About the All-Star Performance Dog Team™


Go Pro… As a Member of the Officially Sponsored All-Star Team!
Your dog knows a lot of tricks; show them off! Entertain others as part of a pro trick dog demo team, performing at fairs, shopping malls, parades, therapy visits, schools, and other venues.


What is the All-Star Team?

To encourage the formation of trick dog demo teams across the country, Do More With Your Dog! is sponsoring the official Pro All-Star Performance Dog Team™. Local groups can form a team and become part of the All-Star Team. All-Star teams choreograph a show and perform at schools, fairs, 4-H meetings, church functions, parties, shopping malls, parades, therapy visits, sporting events, and other venues. The format of the show may vary, encompassing routines such as: trick demonstrations, musical canine freestyle, drill team, obedience demos, disc, and flyball.

Every All-Star team must perform at least one All-Star Team Project per year, in order to give the team a goal, and keep it motivated and focused. This project shall be a challenging one for the team members that necessitates a coordinated effort with multiple training sessions. A project may be a live show or scripted video.

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All-Star teams will be supported with professional uniforms and gear, and are supplied with Do More With Your Dog! giveaway promo items.

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