Intro to Stunt Dog Competitors / Judge Certification Workshop


Get in on the Ground Floor of the Stunt Dog Competition

TriDEx 2018 hosted the first ring trials to earn your Stunt Dog title. Titles are earned through live trick dog show performances.  There are five different titles that are achievable: Novice, Open, Proven, Professional, and Champion.


Learn the Basics of Competition

The Intro to the Stunt Dog Competition Workshop will allow trainers to understand the basics of Stunt Dog competition and the how to perform with your dog in front of an audience and the Stunt-Dog Judge.

You may bring your dog if you wish, or attend without a dog (there will be several demo dogs on hand to work with). The purpose of the workshop is to show you what competition will look like, explain how it will be judged, and give you pointers on how to prepare.

At this workshop you will not be required to perform any tricks (unless you want to!)


Get certified as a Stunt Dog Judge

TriDEx will host the ring trials, and will need competition Stunt Dog judges. You may get certified as a judge through attending this workshop. It is the same workshop for those who wish to learn about the sport, and those who wish to become certified judges.

Those on the judge track will receive additional material, including a gift bag, judges handbook, scorecards, logo clipboard, and lapel pin. In order to become a certified judge, you must first become a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI).



This an introduction workshop. Everybody is welcome.