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Stunt Dog Competition Rules


Official Rule book

Rules and diagrams are available in the official Stunt Dog Competition Rules Handbook.




Tricks are meant to inspire and entertain audiences, and we want to give you the skills and the forum to do so successfully. These rules are meant to give you a wonderful, positive experience performing your tricks in the ring. By following this system you can look confident and cool, and not embarrassed or silly. It is with this goal, that the Stunt Dog ring sport was structured. Learn more about Stunt Dog competition, or become one of our first Stunt Dog judges, by attending an "Intro to Stunt Dog Competition" workshop.

 Novice Stunt Dog Demonstration:

In this video Kyra demonstrates what you can expect a Stunt Dog Trial to look like. All levels of Stunt Dog can reference this video as they build upon the Novice level.


Foundation Levels

The first four levels of the Stunt Dog title are called the Foundation levels. The structure stays the same throughout the foundation levels; only adding or removing a few elements, or changing their difficulty. By the time you get to the Champion level, you will feel comfortable and confident in the ring, and have a successful structure which you may wish to use as a basis for your Champion routine.



Regulation Props

1. Klimb Pedestal
2. “Go to Mark” mark
3. Hoop

You can purchase these three items as part of the “Stunt Dog Competition Pack.



Trick Dog to Stunt Dog

  • Novice Stunt Dog (NSD) >

    Shall have earned their Novice Trick Dog Title
  • Open Stunt Dog (OSD) >

    Shall have earned their Novice Stunt Dog and their Intermediate Trick Dog Title
  • Proven Stunt Dog (PSD) >

    Shall have earned their Open Stunt Dog and their Advanced Trick Dog Title
  • Stunt Dog Professional (SDPro) >

    Shall have earned their Proven Stunt Dog and their Expert Trick Dog Title
  • Stunt Dog Champion (SDCH) >

    Shall have earned their Stunt Dog Professional and their Trick Dog Champion Title
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