AKC Trick Dog titles


AKC recognition of Trick Dog titles

Do More With Your Dog!® is the world’s leading Trick Dog program, teaching skills and sparking excitement. Over 15,000 Trick Dog titles have been awarded to dedicated owners and their dogs, who have strengthened their relationship as they worked collaboratively toward a goal in a fun, positive way.

Our team of 1,000 skilled and humane Certified Trick Dog Instructors has sparked excitement by incorporating training and play together, and by facilitating the bond-building that trick training provides.

The AKC® is the country's largest sanctioning organization of dog events, awarding titles in a wide variety of sports such as agility, obedience, hunting, and herding. With a reputation of excellence, they continue to inspire dog owners to strive for higher standards.
Do More With Your Dog!® is excited and proud to announce the collaboration between Do More With Your Dog!® and  the American Kennel Club® to have our titles recognized in their registry, and to have these titles officially added to registered names. Do More With Your Dog!® and AKC® will continue to support each other in their shared goals.

With your Do More With Your Dog!® title, you can:

-Submit your CTDI witnessed Do More With Your Dog titles to the AKC for recognition. The AKC title fee is $20.

Additional information:

  • Our Novice through Advanced titles correspond to the AKC suffixes TKN, TKI, and TKA.
  • Our Expert and Champion titles will correspond to the AKC suffix TKP.
  • Do More With Your Dog will still accept trick dog applications in which a witness vouches for the satisfactory performance of tricks for your Trick Dog Certificate.
  • If you would like to receive your Trick Dog Title you will need to have a CTDI witness your tricks. Trick Dog Titles are AKC recognizable.
  • Throughout 2017, AKC will grandfather in Trick Dog Titles previously received.