Step-By-Step Tricks

Dog Tricks to Build Enthusiasm, Drive, and Focused Attention

In this one day workshop taught by Do More With Your Dog!® founder Kyra Sundance, you will learn over 30 Dog Tricks! Each trick is explained and demonstrated on stage before you try it. Kyra will help you troubleshoot any problems right there on the spot.



Our goal is to help each person at the level that they are at. You will not be singled nor judged on the performance of your dog; in fact, many trainers choose to bring their more difficult dog.

Why is Trick Training Useful?

Trick training not only provides physical and mental challenges for the dog; it also provides a rewarding experience for the owner, and encourages a relationship based upon clear communication and positive reinforcement training methods.

The process of teaching dog tricks puts into play the foundational concepts and techniques of animal training: operant conditioning, marker training, consistency, timing, and motivation. In teaching tricks, we get to practice these techniques and immediately see the results. Each new trick presents a unique challenge that we can address with creativity and the insight of our previous experience.


Test Your Dog for his Trick Dog Title (optional)

Certified Instructors will be on hand to test your dog for his Trick Dog title if you wish. With your Do More With Your Dog!® title, you can:


 CEU (continuing education credits)