CTDI Workshop

Weekend Certification Workshop

Join our Team of Qualified, Humane, and Enthusiastic Trainers


Upon successful completion of this weekend workshop. Work directly with Kyra Sundance, world-renowned trainer and author of bestselling 101 Dog Tricks, to learn the academic knowledge and hands-on techniques of successful, positive dog training. Each trick is explained and demonstrated on stage before you try it. Kyra will help you troubleshoot any problems right there on the spot. All props and meals supplied for you. Free gift bag full of books, DVDs, training tools, and more!



Our goal is to help each person at the level that they are at. You will not be singled nor judged on the performance of your dog; in fact, many trainers choose to bring their more difficult dog.




Friday 9:00-4:30

Theory and Techniques of Positive Animal Training

All of animal training can be defined in a handful of rules. We elicit behavior (using one of five methods); we mark the event (with a marker or clicker); and we reinforce the behavior. In this workshop, we learn the rules and acquire the tools in our toolbox to teach ANY behavior. Kyra Sundance presents the content in a logical, incremental format which steps you through each concept as you gradually build on previous knowledge. At every stage during the day, Kyra will explain a new training concept and then demonstrate the teaching of a trick using that concept. This will help you understand and remember the lesson. You will then try that method with your own dog, and have Kyra troubleshoot any problems with you right there on the spot.

(Lunch provided free)

Saturday 9:00-4:30

Trick Training to Build Enthusiasm, Drive, and Focused Attention

Pedestal training is an invaluable tool used by all animal trainers (think of circus animals, horses, and trained dolphins). Kyra Sundance is a leading proponent and expert on Pedestal Training, and has long shared her passion for this training method at seminars around the world. Pedestal training is used to manage behavior (by providing a "home base"), and to improve training (by improving focus, drive, and precision). It is invaluable in working with multiple dogs, and in improving motivation and work ethic.

End the day with photos and diploma/certificate presentation.

(Lunch provided free)


CEU (continuing education credits)