Property Access and Building Hours

o The front Purina Farms entrance/exit gate is manned daily by a security guard from 8a.m. – 4p.m. to allow access to the property. Gates may be closed outside of these hours, but access to and from the property is still possible by pushing a call button at the gate or calling security at 636-221-1428 or 314-982-2217. The exit gate automatically opens to allow guests to leave. 

o Regular Purina Event Center building hours are 6a.m - 6p.m. unless otherwise posted.


o Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs. This includes properly disposing of waste and using designated relief areas and the public x-pen area on the East side of the Gateway Hall for all elimination needs.

o Designated stations throughout the facility should be used appropriately (i.e. watering station should not be used for waste or other materials and bathing tubs should not be used for cleaning crates.)

RV Lots

o There is a nightly charge for use of RV spots. All RVs and accompanying cars must have visible parking tags provided by the organization hosting the event or Purina Farms security. No sharing of hook-ups with non-paying RVs. Vehicles without proper documentation will be asked to move or leave depending on the circumstance. Purina Farms reserves the right to tow any vehicle without proper documentation at the owner’s expense.

o All RV overnight guests are asked to check-in upon their arrival with a member of the organization hosting the event if during normal hours of operations, or with Purina Farms security by calling 636-221-1428 to be escorted to their RV spot. 

o Show grounds open at noon or 3p.m. on the designated set-up day for the event depending on what is reflected in the rental contract. Please note that quiet hours on the property are 11p.m. – 6a.m. RVs coming or going during these hours should be respectful of other campers and be as quiet and non-disruptive as possible.

o Overflow RV Lot: Spaces #11-44 in the overflow lot are reserved for organizations renting the Purina Event Center. Space #s 11-18, if available, may also be designated for events taking place in the Main Show Field Tent 2 or the Working Dog Field. Space #s 1-10 are reserved for events taking place in the Main Show Field. Space#s 45-47 are reserved for events taking place in the Go To Ground Dens. All RVs must be parked in designated spots in the overflow lot, which are marked 1-47.

o Only cars (max of 2 OR 1 car and a tow vehicle) affiliated with the RVs parked in the spots will be allowed to park in the same spot in the RV lot. Any cars not affiliated with the RVs in the spots will be asked to move or be towed at the owner’s expense.

o RVs must fit within the designated spots and CAN NOT block roadways. Any RVs extending beyond the limits of the spots will be asked to unhook or move, depending on the circumstance.

o In case of a medical emergency in the RV lot in the evening or after hours, guests needing medical attention should leave the lights on their RVs allowing the response team to easily identify the appropriate vehicle. 

o Grilling is permitted in the RV lot, but guests should let the coals burn out overnight, bag them the next day and put them in a trash barrel. For safety reasons, no campfires are allowed on the property.

o In case of inclement weather, see the inclement weather procedures section of the rules.


o Guests may not bring or use motorized vehicles on the property unless a medical condition requires the use of one. Documentation must be presented upon request by Purina Farms staff. An organization can rent motorized vehicles for use to help shuttle their participants around the property

o Golf carts may not be parked on sidewalks. Designated golf cart parking is available in the North parking lot of the Purina Event Center.


o Vendors must abide by all Purina Farms guest rules in addition to the guidelines outlined by the organization renting the facility (ex as stated in the premium). 

o Vendors must start moving out of the event area at most 30 min after the end of the event. Vendor set-ups can’t be left in the event area in-between events. 

o Vendor trailers must be parked in a designated parking spot. 


o 20 amps of electric service available per assigned space.

o All grooming in The Great Hall must be on 4mil plastic that covers the floor.

o Please assess grooming tables to make sure they won’t damage facility floors. Rubber caps for the tables are available if tables appear like they will damage the flooring.

Food and Beverage 

o Need to be purchased through the on-site food service and catering company.

o No outside food or beverage, or outside food service/catering company, is allowed on the Purina Farms property (unless organization receives written permission from Purina Farms management).

o Any violation will be reported to the AKC or the appropriate sanctioning entity of the event.


o Crating in The Great Hall is determined by the organization hosting the event. It will not be dictated or enforced by Purina Farms. All crates must be on a solid type of matting that won’t allow liquids or other substances to seep through on to the floor.

Security and Overnight Crating

o Dogs may only stay overnight in the facility if the organization has arranged for overnight security through Purina Farms. It is at the discretion of the organization hosting the event. 

o Any dog staying overnight in the building must have a notecard on its crate clearly displaying a cell phone number of the owner and/handler in case of emergency. Guests may not be in the building after the building closes for the night at either 10p.m. or 11p.m. as posted.


o No dogs are allowed, except for service dogs: in the Checkerboard Café, on the second floor of the Purina Event Center (unless given prior permission) and in any restroom or human bathing area.

o All dogs are required to be on-leash at Purina Farms at all times (except when crated or as required to be judged.)

o No swimming (dogs and people) allowed in any ponds on the property.

o No dogs should be left unattended in the off-leash exercise areas or the public outdoor x-pens around the property.


o No parking is allowed in the following areas: Fire lanes, inside either Hall (No vehicles are allowed to drive inside either hall) or on the sidewalks leading into either Hall except where loading and unloading is designated. In addition, no driving is allowed on sidewalks.

o Driving or parking on any grass at Purina Farms is prohibited.

o All guests must abide by the 15-minute unloading/loading parking time limit designated around the Purina Event Center.


o Duct tape may not be used in the building. Only painter’s tape and gaffer’s tape can be used on the floor and walls of the facility.


o No helium balloons in either hall. Balloons can be used in the Founder’s Room (with approval from Purina Farms management). No glitter, confetti or candles allowed in Purina Farms facilities.

o Purina Farms is a “family friendly” place and public intoxication is prohibited.

o No exercise pens allowed around the front and back of the Purina Event Center or the grassy area adjacent to the East side of the Gateway Hall. Overall, exercise pens around the perimeter of the entire building are strongly discouraged. Any exercise pens on designated grassy areas should not have a flooring/covering to prevent damage to the grass. 

o All organizations shipping items to Purina Farms should ship to “Purina Event Center Warehouse, 320 Checkerboard Loop, Gray Summit, MO 63039.” Boxes must be clearly marked for the organization. Organizations ship at their own risk. Purina Farms will not accept packages on behalf of vendors. All vendor packages will be refused.

o All veterinary exams, tests, and medical procedures must take place only in the Service Center unless an exception has been approved by Purina Farms management.

o All guests and their dogs must remain on the part of the property owned by Purina Farms. Trespassing on Purina Animal Nutrition property is forbidden. Purina Farms and Purina Animal Nutrition are not affiliated. Property map showing divisions can be provided upon request.

o Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times when on the grounds (including the Purina Farms Visitor Center and especially on the balcony at the Purina Event Center). 

o Guests accept personal liability with respect to any claim made in respect to any damage or injury caused by their dogs or dogs in their possession. 

o No selling of puppies, kittens, dogs or cats on the premises.

o Smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes, is prohibited in buildings.

o No hunting, tent camping or swimming.

o Weapons of any kind, illegal drugs and fireworks are not permitted on the premises.

o Purina Farms logs all lost and found items and stores them in a locked area. Please email Purina Farms at purinafarms@purina.nestle.com or call 314-982-3232 to retrieve a lost item. Proper identification must be shown in order to claim an item. Unclaimed larger items left on the property longer than 10 days will be thrown away. Smaller unclaimed items will be held for 30 days before being disposed.

o Guests are expected to demonstrate responsible pet ownership and responsible pet care while on the property as well as promote the overall health and well-being of pets. Any witnessed behavior or actions that are contrary to this will not be tolerated and should be reported to Purina Farms management.

Special Notes: Purina Farms staff reserves the right to refuse entry to any party/person or animal and retains the right to remove any person or persons and/or any animal from the premises in order to ensure the safety of any and all guests, including dogs and cats. Guests indemnify Purina, the affiliated person/s or businesses conducting the event, against any and all claims of arising that may be leveled against them, jointly or severally, in respect to any damage, injury or loss to persons, pets and/or property.


In the event a severe weather or tornado warning is issued for the immediate area, Site Security will notify the Purina Farms management team. The team will notify guests of an impending weather event via the property-wide public address system and via the storm siren and announcements. Guests will be asked to seek cover in designated areas marked as severe weather shelter areas inside the Purina Farms facilities (those in the outdoor event areas should seek cover in one of the indoor facilities on the property). Areas at the Purina Event Center include the Gateway Hall, restrooms, South stairwell and the Great Hall if necessary. After the weather event ends, Purina Farms management teams will announce all clear.

o If weather is extreme after-hours, then security will unlock the Purina Event Center to allow overnight guests to come into the building with dogs at any time. The service center is also open 24/7 for campers to seek shelter. 

o Should the weather look threatening, Purina Farms Security will go around the RV lot to notify overnight guests to seek shelter. Security will also visit the outdoor event areas around the property to let guests know there is threat. 


Security (24 hours) Nestle Purina Headquarters....................314-982-2222

Security (24 hours) Purina Farms..............................................636-221-1428

Purina Farms Front Entrance Gate............................................314-982-2217 

Boles Fire Protection District......................................................636-742-2313

Meramec Ambulance District.....................................................636-257-3048

Washington Veterinary Clinic.....................................................636-239-5445

Pacific Animal Hospital................................................................636-257-2100

St. Louis Animal Emergency Clinic (24 hours)........................314-822-7600

Webster Groves Animal Hospital &

Urgent Care Center (24 hours)...................................................314-968-4310 

Franklin County Sheriff Department.........................................636-583-2560

Mercy Hospital in Washington, MO...........................................636-239-8000

SSM Health St. Clare Hospital.....................................................636-496-2000