Professional Stunt Dog (SDPro) title holders

American Staffordshire Terrier

Dalana Bewley Huss CTDI and Chip (Alpine’s Sweet Chocolate Chip SDPro), 3/18

Australian Shepherd

Nita Gandara CTDI and Scott (Cirrus Going Regimental SDPro), 3/18
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Truly (TeBrat Truly Scrumptious SDPro), 3/18
Nita Gandara CTDI and Cinch (Shalako’s Sheep Up and Ride SDPro), 3/18

Australian Shepherd (Miniature)

Seren Maxwell CTDI and Brembo (Pleiades’ Four-Pot Wonder SDPro), 3/18

Border Collie

Debbie Smith CTDI and Shamrock (Cyclone’s Faithful Shamrock SDPro), 3/18


Donna Schmitt CTDI and Sherlock (Wund-R Y The Game Is Afoot SDPro), 3/18

*Mixed Breed

Doug Howell and Torch (Howell’s Torch SDPro), 3/18
Vicki Brown CTDI and Kate (Kowabunga Kate SDPro), 3/18
Chrissy Joy CTDI and Beasley (Good Beasley SDPro), 3/18
Joyce Pedicini and Pauly (Sir Flat Pants Pauly SDPro), 3/18
Maggie Weston and Jessie (Vista’s Jessie Girl RE FDC AX AXJ NF DN CGCA RL-1 SDPro), 3/18
Debbie Bickford CTDI and Ludo (Ludo Bickford SDPro), 3/18
Karen Kathka CTDI and Trevor (Trevor’s Nightime Miracle SDPro), 3/18
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Pixie (Flying Pixie Dust SDPro), 3/18
Florenza Pizanis CTDI and Busta (Busta Rooby-Doo SDPro), 3/18
Brandie Sims CTDI and Charlie ( SDPro), 3/18


Mary Hostetter and Swag (GCH CH Marrics Pirates Treasure AX AXJ OF TKP SDPro), 3/18
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Arden (Braylor’s Arcadian Forest of Eve SDPro), 3/18

Parson Russell Terrier

Gail L. Friedman and Mr. Friedman (Windswept Mr. Friedman SDPro), 3/18

Poodle (Toy)

Maureen Urso and Buster (Buster Urso SDPro), 3/18


Maria Guthrie and Eddie (Casa Blanca’s Edward Scissorhands SDPro), 3/18
Christina McCauley CTDI and Felix (Felix Brooklyn Stallings SDPro), 3/18

Shetland Sheepdog

Jacob Hollingsworth CTDI and Chara (Shadow Hill Chara Tes Zoes RA CGC CCT SDPro), 3/18

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Trick Dog to Stunt Dog

  • Novice Stunt Dog (NSD) >

    Shall have earned their Novice Trick Dog Title
  • Open Stunt Dog (OSD) >

    Shall have earned their Novice Stunt Dog and their Intermediate Trick Dog Title
  • Proven Stunt Dog (PSD) >

    Shall have earned their Open Stunt Dog and their Advanced Trick Dog Title
  • Stunt Dog Professional (SDPro) >

    Shall have earned their Proven Stunt Dog and their Expert Trick Dog Title
  • Stunt Dog Champion (SDCH) >

    Shall have earned their Stunt Dog Professional and their Trick Dog Champion Title
  • Stunt Dog Grand Champion (SDGRCH) >

    Shall have earned their Stunt Dog Champion Title a total of six times under three different judges
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