Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are additional Klimbs permitted for larger dogs?


-No, only one Klimb pedestal is permitted in the ring.


2. Are other props allowed to be used during the performance?


-Yes, you may use props in addition to the ones required.


3. Are there any restrictions on music?


-Yes. You may not use any music with explicit or inappropriate language.


4. Do we have to perform a different Champion routine if we are selected as finalists?


-No, you will perform the same Champion routine twice.


5. Are bitches in season permitted to enter the ring?


-Yes, bitches in season may compete, but must wear pants.


6. Is there a limit to how many attempts we get to pass?


-No, you may enter the ring as many times as needed, but you must purchase a ticket for each try.


7. Where do we sign up for time slots?


-You will need to sign up for your time slots at the event. Please be courteous to other competitors when doing so.


8. Will tickets be sold during the event?


-Yes, however they will be $50 at the event. Purchase them for $39 each here:


9. Do we have to have the corresponding Trick Dog Title to compete?


-Yes, you must have the corresponding Trick Dog Title to enter the ring.