CTDI Handbook for Setting Up a Dog Tricks Spark Team



Tips for starting an Intermediate or higher level team: Check their pre-req's

We have noticed that it really helps the titling process to be strict about the pre-reqs in the Spark groups. Check the title holders list... If they aren't on there, send them a message asking for a picture of their title and giving them a link to your Novice Spark group. Here is a sample message you can send:

Hi XXXX, I see that you requested to join the Intermediate Trick Dog Class. There is a pre-req of the the Novice Trick Dog Title. I looked through the list and did not see you; this may be because your name is displayed differently. If you could send me a picture of your trick dog title I can admit you to the class. If you do not have the novice title yet, you may join my novice class at... https://www.facebook.com/groups/CloudK9SparkTeam2/