Become a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI)


Now is the time… make your passion your life!

There are two ways you can become a CTDI: by ordering your application packet and submitting your exams by mail, or by attending a weekend workshop.


The conduct of each certified Trick Dog Instructor reflects on the certifying body as a whole, and for that reason we strive to have every instructor using effective and humane training methods as recognized by our industry. We recognize that you may be involved in training dogs for competition or as working dogs, and may use a variety of training methods in these endeavors. This code of conduct applies to your training specific to dog tricks classes.

Dogs will be trained through positive reinforcement methods of praise, toys, and food. In general, positive punishment and compulsion techniques are not appropriate for dog tricks classes. Prong collars and choke chains are not encouraged unless the owner is physically unable to control the dog. Luring and shaping methods are preferred over physically modeling the dog into position. Dogs should not be forced into situations where they become fearful, such as going into an agility tunnel, or standing near a bigger dog.