TriDEx is Workshops, Demos,
Trick Shows, Stunt Dog competition,
Canine Games, and Trade Show

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Want to become a TriDEx Volunteer?

We're looking for a variety of talented volunteers and if you think you have something to offer then we're happy to have you! It doesn't matter if you want to be behind a desk or behind the scenes. Simply fill our our application here or click the TriDEx Volunteer Application button below.

Volunteer Perks

If your enthusiasm for the sport of dog tricks isn't enough to entice you to volunteer for the Trick Dog Expo then we also have a few other bonuses available to our volunteers:

  • Free TriDEx T-shirt
  • Free TriDEx tote bag with goodies and exhibitor coupons
  • Free Exhibit Hall Ticket
  • $100 off a Full Conference Ticket (must volunteer for at least 8 hours)

Keep in mind that depending on your skill set and assistance you're willing to provide you could end up with free access to seminars and workshops or even the full conference! All you have to do is fill out our application to find out what extra perks will be afforded to you.


Additional Information:

  • All volunteers must be 16 years of age or older. No one under 16 years of age will be allowed in the exhibit hall during setup and breakdown times. ID will be required.
  • Volunteers are responsible for their own transportation and lodging to and from Purina Farms.
  • Volunteers will not be permitted to bring their dogs while they are working.