5/18
Susan M. Lewis and Tor (Kalonece Bodicea Santorini Nyx ITD), ITD 5/18
Chris Easter and Kasey (), ITD 4/18
Deanna Hansen CTDI and Luna (Luna Hansen’s Moonlight & Shadows ITD), ITD 4/18
Joan M. Wilson and Bentley (TDCH Tree Top’s Start me Up ITD), ITD 3/18
Vonnie Owens and OZ (Mar-Von’s Great & Powerful OZ ITD), ITD 3/18
Charlene Ewald and Ryder (Knight Rider II ITD), ITD 2/18
Val Schweickhardt and Jamie (Patriot’s Life of Riley NTD), ITD 2/18
Ellen Becker and Keeva (Silkens Keeva Irish Rose NTD), ITD 1/18
Tasha Grieser and Miya (Miyazaki’s Secret Element ITD), ITD 1/18
Shelly Reinke and Burl (TDCH Burl), ITD 1/18
Anita Quinn CTDI and Jax (TDCH Jackson ITD), ITD 12/17
Natasha Franca and Cleo (Cleopatre Etoile ITD), ITD 11/17
Desiree Lerro and Freckles (Freckles are Forever), ITD 11/17
Deborah L. Foster and Kareem (Violet Skies N A Noble Knight ITD), ITD 11/17
Deborah L. Foster and Sparkle (Am.Can.Ch.Violet Sparkle Of My Eye RN CGN/AKC HIT RI ITD), ITD 11/17
Jillian Emerson and Atlas (U-CH APAW Map Out The World URO1 UWP ITD), ITD 11/17
Susan K. Brubaker and Percy (Family Affair’s Sir Percy ITD), ITD 10/17
Kaleigh Wray and Olivia (TDCH Violet Enchanted Sky ITD), ITD 10/17
Kat Edrington and Gibson (Alemir Dance Like Nobody’s Watching ITD), ITD 10/17
Deborah L. Foster and Shimmer (Can.Ch.Violet Shimmering Sensation RI RA CGN/AKC RN ITD), ITD 10/17
Mary Ann Eustis and Cheers (Carlyn’s Southern Comfort ATD), ITD 9/17
Jillian Emerson and Eclipse (U-CH APAW’s Total Eclipse of the Heart UR02 ITD), ITD 9/17
Mary Ann Eustis and Dandy (Lockspur Yankee Pudel Dandy CD RN NJP THDA ATD), ITD 9/17
Deborah L. Foster and Santos (Am.Can.Ch.Violet Sky Above TP RE CD CGN/AKC CD RA CGC HIT ITD), ITD 9/17
Raechel Drill CTDI and Oliver (TDCH Tova’s Onyx To Goodness NTD), ITD 8/17
Audrey Oglesby and Olive (PV Dazzling Olive Penne ATD), ITD 8/17
Rose LaBerdia and Stella (Waypoint’s Step III Storm’s A Brewin’ ITD), ITD 8/17
Mary Ann Eustis and Deacon (TDCH Whisper Ridge North to Alaska RN TD RATCHX CGC ETD), ITD 8/17
Sarah Learn and Tye (Isle of Black Tye Optional), ITD 7/17
Suzanne Upshall and Sophie (Edencourt Pearls of Wisdom), ITD 7/17
Karen Weaver and Atom (Lynroy Atomic Secret ATD), ITD 6/17
Nancy Rosen and Lily (Dymond Studded Hearts), ITD 6/17
Heidi Forrest and Bixby (Bixby Knolls Hidden Treasure RN CGC BN), ITD 6/17
Faye Shank and Benny (TDCH Benjamin Rosebud Galen ETD), ITD 5/17
Dennis Kreba CTDI and Jack (Morningson Adam), ITD 5/17
Lori Walker and Griffin (Family Affair’s Game On), ITD 4/17
Jette Cochran and Bettie (Bettie of Six Pines NTD), ITD 4/17
Pam Rogge and Fleurette (MACH 2 Fleurette Marie II), ITD 3/17
Pam Rogge and Jeeves (MACH 3 PACH Blue Sky Gentleman Jeeves ITD), ITD 3/17
Lezlie Couch and Magic (TDCH Saneval’s Summertime Magic ETD), ITD 2/17
Nicole Rubin and Weasley (Weasley of Golf), ITD 2/17
Kimberly Tyndall and Si (Louter Creeks Simply Irresistible), ITD 1/17
Marie Black and Riley (Saneval Summertime Flyboy ATD), ITD 1/17
Rose LaBerdia and Beemer (Baby Dog Beemer ITD), ITD 8/16
Rose LaBerdia and Star (Galore’s She’s So Sassy ITD), ITD 8/16
Kimberly Ives and Isaac (Pinafore Always In Motion NTD), ITD 8/16
Nancy Beeman and Stormy (Bear Cove’s Eye of the Storm), ITD 6/16
Mary Formaker and Hana (), ITD 6/16
Kris Ives and Tori (Kaycie Alaman Let Freedom Ring NTD), ITD 6/16
Rachel McKay and Dudley (Tropical Red Dudley), ITD 4/16
Eileen Hershberger and Shelagh (Shelagh CD, RN, ATD), ITD 4/16
Mary Kent Davidson and Teddy (Diamond Sky Teddy Beau), ITD 3/16
Mary Kent Davidson and Peter (), ITD 3/16
Patti Stogner and Kejdi (Kedji Kee Stogner), ITD 3/16
Patti Stogner and Kenna (Diamond Sky Ray of Sunshine), ITD 3/16
Shawney Anderson Weisler and Jetty (Wildrose Madcap Jetty ITD), ITD 2/16
Kim Kane CTDI and Monet (SDCH TDCH Sisco’s Stuck On You ITD), ITD 1/16
Katie Marshall and Watson (Dr. Watson, I Owe You So Much ITD), ITD 12/15
Janet M. Baker ATDI and Sky (), ITD 11/15
Lynne Callaghan and Teddy (Threearewild He’s So Fine ITD), ITD 9/15
Karen Holden CTDI and Joy (Int’l Am CH Intrigue Spirit of Laetitia CGN, RE, HIC, AGNS, AGNJS, O-NAC, WV-O, TGN, NAP, NJP, NFP, PCC Versatile Poodle, ATD), ITD 9/15
Connie Large CTDI and Aspen (TDCH Natalie’s Lovin’ Large 4 The Rockies CGC TDI ITD), ITD 8/15
Anita Quinn CTDI and Buster (TDCH Buster ITD), ITD 8/15
Connie Large CTDI and Bevviin (TDCH Patriot’s Lucky Charm R-FE/N ITD), ITD 8/15
Jennifer Harmon and Whisper (Whisper in the Wind CD BN RE ACT 2 CGCA CGCU ITD), ITD 8/15
Cynthia Olcott Blair and Fitzhugh (Sannbar’s Toasted Coconut), ITD 7/15
Karen Holden CTDI and Charm (Laetitia Charmed By A Renegade, RN, ATD), ITD 6/15
Salena Lynch and Cait (Caitlin’s Pretty Cait), ITD 5/15
Jo Humphrey CTDI and Bella (Bella Star ITD), ITD 4/15
Judith Stoodley CTDI and Luna (TDCH Moonshine Magic Moonbeam ITD), ITD 4/15
Katerina Jansen CTDI and Lizzy (TDCH ), ITD 2/15
Wendy Wahman and Jody (Desert Reef’s A Boy Named Jody), ITD 2/15
Valerie Vetter and Joya (Christal’s Chromed out Classic Silver Dawn CGC, CGCA, THerapy Dog, Reading Paws Dog), ITD 1/15
Cathleen McAllister and Pink (AKC Katie’s Redline Pink Cadillac), ITD 1/15
Laurie Abrams and Lalique (Chrystal’s Chromed Out Classic Silver Cloud ITD), ITD 12/14
Rosemary Wilson and Willow (TDCH Laetitia Willow In A Nightwind ETD), ITD 7/14
Gail Beerman CTDI and Kalia (Windcrest’s Kalia Carolaine), ITD 4/13
Kalin Turri and Oakley (TDCH Oakley), ITD 5/12
Janet S. Dieter and Hershey (Gumieny’s Hershey Bar Brown), ITD 12/11
Margaret Hibbert and Wendy (Lynroy’s Secret Wish), ITD 10/11
Nancy Jensen and Scamp (Signet Scamp’s the Name), ITD 10/10
Joyce Stargardt CTDI and Annie (TDCH Stargardt’s Annabelle), ITD 7/10

Poodle (Toy)

Nancy Laporte and Zelda (Zelda ITD), ITD 9/19
Gary Moore and Charley (Moore’s Charley Bug OA NAJ ITD), ITD 5/19
Lee Rambeau and Pepper (), ITD 5/19
Debbie Bishop and Pixie (Pixie Belle Bishop ITD), ITD 4/19
Åsa Tova Bergh CTDI and Jamma (Maylines Easy Jamming ITD), ITD 2/19
Lynne Crick and Maggie (Margaret Mariah ITD), ITD 8/18
Nanette Perold and Pop Corn (Waylor Pop Corn ITD), ITD 5/18
Melody Murray CTDI and Bebop (Cullen’s Big Bopper ITD), ITD 11/17
Heather Wacker and Maggie (Maggie Minnie’s Miracle CGC ITD), ITD 8/17
Kathleen Cullen and Maestro (Ch Cullen’s Strike Up the Band CRN ITD), ITD 6/17
Kathleen Cullen and Jazz (Ch Chrysalis Swing Time at Cullen’s ITD), ITD 6/17
Melody Murray CTDI and Sassy (TDCH Paisley’s Destined to be Sassy ITD), ITD 5/17
Mary Lantis and Eve (Amity’s Starry Summer Night NTD), ITD 12/16
Karen Anderson and Secret (Hilfiger’s Golden Secret), ITD 12/16
Debbie Brazzil and Jackson (UKC CH Rococo’s Don’t Stop Til U Get Enuf BN RE THDX CGC RO2 NTD), ITD 8/16
Debbie Brazzil and Paris (UKC CH Brazzil’s Pretty Young Thing BN RE THD CGC RO2 SPOT NTD), ITD 8/16
Debbie Bishop and Munchkin (), ITD 4/16
Nicole Vaughn CTDI and Pood (NV My Phillipe ITD), ITD 12/15
Cheryl Slabozeski and Peewee (Peewee Slabozeski), ITD 3/15
Maureen Urso and Buster (SDCH TDCH Buster Urso ITD), ITD 3/15
Lorna Craig and Quincy (Cyndmisty’s Make My Day), ITD 4/14
Ester Hilmarsdóttir CTDI and Mia (TDCH Conan Catchas Mia Millionaire), ITD 1/14
Jackie Pariseault CTDI and Millie Mae (McLeod’s Hannah Montana Parti), ITD 3/13
Cynthia Marqenau and Adam (Sisco’s Who Do The Voodo of Pioneer, CDX,RAE, NAP, NJP, CGC), ITD 7/12
Patti Smith and Toby (Toby), ITD 3/12

Portuguese Podengo

Diane Lowe CTDI and Ozzie (), ITD 11/14
Mimmi Janeld ATDI and Papi (Pappas Charlie The Papi), ITD 9/13

Portuguese Water Dog

Lisa G. Brooks and Raven (Caladesi Raven’s Black Magic ITD), ITD 3/20
Patty McDowell and Baci (Caladesi Baci’s Black Magic ITD), ITD 3/20
Elisabeth Pyykkö Eriksson and Sune (TDCH Waterpassion´s Eastsea Enjoy ITD), ITD 2/20
Astrid Homet and West (CH. Cutwater Where the Wind Takes Me ITD), ITD 2/20
Cindy Gamache and Max (AGMXCh Ch Baywood N Cutwater To The Max ITD), ITD 2/20
Cindy Gamache and Paws (Ch Baywood Wave Of Pawz ITD), ITD 2/20
Sylvie Tardif and Zac (Pattedeau Westminster ITD), ITD 2/20
Michelle Hammerschmidt and Crux (Chulsas Final Descent ITD), ITD 1/20
Bernadette Seward and Chief (Charb’s Drand Champion ITD), ITD 1/20
Shelly Johnston ATDI and Button (Goldwater’s Button Nose CD RE AWD ITD), ITD 1/20
Brenda B. Brown and Mission (Baywood Sask River Mission ITD), ITD 1/20
Brenda B. Brown and Gemma (Baywood Appletini ITD), ITD 1/20
Daria Biasotto and Enzo (Baywood Testarossa Furrarri ITD), ITD 1/20
Daria Biasotto and Tao (Kannbe’s Sun Time at Wanasing ITD), ITD 12/19
Daria Biasotto and Dasha (Baywood Dasha De L’Amour S ITD), ITD 12/19
Tan Crombie and Grace (BigBay High Society ITD), ITD 12/19
Shari Cooper and Stella (Aquadea Primeira Estrela ITD), ITD 12/19
Shari Cooper and Dea (Acostar Aquadea at Birch Bay ITD), ITD 12/19
Sue Ailsby and Syn (Ch. Hunter Sync Or Swym At Dragonair CD DDX BDD RA ITD), ITD 10/19
Pat Vokes and Mauzzi (TDCH Charbr’s Mauzzi Morning CGN PCD ITD), ITD 9/19
Sherry Kreamer and Moxie (Eclipse Belle Starr CGI ITD), ITD 8/19
Marla Skibbins and Kyra (Oreobay Kickin Out the Jams ITD), ITD 8/19
Tammy Hibberson and Quinta (MACH Eauchien’s Quinta CDX RE ITD), ITD 5/19
Marjolein Hicks and Jasper (CH Keeva Bay’s Rocky Mountain High ITD), ITD 4/19
Lynda Ziegenhagel and Maze (TDCH Marinella’s Maybe I’m Amazed ITD), ITD 3/19
Karen Matthews and Keeper (Ridgehaven Keeper of the Stars ITD), ITD 3/19
Lorie Crouch and Journey (GCH Ridgehaven Unexpected Journey ITD), ITD 3/19
Ann Wilson and Reef (Pattedeaus Crown Jewel ITD), ITD 3/19
Tina Morse and Amy (Crosswind Back to Black ITD), ITD 12/18
Rick Oberndorf and Ahava (TDCH MACH Allyn The One Two Love MX MJB XF T2B THD CGC ITD), ITD 8/18
Linda Propp and Avro (Baywood A Legend in Flight ITD), ITD 3/18
Alleah Baron and Janeiro (Marshview Ringed In Gold ITD), ITD 1/18
Linda Propp and Clipper (Baywood Watch Me Fly ITD), ITD 10/17
Patty Johnson and Brio (GCH Bayswaters Bodacious Brio RN BN CD OA OAJ OF TT CGC), ITD 10/17
Debbie Tubbs and Cali (Cortereal Heaven Sent), ITD 9/17
Lorie Crouch and Oscar (MOTCH Rideghaven’s Oscar The Crouch RAE7 CWDX CRB ITD), ITD 7/17
Karen Matthews and Abbey (Deblon’s Glen Abbey at Ridgehaven ITD), ITD 7/17
Karen Matthews and Etoile (Pattedeau Etoile De Mer ITD), ITD 7/17
Paula Li and Magic (Asta’s Moonlight Magic CGC, CD, RE, THD, TDIA), ITD 3/17
Wendy Parker and Kina (MACH Surfdogs Panda Bear Kina Nikol CD RE MXS MJS XF T2B CGCA CWDX ITD), ITD 3/17
Patti Schaefer and Seaquin (Cabriola Seaquin STAR ATD), ITD 12/16
Brad Bloomquist and Sox (), ITD 7/16
Mary Smallwood CTDI and Fiona (Southwind’s From Sea to Shining Sea), ITD 11/15
Theresa Wallace and Coco (Eclipse Rosa Claro ATD), ITD 7/15
Mary Smallwood CTDI and Tango (Glenwoods Getting To Know You), ITD 12/13
Natalie Shafer and Harry (Burntwood Harry Potter), ITD 12/13
Louise Schulz and Bria (CH Devocean Simply Irresistible), ITD 10/13

*Pot Belly Pig

Andrea Myers CTDI and Hewey (Hewey Myers), ITD 4/15

Pra sky Krysarrík - Prague Ratter

Ida Landberg and Tyson (Bloss ITD), ITD 1/19

Presa Canario

Kelly McIntosh and Convoy (Crixus De Cabeza Grande ITD), ITD 1/20
Stephanie Seath and Beau (), ITD 5/18


Megan Hemmer and Winni (Junniper Creek’s Eowyn Winni ITD), ITD 8/19


Steven Bieber and Poe (Lazer Poe ITD), ITD 3/20
Mary Carolyn Stewart and Vivienne (Whynotpugs Vivienne Ida Claire ITD), ITD 2/20
Linda Sue Purkey and Magnolia (Green Gables Misty Morning Melody ITD), ITD 9/19
Linda Sue Purkey and Lolli (Lollipop Of The Pugs Story ITD), ITD 9/19
Cherie Mathis and Oliver (Ansel Oliver Mathis ITD), ITD 9/19
Christina R. McCauley CTDI and Petunia (TDCH Pugnacious Petunia ITD), ITD 7/19
Lisa Wanner and Mushu (Red Dragon’s Spirit ITD), ITD 6/19
Lisa Gerlinger and Amos (Famous Amos Chocolate Chip BN CGC ITD), ITD 2/19
Amy Grimm and Wonder (Whodunit’s Wonder Woman of Lyric ITD), ITD 12/18
Krista Levar CTDI and Yogi (Yogi Levar ITD), ITD 3/18
Maria Guthrie and Eddie (TDCH Casa Blanca’s Edward Scissorhands ITD), ITD 1/18
Donna Mitchell and Chewy (Mitchell’s Mighty Chewbacca ATD), ITD 5/17
Ina Dunlap and Jiminy (Chelsea’s Jiminy Cricket DS CGC), ITD 2/17
Ina Dunlap and Sammy (Marjoray’s Sam I Am CGC RN THDN), ITD 7/15
Christina R. McCauley CTDI and Felix (SDCH TDCH Felix Brooklyn Stallings ITD), ITD 2/15
Kimberly Lewis CTDI and Briscoe (TDCH Kim’s Briscoe ITD), ITD 11/12


Lori Nunery and Belle (Moonshadow Master Splinter ITD), ITD 6/19
Toni-Marie Isden ATDI and Sanka (TDCH Adnama King of Magic ITD), ITD 6/18


Moira Towriss-Smith and Zumi (Catskill Erdelyi Eperke ITD), ITD 12/19
Susan Hanserkers and Mizar (TDCH Akinnaz Xcellent Mizar ITD), ITD 12/19
Lynne Johaneson and Dexi (Mayalu’s Dysis ITD), ITD 12/19
Wendy Milne and Schiller (Catskill Köpcös Kopé ITD), ITD 12/19
Jennifer Nowak and Mayhem (Catskill Mini Mano Mayhem ITD), ITD 8/19
Priscilla Hoobler and Dixie (Szimfonia Dallam Dixie ITD), ITD 7/19
Melita Rogers CTDI and T zi (TDCH Kelprin T zvihar ITD), ITD 6/19
Kay Rackley and Urak (Cuidado Ultimate Urak ITD), ITD 9/18
Marika Foreman and Bikfic (Catskill Battyogo Bikfic), ITD 12/15
Marika Foreman and Csibész (Catskill Acsinnadrattas Acel), ITD 12/15
Twylla Smith and Furgie (Simfonia Alida Furge), ITD 8/13

Pyrenean Sheepdog

Jeanna Gwilliam and Kheva (Norlyght Sebelas of Amienko), ITD 11/13

Pyrenean Shepherd

Mette H. Larsen and Coby (Coby Blue de la vie Pastorale ITD), ITD 2/20
Taryn Hodge and Zip! (La Brise Zip, Zap, Zoom! RN MX MXB MXJ MJB NF CGC ITD), ITD 12/19
Tricia Waples CTDI and Elan (Chaparral’s or Noir ITD), ITD 10/19
Inga Törnqvist and Colt (TDCH It’s Like Colt Always Loaded ITD), ITD 9/19
Diane Trefiak and Fane (Chaparral’s Joie de Vie ITD), ITD 8/19
Sue Roeder and Cree (Hot and Sassy Pineapple Creole ITD), ITD 10/18
Toni Drugmand CTDI and Stuff (All the Right Stuff ITD), ITD 4/18
Ilonka Breen and Bee (TDCH Chaparral’sPetite Abeille ITD), ITD 3/18
Irene Holtzer and Gulliver (Gulliver’s Travel Du Pic D’Espade RN MX MJB XF T2B NTD), ITD 2/18
Donna Whitham and Moqui (Ch Starlytes Keto Golden Girl CGC TCQ NTD), ITD 10/17
Donna Whitham and Tonnerre (Ch Sawtooth Tonnerre de Coolmoor NTD), ITD 7/17
Karen Majka and Tango (Chaparral’s Tango Alegria), ITD 11/16
Tricia Waples CTDI and Hayloh (Chaparral’s Hello Heaven ITD), ITD 4/16
Sue Snyder and Pree (GCH CH MACH Burgerhaus Grand Prix RE MXB MJS OF T2B CA RATN), ITD 7/15
Deb Bauer CTDI and Brinks (Burgerhaus Highway Robbery ITD), ITD 12/14
Sue Woodiwiss and Perre (Wesavi Pierre Cardin), ITD 10/13
Tricia Waples CTDI and Hivernal (Hivernal du Val du Vent Doré TD-ROM RN RA CRNMCL HIC RAT-I RAT-N ITD), ITD 12/11
Tricia Waples CTDI and L’eQuippe (TDCH Wynsume’s Tessa ITD), ITD 9/11

Queensland Heeler

Marilyn Azevedo and Maggie (), ITD 9/18


Emily Cassell CTDI and Tula (Tula ITD), ITD 6/19

*Rat (Domestic)

Monica Turner CTDI and Abigail (), ITD 9/17

Rat Terrier

Michelle McDonald and Kevlar (River Ridge Light in Weight, High in Performance ITD), ITD 10/19
Kathy Bast and JoJo (Raganrat’s JoJo On My Mind ITD), ITD 8/19
Barbara Gorton and Piper (Little Pied Piper ITD), ITD 6/19
Kathleen Fischer and Mazie (Meraki A Star is Born ITD), ITD 4/19
Kathleen Fischer and Ernie (Sir Ernest Barky Pants ITD), ITD 4/19
Joanne Salas and Silas (Silas Garrison ITD), ITD 11/18
Dolores Paroda CTDI and Xoom (Ratitat’s That’s the Ticket ITD), ITD 9/18
Verna Saxer-Gibson and Ezra (Call Me Blessed ITD), ITD 8/18
Annette Murphy-Wales ATDI and CJ (3bf’s K2’s Calamity Jane ITD), ITD 6/18
Pam Wall and Fonzie (Fonzie Flying Rocket Cow ITD), ITD 3/18
Sue Gardner ATDI and Zen (Lil Ranchin Zen NTD), ITD 3/18
Alannah Leavitt and Cassie (Cassie ITD), ITD 1/18
Barbara McKenny CTDI and Kirby (Ratitatt Franibur Superhero CD), ITD 11/17
Tara Sparlin and Onyx (Black Label’s Ready to Rock ITD), ITD 11/17
Tara Sparlin and Chance (Pyxis Not Bi Chance ITD), ITD 11/17
Verna Saxer-Gibson and Halo (Call Me A Blessing ITD), ITD 7/16
Catherine Portlock and Simon (), ITD 2/16
Hattie Nosko and Copper (), ITD 5/15
Edie Williams CTDI and Molly (Molly Pitcher ), ITD 4/15
Megan Lewis and Bogart (), ITD 7/14
Vinnie Augden and Sparky (), ITD 10/13

Rat Terrier (Miniature)

Scott Banghart and Teddy (), ITD 10/15

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Jayme Shelton and Tex (Tex ITD), ITD 3/20
Nicole Dejongh and Nala (Pudejon’s Tail Whipper ITD), ITD 3/20
Marysue Hildebrandt and Kooza (Windana Voodoo Child Kooza ITD), ITD 12/19
Michelle Walker and Benelli Walker (), ITD 10/19
Sydney Speece and Gryffin (Orangewood’s Straight Outta Gryffindor ITD), ITD 9/19
Ellen Gilhool CTDI and Xena (Aariel’s Wild Irish Rose ITD), ITD 6/19
Wendy Monks and Fletcher (Rijbiz Magical Rhapsody CCD HTM.S FS.N ITD), ITD 7/18
Sheelah Gullion and Jabu (Jabulani Catalano ITD), ITD 5/18
Alisa Healy and Ruby (Cartouche Zerah-Ruby ATD), ITD 10/17
Laurie Hynes and Fia (TDCH Flickering Flame Lights The Way ETD), ITD 10/17
Marie-Eve Blanchet and Maika (), ITD 10/17
Sydney Speece and Magnolia (Orangewood’s Ray of Sunshine CGC ITD), ITD 7/17
Liz Druitt and Puma (Tji-Wara’s Cherokee Rose), ITD 6/17
Patricia Pearce CTDI and Rae (Copperridge One In A Million), ITD 5/17
Patricia Pearce CTDI and Rory (Aziza’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice NTD), ITD 5/17
Rachel Culbreath and Reznor (Amadiki Reznar of Rouxridge RN CGC), ITD 4/17
Avril Young and Loki (Jengachenga Atsama for Imanje ShCM), ITD 7/15
Avril Young and Sifa (Jengachenga Bold As Brass for Imanje JW ShCM), ITD 6/15
Avril Young and Mika (Imanje Msitu Mashamba), ITD 6/15
Avril Young and Inca (Veldtkammer Hot News at Jengachenga), ITD 6/15
Mary Kirby and Brady (Asa Brady Kirby), ITD 2/15
Michele Izzard and Shayla (), ITD 7/13


Avery Rudnisky and Lyncoln (Lyncoln ITD), ITD 2/20
Cynthia Boles CTDI and Oskar (Oskar Boles ITD), ITD 1/20
Sue Trout and Mudwiser (Esmonds Mud Wiser Whiskey ITD), ITD 1/20
Dawn Wood and Jax (Player’s Jax A Million ITD), ITD 1/20
Kristi Fraser and Juno (VonStoisch Long a Time Running ITD), ITD 1/20
Brittany Fabbri and Kaiya (), ITD 12/19
Jessica King and Titus (Titus Von Balardhouse ITD), ITD 11/19
Mercedes Melbye and Grace (Royal Edition’s Grace ITD), ITD 10/19
Elaine Martin and Zahra (Jianerot Imogen ITD), ITD 10/19
Lisa Sims and Kenzhi (Von Riddle’s Looking Down the Barrel ITD), ITD 9/19
Janel Bush and Draco (Zircreek Ckyfall My Dragonhart ITD), ITD 9/19
Ashten Powell and Medusa (Medusa’s Wrath Vom Hause Jaras ITD), ITD 8/19
Kristi Fraser and Scotia (Eirians Hellava Ride to Akamai ITD), ITD 6/19
Kristi Fraser and Grady (Akamai London Calling Eirian ITD), ITD 6/19
Malin Åkerström and Budha (), ITD 6/19
Helena Schaerling and Mandie (Go Solids Amanda ITD), ITD 5/19
Anne-Marie Frano and Minnie (Queen Minnie ITD), ITD 4/19
Anne-Marie Frano and Axl (Prince Axl the Great ITD), ITD 4/19
Christine Triggs and Patti (Esmonds Because the Night ITD), ITD 2/19
Brittany Fabbri and Bowser (), ITD 1/19
Åsa Tova Bergh CTDI and Duga (TDCH Crowhills Farah ITD), ITD 10/18
Gwen Mowrey and Captain Morgan (), ITD 10/18
Debra Bach CTDI and Rose (Tallulah CRNI Lotos ITD), ITD 9/18
Carol Schmidt CTDI and Gabby (Player’s Girl Just Wants to Have Fun ITD), ITD 8/18
Sharon Cierniak CTDI and Jet (TDCH Lakeside’s Oskar ITD), ITD 8/18
Jeane Klietsch and Lina (Eirians Rar’n to go Herrschend ITD), ITD 8/18
Jessica Harris and Havoc (Scorched Earth vom Kriegshaus ITD), ITD 4/18
Jennifer Boileau and Zuma (First Juno Von Konigliche ITD), ITD 3/18
Lise Molgat ATDI and Fiesta (TDCH Fiesta Von Der Schlossmuhle ITD), ITD 2/18
Ana Cilursu and Axel (Esmond’s Magnum Challenger TDN HIC NTD), ITD 11/17
Richard C. Tamborski CTDI and SiriSki (Artemis vom Cama Wabak ITD), ITD 9/17
Sue Trout and Pie (Esmonds Suva ‘N Up A Mudpie ITD), ITD 8/17
Sue Trout and Slinger (Harts Mudsling and Slide ITD), ITD 8/17
Tara Rose CTDI and Nakia (Khylor’s Beloved), ITD 5/17
Stanley Dudek and Sassy (Nighthawk’s Naughty ‘N’ Nice V. Purgold CDX, PCDX, BN, RAE, CGCA, CGCU, NTD), ITD 2/17
Nicola Dronoff-Guthrie and Singita (OnTheTown Fancy Free), ITD 9/16
Joel Mbungu and Nala (Nala Baby), ITD 2/16
Ana Cilursu and Zoey (TDCH Twice the Speed of Life PT HT CD RA BN RL1 HIC), ITD 7/15
Moe Mullen and Kellen (Esmond’s Goddess Arianrhod), ITD 5/15
Christine Vertucci and Omar (Omar Comin’), ITD 3/15
Richard C. Tamborski CTDI and Ski (Noble Vom Kolin Strasse ITD), ITD 10/14

Russell Terrier

Elizabeth C. Berthold CTDI and Cricket (TDCH Cricket Jack of Hearts CGC TKE ITD CCF1), ITD 2/20
Elizabeth C. Berthold CTDI and Rugby (Foxfield Rugby Jack Be Quick ITD), ITD 2/20
Symphonie Nadeau and Odette (Odette Alma Libre ITD), ITD 1/20
Alex Geisler and Mr. Bellamy (TDCH Geisler’s Abbey Road ITD), ITD 9/18
Faith Taylor and Annie (River Crest Annie Oakley ITD), ITD 5/18
Kelly Cooper and Dudley (Jolly Jack’s Dudley Doo), ITD 11/17
Kenni Eberlin and Gaelen (Haznow’s Gift of God Leapt into my Heart), ITD 10/17
Kelly Cooper and Jolly (Jolly Jacks Jolly Soo), ITD 8/17
Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Cooper (TDCH SDCH Finnabair Anu Maximum Force ITD), ITD 4/16
Tara Cozad and Roo (), ITD 10/15

Saint Bernard

Katie Hollon and Shimmer (HiCountry Shimmering Snowfall ITD), ITD 12/19
Marisha Maier CTDI and Daisy (), ITD 2/15


Brandie Hudecek ATDI and Moses (Seawind’s Parting Red Sea CCGA TKN ITD), ITD 9/18
Jamie Ang and Avery (TDCH Arrabesq Shadad Salim AI JC ITD), ITD 6/18
Sue Hamm and Lira (GCH Braemoor Thunder Mtn All That Jazz), ITD 12/17
Brandie Hudecek ATDI and Scarlett Rose (Impala Scarlett Rose of Sea Wind CGC ITD), ITD 3/15


Olga Grushenko and Zefir (Zefir ITD), ITD 2/20
Moira Towriss-Smith and Bond (Vanderbilt’s The Romancer ITD), ITD 12/19
Monica Hemenway and Harpo (Ch Polar Star N Polar Mist Animal Crackers CA CGC TKI ITD), ITD 1/19
Sheila McIntosh and Taz (Snobiz Into the Dream ITD), ITD 10/18
Sheila McIntosh and Reuben (Snobiz Flying Without Wings ITD), ITD 10/18
Darla Cassidy and Mikey (CH.Promise’s Mikey Likes Everything CA NAP NJP RATO ITD), ITD 10/18
Darla Cassidy and Diamond (CH. Promise’s Diamond in the Fluff NJP RATO RI ITD), ITD 9/18
Darla Cassidy and Dusty (CH. Quicksilver N Promise’s It’s All About Dusty NAP NJP RATO RI ITD), ITD 9/18
Lisa Marino CTDI and Sorbetto (Alpine Glo’s Signature Delight ITD), ITD 1/18
Mary Wolf and Sarah (Cot’n Pic’n Gin Fizz or Polar Mist), ITD 3/17
Andrea West and Dot (Ivory Storm’s Arctic Point NTD), ITD 3/17
Mary Wolf and Ambrosia (Whytewynds Marshmello Ambrosia, CA, CGCU, THDA, WSXM, HIT), ITD 3/17
Mary Wolf and Daikon (Daimond Drift’s Daikon Salsa NTD), ITD 3/17
Mary Wolf and Taki (Praire Isle Berks’ Shitake Mushroom, TDN, CGCU, WSX), ITD 3/17
Mary Winchowky and Andor (Ivory Storm’s White Eagle of Asgard), ITD 3/16
Anita Gehring and Beau (Mystiwind’s Pepper in the Gumbo), ITD 12/15
Lisa Marino CTDI and Gelato (), ITD 10/15
Lisa Marino CTDI and Zamboni (Windsong’s Ice Princess Zamboni ITD), ITD 5/15
Lisa Marino CTDI and Biscotti (Mystical’s Dolci Biscotti Bacio di Cioccolati ITD), ITD 1/15
Leslie Loughman and Chewie (Chewbacca), ITD 3/14
Sue I. Johnson and Kaya (Arctic Moon Shadow’s Kaya), ITD 10/13
Lisa Marino CTDI and Spumoni (TDCH Mystical’s Favorite Flavor Spumoni ITD), ITD 8/13


Carola Di Perna CTDI and Mickey (SanSouci’s Magic Diamond CGCA BN ITD), ITD 8/14
Bob Schulz and Cici (Kopjecreek’s Call Me Maybe), ITD 4/13


Patsy Michiels and Dazzle (Delorans Bedazzled ITD), ITD 2/20
Isabelle St-Martin and Jinx (Skydance Don’t Jinx It ITD), ITD 1/20
Tilda Carinder and Lexie (TDCH Lövgrodans Nilla ITD), ITD 2/19
Melanie Kenny and Stella (TDCH Ch. Monterrez Star of the Show ITD), ITD 4/18
Melanie Kenny and Theo (TDCH Volnera Smooth Operator ITD), ITD 4/18
Lea Murray CTDI and Raven (Darken’s Two for the Show PCD RN URI NTD), ITD 5/17
Kathy Swan and Joy (Olympic Crest Bright Star), ITD 5/17
Kathy Swan and Gracie (Olympic Crest Amazing Grace), ITD 1/17
Kathy Swan and Missy (Olympic Crest Ain’t Misbehavin’), ITD 1/17
Troy Post CTDI and Kaia (), ITD 8/16
Kathy Lytle and Jade (Danzn Starz Magic Stardust by DHS ITD), ITD 3/16
Laura Wilson and Sonic (Sonic Scream), ITD 7/15
Martha Bailey CTDI and Furby (Mt. Mist’s Perfect Storm ITD), ITD 7/14
Lorraine Moule CTDI and Spud (Ch. Sunrise On Sailors Watch), ITD 7/14
Lorraine Moule CTDI and Chaos (Ch. Mt. Mist’s Spirit of Sunrise), ITD 7/14
Denise Lacey ATDI and Tillie (Kurakuma’s Shelter From The Storm), ITD 5/11

Schnauzer (Giant)

Sue Ailsby and Serra (Firezone Firefly At Dragonair DD NS ITD), ITD 10/19
Mya Kondor and Stanley (Treasure of the HIll Estar Al Lord ITD), ITD 9/19
Evelyn Sickel and Kikka (Lazy VL Annie ITD), ITD 4/19
Marti B. Friedman CTDI and Karma (TDCH Karma Pink Friedman ITD), ITD 2/17
Lindsay Kaye Ohlert and Cassius (Canis Cassius RA CGC), ITD 7/15
Cindy Hoppes CTDI and Dalton (), ITD 12/13

Schnauzer (Miniature)

Lynn Bryden CTDI and J Lo (CH Ashlyn’s My Little Girl ITD), ITD 2/20
Erin Vincent and Ava Grace (MRV’s Wild Thing ITD), ITD 1/20
Jennifer Harding and Daisy (), ITD 11/19
Susan Piper and Ruby (TDCH Ruby Begonia Piper ITD), ITD 1/19
DeAnn Mobley and Ebony (), ITD 10/18
Rhea Hass and Ella (TDCH Hass’ Cinderella ITD), ITD 6/18
Sharon Hutchinson and Arthur (Lichstone Midnight Levi ITD), ITD 6/18
Jo Limmer and Mo (Kajen Loco in Motion ITD), ITD 6/18
Cathleen Handlin and Zoe (Zoe Panda von Alpen-Schnauzer ITD), ITD 6/18
Anita Powell and Loki (), ITD 5/18
Kerri Loney and Gus (Jaydeez You’re Still the One ITD), ITD 4/18
Sharon Hutchinson and Hugo (Lenny Boo ITD), ITD 3/18
Janice Ng and Booboo (Booboo Ng NTD), ITD 1/18
Kaye M. Kirk and Reagan (CH Aristos’ The Great Communicator for OKaye CD PCD BN RAE2 MX AXJ MXP3 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX XF T2BP CAA RATN CGCA NTD), ITD 1/18
Terri Desjardins and Nika (Nika Desjardins ITD), ITD 1/18
Robert Desjardins and Raina (Raina Desjardins ITD), ITD 1/18
Susanne Lindros and Hector (Dattu’s Hector NTD), ITD 12/17
Susanne Lindros and Hugo (Sallsix Daddy DJ NTD), ITD 12/17
Carolyn Stafford and Sophie Rose (Miss Sophie Rose Divine NTD), ITD 10/17
Rhea Hass and Heidi (TDCH Hass’ Miss Heidi THDD CGC TKP ITD), ITD 8/17
Amy McGovern and Arwen (Aristo’s Lady Arwen ITD), ITD 6/17
Amy McGovern and Libby (Rudesheim’s Leaping Libby ITD), ITD 6/17
William McGovern-Fagg and Eve (Aristo’s Midsummer Night’s Eve ITD), ITD 6/17
Alex Jarrell and Flash (Flash Lane Jarrell NTD), ITD 3/17
Erin Vincent and Izzy (Little Miss Perfect Isabella ITD), ITD 3/17
Sheridan Rosewall and Sassafras (Limoges Miss Sassafras), ITD 11/16
Denise Baker and Wilder (Extreme Dream Wild-Thing), ITD 8/16
Denise Baker and Gabby (Dare To Dream Gabriella), ITD 8/16
Charlotte Harmer and Elsa (), ITD 11/15
Charlotte Harmer and Greta (), ITD 11/15
Lynn Hoffman and Rockie (Rockie Hoffman), ITD 10/15
Charlene Staton and Sophie (Meine Liebchen Sophie Juliette ATD), ITD 9/15
Julianne Bishop and Minnie (Happy Memories), ITD 7/15
Mikaela Gustafson CTDI and Angel (TDCH Mikaela’s Little Angel), ITD 4/15
Mikaela Gustafson CTDI and Chloe (TDCH ), ITD 4/15
Emily Wong and JoJo (Sir Dancing Joseph of Motherlode), ITD 4/15
Diane Brown and Bo (CH Mimicker’s It Might Be You CGN RN NTD), ITD 2/15
Natalie Duberow CTDI and Sophie (Darla the Rescued Rascal), ITD 2/15
Susan Kay Gibboney and Midnight (Forever Ready Blessed Midnight), ITD 1/15
Kym Jarvis and Ben (), ITD 1/15
Kym Jarvis and Harry (), ITD 12/14
Kym Jarvis and Hank (), ITD 11/14
Robby Klair and Nemo (Nemo XV ATD CA CGCA CGCU), ITD 5/14
Erik Gordon and Jake (Jake Gordon), ITD 9/12
Sharon Hobbs ATDI and Ava (Ava CGC), ITD 6/12

Schnauzer (Standard)

Jane Pilkey and Polo (Silcort Polo ITD), ITD 8/19
Jane Pilkey and Willow (Silcort Willow ITD), ITD 8/19
Andrea Ferguson Jones CTDI and Caber (Dinsdale’s Highland Fling ITD), ITD 9/18
Linda Dobbie and Jemma (CH Centara Jemma Jewel ITD), ITD 4/18
Lisa Davis and JJ (CH Centara JJ Patron VCDI BN RE FDC NF CGCA CGCU ITD), ITD 4/18
Karen L. Seifert CTDI and Kelsy (Hartgersotten’s Mystic Journey ITD), ITD 4/18
Kim Stephenson and Tally (Dinisdale Loose the Kraken NTD), ITD 3/18
Kim Stephenson and Chaos (Dinisdale Sunshine Lollipop NTD), ITD 3/18
Kim Stephenson and Riot (Dinisdale Distrubing the Peace NTD), ITD 3/18
Andrea Ferguson Jones CTDI and Ryder (Dinsdale’s Weight of a Nation ITD), ITD 1/17


Brigit Jepsen and Cookie (Cookie Monster of B&B), ITD 3/14
Malcolm & Keryn White and Harley (TDCH Harley), ITD 3/13

Scottish Collie

Alannah Leavitt and Dixie (Dixie ITD), ITD 1/20

Scottish Terrier

Ally Mohan and Nova (Daisy’s Midnight Nova ITD), ITD 2/20
Kathy Gasque and Lizzie (Lady Lizzie Churchill ITD), ITD 10/19
Diane Gollowitzer and Dougal (), ITD 12/18
Pat Turner and Piper (SoDak Vanguard Bagpiper of the Clan MacTavish NTD), ITD 10/17
Amy Cheatley and Abby (Gryndlscot Willow NTD), ITD 7/17
Cynthia Hemenway CTDI and Angus (Hemenway’s Angus ITD), ITD 4/17
Kerstin Horvath CTDI and Barney (Sir Barney the Great of Scottiesdale CGCA), ITD 3/15

Shar Pei

Sarah Beurkens and Libby (Ricketts LibertyNJustice Chases), ITD 3/17
Sarah Beurkens and Opal (Rickett’s Opal of Our Eye ITD), ITD 3/17

Shetland Sheepdog

Glenda Harris and Raya (Rivercross First Light ITD), ITD 3/20
Kandis Hall and Flirt (Grandgables A Caribbean Flirt ITD), ITD 3/20
Linda Laflamme and Daisy (Daisy ITD), ITD 3/20
Patty Counihan and PJ (Shelhaven Pajama Girl ITD), ITD 2/20
Patty Rollheiser and Spryte (Cassbar’s Skittles N’ Bits ITD), ITD 2/20
Patty Rollheiser and Oakley (Cassbar’s Future Endeavour ITD), ITD 2/20
Karen Meredith and Kaden (Harmony Fast Break ITD), ITD 2/20
Joyce Shayer and Lincoln (Cassbar’s Full Spirit ITD), ITD 2/20
Nathalie Magnan and Jack (Jack ITD), ITD 2/20
Judith Snowdon and Drummer Boy (Connemara’s Drummer Boy ITD), ITD 1/20
Julia Burgess and Epic (TDCH Heartstrings Epic Adventure ITD), ITD 1/20
Darlene Smith and Rico (Rico ITD), ITD 1/20
Nichole Donnelly and Motley (Amaley’s Perfect Kodiak Bruin ITD), ITD 1/20
Karen Graham Banman and Froster (Cassbar Frosting the Town Balo ITD), ITD 1/20
Nathalie Ouellette and Prana (Prana ITD), ITD 1/20
Valerie Auclair and Zeus (CanCh Bradshaw the Lightning of Zeus CGN ITD), ITD 1/20
Courtney Stevens and Cloud (Herdabout A Silver Lining ITD), ITD 1/20
Courtney Stevens and Kite (Herdabout UpUpAway To Eastecho ITD), ITD 1/20
Courtney Stevens and Echo (Herdabout Bouncing Back ITD), ITD 1/20
Nancy Beliveau and Laska (Selegance Lady Laska ITD), ITD 12/19
Judy Soltesz and Katie (Galenabay Katie ITD), ITD 12/19
Dan Harris and Hudson (Agile Happy Days ITD), ITD 12/19
Glenda Harris and Spring (Ch Galenabay Winter Promise ITD), ITD 12/19
Barb Bell and Finn (Skyehaven After Midnight ITD), ITD 12/19
Joyce Shayer and Cassie (Cassbar’s Miss Cassie ITD), ITD 12/19
Joyce Shayer and Mercedes (Cassbar’s Mercedes on the Run ITD), ITD 12/19
Suzanne Lapointe and Stanley (Shalligy Stanley Black ITD), ITD 11/19
Nancy Beliveau and Souky (Mia Souky de Beau Reve ITD), ITD 11/19
Janise Nelson and Maxx (Blessings Maxwell Joseph MKxz “Maxx” ITD), ITD 11/19
Suzanne Lapointe and Billy IQ4U (Shallugy’s Billy IQ ITD), ITD 11/19
Zonya Jacobs and Maggie (Provo’s Racin’ Bye Magsters ITD), ITD 10/19
Margaret Walker and Pepper (Bonnyville Nuthin to Sneeze At ITD), ITD 10/19
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Zephyr (Chatham’s Gentle Breeze ITD), ITD 10/19
Rachel Claing and Magik (Chamootzka’s Magik ITD), ITD 10/19
Linda A. Bowman and Percy (Castlegate’s Lightning Thief ITD), ITD 10/19
Laurie Allen and Skyla Blu (Lacewood Spellbound by Moonlight CGC ITD), ITD 10/19
Linda Otis and Flurry (Heaven’s Best Fast and Flurious ITD), ITD 10/19
Mauresa Godbout and Isla (Ourpride’s Treasure Island ITD), ITD 9/19
Linda A. Bowman and Bonny (Buchan’s Golden Girl CD BN RE OA OAJ NAP NJP RATN CGCA CGCU TKI ITD), ITD 9/19
Sharon Palmer and Sky (Jubilee Dark Side of the Moon ITD), ITD 9/19
Marjorie Saleh and Farrah (Canami Charlie’s Angel ITD), ITD 9/19
Robin Barber and Spirit (Heaven’s Best Celestial Spirit ITD), ITD 9/19
Annie Monette and Vexy (Nicha Tenfect Troubling Vexy ITD), ITD 8/19
Annie Monette and Cracker Jack (Nicha Old Fashioned Cracker Jack ITD), ITD 8/19
Chantal Boutin and McCoy (Eldee McCoy ITD), ITD 8/19
Patricia Scott-Casey and Bryce (Starlite’s Echelon’s Royal Warrior ITD), ITD 8/19
Lynnea Britton and Infinity (Heaven’s Best Infinite Guardian ITD), ITD 8/19
Caroline Hunt and Ellie (Bodacious Half Moon BN RAE OAP AJP OFP THDA CGC ITD), ITD 7/19
Jill Woolsey and Kylie (), ITD 7/19
Nancy Roy and Reddy (Summerlove’s King of My Heart BN AX AXS RA CGC THON TKN ITD), ITD 7/19
Keely Sims and Reason (Freedom Paws Reason for Adventure ITD), ITD 7/19
Morgan Ward and Traci Ward (), ITD 6/19
Andrea H. Carter and Tea (Rolinamelia Seriel Sweet Tea ITD), ITD 6/19
Dee Honer and Bella (Breezeway’s Bella Donna ITD), ITD 6/19
Melanie Station and Jewel (Cassbar’s Jewel in the “Ruff” ITD), ITD 5/19
Charlene Cyphert and Laddie (Sympa’s Laddie I am a Gift ITD), ITD 5/19
Anne Smiley and Carly (Herdabout Anticipation ITD), ITD 4/19
Kathleen Dickey and Holly (BellaRose Memory Maker Heart’s Delight ITD), ITD 4/19
Vicky Gutierrez and Brandy (Brandy Gutierrez CGCA ITD), ITD 4/19
Michelle Yackovich and Wallie (Sandy Isle Giovanni’s Bambino ITD), ITD 4/19
Sheri R. Rockhill CTDI and Keiran (C-ATCH2 TACH2 Blackmyst’s Run For The Checkers ITD), ITD 3/19
Diane Smith and Kira (Bravo Inspiration ITD), ITD 3/19
Angie Duseigne and Finnie (Cassbar’s Infinity ITD), ITD 3/19
Theresa Colbert and Kaylee (Jandale Miss Kaylee, My Little Diva ITD), ITD 3/19
Barb Sahl and Augie (), ITD 2/19
Therese McClain and Pip (Great Expectations ITD), ITD 2/19
Lori Curry and Polo Apollo (Ch. Blue Heavens Eye of the Tiger TKN FDC ITD), ITD 1/19
Lori Curry and Aero (Skylore Aero Dynamic TKN FDC ITD), ITD 1/19
Tera Jurrens and UV (Freedom Paws Ultra Violet Rays ITD), ITD 1/19
Andrea H. Carter and Lia (Linnea’s Rolins Liahona ITD), ITD 1/19
Andrea H. Carter and Panda (Rolins Amelia KungFu Panda ITD), ITD 1/19
Marie Machek and Sadie (Agile Frushie ITD), ITD 1/19
Tera Jurrens and Everest (TDCH Freedom Paws Mount Everest ITD), ITD 1/19
Katherine Halpine-Siegelstein and Stormy (Sk8ter Stormy ITD), ITD 12/18
Magdeline Yeo and Kashi (), ITD 12/18
Barb Wright CTDI and Parker (CH Conspirito’s Park Avenue ITD), ITD 10/18
Kathleen Dickey and Cody (Memory Maker Heart’s Desire ITD), ITD 10/18
Beth Biagetti and Fin (Finlaggan ITD), ITD 9/18
Beth Biagetti and Tully (Tullamore ITD), ITD 9/18
Katy Senh and Fannie (), ITD 9/18
Hannah McMillan and Fsmo (Licosateria Final Countdown ITD), ITD 9/18
Diane Whitehill and Keeper (Pashwoods Keep Her to Win ITD), ITD 9/18
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Lily (Belmark Water Lily ITD), ITD 9/18
Pat Kelm CTDI and Dougie (Belmark Just Do It ITD), ITD 8/18
Norah Shandley and Clancy (Mosaic’s Dream Weaver ITD), ITD 7/18
Barb Powischill and Lady (Splendales Girls Night Out ITD), ITD 6/18
Amanda Wrobel and Bella (Cathance Captation ITD), ITD 6/18
Helene Skopek-Krygier and Shelby (Silque Blessed By An Angel ITD), ITD 5/18
Elisa Scott-Faik and Flo (Carolelen Country Star ITD), ITD 5/18
Sara Perez and Dante (IvanLee Undaunted ITD), ITD 4/18
Janet M. Moore and Toby (Janremlo Krystal Tobias ITD), ITD 4/18
Susan Smethurst and Rilla (Palisades Tiny Dancer ITD), ITD 4/18
Joyce Anderson CTDI and Quick (Herdabout River City Music Man NTD), ITD 3/18
Alexandra Wegert and Toshiro (), ITD 3/18
Barbara Draper and Dakota (Dakota Kopper Sunburst ITD), ITD 3/18
Barbara Draper and NASA (Horizon Space Odyssey O’Bo-Kee Windsong ITD), ITD 3/18
Roberta Mansfield and Myka (Myka of the Sagebrush Shelties NTD), ITD 3/18
Roberta Mansfield and Flint (Flint H & M NTD), ITD 3/18
Joan Meyer ATDI and Rai (Damask’s Something To Talk About NTD), ITD 2/18
Karen Savage and Evi (Evi Ann Savage Bricker NTD), ITD 1/18
Glenda Harris and Electra (Conspirito’s Hot Flash ITD), ITD 12/17
Dawn Kirkham and Banjo (Banjo Boy Kirkham), ITD 12/17
Janet M. Moore and Buster (Janremlo Buster Is Lucky ITD), ITD 12/17
Judith Bienvenu and Clayton (Nanticoke Moving Forward Together ITD), ITD 12/17
Theresa Colbert and Cruiser (Himark Cruiser of My Heart ITD), ITD 12/17
Rachelle Lewis and Ellie (Weathermans First Lady Roosevelt NTD), ITD 11/17
Wendy S. Nixon and Lorelei (Nitelatches Enchantress ), ITD 11/17
Marjorie Saleh and Griffin (Canami Keep Calm and Carry On ITD), ITD 11/17
Margaret Sweatman and Bracken (Dukeson Brackens Quest NTD), ITD 11/17
Lorraine von Trott and Amy (Foxglove Kaskia Amy’s Song NTD), ITD 11/17
David Kondo and TJ (Cermel’s Man in the Mirror ITD), ITD 11/17
Beth Minner and Kaden (Bellarose’s Kaden), ITD 11/17
Dawn Kirkham and Kolby (Kolby Jax Kirkham), ITD 11/17
Linda Duncan and Roxy (), ITD 11/17
Joanne Schreiber and Skye (Midnight Skye III ITD), ITD 9/17
Sharon Palmer and Dare (Golem’s Daredevil ITD), ITD 9/17
Susan Blais and Emma (Blue Heavens Secret Love ITD), ITD 9/17
Kary Starling and Mystique (Mejimo Star Mystique NTD ITD), ITD 9/17
Ellen Froot CTDI and Mazie (C-ATCH Himark Amazin She’s the One NW3 BN AX AXJ OF RATN ITD), ITD 8/17
Ellen Froot CTDI and Cedar (Amazin Simply Synergy ELT1 UD PUTD BN RE CL2 ITD), ITD 8/17
Deborah S. Becker and Tae (Chapters Tea Party), ITD 7/17
Deborah S. Becker and Brisky (xcel-Lerate Brisky Business), ITD 7/17
Ashley Gajda and Misty (), ITD 7/17
Becky Frakes ATDI and Sunny (Shinedown My Future’s Looking Bright ITD), ITD 7/17
Ann Glendinning and Kenzie (Majestyk’s Mackenzie), ITD 7/17
Ashley Gajda and Kailey (), ITD 6/17
Diana Calligan and ALIBI (CH Canyonview not to Blame ITD), ITD 6/17
Lynn Moore and Sofie (Lil Miss Sofie Midnight Star ATD), ITD 5/17
Lynn Moore and Heidi (Lil Miss Feisty Heidi ATD), ITD 5/17
Cindy Dureau and Harley (Boldligo Palisades Razor Sharp NTD), ITD 5/17
Kathryn Neighbor and C.C. (Casino’s C.C. Ryder NTD), ITD 5/17
Tovah Cohen and Deacon (Deacon Cohen Mizrachi), ITD 4/17
Maureen Koepp and Odie (TDCH Summerloves Bark of the Bay CD, BN, RE, MX, MXJ, XF, T2B, ETD), ITD 4/17
Diane Travis and Dylan (Jusdandy’s Just In Time ITD), ITD 4/17
Nancy Ann Whitley and Icee (Hollybush’s Fire and Ice at Opal), ITD 3/17
Linda A. Irwin and MacTavish (TDCH Scottish Shenanigans ITD), ITD 3/17
Ashley Castro and Gossip (Redemption’s Mouth of the South NA OAJ AD ATD), ITD 2/17
Vicky Gutierrez and Nina (Nina Gutierrez CGCA TDI ITD), ITD 2/17
Janet Stephenson and Gypsy (Himark’s Gypsy Jubilee NTD), ITD 2/17
Melissa Brohan and Charlie (), ITD 2/17
Linda Unger and Sailor (SDCH TDCH Summerloves Moonlight Voyager ITD), ITD 2/17
Kevin Alexander and Rogue (Herdabout Rogue Runner NTD), ITD 10/16
Cindy Pratt and Jaya (Weiss Jaya Laksmaya ITD), ITD 10/16
Sandy Clark and Chili (Jade Mist Chili ATD), ITD 9/16
Kary Starling and Danica (Casmor Fast N Furious ITD), ITD 8/16
Diane Whitehill and Corey (Prelude’s Hill Correspondent ITD), ITD 8/16
Diane Whitehill and Eli (Prelude’s No Boundaries ITD), ITD 8/16
Rhonda E. Robinson and Gypsy (Gypsy Splendor of the Mountain NTD), ITD 8/16
Connie Fleming and Connor (Himark’s Star Trekker CGC ITD), ITD 7/16
Brandy Peeples and Jennifer Kirkman and Henry (Rockwood Prince Henry NTD), ITD 7/16
Joan Christensen and Simmie (Ciel Brae Simeon NTD), ITD 6/16
Darlene Hunsbarger and Rock-it (AngelJoy’s Golden Rock-it), ITD 5/16
Ellen Bloomfield and Ribbon (Lynnlea’s Buttons And Bows ITD), ITD 4/16
W. Michelle Fronheiser ATDI and Izzie (Lochlyn’s Blue Angel ITD), ITD 4/16
Clyde Hall CTDI and Nelson ( ITD), ITD 2/16
Natalie Bridger Watson and Indi (TDCH Ink Throw Down the Gauntlet ITD), ITD 11/15
Tricia Solinger and Eden (Heavenly Hail of Desert Meadow), ITD 10/15
May Fischer CTDI and Piston (), ITD 10/15
Ashley Stanley ATDI and Mickie (), ITD 10/15
Kevin Alexander and Cinder (Princess Cinderella), ITD 9/15
Stephanie Warme and Riley (Let The Good Times Roll CGC RN NA NAJ), ITD 9/15
Mary Ann Schropp and Gino (Gino Toledo of Lucas County NTD), ITD 8/15
Audrey Carter CTDI and Fun (Qsim’s It’s All Fun and Games ATD), ITD 8/15
Cindy Hardy and Guinness (Herdabout Guinness McDuff ITD), ITD 7/15
Linda Unger and Travis (OTCH Jandale Going First Class UDX OM2 BN PUTD PCDX RN ITD), ITD 6/15
Alexandra Merkel and Sadie (Beautiful Mercedes z Hermanova dvora), ITD 5/15
Kary Starling and Sasha (Casmor Twist of Fate ITD), ITD 5/15
Leah Glynn CTDI and Xander (My T Hi’s X Factor ITD), ITD 4/15
Leah Glynn CTDI and Bailey (MACH5 PACH2 Glynn’s Bailey MXS2 MJS2 MXPS MJP6 PAX2 NF ITD), ITD 4/15
Carol Millman CTDI and Odin (Shelhaven’s Nordic Sky), ITD 4/15
Diane Smith and Holly (Holly Hopscotch ITD), ITD 3/15
Patricia J. Nash and Chase (My Farm’s Chase ATD), ITD 3/15
Chantelle Charlebois and Indie (Shelamo Code Name Spitfire), ITD 3/15
Chantelle Charlebois and Travis (Shelamo Handsome Trouble), ITD 3/15
Valorie Lennox and Crumpit (Agile Girls Got Rhythm), ITD 2/15
Kelly Conn and Aslan (Toven FairIsle A Higher Belief), ITD 2/15
Deb Bauer CTDI and Treasure (Missouri Snowy Treasure ITD), ITD 2/15
Deb Bauer CTDI and Vegas ( ITD), ITD 2/15
Joan Shields and Eli (Dundee Ilkota Trinidad), ITD 2/15
Joan Shields and Travis (Ilkota Enthralling Legend), ITD 2/15
Diana Fors and Sallee (Sallee Snickers Delight ITD), ITD 1/15
Tiina Pakkanen and Moody (Tunmark’s Moody Blue), ITD 1/15
Nancy Brooks CTDI and Franklin (Fantastic Franklin), ITD 12/14
Valerie Smith CTDI and CJ (Shadow Hills Colby Jack “CJ”), ITD 12/14
Cheri D. Vermillion and Zoey (Zoey Lynn), ITD 11/14
Penny Hanson and Piper (Conestoga Piperjet Blu Star), ITD 10/14
Kary Starling and Spirit (Casmor Olympic Spirit ITD), ITD 9/14
Kary Starling and C-Sea (Casmor Carol’s Seabrook ITD), ITD 8/14
Kary Starling and Jett (Casmor Silver Jett ITD), ITD 8/14
Judy Fegan and Natalie (Natalie Coal), ITD 8/14
Shanice Tan ATDI and Nova (Novacrista Our Forever Star), ITD 7/14
Kary Starling and Baiden (Casmor Battle Royale ITD), ITD 6/14
Kary Starling and Jazz (Jade Mist All That Jazz ITD), ITD 3/14
Margaret Prezzano and Tommy (Edgemere Thomas Foster Sebastian), ITD 2/14
Amy Dalena and Pj (BluLae The Beach Boy), ITD 2/14
Judy Fegan and Sima (Ridgeway’s Jump for Joy), ITD 12/13
Judy Fegan and Keir (Laird Keir of Casmor), ITD 12/13
Mary Alexander and Merle (Merle Falsecast Lindbergh Alexander), ITD 12/13
Kathy Chervenka and Tag (Karefree Kynan Mactaggart), ITD 10/13
Kary Starling and Harper (Casmor Harpers Bazaar ITD), ITD 8/13
Karen Darney and Robbie (Plails Rob Roy), ITD 7/13
Connie Fleming and Kaitlyn (Sunhil Beckward Impressive, RA,OA, AXJ, AXP, MJP2, NFP, NTD ITD), ITD 5/13
Darlene Sugiyama and MacDuff (Coastalviews’ Mr MacDuff), ITD 4/13
Connie Fleming and Morgan (Enchantress Morgan Le Fay, RE, AX, AXJ, MXP6, MJP6, PAX, NF MFP, NTD ITD), ITD 4/13
Sarah Ellis CTDI and Charlie (), ITD 4/13
Josie Doolette and Hamish (Beauideal Once You Go Black CCD TD PT), ITD 10/12
Marian Gabriel and Flash (Malachi Spark Off The Old Block), ITD 8/12
Kary Starling and Saska (Emmy’s Silver Blu Saska ITD), ITD 6/12
Lorraine von Trott and Alex (Kaskia Sunshine and Smiles), ITD 6/12
Lorraine von Trott and Reggie (Kaskia Heaven Help Us), ITD 6/12
Lorraine von Trott and Stewart (Kaskia Rocky Mountain High), ITD 6/12
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Brody (TDCH Sweet Brody of Eddleman Hill RN AXJ OA OF CL4 CGC ITD), ITD 4/12
Kary Starling and Foxy (Snow Isle Follow the Wynd ITD), ITD 2/12
Kelly Roche CTDI and Bailey (Valley View Irish Cream), ITD 3/11
Michelle Hope CTDI and Rhythm (TDCH Kendale Swept Away ITD), ITD 11/10
Gail Robbins and Skye (TDCH Clantyre Blu Skye Gail’s Limit CGC, TDI,RL1,RL2,UCH), ITD 10/10

Shiba Inu

Tan Buan Sen and Mika (Pawfessional Mika ITD), ITD 3/20
Chua Hwee Yee and Isaiah (Isaiah ITD), ITD 2/20
Racquel Creces and Mylo (Mylo II ITD), ITD 9/19
Cara Deckert and River (), ITD 9/19
Christel Fleming and Keira (), ITD 5/18
Angela M. Hicks and Nikko (Nikko Eli Hicks ITD), ITD 10/17
Annika Steinbach and Iko (Iko Chronicles ATD), ITD 8/17
Laura Rose Gold and Nymeria (Nymeria MacBattleby Logiealmond MacGold ITD), ITD 8/17
Mary Engstrom and Mayday (Hi-Jinx Jumpin Black Flash NTD), ITD 5/17
Ashley Hieronimus and Pudge (Innisfree Pudge), ITD 4/17
Mary Hager CTDI and Trixie (CH Kishi’s Tricky Trixie), ITD 8/16
Nakiva Cleveland CTDI and Mushu (Dragon House Little Red Dragon CGC ATD), ITD 2/16
Krista Harbacz and Simba (Lesands Hakuna Matata), ITD 2/15
Lindsay Oakley CTDI and Lexie (Koyote Kennels Lexie ITD), ITD 1/13


Lynn Dedousis and Zander (My Buddy Zander ITD), ITD 12/19

Shih Tzu

Joyce Robinson and Benjji (Tzuvilla’s All About Benji ITD), ITD 2/20
Jo Caywood and Bryce (Stars End The Bryce Is Right ITD), ITD 9/19
Jo Caywood and Beau ( ITD), ITD 9/19
Marla Blowers and Einstein (Einstein Blowers ITD), ITD 5/19
Kailee Price and Wicket (Wicket W. Warrick Pickles ITD), ITD 3/19
Marla Blowers and Romeo (TDCH Romeo Blowers ITD), ITD 1/19
Kailyn Rosenthal CTDI and Skippy (), ITD 5/18
Jessie Gertz and Zeke (Marquis’ Zeke ITD), ITD 5/18
Christine Kirn and Monty (Olive’s Grove Montgomery Roo NTD), ITD 8/17
Lauren Huffman and Milo (Milo Oliver Make-it-Happen ATD), ITD 8/17
Linda Damiani and Bullet (), ITD 8/16
Eveline Kjelstrup and Oliver (), ITD 1/16
Chris Baumann CTDI and SweetiePie (), ITD 11/15
Caroline Loughman and Murphy (), ITD 10/15

Shiloh Shepherd

Karen Smith and Atticus (Guardian’s Noble Atticus NTD), ITD 1/19
Carol Nelson and Charlotte (Majestic Gentle Wolf), ITD 4/17
Leigh Sylvester and Kingston (Phenoms Castle Of My Heart ATD), ITD 5/16
Jennifer Leaning and Gus (Echo Prinz of Moonlite Shadows), ITD 12/14


Paula Martyn and Pippin (Pippin), ITD 7/13

Siberian Husky

Isabelle Bertet and Kyna (Kyna ITD), ITD 2/20
Sandra Hudspeth and Shiva (Echoing Wind Kodiak Stand By Me ITD), ITD 2/20
Deserae Stutzman/Lalone and Kaya (DarkSide’s Lady Kaya SunRider ITD), ITD 2/20
Julie Larouche and Arctique (Desloupiots Hiver Arctique ITD), ITD 1/20
Julie Larouche and Boreal (Desloupiots Hiver Boreal ITD), ITD 1/20
Julie Larouche and Blizzard (Desloupiots Blizzard D’Hiver ITD), ITD 1/20
Jennifer Seul and Kiya (Windswept Kiowa at KeeNonNe ITD), ITD 1/20
Jennifer Seul and Cree (KeeNonNe’s Paskwa ITD), ITD 1/20
Noel Dagley and Spirit (Siberpaw’s Heaven On Earth ITD), ITD 12/19
Noel Dagley and Luke (Windswept’s The Force Awakens At Siberpaw ITD), ITD 12/19
Stephanie Arnold and Mila (Starry Sky Eyes ITD), ITD 12/19
Sharon and Winter (Winter ITD), ITD 11/19
Shelly Korobanik and Suka (TDCH Nanook’s Enchanted Dream ITD), ITD 10/19
Shelly Korobanik and Sila (TDCH Nanook’s Northern Sila ITD), ITD 10/19
Kaela King and Nanook (), ITD 8/19
William D. Perry and Templar (Perry’s Knight Templar ITD), ITD 8/19
Sarah Felberbauer and Iron (Iron Wolf Anana Amarok ITD), ITD 5/19
Michael Thomas CTDI and Rogue (Rogue Thomas ITD), ITD 4/19
Elin Albertsson and Troja (Nävervikens Snowangel Af Ice ITD), ITD 3/19
Lauren Collins and Lady Collins (TDCH CGC TKI ITD), ITD 1/19
Nicole Passalis and Timber (), ITD 12/18
Eleanor Cox and Stark (), ITD 11/18
Adriana M. Rivera and Scarlett (Scarlett Weasley Rivera ITD), ITD 10/18
Alexis Gamache and Ace (The Ace of Spades ITD), ITD 9/18
Andrea Bartolomei and Nymeria (Nymeria Weasley Bartolomei ITD), ITD 9/18
Abbey Gutierrez and Maya (), ITD 7/18
Hope Powell and Nikko (Nikko Powell ITD), ITD 6/18
Rhyannen Wallace and Quinn (Shumonitu Locket Of Fantasy ITD), ITD 5/18
Shannon Faltak and Hunter (TDCH Hunter Seeker ITD), ITD 5/18
Sheetal Rama Nana and Maximus (Maximus of MaxiAlexi ITD), ITD 5/18
Sheetal Rama Nana and Alexis (Winterthorn Alexis of MaxiAlexi ITD), ITD 5/18
Aaron Goodwin and Dakota (Dakota Alexander’s Unbreakable Heart ITD), ITD 4/18
Justine Bradley and Roxy (Sheza Blue Eyed Diva ITD), ITD 2/18
Stephanie Linscott and Nova (Nova Terra ITD), ITD 10/17
Leslie Huber and Bru (Creme Brule), ITD 9/17
Kim Mayes CTDI and Nova (TDCH Nalibey’s Supernova Girl ITD), ITD 8/17
Kim Mayes CTDI and Rocket (TDCH Nalibey’s Rocket Across the Universe ETD), ITD 3/17
Dennis Randall and Poncho (Poncho Honcho Randall), ITD 11/16
Kathy Rasmussen CTDI and Bubbles (Liyaza Whispering Pines Spring Breeze ITD), ITD 9/16
Bonnie Smagacz-Starnes and Athena (Athena Tundra ITD), ITD 7/16
Erin Hildahl and Boomer (Hildahl’s Quietly Making Noise), ITD 10/15
Erin Hildahl and Timber (Hildahl’s SNO Summit Defying Gravity), ITD 10/15
Kristina Schoeller ATDI and Melody (Wind Dancer of Black Dream Wolves ITD), ITD 5/15
Kristina Schoeller ATDI and Saphir (Copyright of Black Dream Wolves ITD), ITD 5/15
AshLee Pezzuto and Simba (King Of Pride Rock CGC), ITD 1/15
Helen Hargett CTDI and Trapper (Kobars Yukon Trapper ITD), ITD 12/14
Nadine Johnson ATDI and Kona (Johnson’s Kona), ITD 11/14
Marsha Montgomery and Loki (), ITD 8/14
Kristin Pomsel CTDI and Querque (), ITD 5/14
Monique Engemann and Sierra (Sierra Myst), ITD 3/14
Ashley Stanley ATDI and Maya (Sherakan’s Arctic Savior), ITD 10/13
Crystle Barrs ATDI and Dakota (Dakota), ITD 3/13

Silken Windhound

Karen Adams and Amber (Astreus Red Sky Amber ITD), ITD 4/19
Susan April and Wynn (Allagante Party Doll ITD), ITD 3/19
Pauline Ng and Podzol (Attaway’s Jaguarundi ITD), ITD 12/18
Jasmine Roloff and Devon (Winsome’s Driving Force ITD), ITD 7/18
Karen Johnson and Tru (CH “PR” Allagante Windspirit Kokomo ITD), ITD 10/17
Lisa Finlay and Cher (Starfyre Charoite ITD), ITD 4/16
Jolene Hicks and Smoky (UCI Int’l Puppy Ch. Starfyre Smoky Quartz), ITD 5/14
Lisa Finlay and Willow (UCh Springlane’s Selene CGN ITD), ITD 4/14
Ruth Ann Miller CTDI and Kohl (TDCH Starfyre Chrysocolla ITD), ITD 12/13

Silky Terrier

Meredith Reeve and Scamper (Carmorosa Watch Me Scamper ITD), ITD 12/19
Meredith Reeve and Dora (TDCH Carmorosa’s Dora the Explorer ITD), ITD 12/19
Brittany Webber and Jackson (Lights, Camera, Jackson! ITD), ITD 4/18
Joyanne Wood and Callie (Wyncliff’s Cameo Calla Lily NTD), ITD 11/16

Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer

Marjo Manten and Kahlan (), ITD 11/17
Monique Jongenelen and Rhavi (), ITD 11/17

Smooth Fox Terrier

Sheryl Patterson and Ruby (Sheffield Little Red Ruby ITD), ITD 5/19
Bonnie Bartlett and Fallon (TDCH Foxwell Rama Oh So Striking ITD), ITD 8/18
Julianne Grove CTDI and Firefly (), ITD 4/17
Jeanne Wightman and Trouble (Wenfrei’s Cayenne Red Pepper CGC), ITD 10/15
Kasey Harkins ATDI and Stan (Stan-the-Man), ITD 2/15

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Yennifer Mejia CTDI and Odie (Odie Mejia ITD), ITD 6/19
Churmy Fan and Penny (Kataxin’s In A Wishing Well ITD), ITD 4/19
Churmy Fan and Bui Bui (), ITD 4/19
Bonnie Harrison and Wynster (Raelyn Sheza Jewel Emerald ITD), ITD 10/18
Mary Whiting and Rory (Rory Red King Of The Links ITD), ITD 10/18
Erica Petrie and Violet (CH Rosewheat Ultra Violet CGCB ITD), ITD 6/18
Bobbi Salmon and Murphy (Kaylynn Murphy’s Law unto Himself), ITD 9/17
Dina M. Melendez CTDI and Vida (Dunfrae’s Live In The Moment ATD), ITD 6/17
Erica Petrie and Nala (CH Glencarrah Irish Rose CGCS RN ITD), ITD 4/17
Angie Jung and Cody (TDCH Cody Jung), ITD 12/16
Margaret A. Stewardson and Charm (Can. Ch Myshawns Lucky Charm NTD), ITD 6/16
Karen Smith and Teddy ( CGCB FD RA ITD), ITD 8/15
Tina Reeves and Teddy (), ITD 2/15
Linda Keehn CTDI and Peachy (Peachy Keehn), ITD 1/15
Dorice Stancher CTDI and Krista (Can CH Holweit’s Red Grenadine CGC, CGCA, RN, ThD, HI, RN (CKC)), ITD 12/14

Spanish Greyhound

Tumeria Langlois and Jordan (Jordan ITD), ITD 3/20

Spanish Water Dog

Pauline Jackson CTDI and Mr T (), ITD 8/19
Anne Wallentorp and Tibia (Chiegas Anatomy Tibia ITD), ITD 2/18

Spinone Italiano

Julie Dorney and Happy (Casalvieri’s Gus ITD), ITD 1/20
Julie Dorney and Brio (Casalvieri’s Dante ITD), ITD 10/19
Belinda N. Ahern CTDI and Nando (FurNando ITD), ITD 4/18
Catherine Lee and Cara (), ITD 6/17
Patti Caruthers and Zita (RB Jake & Geisla’s Little Girl), ITD 4/17

Sprocker Spaniel

Ashley Dewar and Winnie (), ITD 3/18
Joanna Philpott CTDI and Lenny (My Lovely Little Lenny NTD), ITD 12/14
Joanna Philpott CTDI and Boy (My Brave Hearted Boy NTD), ITD 12/14


Monika Tordhol and Skills (Naessgaardens Enter Sandman ITD), ITD 1/20

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Sam Andress and Cornell (Bueollins Black Hole Sun ITD), ITD 3/20
Catherine Birch and Lionel (Mokoiastaff Rambling Man JC ITD), ITD 1/20
Lisa Parsons and Triana (Varekai’s Besarla Mientras Vuela ITD), ITD 12/19
Lisa Parsons and Triana (Varekai’s Besarla Mientras Vuela ITD), ITD 12/19
Kayla Werezak and Watson (TDCH CH Hillside Hound of Baskerville CGN ITD), ITD 12/19
Elinda Anderson CTDI and Sweet Pea (TDCH Ch Rakstaff Goodgirl Sweet Peace Promise ITD), ITD 10/19
Maria Eklund and Kiwi (Matheriz Kick-Ass Keeper ITD), ITD 6/19
Maria Eklund and Humlan (Matheriz Hopeful Heart ITD), ITD 6/19
Sandra Göransson and Benny (Kings and Queens Proud and Loud ITD), ITD 5/19
Eva Bernhardsson ATDI and Ester (TDCH Bardot´s Queen of the Kings ITD), ITD 4/19
Annie Lindh and Vilya (Madre Maria Love and Repeat ITD), ITD 4/19
Sophia Magnusson and Daizy (Little Legends All Eyes On ITD), ITD 4/19
Maria Lindsjö and Tekla (TDCH Age of Empires Corona ITD), ITD 3/19
Cecilie Madsen and Grace (Little Legends Allow You To Stare ITD), ITD 3/19
Lucy Howard CTDI and Taz (TDCH Tazmanian Devil ITD), ITD 3/19
Jennifer Vindahl and Hope (Goldstaffs Hall Of Fame ITD), ITD 2/19
Tracie Donnelly and Teddy (Gamester Crime Scene ITD), ITD 1/19
Manisha Mohabeer and Angelo (), ITD 1/19
Jessi Lemler and Sassafras (Trugrip Sassafras of Skamania ITD), ITD 9/18
Jessi Lemler and Drama (Sassafras Dramatic Entrance ITD), ITD 9/18
Lisa Parsons and Zaria (Absolutely Here for Your Entertainment ITD), ITD 4/18
Kim Dawson and Smith (T.Ch Platinumblue War Relic RN TSD ITD), ITD 2/18
Carolyn Bassett CTDI and Mysty (), ITD 12/17
Lilly-Grace Armstrong and Buddy (), ITD 12/17
Estelle Low and Nym (Nymeria Dragons Fire ITD), ITD 10/17
Morgan Jacoby and Stevie Ray (Challenger’s Stevie Ray Vaughn @ Southern Star), ITD 8/17
Tim Corun and Penny (Massie’s Here to Stay CGC ), ITD 9/16
Tim Corun and Justus (Ch Massie’s That’s a Promise RN CGC), ITD 9/16
Lindsay Arliss CTDI and Buzz (), ITD 9/16
Teri Meadows CTDI and Mickey (Trugrip Rebelside Sky High Journey), ITD 8/16
Teri Meadows CTDI and Lucie (Redline Midnight Kiss), ITD 8/16
Abbie Sol and Lenny-Pig (), ITD 2/16
Estelle Low and Dante (Dante’s Infurno ITD), ITD 1/16
Jeannine Nienaber and Shamone (Stofano Shamony), ITD 5/15
Louise Twinberrow CTDI and Moomin (), ITD 5/15
Rebecca Jewsbury CTDI and Kira (), ITD 4/15
Kath Howie and River (TDCH ), ITD 4/15
Nicole Derbyshire and Flump (), ITD 4/15
Patricia Kilmore and Rocky (), ITD 3/15
Louise Twinberrow CTDI and Jimmy (TDCH Master James), ITD 2/15
Karen Brown and Gemma (TDCH ), ITD 1/15
Stace Houghton CTDI and Buster (TDCH ), ITD 5/14
Stace Houghton CTDI and Elmo (TDCH ), ITD 5/14
Stace Houghton CTDI and Jess (TDCH ), ITD 5/14
Susan Kleijnhans and Robocop (Robocop), ITD 1/14
Susan Kleijnhans and Scarlett (OB CH Bulvali Desert Rose), ITD 1/14
Louise Stapleton-Frappell CTDI and Jambo (TDCH Warrior for Life), ITD 5/13

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Samantha Johnston and Blue (), ITD 5/15
Hazel Flanigan and Duke (Amazing Jumping Duke), ITD 3/15
Elaine Armstrong CTDI and Bronnie (TDCH Bronsters Not a Monster), ITD 3/15

Sussex Spaniel

Angela Monaghan and Maverick (CH Sundowners Repeat Fire RAE CD CGC), ITD 11/15
Ann McGloon and Tollie (TDCH Quarr Tollard Royal, ETD), ITD 3/15
Ann McGloon and Beryl (Ch ShootingStar West w’the Nite, PCD, BN, RA, NA, NAJ, AXP, MJPB, MJP2, T2BP, NFP, NAC, NJC, CGC, SAR-W, NTD), ITD 3/15

Swedish Dachsbracke

Monika Tordhol and Aron (Loskampens Aron ITD), ITD 1/20

Swedish Vallhund

Jennifer Clark and Gunner (GCh Vastgota Canadian Giiwedin LT ITD), ITD 11/19
Angelic Alcorn and Lor (GCH Solborg’s Faramir ITD), ITD 7/19
Hope Caldwell and Slick (Treasure Island Slick Willy ITD), ITD 10/18
Madison LeRoy and Saga (Sunfire’s All Eyes on Me), ITD 11/17
Karen Stasky CTDI and Nissa (Dangas Pomperipossa-Z), ITD 3/14
Michelle Fromm and Laila (CH Fantasi Born to be Wild, RL1), ITD 8/13
Michelle Fromm and Zar (Caliente Once In A Blue Moon), ITD 8/13

Swiss Shepherd

Josien Spoelstra and Gwenn (Gwenn ITD), ITD 1/20
Katherine Frechette and Kira (White Dream Team Double Delight ITD), ITD 10/19
Maureen and Jeff Wood and Abby (Andega’s Classic Abby ITD), ITD 10/18

Tamaskan Dog

Kelly Smith CTDI and Clara (TDCH White Elk Isabella Bird at Sundog ITD), ITD 8/19
Jaisie Kwok CTDI and Raiden (TDCH White Elk Parhelion ITD), ITD 1/19

Texas Heeler

Brenda LaBrot and Razzi (Razzi ITD), ITD 3/20

Thai Ridgeback Dog

Alina Geishofer CTDI and Anantachai (Anantachai Aekh-Thai von Amon Sul ITD), ITD 10/14

Tibetan Mastiff

Caroline Hughes and Bugsby (Carramia Black Bugsby at Jamalaca), ITD 5/15

Tibetan Spaniel

Toni Rohlke and Breeze (CH Kaje’s Tuqute Summer Breeze ITD), ITD 1/20
Kim Waller and Kona (Tibroke’s Fine Things to Come ITD), ITD 12/19
Gabrielle Beaubrun and Bogey (Tibroke’s Play It Again ITD), ITD 4/18
Toni Rohlke and Nike (Delmar’s Just Do It for Tara RN MX MXJ MJB OF ITD), ITD 4/13

Tibetan Terrier

Sarah Ellis CTDI and Zac (Waterley Starring Role at Incalux ITD), ITD 11/19
Karen and Gord Smith and Kaya (Zara’s Kaya Rinchen Lobsang ITD), ITD 11/18
Julia Bond and Penny (), ITD 10/18
Hannah Longman and Gracie (), ITD 10/18
Juliane Hess and Milo (CH Milo-Mithra Lamleh von Kamal-A-Schila ITD), ITD 4/18
Juliane Hess and Tao (Dawa’s Tao-Tao Lamleh ITD), ITD 3/18
Sarah Ellis CTDI and Pebbles (TDCH Incalux Lytening Strikes ITD), ITD 1/18
Terri Gueck and Gyi-Na (Kyeri’s Urzhang Gyi Na ITD), ITD 12/17
Terri Gueck and Indyi (Wanted Nice Dog’s Indyi Lamleh ITD), ITD 11/17
Terri Gueck and Tulku (Kyeri’s Sengeri Tulku RN ITD), ITD 11/17
Terri Gueck and Jetsun (Ch Kyeri’s Jetsun Karchu RN ITD), ITD 11/17
Julie Flanery and Kashi (), ITD 12/15
Deborah Moy and Bodhi (), ITD 3/15
Sarah Ellis CTDI and Lola (TDCH Playtime Looby Lou @ Calypsong ITD), ITD 12/13

Toy Fox Terrier

Amber Welch and Fennek (Fennek ITD), ITD 1/20
Karla Barton CTDI and Simon (Vahalla Ridge Simon FD FDX MBD MBDX FDCH TF TFE TFP TFFC TFA TFWC ITD), ITD 4/19
Kimberly K. Rowley and Missy (Foxlairs Ain’t Misbehaving ITD), ITD 11/18
Sharon Bryant and Doc (Envoy Doc Holliday ITD), ITD 10/18
Sue McTigue CTDI and Sky (TDCH Colorado Sky Jumper THD CGC TKP CCG CGU ITD), ITD 10/18
Karin Bates ATDI and Aros (FritzFox Aros ITD), ITD 9/18
Neil Hutchins Resto CTDI and Llyr (A Haus Divided ITD), ITD 9/18
Cynthia Margenau CTDI and Wanda (Wonderful Wanda O’BJ PCD BN RA ITD), ITD 5/14

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Cheryl Karpiak and Dixie (Dixie May Karpiak ITD), ITD 9/19


Julia Silverman CTDI and Copper (Copper is a Good Boy ITD), ITD 1/20
Julie Sansregret and Ivie (Vihar EV Ketto Kihivas ITD), ITD 1/20
Julie Sansregret and Lyla (Kihivas Wild Flower Power ITD), ITD 1/20
Julie Sansregret and Curry (Kihivas Spice Of Life ITD), ITD 1/20
Siobhan Marguerite Martel and Atia (Akar’s Atia Julii ITD), ITD 1/20
Cindy Szymek and Sunny (Sizzleville’s Sunny Rose ITD), ITD 12/19
Carrie Greene and Lulu (Egerton’s Our Little Lulu ITD), ITD 11/19
Robyn Doescher and Fargo (Sienna Pointe’s Hidden Treasure ITD), ITD 10/19
Alyssa Perkins and Asher (Sienna Pointe’s Locked ‘n Loaded ITD), ITD 2/19
Rachael V. Johnston and Oscar (Oscar Johnston ITD), ITD 12/18
Michelle Martin and Foster (Vitali’s Lifensoul of Sayward ITD), ITD 12/18
Michelle Martin and Silva (Vitali Silva Avalon Sayward ITD), ITD 12/18
Christina Barcus CTDI and Addison (), ITD 12/18
Anne Morgan and Jonty (Kozmikus Komet Melos ITD), ITD 11/18
Connie Priesz CTDI and Kimber (Mira’s Little GIrl Kimber ITD), ITD 10/18
Renee Russell and Gideon (MPG Flags Are A - Flyin’ ITD), ITD 8/18
Cathy L. Tanous and Cooper (Tanous’ Cooper ITD), ITD 8/18
Kyara Cox and Calvin Klein ( ITD), ITD 4/18
Susan Fox and Nellie (Titans Queen of Hearts NTD), ITD 3/18
Chris Michalak CTDI and Red (Red ITD), ITD 1/18
Lynn Weiner and Emmy (Boulder’s N Fusion’s Heart Full of Soul), ITD 11/17
Monique Jongenelen and Mila (), ITD 11/17
Lois Brown and Kizil (Ourdreams B the Chg U Wish T C ITD), ITD 10/17
Janet Galante CTDI and Turk (GCHS CH Nyircsaszari Tatra JH ITD), ITD 10/17
Teresa Rizzo and Boca (Cruiser’s Star Over Del Boca Vista Phase 2), ITD 6/17
Teresa Rizzo and Georgie (Autumn Acres Red Red Wine), ITD 6/17
Dianna Mobley and Marty (Vintage Leap Back to the Future ITD), ITD 5/17
Stephanie Winters and Ollie (Oliver William Winters), ITD 4/17
Jennie Croft CTDI and Winter (Hilldale’s Winter Warrior CMF ITD), ITD 12/16
Jill Helm and Hennessey (BGCh JNEK’s Burning Wine JH CGC), ITD 8/16
Linda Kush and Roxie (TDCH RoxieAnna), ITD 5/16
Susan Palocsay and Rumli (Legacy’s Have No Fear ITD), ITD 10/15
Susan Palocsay and Sarika (Dynata’s Bound to Love ITD), ITD 10/15
Michelle Grünzweig and Cecco (), ITD 5/15
Heather Smith and Wally (Aurelia’s Waltz of Life FDJ), ITD 5/15
Anna Craig CTDI and Strider (SDCH TDCH Firelight’s Cariad Elgin Geronimo ITD), ITD 4/15
Andi Bryant and Morgan (GCH CH Kick Em Up Morgan Le Fey BN RE NAJ NTD), ITD 1/15
Karen Berk and Yoshi (Yoshi!), ITD 1/15
Connie Priesz CTDI and Molly (TDCH Little Girl Molly CGC THD THDA ITD), ITD 11/14
Donna Nisleit and Kash (CH Nyircsaszari Tars Zold Kashmere BN RA NA OAJ NAP OJP), ITD 11/14
Heidi Cavagnaro CTDI and Opie (Opie Cavagnaro ITD), ITD 8/14
Kathi Parks and ABCDE (Sierra’s ABCDE Rose ATD), ITD 8/14
Renee Russell and Bailey (TDCH High Ridge’s Firecracker ITD), ITD 11/12
Renee Russell and Luey (Shramko’s Storm Surge ITD), ITD 10/12

Vizsla (Smooth-Haired)

Brielle Tanzi-Foshay and Kia (Ch. Calabri Heart’N Seoul FDJ CGN NTD), ITD 2/18
Jan Wolff and Vesta (Vizslat’s Vivacious Vesta fdj ITD), ITD 6/17
Igor Moshynskyy and Marcus Aurelius (Vizslavilla’s Dragon Copper,FDJ,RA,ATD,PCD,NAVHDA-NA,VHDF-HAE), ITD 7/15

Vizsla (Wire Haired)

Gill Vlahovic and Rory (Sonnetend Romeo ITD), ITD 12/17
Jeff Gowen CTDI and Tyndall (UJJ URO1 UCH Vizcay’s Hundred Degrees in the Shade JH CD RE ITD CL-1R), ITD 10/13


Carly Devine and Aggie (Devine Luck Struck Silver ITD), ITD 3/20
Carly Devine and Laela (Pikes Peak Devine Trail to the Stars ITD), ITD 3/20
Shai Shepard and Gwen (Faith’s Platinum Promise to Lady Gweneviere ITD), ITD 12/19
Shai Shepard and Lily (Faith’s Platinum Renaissance Lily ITD), ITD 12/19
Linda McDonald and Luna (Tamarack By The Light Of The Moon Luna ITD), ITD 10/19
Kelsie Richards and Fable (Ch Trax Moral of the Story CGN ITD), ITD 9/19
Anna Pregel and Diva (Dolce Vita von der Rosalia ITD), ITD 8/19
Tanya K. Rowan CTDI and Monet (Oakpoint’s Platinum Water Lily ITD), ITD 8/19
Brandi N. Murdie and Jersey Rose (Silverbay’s I Won’t Back Down ITD), ITD 8/19
Rebecca Gardea and Flash (GCH CH SilverBay’s Born This Way! ITD), ITD 8/19
Shai Shepard and Kai (Semper Fidelis Kai ITD), ITD 8/19
Sharen Hays and Dee (GCHB CH Country Star’s Devilkin Diana RI FDC CGC ITD), ITD 6/19
Winny Krijnen and Brandy (), ITD 6/19
Ursula Weelink and Noa (), ITD 6/19
Mindy Wilson and Pearl (TriPawd N’Calvary’s Classy Girls Wear Pearls RATN ITD), ITD 4/19
Lin Hendriks and Balou (), ITD 3/19
Bronwyn MacDonald and Molson (Can. GCh/ UKC Ch/UR01 Instar’s Simplee Canadian CGN RN TT FDJ V ITD), ITD 3/19
Annette Staal-vander Galiën CTDI and Kelsey (Kelsey ITD), ITD 3/19
Bronwyn MacDonald and Vedder (Can. GCh/ UKC CH/UR01 Wynder’s Beneath The Waves CGN RN TT FDJ V ITD), ITD 3/19
Mariela I. Robinson and Vihra (Angie Via Egnatia ITD), ITD 2/19
Greg Newton and Woody (Oakpoint’s Knock On Wood ITD), ITD 12/18
Nicky Verdiesen and Brody (McBriant of Critterville ITD), ITD 11/18
Yvett Kloosterman and Perro (Windfall Grey Counting One of Ten ITD), ITD 11/18
Jolanda Kniest and Nola (), ITD 11/18
Cheri Harner and Frankie (Ch Moonestone’s Come Fly with Me ITD), ITD 10/18
Cheri Harner and Jackson (GCh Moonestone’s Silver Bullet Explorer ITD), ITD 10/18
Barbara Cook and Jessi (Ch Moonstone’s Enjoy the Journey ITD), ITD 10/18
Wies Van Der Toorn and Kisha ( ITD), ITD 10/18
Jason Patterson and Vega (Trax Northern Star Vega ITD), ITD 8/18
Jason Patterson and Nova (Silversmith Southern Star Lady Nova ITD), ITD 8/18
Julie Nieschulz CTDI and Phoebe (Phoebe Snow Nieschulz ITD), ITD 4/18
Annemarie Topelen and Sep (), ITD 4/18
Sharona Geleyns and Sky ( ITD), ITD 4/18
Winny Krijnen and Calvados ( ITD), ITD 4/18
Mariska Janse and Youp (), ITD 4/18
Margriet de Buck and Bas (), ITD 4/18
Christina Barcus CTDI and Meredith (Foxfire’s Meredith Grey ITD), ITD 3/18
Olga Kegel-Hagesteijn and Belle (), ITD 3/18
Alex Wieringa and Bruno (), ITD 3/18
Wies van der Toorn and Rani (Rani ITD), ITD 3/18
Megan Blackman and Ghost (BTW’s Ghost of the Holy City CGC JH NTD), ITD 1/18
Tiffany Holley and Gunny (Gunther Holley CGC CGC-A TKN NTD), ITD 11/17
Monique Remmen and Lily (), ITD 11/17
Hèlen Molenaar Leemkuil CTDI and Zeus (), ITD 11/17
Rhadine Zabrecky ATDI and Kimba (), ITD 9/17
Bonnie Barden and Abby (CH Jayce’s Abigail Chases the Dream MX MXB MXJ MJB OF T2B3 NSD VX), ITD 9/17
Christina Barcus CTDI and Eliza (Foxfire’s My Fair Lady ITD), ITD 6/17
Helen McMahon and Jada (Ch. Hallmar’s Serenity Now, VCD1 BN RN MH), ITD 5/17
Helen McMahon and Lina (Ch. Hallmar’s Evangeline, VCD1 BN RN SH), ITD 5/17
Janet Valentovich and Summer (Summer Valentovich CD, BN, RAE3, CGCA), ITD 1/17
Gretchen Stephenson CTDI and Tani (Tayla N Firemark’s Stay With Me Titania, JH JHR, SD, NRD, V, CGCA, CGCU, ITD), ITD 10/16
Pam Kanthor and Derek (YDoc Grey’s McDreamy V WinWeim NTD), ITD 9/16
Ashley McLure and Margaux (Maxed Out Margaux FDCh-S NTD), ITD 7/16
Lauren Crooks and Willma (), ITD 7/16
Linda Kush and Riley (), ITD 7/16
Elizabeth C. Tauser and Whimsi (Tauser’s Whimsi ITD), ITD 11/15
Sylvia E. Kidd and Cowpoke (Cowpoke Kidd), ITD 8/15
Teri Rice and Vivi (CH Regen’s Ready for The Party, JH, CDX,OA, OAJ, CGC, NW2), ITD 3/15
Teri Rice and Maile (CH Regen’s It’s My Party, CGC, NW1), ITD 3/15
Tanya K. Rowan CTDI and Leonardo (AKC CH UKC CH IC-CHC Multiple INT’L CH PTN Platinum’s Ultimate Renaissance Man CGC THDN THD ITD), ITD 3/15
Andi Bryant and Kenna (SDF Kenna CD RE NA OAJ NTD), ITD 1/15
Simone Johnston and Kairos (Hollowhills Prince Cole), ITD 1/15
Jo Anne Lefebvre CTDI and Comanche (SDCH TDCH Instar Piper Flyn; Comanche ITD), ITD 11/14
George J.M. Vos CTDI and Prince (TDCH Meander Goldstrike Griffin ITD), ITD 8/14
Dorothy Kellerhall and Rocky (Ch Sporting Acres Rocky Mountain High BN, RE, NA, NJW, DN), ITD 4/14
Gretchen Stephenson CTDI and Avi (TDCH FIREMARK’S SILVER SHOT OCTAVIA, VCD1, MH, SDX, RDX, VX2), ITD 12/13
Mary May CTDI and Cocoa (Cocoa Puffs), ITD 11/13
Diane Oskerka and Louis (Arnstadt’s Louis Bellson), ITD 8/12

Weimaraner (Longhaired)

Gabriella Fotara and Rosa (Astraios Jets Belladona ITD), ITD 2/19
Rachael Hunt and Pace (Greymatter Lightning Pace JDX CGCB ITD), ITD 1/19
Rachael Hunt and Ayela (Ch Hundestall Eye Catcher CDX UDX ADX JDX RA CGC GOLD ITD), ITD 1/19
Ngaire Abernethy CTDI and Tai (Minalt’s Fuzzy Tai Ngamere ITD), ITD 5/18
Nina Fotara CTDI and Faith (TDCH Astraios Earth Angel ITD), ITD 6/15

Welsh Sheepdog

Rebecca Jewsbury CTDI and Alexis (TDCH ), ITD 11/14

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Sue Morphy and Arthur (Caergrawnt Tulip Painter ITD), ITD 11/19
Anna Helmersson and Osse (TDCH Osse - Funbones Midnight Passion ITD), ITD 1/19
Roseann Moriello and Kaylee (), ITD 11/18
Maddy Bowman and Pyrrha (Amblelight Rose ITD), ITD 8/18
Sue Morphy and Dash (TDCH Helgen Mister Minster ITD), ITD 2/18
Sue Morphy and Racer (Sh Ch Sherdrew Echo Point ITD), ITD 2/18
Sara Ens and Flynn (Anwen’s Shining Star ITD), ITD 1/18
Cathy Crnkovich and Bodie (Loyal Wind Welsh Bodie ITD), ITD 10/17
Franna Pitt and Rowan (Normandy Straight Man Dan ITD), ITD 8/17
Heather Fraser CTDI and Copper (Lynlee’s Bright Copper Penny ITD), ITD 2/16
Barbara Zike and Gracie (Crosswind’s Amazing Grace, CGC), ITD 9/15
Nicola James and Seren (Tywysoges Yfigin), ITD 4/15

Welsh Terrier

Laurie Harding and Filly (Darwyn’s Flying Filly ITD), ITD 1/20
Peggy McCallum and Rowan (Darwyn Gwyddon SE SD-A TEAM1 ITD), ITD 11/19
Tracy Jackaman ATDI and Mina (Kebulak Spring Fling ITD), ITD 3/19
Lisa Patton and Chante’ (Darwyn’s Enchante’ RATN CGC ITD), ITD 2/19
Lisa Watson and Sunny (Sanherpinc’s Fearless Gaurdian of The Sun ITD), ITD 2/19
Emma Kesler and Miles (TDCH Shaireab’s You’re Under Arrest NTD), ITD 12/17
Tina Fitzpatrick and Caru (Tranquility’s Caru), ITD 4/17

West Highland White Terrier

Elexis Keener and Jazz (Plum Creek’s All That Jazz RN OA OAJ OAP OJP CGC TKN ITD), ITD 2/20
Elexis Keener and Soleil (GCH CH Plum Creek Here Comes The Sun NA NAJ NAP NJP CGC ROM ITD), ITD 2/20
Antoinette Yurkovic and Bunny (Bella Vista’s Playboy Bunny ITD), ITD 11/19
Debbie Moore and Sticks (Borgo’s Loched and Loaded ITD), ITD 11/19
Harrison Raul Cora and Wilbur (Doctor Wilbur Lynn-Harris ITD), ITD 6/19
Carolyn Tan CTDI and Tillie (Tillie Ormrod Tan ITD), ITD 8/18
Karie Elizebeth Alderman and Willy (Willy Roy NTD), ITD 2/18
Dawn Haydu and Einstein (E=MC2 It’s All Relative ITD), ITD 12/17
Jane McLaughlin and Traxx (Bella Vista First Traxx N’ Fresh Sno), ITD 11/17
Janice R. McCown CTDI and Winston (Polly’s Winston Churchill NTD ITD), ITD 9/17
Jane McLaughlin and Wicca (Dawn’s Spellbound N’ The Dark ITD), ITD 5/17
Jennifer Nowak and Evelyn (TDCH Bella Vista’s Evie Body Needs One! ITD), ITD 2/17
Julia Bond and Max (), ITD 12/16
Stephanie Capkovic and Violet (Bella Vista’s Ultra Violet White!), ITD 11/15
Janice R. McCown CTDI and Willow (Rhodadendren’s Willow Girl ITD), ITD 10/15
Cindy and David Miller and Holly (Lady Holly O’Reilly), ITD 8/15
Angelika Nagel CTDI and Emmely (TDCH Emmely Erdbeer vom Hadler Land ITD), ITD 4/15
Louise Pyper and Angus (), ITD 4/15
Stephanie Capkovic and Joyce (Bella Vista’s Erin Go Braghlass), ITD 2/15
Nancy Brodesser and Lizza (Royale Lady Lizza), ITD 12/14
Gina Cornett and Jasmine (), ITD 10/14
Sheila Mehring and Tommy (Ravenswolf Pinball Wizard NAP, NJP, NFP), ITD 7/14
Carole Thornton and Stella (Windacre On Track With Stella), ITD 4/14
Krysti Fawcett and Piper (), ITD 3/14
Sue Ahern and Cosmo (Ballyhoo’s Blue Cosmic Blizzard), ITD 1/13
Adeline Ng CTDI and Beanie (), ITD 6/11

Wheaten Terrier

Kate Armour and Harley (Urneybrae’s Harley ITD), ITD 7/19
Emma Pihl and Charlie (Ambush Dream Weawer ITD), ITD 4/19
Vicky Morris and Tottie (), ITD 11/17
Vicky Morris and Angus (), ITD 11/17


Christie Springs CTDI and Pixel (Manorcourt Sahara Gold ITD), ITD 2/20
Bryan Peake and Rory (HBF Rorschach ITD), ITD 2/20
Hannah Rogers and Clover (Whisperun Clue ITD), ITD 1/20
Alexa Bernier and Rocko (Ch. Brectia’s He B Rockin ITD), ITD 12/19
Aaryn Secker and Fino (Lotty Majesticanis ITD), ITD 12/19
Abigail Curtis and Mouse (Sugar Rush Sneaky Little Houseguest ITD), ITD 12/19
Crystal L. Crookshanks and Dodger (Aberle Shine On Harvest Moon ITD), ITD 12/19
Crystal L. Crookshanks and Gita (Aberle Good Morning Starshine ITD), ITD 12/19
Crystal L. Crookshanks and Maggie (CA CH Manorcourt Midnight Magnolia CA RATI RATN NS RN ITD), ITD 11/19
Carrie Greene and Vice (Hyflyte Go For The Glaze PCD RE NC AgN AgNJ NS CGN ADC SGDC ITD), ITD 11/19
Chanèlie Roy & Valérie Diotte and Prana (TDCH GCH Freckashpeng Prana CGN CA NS ITD), ITD 10/19
Émilie Ménard and Friday (Hyflyte Superstitious Thirteen ITD), ITD 9/19
Jessi Pichette and Poe (Gibbous Kind of a Big Dill ITD), ITD 8/19
Laura Baratta and Dustyn (TDCH Whiparoo Storm in Heaven ITD), ITD 8/19
Kelly Price and Smoke (SpecialAgent Cool Anthony S ITD), ITD 8/19
Océane Dufresne and Leeloo (Poeta Jemima ITD), ITD 8/19
Lucas Engel and Wicked (Quixandz Chaos Reigns ITD), ITD 7/19
Margaret Lewis and Draven (Whisper’s Draven ITD), ITD 2/19
Margaret Lewis and Dante (Poeta Italian Pizza Pi ITD), ITD 2/19
Lisa Cawkill and Cooper (), ITD 12/18
Rose Oesterle and Jagee (Surrey Hill’s Jitterbug of Mariner ITD), ITD 11/18
Shelagh Allen and Breeze (Gabledene Moonlight ITD), ITD 6/18
Debbie Blythe KPA-CTP CCC CTDI and Smudge! (Karasar’s Gemstone S.T.A.R. ITD), ITD 1/18
Eli Jones CTDI and Lori (Oakbark Most Wanted ITD), ITD 11/17
Diana Cognigni CTDI and Diesel (TDCH Sovereign Sporting Fields Legendary Bugatti ITD), ITD 9/17
Nicola James and Cerys (TDCH Dowdrogo Queen Cerys ETD), ITD 9/17
Laura Baratta and Tristan (TDCH AmCH & CanGCH Burnt Sienna Red Mountain NTD), ITD 7/17
Aaryn Secker and Marsanne (TDCH CH Jetstream Marsanne Veraison CGN CA CW-SD PKD-N RATI ETD CGN CA CW-SD PKD-N RATI ITD), ITD 6/17
Pamela “Sami” Rhyner Hirko ATDI and Tres (FC Belaya Tzigane ITD), ITD 6/17
Lynne Armstrong and Eddie (Kentfield Man of the Hour at Cash Creek NTD), ITD 5/17
Charlynn Turner CTDI and Flash (Shannon Down Color In Lines ITD), ITD 3/17
Debbie Blythe KPA-CTP CCC CTDI and Zippet the Whippet (Karasar’s Get to the Gate ITD), ITD 9/16
Melody McMichael ATDI and Tally (Finghin’s Charming Pirate), ITD 5/15
Sheri Paisley and River (Lynallan’s Got Caught by the River), ITD 3/15
Sheri Paisley and Easy (Icatcher’s A Mighty Rider), ITD 3/15
Lauri Austin and Moe (Surreyhill Diablesse The Morel Of The Story ATD), ITD 2/15
Tammy Parker and Libby (Parkham’s Libby of the Isle), ITD 4/13

White Shepherd Dog

Lauren Gryspeerdt and Kashe (Starfyre’s Kashe G ITD), ITD 1/20
Pamela Horner CTDI and Triumph (Hungarian Avalanche Atos ITD), ITD 8/18
Carolyn MacDonald and Hope (Hopey Puppy ITD), ITD 7/17
Claudia Deitrich and Sugar (Sugar Deitrich), ITD 12/15
Sandra Stranninger and Finjas (Finjas von Tirol NTD), ITD 4/15
Martha Bailey CTDI and Kizzy (Braehead’s Hy-Mom I’m Back, Kismet’s New Adventure ITD), ITD 7/14
Carolyn Murray CTDI and Scout (SureFire Jean Louise), ITD 4/14
Lorraine Moule CTDI and Hope (CH. Braehead’s Hy-Hope for Mt. Mist), ITD 11/13
Carolyn Murray CTDI and Cooper (TDCH Patchwork’s Special Agent Cooper), ITD 1/13


Amber Overwater CTDI and Frampt (TDCH Virevolte Rivers of Living Water ITD), ITD 12/18
Anne Binnendijk and Remus (Hachi of Silkenhome ITD), ITD 7/17

Wire Fox Terrier

Barb Greentree and Ryder (Glaswire’s Stryker Ryder ITD), ITD 3/20
Sydney Morrell and Lucie (Lucie Ferris ITD), ITD 11/17

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Mylene Wells-Fortin and Pixel (Pixel ITD), ITD 2/20
Dawn Wood and Sadie (Seven Fields to Stone Henge Ryder’s Lady Sadie ITD), ITD 10/19
Cindy Schneider and Bourbon (Whiskeytown Step In Stride Bourbon CGC ITD), ITD 6/19
Mark Faggard and Nola (Cresent City Marie LaVeau ITD), ITD 8/17
Dustin Brown and Griff (Griff VI), ITD 3/16

Working Sheepdog

Joy Lomax and Dottie (Joyful’s Merlie Girlie ITD), ITD 4/19
Tracey Hopper and Vader (), ITD 1/19
Christina Opperman CTDI and Spring (Leebeardream Easter Bunny ITD), ITD 9/18
Kirsty Dodd and Molly (Little Miss Moo ITD), ITD 9/18
Joanne Manning and Oakley (Leebeardream Woodland Walk ITD), ITD 9/18
Christina Opperman CTDI and Autumn (Leebeardream Fright Night ITD), ITD 9/18
Amy Wood and Scout (TDCH Idlewild Mockingbird ITD), ITD 8/18
Christina Opperman CTDI and Summer (TDCH Leebeardream Summer Leebear ITD), ITD 4/18


Jana Richardson and Guapo (Guapo Desnudo ITD), ITD 9/19
Allison Russell CTDI and Legend (FurryTail A Dark and Haunting Night CGC ITD), ITD 7/19

Yakutian Laika

Bettina Szajbert and Zevran (Go-Jasu Shin’A Zevran ITD), ITD 2/20

Yorkshire Terrier

Cathy Sams and Sugar (Sugar Bella Of Sugar Hill ITD), ITD 2/20
Sandra Nicholson and Lucifer (Gch Yorkhouse the Fallen Angel ITD), ITD 2/20
Samantha Morin and Hedberg (Hedberg ADC SGDC BVC IBARs ITD), ITD 1/20
Samantha Morin and Pride (Blancberger a Touch of Pride BVC SGDC ITD), ITD 12/19
Janice Burghardt and Starbucks (Westmeaths Because I Can CGN CD RAE THDA ITD), ITD 9/19
Anna Craig CTDI and Peanut (Nabisco’s Nutter Butter ITD), ITD 9/19
Dee Farrell and Pixie (Princess Pixie O’Farrell), ITD 2/19
Maria & Jim Militello and Ricky (Ricky Chocolate Parti Militello ITD), ITD 1/19
April Doubleday and Daisy (Daisy-Mae Royal Doubleday ITD), ITD 6/18
Porsha Wilkins and Patton (Tsa-La-Gi Peacemaker NTD), ITD 3/18
Taylor Estevez and Joey (Joseph James ITD), ITD 4/17
Phyllis Bandi and Diamond (CH Oakhurst’s Let Me Dazzle You), ITD 4/17
Michelle McGahee and Winston (), ITD 7/15
Colleen Phillips and Rhody (Rhodium), ITD 2/15
Karie Weinstein and Strudel (Strudel Nugget Duchess of Snuggles), ITD 1/15
Dee Farrell and Pebbles (Princess Pebbles O’Farrell), ITD 10/14
Irene Paden and Cubby (Cubby Pander Bear), ITD 5/14
Esther Horn and Danté (), ITD 5/12


ITD Testimonials

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  • Kira is 10 weeks old in this video. We have your 101 Dog Tricks, and LOVE watching Jadie's trick video on youtube! We went to brunch yesterday and did a mini performance on the patio and Kira got huge applause. Just wanted to let you know that you are inspiring us to do more!
    Tristan Barnum and Kira, NTD
  • I had a lot of fun doing these applications and teaching new tricks. I surprised myself with how much my dog knew!

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    Jennifer Bailey and Townshend ATD, and Gibson ITD
  • What a great program this is! Ruby and I are working toward our advanced title.
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