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All-Star Captain FAQ

  • What is the role of the Team Captain?
  • What do I get as a Team Captain?
  • How do I become an All-Star Team Captain?
  • Do I need to purchase a new Team Captain package every year?
  • Do I need a team formed before I become Team Captain?
  • I've never been a Team Captain… how will I know what to do?
  • What is entailed in the sponsorship requirements?
  • What is an All-Star Team Project?
  • Advice on Sound System, Crowd Control, Etc.
  • Lead the team
  • Set the criteria for becoming a team member (criteria may include, for example, earning a Trick Dog title, completing a class, or assisting the team in a number of public demos, or may include All-Star tryouts.)
  • Organize practice sessions
  • Help organize and choreograph a routine for the team
  • Interface with the show venue on behalf of the team
  • Uphold the team standards, reflecting positively on the Do More With Your Dog! sponsorship
  • Keep records
  • Coordinate one All-Star Team Project per year for the team (details below)
  • Present the All-Star medals to team members at the completion of a milestone (such as after their first show, or at the completion of the All-Star Team Project)
  • The title of “All-Star TC” added after your name
  • Website listing as a Team Captain
  • Referrals for people looking to join All-Star teams
  • With each new member of your team, you earn credits which can be redeemed for free merchandise.
  • Ongoing support and free, confidential responses to your questions

Team Captains are vetted through the Do More With Your Dog! certification program, and have proven their skill at effectively teaching students to at utilize positive methods to teach dog tricks. To be eligible as a Team Captain, you must be a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI). Any CTDI in good standing is qualified to become a Team Captain. You can obtain this CTDI certification by passing a written and a video exam.

Apply for my CTDI certification

No, however every year there will be a new package available containing unique items and a commemorative training jersey that you may choose to purchase.

You do not need a team to get started. Simply order your Team Captain package which comes with your uniform, training gear, and Team Captain Handbook. You will be added to the website so that students in your area who are interested in joining an All-Star team can contact you.

Each local team has a Team Captain who will help organize and choreograph a routine for the team. Each Team Captain will set the criteria for becoming a team member (criteria may include earning a Trick Dog title, or completing a particular class, or assisting in public demos).

All-Star teams will be featured on this website so that they may be contacted for bookings.

Order my Team Captain package (you must be a CTDI to order)

The Team Captain is issued an All-Star Team Captain Handbook which provides instruction on how to form a team, get gigs, acquire props, etc. There are many forms a Performance Dog Team can take, including trick shows, teaching demos, drill teams, obedience, flyball, disc, freestyle demos, etc. Assess the strengths of your team members and choreograph a show to display those strengths.

Don't forget, Kyra Sundance, the owner of Do More With Your Dog! is a world-class stunt dog show performer, and is more than willing to share her knowledge and experience with you.

The All-Star team is sponsored by Do More With Your Dog!. The requirements of that sponsorship include:

  • Using only positive training methods in your performance training and shows
  • All members of the team conducting themselves in a professional manner that shows animal training in a humane, loving, and positive light
  • Ensuring that dogs are, and appear to be, cared for in the highest degree. There must be no doubt in the public's eye that the dogs are fed, watered, warm/cool, have a comfortable resting area, are medically sound, and are performing happily and willingly.
  • The Team Captain shall make available to the public the free Do More With Your Dog! promo items
  • The Team shall wear their All-Star uniforms when representing Do More With Your Dog!
  • The Team Captain shall deliver the following speech at some point during each show:
    "Thank you for coming out today. The performers you will see today are members of the official All-Star Performance Dog Team sponsored by Do More With Your Dog!. The Do More With Your Dog! program encourages the integration of your dog into more areas of your life through dog sports, tricks, and camps. All-Star Performance Dog Teams perform across the country at schools, fairs, animal shelters, sporting events, therapy visits, and demos such as this one. All-Star dogs are taught through positive reinforcement training techniques which strengthen and enhance the relationship between dog and owner. They train many hours each week to be in top shape for your show, and they will appreciate your applause. The louder you clap, the more excited they will be to perform. We hope our show today inspires you not only to teach tricks… but to Do More With Your Dog!"

Every All-Star team must perform at least one All-Star Team Project per year, in order to give the team a goal, and keep it motivated and focused. This project shall be a challenging one for the team members that necessitates a coordinated effort with multiple training sessions.

Examples for All-Star Team Projects include, but are not limited to:

Kyra has compiled a list of links to many of the props and gear that she has found most helpful in performing a live show.

List of Props and where to purchase them